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There's No One Like You

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Nick leaned down, pecking Joe on the lips as he walked past. Joe hummed, smiling brightly, and wrapped his hand around Nick’s wrist, tugging him down to settle on his lap.

“Hi,” Joe murmured softly, pressing another kiss to Nick’s lips.

“Hi yourself,” Nick replied against Joe’s mouth. “You know I was actually on my way to do something important.”

“Not anymore,” Joe said, trailing his lips down Nick’s cheek and pressing soft kisses to his jawline. “Are you busy tonight?”

“Hmmm,” Nick hummed, tilting his head to give Joe more access.

Joe pressed one last kiss to his jaw and pulled away, brushing his nose against Nick’s. “Were you even listening to me?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Not my fault you’re purposefully distracting me,” Nick shot back, wiggling around slightly on Joe’s lap to press his lips to the shell of Joe’s ear. “What did you say?” he whispered.

Clearing his throat, Joe repeated, “I asked if you’re busy tonight.” Nick’s breath ghosted across his ear and Joe shuddered, ripples of love and longing and desire racing through his body and crashing into his chest, causing his heart to pound in a quick staccato against his ribcage.

“Depends on why you’re asking,” Nick teased, dipping his tongue into the spot behind Joe’s ear and smirking against his skin when Joe shivers.

“Wanted to take you out on a date.”

“A date? We just went out a couple of days ago,” Nick said, sliding his hands around Joe’s neck and trailing his fingers through the soft hair at the nape of his neck.

“We went to get ice cream and then had to bring ice cream back for Kevin and Frankie and Dad. That doesn’t count as a date,” Joe pointed out.

“What? That SOOO classifies as a date. People go on ice cream dates all the time, Joseph.”

Joe sighed, dropping his head down onto Nick’s shoulder. “It doesn’t count as a date when we’re doing stuff for other people. I want to take you out to dinner, just you and me, and treat you to something nice after. No interruptions, no doing things for anyone else, no distractions. Just you and me.”

Trailing his fingers up and into Joe’s hair, Nick massaged his scalp gently. “You’re such a sap,” he murmured, dropping to press a soft kiss to Joe’s head. “But… I think I could take time out of my very busy schedule to go to dinner with you tonight.”

Joe snorted against Nick’s shoulder. “So glad you could spare an evening of your time, rockstar.”

“Shut up. You always have my time,” Nick said, tilting Joe’s head away from his shoulder to capture his mouth in biting kiss.

“So that’s a yes to the date then?” Joe asked against Nick’s lips.

“Always,” Nick replied, sealing his answer with a kiss.