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Sour. Sweet. Gone.

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Loud music thumped throughout the gymnasium, strobe lights flashing repeatedly along with the beats. Bodies filled the small space, stood against walls in groups or spread out in the bleachers - everyone either dancing, talking and drinking or making out. You groaned and rolled your eyes, tugging the hood of your jacket over your head and putting in your earbuds to drown out the world with your own music and laid on a bench you found hidden under the bleachers.

Somehow your friends managed to drag you out of the dorms, despite your kicking and screaming like a child. It had been two whole excruciating hours, you already had someone bump into you spilling beer all over your jacket, not to mention your so-called friends had already gotten shit faced in no time, leaving you with no one to really talk to. This night couldn’t get any worse right?

“What the fuck are you doing under here shithead?” A familiar and annoying voice questioned as one of your earbuds were suddenly gone.

Wrong, you were so wrong. 

Your eyes looked up to see Sero Hanta standing and leaning over you with a shit eating grin plastered on his face as he tossed the bud up and down in his hand. Just for a moment your heart skipped a beat. Black hair hung and glistened in the multi-colored lights and white teeth beamed at you, maybe not in the way you wanted but still at least he was looking at you. A black lip ring hugged his plump bottom lip and matching black silicone plugs dressed his earlobes. 

God he was pretty!

“You look cross-eyed idiot, the fuck are you staring at?”

Pretty shitty.

“Fuck off Hanta, give that back!” You retorted and reached up to grab your earbud.

He shook his head, snatching his hand out of your reach while flicking your forehead with a snicker. Your eyes narrowed and soon Sero was grunting and clutching at his stomach where you laid a solid punch, causing him to drop the item. With a begrudged sigh you sat up, turned around and picked it up with a smirk, flicking his forehead like he had done before.

“You’re such a little bitch you know that?” He sneered and stood straight again, rubbing his stomach and glaring down at you.

“You act like this is news to me. Why are you even bothering me you douche, don’t you have some chick to go suck face with or something?”

Sero quirked a brow, grinning and bending over enough to be face level with you. His hands dug smugly in his pockets. Those mean and stupidly beautiful black eyes leering at you … scanning your face and falling to your - lips? For once Sero wasn’t saying a damn word, which was sort of nice, your own eyes fell to his mouth too and it took every ounce of restraint to not just kiss it, to not take that perfect bottom lip between your teeth and let your tongue toy with the metal ring hanging from it. Looking back up to his eyes, which were still fixated on your lips, you could swear you saw something in them, something along the lines of what you felt yourself. 

That was impossible though, there was no way Sero Hanta held anything but disdain for you, he made that brutally clear a year ago. You never really knew why he hated you so much, why he went from being the laid back cool guy to teasing and picking on you all the time. But you were just as sour in return, you weren’t some pushover damnit, not even to Sero. Sure … maybe when he degraded you sometimes it kind of made you malfunction and throb between the legs. And maybe you’d go out of your way to bump into him from time to time so just so he’d look at you or back you against a wall, demanding you apologize for being in his way and touching him, causing you to both get into a yelling match and end up face to face - so fucking close, like now. 

Sometimes you wish things could be different, that you could show Sero your true emotions, tell him your true feelings, but after what happened before, he’d probably laugh in your face or find you weirder than he already thought you were and just avoid you forever. Yeah it was fucked up to keep going along with this charade but any attention from Sero, even if it was bitter, was better than no attention at all. Things would never be how you wanted them, that’s just how it was and how it would always be. 

The look you thought you saw in Sero’s eyes, it was probably just disgust and he was more than likely just imagining shoving your face away … yeah that was probably it.

“Hey moron,” you finally spoke, onyx eyes blinking rapidly before meeting yours, “anything in that empty ass skull of yours?” 

“Fuck you!” 

Sero quickly stood back up straight, forgetting what he was even going to say in the first place and rubbing the side of his neck with the best aggravated grunt he could manage. His cheeks were not heating up, they were not blushing. You stood from the bench, rolling your eyes and going to walk past him, patting his chest roughly as you did.

“Great talk, let’s do it again sometime.”

With that you left Sero behind under the bleachers, disappearing into the crowd of fellow students. His fists clenched in his pockets before one hand slipped out to palm his face. With a huff, Sero plopped down onto the bench you laid on just before, his head hanging low as one knee bounced.

“Fuck,” he rasped out.

Thinking back, Sero really had no plan to follow once he finally found you under the bleachers. He had watched when you arrived at the party with your friends, excitement singing in his veins like it always did when he saw you. All he knew was that he needed to see you, to get your attention if only for a little bit, it had been since class the day before that he last saw you. Any time you were near, Sero had to come up with some way to get your eyes on him, have you talking to him, even if it was with venom. The thought made him frown, god this was exhausting sometimes. At what point did all this turn to shit and become hopeless again?

Oh yeah, freshman year. In fact, in the beginning the two of your were pretty cool with each other and damn did he miss those days. The first week he realized you both had a few classes together that semester and one day he ended up with a seat next to you, so he took it upon himself to finally give you a proper introduction. After that the semester and the next happened, the two of you being all chummy with each other in classes you shared, helping the other out with notes or just joking back and forth. The joking and teasing was a lot like how it was now, just with less actual hatred. One day, this girl in one of your shared classes, who Sero later found out was crushing on him hard, came up to him in the middle of a friendly debate the two of you were having and blatantly asked if the two of you were dating. Like the idiot he was, Sero laughed and scrunched his nose up at you, “ of course not, not in a million fucking years.

You see, Sero never really thought before he spoke, he never took the time to go over how the words he said and the tone he said them in could be taken the wrong way and totally fuck up every single chance he ever dreamed of having with you. Back then he honestly didn’t even mean what he said to come out like that, what he truly felt was that you were totally out of his league and there was no way you’d ever consider giving him a chance but boy was he fucking dumb. After that class, things between you were never the same. Your lighthearted and meaningless joking became sour and weighted. Without meaning to, Sero fucking crushed you, he knew that much and when he finally realized that and that you fucking hated his guts he did the only thing he knew to do - to just be an asshole, to make what he said look true. 

Keeping this act up for the last two years was really wearing Sero down. There were too many times to count where he’d thought he finally had enough and was ready to stroll up to you and just confess all his true feelings. To beg and plead that you listen to him, forgive him. So badly Sero wanted you to look at him like you used to, with a small sparkle in your eyes, he wanted so fucking badly to laugh with you again - genuinely laugh. To make you smile instead of frown. There were some days where he’d swore he’d catch you stealing glances of him or even maybe smiling as you were lost in thought, possibly old happy thoughts? There was no way though, those eyes of yours, they never looked at him with anything more than anger and hurt. Still though, Sero couldn’t just leave you alone. As long as you’d retaliate towards his mean advances, he’d never stop. It was the only way, the only excuse he had to get in your face, to touch you even if it was a flick to your nose or a little bump and shove.

With a sigh Sero laid back on the bench, trying to shut out all the loud noise of the party, all it took was thinking about how close he was to you again. Tucking an arm under his head, Sero smirked and made out the image of your lips, how they were close enough for him to kiss. He noticed the thin sheet of glittery lip gloss that dressed them, wondering if it tasted like anything, wondering how you tasted most importantly. All Sero wanted to do was kiss you, smother you in affection, annoy you in sweeter ways. That was just a dream though.

A few more seconds passed before there was someone shouting.

“Yo, get the fuck out, the dean is on his way!”

“Shit,” Sero hissed as he shot back up, grunting as he felt the aftermath of that hit you landed to his stomach, it made him chuckle though. You were a fucking spitfire and it was a major turn on to him.

As he emerged from under the bleachers, Sero searched the area for his gang of friends, they were nowhere to be found, probably already hauling ass back to the dorms. Everyone else left was scattering like mice, going out every door they could. Sero started to sprint and join the frantic crowd, he was almost home free until a body collided with his own. A shoulder knocked hard into his sternum and the person was falling and taking him down with them with a hard smack on the wood floor. Sero groaned, his hand moving to rub at his chest and smacking someone’s skull in the process.

“Ow fucker!”

Sero lifted his head to look at the person laying on top of him, a smile growing on his face as he saw a familiar head of hair. Soon he realized how his smile may be a little too excited so he managed a cocky smirk before speaking.

“Sorry, think of that as payback for earlier.”

You looked up in disbelief and scoffed, “I swear to fucking christ, why can’t I ever get away from you huh?”

Sero’s brows furrowed at the disappointment in your tone. That fucking stung but he couldn’t let you know that. Tightening his jaw and shaking his head, Sero reached a hand out to shove your face off his chest, despite wanting to keep it there and rub your head to make sure you were okay.

“Hey, you’re the one practically fucking throwing yourself at me. How about a ‘thank you’ for cushioning the fall for your dumb ass!”

“Hah, first off - in your fucking dreams asswipe! Second - you’re dumber than I thought if you think I’d ever do that dickwad!”

Sero snorted and pinched your cheek hard. “Wow, quiet the vocabulary you got there princess! You kiss your mother with that filthy mouth!”

Your eyes rolled as you slapped his hand away, sitting up and rubbing your cheek. With an evil smile you reached out and twisted one of Sero’s nipples between your fingers, making him yelp.

“Wouldn’t you like to know the things I do with this filthy mouth!”

Fucking shit!  

Sero nearly short circuited as you looked down on him, realizing how you were straddling his lap, still twisting his nipple and looking like some sort of hot as fuck sadist. You twisted more and made him squirm. Bad fucking idea! 

The jolt was enough to bounce you down further and right on top of his crotch. 

Bad this was so fucking bad but so good! 

Sero grit his teeth and concentrated on willing away the boner he was sure to pop. His hands moved on their own, gripping at your jean covered thighs and squeezing them harshly enough to make you let him go. For a second Sero caught his breathe before you were flicking his knuckles.

“You fucking little shit stop!” He growled.

“Let go of me then you - you dumb dumb!”

The exasperated and amused look that was plastered across Sero’s face was so fucking hard to control. It took everything in him to not just awe at how fucking adorable you were. What he couldn’t hold back though was the cackle and boy did that piss you off further. Soon enough the two of you were having a slapping match with your hands, calling each other names back and forth. Still on the floor. Still sitting on top of him.

Finally your hands managed to capture Sero’s wrists and you growled before pinning them down to the floor on both sides of his head. Thinking you were still joking, Sero laughed only for you to have this incredulous expression on your face before shaking your head. Upon closer inspection, Sero thought he saw the evidence of tears pricking in the corners of your eyes.

“You’re such an asshole Sero,” you breathed out as your head hung low, hiding your face from him. “Why, why do you -”

“Excuse me.”

A deep tired voice spoke from behind you, cutting off the loaded question sitting on your tongue. You cursed under your breath and sat up, releasing Sero’s wrists and wiping your nose with the back of your hand. Sero blinked, watching how your eyes softened and saddened, how you pinched your nose to try and stave back tears. If he didn’t feel like shit before, he did now. The man sat up, going to cup your face as he whispered your name only to me met with rejection as you pushed it away.

“Don’t,” you warned with a shaky voice. 

“You two wanna tell me what happened here?”

Sero snapped out of his haze, looking to see the college dean standing before him, foot tapping impatiently and arms crossed. You removed yourself from Sero, making him feel cold all of a sudden, god you were warm. Before he could make the situation worse, Sero decided to stand to his feet as well, hissing from the soreness of the impact he took by being tackled to the floor. Rubbing his back, Sero looked at the dean and shrugged, replacing his own sadness with a smirk.

“Uh - a surprise birthday party for you sir!”

The dean sighed and rubbed his forehead before looking at you, waiting for an answer. Sero looked as well and frowned, you looked so tired and like you wanted to just crawl under a rock. Finally you cleared your throat and hugged yourself softly. 

“Obviously there was a party, damn sir - and they pay you the big bucks?”

Sero snorted, stopping quickly when the dean glared at him unamused. 

“Alright then, since you two were so kind to stay behind and clear that up for me, you can clean this place up then!”

“Sir, it’s fucking 2am!”

“It’s that or expulsion for damaging school property Mr. Hanta, if I’m seeing this clearly, there seems to be alcohol and trash all over this nice waxed floor, it stays there too long and it could ruin it. So you have a choice, I’ll leave it up to you, goodnight!”

Without another word the man walked out, the gym doors slamming shut behind him and sealing the deafening silence between you and Sero. You sighed and removed your jacket, walking over to the bleachers and dropping it. Sero watched as you walked over to a set of double doors on the other side and entered the room to walk back out with trash bags and brooms. You looked at him, raising your brows and motioning at the room.

“You gonna just fucking stand there or help out, I’d like to get this shitty night over with already.”

Sero nodded, it really was a shitty night. “Yeah.”

For the next half hour the two of you worked together, well without really being within reach of the other, to pick up all the trash, sweep and mop all the floors and even wipe down the bleachers where random puddles of alcohol were spilt. The only words exchanged were questions of where a certain cleaning product or item could be found, who was going to clean what area and a few noises of disgust here and there. There were a few times where you talked or hummed to yourself, Sero being close enough to overhear and subtly smiling. Other times he’d make jokes to himself or monologue his actions in a goofy voice, making you stifle down giggles or act like you weren’t interested when he’d catch you watching him. Every time he’d smugly smile as you blushed and flipped him off. 

It was nearing 4am when the two of you finally finished, both putting all the cleaning products back into their closet with tired yawns and groans. In all honesty it shouldn’t have taken so long but maybe both of your were dragging it out just to try and savor more time together. After turning the lights off and walking out of the gym, you pouted. The walk to your dorm was insanely far across the campus and you weren’t sure if you even had the energy to walk it. As you went to take a step Sero stopped you with a question.

“Your room still in bum fuck egypt?”

Stopping and shoving your hands into the pockets of your jacket you nodded.

“I thought so. Look uh - I know I’m not your favorite person in the world but if you’re as tired as I am then I’m sure that walk seems like a fucking nightmare. No pressure or anything but … my place is just around the corner here if you wanted to crash for a few hours.”

You may have looked exhausted on the outside but on the inside you were wide awake. Your heart hammering away and mind almost frying at the thought of spending the night, well morning, with Sero. Being shacked up in the small studio sized dorm room together, sharing the same bed, being so fucking close. You’d only ever dreamed about something like this, wondering if Sero was as good of a cuddler as he looked. His long lean arms must’ve felt like heaven to be wrapped up in and he was probably so warm. The long time it took for you to respond must’ve freaked Sero out as he quickly started to back track.

“Y-you don’t have to it was just a suggestion. I understand if you’d rather get hit by a bus than take my offer … I just -”

“I stink.”

Sero hummed and tilted his head in the midst of his rambling and chuckled.

“Tell me something I don’t know nerd!”

You’re eyes rolled and you actually smirked.

“What - no idiot! I mean my clothes, some asshole spilled their drink all over me and not to mention after all that hard labor just now, I’m all gross.”

“Well the first step is acceptance,” Sero replied with a friendly nudge to your shoulder, you didn’t recoil only gave him the cutest annoyed look he’d ever seen by sticking your tongue out at him. “But I do have this thing called a shower, it’s really cool! You see water comes out of it like rain falling from the sky and -”

“Oh my fucking god shut up and let’s go before I beat your ass!”

Sero smirked and leaned down to look you in the eye, a coy smile on his face as he invaded your space even more and damn near brushed his lips against your cheek. There was no hiding the pink that started to color your skin or the heat that was spreading across the back of your neck.

“I’d fucking love to see you try short stuff!”

You hummed. Two could play this game.

“Oh yeah?” You questioned in a whisper, nuzzling your cheek against his own and biting your lip at the strained sound Sero made. “I bet I can make you squirm Hanta.”

Sero gulped and forced a chuckle, shifting his weight onto one leg and subtly trying to adjust himself in his jeans. He flinched slightly upon feeling one of your hands pressing against his chest, making his heartbeat quicken as it felt like fire surrounded your touch. He couldn’t believe what was happening right now, maybe you were just so exhausted you were becoming delirious but he wasn’t complaining, Sero was gonna take what he could get. Just as he was about to part his lips to nervously kiss at your cheek, the hand on his chest slyly trailed over before fingers were pinching and twisting his nipple. Again!

Sero convulsed in shock and pulled away with a yell. You nearly fell out onto the ground from laughing so hard that there were tears in your eyes. Sero rubbed at his now insanely sore nipple and looked at you, he was a little pissed off but he couldn’t be mad when hearing you laugh so genuinely, it was only his favorite sound in the world. You wiped your eyes and sighed, walking to stand next to him and smiled with pride.

“Told ya!”

Sero bumped your shoulder and ruffled your hair as he mockingly laughed. 

“Just for that you get the floor!”