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Nerds and their Knights

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The following morning started as awkward as one would expect - Gail and Holly staying as far away from Jane and Maura as possible as they sat at the gate waiting for their plane to Toronto. Even more awkward was the silence between Jane and Maura. 

Maura had not quite forgiven the detective for her insensitive behavior the day before.  A good cup of coffee and an adorable puppy-dog look from Jane made it impossible for the scientist to stay mad at her. 

At this point, Jane has semi-accepted that she had some kind of romantic feelings for Maura, but honestly thinks they may have been “implanted”, if you will, because of Gail and Holly’s meddling and suggestive behavior.

She completely ignores the other evidence, like her insane jealousy over any guy that Maura dates; her physical need to touch Maura in some way at least once during the day; her inability to imagine life without her; her willingness to die right beside her in raging flood of toxic water, her not-so-hidden admiration, attraction, and adoration of all things Maura, etc., etc.

Still, Jane thinks that her newly realized feelings are a waste of time at best, and potentially damaging to her friendship at worst.  There is no way, no way, that Maura would be interested in her.

Maura dates men.  Loves men.  Loves sleeping with men.  Makes no secrets about it.  What a complete waste of time it would be to knowingly pursue a heartbreak.

Jane can acknowledge that there have been times when it seemed like Maura was flirting with her, but Maura likes to flirt. Maura can’t help it if she is charming.  She doesn’t mean anything by it. 

“Jane, are you alright? You have been staring out the window looking at the tarmac for a while,” Maura said as she cocked her head to the side and looked at Jane’s face.  

“Oh, um.  Yeah. I am fine.  Just thinking about the case.  I hope we don’t have to be in Canada for long.  This Wilson case has taken us longer to figure out than I had anticipated.  Still, I think we will find some answers up here,” Jane said, silently applauding herself for making up such a convincing BS reason for daydreaming. 


After getting her seat back kicked for the 10th time from the little boy directly behind her, Gail leans over to Holly, “You know, Rizzoli’s medical examiner upgraded them to first class. Just saying,” Gail says in low-grade whine. 

“Yes. Well, Rizzoli’s medical examiner is also an Isles.  I am sure her pampered hiney wouldn’t be caught dead in coach.  I still have a mountain of student loan debt,” Holly says with a semi-smile. 

“I thought you liked Dr. Isles.  Have you developed some kind of problem with her?  You said she is really good and you liked her.”

“Oh, no, no.  All is well.”

“We probably would have had a better chance at the whole mile high club thing had we been in first class,” Gail said as she wiggled brow

“Gail.. you have issues.” 


“I feel slightly guilty for upgrading to first class and not even saying something to Dr. Stewart and Officer Peck.  Do you?” 

“Yeah, I feel terrible about it,” Jane says as she leans her seat way back, closes her eyes and stretches her long legs out in front of her.

Maura giggles. “Jane, you’re awful.”     

“Now, now, Maura. Don’t be calling me awful.  You’re the one who upgraded us to first class without even considering Dr. Stewart and Peck’s feelings.  Remember that.  By the way, how are you and Dr. Stewart getting along?” Jane asks, barely able to hide the grin on her face. 

Maura looked sideways at Jane.  Had someone told Jane about her argument with Dr. Stewart?  Maura prided herself on her usually dignified way of handling disagreements, so she took herself aback a little bit when she behaved like a lioness defending a cub when Dr. Stewart came out swinging with insults about Jane.

Even now, she gets a little annoyed when remembering the condescending way Dr. Stewart corrected her when she said “Oh no, you did not.,” Maura said with her hands on her hips. “It’s ‘oh no you didn’t’, Dr. Isles,” Dr. Stewart said with a grin and a wagging finger.

“We are getting along fine, Jane. She is a good pathologist. Why do you ask?” Maura asked innocently. 

With her eyes still closed, Jane just shrugs. “No reason.  Oh, Maura, I have a question.  How do you say knuckle-dragging Neanderthal in Latin?”


“Language, Maura.”


“Gail, so glad you are back.  I hope that you did Toronto Police Department proud while in Boston,” Superintendent Elaine Peck stated with an undertone that actually meant “You better not have embarrassed us while you were away!”

This was the moment that Gail dreaded since realizing they were going to have to come to Toronto to continue their investigation.  If there was anyone in the world that can make Gail feel like she is 5 years old, it is her mother. 

“Yes, Moth- ”

“You must be Detective Jane Rizzoli and you are Dr. Maura Isles. Welcome to Toronto PD,” Elaine states, effectively cutting off Gail.  “Dr. Isles, I trust that you found Dr. Stewart was quite thorough and Detective Rizzoli I … .appreciate you taking Gail under your wing and allowing her to help with this investigation,” Elaine said with a clear undertone being “I know she can be an immature brat.”

Jane couldn’t help but be slightly amused.  What do you know?  Officer Peck didn’t appear so big now.  Her smart mouth effectively shut up.  A quick look over at Holly revealed she was not so happy with the Superintendent’s words, but knew better than to say something.   

About 10 minutes into the Superintendent’s tour of the department, Jane began to get an even better picture of the dynamics between Peck and her mother.  After all, if anyone had “dynamics” with their mother, it was Jane, so she could certainly spot it. 

“So, Detective, have you had some other detectives helping you with this investigation?  Gail has had a few opportunities to try for detective, but hasn’t applied herself and taken the examination.  This is such an important investigation, I certainly hope that you have some good help,” Elaine stated with words dripping with condescension about Gail. 

That was it.  The Superintendent’s belittling of Gail was so obvious that Jane could tell that even Maura had picked up on it.  Peck can be a jerk, but not a bad cop.  She knows this, despite what she said about her before.  And besides, moms shouldn’t do this shit to their kids. 

“Well, Superintendent Peck, I have no doubt that when Officer Peck is ready to become a detective that she will succeed.  She is intelligent, she conducts herself professionally and has good instincts.  I wouldn’t hesitate to have her on my team,” Jane stated honestly, much to the surprise of one wide-eyed Gail Peck. 

“Oh. Well, I am glad that Gail performed satisfactorily.  I have a meeting. Gail, please finish the tour for Detective Rizzoli and Dr. Isles,” Elaine said before turning and walking down the hallway. 

Gail turned to Jane having no idea what to say.  Fortunately, Jane saved the moment again.  “Peck, I am sure there are no good burger joints up here, but I am still starving.  Food now, tour later.”   


“Baby, are you alright?” 

“Perfect.  Nothing like having Rizzoli jump to my rescue with my mother.  She already thinks that I am just a punk cop.  Now she thinks I am a pampered, punk cop.  One that gets pushed around by her own mother,” Gail sighs as she lies flat on her back on their bed.

“Gail, perhaps you weren’t there for that conversation.  It didn’t sound to me like Rizzoli thinks that way about you at all.”

“She was just taking pity on me,” Gail said solemnly.

“Gail, honey, I don’t think she would have had to say all of that if she was just feeling sorry for you.  Now listen, this is the first night back home from our trip and I, for one, have missed our bed and seeing my pampered, punk cop being on top of it,” Holly said as she moved toward the bed undressing as she went.

“Why, Holly, are you actually going to try to distract me from my brief state of depression with sex? Do you think I am that easy?”


“I have had a rough day, Holly. What if I just want to be held?  Nurtured?” Gail said sarcastically.   

“You’re right, Gail. I know you are not that shallow.  But, I meant what I said about missing you being on our bed, so, let’s compromise.  I will lie here beside you and take care of myself while thinking about you, and then I will just hold you all night.  How does that sound?”  Holly says as she passes over Gail.

Gail reaches out and pulls Holly toward her, “You may very well be evil incarnate.” 


Maura tries paying attention to the television as she sits snuggled up to Jane on the sofa in her hotel room.  Jane never ceases to amaze her sometimes. She is one of the most moody, crass people she knows, but nobody has a heart like hers.  Look at her. She is brave and beautiful and ..

“Maura!  Do I have a bat in the cave or something?” Jane questions. 

“I’m sorry, what?”  Maura says snapping out of it. 

“Do I have something in my nose?  You have been staring at me,” Jane giggles at Maura’s reddening face.

“Oh, sorry.  I was just thinking about what you did for Officer Peck at the police station today.  It was really sweet, Jane.  You are really sweet. 

Now it is Jane’s turn to become red. 

“Nah, Maura.  I just can’t help but help the underdog,” Jane said, dismissing the compliment.

“Kind of like how I can’t help staring at you sometimes, Jane.” Maura surprised herself saying it, but wasn’t about to take it back. Looking directly into Jane’s eyes, she extended a clear invitation.  All Jane had to do was accept. 

Jane’s heart began beating faster and her head became fuzzy.  She had never knowingly been on the receiving end of what was clearly Maura making a pass at her.  A minor mental breakdown ensued.

Oh my God

I feel like my mother is watching..

Oh my God

I’m going to hell…

Oh my God

This is all because I made fun of that butch gym teacher …

“Jane!”  Maura semi-shouted while grabbing Jane by the shoulders.  “Are you okay?  You look like you are going to pass out.” 

“Um.. yes!  I am sorry, Maura.  I am not feeling so well.  I think I should go lie down.  I am sorry.  I’ll talk to you in the morning.”  Jane rose from the couch, kissed Maura and top of her head and headed for her room. 


Jane stares at the ceiling for what seemed like hours after leaving Maura alone on the couch.  One thought keeps replaying over and over in her mind.. “This will be the day of my greatest regret.”