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The One Where Peter Creates An Avengers Group Chat And No-one Knows What Is Going On

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Peter added Ironman and Steve Rogers to the group: Avengers Group Chat


Peter is online


Peter: Hi!!!! Thought I’d make a chat because things in the compound have been a bit tense since Germany and we all agreed (everyone at the compound – and me bc I stay over all the time) that ya’ll need to sort your shit out and also it’s easier to communicate this way😊


Ironman is online


Ironman: Kid what the fuck is this


Ironman has left the chat (15.45)

Ironman has been added to the chat (15.45)

Ironman has left the chat (15.46)

Ironman has been added to the chat (15.46)




Ironman: I hate you. Let me out. NOW PARKER.

Peter: No-one is leaving until everyone’s shit is sorted out Mr Stark that’s the golden rule

Ironman: I will come over to your bedroom and throw you out of the window and take your suit. LET. ME. LEAVE.

Ironman: Kid I swear to god


Steve Rogers is online


Steve Rogers: Hello? What is this?

Steve Rogers: I’ve just read the previous messages – I don’t think that this is a good idea.

Ironman: Can’t believe I’m saying this but I agree with Spangles



Steve Rogers: Hi Son. Just call me Steve, Peter, we’ve been over this.

Ironman: Let. Me. Leave. Parker.

Peter: Alright I’m going now have fun guyssss ok byeeeee



Peter is offline


Ironman: That absolute little shit

Ironman: Oh for fucks sake.

Steve Rogers: Language Tony

Ironman: … whatever Spangles. So let’s just get to it then. I hate you and you hate me. Stay out my way and I’ll stay away from you.

Steve Rogers: I don’t hate you Tony, I just hate what happened and that for some reason we can’t move past it, I thought moving back to the compound would help, but I barely see you and when I do, you leave as soon as you can. I’m willing to try and patch things up again. I miss your company.

Ironman: Look. We have barely spoken since you all moved back in. It’s been 8 months. What happened in Siberia is in the past, I’ve moved on and I know you have too. I’m not gonna be all pally with you again, not maybe like we were again, but I’m willing to be civil and to try and get on like a team again. I’ve let you all back in the compound – even Barnes, let’s just move on.

Steve Rogers: I know Tony, I can’t thank you enough. We are all your family and we need each other.

Ironman: Shit that wasn’t what I thought you were going to say.

Steve Rogers: Tony, I really am sorry.

Ironman: Ditto

Ironman: This is awkward. Where’s the Kid

Steve Rogers: Can we leave the chat now then?

Ironman: I have a feeling that the Kid has other ideas

Steve Rogers: Just what I wanted to hear.


Peter is online


Steve Rogers: Hi Peter😊

Peter: Mr Steve sent me an emoji omg I’m DED. Did you guys make up?????? Hang on lemme see I’ll scroll uppppp brb

Steve Rogers: Can I leave the chat now Peter? I’m meeting Sam in an hour and want to do some training beforehand. What is ‘brb’

Ironman: It means Be Right Back and I swear to God he better be.

Peter: Not good enuf making up dudessss

Ironman: Are you shitting me Kid

Peter: Not AT ALL Mr Stark, I think u guys need like a bonding activity to just make sure that you won’t hurt each other in person

Steve Rogers: Peter why don’t you type in proper sentences? Also, what are you suggesting?

Peter: Bc I’m a kid Mr Steve #coolkidz also hang on

Steve Rogers: Ok. Please remove me from this group now.


Peter added WarMachineRockz, Hawkeye, Nat, Scarlett Bitch and Falcon107 to the group: Avengers Group Chat    (16.32)


Nat is online

WarMachineRockz is online



Nat: What is this?

Peter: A group chat for all us #coolkidz to bond. Also HI NAT <3 XX

Nat: Hi маленький паук xxx

Peter: Oh My GOD WAIT


Peter changed his name to LittleSpider

LittleSpider changed the name Nat to MamaSpider


MamaSpider: AWH I love it Peter, thank you маленький паук <3 <3 <3 <3 xxx

LittleSpider: You’re welcome!!!!! Xx

Ironman: Stop being adorable to the murderous assassin Peter and let me leave.

WarMachineRockz: Peter change my name NOW.


LittleSpider changed the name WarMachineRockz to Rhodey


Rhodey: Better.


LittleSpider: Mr Steve sir do you want your name changed bc I think it’s a lil bit too long😊

Steve Rogers: Peter please just call me Steve also yes, but make it good😊

Ironman: It’s the best you’ll get Cap. I’ve known him for literally almost a year and he refuses to call me by my first name, yet Natasha is now his apparently his fucking spidermom and he calls her Auntie Nat in person all the time -_-


LittleSpider changed the name Steve Rogers to America’s Ass


Ironman: OMFG

MamaSpider: hahaha

America’s Ass: Can’t argue with that.


Scarlett Bitch is online


LittleSpider: So ANYWAY guys!!!!! We need to think of a bonding activity for Mr Stark and Mr Steve so they can reconnect and not want to kill each other every 2 minutessss

MamaSpider: Training?

Scarlett Bitch: That’s your answer for everything Tasha

MamaSpider: True

Rhodey: How about grow up and get on with it


America’s Ass: Savage?

Ironman: It means like wild or untamed, basically sass

Scarlett Bitch: Hey Pete

LittleSpider: Oh. My. God. I have the best idea EVERRRRR

Ironman: If you even say what I think you’re going to say then I’m going to say what I know you don’t want me to say

LittleSpider: MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Ironman: I’m taking your suit


Ironman: I swear to god


Falcon107 is online

Hawkeye is online


Rhodey: Chill out Tones, maybe the Kid is onto something, hey Sam😊

Hawkeye: What the fuck is going on

Falcon107: Yo Rhodes hold up, let me catch up with what’s going on

MamaSpider: Hey Clint why aren’t you answering my calls

Hawkeye: Oh shit


Hawkeye is offline

MamaSpider is offline


Ironman: If I agree to this fucking movie night can I leave the chat


Ironman: fml fine

Scarlett Bitch: Are we going to ignore the fact that I think Natasha killed Barton?

America’s Ass: Just heard him fall out of the vent in the kitchen, Nat’s walked in with a knife

Rhodey: He’s dead

Scarlett Bitch: So dead

LittleSpider: Very ded

Falcon107: so apart from Nat and Barton (who we are assuming is cut up somewhere) are we all here? Should we have a movie night tonight?

LittleSpider: YES

Scarlett Bitch: I’m in. Vision is away for a few days but I don’t think he’ll care tbh

Rhodey: Okay but someone better be on popcorn duty

Ironman: Yes but only so I can leave this godforsaken chat

LittleSpider: No-one can leave Mr Stark, the point of this chat is for bonding <3

America’s Ass: Sounds good, I’m in, see you at 7!


America’s Ass is offline


Ironman: WTF WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN’T GO OFFLINE?! Peter please adjust the settings so I can leave I’m begging you

LittleSpider: FINE you can now go offline but will still get notifications of messages and you still can’t leave the group properly MWAHAHAHAHA

Ironman: Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME. You know what, fine. I’ll be there at 7.


Ironman is offline

MamaSpider is online



Scarlett Bitch: Tasha did u kill Barton

MamaSpider: I’ll leave that to your discretion.

Falcon107: That’s sus

Rhodey: Yep, best not to ask though

LittleSpider: Auntie Nat are you coming to movie night tonight?!

MamaSpider: Do I have a choice?

LittleSpider: Not really😊

MamaSpider: I’ll be down at 7.


MamaSpider is offline


Hawkeye is online


Falcon107: HE’S ALIVE

LittleSpider: PRAISE JESUS

Scarlett Bitch: Knew it

Rhodey: Says the girl who just accused Natasha of manslaughter

Scarlett Bitch: Shush. I’ll be there at 7 Peter.


Scarlett Bitch is offline


LittleSpider: What happened Mr Barton?

Hawkeye: Natasha said I’m not allowed to talk about it

Falcon107: LOL

LittleSpider: Will you come to movie night Mr Barton?!

Hawkeye: Sure

LittleSpider: Yey that’s everyone!!!!

LittleSpider: I’ve got some bio hw to finish so see you guys at 7!

Falcon107: Cya Pete

Hawkeye: Bye squirt

LittleSpider is offline

Rhodey is offline

Falcon107 is offline