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Dragon Master

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During this era, the Earth is inhabited by humans, otherwise known as vikings. There are many islands on the planet and many contain hundreds to thousands of Vikings.

Unfortunately, vikings are not the only dominant species on this planet. While there are harmless animals such as sheep, chicken, cows, wolves, etc, another dominant species on the planet are the dragons.

Vikings and dragons have been at war with each other for eons. throughout the years war raged on, casualties to both species were countless. Eventually, some vikings began to understand that dragons are in fact highly intelligent and very compassionate creatures.
Throughout the years, many islands began to develop a prosperous society once peace was secured between vikings and dragons. However, while many realized that dragons can be trained and become life-long companions, some retained the belief that dragons are nothing but savage creatures and must either be enslaved or put down.

The most well known for their disdain against dragons are on the Isle of Berk. There, dragons are either used as servants or are executed. While they feel proud that they have managed to gain control over the dragon population, they are still disgusted by how dragons still live peacefully throughout the rest of the world.

The inhabitants of Berk all agree that one day, they must expand their rule and put an end to all of dragon kind.