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1988 Ficlets & Blurbs

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Me: So if Jonny’s ass is two cantaloupes shoved down the back of his pants

Me: then his thighs are two FREAKIN WATERMELONS

Diana: no you know what I need?

Diana:  Some Kaner riding those thighs fic

Diana: Maybe they make a bet. A sex bet. And Jonny wins. And the bet is maybe “winner gets to choose how they have sex for an undetermined amount of time”

Me: Let’s do this



Jonny and Pat- they have a thing for bets. Something about the competitiveness, maybe trying to prove who’s more of a man (as if winning a bet would determine that.)

Either way, they end up betting on their sex life: at the end of the preseason, whoever has the most points gets to choose how they have sex for an “undetermined amount of time.” As in, loser can’t initiate anything, and the winner calls all the shots.

And of fucking course, Jonny wins. It’s by a single point, some secondary assist on a goal no one thought went in, but actually did.

So it’s a week of Jonny coming home and sitting on the couch all spread out. And Kaner A) riding him on the couch, or B) riding his thighs because they definitely don’t quit.

Patrick thinks he can catch a break, but then he walks through the door after grocery shopping to find Jonny sitting butt-ass naked on the couch, leaning back against the couch and legs spread while he plays Mario Kart.

He may or may not trip his way into the apartment.

It causes Jonny to face him, and give him the absolute laziest grin. Jonny always makes him a clumsy, flustered mess.

“Welcome home,” Jonny grins, lopsided, naked thighs spread out, thick and obscene.

“Well this is a... nice surprise” (and he has to gulp before even finishing that sentence because he truly is overwhelmed by all things Jonny but especially naked Jonny.)

Jonny enjoys Pat’s suffering. “Better put the groceries up before the frozen stuff melts.” Jonny says nonchalantly. Which has Patrick scrambling into the kitchen, making Jonny smirk and spread out even more.

He knows how much Patrick loves his body, and it’s the same with him and Pat’s. But getting to show off a little after a summer apart always fills him with such a sense of smugness, especially seeing Pat’s reaction.

He just sinks back into the cushions, practically presenting himself, and starts up a new game.

When Kaner comes back, he’s just staring again because he can’t help it. Jonny just looks so damn relaxed, tan, and ready for the full season, and Kaner just wants to give him whatever he wants. (And honestly he needs to anyways since he lost the bet.)

Jonny doesn’t even look at him, just pats his thigh to invite Patrick over.

Patrick eyes it as it jiggles, gulping loudly. He makes his way over slowly. He knows what Jonny wants. And he knows that Jonny knows. But he’s still overwhelmed with the idea that he can have this. So many years of fighting this, fighting Jonny, and now they’re finally here. And he can let himself have Jonny.

Jonny looks up and must see some of that on his face, because his face softens and reaches up to tug Kaner gently down to straddle him. He doesn’t say anything but reaches up and brings Kaner’s head down to connect their mouths gently.

Patrick melts into him, legs splayed outside of Jonny’s, arms by his hips. Just falls into him. Because Jonny knows what to give him and how to give it to him. And he trusts him.

They make out for a little while, before Jonny pulls back and presses Pat’s head to his shoulder. Reaches for the controller to start up a new gam, Just letting Patrick sit in his lap and kiss up and down his neck and shoulder, resting there, while he focuses on his game.

Pat is content to do that for a little bit, before he gently starts moving his hips against Jonny’s, making sure to be careful since he’s clothed and Jonny’s not and nobody needs any chafing. He starts to bite a little harder at Jonny’s neck, and he throws his head back with a groan and leaves more neck for Kaner to lick and suck at.

Jonny pauses the game, seeing where this was going. He’d been hoping this was where things went, but it had looked like Kaner just needed him to help him settle for a bit. Which Jonny’s always glad to do because — it’s Kaner. He’d do anything for Kaner.

“You need somethin’ baby?” Jonny whispers, mouth skimming the shell of Pat’s ear. He runs his hands through Patrick’s curls, scratching at his scalp, before trailing his hands down to his ass and squeezing. “Gonna take these off for me?” Plays with the waistband of his pants.

Pat whimpers and shakes his head, stands up on shaky legs to do it himself, with Jonny’s eyes burning into him. Then, he settles himself over Jonny again, straddling those massive thighs. He starts to get into the same rhythm he had before, but this time it feels even better.

“That’s my boy.” Jonny grabs Pat’s ass again, grinding into him without the hassle of clothes, bites across Pat’s neck, nosing behind his ear. “I got you.”

Patrick whimpers and just buries his face in Jonny’s neck more, content to just move against Jonny like that, and he melts even more into Jonny because he found one of Pat’s most sensitive spots. Pat noses his way to Jonny’s ear and sighs, “you always do. I missed you, Jonny.” Voice so low it’s almost whispering.

Jonny moans, feeling Patrick rock against him. “Always got you.” He agrees. Fingers skimming across Pat’s hole. “My beautiful boy.”

Pat shudders, starting to rock his hips a little harder, and starts chanting Jonny’s name as he does. Feeling the urgency start to rise within the both of them, even though they’re both trying to take it slow.

Jonny rocks against him faster, kissing down his shoulder, up his neck, right to his lips to dive in hot and hard. Making sure Pat knows that he’s in charge.

Pat whimpers and leans his own head back, giving Jonny room to kiss all over his neck. At the same time that he started moving his hips faster in response to Jonny’s. Patrick’s practically humping Jonny’s lap at this point, but his desperateness just makes Jonny hotter.

Jonny bites Pat’s neck harder, sucking hickeys that Pat won’t be able to hide. “Talk to me, baby,” he groans, thrusting up sharply. “Tell me what you feel.”

“Oh god” Pat moans, finding it hard to breathe, let alone speak, with how good Jonny’s making him feel. “So good, baby. So fucking good. Please don’t stop, don’t stop don’t stop.”

He’s whimpering by the end, to which Jonny returns with, “yeah baby fuck my thighs like that come on. Get yourself off for me.”

Tears prick at the corners of Pat’s eyes, and he slings his head back with a loud cry, before burying his face in Jonny’s neck, feeling on the brink of coming but not quite there.

“Jonny.” He squeaks.

Jonny runs one hand down Pat’s back and grips his ass, helping Pat to move faster and harder against him. “Come on baby. You can do it, almost there aren’t you?”

Patrick nods quickly, panting open-mouthed against Jonny’s shoulder. He shudders, thrusting frantically against Jonny’s thigh and dick, before coming with a muted cry, openly sobbing into Jonny’s skin.

Pat collapses onto Jonny, his whole weight pressing Jonny gently down into the couch. And he lets Pat take all the time he needs to recover.

When Patrick can take a breath without sobbing, he slowly pushes himself up and stares at Jonny with wide blue eyes. They slide down Jonny’s body and stare pinpointed on Jonny’s dick, still hard and red.

Pat licks his lips and sees the way Jonny’s eyes darken even more. He lowers himself onto his knees and settles himself between Jonny’s legs, leaning his head down to lick at the head of Jonny’s dick.

Jonny groans, hand flying to Patrick’s hair to fist his curls. He’s only human — he’s only a man, with the same urgency to stick his dick in whatever he can. And Patrick’s mouth — and his dumb oral fixation — is better than some sex toy or a pillow. Patrick loves giving head, and Jonny loves getting it.

Jonny throws his head back on the couch, letting Kaner absolutely wreck him with that insane mouth of his. But he can’t help himself and has to peek and look down, and the sight he sees makes him freeze.

Pat’s looking at him with so much love and desire in his eyes, lips wrapped around his dick so prettily, like he’s sucking on a lollipop. Content little humming sounds are coming from his throat, happy noises, loving being able to get between Jonny’s split legs and deepthroat his dick.

“Oh god, Pat. You’re so fucking gorgeous like this you know that? And I’m the only one who gets to see you like this.” Jonny’s panting, chest falling and rising quickly starting to really go towards that point of no return.

Patrick meets his eyes, a little sparkle in them that Jonny knows means ‘yours’. Then goes at Jonny’s dick like a starved child, to let Jonny know that his dick is his.

Jonny comes with a strangled yell, tossing his head back and shooting down Patrick’s throat.  Pat gently strokes his thighs in a soothing way, licking him through the aftershocks before popping off and licking his lips to make sure he got everything.

“You’re evil.” Jonny whispers, voice raspy. 

He pulls Patrick off his knees and onto the couch, cuddling him. He spends the next few minutes just panting and coming down from his orgasm, and says, “Give me a few minutes and then I’m gonna have you ride me.”

The way Jonny says “have you ride me,” indicating that Patrick doesn’t have a choice, makes him whimper and cling onto Jonny tighter.

Jonny sees that and smiles “you want that don’t you baby?”

Patrick nods, hiding his face in embarrassment. “Make me.” He whispers.

Jonny groans. Patrick will be the death of him.

But, as Patrick rides his dick into the fucking sunset, Jonny thinks there’s worse ways to go.