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It's Alright

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Kaminari was a lot of things. Energetic, hyper, easygoing, a jokester-- he was always there to make his friends laugh. He loved music and made sure to keep up with all of Jirou’s bands, just so that they’d have some common ground and so that Jirou would feel comfortable about opening up to him. He made sure to scream ‘bro’ and ‘man’ and fist bump Kirishima when anything happened because he knew his friend liked it and because he loved to see the energetic redhead smile. He loved lounging on Mina’s bed during weekends, face mask plastered to his face as he talked about the latest rumors with her. It was a way to destress, and he knew his friend most likely needed it more than him. Kaminari made sure to even go out of his way and settle down on Sero’s carpet, letting Sero ramble about the latest updates of whatever thing he was reading that week. 

In short, Kaminari did a lot for his friends. His favorite thing, however, was to poke fun at Bakugou. It made the guy mad and irritated, but his fiery friend was so tense that he needed someone to stand next to him and bring him down a peg or two. At the end of the day, only him and Kirishima were allowed in Bakugou’s room, so was he ever truly bothered by it? Plus, if he really did have a problem with it, then Kaminari would back off. He wasn’t the smartest in the class, but he did know when to back off. 

Although he knew his friend’s favorite activities and favorite colors, he found that he never really opened up to them on a personal level. Sure, Kirishima told him about his middle school days and how he decided to be a hero, and sure, Mina nervously explained how she was insecure about her looks until she entered high school-- but he had never really talked about himself. Sure, he told them about his love for cats and memes and other little stuff, but…

Closing his eyes tightly, Kaminari breathes in, clutching his phone tightly in his hand. He glares down at the message he just got, a sense of dread pooling in his gut. 

Winter break was right around the corner. Everyone was going home unless they got special permission to stay. He would have to ask for permission, and he knew he’d have to be quick about finding an excuse. 

Tossing his phone onto the bed, Kaminari bites the inside of his cheek and glares at the device. His screen lights up once again, an onslaught on messages flooding onto the lock screen. Anxiously, the blonde begins to pace, the most simple of plans spinning around in his mind. 

He could do this. 

He could lie. 

He’s been doing it for as long as he could remember, so it’s not like it would be anything new, right? 

Grabbing his yellow hoodie, Kaminari squeezes it over his head and rushes out of his room. He quickly walks down the hallway and to the elevator, nearly punching the down button once he reaches it. The doors slide open to reveal an angry teenager standing on the other side of them. 

Blinking slowly, Kaminari furrows his eyebrows together in confusion. “Bakuguo? What…? Don’t you go to bed at, like, eight?” 

Bakugou says nothing, shoving his hands into his pajama pants pockets. He glares, but does step aside so that Kaminari can shuffle in. They stand in silence, Kaminari’s mind too full to make actual conversation. Plus, it was almost midnight and everyone was going home tomorrow, so he could just say he was tired because of packing. 

Once again, the elevator stopped, the doors sliding open. Bakugou instantly tensed up, a scowl on his face as the doors slid open to reveal Todoroki. 

“Tsk, what the fuck are you doing here, icy-hot?” 

Todoroki calmly steps into the elevator, nodding in thanks as Kaminari shuffles to the side to make room for him. He doesn’t answer Bakugou, and instead stares at the floor. 

Kaminari holds back a sigh of relief as the doors open up to the lobby. He looks at his two classmates and lifts a hand in farewell, making a beeline for the doors. However, when he finally reaches where the teacher’s dorm was, he freezes, slowly turning back around. 

Both Todoroki and Bakugou were following him. 

“Um, why are you guys following me…?”

“Idiot, you’re following me!” Bakugou snaps, giving him a glare. 

“Well, he’s in front, so how could he be the one following you…?” Todoroki mumbles, side eyeing the grumpy teen. 

“Ugh, just shut up, I’m too tired to deal with you idiots. I need to talk to Aizawa.” 

Kaminari gave his friend a surprised look. “I do, too.” 

“As do I,” Todoroki says slowly, then motioned to the door. “Shall we go on?” 

“Fine, but you two are following me!” Bakugou insisted, throwing the door open and walking in. There was a front desk in the middle of the floor, the set up looking like a hotel lobby. 

As Bakugou angrily hit the oddly placed bell on the counter, Kaminari leans over to Todoroki and whispers; “the baby gets tired when he stays up after his bedtime.” 

Todoroki snorts, an amused glint in his eyes. “Aw, does he need a snack?” He whispers back, catching the blonde off guard. Before he could get over his shock, a very angry and tired Aizawa materializes out of nowhere. 

“Why the fu--” The teacher pinches the bridge of his nose, sighing heavily. “What could you three possibly want at,” he glances at the clock on the counter, “midnight the day before all you gremlins leave?” 

The three go quiet, all giving each other a look. 

“Oh my god, for crying out-- Kaminari, you first.” 

Kaminari jumps, eyes growing wide as he stares at his teacher. “Well, Aizawa, sir, um. I stay...for winter break.” 

Aizawa gives him a blank look. 

“Actually, I came down here to request that as well,” Todoroki pipes up, giving the teacher a level stare. 

Sighing, Aizawa turns his attention to Bakugou. “And you?” 

“...Same reason,” he mumbles, looking away. 

The teacher sighs heavily again, looking as if the three students in front of him had taken a few years off of his life. “Alright, I don’t know why  you all waited until the last minute, but I don’t care. You’re all good, I’ll mark you down in the morning, now leave me alone so that I can sleep.” And with that, he turns around and stalks further back into the building. 


Back in the elevator, Kaminari awkwardly stands between his two classmates. He's the more talkative one between the three of them, so all he has to do is make it to his floor and then respond to some messages and he would be scotch free. 

“So, why are you two dumbasses staying behind?” Bakugou asks, keeping his gaze glued to the doors. 

Kaminari feels panic settle deep within his bones. He wasn’t ready to explain himself right now, he thought he’d have more time to rehearse his lie-- 

“My dad’s an asshole, so I’d rather stay here,” Todoroki says bluntly, giving the two a small shrug. Kaminari nearly chokes on his own spit. 

“Oh,” Bakugou says, surprised. “ too, actually. Well-- my mom, whatever, what about you, sparky?” 

Kaminari sees the surprise on Todoroki’s face, and he’s sure he’s mirroring the look. Nervously, he looks up at the number and watches as they pass the second floor. Just a couple more seconds…

“My...parents left. Went on vacation, and I didn’t want to go!” He says, plastering a wide smile onto his face. The elevator comes to a stop, the doors whooshing open, and he makes his way out of the elevator. Turning around, he keeps the smile stitched to his face. “Night, guys, see you tomorrow?” 

Todoroki lifts his hand in farewell while Bakugou mutters a ‘whatever’ under his breath. 

As the elevator door closes, it hits Kaminari that Todoroki lives on the fifth floor, but had entered and joined them when they stopped at the second floor. Huh, how strange. Why was he on that floor so late? 


Kaminari enters his room, eyes instantly landing on the bed. He stares at it as if it would explode at any moment. Slowly, he walks over to the bed and picks it up, anxiety twisting like a sharp knife in his gut. 

He swipes it open, staring at the onslaught of messages. 


Denki, sweetie! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! 


You wouldn’t believe the mess the house is in, so we really need some help! 


Denki, you better not be ignoring your mother. You know I don’t like that, and you know how your father feels about it as well. 


Fine, you’re asleep. We will be there in the morning to pick you up. 

Kaminari runs a hand through his hair, sighing as he racks his brain for what to say. His mother was like a ticking time bomb and if he said one wrong thing, then he wouldn’t be able to stay. And he most definitely did not want to go back home. 


Hey, mom, sorry, I fell asleep!!!! Anyway, I wont be able to come home bc I got some extra lessons to do, im so sorry! My teacher is very tough on us and I need to get stronger, you know how it is. 

Her reply is almost instant. 


What? And why the hell did you wait so long, you useless piece of shit? God, after everything your father and I have done, you can’t come and help us for one break? What is wrong with you?

Kaminari shudders, his hands shaking as he types out his reply. 


You’re the one who said I needed to do else will I get money to support you guys…?


You could have gotten any job, could have pursued anything else, but we let you have this one thing. Where is our thanks? 


I...I’m sorry, mom. 


Whatever, you better get top marks or we’re pulling you out of that school. Goodbye, Denki, next time I text you, you better have good news. 


Yes, ma’am, I’ll do my best. 


Kaminari shakily plugs in his phone, his entire body breaking out into a cold sweat. Top marks? He was barely passing at the moment, and his mother never believed him when he told her he had trouble paying attention during lessons. How in the world could he pull this off? 

Curling up atop his covers, Kaminari stares at his wall. He covers his face with his hoodie's sleeves, trying to keep his emotions in check.

Then it hit him. Two of the smartest people in class were staying for winter break alongside him. Grabbing his pillow and hugging it to his chest, he buries his face into the fabric. 

It wouldn’t be too hard to get them to help, right?