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First day of the rest of your life

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Waking up is always the hardest. But I do it quickly, pulling on clothes before my mind can catch up and tell me to rest again. Sleep sounded amazing, it always did. But there's too much to do before He wakes up. So I turn on the coffee and start pulling out ingredients to make breakfast. Just as He likes it.

And suddenly there's a hand on my hip. I jolt, turning around to see Him.

"You'll never believe the good news," He hummed in my ear. I shivered. Last time there was good news, he wanted to celebrate. And it was hard to keep up.

I almost flick my gaze up to look at him, but I know it's not allowed. I just wait until he continues on. "A very wealthy man wants to buy you from me. A gift for his son, he says."

My face drops immediately, I can feel it as vividly as I feel the pit in my stomach. He was my 4th owner, but by far my favourite. He had his moments, but less than those before.

"He will be here to pick you up in an hour. Finish cooking, then pack up your things and shower. Do not be late. I need this to go well." He warned, and the unfamiliar tone in his voice warned that I had no choice. I nodded slightly, waiting until he stepped away to quickly continue cooking.

I didn't mind household chores and such, but I don't much like cooking. Mostly because I knew it wasn't what I would be eating, so it was hard to be passionate about it. But, it also took time, and you couldn't rush it if you wanted it to be good. I'm not impatient, but there is much that needs done.

I fixed His plate and drink and set it out on the table. Next was to make myself presentable. There was always a possibility that I would have to fly across countries and such, so I needed to look..normal. I took a fast shower, most of my time spent scrubbing dirt from underneath my nails and trying not to melt under the soothing water.

But I knew there was a cut off time, so I stepped out and began drying. It was odd to be alone, have quiet time to think. Think about how my new life would be. Maybe they would give me a name, or at least designate one word to call me. He never liked to acknowledge me as having my own personality, so I havent been called anything in a while. Time was hard to keep track of.

I finished pulling on the new clothes He set out. I always got a nice pair when I was switching owners. It was a white button up shirt, and black pants. My mouth almost hit the floor as I stared at some leather shoes set out along with it all. That

So I hurriedly put them on. Oh, they were comfortable. Made me feel confident, even. A wealthy man indeed. Of course, I'd heard of owners who would spoil their pets. But I wouldn't let my hopes get too high. It felt as if I had only spent less than half of my hour doing all of this, but He came into the bathroom and looked me over. I only got a small nod, from what I could see with my head slightly hung, as I do.

"Come. He will be here in minutes." And walked off toward the opening room. I followed quickly, but a bit behind. I only barely set down my bag I had packed when there was a slow knock on the door. I watched Him open it, and a tall, middle aged man walk in. He even walked like a wealthy man. I made sure not to look directly up at him. Good first impression, I repeated to myself.

He and the stranger both sat across one another in arm chairs. He told me to sit beside my new owner, so he could inspect me. I nod quickly, and sit on the floor beside his feet silently.

"No no, up here." The man drawled, pulling me up, as I scramble to stand as fast as I can. He looked over me and I accidentally look at him. My breath hitches and I look away, wincing. I don't even remember what He looks like, as I quickly learned not to look at ones owner. The man pulls me to sit in his lap, to the side slightly, instead of striking me. I'm sure he can hear my heart racing.

The mans hands stroke over my entire body smoothly, inspecting each part of me as he talks. He began talking to me, but quickly realised I didn't know.

"How old are you?" He prompted, rubbing over my knee.

And I scrunch my eyebrows. I can talk, I know that, he spoke to me. "I don't know s-" my voice is small and I almost cringe at it. I dont have many opportunities to speak, ever, really.

"18." He answers for me, and I just nod. Sounds legit, I suppose.

"Previous masters?" The man inquires. I can feel the vibration of his chest against my back as he runs his hands up my thighs.

"Three before this, sir," I answer quickly, I know this one. I want to speak. My voice sounds so unfamiliar. I remember what this man looks like from the minute previous, and wonder if his son looks the same. He had very long, almost white hair, practically blending in with his pale white skin.

I can feel him nod. "Very well. You'll be my sons first pet," he hummed. I liked his voice, it was somewhat calming. But it held an edge, that I knew he would be terrifying should I upset him. "Wanted one with experience. You seem well enough to know how to behave, so that's well. Now, as a matter of payment.."

I gulped. His first..? I've never been the first pet for anyone. Maybe I'd get some slack. Or, maybe he wouldn't understand limitations yet. My mind snapped away when I feel his large, warm hands remove themselves from my skin. I realise that they had exchanged papers and money and such.

The man stands and I quickly do too, to get out of his way. My hand flinches away but relaxes when he grabs mine in his own. "I'm sure my son will be excited when I tell him. You're very cute," he chuckled. He's leading me outside, and I close my eyes at the brightness. I open them so I will not stumble, slowly adjusting to the sun. I breathe out in comfort at the feeling of the sun, warm on my skin. I cannot remember the last time I smelled the outdoors. It's soothing.

The door is opened for me and I look up at him, almost, before snapping my gaze down once more and getting in the vehicle. It's leather, and looks expensive, as is everything else. My new masters father sits beside me, pulling something over his chest. I furrowed my eyebrows at it. What?

"Buckle up," he looks at me. I don't look at him, but I feel his eyes on me. I want to do what he tells me, but what does that mean.

"I, I don't know what that means, sir.." I admit. He doesn't reply, but he reaches beside my head and grabs one of those things he has over himself. I watch his strong arm move over my chest, another thing over my legs. He pushed it in place inside a metal thing, with a small click. I nodded slightly. I could do it next time if I had to. Though I don't think I'll be in a car anytime soon after we get there. I look forward for a moment, realizing I cant see who is driving. There is plastic dividing us.

"Look at me," I hear, and instinctively do so. I feel uneasy, holding eye contact with the male. But I don't look away, just squirming slightly under his stare.

"I'm going to ask you something, and I promise you won't lie to me." He said slowly. I nodded, gulping as I feel his hand stroking my thigh again. I actually blush, which I haven't done since my first master.

"Your last owner told me yes, but I'd like to hear it from you. Are you gay, little one?"

The words knocked the breath out of me. Well, all of my masters have male. I begin to shrug, before stopping myself. "I-I don't know, sir.."

"You don't know a lot of things, it seems." He hummed. "Well, tell me, do you like it when I do this?" He mumbled, his hand rubbing softly and slowly moving toward my crotch. I'd never exactly been touched like this. My third master enjoyed getting sexual, but I didn't much like it. And the rest just used me as a house servant, or punching bag.

So my hips twitch and I blush two shades darker every inch he gets closer. I only nodded slightly. I realise this is the longest I've looked at anyone, and it's nice. He finally moves his hand directly over my growing length. And he's smirking. "I think you are, then, don't you?"

"Y-yes sir," I gasped and nodded, biting my lip to not make any loud noises as he begins to rub. He leaned his head forward, licking beside my ear and breathing raggedly against my neck.

"Say my name," he mumbled, nipping and kissing spots on my neck that I didnt know would be so sensitive. "Lucius," he tells me.

And my breath hitches, I feel my eyes roll back after my vision goes dark. "Lucius," I whimper, holding back every loud noise that wants to escape me. I've never felt like this but I don't think I ever wanted to stop. He's firmly rubbing, squeezing and stroking me through my new pants.

He groans when I say his name. I whisper it again, and again, softly and repeatedly because it's the only thing grounding me and holding back my own moans. I don't know when I started but I realise that I'm squirming my hips closer to his hand and trying to rut forward against him.

I sob out something loudly as electricity courses through my body in hot waves. I'm not sure what it is, but it feels about 10 times better than what it was, and now I'm exhausted. My hips still from bucking as I slump back against the seat with a small pout. I pant and slowly open my eyes back up, looking at him with red cheeks.

He's smirking slightly, and he leans forward to kiss my forehead. My eyes close for a moment and I feel the car stop. A small cold flutter dances across my jeans and I'm clean. I understand it was probably magic.

I really like magic, I think it's beautiful and mysterious. But I've never been allowed to so much as be near a wand alone. Though, I held one once. It felt cold, horrible. I think I read that you can feel that way if your magic isn't compatible with someone else's. I always relish any books or movies my masters will let me have for my own free time. Though few and far in between.

"Come, now, time to meet him." Lucius says, carefully undoing the buckle thing he put over me, then his own. He opens the door and leads me out by my hand. I pray to anything out there that his son is as nice as he seems to be.

He leads me to a door, and while he does I looks around. Their house was far bigger than anything I'd ever seen. I hope I don't have to clean all of it. He leads me to a room a story up, through some winding hallways. I already know I'm going to get lost.

"Stay here. I'm going to talk to him first. This is his room. You will probably sleep here, too." I look around a bit. There was a lot of deep green and silver, some trophies, but otherwise was fairly uniform. "His name is Draco Malfoy." He adds, before standing. I watch him walk away, and suddenly I'm scared once more.

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Draco didnt come as fast as Harry had expected. In fact, it was night now, and Harry was left sitting in the dark, unmoving. Luckily, Lucius was considerate enough to bring him some food around lunch.

"Hello," A voice drawls. Harry straightened his posture and lifted his head in acknowledgement, eyes glued to the floor. He was tired, and his knees ached. But he wanted to be good.

The man, Draco, as he recalls, strides forward. Harry was told to sit on the bed, but he couldnt make himself do it. So he sat kneeled on his knees beside it instead. He gulped slightly as Draco chuckles, reaching a hand down. A hand curled in Harry's hair, pulling his head up. He closed his eyes as not to make eye contact on accident, it was disrespectful.

He waited for something, anything, but nothing happened. He cautiously opened one of his eyes, seeing his new master. He seemed to be in some internal conflict. But his jaw unclenched when Harry opened his eyes and looked up at him.

"Why are you on the floor?" He grumbled softly.

"I-I believe it's my place, sir.." he mumbled in reply.

"No," Draco shook his head, releasing the others dark hair. Harry winced softly, hanging his head once more. "Get on the bed," he added, "I'll be right back."

He went across the room and into his bathroom. He sighs softly and tries to think over everything his father has taught him on being a good owner. Stern. Remind them who is in charge. But caring. He ran a hand through his hair and changed into some pajama pants, opting for no shirt. Draco washed his face with cold water, drying it before stepping out. He moved to close the door behind him before he seen Harry on the bed, as requested. Though, not just sitting.

He had his arms over his head to cover his sight and face. He only had on his boxers, and his legs were parted. Draco gulped. It wasn't what he meant, but. It's supposed to happen, he knew. At some point, to claim him, he was told. He slowly closed the bathroom door behind him before walking toward his new pet.

He hesitantly crawled between the boys legs, his hands running across his thighs and then up his chest. It was nice, he had to admit, but it felt odd. Draco wrapped his arms beneath the males dark knees, leaning down and pressing a small kiss to his chest.

Draco sits up, furrowing his eyebrows and pulling completely away from Harry. The other was shaking, his arms and legs trembling as his chest heaved and heart raced beneath the Malfoys lips, he realised.

"That's all.." Draco murmured, rubbing the back of his own neck. "How about we just sleep."

There's a few moments of pause before Harry sits up casually, giving a slight nod. Draco sighs out, moving to the left side of the bed and getting beneath the covers. He settles in before sitting up to realise Harry had once more moved to the ground.

"No," he cleared his throat. "You'll sleep up here with me.."

So the other quickly got up and moved back onto the bed. He looked almost confused. Draco watched as he curled up, small, across the bed on the right side. He let out a breath before covering Harry up in the comforter.

"Are you comfortable? This is a big bed, you can lay however you'd like."

But these was no movement or response. He watches silently as the man across from him falls asleep in mere seconds. Draco smiled a bit, and waved the lights off. They were on opposite sides of the king sized bed. A good distance between them.

Though Harry would wake up in the middle of the night to find himself in Dracos arms. His own head was laying on the others pale chest, arms wrapped around him loosely. He drifted off just as fast as he had woken up, focusing on the Malfoys steady heart beat.

But when he would wake again, he'd be alone in the bed. Harry sat up uneasily, looking around. What was he supposed to do all day? No one gave him any chores. He wasn't even sure if he could leave the room. He slowly put his clothes from yesterday on once again before groaning in frustration. His room was ridiculously spotless and organized. Harry couldnt find a single misplaced hair to clean.

He sighed and kneeled beside the bed on his knees once more. He would be ready if his new master needed anything, then. He wasn't exactly sure how long he sat there. An hour or two, perhaps. Lucius came in with a plate for lunch, though. Harry watched the floor, but mustered a small smile toward the other.

"Hello, little one." He mumbled just loud enough to hear.

"Good evening, sir.." Harry said back, a plate of food being sat infront of him. He didn't dare mumble now.

"So, how was meeting your new master?" He prompted. He didnt sit or crouch to talk to Harry, simply standing about a foot away and watching him.

"I, I suppose it was good, sir. We just went to sleep, though," Harry admitted. He blushed a bit at the events before that, but it was true. Nothing happened.

There was a few tense moments of silence. "What?" And his voice was colder.

"Well, I, I," Harry gulped, focusing on the ground. "He didnt want anything.."

And a hand moves down. Harry closed his eyes quickly but didnt jerk away. To his own surprise, Lucius only put a hand on his jaw and lifted his head to look toward him.

"Eyes open," he commanded. So Harry did, looking up at him. The man inspected his face with his own stoic expression.

"Did your master say he did not want anything?"

"He, he just said let's go to sleep.." Harry tried to steady his voice and speak above a whisper.

"And you were a good boy, weren't you? You did everything your new master wanted?"

Harry nodded quickly, terrified that he had angered the older Malfoy. He gulped and kept his eyes up as directed. To his own surprise, the man lets go of his jaw. Harry lets his head and gaze fall back down.

"Well, eat up. Your new master will want you today."

Harry did eat, slower than he had yesterday. Because he was sure no one was going to take it. A house elf came and got his plate, and Harry scrambled away upon seeing. What is that thing?!

It simply went about its work, getting his dishes, and leaving without a glance. Harry watched cautiously, frowning as he realised how similar the elf acted to himself. So, the Malfoys have plenty of servants. What was he used for, then, he wondered.

Harry straightens as usual as his master comes in. Though the foot steps are uneven, not graceful, and almost stomps. As they got close, Harry looks up in time to see another hand. And his eyes close. And this time, there is a strike. He doesn't cry out as he falls to his left from the force. Harry puts his his arms infront of his face to soften his blow, moving to sit back on his arms and look up at Draco.

The blonde faltered, clenching his jaw. "Don't look at me," he growled weakly.

Harry closed his eyes quickly, his body tensing.

"I, I dont like punishing." Draco said, defeated. He inhaled slowly, forcing himself to crouch down and tangle a hand in Harry's black hair.

The boy kept his eyes closed as he breathed raggedly, wincing as he was slapped once more.

"Do you know why I have to do this..?" He paused, trying to keep his voice rough. But it cracked.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows, keeping his eyes shut. "Be-because..I was scared last night?" The darker boy could feel Draco stop.

"No," Draco mumbled slowly. "You let someone else touch you, didnt you?"

Harry stilled for a moment before he nodded. "Yes, sir..I-" he cried out this time as he was hit, the hand in his hair releasing him. He fell back, shakily wiping blood from his nose. It wasn't an open hand hit this time.

"I'm sorry," he sniffed, blushing darkly and hiding his face in his hands.

Draco gulped, moving his hands and exhaling. He held Harry's chin softly. "Look at me."

So he opened his eyes again, looking up at Draco. "Tell me why, then."

Harry's lip twitched before he looked away. "I-it felt good.." he mumbled.

"I can make you feel good," Draco grumbled, leaning forward.

"I just never.." he trailed off, wiping his nose again.

The Malfoy furrowed his eyebrows and grunted. "Your last owner said you weren't a virgin." He grumbled.

"I'm not, sir," he mumbled, pursing his lips.

"Then what have you never done?" He ran a hand through his hair, obviously annoyed.

"The, the thing that happened." He looked away, blushing.

"What thing?" He glared impatiently.

"Come?" Harry stared at the floor, his cheeks red. He squirmed uneasily at the conversation. He felt guilty, not saying 'sir's every word and just speaking in general. But he was nervous, and flustered.

Draco swallowed, just giving a small nod. "Okay. I'm sorry I had to..punish you.."

Harry shook his head. "No, sir, I deserved it. You're doing good.."

Draco furrowed his eyebrows. "No, I.." he sighed and stood up, sitting on the bed. "I dont like it."

Harry shrugs slightly, wiping his nose. Draco quickly moved to the bathroom and got a towel. "Come here.." he mumbled, patting the bed beside him.

Harry quickly sat beside him, looking at his lap. He winced and closed his eyes as Draco cleaned him back up. He felt better, suddenly. He opened his eyes to see his master holding his wand. None of his masters had ever been courteous enough to heal his wounds.

"I'm sorry," Harry whispered, rubbing and wiping at his eyes. "I'm so bad but I don't want to leave."

"I think we should practice something." The blonde mumbled, putting the towel aside.

Harry looked up at him, raising his eyebrows the slightest. Draco licked his lips.

"Alright, first test. Harry, I had a stressful day, so I think I'm going to have to punish you, just because. Is that okay?"

Harry stiffened, furrowing his eyebrows. Test? Was the test how long he would last? Harry nodded slightly, closing his eyes in preparation as he tensed.

"Harry, I'm not going to, really." He mumbled. "Why didnt you say no?"

Harry opened his eyes, relaxing slightly before giving Draco a stupid look. "'re my master..."

"You're allowed to say no." Draco insisted. "Let's try again..Harry, do you care to sleep outside tonight?"

Harry squirmed a bit, looking at the bed. He knew Draco wanted him to say he wanted to sleep inside, but he didnt know how to say something like that.


"I-I don't care, I'm sorry, sir, I'll do whatever you want, I just.." he looked down.

"Well until you begin telling me what you like and dislike, we'll just sit here and practice." Draco crossed his arms.

Harry looked up, giving a small nod.

"Can I hit you?"

"Yes sir,"

"Can you go get me some tea?"

"Yes sir,"

"Can I stab you?"

"I suppose, sir,"

"Can I cut your hair?"

He faltered, his lip twitching.

"Do you like your hair?" Draco smiled softly. Harry nodded, shrugging slightly.

"But if you'd like.." he mumbled.

"No, no," Draco sighs. "Tell me you'd like to keep it long."

Harry pursed his lips for a moment. "I, I want to keep it, sir.."

"Okay, very well." Draco hummed, softly putting a strand of hair behind Harry's ear.

Harry smiled sheepishly.

"Harry, can I hit you?"

"I..I really wish you wouldnt.." he mumbled.

"Okay. Harry, do you want to sleep outside?"

"No.." Harry blushed.

"Harry, can I stab you?"

"No.." he smiled shyly.

Draco licked his lips. "Can I kiss you?"

"N...D-Do I have to say no?" He stole a quick glance upwards.

Draco pressed forward and kissed the boy, putting a hand softly on his cheek. He tilted his head and pressed his tongue against the others lips.

Harry pulled away, looking away and blushing. "I-I'm not good, I dont know how. I'm sorry, sir."

"Draco," he insisted, moving closer again and pushing their lips together.

"Sir," Harry mumbled between the small kisses.

"Draco," he grumbled again, scooting closer.

"Master," the latino breathed, making small noises into the kiss as it pressed deeper.

Draco pushed Harry down, pressing their chests flush together as Harry laid on his back. He pinned his hands up and lingered his lips close to Harry's.
"Malfoy," he mumbled.

"..Malfoy," Harry whispered, nodding. Draco nipped the mans bottom lip softly. "Will you teach me how to?" He mumbled against the others lips.

The blonde nodded slightly, smirking and leaning back down to kiss Harry. They kissed slowly, and soon Draco tried pressing his tongue in. He pulled up and licked his lips, panting.

"Is this okay?" He mumbled. Harry nodded, and they moved back to kissing one another. Draco pressed his tongue into the others mouth, and Harry moaned softly, nervously pressing his own tongue against the others.

They kissed deeply for a long while before Harry pulled aside to pant. Draco moved down and suckled against Harry's jaw and neck. The Malfoy bit softly, eliciting a gasp. He groaned and started pressing their hips together.

Though the blonde suddenly pulled away, panting and sitting on the edge of the bed. He shook his head slightly, running a hand through his hair.

"Did I do something, s-Malfoy?" Harry mumbled, sitting up slowly. He covered himself slightly, curling his knees to his chest.

"No, that's alright, Harry." Draco stood, sighing softly. "I will be back at dinner."

"No!" Harry frowned, before covering his mouth after the outburst. Draco furrowed his eyebrows, turning toward him.

"I, I'm just always alone in here and I.." he gulped, glancing up at his master. "It's okay, do what you need to."

Draco looked at him for a few moments before just nodding. "I'll stay. But, uhm, no more kissing." He added quickly.

Harry nodded back, smiling. "Okay, uhm, Malfoy. But..why?"

Draco licked his lips. "Well, Harry. Er, just cause."

Harry left it at that, scooting over and slowly leaning against Draco. A pale arm wrapped around Harry's shoulders, stroking softly up and down the dark skin of his arm.

"You're beautiful.." Draco mumbled, not looking at Harry but rather just idly gazing at his hand tracing lines. He felt Harry bury his head into the crook of his neck, and smiled a bit. He wondered if he's ever been held.

Draco pulled back to analyze the other, pursing his lips with sudden question.

"Are you a wizard, Harry?"

Harry furrowed his eyebrows. "Yes, I think. My first master did something, he asked me what I saw. And said I guessed correctly. But, uhm." He squirmed. "I talk too much.."

"No, it's alright. Tell me.." Draco urged gently.

"I've never been allowed to do any magic. I understand, I mean." He nods.

Draco frowned. Of course, he too understood that Harry couldn't be allowed a wand. But it was a shame, to be born a wizard and yet never have any of the benefits.

"Do you like magic?"

And he nodded, smiling slightly. "Some of it."

"Only some?"

"Well, I don't like the ones that hurt.. I haven't seen much of the other ones, but it's amazing. Like when you healed me."

Draco nodded, setting back against the headboard once more. Hexes?That's cruel. He supposed Harry was different to him, though. He made it clear to his father he wanted a pet, not a slave. To spoil, not to unleash anger on.

"I'm sorry I hit you." Draco mumbled after a bit.

"I'm your first, you're doing good.."

"Only good?"

"I don't understand some things you do, s--Malfoy..saying no, and you didnt punish me enough."

He sighed. "This isn't like your last..masters. I dont want to hurt and use you.."

"Then what are you going to do with me?" He mumbled.

"Spoil you," he mumbled, running a hand through his hair softly. Harry gave him a puzzled look, so he continued.

"You, bubble baths and cuddling."

"I like that." He mumbled, looking up at the pale man with a small squint. Draco gave a small smile.

"Am I blurry, dear?"

Harry nodded slightly.

"Do you have glasses?"

And he shook his head. "Why don't we get you some tomorrow. But, for now.."

He pulled away slightly and grabbed his wand, pausing a moment to think of the spell. He waved and mumbled clearly, pointing to Harry. The boy closed his eyes for a moment before opening them back up. He looks up at Draco, not squinting this time.

"Your eyes are pretty. My favourite color," Draco mumbled.

"You look a lot better when I can see you," Harry laughs softly. Draco's decently sure he blushed.

Chapter Text

"Harry, wake up," Draco calls, causing the said man to stir. He furrows his eyebrows and squints, sitting up on one elbow. Harry grimaced when Draco throwed the curtains open and unleashes bright sunlight. Though he quickly fumbled to the edge of the bed and stands.

"Yes, sir?"

"We have a lot to do and first thing is getting meat on your bones, so no more sleeping past breakfast. No, actually, that'll be second. First is finding out what size clothes you wear so I can accustom your wardrobe." Draco states, striding towards him.

Harry rose his eyebrows. "My war-what? Uhm, sir?"

"Wardrobe. Your clothes. The ones you were sent in were absolutely horrid. I bought you a new set, at least until winter."

Harry blinked a few times. Well, okay.. he could get used to spoiling, then. The clothes he were sent in were the most expensive things he's worn. Though, he seen the manor, obviously that was going to change. He suspected the Malfoys garbage cost more than the outfit.

"Now come over here and I'll measure you," he grinned, walking over to a closet and grabbing a measuring spool. Harry followed wearily, wondering what kind of things he'd be wearing.

He stood still or moved as directed while Draco charted his size. It all felt very extra. He was sure a "Medium" would suffice. Though he didnt complain, simply watched. It kind of felt nice, being fussed over, he decided.

Eventually Draco put an end to his activity and pulled out a pre planned outfit. Harry looked over each article. It wasn't too fancy, he supposed. In respect to how pristine Draco always was, he supposed this was casual clothes. At the bottom was plain black socks, then muted dark gray slacks. That looked like skinny jeans. He looked down at Dracos ankles. Huh, he never noticed. Anyways, next was a darker green button up that looked like silk but behaved differently, not limp. Paired with a faded black vest. Alright, liveable.

Draco waved his wand and cast a spell and Harry was changed, the clothes not fitting in various different ways. He waved and casted another spell, and everything fit perfectly tailored to him. Even the sleeves were majestically rolled up. He gave an approving nod, pulling something else out of the wardrobe. A long black box. It had gold accents and a few words in a language Harry didnt recognize.

"I got you a present. Here, open it." Draco carefully handed it to him.

"What's it say?" Harry traced the letters, looking up at him.

"Bulgari. Serpenti collection." He translated.

Harry carefully slid the top off of the box and placed it underneath. His mouth went dry. "How much did this cost, sir?"

"35," Draco hums. Harry relaxed, okay, it just looked expensive. "..Thousand."

His jaw dropped for a moment. "What if I break it?"

"There are contracts for warranty and whatnot." Draco shrugs, analyzing it.

It was a silver chain, meeting at a diamond and splitting once more to connect to the centerpiece. A silver, diamond studded snake head, with green diamond eyes. Draco pulled it from the box carefully, moving behind Harry and putting it on him. Harry reached a hand up and ran his thumb over the necklace. Holy shit.

"Thank you, sir.." he mumbled in embarrassment.

"Of course, darling," he looked over Harry, cupping his cheek. He leaned forward and Harry's heart skipped a beat. They kissed for a moment before the other pulled away. "Now let's go eat, yeah? Everyone is gome until noon, so I want you to eat downstairs today. And possibly for now on. We'll see how it goes."

Harry nodded quickly, following Draco and being led by the others hand in his own. They wind down a number of stairs and a hallway before reaching a great dining hall. The long table was filled with food. Draco led Harry to a seat, pulling it out for him. Harry sat quickly, looking at Draco as he sat beside him.

"Alright, now. You must learn proper etiquette so I can bring you places. Have you been taught?" Draco faces him, beginning to make his own plate.

Harry stared wearily at the different forks and whatnot infront of him. He was lucky if his past master would let him have a spoon. But he remembers being younger, and his first master trying to make him presentable. He immediately straightened his back and gave a small nod. Yes, it's more or less engraved in your memory when your life basically depends on you learning.

"Oh. Well, brilliant. Get whatever youd like." Draco smiled slightly, putting a napkin on his lap and beginning to eat.

Harry carefully scooped a few things onto his plate. He tried to mostly get things he knew he'd like, as to not be seen as disrespectful if he didnt finish. Though he decided that whoever cooked for the Malfoys could make the pickiest eater reevaluate. Cause damn.

After they finished, with little chatter, Draco stood and offered his hand to Harry once more. It was taken as the man stood aswell.

"Now let's see if we can get you some glasses, yeah?" Harry nodded slightly.

"A friend of mine can do your eye test, no questions asked. Just listen to his instructions."

Harry flushed and looked up at Draco, his steps faltering. "I can see fine, sir. It's really not necessary.."

"Nonesense, I insist."

"Can you stay with me?" Harry mumbled, tightening his hold slightly. Draco looked down at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, Harry. That was the plan. Are you scared of doctors?"

Harry shook his head. Of course not. There are many times he'd very much wished to see one.

Draco hummed, giving a small nod as they reentered the bedroom. He lifted his hand to look at his watch for a few moments before someone apparated. Harry jolted slightly at the noise, looking to see an older man, who somehow made a weird machine thing appear aswell.

The man was quiet the entire time unless he needed to speak, his eyes often trailing to Draco in question. They dilated his eyes and did the 1 or 2 shit until finally finishing. The machine poofed away and instead the man held a box. He opened it, and inside were different shaped glasses.

Draco brought a mirror over, watching Harry try the different ones on. He put a hand on his shoulder as he stood, walking across the room with the older man. Harry turned slightly to watch them speak and glance over at him, just out of ear shot. He continued trying on different pairs.

"I know I said no questions, but I don't forget a face, Mr. Malfoy. He did not go to Hogwarts?" It was stated more as a fact.

Draco rubbed the back of his neck. He couldnt say 'Yeah that's the thing hes been an illegal slave for his whole life but it's ok I'm different.'
"Homeschooled," he said with a tight smile. He could tell the man called bullshit, but dropped the subject simply because,

"I dont want to know."

They walked back over and Harry looked up at Draco with the pair he presumably liked on. They were simple black round glasses. Draco nodded, looking to the man Harry didnt know. He waved his wand and whatnot, and just like that Harry could see. He blinked slightly, looking at them both clearly.

He watched them say goodbyes and shake hands before the stranger left. Draco rounded back over and sat on the edge of the bed beside Harry.

"See, that wasn't so horrible."

Harry nodded. "I thought you meant that.."

"Meant what, Harry?"

"You said, listen to him, I thought you were going to let him-"

"No, Harry," Draco sighed. "No one else is going to lay a hand on you."

He nodded, smiling sheepishly.

"C'mere, theres one more thing we have to do today." Draco stood, holding Harry's hand. Harry followed him to his personal bathroom, looking around.

"Alright, here's your toothbrush," he motioned, then opened a drawer. "Deodorant, cologne, a comb, nail clippers, whatever you need.

"What's that?" He pointed at something shiny in the back of the drawer. Draco rose his eyebrows, reaching back and retrieving it. He chuckled.

"Oh, nail polish. Pans let me borrow it for a Halloween costume."

"What were you?" Harry grinned.

"A vampire. But. The sexy muggle kind, of course." He flashed a smirk.

"Can I wear it?" Harry grinned.

"The, wear what?" Draco flushed.

"The nail thing." He gestured.

Draco took a moment before nodding. "Yeah. I'll do it for you, though. It's hard."

He untwisted the cap, before looking at Harry. He pat the sink counter, watching the other lift himself up and sit as directed. Draco held his hand in one of his own, and carefully painted with his other. Harry was fixated on it, head tilted to the side. Draco stole glances up at the other before he switched hands, beginning on the other. Harry inspected his nails, humming.

"All done. Here, let me spell dry them so they dont smear." Draco pulled out his wand and did so, giving a small grin. His watch beeps, and he stands straighter.

"Well, I have somewhere to be, love. You can do whatever you'd like, okay? I have some books and you can shower and whatnot..I'll be back before lunch."

Harry nodded slightly, getting off of the counter and following Draco back into the bedroom. He stopped at the door, moving a hand to Harry's chin. He leaned down slightly and kissed him for a moment. Pulling back, he smiled, satisfied of the blush on Harry's face.



Elsewhere, Draco met up with Blaise.

"-so he tells me I should be home sooner rather than later. But it's my birthday, yknow, and I have a lot of stuff planned. I get home at like midnight, and Father tells me my present is in my room. He says that he's 'prepared me for it.' So I go into my room and there's literally a boy in there." Draco rambles, taking in a breath. He leaned forward.

"He bought an illegal fucking /slave/ for me, in my name!" He whisper-yells. "And I'd get my ass handed to me if I were caught! But I cant get rid of him because who knows what someone will do to him! I told him to get on the bed, as in so we could sleep, and he thought I wanted to..!"
Draco rubbed the bridge of his nose, letting out a sigh.
"Father told me I have to 'take him' to 'claim him as my own!' I cant do it, he's terrified of me."

"Well are you being gentle..? He sounds old is he?"

"He's 18. Never even picked up a wand. But, Blaise, he's powerful. I can feel it. And. I'm trying to be. But Father has prepared me. It's sick and twisted but he always has been. I had to, punish him, once.."

"Punish him?"

"Just, just a few hits. I felt horrible. But he said I had to unless I wanted him to rebel or something. Keep him in check or some shit. He actually thanked me for it. I'm never doing it again.."

"Well what did he do..?"

"Let someone touch him.."

"Well if I were in his position I'd say I'd have to let anyone do anything.."

"I know! And he would! I had to teach him to say no! He told me that was the first time he came. That's just sad." Draco frowned. "And he's not a virgin at all."

Blaise put his head in his hand. "You're in some deep shit."

"That's why I havent really spoke to anyone since that night. He calls me master! I'm trying to humanize him, maybe one day help him get a job and stuff, get away from this. But I think it's all he's ever known.."


Then he left, leaving Harry to his own devices. He wandered a bit around the room, inspecting the rest of the clothes and looking into the mirror. He looked like an average person, and it was weird. He analyzed the necklace, and laid on the bed. Mostly just passing time. After a while, it was around 11, so he knew Draco would be home soon. Harry promptly kneeled beside the bed, waiting for his master.

He heard the door creak open, catching the sight of polished shoes, the man who bought him, he recalled. He didnt look up. The man walks close.

Chapter Text

"Harry, sweetie. I trust things have changed since yesterday."

"I suppose a little, sir.."

"Very well. On the bed, then. I guess I'll have to be the one who takes you."

But Harry paused. He stared at the ground, his eyebrows furrowed.

"I said, on the bed. Now."

"I-I dont think he wants me t-" he winces out as his hair is grabbed tightly. Harry scrambles to his feet as his hair is pulled upward, laying down when pushed onto the bed.

"Who taught you to speak like that?" Lucius growls, pulling a hand back and smacking him. "You were such a good boy when I bought you." He pinned Harry's wrists, panting as he grips hard to keep him in place.

"Be quiet and stay," he growls in warning beside the darker boys ear, getting off and quickly going toward where he'd put his wand.

Harry didnt know very much at all about magic, but he knew someone could use their wand and make a room soundproofed on the outside. He was pretty sure Lucius hadn't done this, yet.

He really hoped his master was somewhere close, home, if not, this was only going to make things worse. He took a deep breath to calm himself. His master was always punctual. "DRA-"

Harry closed his eyes as a hand clamps over his mouth, slowly opening them after a few moments of nothing else. He relaxes once he sees Draco in the doorway, just staring at the scene infront of him.


"I'm sorry," Draco mumbled, cradling Harry in his arms. Harry just nodded slightly, gulping. His beating heart was still quick and felt through their embrace.

"I didn't want to, yet, because I dont want to do something you dont like. But Father says if I dont tonight, I'm not keeping you." He idly stroked Harry's dark locks of hair. Harry nodded more, just shrugging

"I know. I'll be okay in a week at most, it doesn't matter." He clasped his hands together and breathed deeply. It doesn't mean he looked forward to it.

"What do you mean?" Draco pulls away slightly to look at him.

"I heals."

"You're not a virgin." Draco clarifies, crossing his arms. Harry shakes his head. "Then why does it have to heal?"

"I-is it not supposed to?" Harry furrowed his eyebrows.

"It's supposed to feel good," Draco mumbled, kissing his forehead. "Make you do 'the end thing'."

Harry blushed slightly before frowning. "But it, it really hurts." He mumbled.

"I promise I won't hurt you. Whoever hurt you is a bastard."

Harry nodded slowly, pursing his lips. "What would happen if he took me away from you..?"

Draco brushed a hand through his hair. "Keep you for himself or..sell you.."

"Then, then take me, cmon," Harry scooted closer, tugging at Dracos shirt collar. Malfoy shook his head slightly.

"Please, I'll be good, I dont want to leave-" Harry moved his hands down and put a hand on his thigh reluctantly.

"Cmon, show him you own me," Harry said desperately, furrowing his eyebrows. Draco shook his head more, just grunting and pushing Harry down onto his back.

"No. If I'm doing this its not going to be how my father'll feel good, okay?"

Draco crawled over Harry, who nods once more, and kissed him slowly. He knew the other boy quite enjoyed making out, so he'd stick with that until he'd figure out the two things were connected. Harry was learning more on how to kiss, but Draco took the lead anyways, so it wasn't too difficult.

After a while they kissed deeply, heavier, and Draco felt the boy squirm a bit under him. He pulled away softly, moving to kiss Harry's neck. The boy squeaked underneath him, though seemed to like it, as he tilted his head aside. He planted open mouth kisses and sucked softly, trailing to his adams apple and then to his collar bone.

Harry grasped the back of his shirt softly, whining softly and blushing into his shoulder. Draco slid his hands under the mans shirt, feeling goosebumps form under his touch. He slowly made his way to the others nipple, softly pinching it and eliciting a gasp. His hands move back down to pull up Harry's shirt, carefully sitting up so he could take it off of him.

Potter looked up at him, blushing and hovering his hands over Dracos shirt buttons. The other chuckled and leaned back down to kiss him. Harry began fumbling to unbutton his masters shirt, soon being able to push it off his shoulders gently. They both breathed a bit heavier, Harry sitting up on his elbows once Draco trailed his kisses down again. He moved down his dark chest, sucking and nipping at one of his nipples momentarily.

He moves yet further down, ending at his waistline and looking up at Harry.
"Can I take your clothes off?"

Harry blushed dark, but nodded quickly at the question. Draco undid his button and zipper, looping his fingers beneath both articles of clothing. He carefully slid them off and sat them aside. Draco stopped to take a moment to ward his door before continuing.

He softly grasped Harry's cock, looking straight into his eyes as he wrapped his lips around the head and sucked. Draco could feel him immediately harden, his hands curling into the bedsheets as he released a whine. Draco moved his hands into his hair, which Harry gladly gripped onto as soft as he could. The grip tightened a bit at every bob of the head Draco gave.

He didnt do it for very long after Harry became fully hard. He didnt want him to cum too early and not be able to get into it again. When he pulls away, Harry whimpered and twitched his hips. Draco kissed his hip bone softly.

"I'm going to do something else now, alright? It'll feel weird, but then I'm going to make it feel good, is that okay?" Draco mumbled softly, stroking his knee as he spoke.

Harry nodded a bit, certainly agreeing on the 'feel weird' part after Draco cast a spell. He closed his eyes when Draco moved a hand down and to his entrance. But the fingers didnt hurt or go way too fast when he pressed them in. So he untensed. Which made it start to feel good. Draco slowly moved them in a few motions to assure Harry was stretched. He knew a very good preparation spell.

But, just for fun, he starts thrusting them in and out slowly. Harry's nervous to make any noise at first, mewling and hummed whines. Draco counted on that, of course. He really needed to find the others prostate, and the sounds would help. Because once he did find it, Harry's body jolted slightly and he gasped.

Draco rubbed the spot slowly, watching Harry try and move his hips and shakily moan quietly. Then Draco rubbed faster, his own cock leaking precum at the loud cries of pleasure coming from his pet. Yeah, he was a screamer. And Draco really wanted to hear more.

He pulled his fingers away after mentally trying to memorize where the others spot was. Harry actually whined and shifted when Draco left him empty. He pulled out his member and lined up, leaning down over Harry.

"It'll feel even better, I promise.." he mumbled. Harry nodded slightly, leaning his head up and kissing him.

Draco kept up with the kiss, to distract Harry incase the stretch still hurt. He started pressing in, feeling Harry's hands running over his shoulders and back. He moved slow until he was seated, pulling from the kiss and putting his forehead on Harry's shoulder. Said man breathed slowly, clutching Draco close. Draco felt him slowly relaxing around his cock. He kissed and sucked darker hickeys to distract himself until Harry nods.

Draco rolled his hips a few times before pulling out slightly and re aiming. He knows he's close because Harry suddenly gripped him harder and gasped. Malfoy more confidentally pulls back again, pressing in a bit faster. Earning a new sound. He moves just slightly the next time he thrusts in.

"Fuck!" Harry panted. Draco pulled his head up to look at him.

"Are you alright?" He asked, movements ceasing.

Harry nodded, eyes clenched shut. "P-please don't stop." He whined.

It was Dracos turn to blush. He smirked a little, rolling his hips more into the boys prostate, Harry giving his first real moan. Draco reached down and looped a hand under Harry's right leg, pushing it up so he could press deeper. He started a slow rhythm, groaning with his forehead on Harry's shoulder.

Harry did not disappoint when it came to verbal gratification. It only egged him on, faster, until it was nearly constant stimulation against the others spot. Harry came first, crying out and arching his back up. It was like it snuck up on him, as he gasped out and gripped onto Draco as if he'd disappear.

Draco's own orgasm was being denied and delayed. He wanted Harry to come first, even if he didnt get finish, it's not like his father would find out. Though thankfully he did really want to cum, but held back. So once he felt and seen Harry finish, he didnt take more than a few seconds to let go. He groaned and sped up the slightest, spilling inside of Harry. He buried himself deeply, slowly slumping against the man beneath him.

Draco rolled them over after a minute, pulling out of him and spelling the mess away. He smiled softly and reached over, adjusting Harry's glasses. Harry was still panting softly, and blushed when he looked at Draco.

"Thank you," he mumbled.

"For what?"

"Making it feel good..being nice.."

Draco scooted a bit closer, kissing his forehead. "It'll always feel good for now on. Okay?"

Harry nodded quickly. It was one of the things he definitely wouldnt tell Draco how he should do because his other masters did differently.

"Okay," he agreed.

Chapter Text

"I need you to be good and strong, and then we can cuddle okay?" Draco mumbled, sitting up and pulling on his clothes.

Harry nodded slightly, letting him slip away. He sat up slowly, pulling his knees to himself and watching Draco. He cast him a small glance and smiled, pulling a tee shirt on and stepping out of the room.

Harry ran a hand down his own leg idly as he waited. He shivered, it was flustering to know that there was a whole world of just pleasure he'd been missing. He didnt necessarily ever want the feeling to stop.

Draco re entered within the minute, his father following behind him. Harry was more at ease with Draco in the room, but he was ushered out and the door was closed. So the latino looked to the older male, worrying his lip.

"Hello little one.." he purred, sitting on the bed beside Harry. Harry focused his eyes to the sheets, nodding in acknowledgment.

"So your master claimed you?" He prompted.

Harry nodded, stealing a glance up.

"Do you know what that means?" He paused, watching the boy nod again. "Tell me."

"That I'm his," Harry managed to say, focusing on keeping his voice clear. "And no one else's."

At this Lucius nodded slightly, carefully moving his hand to tuck some hair behind Harry's ear, letting his hand press and stay against his cheek for longer than necessary. He savored the way Harry blushed and shrank away for a moment, then stayed in place. "And you'll do whatever he says?"

Harry nodded once more. Lucius was rather traditional in a sense, so he didnt speak or look up unless asked to.

"You were naughty earlier. Do you remember what you did? Tell me." Lucius moved his rough hand to Harry's chin and lifted it so the boy would look at him. He was pleased he was no longer admiring, rather a bit fearful.

"I didn't listen." He mumbled. He closed his eyes for a moment when his answer earned a sharp smack to his cheek.

"You told me to be quiet and stay still and I didnt, sir." He recited.

Lucius hums, nodding slightly. "Do you know what disobedient boys get?" He purred the words as if they excited him, leaning closer.

"Punished, sir." He answered in a small voice.

"That's right. I think 10 for yelling, and 10 for fighting. Does that sound fair baby?" The older man ran a thumb over Harry's lower lip, who closed his eyes.

"Whatever you want, sir.."

"That's more like it. Remember to thank me for being so generous. A stupid slut like you would be lost without me reminding you how to act, wouldnt you baby? Say thank you for your punishments."

"Th-thank you sir." Harry managed to whimper in a breath. Lucius stood and twirled his cane, humming in thought.

"Bend over the bed."

"Yes, sir.." he mumbled, sliding off the side and laying his chest down against the bed. He curled the covers close to hide his face. Harry gasped as there was a blunt hit against his heels, followed by a cold voice saying

"On your toes."

He quickly nodded and stood on his tip toes, blushing into the covers. He'd only been with Draco less than 10 minutes ago, and was still naked.

"Count," he insisted, and Harry could hear him take a few steps. After his feet settled in the spot he wanted, Harry heard the cane whipping through the air before he felt it bruising a long strike across his bottom.

He stayed quiet by biting the covers, his entire body tensing.

"One," he sniffed.





Whap, Whap, Whap!




Whap, Whap.

"Eight, nine."



He cried out the number, tears finally spilling from his eyes from the pain. Most of the hits covered his ass, but some dipped down his thighs.

"What do you say?"

"Th-thank your, sir." Harry managed to choke out shakily.



Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap, Whap Whap!

Harry cried out now, trying to stay in place but mostly squirming in struggle to sit still. He'd been muffling all his reactions, only lifting his head to count.

He winces and closes his eyes as his hair is suddenly gripped and pulled back tightly.

"Did I say to stop counting?"

"Nn-no sir-"

"What are we at?"

Harry tried to think, but everything ached and stung. "I dont know s-"

This time a hand came down instead, hitting harshly. It was definitely not as deep or hard as the cane, but still stung and hurt considerably as it was over previous marks. "Then we'll have to start over completely." He let go of his hair.

"One.." he whispered.



"Four, five, six!"


"Father!" Dracos voice said sternly as he opened the door.

"Eight," Harry said into the pillow, not bothering to lift his head.

"What, Draco? He lost count. How do you expect me to remember?"


"I was counting. That's 25 now. Enough. Now go." Harry could hear a small sigh, tensing as a hand lands on his bottom but only rubs. He could tell it wasnt Draco, though. He didnt watch or look up, keeping his face buried.

"What do you say, baby?"

"Thank you for punishing me sir." Harry mumbled weakly after laying his head to the side and onto his cheek to be heard. He opened his eyes to see Draco still in the doorway.

When the hand left him, he also seen Lucius as he left. As soon as the door closed, Draco came over quickly. He brushed hair out of Harry's face carefully and tried to get him to sit up.

"Will-will you heal it," He begged, clenching his eyes shut. He didn't move, a few of the canes had broken his skin, but all of them bruised in a deep line.

Draco furrowed his eyebrows and moved to finally look at the damage, quickly fumbling for his wand. He soothingly brushed the boys hair with his hand as he carefully healed him.

"Thank you." He whispered, shakily sitting up on his forearms. He moved to sit down, carefully wiping his tears away before smiling.

"Can we cuddle now?" He was grinning. As if it had never happened.

Dracos lip twitched but he nodded, crawling up the bed and motioning Harry to follow. He quickly did so, nestling himself close and letting out a breath.

Draco rested his chin ontop the others head, his jaw clenched slightly. His hand soothingly rubbed the others back.

"I'm really glad that I'm here." Harry mumbled after a few moments.

"Why?" It confused Draco, it probably always would.

"You heal me, and you make me feel good, and hold me. No one's done that.."

"I wish I didnt have to heal you at all." Draco frowned.

Harry paused and seemed almost rigid in his arms, so he pulled back to look at the other. Did he say something wrong?

"I'm sorry." Harry mumbled. "You dont have to. I shouldnt have asked. Or gotten in trouble."

"No, no Harry.. I meant I wish you didn't get hurt for any reason." Draco insisted, pressing a small kiss to his forehead. He seemed to be put more at ease at that, nodding slightly and laying back against him.

"Can I make it up to you?" Draco furrowed his eyebrows.

Harry thought for a few moments, looking back up at him. His cheeks flushed red and he grinned like a kid. "Can you make me feel good again? I really like it.."

Draco blushed too, almost choking on air. "Uhm, are. Are you sure that's what you really want? I'm, I'm rich honey. I can get you anything you wish."

"Oh, uhm.." he seemed to think for a moment. "Do you think I can have some of those things? Uhm, I dont know what they're called. They're sweet, like a pastry?" He tilted his head, at a loss for the word.

Draco blinked a few times, nodding dumbly. He was willing to buy the boy absolutely anything he said next. An organ pipe or an elephant. But he wanted a dessert. Draco couldnt help but chuckle softly and pepper small kisses on his forehead.

"Why are you laughing!"

"Because you're so sweet. You can have any food you ask for any time, but as a present.." he laughed softly and shook his head. "If youre really sure. Tell me what it's like."

Harry blushed and went on to explain, all whilst Draco listened in bemusement and nodded.

"Treacle tart," Draco offered the name. He smiled softly when Harry gasped in joy and nodded at the word in confirmation.

The Malfoy carefully covered up Harry's body before summoning a house elf and asking for a bakers dozen of them. Harry giggled and cuddled closer, sighing softly. "Thank you," he hummed.

"Of course.."


Draco found Harry was content doing just about anything, so long as he was being held by Draco. Including sitting quietly as Draco read, in the others lap with Dracos head atop of his.

Harry couldn't read nearly as fast as Draco, Draco assumed, so he tried to linger on the pages incase Harry was following. Draco still was awfully fast even if Harry was trying to read it, so he relaxed against the man behind him and just thought as they waited.

A few times, Harry would ask questions. That sort of, concerned Draco.

"What's this word?" He mumbled, carefully pointing it out and looking up at Draco.

After a few moments of silence there was an answer.

"Gargantuan. It means giant."

And Harry nodded silently. After another page turn he points to another.

"Replicate," Draco mumbled. "Means to make a copy of something."


"Prominent means, noteworthy." "Faux means fake,"


"That's the word amazing...Harry, they said you could read and write?" Draco furrowed his eyebrows. Before, he had assumed there were just words Harry didnt have in his vocabulary. But perhaps he was only pointing to bigger words.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows and looked up at him, giving the meekest nod and blushing. "I can."

Draco pursed his lips, bookmarking his page and putting it down. "You dont have to lie.."

"I'm stupid," he mumbled, looking down and curling his knees to his chest.

"No, no you're not speak plenty well. 'Ts not you're fault that no one wanted to teach.." Draco wrapped his arms around the other, sighing.

This was going to make any plan Draco even hinted at beginning to think of, a lot harder. But, for now, his house elf distracted them with the treats Harry seemed to enjoy.

Chapter Text

They fell into a small routine together within the week. Draco woke first threw open the curtains and Harry scrambled to get up at the sudden light. Draco helped Harry find an outfit, then they stood side by side and brushed their hair, their teeth, used deodorant and cologne and mouthwash.

But then the schedule varied, so far it consisted of, for Harry, laying around when Draco wasnt present, and cuddling or holding his hand when he was present and doing whatever he was doing. Though, at the beginning of the day, Draco would always give Harry a recap of what is all happening today.

"So," he hummed after dabbing his mouth from the mouthwash. Harry followed him as he trailed back to the bedroom.
"Today, I was thinking you could eat downstairs, for breakfast. I'd like it to be a regular thing..Father is supposed to be picking up some things from in town, so you dont have to worry.."

Harry nodded slightly, his hands twirling around each other infront of him.

"You dont have to."

"I's okay, I want to.."

Draco gave a small smile and brushed some hair from the boys face, humming. "Alright, cutie.. After breakfast, I'm having an old friend come over to meet that alright?"

Harry pursed his lips but nodded slightly. Draco rose an eyebrow.
"As long as you stay with me.."

"Of course." He hummed, moving a hand down to interlace into Harry's. It always soothed the boy when they were touching.

"I'll be here until Dinner, but after I'm finished I'll be back for bed. That's all today, really, let's go to not miss breakfast." Draco led him down the halls and steps until they were entering the main dining room.

As the table came into view, Draco paused in his step to see his Father instead of his Mother. He looked over at the two with a stupid smirk.

"Your mother needed to go into town today, so she's picking up the other things aswell." He explained casually.

Draco looked over at Harry, his lip tugging into a small frown momentarily upon seeing the boy was staring at the ground. He knew they couldnt just leave now, so he slowly led them to their respective seats across the table. Harry sat slowly, looking at his lap.

"Go ahead and make your plate hon." Draco mumbled, slipping his hand down to hold Harry's hand.

He slowly did so, and Draco made his own, feeling guilty and angry. Though he made sure not to glare at his father. He knew he would be watching their ettiquite and all that stupid shit, so he had to release Harry's hand so he could eat properly.

As he ate in silence, he made sure to glance over at Harry every so often. His manners almost out did Dracos, though he could only imagine how carefully Harry was being.

"Bread on the plate." Lucius said curtly without looking at Harry fully. The sudden bark of command even made Draco jump.

He turned his eyes to his father immediately, about to speak out half a second after his own burst out. But he found that as Harry had jolted at the sudden instruction, a vase suddenly burst. That made him blink a few times and look at his father, who had looked at him, and concluded it was neither of them. Their eyes trailed to Harry, who was sitting rigidly.

"I-I'm sorry, that usually doesnt happen anymore."

Magical outbursts? Draco only nodded dumbly and got back to his food. He wasnt sure exactly how to reply to Harry, and felt the moment had passed to correct his Father.

Correcting someone's ettiquite was ungracious and worse manners than misplacing ones utensil. Draco knew his father knew that, but he couldnt help himself, could he? He had to stop himself from scoffing out loud as he continued eating. He didnt finish his food to it's entirety, simple carefully placing his utensils and napkin down carefully and standing. Harry looked over and carefully followed suite.

"Excuse us. We have a guest on their way." Draco said blatantly, taking Harry's hand and leading him back to the room.

After they were out of earshot range Draco chuckled softly and squeezed the other males hand.

"Did you see his face when the vase imploded? Completely iconic."

Harry managed a small smile. "So you're not mad?"

"No," Draco shook his head, looking over. "Magical outburst. Means you couldnt control it. It was his fault for being so rude, anyhow. He spooked me too."

Harry nodded, letting himself laugh a little aswell. They winded down the hall towards Dracos room.

"You said, anymore, did they used to happen often?"

Harry nodded slightly. "Since I was younger. Apparently getting in enough trouble for it can make them less common. I havent had one in probably a year."

Draco nodded slightly, and they finally entered the bedroom. He looked down at his watch. "He should be here in a few minutes. He's going to help me teach you about reading and writing. Does that sound good? Then we can read together." Draco smiled.

Harry nodded nervously, sitting on the bed. There were steps in the hallway, and Harry clutched Dracos hand tightly when the door was pushed open. He sighs softly and relaxes. It was only the said friend. He mostly kept his eyes on the floor. This was Dracos. Friend. Harry blinked a few times, turning to Draco quickly and moving up to whisper in his ear.

"What is the friend?" And he pulled back, looking at Draco expectantly.

Draco flushed slightly, his eyebrows furrowed. That kinda hurt. He cleared his throat and just looked up at Blaise.

"Blaise, this is Harry.." he managed, nodding to the boy beside him. Blaise closed the door and walked over.

Harry still didnt look at him, flushing and turning his head away even when Blaise crouched down infront of Harry.

"Hello Harry." Blaise said softly, looking up at him patiently. He slowly turned his head to the man infront of him, his cheeks flushing as he looks over the other.

Harry smiled a little, and then it got wider. "You're kind of like me." He grinned, moving his hand up and then hesitating, before finally moving it to touch Blaises arm.

"How is that?" He tilted his head, looking at the hand on his arm.

"I, I uhm." He cast a nervous look at Draco. "Ive only met people like s-s--Malfoy, but you're like me."

Draco tilts his head slightly, exchanging a look with Blaide before they both realise what he meant.

"Oh." Blaise nodded. People of color, Harry was talking about. Blaise frowned slightly, slowly standing.

"Well I'm glad to get to meet you. Though, you're..hispanic?" Blaise tilted his head.

Harry shook his head. "Latino? That's what I heard."

He nodded slightly, sitting down on the bed about a foot or two from Harry. "Well, that's no good you havent met very many types of people. Anything else you have never seen? I'm sure we'd love you to meet more diverse people.." he glanced at Draco.

Harry thought for a moment. "I never have met a girl." He looked at Draco. "Do you have any girl fri-ends?" He butchered the pronunciation.

Draco blinked a few times and pursed his lips. He gave a look to Blaise. Both of, holy shit our work is cut out for us and, is it even a good idea to tell other people?

Blaise pulled a weird rectangle. It was shiny on one side. And plastic on the other. He pressed a small button and the screen lit up and danced with shapes. Harry watched Blaise touch the top of it and click on letters. When he finished and put it away, he looked up to see Harry looking utterly suprised.

"What is that?"

"A phone. It can send words to someone else who has a phone, and other things."


"Really, Draco? You need to get a phone and show him." Blaise shakes his head. "Anyways..I'm here to teach you some things." Blaise smiled as he turned his attention back to Harry.

Harry nodded, and Blaise paused for a moment.

"Would you like it if I showed you on the phone?"

Harry's eyes went bright so Blaise chuckled and pulled it back out. He paused for a few moments before going to YouTube and pulling up the basics. He wasnt sure if it was insulting that everything was so colorful and a bit childish, but that's what they had to work with. He turned on a video, put it full screen. Then handed it to Harry.

Harry carefully held the rectangular device, and it was pretty obvious that he wasnt offended. He looked rather absorbed in it, entranced. To be fair, it was his first time seeing a phone or an Elephant drawing for E. He barely noticed when the two men stood up slowly and went to the corner of the room to talk.

"You should get him a tablet or something. I bet he could use one of those apps and teach himself." Blaise shrugged.

"Okay that's a good idea but can we focus on how fucked I am? He's only ever met white dudes?! I'm going to have to introduce him to mother." Draco rubbed his brow.

Blaise looked over when his phone started blasting his ringtone. Harry looked to him and awkwardly held his phone out.

"I didnt touch anything-"

"No, it's alright. It means someone wants to talk to me. Would you like to see?"

Harry looked over at Draco before nodding eagerly.

Blaise pressed a bright green circle and then another circle. The music stopped. "You're on speaker, Pansy."

"What? Why? Are you mother fu-" and he quickly turned her off speaker, putting the phone back to his ear.

"No, shut up.
Because I said so.
Beca-" and Harry watched in subtle amusement when Draco took the phone.

He could almost hear the girl speaking, she must have been being really loud. Dracos cheeks flushed.

I'll explain if you do.
You can see for yourself.
Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.
Alright, goodbye." Draco hung up, puffing his cheeks.

"Is that loud girl coming over?"

Draco chuckled softly and tucked some hair behind Harry's ear. "Yes. She is."

"I'm sorry for her language." Blaise apologized to Harry.

Who just blinked at him. "I'm 18."

So Blaise nodded slightly, rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry. Right, so, here's the video again." He pulled it back up and handed it to Harry.

The boy walked over and sat back on the bed. The boy who just squinted because he's heard cussing before because hes 18, watched intensely at the brightly colored ABCs.

After he sat back down they turned back to one another. Draco watched him fondly for a few moments before turning to look at Blaise.


"What do you mean no?"

"I seen how you just looked at him. That can't be a thing, Draco."

"What cant?"

"It shouldn't be too hard to win the case in court if we just offer a lot of everyone's memories. But what do you think happens after that?"


"You think they just give him back to you? Because you're different? Because you've reverse Stockholm syndrome'd yourself?"

Draco pursed his lips, looking at the ground.
"Look, when it comes down to it, no one is going to have any say on what happens to him. He's 18. Itll be his choice."

"But you cant let him cling to you afterwards." He whispers harshly. "The point of this isn't only to put away people who have hurt him. It's so he can live normal afterwards. If all the happiness hes known is from you then he'll want to stay with you. You cant let him, Draco. He needs to go have experiences after this is over."

Draco nodded slightly, looking at the ground with his jaw clenched. "I know. But first things first. He has to be able to read, write, socialize and function on his own." He looked up.

"Well, one day at a time. Today's alphabet and meeting new pansy." He said as she walks in. Harry looks up, pausing the video after a few awkward clicks.

She looked over Harry for a few moments before walking over to the boys talking. "Who's glasses? He's cute. Either of you dating him? Let me guess, Draco? Is that why you've been gone?" She crossed her arms.

Draco stares at her at a liss for word before quickly shaking his head. "What no-"

"Cool, dibs." She shrugs, turning around and going over to Harry.

Draco takes a step over and Blaise stops him, watching carefully. She sits down close and beside Harry, arms at her sides to press a her chest forward casually.

Seeing a girl in person for the first time when you're 18 is really difficult, Harry decides. I like girls and boys, Harry decides as a close second. He blushed and quickly moved his eyes away from her chest to look at her.

She smirks, winking. "I'm Pansy."

"My name is Harry.." he gulped, looking over at Draco for a moment, who's arm was still being held so he wouldnt come closer.

"What are you watching, Harry?" She hums, leaning over to take a look.

He quickly hid the phone and blushed darker, shaking his head. "Nothing!" Its embarrassing okay?

She gives a little fake pout, chuckling softly afterwards. "You're all kinds of cute."

"Oh, uhm. Thank you-" his eyes go over her body for a second. "I think youre the first real woman I've ever met. And, and the prettiest.."

She obviously doesnt know he means this literally, so she can only smirk triumphantly. In the background, Blaise has to stop himself from telling her.

"Well," she hums, walking her fingers up Harry's chest before taking a gentle hold of his shirt collar. "We're going out for dinner tonight."

Harry watched her hand, his face never returning to its normal color. He's convinced he'll never stop blushing. "Like-like in public-"

"Yes." She glances at Draco, ignoring the shake of his head. "And I won't take no for an answer."


"Nuh uh," she grins, putting a finger to his lips. "I'll see you at 8. I have to be going now."

He stares at her dumbfounded as she stands up, walking back over to Drsco and Blaise.

"Pansy you cant t-"

"I'll do what I want. I used up all my free time, so you'll have to find your excuse for ignoring our hangout sessions another time." She poked Dracos nose before leaving, leaving him to rub it slightly.


"I cant go in public," Harry shook his head, eyes wide.

Blaise watches him for a moment before turning to Draco.

"No. No! He's not ready! Especially for Pansy-he can't read the menu!" He whisper-yelled.

"...fine. I'll tell her. But it's gonna take a while. Uh, get him a tablet, though." Blaise glanced over at Harry.

He walked over slowly, crouching down. He smiled softly in thanks when Harry handed his phone back. "I have to go now, but it was nice meeting you, Harry."

"It-it was nice to meet you, Blaise." He nods.

Blaise smiled and stood up before leaving, casting Draco a small wave. Draco sighed and walked over, sitting next to Harry.

"I know I cant go, dont worry."

Draco frowned. "I'm sorry, love. But I'll tell you what, we can go out for lunch."

Harry looked up at him, eyebrows up and eyes slightly wide. "In public?!"

"Yes, Harry. I want to you to be used to going outside. We'll start small, okay? We can walk to a little restaurant."

Harry nodded nervously, smiling. "But I cant read the menu.."

"That's alright. I'll read it to you, okay?"

Harry nodded eagerly, pressing close and putting his head on Dracos chest in a small hug. Draco wrapped his arms around the other, humming softly for a few moments.

"I have to go get something, but I'm sure I'll be back in no more than 20 minutes."

"O-okay, I'll see you after." Harry pulled off.

Draco leaned forward to give him a small kiss before pausing and moving away quickly. He knew Blaise was right. He cleared his throat and stood, waving slightly before he apparated.

Harry looked at his hands after Draco had left, not sure what to do to pass the time. He was never sure what to do, even after being here a little over a week now. It felt like a lot longer. Especially in times when Draco was gone for hours. He found himself walking around in boredom, finding his way to the bathroom. He found a hair tie and looked at it interestingly. He's seen Draco do it a few times. Though Draco usually only put his hair up after the shower. He said something about volume.

Harry squinted down at the elastic band, stretching it and twisting around his finger. Trying to figure out how it would stay before he tried it in his hair. Finally, he managed to figure out a technique where the band stayed in place. Now he just had to figure out how to put his own up behind himself.

He slid the band down his wrist and moved his hands to his hair. He bit his lip in concentration, watching how his hair formed in the mirror. He'd become a little more comfortable with mirrors, but he avoided them the first few days. He wasn't used to it, and he couldnt help but see all the bad things in his own reflection.

Draco was so porcelain and even, with perfect hair and a toned body. Harry was distressed to see his eyebags and almost malnourished looking complexion the first day he had came. Though he still hadn't looked at himself out of the shower.

Harry managed to get his hair halfway into a loose, extremely messy bun when his eyes flick to some movement in the mirror behind him. Lucius was leaned against the doorframe.

"Hello little one." He greeted. Harry's eyes moved down to the sink counter as he finishes with the hair tie.

"Let me do it, baby." He strides forward, moving to stand directly behind Harry, a bit too close.

Harry's hands grip onto the counter tightly as he allows the older male to undo the unruly bun he had made, and instead start combing it. He put it into a slightly loose, neat bun instead.

"I dont like it when you call me that.." he mumbled softly when he was finished.

"What?" He asked tightly, the hand in Harry's hair curling into a fist instead smoothing it down.

"I-I dont like when you call me baby-" Harry managed, closing his eyes at the sting.

"You shouldnt back talk." He growled into his ear. "And you definitely shouldnt think you have a say on anything."

"But I-"

The hand gripped tighter, pulling Harry to tilt his head back. "And you should learn to only speak when told to."

Well, apparently stubbornness wasnt Harry's strong suite. He nodded slightly, making a noise when he was bent over the sink.

"One," he whispered, lip trembling.


"Three!" He gasped, the hit being particularly hard. He opened one eye slowly when there wasnt a fourth, seeing the mirror was nearly shattered to pieces.

"Why do you do that?" He growled, using Harry's hair to lift his head up fully to look at it.

"I-I dont mean to sir-"

"Bullshit." He growled, shoving himself away from Harry. "You're pathetic." He cast a look over him. "Disgusting. I see why it took your master so long to claim you."

He chuckled to himself. Mind games was his close second favourite thing to do to torment pets. It always proved efficient. Even if he was lying out of his ass about what he said to hurt them, he found amusement in their psychological break just as much as physically breaking them.

He knew his son. He could always tell he would be a horrible owner. He's too mushy. Sentimental. So he knew exactly how he would treat his pet. And in turn how to turn it around against them.

"You're a horrible pet. So weak and ugly that your master wont even hit you. I dont call you baby out of sweetness. You're a baby. Cant take a single hit."

Harry had to keep his head up, being held up by the fist in his hair so he had to look in the mirror.

"I bet your master doesnt even use you, does he? So fragile and ugly he doesnt even sad, you're just an old housewife to him at this point, arent you? It's no matter of time before he just decides to get a new pet. Well, he should be home soon. Not that he'll need you, but I'll be going."

He released his hold on Harry and went back to the door, pausing. "Dont mention my visit. He probably doesnt want you to know the things I've said...well. what do you say?"

Harry let his forehead clunk down against the counter when it was released, just staying in place. When promoted, he mumbled. "Thank you sir.."
And then he left.

Harry found himself tearing up and sniffing, but Lucius was right, Draco would be home soon. And he found that when he lifted his head, he looked worse when he was crying. He also found that the mirror had been repaired. The boy exhaled slowly, wiping at his eyes and testing out a small smile.

The puffiness went down by the time Draco was back. He entered the room and looked around a little until he found Harry in the bathroom, still fumbling with his hair. Since it got messed up by a fist. Draco sat a bag down on the counter, and moved behind Harry, still space between them.

"I can teach you?" He offered, and Harry nodded slightly.

Draco caught his eye in the mirror. He pursed his lips and continued to carefully take Harrys bun down.

"Messy or neat?" He questioned, hand hovering over a comb.

"Whichever you think looks good s-ss"

"Malfoy," he mumbled softly, and Harry just nodded a little.

Draco decided to try a messy bun on the man infront of him. He didn't grab the comb, instead just simply using his fingers to pull all of his hair together. He made sure to move slowly to show Harry, but found he wasnt watching. So he just continued to put it up softly. Afterwards, he stepped back.

"All done.."

"Thank you s-"


He nodded. Draco furrowed his eyebrows and grabbed the bag as he trailed back to the bedroom. Harry followed behind him, sitting on the bed.

"Do you want to see your tablet? It's like a phone, but bigger."

Harry gave a little nod. The words from earlier stuck with him. He couldnt help but realise that they were mostly true. Just earlier Draco didnt want to kiss him. Maybe it's because he learned that he was stupid. Harry gulped down a lump in his throat as the tablet is brought out. That's probably why he's trying to teach now.

He's pulled away from his thoughts when Draco puts the tablet in his lap. He realises he's in the middle of speaking to him, who knows how long now.

"-earlier..Harry, look up at me?"

And he quickly did so, raising his head from where it was hung, eyes previously just focused on his thumbs twiddling. He only looked at him expectantly.

"Is something wrong?"

And Harry blinked a few times. He looked around, and inspected the tablet. What could be wrong? Everything looked in its respective place.

"It means, is something bothering you? You look upset.." Draco moved a hand forward, hesitating for a second before he put it overtop Harry's.

But Harry twitched his hand away for a second, before keeping it there.
"I'm bad," he whispered after a few moments.

Draco furrowed his eyebrows, shaking his head slightly. "Why do you think that?"

"Because I-I, I'm weak, you dont punish me, and you have to heal me, and y-you dont want me, because I'm so gross you didnt want to claim me, and now you hate me because you found out I'm so stupid and you're g-gonna sell me and I dont want to leave, please, d-dont-" he hiccups, only then realizing that he's basically sobbing. Harry pulled his knees to his chest and buried his face.

He tensed slightly when he felt a hand on his back, and then another, Draco hugging him. He let his knees go so he could quickly grip onto him in return. Draco slowly pulled him into his lap, keeping a soothing hold on him and running his hands softly over his back.

"That's not true, honey." He whispered softly in his ear.
"I dont hit you because it hurts you. And I dont want to hurt you because I care about you. And I didnt want to 'claim you' because that's sick. No one should own another person. I knew that you would do anything I asked even if you didnt want to. But I wanted you to want to. Because it feels good when you want to do it too, remember?" Draco sighs softly, glad to feel and hear that Harry's crying had settled to small sniffs and hiccups.
"And I don't think you're stupid. I think you were never allowed to go to school, or you were never taught so you couldnt leave your last..owners.. but I know you would really enjoy to learn and read, so I wanted to help.."

Harry pulled away slowly, pushing his glasses up to wipe underneath his eyes. He put them back down to look at Draco, sniffling softly.

"But I dont want to be your master. Because that's gross, and mean..I forgot to tell you what a friend was. A friend is someone who cares about you, and wants to spend time with you because you get along and like each other. I just want to be your friend, Harry, not your owner..maybe even your boyfriend.."

Harry furrowed his eyebrows as he nodded slightly. "But you are a boy."

Draco chuckled slightly, giving a small nod. "Yes, but. A boyfriend or girlfriend is like a friend, but you want to kiss them, and feel good with them, and you know, just cuddle and spend your life together."

"So you're like my boyfriend?" Harry mumbled.

Draco bit at his lip, nodding. "Something like that, yeah. So no more tears, okay?" He said, leaning closer and helping to wipe some streaks off his face.

Harry nodded in agreement, leaning into his hand, which in turn let Draco cup his cheek. Harry closed his eyes softly in contentment, letting his head rest against Dracos hand.

Chapter Text

Draco found himself cradling Harry in arms as they cuddled. Harry's head was on his chest, and he was setting up the others tablet while showing him.

"-so if you click on this one you can practice memorizing..then once you're sure you remember the song, click the arrow and itll teach you what sound and part of the song goes with the letter. Okay? Make sure you keep me updated and I'll help you practice cuddle bug."

Harry was nodding along, looking intently at the screen so he could remember the way to do it. He giggled slightly at the name, squealing when his sides were suddenly being tickled, squirming and trying to get away.

Draco grinned, setting the tablet aside and crawling after him. He pulled the darker wizard back by his hips, flipping him over and tickling his sides more. The other arched his back up and panted laughs, playfully shoving at Dracos chest. The pale wizard chuckles, softly pinning Harry's wrists to the bed.

They pant softly as they stood still finally, looking at one another. Draco leaned down, capturing the other in a kiss that was carefully returned. He moved his hands off the others wrists, instead just resting at the sides of Harrys head to hold himself up. The man below him wrapped his arms around Dracos neck, curling softly into his long blonde hair.

When they parted to breathe, kiss still light, Draco sat up a bit to analyze him, Blaises words and warnings running through his head. But Harry's worries and dejectedness also thrumming.

"What's wrong?" He mumbled, hands still weaved through long locks. Draco looked down at him, sighing and sitting up.

Harry carefully sat up as well, pulling his knees to himself, as he does. He looked at his necklace Draco had bought him as a present, idly holding it as he waited for the other to speak.

"You dont actually like me," Draco eventually sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

Harry looked up at him in confusion. "I-I think I know what I-who I"

"I'm good to you. Yes. I treat you like you're human."

"Yeah," he nodded, eyebrows furrowing. "So I like you for that."

"That's the thing, though." He spoke softly and slow, "if everyone treated you like I did, I wouldnt be any special, and you'd have no reason to like me. I'd just be an average person."

"But no one treats me like you do.."

"But if they did? You would have no reason to stay with me." It all sounded hypothetical, but Draco knew that he would one day just be mediocre. He would have history with Harry, be the reason he was able to live his life. But he would still be average, right?

"I dont, uhm, know a lot. Obviously..about how most people are treated. But I've never seen someone, uhm, you know. Really care. Like lots..about just a friend or stranger."

Draco looked up from his wringing hands, furrowing his eyebrows a little in silent question.

"You let me cuddle you whenever I want and you stay in here for long times because you know I dont want to be alone a-and you're teaching me things, like reading but also like saying no and stuff.." he flushed as he rambled on, definitely feeling strongly about it all, and still not being used to speaking so much, so freely.
"Anyone else would laugh at me for not knowing how to read, or leave me up here alone.."

Draco sighed softly, giving a slight nod. "That's all really sweet, Harry. Thank you. But." He puffed his cheeks.
"But someone who wanted to be or was your boyfriend would do all of those things. What if you could have a different boyfriend? Who treated you the same?"

"I would pick you.." he mumbled.

"But if you were more in the real world? Would you want someone who got you as a sick birthday present?"

Harry frowned slightly, squirming uncomfortably about the subject.
"I-I dont think about that kind of stuff. I stopped wondering a long time ago, because it makes me sad."

Draco sighed softly, scooting over and wrapping an arm around him.
"I can make it simpler? Do you want to have sex with me because you like me, or because you're safe and I make it feel good? Other people can be nice and make you feel good, you know.."

"I-I dont know. I'm sorry. I dont have experience with either before now.."

"You liked Pansy," he mumbled, neither looking at each other. Instead their heads leaned together.

"I'd never seen a girl and she was pretty.." Harry mumbled.

"I just..there are a lot of people out there. And I want you to get out there. But I dont want you to think you have to stay with me just because you're here right now. Just remember that, okay..?"

After a few moments of silence, he felt Harry nod slightly.

"Do you still want to go out to lunch?" Draco murmured, pulling his head away so he could look at Harry.

The boy fidgeted with his hands, looking down at them as he thought. He shook his head slightly after a few moments.

Draco gave a small nod of acknowledgment, glancing down for a few seconds.
"That's alright. But can you tell me why?"

"It's-..scary. it's all I've ever wanted until I came here. But now I have the chance and I'm scared..I'm sheltered. Your two friends with you in here were the most people I've ever been in a room with."

Draco nodded more, carefully taking the others hands into his own to calm his fidgeting. Harry finally looked up at him nervously. "That's okay. We can always work up to it.."

Harry gave a subtle nod back. "I-I would really like to go outside one day..when I came here, and walked out to the car thing, it was so weird. I-I liked it, just unfamiliar."

Draco brought his hand to his lips and kissed the back of it softly. "Okay, love. When would you like to go outside? We have a big garden.."

"Do you think we can today?" He smiled nervously, eyes trailing out to the window. Draco followed his gaze, humming softly.

"I think that's very possible, Harry.."

After they ate a lunch in the room together, Draco stood and grabbed Harry's hand.

"Is it time?" He grinned.

"Yes, come over here and we'll get our shoes on." Draco led him to their wardrobes.
"Well. It's late June, I think we'll burn up outside dressed like this. Do you care to change?"

Harry looked over their clothes; Draco wore his usual attire, soft black fitted slacks with a skinny ankle, a deep red button up, matching black vest and tie. Harry idolized how classy and well kept the man was, he almost found it hot.
Harry simple wore black skinny ankle pants aswell, but a loose gray button up otherwise. He didnt necessarily think he had to be so dressed up, as he usually only seen Draco.
He nodded a bit and the Malfoy seemed to think for a few moments.

"Well, you'll have to wear some of mine, then. I dont actually..know..if I have shorts.." Draco paused. They weren't the most classy of attire, but he was sure he had some to sleep in, somewhere.
He rummaged through his drawers and ended up finding a pair of basketball shorts and a pair of swimming trunks. He pouted slightly. Again, not the classiest.

"Theyll have to do," he sighed, handing Harry the swimming trunks, since they were from a few summers ago, they would fit the underweight male better than Draco.
"Let's see," he hums, looking through his tee shirts now. Almost every single one was a simple undershirt for his button ups. He smiled slightly when he found a shirt from Hogwarts, specifically a practice shirt, with his Quidditch team name on the front(Slytherin Quidditch), and 'Malfoy' on the back. He handed it to Harry and just grabbed a grey undershirt for himself.

They both dressed, and Draco couldnt help but smile at how just cute and geeky Harry looked. Green floral print trunks, and Quidditch shirt. He hummed and handed Harry some beach sandals, slipping on some himself.

"All ready?" He smiles, holding out his hand. Harry nodded with a matching smile, eagerly following along.

They made it to the bottom floor and Draco led him to the back of the manor, towards an open patio with glass doors. He glanced back at the other every so often, happy to see him so excited.
Malfoy opened the door, hand still in Harry's, and led him outside. They went to a small bench towards the center and sat. Harry looked over everything. It was decently big, and how you would imagine a rich person's backyard. Roses and vines and other elegant flowers Harry had never seen. There was grass of course, and neat stepping stones, and finally the gazebo they sat inside.

"I like it out here," he nodded slightly, looking around in awe as he held Dracos hand.

The Malfoy squeezed his hand, smiling. "You can wander a bit if you want..I'll just watch from here."

Harry reluctantly stood, letting his hand slip from Dracos. He followed over the stepping stones and ended up sitting carefully in the grass. The smaller wizard ran his hands through it, smiling a little but mostly making a small noise at the feeling.

From the bench, Draco watched Harry carefully. He didnt have a single thought that the boy would try to leave, he was honestly convinced that Harry would choose to stay with him. He could still see the other, just from behind. The blonde can see him touching the grass cautiously, before he suddenly scrambled away and stood up.

Harry looked back at Draco, his cheeks red. So he stood and came over, looking over the place Harry had been sitting. He smiled slightly and leaned down, softly picking up and putting the insect in his palm. He turned to Harry, who scrunched his face.

"It's just a bug," he chuckled, offering it to Harry.

Harry nervously put his hand out, and it walked onto his fingers. "What's it called?" He mumbled.

"A beetle."

They both watched intently as the creature walked around his hand, slowly going towards his wrist and onto his arm. After it was instead on Harry's arm, he suddenly let out a little whine and shook his hand a bit violently to flailed his hand to get it off. It fell off somewhere, and Harry huffed slightly and shivered.

Draco laughed softly, shaking his head and taking Harry's hand into his own.

"I dont like it.."

"That's alright hon. Cmon, come over here.." Draco led him to some flowers, sitting down beside the darker male.

"What are they called?" Harry mumbled, putting his head on Dracos shoulder. He watched the flying bugs sit atop the bright flowers curiously.

"Butterflies. This one is a monarch." Draco motioned to an orange one.

Harry nodded, smiling softly. "I like that one."

They sat watching for a while before Harry jolted and looked around. Draco furrowed his eyebrows and looked at him.

"Who said that?" He mumbled, looking around.

"I didnt hear anything.." Draco looked around aswell.

'Overrr heree.." he heard. He turned towards the drawling tone, eyes landing on a small brown and black speckled snake.

Harry straight screamed, fumbling backwards and onto Draco. Draco frowned and looked over to see an Addle Viper snake staring at them both curiously.

"Shoo," Draco waved his arm at it, furrowing his eyebrows. What odd behaviour. He held Harry, looking at the wizard for a moment.

"It's harmless love," Draco mumbled.

"My, well hessss right..sssorry to have sssspooked."

"WHY IS IT TALKING TO ME" Harry looked at the blonde in distress.

"What..?" Draco furrowed his eyebrows.

"Thatsss incredibly rude..finally find ssssomeone to ssssspeak to, and they ssscream."

"Can you hear him?" He whispered to Draco.

He shook his head slightly, very confused. "Are can you...I."

"Uhm. I-I dont know." Harry blinked.

The snake stared simply.

"Can-can you nod at me if I'm not delusional-"

The snake lifted up slightly. "I sssssuposssee." And it nodded very vividly.

Dracos jaw dropped.

"Can we keep him!" Harry grinned.

"Thatssss not happening."

"Does he want to be?"

"Well, no.." Harry frowned.

"Then it's rude to take him, isnt it love?"

"Thatssss ironic." The snake whispered.

"Shut up or Im taking you!" Harry hissed back at the snake.

Draco rose an eyebrow. Harry just sighed and leaned forward, cautiously touching the snake. It curled around his hand.

"Sssoo whossss the prat?"

Harry rose his eyebrows and looked back at Draco before tilting his head.

"He's like my boyfriend?"

"Didnt realissse you were into albinosss."

Harry looked at Draco. "What's an albino?"

The Malfoy blinked and then glared at the snake. "I am not albino! Come on Harry, let's go inside." He huffed, standing.

"Ssssenssitive." The snake offered, sliding off of Harry's hand as he moved to stand up aswell.

Harry giggled slightly at the comment, standing and following Draco back inside. They made their way back up to the room, and Draco pulled out his phone. He pressed some buttons, before putting it up to his ear.

"Hello..are you busy?
Can I bother to ask you about something?
Yes, well. Is it possible for a wizard to, well, speak to animals? Specifically just a single species, with no enchantments or whatnot?
No, no, don't worry. It's hypothetical.." he glanced over to Harry.
"Well, alright..thank you, I'll leave you to it. Goodbye."

"That was weird." Harry mumbled. Draco nodded in agreement, sitting on the bed with a small hum.

"So that's never happened?"

"I've never seen one. What was it?"

"A snake." Draco smiled, wrapping an arm loosely around the other as he sat beside him.

"Cool." He smiled softly. "Can you talk to any animals? Do you think it was just that one of all of them? Do you think he'll be back?"

"Oh uhm-" Draco blinked a few times. "No, I cant speak to any that I know of..and I suppose we'll just have to see.."

Harry nodded, leaning his head against the blonde. "It's kind of cool, innit?"

"Isn't it, dear." Draco softly corrected. "And yes, I do think it is rather 'cool.'" He smiled. "Oh, and, albino is someone who had white skin, and white hair. Their eyes are either pink, or sometimes a purple. I dont know all that much, there is probably more."

Harry turned his head to look up at Draco, a hand threading through his hair softly. "If your eyes were pink,"

"Well, on my definition you're correct. But it's more than that." Draco chuckled, leaning over and pecking the boys nose. He sighed softly, letting his eyes close as he leaned down more and pecked his lips softly a few times.

Harry blushed softly, returning the small kisses. When Draco put a hand on his cheek, the other kissed more firmly, parting his lips and letting it flow more. Harry tried to keep mimicking his movements, really hoping he was improving. He just really liked to kiss either way.

When Draco's tongue pressed between his lips slightly, asking for permission, Harry opened his mouth a bit more into the kiss. He really liked this kind of kissing. Draco always took the lead, softly gripping a hand in Harry's hair as his tongue moved sinfully in the others mouth.

And Harry would try to keep up, pressing his tongue against his and helping them dance together as much as he could. Draco broke away with a small urgency for air, his lips immediately cascading down and onto Harry's jaw. It took everything in the man not to moan softly just at this, the small peppering of kisses tickling slightly, but the open mouth ones sending shivers. The tiny nips bolted electricity through Harry, and the suckling and lovebites to form a hickey made him release small noises.

His hand was tightened in the long blonde hair as he held him close. Harry's hip twitched slightly as one of Dracos hands trail down to it, gripping him and softly suggesting Harry straddles him. He hasnt done this. So he isnt sure what possessed him to eagerly straddle the wizard and wrap both arms around his neck.

Instincts, I guess. But he didnt dwell on the thought too long, because his 'instincts' also had him pressing his hips down and sort of rolling them? He wasnt sure, but it felt nice, and he would be content doing this for hours.

Draco held his hips tightly in place and grinded his own up as he continued at Harry's neck. The boy couldn't help but let out a moan, tightening his arms around him. The Malfoy kept firmly rolling his hips up and into Harry, relishing the small moans he released as he breathlessly kissed at his darker neck.

After a minute or so he hurriedly began undoing their pants, lips moving back up go capture Harry's. It was a lot more addicting when he was riled up, Draco decided.
He managed to pull the swimming trunks off of Harry, leaving him in Dracos jersey and some boxers. The blonde pushed his own shorts down a bit, enough to reach into his boxers blindly and pull out his angry length.

Harry hummed into the kiss as it deepened once more, not entirely aware of the situation underneath him. He pressed back down with the intent of grinding again, breath hitching as he felt Dracos cock. It slipped a bit behind him, rubbing over his entrance slightly. Harry was careful about putting his weight on it, moving his hips back and forth. The others length fit snugly against his cheeks, and Draco couldnt help but groan softly in his kiss.

He moved his hand back, slipping it under Harry's boxers and brushing against the others entrance. He squeaked a little, pulling from the kiss to breathe once more. His hips pressed back slightly against the pale hand, and Draco teasingly circled and rubbed over the puckering hole. It wasnt until Harry whined and hid his face in Dracos shirt that he pushed a finger in, curling it and watching the man atop him grip closer at the sensation.

He moaned shakily as the finger starts pumping in and out, idly trying to kiss at Dracos neck. He wasnt sure what to do, but he was trying. He barely hears Draco mumble before he felt the preparation spell casted on himself. A second finger quickly joined, assuring he was stretched. Harry's sounds grew slightly, and Draco shivered. The other was moaning by his ear, eagerly attempting to kiss at his jaw.

He pulled his hand away from the other, have an idea he really wanted to try out.
"Can I do something new?" He mumbled, pecking the boys shoulder. Harry nodded slightly and pulled back, looking at him.

"Okay, just get on your hands and knees.."

Harry did as told, flushing and hiding his face in his arms. Draco hurriedly moved behind him, slowly pulling off his boxers the rest of the way. Then he dipped down and ran his tongue over the others entrance, pleased at how his hips twitched and he whimpered. Harry's hands clenched in the covers softly as Draco dips his tongue in, lapping inside of him.

Well that never crosses his mind. He just let himself moan freely, putting his cheek against the bed. Draco held his arms around the boys hips, rubbing over them, his ass, thighs, just touching him. He darted his tongue in and out of his prepped entrance, almost groaning himself at how just erotic Harry always seemed to act. Always as if he were a virgin.

Draco kept tongue fucking him slowly, using one of his hands to hold so that could push his tongue in deeper. Harry let out these pitifully needy whines and moans, hips eagerly pushed back against the blonde. They were driving him crazy, so he pulled back and rubbed his hands over the others back.

"Do you want more?"

"Y-yes, please.." Harry mumbled.

"How do you want to do it, love? You can pick whatever you want."

Harry sat up and turned to Draco, blushing slightly. "I-I uhm, theres something I kind of want to try.."

"Oh? Go ahead..tell me what you want."

"Uhm, just sit.." He mumbled, eyes glancing down to his leaking cock as he does as directed, sitting up on the headboard.

Harry flushed and crawled over, straddling Draco again now, but staying up on his knees. The Malfoy looked up at him, hands splaying up and across his chest. Harry reached behind himself, biting his lip in concentration as he brought the tip of Dracos cock against his entrance.

He let out a small breath and closed his eyes when he pushed himself down on it, slowly lowering. Draco's hands reach his jaw, pulling him forward slightly and kissing him for a few moments. Harry bottomed out faster than Draco would've expected, causing him to groan slightly at the feeling.

The wizard atop him moved his hips softly in a circle, humming a small moan. Dracos hands trail back down to instead rest upon his hips, slowly guiding him up a little and then back down. Harry carefully followed his lead, panting small noises. His own hands rested on Draco's shoulders. He slowly started moving up and down on the others length by himself, closing his eyes and trying to move faster.

Draco panted his own low growls and grunts, hands on Harry's hips guiding him faster. He heard Harry moan a bit louder everytime he sped the others movements up. Malfoy groaned and started meeting his riding, thrusting up in time with the boy. Harry only arched his back and gripped Draco closed, before he was pressed back suddenly.

Draco flipped them, groaning as he started fucking the other boy faster. It had been way too long. Harry's hands gripped behind his pale shoulders, and he moaned out shakily louder now. The Malfoy kissed at his neck, growling lowly. This was only their second time, but Draco couldnt get enough; often resorting to a cold shower some days so as not to pressure Harry to do anything.

The way he felt around him was amazing, of course. But the way he held Draco to him, when his breath hitches or hips twitch. When Harry arches his back or his eyes roll back just a little. Everything. He's consumed in every sensation, his thrusts becoming erratic and he feels Harry scratching down his back.

"Is it good?" Draco managed to ask. He was all for rough play and clawing, but he didnt want to mistake Harry's sadistic behavior as a good thing if it were not.

But Harry nodded fast, chest rising and falling as he barely manages words.
"Yes-yes it-yes-" his own moans interrupt him and Draco feels himself get closer than before as the man beneath him praises.

Harry arches his back into Draco, clawing down his back more as he slips into..another language? Parseltongue? Draco isnt sure because whatever it is it's hot and Harry is clenching around him and coming.

Draco finishes right after him, letting a small groan escape his lips as they ride out their orgasm in an erratic pace that's slowing. Draco ends up buried inside the latino, leaning down and kissing him softly for a few moments. He pulled back with a small breath, pulling himself out and finding his wand. He mumbles the cleaning spell and fixes himself in his boxers, before just laying down next to Harry.

He promptly turned to his side and cuddles up to Draco, his eyes closed as his shallow panting dies down.

"Harry, what other secret abilities do you have?" Draco chuckled weakly, moving a hand to thread through the mans hair.

"I dont know. That's a new one."

"Shit," Draco hummed, letting his eyes close.

Chapter Text

"Wakey wakey," Draco calls.

Harry opened his eyes only for the curtains to be thrown open in their usual fashion. Harry hummed and put his glasses on, sitting up.

"Good morning.." he yawned.

"Good morning beautiful. Get up, we're going to shower and then go out."

Harry got up and nodded sleepily, rubbing his eyes and following Draco to the bathroom. The pale wizard turned the shower on and pulled off his own boxers he had worn to sleep. Harry followed suite, setting his glasses aside.

Draco stepped in and took Harry's hand to help him do the same, humming under the warm water.

"Where are we going?" Harry yawned again as Draco rubbed the water into his dark hair.

"Shopping." Draco answered, grabbing shampoo and pouring it into Harry's mass of hair. He massaged it softly, the boy closing his eyes and humming at the feeling.

"Thought that you could pick some clothes out. Blaise said I'm dressing you like a carbon copy of me. I told him he was being ridiculous, but then I couldnt tell who's laundry was whos.."

Harry chuckled softly, humming and tilting his head back as Draco washed the suds out.

"Well I've never chosen my own clothes."

"We have the entire day," Draco smiles, grabbing the conditioner.
"I can show you pictures of different ways people dress. And you can try out the styles."

"Okay." Harry turned around and smiled up at him. "I think I'm ready to go out then. But dont leave me."

"Of course not darling."

Draco began to rinse the conditioner out now, one hand trailing with a small grin to Harry's chin.

"You're getting some hair."

"What? Why." He grimaced slightly.

"Well it's just part of getting older.."

Harry shuddered slightly. "I dont want to."

"Have hair?"

"Get older."

"Well it cant be helped." Draco would have chuckled if the other didn't look so concerned. "Why not?"

"Cause I.." he frowned. "They said no one will want me when I get bigger."

"Who did?" Draco furrowed his eyebrows.

"My-my masters.." he looked down.

Draco pauses, looking away and frowning. It's not that he had forgotten. It was just so real when he was reminded.
He moved the hand to cup Harry's cheek.
"I still want you. And we can get rid of the hair if you hate it." Draco pecked his chin softly.

Harry sheepishly blushed, giving a small nod.

"Want to practice the song?" Draco smiles, pouring shampoo into his hands for himself.

Harry smiled and nodded slightly, blushing a little.

"A B C D E F G, H I J K.."

Once they finished their showers Draco spell dried them. They still had towels around their waists, and Draco looked around for a razor.

"Well. We'll have to get one while we're out, love. I dont grow facial hair."

Harry nodded slightly, watching Draco summon two piles of clothes. They dressed themselves. Harry received black pants, and a clean Quidditch Jersey of Dracos. He smiled and put it on, fixing his necklace overtop of it.

"So what is this shirt for? It has your name-and your favourite color!" Harry grins, remembering the fact.

"It's a wizard game." Draco smiled. "Quidditch. Maybe I can teach you sometime."

"Yeah!" Harry smiles wider, fumbling to put on the shoes that came with his clothes. He finally managed, and stood up fully.

"Do you want me to redo your nails? They're chipped."

Harry looked down at them, nodding slightly. Draco lifted him to sit on the counter and pulled out the black nail polish again.

"We can get more colors, if you'd like." Draco offered as he began.

Harry shook his head, watching in fascination. "No, I like the black. It's cool."

"Yes very 'cool' Harry." Draco chuckled softly. "I might have an idea for what shop you might like."

"This is a Floo." Draco named, standing infront of it.

"It's a fireplace.."

"A magic fireplace. It'll bring us places."


"I will show you, stay here and I'll be right back."

So Draco floo'd to a mall plaza, and then came right back. Harry's eyes were wide.

"Wow. So I just do that-"

"Yes, love. Father has it set so I have to give you permission. But I do, so go ahead. Say the place I did."

Harry nervously took the powder and did what Draco had, stumbling through the other side and looking around. He immediately glued himself against the wall. Oh God, there were so many people.

Draco popped out a second later, somehow elegantly. He turned to Harry and held out his arm, to which the boy quickly attached himself to. They started walking around, and Harey found himself looking at all the people.

There were wizards younger than he'd ever seen besides himself, and witches older than he'd imagine. He has officially seen a lot of girls, he thinks.

"Its rude to stare." Draco mumbles, pulling Harry into a shop. The lights were dimmed comparatively to the rest of the store, and there was a lot of black.

"What kind of jewelry is that?"

"It's for piercings." Draco hummed. "Some people like to poke holes and put jewelry in their body. Like their tongue or eyebrow."

"" Harry nodded, following Draco around before his arm was released.

"I'll follow you. You can grab whatever you want, but if you dont like the stuff in here we'll try another one."

Harry nodded reluctantly, looking around slowly. A man approached them with plenty of piercings, red hair and a lot of chains.

"Looking for anything specific?"

Harry jolted and looked up, blinking a few times. "I-I- no-thank you-sir-"

He nodded slightly, chuckling and walking off. Harry let out a breath and turned to Draco.

"Do people just talk to strangers?" He whispered.

"He works here, love. But yes, it happens sometimes. I'm right here." Draco linked hands with him.

He could feel Harry relax a little and give a small nod. Harry trailed to the back of the store, then quickly turned around with a distressed look, cheeks flushed.

When did Spencer's start putting sex toys in the back of their shops??

Draco couldnt help but laugh softly and follow him back towards the front.
"So do you like anything here love?"

"Some of it's scary," he mumbled. "I like the pants with the holes. I didnt think it could be like fashion.."

Draco smiled and nodded, leading Harry back over to them.
"Are there any you dont like?"

Harry looked over them, a bit confused over the question. They were all nice, so he shook his head. To his suprise, Draco grabbed one of each pair and brought them to the front. The darker boy blushed as he followed, watching the cashier from earlier curiously as Draco paid.

When they began walking to another store, bags levitating behind them, Harry looked over to Draco.
"I didnt know people could change their hair like that."

Malfoy quirked an eyebrow before just nodding slightly. They entered another store, and another, and another, and soon Harry is pretty sure they've went to every one of them twice.

He just stopped in his tracks, whining and pouting out his lower lip. Draco paused and turned to him, raising his eyebrows.

"I'm hungry and my feet hurt." He frowned.

Draco smiled and grabbed his hand. "Well I'm glad you finally told me. You should start asking and telling me things more often, love. Let's go get some food and rest."

Harry grinned slightly and gave a small nod, following Draco to a little area of concession stands.

"There's lots of stuff here. Uhm, pizza, pretzels, corndogs, grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks, stuff like that."

Harry nodded slightly and looked around with a small blush.


"Oh, you want me to choose?" Harry blinked. "Uhm, I dunno.. mozzarella..?" He was mostly just saying one of the things Draco listed. He wasnt picky, and had no clue what the things were.

"Sounds good love. Let's go get them, then we can sit a while." Draco smiled, leading Harry to the booth thing with the mozzarella sticks and paying for two orders with some drinks.

Their food and drinks were handed over and they went to a little bench area. Harry leaned against him, curiously breaking the little cylinder in half. He rose his eyebrows and tugged, grinning slightly and looking up at Draco.

He only returned a small chuckle and shake of his head, beginning to eat his own.
"Oh, I got you a soda. I thought you might have fun trying it. It has bubbles, and its sweet." He handed over a bottle and opened it precariously.

Harry put his food down to hold it, inspecting the red label and brown liquid. He took a small sip and giggled, and then took another drink. He made a small face.

"Don't drink too fast. You'll upset your tummy," he mumbled, pecking the others nose.

He felt more than he heard a flash go off, whipping his head around accusingly. He was never bombarded by paparazzi, but every once in a while he'd get a picture snapped and article written. Usually when he was doing something disapproving.

Anyways, at the sudden flash Harry jolted, and a camera went flying. Draco blinked a few times and seen the reporter go fetch his camera hurriedly. He turned to Harry.
"It's okay, he spooked you." Draco mumbled.

Harry nodded slightly, cheeks flushing. He didnt want to tell Draco that one was on purpose, that he'd seen the man crouching and aiming towards them. He just thought it was a weapon. He silently continued eating, leaning against Draco.

"Cocky." Harry said suddenly.

Draco rose his eyebrows and looked down, seeing Harry pointing at the pop label. He smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his hair.

"When it has an e at the end, the o sounds like 'oh'. Try again darling."

Harry nodded, pursing his lips. "Coke?"

"Yes! Good job baby." He pecked his forehead and stood up to throw away their trash.

He came back over and Harry stood, interlacing their hands.
"So do you want to go home and give me a fashion show?"

Harry grins, nodding slightly. Draco had the bags pick up from their spots on the ground and follow them to a floo network.

"Malfoy Manor," Draco mumbled to Harry as they arrived. Harry nodded nervously, using the powder and going through as he remembered. He stumbled out into the common room, smiling as he had done it right. Draco came out after him, dusting his pants slightly.

They went back to the room and Draco had the bags sit down.
"Alright, pick out an outfit and come back to show me. My eyes are closed. "

He sat on the bed and did indeed close his eyes, hearing bags rustle slightly and then the bathroom door close.

He came back out after a minute, moving to stand infront of Draco.

Draco opened his eyes and looked over the other, smiling softly. He had on really strappy black boots, black ripped jeans, a loose tee tucked into his thick belt and a big flannel over it. Harry blushed slightly at the other looking over him, covering his face with the long sleeves.

"Do you want me to shrink that?" He offered. Harry shook his head to Draco chuckled, nodding slightly.
"It's very cute. Cmere."

Harry stepped forward, toe to toe with the other. Draco adjusted his belt slightly, still sitting on the bed so he had to look up at Harry. The boy flushed and looked away, shifting slightly.

"Something wrong, love?"

"No, you're just uhm..close."

"Do you not like it?" Draco sat back slightly.

"No I like it, just.." he puffed his cheeks.

Draco rose an eyebrow before his eyes flicked down to Harry's crotch he was pretty close to.
"I see." He nodded, smirking a little and putting his hands on the boys hips. Harry slowly moved closer and straddled the man, biting his lip.

When he didnt resist, Harry grinned a little, palms softly against Dracos chest. He kissed back when the other leaned forward and captured his lips, humming into it. Draco kissed him slowly for a few moments before pulling back and just pecking his lips a few times.

"What do you think you're doing?" He teased, pecking softly a few more times.

"I like kissing you," Harry managed between the pecks, arms moving around Dracos neck.

Draco hummed in thought. "Hmm, I like you kissing me." He chuckled.

Harry grinned and leaned forward again, kissing him sweetly. He pulled away just as fast, though.
"Can you show me how you spell your name?"

Draco blinked a few times before clearing his throat and nodding. "Yes, uhm, yeah."

He moved Harry from his lap and found his tablet, going to a note book app. He wrote out his name and showed him. Harry grinned, watching him go a space down and write something else.

"Harry." He voiced, pointing out the letters of the boys name.
"And your Last name is Potter," he explained, typing that out aswell.
"Once you're sure you can sound out some words, we can practice real writing.."

Harry nodded slightly, moving to sit in Dracos lap. He handed off the tablet, watching over the boys shoulder as he went to his learning app and continued where he had left off.
It'd been a few days since he got it. So far Harry memorized the alphabet, and he was currently half way through learning all the sounds each letter could make. He smiled softly and waved a book over. Draco had it float above Harry's tablet so he could read from there without letting go of Harry.

He mindlessly gave the boy small pecks, on his jaw, or cheek or into his hair as they both read silently. Thank fuck for magical technology, where Harry could openly hear the instructions the app gave him, but Draco could not. He heard muggles use headphones, but that sounds like a pain.

After about a chapter in his book, Draco glances down to see where Harry is. He's suprised to see the screen blank, and relaxed into Harry's lap. He turned his head to look at the boy, who was comfortably napping against Dracos chest. Malfoy smiled softly, peppering gentle kisses onto his face until his eyes fluttered open.

"Tired baby?"

"Mm.." he hummed, letting his eyes close again.

"Let's lay down proper then." Draco mumbled, kissing beside his ear.

Harry nodded slightly, worn out from being out most the day. Draco smiles softly when the other doesnt make an effort to move. He picked him up a little and brought him to lay down properly, cuddling up to him softly. Harry sleepily moved to curl his head into Dracos chest, promptly falling back asleep.