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Cute Like a Puppy

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“Your ear-piercing is quite long today. Don't you think that it might get tangled up with the microphone?”

Leedo who had his make up done just now walked up towards his Hyung who was sitting on the couch of their waiting room. He was playing around with a camera with which he had filmed himself just a few moments ago but was now filming Leedo instead. He could tell by the others grin and the playful sparkle gleaming in his eyes, that Seoho would not leave him alone until it was their turn to perform. Leedo shot a quick glance at the TV where they monitored their performance. Seeing VeriVery walking up on the colorful stage he knew that they still had some time before it was their turn. Leedo turned his attention back to his Hyung and was ready to set an end to the teasing. He walked closer with a smile that was a bit too kind and Seoho who knew that smile all too well was quick to react.

“Be careful with your hands, your hands are on video now.”

Leedo who knew from the angle in which his Hyung was holding the camera that his face wouldn't be in the frame anyway, rolled his eyes at the elders 'threat'. It wasn't like being on camera would stop him from paying Seoho back for his teasing. Videos could get edited anyway he thought with a grin. He laid his hand on Seoho's shoulder, trying to intimidate the other boy as he sat down next to him. From Seoho's scared 'ohh's and him backing up against the couch plus Xion's amused laugh from behind Leedo could tell that he was successful.

“How cute.”

He grinned at his Hyung who had now built a small distance between them by pressing himself against the back of the couch.

“Don't mess up your hair Seoho.”

Leedo laid his hand against the back of Seoho's neck to prevent the other from getting his hair fixed a second time. The blond still kept a distance, as much as he could with Leedos arm thrown over his shoulder, but after sitting in a bit more comfortable position with his hand on top of Leedos wrist, probably to hold it down in case he had to defend himself, Seoho seemed to have found new confidence. Facing the camera which was now being held by their oldest member he smiled widely as he starts speaking again.

“Leedo is so adorable like... how should I put this into words... like a Doberman Pinscher?”

Leedo looked with a shocked and slightly betrayed expression at Ravn who let out a laugh at Seoho's comparison. How could he laugh at something so ridicoulus thought Leedo as he turned his head back at Seoho who smiled brightly.

“Are you saying that I look like a puppy?”

He pulled the blond closer, playfully warning him through his one armed hug, daring him to continue speaking nonsense.

“No.. not like a puppy, no, it's more like an adult! Dog I should say rather than just a puppy.”

Leedo's eyebrow rose at the implied insult of his Hyung, ignoring Ravn who tried hard to hold back his laugh at Seoho's comment.

“Huh... a dog...”

He was a bit speechless at how bold his Hyung was today, insulting him like that. Maybe he should keep track of what his Hyung had eaten today or if his caffeine intake had been too high.

“Haha no,” Seoho grins innocently. “You are cute just like a puppy.”

“But if a puppy grows up, it becomes a dog.”

Leedo was ready to give Seoho a chance to take the insult back and let it go but his Hyung went right for the kill instead of backing out.

“Yep, it becomes a dog for sure... a puppy into a dog.”

Seoho jumped and let out a surprised laugh when Leedo pinched him in the side.

“You have to put this up in the video. That is his real personality!”, the blond said towards the camera while pointing at Leedo who did not really care about his 'real' personality being exposed. He was more interested in paying his Hyung back for the dog comment instead.

“Oh look, what is that?” Leedo says while looking at the camera, pointing to some place at the opposite direction of the waiting room. Seoho who knew what Leedo was planning let out a chant of 'no's as the camera turned away from them.

As soon as the camera was turned off Leedo put Seoho into a headlock, mindful of not ruining his hair or his outfit but holding him pretty firm. He ignored Ravn next to him who told him to not be to rough on the other boy.

“I'm a dog huh?”

He poked Seoho in the side who tried to swat his hand away, but being pressed against Leedos body and not being able to see the attacking hand made him pretty uncoordinated, vulnerable to the playful attack of his Dongsaeng. His panicked giggle stopped when Leedo bent down to whisper in his ear.

“Doberman against a squirrel, what do you think Hyung, who would win?”

Seoho's eyes grew wider at the younger boys words and soon another chant of panicked 'no's could be heard in Oneus waiting room.