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Just Felix

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“Fe?” Nino slowly opened the door of their apartment and stuck his head in. “You home? You weren’t answering your…”

There was no answer, but Nino could hear the news playing from their living room. Grimacing, he entered and made his way over. He’d heard the news on the radio and immediately tried to get in touch, but Felix had gone radio silent. Nino found him asleep on the couch, and he gently shook his shoulder. “Hey.”

Felix slowly opened his eyes. “Hey.”

“Are you okay?” Nino asked, sitting down next to his boyfriend and immediate putting his other arm around him. “I called Adrien, he said he’d come over if you need-“

“Marinette’s two days past her due date, Nino, I’m not asking Adrien to come over. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you okay?” Felix asked. “I’m not the one whose attempted murderer just became eligible for parole. If anything, I should be the one worried about you.”

Nino gave Felix a half-smile. “I guess we’ll just have to agree to worry about each other, then,” he said. “Come on, let’s get something to eat.” Nino stood and made his way to the kitchen.

“Wait, no,” Felix said, hurrying after him. “It’s, uh, kind of a mess, I need to-“

“Holy shit,” Nino breathed, staring at the romantic, candlelit room, utterly stunned. “Felix, what… what is all this?”

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter anymore,” Felix said. “Just give me five minutes to put everything away so we can eat.”

“Dude.” Nino raised an eyebrow. “Spill. Now.” Felix pressed his lips together for a moment, then sighed, pulled a small box out of his pocket and handed it to Nino. Nino’s eyes widened as he opened it and saw the gold band within. “Is this what I think it is?” Felix nodded curtly. “Dare I ask why you think it doesn’t matter anymore?”

Felix rolled his eyes, and Nino saw how the candlelight caught in the tears Felix wouldn’t let fall. “He’s not gone forever anymore, that’s why. How am I supposed to ask you to become a member of this family when its head almost murdered you? When he’s going to be a free man someday?”

“Oh, Felix.” Nino wrapped his arms around Felix, and Felix immediately melted into his embrace. “First of all, Marinette is the head of your family and you better not let her hear you say otherwise.” Felix let out a sound that was half a laugh, half a sob. “Second… I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and if your bastard of a father gets in the way of that it’s gonna piss me off way more than the time he tried to kill me, understand?” Felix nodded. “I’m not saying it’ll be easy, if he ever gets out, but I want to face that together. I want to face everything together. Got it?”

Felix nodded, his face still pressed against Nino. “Got it,” he mumbled into Nino’s shoulder.

“Good. Now. I think you had something you wanted to ask me?”

“Will you marry me, Nino?”

“Yes,” Nino said, and Felix tightened his embrace so much Nino could barely breathe. “Yes, Felix, I can’t wait to marry you.”