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Three More Scoops, Please

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Not even waiting for Jonathan to put on the parking brake, Will flung open the door and practically leapt out of the car. "What?!" Nancy shouted to him. "I just said he was cute!"

Will pulled a face and recoiled in disgust. "Exactly!"

Nancy laughed at the boy and saw him crack a smile before he closed the door and walked away. She glanced at her boyfriend, who was blushing deeply with a sheepish look on his face. "It's true, though," she said, leaning over to kiss him. Jonathan smiled, his blush fading a little, and reached over to grab his camera from the back seat.

Will had just reached the entrance to Starcourt Mall when someone called his name from behind. He turned and saw an older girl with purple hair smiling at him. "Oh, hey, Kali," Will smiled in return as he greeted her.

"You came on your own?" Kali asked.

Will shook his head. "Jonathan dropped me off. He's here to take pictures of the mall for some project he's working on."

The girl nodded and the two entered the mall together.

Kali was in town for a few weeks visiting her sister and had gotten to know the Party pretty well. The teens - particularly Dustin and Max - were in awe of the girl's psychic powers and never missed an opportunity to have her demonstrate them, much to the annoyance of Hopper who was constantly finding his Chevrolet Blazer in place of the sofa. But as much as she was enjoying spending time with Eleven and her friends, there was something much more pressing on her mind. Kali was in desperate need of sex. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had a cock inside her or another girl's heat pressed up against her own. And the fact that El was having more sex than herself was amusing, if not slightly irritating. The only problem was that she refused to stoop to the level of one night stands, not to mention the Hawkins hook-up scene was practically non-existent, anyway. She wasn't interested in a real relationship either, just someone she could rely on for a good fuck every now and again.

As luck would have it, El was friends with a few cute guys and, despite the age difference, Kali couldn't help checking them out whenever she got chance. She normally wouldn't see teenage boys in that light, but her sexual frustration was getting out of control. Unfortunately for her, almost all of them were taken. No relationship was as obvious as Mike and El's (relentless hand-holding) or Lucas and Max's (shameless public make-out sessions) or even Nancy and Jonathan's with their constant whispering and giggling. Steve was cute, too, Kali thought, but he and Robin were clearly an item. That left two - although Kali was certain there was something going on between Dustin and Lucas's sister, which whittled the number of single cute guys down to just one. And as it just so happened, he was walking right next to her.

Kali looked across at Will and smirked. Time to have a little fun. She felt the blood trickling from her nose and wiped it away before Will even had a chance to notice. But when he finally did glance over at her, Kali couldn't resist laughing at the look on his face. The boy had survived the Upside Down and being possessed by the Mind Flayer, and yet this was easily the strangest situation Will Byers had ever found himself in. One that made his usual pale complexion give way to a deep red blush. One that caused his mouth to hang open in shock. And one that had his cock rising to attention inside his shorts.

To everyone else, the purple-haired girl was dressed in tight jeans and a loose-fitting top, but to Will, she was dressed in... nothing. The Byers boy swallowed hard and tried to process what he was looking at. Kali was naked... completely naked... right in front of him. Will quickly deduced that she was using her powers, but that didn't really mean anything to him right then. He could still see her exposed breasts, each crowned with a dark nipple, and he could still see her pussy, marked by a patch of hair, dyed purple to match the hair on her head. Considering Will had never once before seen a naked woman, this was a lot to take in. And being in a crowded mall filled with what seemed like the entire population of Hawkins certainly wasn't helping.

"It's okay, Will," Kali said, chuckling at his speechlessness. "No one else can see this. This is all for you." Kali gave him a playful wink before strolling ahead - a deliberate move as Will now had a clear view of her ass as he began to cautiously follow her naked figure.

"That's one dollar and seventy-five cents, please."

Sifting through his wallet, the customer pulled out a two-dollar bill and handed it to the young Scoops Ahoy employee - "Steve" - as per the name badge pinned to his uniform.

"And here's your change," Steve said, his voice quivering slightly. "Have a great day!" His hands gripped tightly onto the counter as he offered a forced smile to the man.

Once the customer had left, Steve relaxed a little, sighing deeply. "Almost got you that time," a quiet voice spoke from behind the counter. Looking down, Steve saw his girlfriend and co-worker Robin on her knees gazing up at him with a teasing smirk on her face. Her mouth was lingering close to his exposed cock that had been pulled through the zipper on his shorts.

"Yeah, almost," Steve whispered, groaning as Robin licked up a bead of pre-cum from his swollen tip. His attention was quickly diverted when a group of rowdy kids bounded into the parlor. "Great," he muttered before putting on his friendly face and taking their order. He had to bite back a moan when Robin took his cock into her mouth. She pushed her head down as far as she could, thankful that the shouts of hyperactive teenagers were drowning out the wet sounds of the sloppy deepthroat she was currently giving her boyfriend. Without thinking, Robin slipped a hand into her shorts, immediately feeling the wetness from her arousal, and worked two fingers into her pussy as she continued to slurp on Steve's rock-hard cock. Her boyfriend was quickly becoming aware that attempting to serve ice cream while getting a blowjob wasn't the easiest thing in the world, no doubt thanks to the grunts and gasps and moans that he was being forced to suppress in order to avoid giving away their illicit workplace activities.

After the kids had left, Robin pulled Steve's cock out of her mouth and stroked his shaft. He looked down at her, breathing heavily. Now able to be slightly less restrictive with his reactions, Steve cursed as she began lightly hitting his tip against her tongue. He glanced across to the far side of the parlor, making sure they were out of earshot from a certain two teenagers who seemed to be using the store as their own personal classroom.

"Ugh, this is so lame!" Erica huffed, slumping back in her seat.

Dustin, who was sitting beside her, rolled his eyes and laughed. "Hey, you're almost done and that's it until next week." The pair were barricaded into their booth by their rucksacks and a pile of textbooks. The curly-haired boy had been tutoring Lucas's sister in some of her studies as a compromise for her not wanting to go to summer camp - two hours per week under Dustin's supervision. Her parents didn't know yet, but Erica now had every intention of going to camp with Dustin, and there was a very specific reason for that.

Grumbling to herself, Erica started on her final page of problems while Dustin smirked at her sulkiness. He leaned a little closer, catching her attention. "Take your time. You know what happens if you get them all right," he said, almost whispering. Erica blushed at his comment and giggled softly before going back to her work. Dustin watched her for a few moments but found he was unable to keep his eyes from wandering down her body. His gaze landed on her tight denim shorts that left the majority of her legs exposed. He could feel his dick stirring in his pants as he checked her out. Unable to resist, he placed a hand on her leg, feeling her tense a little as he brushed it along her smooth dark skin. His hand continued moving further up until it disappeared under her shorts. Erica bit her lip in anticipation and waited for Dustin's reaction when he discovered she wasn't wearing anything under her shorts. It took a few seconds, but Dustin soon realized and then it was his turn to blush. He removed his hand from her thigh and looked at her with wide eyes. Erica smirked but carried on with her work, waiting to see what he'd do next. She only had a few seconds to wait before Dustin's hand returned, but this time it slid straight down the front of her shorts. "Shh, keep going," Dustin whispered as his fingers found Erica's pussy. The girl nodded, fighting back a moan, and continued working. Dustin spent a few moments teasing her folds before deliberately brushing his fingers over her clit. Erica gasped and Dustin immediately looked around, hoping no one heard her. "You have to be quiet," he whispered, grinning as he allowed both fingers to enter her pussy.

"How am I supposed to do this if you're making it so hard?" she asked, half-whispering, half-moaning. Before he could answer, Erica turned and saw something else that was hard - a rising bulge in Dustin's lap. Without hesitating, she shoved her hand down his shorts and began stroking his throbbing cock, her fingers just barely able to wrap around his thick shaft. Dustin cursed and Erica smiled at the irony of his reaction.

Despite Erica's actions, Dustin didn't stop his fingers from slowly pumping in and out of her pussy. "So tight," he groaned, sighing at the pleasure he was now receiving himself.

Erica tightened her grip on his cock and smirked. "So big."

A few tables down, Mike was looking out of the window into the mall as he enjoyed some of the finest ice cream Scoops Ahoy had to offer. Opposite him was Eleven, her own ice cream long since devoured and her mind set on something else entirely. Hiding a smirk, she watched Mike closely, eyeing him as he shifted a little. A few seconds later, he groaned, a little louder than El had expected, causing laughter to spill from the girl's mouth.

"El-- fuck-- El, w-what are--" Mike stuttered as El began doing something that was usually reserved for the times when they were alone: using her powers to jerk off her boyfriend.

Mike clenched his fists. His breathing grew erratic and his heart raced in his chest. He wanted to tell her to stop, but it felt too good. His cock was throbbing in his pants and he was pretty sure the sultry smirk El was giving him was responsible for at least half of what he was feeling. He soon noticed Kali and a rather dazed-looking Will approaching and relaxed, knowing El would stop at their arrival.

Except she didn't.

In fact, she did quite the opposite - she stroked him even faster. Mike forced a smile when Will and Kali greeted them and sat down at their table. Will seemed to be too pre-occupied to notice the blood dripping from El's nose, but Kali saw and immediately picked up on what she was doing.

"Enjoying yourself?" the older girl asked, flicking her gaze between El and Mike.

"Yep." El nodded and harnessed her powers even more intensely, allowing the pleasure to spread to Mike's balls. Despite his best efforts, the Wheeler boy was unable to hold back a moan, causing both girls to giggle at his expense.

"Are you okay, Mike?" Will asked, though only half-heartedly; he was mostly focused on staring at the seemingly naked girl opposite him.

"Uh-huh," Mike answered shakily. Much to his relief, he was given a break when El's concentration finally snapped due to the sudden appearance of Steve.

The older boy spoke to Kali first and took her order before turning to Will. "The usual for you, buddy?" he asked. Will confirmed and Steve glanced around the store, noticing Dustin and Erica a few tables away, though not realizing what the two were actually doing to each other. "You seem to be missing a couple of shitheads," he noted, earning a chuckle from Kali.

Robin, who had caught something out of the corner of her eye, stood at the door to the kitchen, peering through the rounded window. She turned to face the others and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah... about that."

Steve frowned. "What?"

"I think I found them."

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!"

"You like that, slut?"

"Yes, daddy!" Max whimpered, looking up at her boyfriend. She was lying flat on her back on one of the countertops in the Scoops Ahoy kitchen with her ass hanging slightly over the edge. Lucas was standing in front of her, holding her legs up and relentlessly driving his cock into her tight pussy. "Feels so good," Max moaned, closing her eyes and letting Lucas use her however he wanted.

"Yeah?" Lucas groaned. "Fuck, you're so tight." He turned his head a little and licked her foot before taking it into his mouth. Lucas slobbered all over Max's toes, soaking them in spit while continuing to piston his cock in and out of her pussy. He soon switched to the other foot and gave it the same treatment. Max whined at the dual sensation of her boyfriend's mouth on her toes and his cock buried deep inside her. She whined again when Lucas's dick slipped out of her pussy, leaving her feel empty. Before she could object, Lucas's face had disappeared between her legs and his tongue was thrashing around her dripping wet cunt.

"Fuck, yes, fuck, fuck!" Max moaned breathlessly, closing her legs around the back of Lucas's neck and trapping him in place.

Lucas didn't mind, though. He kept on slurping his girlfriend's pussy, sucking up her juices and using his tongue to stroke her clit. "God, you taste so fucking good," he teased. Lucas held up his hand and Max immediately grabbed his wrist to suck on two of his fingers. She did her job but made it deliberately messy, letting the spit leave her mouth and run down his fingers and onto his palm. Max popped Lucas's wet digits out of her mouth and started taking them back in one by one. She sloppily sucked each of his fingers until they were all glistening and completely lubed up with saliva, all the while moaning around them as he tonguefucked her. Once Max had finished, Lucas moved his hand back down and used two of his slippery fingers to keep her pussy lips spread apart so that he could spit into her cunt. Max shivered when he did just that and used her own hand to rub it in. Lucas smirked and did it again, with Max responding by pushing his face back into her pussy.

As Lucas was eating her out, his hand reached up again, but this time steered clear of her mouth. Instead, he flicked her nipple and Max gasped at the sharp burst of pleasure. Lucas slid his hand across her sweaty chest and flicked at the other nipple, his dick twitching at the noises she made in response. He pulled away to spit on her pussy a third time and went to lower his head back down but Max stopped him. Wordlessly, she spun herself around, leaving her head hanging over the counter. "Fucking choke me," she demanded, opening her mouth. Lucas was quick to oblige and let his seven inch cock glide straight down her throat. Max didn't even gag at first thanks to her many hours of practice. But once Lucas started pushing further, she coughed a little and he immediately pulled out.

"You okay?" he asked gently.

Max nodded. Her mouth opened again and Lucas pushed back in. This time, he started withdrawing his cock and then abruptly slammed it back inside. His thrusts quickly picked up speed and, in a matter of seconds, Lucas was roughly fucking his girlfriend's mouth. His balls smacked against her nose and he occasionally removed his cock to let her suck on them. He was about to put his dick back in when Max reached behind him and pushed him forward slightly. With her head now between his legs, Lucas moaned as Max began sliding her tongue up and down his butt crack. It was a difficult angle and Max was unable to do everything she desired, but she settled for messily drawing long wet stripes between his ass cheeks with her tongue.

"Fuck," Lucas groaned, rubbing Max's pussy with one hand and her breast with the other. He wanted to continue, but it had already been a few minutes since he was last inside her, and for the both of them that was a few minutes too long. "I'm gonna fuck your tight pussy so fucking hard," he growled as Max returned to her original position.

Max's heart pounded in her chest at her boyfriend's words. "Yeah?" She ran two fingers over her wet cunt. "Then what are you waiting for, Stalker? Do you need me to-- huh-- oh-- fuck!" Max's seductive grin gave way when Lucas entered her as harshly as possible, ramming his cock deep inside and keeping it there.

"Come here," Lucas muttered, placing his hands underneath her ass and picking her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped onto his shoulders. Lucas held onto her ass and started to bounce her on his cock. Max hauled herself up and down to assist him and make it a joint effort. She leaned down and kissed him, moaning into his mouth as the new position allowed his dick to sink deeper into her pussy than before.

The pair were too busy in their efforts to notice a group of spectators watching through the window. Their view was obscured by a couple of half-empty shelving units that stood between the door and the teenage couple, but they could still see enough to know just what was happening in there. Robin tried to quietly open the door but found it was locked. "Yep, thought so," she said, looking at Steve. "They must have swiped our keys."

Steve sighed and shook his head. "Horny little shits."

Dustin was behind with the older couple, peering over their shoulders for any glimpse of Max's naked body he could catch. Disappointingly, the only thing he could see was her hands clawing at Lucas's back. Her head was blocked too, meaning he couldn't even see the look on her face as she was being fucked.

"Umm, excuse me? Am I not good enough for you?"

Dustin spun around and was met with a terrifying sight - a rather stern-looking Erica Sinclair, glaring at him with a hand on her hip. He swallowed hard and held his hands up in defense. "What? No, I--"

"You think she's hotter than me?"

"I didn't say that!"

"You were thinking it."

"No, I wasn't! I was just-- I was--"

"So you were lying when you said I was the prettiest girl in the world?"

Dustin blushed as their argument drew the attention of the others, who exchanged equally confused glances. "No! No! I wasn't lying! I meant it! I did!" he said frantically, now fearing for the safety of his manhood as Erica slowly approached him.

"You did?" she asked, softening her tone a little.

Dustin nodded. "Yeah, I did."

"Fine. Wanna prove it?"


"Do you wanna prove yourself?"

Dustin frowned in confusion. "Do I have a choice?"

"Not really."

"Okay then...?"


Sighing in relief at the fact that he might not die in an ice cream store after all, Dustin watched as Erica sat down on one of the outward-facing sofa booths. She stared him in the eye as she started to unbutton her shorts. "Eat me out," she demanded, giving approximately zero fucks as to who heard her.

"Woah! What?!" Dustin's eyes widened and his jaw dropped, as did everyone else's.

"You heard me. Right here. Right now." Erica's tone was unwavering. She was deadly serious.

There was a tense silence throughout the entire store that lasted for several unnerving seconds before it was broken by Steve. "Alright, I think it's time you--" He was interrupted by Robin's hand on his arm.

"It's fine. Let them," she said as a sly smile spread across her face. She kissed him deeply while letting her hand wander down his chest and into his shorts. At this point, she just wanted any excuse to get his clothes off, and she could sense that El and Kali wanted the same thing for the other boys, if their matching smirks were anything to go by.

Steve groaned and broke the kiss. "Here? We cant."

"Why not?"

Robin's stare was almost as intimidating as Erica's, meaning it took Steve all of five seconds to relent. "Fuck it," he muttered, picking her up and placing her on the counter.

"Shit, wait!" Robin shouted, hopping straight back down and laughing as she ran over to the store entrance. She grabbed the hook for the shutter and pulled it halfway down when Nancy and Jonathan suddenly ducked underneath it.

"What's going on? You're closing early?" Nancy asked before looking around and getting a pretty clear indication of what was indeed going on.

Robin shrugged. "You can join in if you want. Your call," she said, grinning. She pulled the shutter down all the way and closed the blinds, completely blocking the view from the mall-goers just outside. She darted back to Steve, leaving Nancy and Jonathan staring in shock as they tried to comprehend what they'd just happened upon.

Back in the kitchen, Lucas placed Max down in favor of a position that allowed for a much faster speed. He put his hand underneath her thigh and lifted her leg onto one of the lower counters, which just so happened to be a refrigeration unit. "Shit, that's cold!" Max laughed, before going right back to moaning as Lucas ploughed her from behind. The couple's incessant need to make each other feel good seemed to have affected their spatial awareness as they were now fucking over several tubs of fresh ice cream that were waiting to be brought into the store.

As well as enjoying his cock inside her, Max loved the feeling of her boyfriend's balls slapping against her ass cheeks while he fucked her, the sound of which was growing louder and louder as Lucas's movements became more violent. "Yes, yes, fuck! Fuck me! Fuck my tight little pussy, Stalker!" Max turned her head and smashed her lips into his. The kiss was sloppy, and Lucas's thrusts were starting to head that way, too. With their mouths still exchanging saliva, Lucas slipped two of his wet fingers between Max's butt cheeks and rubbed them against her tight asshole. With a little pressure, they pushed inside. "Fuck! Oh fuck, yes!" Max screamed, breaking the kiss. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna--"

"Me, too! Fuck," Lucas groaned. "Cum with me, baby."

Their mouths locked again just as both teens reached their peaks. Their lips refused to separate, allowing their moans to disappear down each others' throats. Their toes curled and their entire bodies shook as they came together. Lucas instinctively squeezed Max's ass and felt her butthole tightening around his fingers. A spray of juices squirted from her pussy, just missing the ice cream below. When their lips eventually parted, Max's breathless whimpers and Lucas's panting filled the air around them. Lucas removed his fingers from her ass in order to hold her up, although now his own legs were feeling shaky on the back of his orgasm. "Holy shit," Lucas breathed, gripping onto Max's hips. Despite their intense climaxes, there wasn't much mess... that was until Lucas's softening cock slipped out of the redhead's pussy, effectively unplugging her hole and resulting in a torrent of cum gushing out from between her legs. The mixture of her juices and his jizz splashed onto the ice cream, coating it a delicious layer of sweet and salty cum.

The couple looked down at their mess and laughed. "Oops," Max said, grinning, as she kissed him again. When she pulled away, she let her forehead rest against his. "That was amazing. I love you," she whispered, cupping his cheeks.

Lucas smiled and pecked her lips once more. "I love you, too." He glanced back down at the cum-soaked ice cream and chuckled. "We should probably go before someone finds that."

Now sexually satisfied for another few hours, the horned-up pair were about to leave through the back when they heard a questionable sound coming from the store. Max looked through the kitchen window and, much to her surprise, saw Robin and Steve fucking right on the counter next to the door. "Holy fuck," she gasped, summoning Lucas to have a look for himself. The rest of the Party were out there, too, and looked to be engaging in similar activities. Deciding there was no way they could just leave, Max retrieved the stolen keys from her pocket and unlocked the door. She opened it cautiously and stepped out into the store with Lucas following close behind. They both stood still for a few moments, gaping at what their friends were doing. They eventually snapped from their daze at the sound of a camera shutter accompanied by a bright flash.

Jonathan angled his next picture, spurred on by Nancy's lips wrapped around his cock. Through the lens, he was treated to a close-up shot of Kali on her knees in front of Will, her head bobbing up and down as she deepthroated his teenage cock. He snapped a photo of his little brother receiving his first blowjob and then turned his attention to the couple next to him. El was still stroking Mike's cock with her mind, and the boy was only seconds away from blowing his load.

"You two little shits better not have made a mess in there!" Steve called out upon noticing the two newcomers as he repeatedly thrust himself into Robin.

Max raised an eyebrow while Lucas remained unresponsive.

The sound of Steve's voice caused the entire room to fall deathly silent. Everyone stared at Lucas and Max, and Lucas and Max stared back at them.

"Oh, shit! Fuuuck!" Mike suddenly shouted, drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

There were a few more beats of silence until El turned around to face everyone, her pretty face covered in thick sticky globs of cum. "Hey, Max. Hey, Lucas," she said casually, looking sheepish as Mike's hot jizz ran down her face.

Max burst into laughter, as did El. Soon enough, everyone was laughing at the situation, except for Mike, who had turned a dark shade of red.

"Come on, you two." El beckoned Lucas and her best friend over to join them as she licked her boyfriend's cum off her fingers. Max grabbed Lucas by the hand and practically sprinted over.

Lucas had been so caught up in watching Jonathan's pervy photoshoot, he'd barely noticed his little sister being eaten out by Dustin on one of the sofa booths. Erica glared at her brother for a moment as he was dragged along. "Sup, nerd."

Lucas winced. "Ew, what the fuck?!" Before he could react further, Max peeled off his jacket and unbuttoned his shorts, sliding them off along with his underwear. He assisted by removing his shirt, leaving him completely naked. Lucas and Mike gaped as their girlfriends suddenly lunged at each other and began fiercely making out as they tore off their clothes. Nancy popped Jonathan's cock from her mouth and removed her clothes as well. Jonathan followed suit and followed Nancy as she sat down on one of the leather seats. Now completely naked, El and Max joined her, as did Kali, and the four boys dropped to their knees in front of the girls.

Over on the counter, Robin secured her legs firmly around Steve's waist, pulling him in closer and sending his cock deeper inside her. Gasping, she turned her head and saw Dustin with his head between Erica's legs. Robin caught the younger girl's attention and motioned for her to come over.

"Have I proved myself yet?" Dustin asked, smirking at Erica as he lapped at her pussy.

"Almost." Erica pushed him away and sauntered over to Robin. She bent over the counter at a ninety-degree angle to the blonde girl and looked behind her, invitingly shaking her ass at Dustin. The curly-haired boy leapt to his feet and approached her from behind. Erica hummed as Dustin's cock rubbed between her butt cheeks. She pushed herself back and gasped when he entered her pussy.

"Holy shit," Dustin groaned, holding onto her ass while he slammed into her tight cunt. Erica and Robin inched their faces closer and locked their lips together, much to the arousal of Dustin and Steve, who pummeled themselves even harder into the girls.

Outside, a group of teenagers gathered at Scoops Ahoy's now sealed-off entrance. "Aw man, they must have ran out of ice cream," one said, looking rather dejected. His friends turned to leave but the boy remained in place for a few seconds before shouting back to them. "Hold up! Do you guys hear that?" he asked, pressing his ear to the shutter as the echoing sounds of moans, slobbers, and slapping flesh began to seep into the mall.