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First day of the rest of your life

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Waking up is always the hardest. But I do it quickly, pulling on clothes before my mind can catch up and tell me to rest again. Sleep sounded amazing, it always did. But there's too much to do before He wakes up. So I turn on the coffee and start pulling out ingredients to make breakfast. Just as He likes it.

And suddenly there's a hand on my hip. I jolt, turning around to see Him.

"You'll never believe the good news," He hummed in my ear. I shivered. Last time there was good news, he wanted to celebrate. And it was hard to keep up.

I almost flick my gaze up to look at him, but I know it's not allowed. I just wait until he continues on. "A very wealthy man wants to buy you from me. A gift for his son, he says."

My face drops immediately, I can feel it as vividly as I feel the pit in my stomach. He was my 4th owner, but by far my favourite. He had his moments, but less than those before.

"He will be here to pick you up in an hour. Finish cooking, then pack up your things and shower. Do not be late. I need this to go well." He warned, and the unfamiliar tone in his voice warned that I had no choice. I nodded slightly, waiting until he stepped away to quickly continue cooking.

I didn't mind household chores and such, but I don't much like cooking. Mostly because I knew it wasn't what I would be eating, so it was hard to be passionate about it. But, it also took time, and you couldn't rush it if you wanted it to be good. I'm not impatient, but there is much that needs done.

I fixed His plate and drink and set it out on the table. Next was to make myself presentable. There was always a possibility that I would have to fly across countries and such, so I needed to look..normal. I took a fast shower, most of my time spent scrubbing dirt from underneath my nails and trying not to melt under the soothing water.

But I knew there was a cut off time, so I stepped out and began drying. It was odd to be alone, have quiet time to think. Think about how my new life would be. Maybe they would give me a name, or at least designate one word to call me. He never liked to acknowledge me as having my own personality, so I havent been called anything in a while. Time was hard to keep track of.

I finished pulling on the new clothes He set out. I always got a nice pair when I was switching owners. It was a white button up shirt, and black pants. My mouth almost hit the floor as I stared at some leather shoes set out along with it all. That

So I hurriedly put them on. Oh, they were comfortable. Made me feel confident, even. A wealthy man indeed. Of course, I'd heard of owners who would spoil their pets. But I wouldn't let my hopes get too high. It felt as if I had only spent less than half of my hour doing all of this, but He came into the bathroom and looked me over. I only got a small nod, from what I could see with my head slightly hung, as I do.

"Come. He will be here in minutes." And walked off toward the opening room. I followed quickly, but a bit behind. I only barely set down my bag I had packed when there was a slow knock on the door. I watched Him open it, and a tall, middle aged man walk in. He even walked like a wealthy man. I made sure not to look directly up at him. Good first impression, I repeated to myself.

He and the stranger both sat across one another in arm chairs. He told me to sit beside my new owner, so he could inspect me. I nod quickly, and sit on the floor beside his feet silently.

"No no, up here." The man drawled, pulling me up, as I scramble to stand as fast as I can. He looked over me and I accidentally look at him. My breath hitches and I look away, wincing. I don't even remember what He looks like, as I quickly learned not to look at ones owner. The man pulls me to sit in his lap, to the side slightly, instead of striking me. I'm sure he can hear my heart racing.

The mans hands stroke over my entire body smoothly, inspecting each part of me as he talks. He began talking to me, but quickly realised I didn't know.

"How old are you?" He prompted, rubbing over my knee.

And I scrunch my eyebrows. I can talk, I know that, he spoke to me. "I don't know s-" my voice is small and I almost cringe at it. I dont have many opportunities to speak, ever, really.

"18." He answers for me, and I just nod. Sounds legit, I suppose.

"Previous masters?" The man inquires. I can feel the vibration of his chest against my back as he runs his hands up my thighs.

"Three before this, sir," I answer quickly, I know this one. I want to speak. My voice sounds so unfamiliar. I remember what this man looks like from the minute previous, and wonder if his son looks the same. He had very long, almost white hair, practically blending in with his pale white skin.

I can feel him nod. "Very well. You'll be my sons first pet," he hummed. I liked his voice, it was somewhat calming. But it held an edge, that I knew he would be terrifying should I upset him. "Wanted one with experience. You seem well enough to know how to behave, so that's well. Now, as a matter of payment.."

I gulped. His first..? I've never been the first pet for anyone. Maybe I'd get some slack. Or, maybe he wouldn't understand limitations yet. My mind snapped away when I feel his large, warm hands remove themselves from my skin. I realise that they had exchanged papers and money and such.

The man stands and I quickly do too, to get out of his way. My hand flinches away but relaxes when he grabs mine in his own. "I'm sure my son will be excited when I tell him. You're very cute," he chuckled. He's leading me outside, and I close my eyes at the brightness. I open them so I will not stumble, slowly adjusting to the sun. I breathe out in comfort at the feeling of the sun, warm on my skin. I cannot remember the last time I smelled the outdoors. It's soothing.

The door is opened for me and I look up at him, almost, before snapping my gaze down once more and getting in the vehicle. It's leather, and looks expensive, as is everything else. My new masters father sits beside me, pulling something over his chest. I furrowed my eyebrows at it. What?

"Buckle up," he looks at me. I don't look at him, but I feel his eyes on me. I want to do what he tells me, but what does that mean.

"I, I don't know what that means, sir.." I admit. He doesn't reply, but he reaches beside my head and grabs one of those things he has over himself. I watch his strong arm move over my chest, another thing over my legs. He pushed it in place inside a metal thing, with a small click. I nodded slightly. I could do it next time if I had to. Though I don't think I'll be in a car anytime soon after we get there. I look forward for a moment, realizing I cant see who is driving. There is plastic dividing us.

"Look at me," I hear, and instinctively do so. I feel uneasy, holding eye contact with the male. But I don't look away, just squirming slightly under his stare.

"I'm going to ask you something, and I promise you won't lie to me." He said slowly. I nodded, gulping as I feel his hand stroking my thigh again. I actually blush, which I haven't done since my first master.

"Your last owner told me yes, but I'd like to hear it from you. Are you gay, little one?"

The words knocked the breath out of me. Well, all of my masters have male. I begin to shrug, before stopping myself. "I-I don't know, sir.."

"You don't know a lot of things, it seems." He hummed. "Well, tell me, do you like it when I do this?" He mumbled, his hand rubbing softly and slowly moving toward my crotch. I'd never exactly been touched like this. My third master enjoyed getting sexual, but I didn't much like it. And the rest just used me as a house servant, or punching bag.

So my hips twitch and I blush two shades darker every inch he gets closer. I only nodded slightly. I realise this is the longest I've looked at anyone, and it's nice. He finally moves his hand directly over my growing length. And he's smirking. "I think you are, then, don't you?"

"Y-yes sir," I gasped and nodded, biting my lip to not make any loud noises as he begins to rub. He leaned his head forward, licking beside my ear and breathing raggedly against my neck.

"Say my name," he mumbled, nipping and kissing spots on my neck that I didnt know would be so sensitive. "Lucius," he tells me.

And my breath hitches, I feel my eyes roll back after my vision goes dark. "Lucius," I whimper, holding back every loud noise that wants to escape me. I've never felt like this but I don't think I ever wanted to stop. He's firmly rubbing, squeezing and stroking me through my new pants.

He groans when I say his name. I whisper it again, and again, softly and repeatedly because it's the only thing grounding me and holding back my own moans. I don't know when I started but I realise that I'm squirming my hips closer to his hand and trying to rut forward against him.

I sob out something loudly as electricity courses through my body in hot waves. I'm not sure what it is, but it feels about 10 times better than what it was, and now I'm exhausted. My hips still from bucking as I slump back against the seat with a small pout. I pant and slowly open my eyes back up, looking at him with red cheeks.

He's smirking slightly, and he leans forward to kiss my forehead. My eyes close for a moment and I feel the car stop. A small cold flutter dances across my jeans and I'm clean. I understand it was probably magic.

I really like magic, I think it's beautiful and mysterious. But I've never been allowed to so much as be near a wand alone. Though, I held one once. It felt cold, horrible. I think I read that you can feel that way if your magic isn't compatible with someone else's. I always relish any books or movies my masters will let me have for my own free time. Though few and far in between.

"Come, now, time to meet him." Lucius says, carefully undoing the buckle thing he put over me, then his own. He opens the door and leads me out by my hand. I pray to anything out there that his son is as nice as he seems to be.

He leads me to a door, and while he does I looks around. Their house was far bigger than anything I'd ever seen. I hope I don't have to clean all of it. He leads me to a room a story up, through some winding hallways. I already know I'm going to get lost.

"Stay here. I'm going to talk to him first. This is his room. You will probably sleep here, too." I look around a bit. There was a lot of deep green and silver, some trophies, but otherwise was fairly uniform. "His name is Draco Malfoy." He adds, before standing. I watch him walk away, and suddenly I'm scared once more.