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Je Joue

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"Show me which type you use."

The words were slurred slightly and as heavy as his hand was on her lower back. She felt a familiar sense of mischievous excitement starting to build in her chest, something she hadn't felt since the days of spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven in seedy basements surrounded by flushed-face teenagers, drunk on cheap beer and the possibility of finally sating their hormonal lusts.

In fact, despite the absurdity of this situation, it didn't feel all that unfamiliar. Even though she was currently standing in a sex shop in the middle of Ohio with her partner, her intoxication manifesting itself in loose limbs and an even looser tongue, she still felt like that seventeen year old girl sitting cross legged in the basement and hoping she could have a chance to prove just how desireable she was. She wanted to feel that certain power that only came from making a man have to adjust his pants, from making a man look at you like ravishing you is simply the only thing they can even think about.

Licking the lingering traces of vodka tonic from her lips, as if she needed any further encouragement, she turned to Mulder with a coquettish grin. "What was that?"

Mulder drunkenly grinned at her in fake innocence, like the words 'Scully, another round, my treat,' and 'come on, I just wanna take a look inside,' hadn't left his mouth within the last hour - breadcrumbs leading to this very moment as they stood in front of a wall aligned with rows and rows of sex toys framed with florescent, neon-red lights.

"Come on, every woman has a preference," he pled. His eyes kept darting between hers to the wall, undoubtedly landing on a toy before trying to figure out if it was something she liked. Thinking about how she'd use it and how she'd look using it. He shifted his weight from foot to foot and with one quick glance down, she knew just the thought was arousing to him.

She looked back at the wall, teasing him by drawing out her contemplation. The red lights glared against her eyes and it reminded her of sitting at a traffic light. Only here, she didn't need to wait for the light to turn green.

"I have this one at home," she answered dreamily, raising a hand to trace the delicate outline of an elongated piece of pink silicone. Knowing he was watching with his ever present hyperfixation, she wrapped her fingers delicately around the girth of the toy before dragging them down the shaft slowly, using her thumb to point out the slight curve in the machine.

He made a hum of interest in the back of his throat since he obviously didn't have enough experience to say 'nice choice' and he didn't want to halt her admission with anything unintentionaly crude. The hum was enough though, the gush of wetness that had escaped in between her folds and was dampening the fabric of her panties was proof of that.

She lifted the toy from the display, the electronic tag allowing her to bring it closer without being able to have full mobility of it. With expert precision learned from too many nights of frustration caused by the same man watching her with an intensity he usually reserved for words in a file, she turned it on and set it to level three which caused a loud hum to fill the air and numb her fingers.

His eyebrows raised and his barely concealed smile started to reveal his teeth. Giggling lightly at how focused he looked, she tried to stand up straighter so she could give Mulder an impromptu lesson in 'The Pleasuring of Dana Scully.'

"This one is my favorite, 'cause it can do everythin'," she explained. "I can put it inside me-" she demonstrated this by making an 'o' with her fingers and penetrating it with the head of the toy, sliding it all the way in until her hands were touching. "-and it'll massage my g-spot and my vaginal walls."

He licked his lips and she wished she could use something other than her hands for this demonstration. "And I can also use the tip to massage my clit, which is what'll make me come."

Another deep sound resonated in the back of his throat and she wasn't sure if it was an acknowledgement or a suppressed moan. Her body shivered and she really didn't care which it was, she only cared that he did it again. "May I?" he asked, holding his hand out.

She gave him the vibrating toy, letting her fingers drunkenly touch his hand way more than necessary. He took the toy in his hand, examining it with a look of near-jealousy before raising his other hand and slapping the toy down into his palm, as if testing the heft of it. She'd seen that motion before and it's erotic connotation made her squeeze her thighs together. He pressed the button a few more times so it was on the highest setting and she let out a huff of laughter. "What?" he asked, amused by her response.

"I tried that setting one time," she admitted.

"Did you like it?"

"It was fine. I just don't like having to change my sheets because I made a huge wet spot in the middle of the bed," she laughed. "Especially not when I can barely stand in the first place."

Now that was a moan. Mulder looked at the toy like it held all the secrets of the world and gently played with the tip with his thumb, as if imagining how it would rub against her clit. He was a natural.

"You said favorite," he mused.

"Hmm," she responded, her attention having a hard time snapping away from the sight of Mulder playing with the same sex toy she liked.

"You said it was your favorite? You have more," he repeated.

She was too drunk to care about her slip of the tongue and too aroused to pretend like she didn't want to show him. She took the toy out of his hand and turned it off, setting it on the shelf before motioning him to follow her.

"My first toy looked a bit like this," she told him, pointing to a bullet vibrator that was barely any bigger than the single battery it needed.

"Did it even do anything?" he asked.

She made a tsk tsk sound before turning to him, chastising him lightly. "Muhl-der, didn't anyone ever tell you it's not the size that matters but the way it's wielded?" He laughed at this and nodded in concession.

She scanned the section and pointed to the poor man's version of a rabbit vibrator. The penetrative part just looked like a slightly elongated anal plug and the clitoral part was barely prominent enough to do anything. She remembered using packs and packs of batteries for what felt like barely any power. "I had that one too," she gestured to it. "Not really that great."

He looked at her with a hooded gaze and she felt that familiar pulse in her lower abdomen. "W-what?" she laughed.

"I didn't realize I worked with a masturbation aficionado," he praised. Comments about his magazines and jokes about that time he claimed to have tennis arm came to mind, but she didn't want him to think she was making fun of him when he was clearly trying to pay her a compliment.

"Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do," she laughed.

"I doubt that," he chuckled. She didn't understand what he meant by that and it must've registered on her face. "I mean-" then he lowered his voice and leaned closer to her "-you could have any man you wanted any time you wanted, and I assure you he'd want to do anything you asked."

If she wasn't already flushed from alcohol, she would have blushed at that. "That's not true," she laughed. I want you.

"Is too," he retoreded, so confident in his claim he didn't feel the need to defend it any further.

She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips. "In my experience, that's not the case. Besides, on the rare occasion a man does decide to make a move, my pleasure is usually tangential or subsidiary to his own."

He shook his head at the men of her past and took another step towards her, angling himself ever so slightly in an attempt to hide the third member of the conversation who wanted to have a say. "That's a fucking shame, Scully."

The gravel of his voice mixed with the rare profanity sent a shiver through her body, something his predatory grin told her he most definitely noticed. "If it were me-"

"Store's closed. Ya gotta get somethin' or get out," an old shopkeep stated plainly, glaring at them across from the display of nudie cards and fleshlights.

They both jumped away from each other as if struck and looked at the man like kids with their hand caught in the cookie jar. Mulder took a step behind her, shielding himself and apologized. "Sorry, we didn't realize."

Scully walked towards the door with Mulder hot on her heels. "Have a goodnight," she mumbled, avoiding eye contact.

When they stepped outside, the harsh December air bit their skin cruelly and reminded them of why they stepped inside the shop in the first place. They'd needed to heat up for a moment, and the warmth between her thighs indicated they did too good of a job at doing so. The night air felt like a cold shower neither of them had wanted to take but still felt the effects of. She glanced over at Mulder and saw his face still noticeably flush against the red lights before they let out a final hum and shut off, leaving them stranded in the darkness and a seven block long walk through the snow to get home.

"Well," he sighed, zipping his jacket up and taking away her view of how much the conversation affected him. "Ready?"

She nodded quietly and trudged by his side, the words 'if it were me' playing on repeat with every step.