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The Trash Bin

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There was a rushing, tugging sensation in the center of his gut then Victor Creed was suddenly dropped flat on his back in some kind of enclosure, he sat up and snarled, rubbing his head,

"Where in the fuck am I…?" He sniffed the air but nothing was familiar, almost nothing anyway. He squinted and his eyes fell on another person lying not far from him: a much smaller male; and they were both naked.

Grandmaster En Dwi Gast spread his arms, a look of pure shock and delight on his face. “WELCOME, er, gentlemen. Normally we have to prepare our honoured guests, but I see that you are more than ready to begin our little show. All the same… just to ease the way,” Grandmaster motioned to his underlings, and a fine mist filled the sealed stadium.

Peter Parker winced as he raised his head, groaning softly as he moved to sit up. Where was he? Blinking blearily he looked over, spotting another much larger, and naked, man as well as the gentleman who had been speaking. It took a second for him to realise that he too was completely naked and he let out an embarrassed yelp. “Where am I?”

Victor growled and pulled back, the weird colored mist could not be a good thing. He saw that the brunette had woken up and grimaced, "Yer guess is as good as mine small fry," he looked at their 'host' and sneered, "Who the fuck're you?"

En Dwi grinned, “Ah, I am so glad you asked. It’s always best for the players to know their audience, mm?” The audience roared. “I am Grandmaster En Dwi Gast: provider of pleasures and amusements beyond all imagination, daring wonder, or wildest guess.” He motioned for the mist to fall more thickly before adding, “It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it, aye? So, noble lads, please: introduce yourselves! Before you get too lost in each other.”

"What the hell does THAT mean??" Victor shouted, looking sideways at the kid.

Peter was looking all over the place in alarm, his eyes wide as they settled on the smoke as it plumed into the air. Oh no, that couldn't be good. He looked to Victor, catching his eye. Were they here to fight?! 

“Yeah! Explain!” Victor was about to agree with the short stack when he breathed in and… he blinked and shook his head, snarling and breathing heavily. He shook his head again and rubbed his face a few times then looked at Peter, his mouth open in a pant.

Why did he look so …. good ?

The small brunette watched as Victor began to pant and his eyes widened, a hand coming to cover his mouth and nose as though it could help him. It was too late to try, all things considered, as he had already inhaled. En Dwi grinned and made a few more gestures to his minions. “Feeling the affects now, hmm? Come on, then, don’t you want to know the person you’re about to discover… intimately ?”

Oh god, what was going to happen? Peter thought. He could feel his skin tingle, electric crackles beneath his skin, and a quiet whimper passed his lips at the feeling. This was… insane!

“You see, we’ve specially formulated our Pollen(™) for each show. We don’t like having too many uncontrollable variables in the play, so we do a bit of research… take a bit of genetic material, and tailor make each and every reaction.” Power seemed to thrum through En Dwi’s blood as his wide eyes remained glued to the men’s every twitch. A maniacal grin stretched his face before he pointed at Peter. “You see, we thought we’d be nice enough to give you some extra glide. If you survive, you may experience an extended period of excess mucus in your rectal tract.”

“Excess mucus?!” Peter squawked, stiffening as the rest of the sentence registered, “rectal- what kind of 'show’ is this?!”

Victor chuckled darkly, his eyes whiting out as a rage rolled through him, his muscles tensed as he full-body shivered then he got down on all fours and stalked toward Peter. He could feel some kind of rut coming over him, god he was suddenly hornier than he'd ever been before and that little piece of ass was looking so good, "Hold still." He smiled widely.

“And, Mr. Feral Beast, you may find that your already impressive prowess has grown… shall we say stronger? Longer? Wronger!”

Peter tried to scramble to his feet, to put some space between them but in his panic he only inhaled more of that damned smoke. His legs were practically jelly, his body warm, no, hot as he sank back down onto his ass and watched Victor approach. A wave, something hot and intense washed through him and his back began to arch. What was happening to him?

Victor stopped and took a sudden breath, eyes widening and he slowly looked down, “W-What the fuckin'-?"

His cock, which had already been getting painful hard, was…. Getting…. Bigger… . Victor blinked and sat back on his haunches, normally what was seven soft was… holy mother of fuck!

Eleven and a half inches , ladies, gents, and beings of elevated gender! All for S U C H   A S M A L L B O Y. Hopefully this whole body flush the teensy gent is sporting brings about a bit of something… nice and wet and viscous. That’s how bodies flush out a fever, isn’t it?” En Dwi intoned.

The small brunette stared, unable to help it as he saw Victor’s cock… grow?! Another wave of heat and he didn't even realise he'd let out a filthy sounding mewl as his head rolled back. True enough, with the wave something warm and slick began to coat his ass and the tops of his thighs.

Victor blinked at his extended manhood and then at Peter and he shook his head briefly, "....ya want me ta….with…" his eyes were completely white and he started to rush forward toward the smell and sight of Peter and his alluring arousal.

“Oh yes… that’s what all of these beings have come to see,” Grandmaster En Dwi explained with a flourish. A line of lights along the top of the stadium made brightly coloured swirls around them, changing colours to match the colouring of the audience above. “First the Arena, then the Trash Bin (that’s you), then the orgy. Though… sometimes we get a bit of a head start on that third task. Know that if you don’t survive this… it’s been for the noblest cause.”

Eyes cast to the lights above, Peter found himself attempting to conceal his nude form. However, as he saw Victor rushing towards him, he found himself lying back, arching as though he were attempting to be more alluring. It was weirdly instinctual. 

“Why us?!” He managed to call out, having been wondering since they'd woken up. Was it merely random selection?

Victor made it to Peter and almost bowled him over as he tackled the much smaller man, his nose twitching as he scented around Peter's neck and shoulders. He was going to utterly ruin this tiny man and as usual, he didn't give a toss here or there how it happened.

"Hold still, buttercup," Victor rumbled, claws scraping lightly over the brunette's back, "This is gonna be a stretch."

“You were originally candidates for The Arena, but I realized how d i v i n e   it would be to watch you destroy each other in a more… civilized, romantic setting,” En Dwi answered with a wink, lips in a slight pout, and back twisted and arched just so. Were it not for the smoke that landed as a fine white powder that was easily puffed a couple feet into the air with the slightest movement, his pose would have failed to register before his words. “Victor and Peter, everyone. They’re both a bit enhanced --were even before we got them. Some of Earth’s Mightiest… something or other. Not my shows. I don’t think they’ll be capable of sensible talk very much longer.”

Peter's hands scrambled to Victor's back, his short nails digging in as his head rolled back and exposed his throat. With the rumbling command he felt himself still completely, another gush from between his thighs making him whine with newfound need. “O-Oh God-.”

Victor's nostrils flared and he let out a loud low snarl, tearing his hips back, somewhere in his head he knew there was something he was supposed to do before he fucked the little brunette so he chuckled darkly and moved lower, his long tongue sliding out to flick over Peter's hole.

The sensation wrenched a keening sound from Peter, his hands tangling into his own hair as he arched his back. That should not feel as good as it did! The brunette squirmed, pushing against Victor, growing desperate as another wave of heat crashed through him.


A rumbling, very unsettling chuckle was his only answer before the tongue pushed and wriggled it's way about until it was deep in Peter. Victor's claws clutched at the small man's asscheeks.

Peter bit into his bottom lip hard, fighting the urge to moan as there was a rumble of cheers from the crowd; reminding him they were far from alone. He bit harder and harder into his lip, hips pushing back into Victor's tongue and claws. The Grandmaster made a show of unlacing his pants and untucking his bulge, ramping up the crowd even more.

Victor glanced around at the loud cheers then he glared at the Grandmaster, alright, fucker wants to see some real prize winning show-fucking, that's exactly what he was going to get.

Victor pulled back and flipped peter over, one hand grabbing the brunette's neck while he turned, his cock dangling just over Peter's face as he straddled Peter's head and Victor cracked his neck before leaning down to leave a wet trail over Peter's own cock. The hand not holding peter grabbed the base of his own cock and pressed the uncut head against the brunette's lips.

Peter yelped as he was flipped, grunting with the impact. His eyes were wide at the sight of Victor's cock above his face, heat coiling in his lower gut. Guiltily his cock throbbed and twitched in a shameless display, betraying his enjoyment of the treatment. Uttering a whine he parted his lips, tongue swiping at the tip delicately.

En Dwi swirled a bead of precum around and across his tip, hissing in anticipation. The microsensors he’d embedded in their skin via the Pollen(™) sending flame through his cock. “That’s it, boys. M a k e   D a d d y   p r o u d !”

Victor shoved his cockhead into Peter's mouth then used that hand to hold himself up while he sucked on Peter's sack, pulling in a ball then both. Goddamn the kid was tiny … but if his ass wasnt the sloppiest looking hole Victor had ever had the pleasure of being buried in. He was going to absolutely destroy the little thing. He chuckled with his mouth full and slipped a clawed finger into Peter's hole.

Peter moaned around the cock in his mouth, eyes sliding half shut as his slightly swollen lips stretched to take as much as he could. His hands rested on Victor's thighs to ground himself, especially as that finger slipped within him and made him jolt. Fuck he had never been this sensitive before. Bobbing his head he tried to ignore the shiver of arousal that wouldn't leave him at the sound of the Grandmaster’s booming voice, the knowledge they were being watched…

“Closer, boys. Become o n e for your Daddy.”

Victor's fingers slipped in messily slurping about in Peter's guts while he moved to such on Peter's cock. Then he got an idea and started inserting a third finger. His hips pushing more of his cock into Peter’s tiny mouth.

Peter trembled beneath Victor as his hips rolled and rocked between the two different sensations, his mouth busy sucking and moaning around the larger man's cock. He did his best to relax his jaw and throat, not wanting to gag, and took as much as Victor would give him with growing eagerness.

Victor threw his head back and pushed his thumb in along with his finger in Peter's sloppy, clenching asshole, he bore his teeth,

"How's that, Daddy ?"

En Dwi squealed, “Oh yes! Good boy! Such a good boy!” The Grandmaster could feel Victor in his ass, and Peter on his hand. S u c h good sensors.

Peter writhed and let out a whine, his eyes open again as he looked at the man above him, his hands pulsing their grip on muscular thighs while his legs spread wider; providing a much better view than before. En Dwi nearly shot off just from the sound, sight, and feel of him stretching out voluntarily. The pre-tremors shook all three of them.

Victor snarled and panted as his whole fist slid into Peter's ass and he dropped his hips, shoving his cock into Peter's mouth once then pulled out, turning a bit and grabbed Peter's leg, pulling him up and shoving his fist in then back but not out.

Peter let out a cry from around the larger man's cock, coughing as it was pulled out, his own throbbing. Reaching down he pawed at himself, whimpering and uttering curses at the stretch around Victor's fist. He was so close, so close!

Victor thrust his fist twice more then pulled out with a loud squelching sound, then he moved around, grabbing Peter's hips and lining his cock up, he shoved in with one swift motion, he could feel Peter's insides quivering as he fully mounted the much smaller brunette, Victor's short blonde hair was slicked flat with sweat, he’d felt close several times now, why wasn't he coming?

En Dwi’s thumbnail dragged along his slit, pulling an orgasm tickling and burning like licks of flame from his gut, through and around his testicles, and out with an explosion of white hot lava. The force of his ecstasy brought him crashing to his knees. All but two of his minions fled the room, noticing a shimmer in the force fields that hadn’t been there before. Until this moment, they had all wondered why two of the Grandmaster’s playthings were wearing masks.

Peter let out a harsh cry as he was entered, his eyes shutting tight as his body was forced to stretch and accommodate. It yanked him back from the orgasmic edge he had been on, his hand faltering at his own cock as he panted and whimpered. His hair fell into his eyes as he tossed his head back, his crimson blush having spread down his now bared neck and even to his bare chest.

Victor snarled in frustration as his balls drew up again but nothing happened, he slammed into Peter, tearing down to bite into his neck as he fought to reach climax. What the fuck was going on?? Why couldn't he fucking cum???

The Grandmaster spurted with every frustrated, useless retraction of their balls, his sperm melting the forcefield away and letting the Pollen(™) wash over his body. “That’s I T boys. YES!”

Peter uttered a sob as he brought himself closer to orgasm, the battering of his prostate causing him to jump closer and closer as his free hand clawed at the ground beneath him. His eyes searched, landing on the Grandmaster as he keened and spilled over his hand.

Victor thrashed and roared, he was pretty sure he’d had a heart attack a second back and was damn sure his prick would be bruised if he didnt FUCKING CUM ALREADY!


En Dwi roared and propelled himself down to the Bin’s floor. His robe rested to either side of his sternum, about an inch. His hair coiffed in a flawlessly reckless way.

Victor's toes dug into the floor, his muscles bulging and veined, thrusting wildly into Peter's utterly used hole, he bore his teeth but arched his back alluringly, his scowl faltering as he started to whine and purr.

Peter whined from beneath Victor, craning his head to look at the new arrival with wide glassy eyes. He let go of his own cock and clawed even more into the ground, letting out a small sob as his body continued to tingle and flood with warmth. He wanted more.

The Grandmaster stalked toward Victor, sporting a giant, throbbing cock. It was nowhere near the length as Victor’s, but it could have been double the width. He stalked toward his prey with a tremble through his spine. The Pollen(™) was setting every nerve ending on High.

"Ya gonna fuck me.or just stare at me?" Victor snarled, putting his ass up higher, just the head of his massive horse cock held in Peter's clinging insides, dangerously close to prolapse.

En Dwi slammed into Victor, tearing a little despite the man’s mostly relaxed muscles; he grinned as the warm, coppery liquid eased his way into fucking Peter through his new pet.

Peter keened deep in the back of his throat, his hands scrabbling to find purchase on anything he could use to ground himself. Tears made his eyes glisten as the stimulation only increased, his hips moving of their own accord to meet each thrust while his hands settled on Victor's pectorals, fingers grazing his nipples ruthlessly.

Victor threw his head back and howled, driving his cock all the way to the hilt and still NOTHING! No matter what he did, he kept getting close, then his balls ached and nothing came out, his orgasm remained just out of reach, and his cock was starting to hurt! He practically screamed and looked angrily at En Dwi, "LET ME COM YA ASSHOLE!"

“Not until you’ve had your fill, dearest. That would be r u d e . Now, loosen up real sweet for Daddy. I promise you won’t feel empty for long.”

Victor snarled then whined and bit his lip, he wanted to come more than he wanted to defend his already shaky pride as he presented for En Dwi, whimpering over his shoulder, "Whatever ya want, Daddy, just please I need ta come!"

Peter, who was pretty quiet besides his whimpers and moans, gave a little growl and dragged his nails over Victor's nipples. He clenched down on the man's cock, quivering where he lay. He was starting to gain a very slight pout.

Victor jolted and snarled, his mouth clamping down on some of the skin on Peter's neck and biting savagely to get the small one to behave himself. Then Victor's huge hand wrapped around Peter's little prick and roughly jerked it.

Slowly, En Dwi’s dick grew, filling every inch of Victor’s entrance with little pinpricks.

There came a rough groan from Peter as teeth sank into his neck, his cock twitching in Victor's hand. He raised a hand from his pecs to the larger man's hair, gripping tight while the other continued to scratch at a nipple.

“Again,” he growled, pout still lingering, “ please , again-!”

Victor cried out in confusion as En Dwi’s cock entered and he felt like he had an ass full of bees, he tried to pull away but then cried out again when the stings dug into his inner walls. He wrapped a hand around Peter's neck and squeeze the sides slowly.

The barbs released a constant stream of endorphins and hallucinogens, slowly turning their sting into the best feeling Victor had ever experienced, and pushing unpredictable changes onto their environment. Victor squirmed as the stings became hot little pokers that made him feeling tingly and warm. Victor whined as colors swirled in his vision, he was in the woods, being fucked by Wendigo and his cock was up a wolf's ass. What in the fuck….? What kind of bullshit drug was this?

Peter whined at the hand around his throat, keeping still and keeping his hands busy against Victor's torso. He could feel his whole body ache, filled to the brim with every thrust, and he practically sobbed as he was approaching a second climax. Then, as he saw his lower stomach bulge with each thrust, he found a hand running down to rub in time with the movements; it easing the ache and also rubbing the tip of Victor's cock in time.

Grandmaster’s barbs and slit spurted in tandem, more of the psychoactive venom absorbing into Victor’s rectum. Victor moaned loudly, brokenly whining as he felt his asshole being utterly used and taken, he tried to keep himself upright but slowly started to lower his torso into the wolf's claws on his chest, his whole body shuddering and sweating. He needed to come, his balls were so heavy and they ached, his cock hurt so much as well. He whined out his complete submission.

Peter's hand continued to firmly rub, his growls turning to pants once again as he came closer and closer. “F-Fuck, please !” What was he begging for? He didn't know.

“Good wolfie,” En Dwi whispered into Victor’s ear. “We’ll make Logan proud, hm? Maybe bring him in next time.” A hand snaked toward the giant’s testicles. “You’ll be my good little bitch, won’t you?” And his teeth found Victor’s scruff.

Victor gasped and curled his spine, trying to get En Dwi to just give them a little twist or squeeze so he could come, "Y-Yeh, I'll be the best b-bitch ya ever had!" He felt his dickhole opening wider as his orgasm was mounting, he was gonna fill Peter's ass.

The Grandmaster took a firm grip of Victor’s balls, massaging them with too much pressure to allow a proper release. “Then you’ll wait to come until you’ve been filled.” With his words, En Dwi set a fierce pace, ramming them in and out of Peter. His barbs dragging ever so slightly against Victor’s lining.

Peter's eyes lingered on the two men, watching how the Grandmaster completely ruined Victor right in front of him. He shivered, arching his back and mewling as the pace seemed to only become more intense, his hand lowering to stroke himself in time desperately.

The threeway feedback loop of sensation thrummed through En Dwi’s body and dragged a luxurious orgasm from him, filling enough of Victor’s insides to cause a definite slosh as the Grandmaster only increased the speed of his thrusts.

Victor grit his teeth as he felt his Insides filling then En Dwi’s seed started to dribble down his inner thighs and get caught in his leg hair as his completely stretched asshole relaxed around En Dwi. Whatever magic he’d used on Victor left the big man trembling and gasping for more, curling back on the Grandmaster and whining loudly to telegraph just how much he needed to find relief, his eyes squeezed shut tightly.

“Oh, don’t worry, sweet boy. You will be allowed to fill Peter quite soon.” En Dwi licked a stripe from Victor’s scruff to the top of one of his ears, nibbling when he reached the tip. "Just squeeze me real tight. And, Petey?” Peter whimpered low in his throat as he continued to watch with wide eyes, suddenly startled he had been addressed and giving a broken hum to show he was listening. “Be a good boy for me, hmm? Squeeze him like it would kill you for his cock to pull out of you even a little.” The Grandmaster chuckled a little, “It might, actually.”

Peter's eyes couldn't grow wider, but he let out a slightly nervous sound, nodding and shuddering as a mix of hot arousal and icy fright raced down his spine. His ass muscles spasmed as if they had a mind of their own, clenching down hard just has he had been instructed.

Victor arched his back and roared loudly, veins bulging in his neck and forehead and his claws ripped long, jagged gouges in the floor on either side of Peter, blood and spittle flying from his mouth as his fangs extended and then he dropped his head and sank his fangs into the nape of Peter's neck, thrusting forward into Peter then back onto En Dwi, squeezing down for everything he was worth and for a second he couldn't hear anything and his vision blurred, the forest dissolved completely.

En Dwi’s hand moved to the base of Peter’s penis, squeezing and stretching just under the threshold of too much .

Peter shook beneath his touch, his eyes screwing shut as his orgasm was pulled from him. He cried out as he spilled over En Dwi’s hand, tears of overstimulation beginning to form as he writhed.

“Good boy. Good boy. Now, clean Victor off. With your tongue. I’m just gonna,” he trailed off, face loosening and eyes rolling back. His cock spilled lazily and steadily into the man’s ass.

Victor pulled out, his cock still dripping strings of cum as his hips stuttered, he was pretty sure he’d had another heart attack at some point and was very light-headed, blood shooting from his head to his dick as the best orgasm he could remember having slowly rolled through him. Tears of relief welled up in his eyes and he whined slowly in the back of his throat.

The brunette shuddered, suddenly feeling so incredibly empty. He closed his legs and firmly pressed them together, whimpering as he forced himself to move. He wriggled further under Victor, his fingers clasped at his hips, and began to obediently clean him off with slow, relatively gentle licks. He didn't want to admit it, but the words good boy echoed in the back of his head.

En Dwi cackled, “Oh good! It  d i d n ‘ t   kill you! I guess that means I get to keep you, hmm?” He cracked his neck to one side, leveling Peter with a grin bordering on institutional. “I so cannot wait to get you trained properly. Clean yourself off his chest too, my Petey boy. Don’t be lazy. You made such a mess…” he thought for a moment, “needy little slut.”

Victor was shaking the whole time peter cleaned him off, his cock was still painfully hard and tender and his breathing was in deep pants, sweat mixing with the tears streaming down his face, "J-Jesus, Mary and J-Joseph …. What the … what the hell …. Oh god… "

Peter took his time cleaning Victor off, his eyes resting on the Grandmaster as he did as he was told. Cleaning off the man's cock he shifted to his chest, having to get up onto his knees to do so comfortably; the man's climax dribbling down the back of his thighs as he moved. He was sore, used, and it was still relatively hard to think straight.

“Good little spider. Now, Victor,” he intoned, emphasizing the beast’s name, “return the favour.”

Victor breathed out and unlatched his claws from the floor to pull peter down and his long rough tongue took very feline licks over Peter's groin and back to his asshole, tasting his own spending and swallowing it down. His eyes heavy lidded and the amber color leaked back into them.

The brunette trembled beneath the soft licks of Victor's tongue, his breathing shaky as he bit into his bottom lip only to break the skin when that tongue found its way to his ass. He whined softly, his eyes shutting at the sensation.

As soon as the Grandmaster determined Peter clean, he withdrew from Victor’s ass and shoved a fist as far as he could into the youngest man, cock dripping with his own cum. “That’ll do until we get you a proper belt. Can’t have our little boy getting too big or tight for his britches, hm?” He motioned with his other hand to one of the minions who’d appeared rather recently on the sidelines. They scurried out of sight. “And Victor,” the Grandmaster purred, “what will I do with you?”

Peter let out a cry, his fists clenching as his body gave an exhausted spasm to accommodate the sudden entry. Drained, he looked up at En Dwi and whined softly, nibbling at the lip he'd already broken the skin of as his body shuddered.

Victor snarled brokenly and he fell to the side on his stomach as his muscles finally gave out and he was a sweaty mess, drool rolling into his goatee. He felt boneless and weak, his heart sluggish after the pace it had been at for the past...however long it had been.

“Mmm… I know. Keep you engorged and terrifying and untouchable . Your gorgeous ass held open. Getting your breakfast from Daddy’s cock. Yessssss, my pet. My good boy .” The Grandmaster gripped Victor’s chin, “Who’s your daddy?”

Victor flailed slightly at being pulled away from near sleep by En Dwi, he gasped and squeezed his eyes shut, coming down from the high, his senses started to return, he growled at the Grandmaster loudly.

“Mmmm and we’ll have to do something about that attitude…” En Dwi thought for a moment before slapping Peter’s ass with the hand that wasn’t in it. “We’ll get you a nice, big cock pacifier to keep you satisfied when Daddy can’t pay you full attention.”

The minions began rolling in with the items he’d proposed and immediately got to work outfitting Peter. Taking advantage of his waning crescent in the wake of an orgasm, the minions equipped Peter’s cock with a cage and locked up his balls tight . Before the boy could wiggle and cringe away, they managed to insert a sound and screw it into the end of the cage. Next, they coordinated with En to almost seamlessly swap his fist for a dildo just under Victor’s full size. “We don’t want you getting too loose for your big brother now, do we, Petey baby?” The dildo and cage connected via a thin, biting harness with a large, shiny lock. “Lads, why don’t you give something to Victor here? Calm him down a bit.”

One of the minions snuck a syringe and needle into the crook of his neck, shoving the plunger down as soon as they could. A sweet, simple, cool syrup worked its way through Vic’s nervous system, elevating his brain into cotton candy clouds.

Peter had hardly been able to move throughout his 'kitting out’, only able to whimper and tremble at the treatment. The dildo in his backside kept him open, vulnerable, and he knew the elder man knew it too. He watched as Victor was injected, eyes wide in fright.

Victor groaned and his eyes slid almost closed and his body felt like it was floating, he moaned though his mouth was closed with his lower fangs jutting over his lip. He watched blearily as the minions started to get things out to use on him.

Something like a speculum was inserted slowly into Vic’s anus, though it seemed to expand into a perfect cylinder, with legs spindling up Vic’s thighs and tangling into rings of vines just above his knees. “To keep you open, Pet.” Another syringe came out and injected something into the tip of the mutant’s penis.

Victor yelped and tried to pull away, snarling softly. His penis grew back to the full Pollen(™) induced size. Possibly an inch or five wider. But just before it had finished growing, the minions guided his member into a plastic cage with scratchy nubs in all the wrong places. There was a tiny hole at the end for urine and precome to dribble out but provide no sensation. The cage and brace connected with intricate, vine-like knots.

Victor snarled and started to struggle, turning to scowl and bare his teeth at En,

"What the fuck did ya do ta my cock, ya ass lickin whore?"

“Oh, my bad boy , I believe it’s you who’s the ass lickin whore. But don’t worry. I’ll teach you to s u c k too. ” Before the mutant could respond, an abrasive dildo was forced into his mouth, straps securing behind his head and around his neck at the direction and whims of the Grandmaster. The orchestrator of their big event dribbled a bit of liquid from yet another syringe down a hole in the end of the ‘pacifier’. “Until you learn to be a good boy, you’ll get all your food and drink through this little hole. But it only works if you do, baby boy.”

Victor sputtered and choked, trying to tear his head away as the minion that held his head in place held on by handfuls of short blonde hair.

Peter watched with growing horror, his mouth agape as his senses had begun to truly return to him. He looked from Victor to the Grandmaster, his spidey-senses going haywire. “E-Enough! You've done enough to him-!”

“Oh, are you j e a l o u s , my little spider? That’s alright. We’ll show you some more attention, slut.” He pressed a button on the tablet offered to him, and a slow roll toward hard and heavy vibrations pulsed from the dildo into Pete’s prostate… and further.

Peter let out a yelp, his overly sensitive body jolting at the vibrations running straight through his core. His abused prostate damn well ached, as though bruised, and he hunched over on his knees as though trying to take the pressure off of the dildo. 

“Make… make it stop! Please!”

“Use that pretty mouth of yours for something a bit less self centered and I’ll consider giving you rest,” their captor teased coolly.

Peter's brain, usually so sharp, faltered. Tears beaded in his eyes from the overstimulation and he whined in discomfort, “I-I’ll do anything, just-.”

En Dwi gripped Peter’s hair and jerked his head to the end of his engorged cock. “I’m sure after all this exertion, you’re feeling a bit parched , no? Make me drip and keep it clean.”

With a fleeting glance in Victor's direction, Peter hesitantly let his lips part. The moment the grip on his hair allowed he lapped at the cock before him, his body shuddering of its own accord at the onslaught of stimulation. His eyes closed, trying to preserve the shattering remains of his pride, as he took the head in mouth and sucked.

After all the night’s festivities, Grandmaster didn’t last very long. With only a few swirls and bobs of Peter’s head and tongue, the greying man emptied into the young man’s throat, holding him still to prevent the young pet’s gag reflex or sense of taste from ending the pressure and wet heat. “You’d better drink it all up, now, Peter. You won’t like what happens if you make a mess.”

The brunette tensed, his fists clenching down against his thighs as he did his best to swallow. He went to sit back and jolted again at the press of the dildo, panting once he'd swallowed it all. Grandmaster waited until he was fully soft to pull out of Peter’s mouth and praise him, “That’s my skilled little whore. Oh all the money you’ll bring. But we need to get you properly trained up. A full week in one of my sensory tanks will do the trick, I think. Best to keep that,” he nudged the dildo, “At a random rhythm and pace. Don’t you agree?” The minions began to drag the other men from the center of the stadium.

Peter let out a slightly panicked sound, turning his head to look at Victor as he clocked the movements of the Grandmaster's minions. Oh god, just what Hell were they about to endure? “Oh, Peter, you’re right. The training won’t be complete if I can’t feed you, now will it?” The minions produced a second penis gag and fought to get it secured. “Better breathe through your nose, m’boy.”

The young man let out a small growl as he squirmed, trying to avoid the gag as best as he could until it was secured properly. The gag was much bigger than he'd anticipated, causing him to practically choke as he attempted to breathe through his mouth the first few times. When he'd worked out he needed to breathe through his nose as En Dwi said he shivered, feeling a familiar warmth in the pit of his stomach. He squirmed, recognising the simmer of arousal and flushing, then he paused. He glanced down and let out a huff through his nose, eyes wide. In any normal circumstances he would have gotten at least a little hard, but now he couldn't. Oh fuck ! A frustrated sound left his mouth before he recognised it as his own voice and he glared at the elder man.

“That’s right, baby boy. It feels s o  g o o d to be filled up and u s e d so thoroughly, doesn’t it?” He ran a hand through both men’s hair. “Take them to the chambers. Keep them fed with aphrodisiacs, Pollen(™), and hallucinogens. Can’t have them getting bored or too accustomed to their minders.”

Victor tossed his head as he was hoisted up and they started to carry him off to somewhere. 

Peter squirmed and struggled as he was pulled to his feet, stumbling as he was dragged away to he assumed would be the chambers.