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Together Forever (Nalu One-shots)

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Lucy groaned again as she trudged along behind Natsu and Happy. 

“Guys my feet are killing me.” Lucy whines. “When are we gonna stop?” 

“Yeah Natsu, when are we gonna stop?” Happy asks. “The sun is setting. It’s going to get dark soon. We should find somewhere to camp for the night. Preferably nearby a stream where I can catch some fishies!” 

Happy closed his eyes and drooled at the thought of eating his delicious raw fish. 

Natsu flashed his signature grin at his friend and laughed. 

“Sure thing buddy! We’ll keep walking until we find one!” Natsu promises. 

“No! I don’t think I can make it that far-ow!” Lucy yelped and tripped on her feet.


Natsu turned around to see what was wrong then his eyes widened and he gasped as Lucy fell on top of him, both of them falling onto the road. 

“Hey are you guys okay-” 

Happy gasped when he saw what had happened to his friends. Lucy had fallen on top of Natsu, and her mouth...was on top of his. 

Lucy and Natsu stayed perfectly still from the shock. Both of them were still trying to process what they just did. Happy slowly floated down to the ground and stood in front of them. His mouth still hanging on the ground. 

Their lips pulled apart with a light smack as Lucy pulled back. 

Natsu stared up at her, her light skin reflected the sunlight, and so did her hair. She looked so beautiful. He was lost in her eyes. That was, until he caught a whiff of something that made him concerned. 

“Whoa Lucy are you okay?” Natsu asks her and sits up. 

Lucy blushed and sat up too, pulling away from him, lest they kiss again.

“Uh...” She says, confused. 

“I smell blood coming from your shoes what happened?” He asks seriously. 

“Oh!” Lucy says, remembering why she had fallen in the first place. 

“We were walking so long that I got blisters on my feet and one of them popped. It’s no big deal.” Lucy says quickly, her mind still frazzled from what just happened. 

“Well do you think you can walk?” Natsu asks. 

“Yeah I can.” Lucy assures him. “But it’ll hurt.” 

“Well then I’ll carry you.” Natsu says cheerfully. 

Before Lucy could stop him, Natsu had her scooped up in his arms, carrying her bridal style. Her face was bright red now and she refused to look Natsu in the eye. Happy was still in shock. 

“Hey look, there’s a stream over there in that little grove of trees!” Natsu points out. “That seems like a good place to set up camp. Happy can catch his fish and then you can soak your feet.” 

“Well...that sounds nice.” Lucy says, her voice still shaky. 

“Alright then let’s go! Come on Happy, stop standing there acting all weird.” Natsu tells him as he turns and walks towards the stream with Lucy in his arms. 

“Wow...he really is dumb.” Happy says after shaking himself out of his stupor and flying after them.

“This looks like a good spot.” Natsu says and sets Lucy down on the grass by the water’s edge. 

Lucy winced as she pulled off her boots. Her feet had blood and blisters on them and she grimaced as she dipped them into the cool water of the stream. 

“Is it okay?” Natsu asks. 

“Yeah. The water’s fine. It would be better if it was warmer but we just have to make do-” 

Before she could even finish her sentence Natsu stuck his fist into the water and steam began to rise from it. 

“How’s that?” He asks her. 

“A lot better.” Lucy says softly, avoiding his gaze. 

“Hey be careful over there! You’re gonna boil the fishies!” Happy yells at them from downstream.

“What are you complaining about?” Natsu yells back. “This way they’ll already be cooked for you!” 

“You know I like them raw!” Happy yells back. 

Natsu scoffed and turned away from Happy, abandoning the argument. Then he realized Lucy was being unusually quiet.

“Hey Lucy, you’ve been acting weird since you fell on me. Are you okay?” Natsu asks, his tone laced with concern. 

“Yeah I’m fine.” She says, still looking away from him. 

Natsu frowned, trying to think of what could have made Lucy act so shy all of a sudden and then he realized. 

“It’s about the kiss isn’t it.” Natsu says. 

The sharp intake of breath from Lucy, confirmed it for him. 

“You’re mad at me aren’t you.” Natsu says. 

She didn’t answer, she just played with a blade of grass while deep in thought. 

“Well you really shouldn’t be. It was your fault after all. You’re the one who decided to fall on me and put your mouth on mine.” Natsu blames her. 

“I’m not mad at you.” Lucy says curtly. “I’m just mad at my horrible luck when it comes to romance.” 

“What are you talking about? You thought that kiss was romantic?” Natsu scoffs in disbelief.

“No, not at all and that’s the problem.” Lucy explains. “I always had the perfect idea in my head of what I wanted my first kiss to be like. I wanted it to be with someone I was close with, so honestly I’m not even upset that it was with you.” 

Natsu had been indifferent to what Lucy was saying before but now he picked his head up and was looking at her with rapt attention. Lucy wasn’t upset that he was her first kiss. That was stirring something inside of him, making his heart pound, and it only got louder as she continued. 

“But I wanted it to happen under different circumstances and not by accident. I wanted it to be somewhere at dusk, with a few stars just starting to twinkle in the sky.” Lucy says. 

Natsu looked around, realizing it was dusk right now and he could faintly see a few stars in the sky. 

“Somewhere nice and quiet in nature where it’s just the two of us.” 

They were in nature, and Happy was far enough away that they were technically alone. 

“Maybe a few fireflies flying around for some romantic mood lighting.” 

As if on cue a bunch of fireflies appeared around them. 

“But as the sun sets it would be starting to get cold out, so he’d put his arms around me to keep me warm....”

She trailed off as she felt Natsu wrap his arms around her and pull her close. She turned to look up at him and stared into his eyes. 

“Then I’d look into their eyes, and in that moment, I’d know that I’ve fallen in love with my best friend.” 

Tears of joy started to form in both of their eyes. 

“Then what?” Natsu asks softly. 

Lucy smiles. 

“Then we’d kiss.” She says. 

Natsu gently cradles her cheek in his hand and looks at her soft, pink lips. He leaned in and so did she until they closed their eyes and their lips met in a gentle kiss. 

When they pulled apart Natsu smiled at her. 

“How was that for a re-do?” He asks her. 

“Better.” She says, blushing. “But...I think you could still use a little practice.” 

“Alright then I’ll just have to keep kissing you until I get it right.” He says and leans in again and kisses her. 

“Hey guys I caught some-AAAAHHH!” Happy screams when he sees them making out. 

“AAAAHHHH!” They both scream at him and jump apart. 


When they finally got back to the guild, none of their friends cared about the mission. They just wanted to know why Natsu and Lucy were acting so weird and blushing around each other so much. 

Knowing what a chatterbox Happy was, everyone in the guild hounded him for answers. But taking this as an opportunity to tease everyone he swore he wouldn’t tell. All he’d say was: 

“It was just a little something that happened on the road.” 



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It was a beautiful morning in Magnolia and Lucy was in the market doing a little grocery shopping. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her.

While she was picking out some strawberries with Plue she got a chill down her spine, like someone was right behind her. She quickly turned around, only to find that no one was there.

“Did you see someone Plue?” She asks her spirit.

“Puu-puun.” He says and shrugs.

Lucy sighed and turned back to the fruit. She was probably just imagining things. She shouldn’t be acting so paranoid.

After buying Plue a lollipop, the two of them made their way back to her apartment. But they saw someone sitting on the steps in front of the door.

“Uh, excuse me?” Lucy asks. “Can I help you with something Sir?”

The stranger was a young man around her age, but he was extremely buff. Almost as much as Elfman and his hair was just as wild except it was pitch black.

He picked his head up and his face lit up when he saw her.

“Yes! It’s you, Lucy Heartfilia! I knew if I followed you around all day I’d find out where you live!”

Alarm bells started ringing in Lucy’s head so she took a big step back and Plue took one with her.

“Uh...and why would you want to know that?” Lucy asks.

“Because I’ll need to know where to pick you up from our date tonight!” The stranger exclaims excitedly.

Okay, now Lucy was thoroughly confused.

“Uh, I think you must have me confused with someone else buddy. Because I never agreed to go on a date with you.”

“That’s because I haven’t asked you out yet. I read the article about you and the other Fairy Tail girls in Sorcerer Weekly and I knew instantly that you’d be my soulmate! And now that you’re here I can sweep you off your feet-“

“Yeah not gonna happen.” Lucy deadpans while Plue shakes his head no.

She moved to walk around the guy standing in her way but then he moved in front of her.

“Why? You haven’t even given me a chance?”

“I’m not planning on giving you a chance. I’m not interested.” Lucy says affirmatively and tries to move around him again.

And again he stands in her way. But now he was starting to get mad.

“That’s not a good enough reason to turn me down.” He claims.

Crap. Lucy thought. He’s one of these entitled jerks.

Then something caught her eye. She looked up and saw that her window was open. Which meant that a certain someone was certainly inside.

“Well then here’s another one. I uh...have a boyfriend!” Lucy declares proudly and puts her hands on her hips.

“PUU-PUUN!” Plue exclaims in surprise.

Lucy was blushing furiously and a bead of sweat dropped down her forehead.

The stranger bellowed in laughter and Lucy shrank back in fear and reached for her keys.

“Yeah right!”

“Hey ouch!” Lucy yelled as he grabbed her arm to keep her from reaching her keys.

“You’re coming with me gorgeous.”

“She’s not going anywhere with you.” Natsu calls down from her window before jumping.

He stuck the landing then stood up straight with his arms crossed, frowning at the stranger.

He held her arm tighter and Lucy winced in pain. Natsu growled in anger and lit one of his fists on fire.

“You let go of her right now, or else I’ll melt your fist off!” Natsu threatens.

The stranger laughs and pulls Lucy close to him.

“A fire wizard? Oh please, a few flames won’t-“

“Fire dragon iron fist!” Natsu shouts and punches him in the face.

The force of the blow made him let go of Lucy. And she quickly picked up Plue and ran behind Natsu for safety because she knew what was coming next.

“Hey, wait a minute are you her boy-“

“Fire Dragon roar!” Natsu shouts, cutting him off.

The stranger screamed as he got blasted into the sky, never to be seen again. Lucy let out a sigh of relief before she was enveloped in Natsu’s arms.

“Hey Lucy are you alright? That guy didn’t hurt you did he?” Natsu asks softly.

“No, other than a handprint on my arm I’m fine. You protected me, my brave dragon boyfriend.” She answers flirtatiously at the end.

Natsu leaned down and kissed her and Plue shrieked in surprise.

“Oh yeah! Plue was the Celestial Spirit I forgot to tell we were dating. Sorry for the shock there buddy. How about I buy you another lollipop to make up for it?”

“Puu-puun!” Plue agrees.

“If you’re going back to the market please bring me some fishies!” Happy calls down to her from the window.

“Will do!” Lucy calls back and is about to leave but Natsu grabs her hand.

“Maybe I should come with you.” He says seriously. “In case you run into some other creep who read about you in the article and you need me to protect you.”

“Natsu it’s sweet that you’re worried but I don’t need you to protect me all the time.” Lucy tells him. “You know that. Besides, I barely have any fans because of the article. Juvia’s the one all the boys are going nuts over.”

As if on cue a bunch of fanboys ran by holding up articles and pictures with Juvia on it while chanting her name.

Then they heard a familiar Ice Mage shout:


And a bunch of screams as a huge shelf grew out from behind a building and sent the mob of fanboys flying. Natsu laughed.

“See Luce, that’s why I want to come with you.” He says and hugs her. “I know you can protect yourself but I can use it as an excuse to beat people up.”

Lucy laughed and handed the groceries to Happy for him to put away.

“Now that sounds more like you. Come on, let’s go back before all the good food is gone!” Lucy says, taking his hand and the two of them ran off together.

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Lucy had been having a horrible month. All of Fairy Tail was really. And that was because Natsu and Happy had somehow disappeared. They went on a job that was supposed to take three days, but it had been a month and they still hand’t come back!

When they didn’t come back when they were supposed to, Lucy booked it down to where their job was supposed to be and tried to find him but he wasn’t there. She asked the man who put the request up what happened to them. All he said was that they heard some rumor about something in passing and then booked it to the harbor.

A month had passed since then. And she still hadn’t heard a word from either Happy or Natsu. Everyone at the guild had assembled search parties and they scoured Fiore looking for them, but they were still nowhere to be found.

Levy had to stay with Lucy that night to comfort her as the poor girl bawled her eyes out.

“It’s okay Lucy. We’ll find them.” Levy assured her and rubbed her back.

“But what if we don’t? Levy, I don’t think I can live in a world without him.” Lucy says.

“Wow Lucy. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re in love with Natsu.” Levy says.

“Yeah...Levy...about that...”

Another two weeks had passed, and still no word from the Fire Dragon Slayer and his Exceed. After crying on her way home from the guild for the umpteenth night in a row, Lucy opened her door and her face lit up when she saw who was on her couch.

“Yo Lucy! How’s it going?” Natsu asks her and fishes his hand into a bag of potato chips.

“Did you bring us any fish?” Happy asks as his mouth drools.

Lucy’s eyebrow twitched then she Lucy kicked them both into the wall.

“You complete assholes! How dare you leave for so long and not tell anyone! I have been worried sick about you all month! What the hell took you so long to get back!” She yells furiously at them.

“I’m sorry Luce. We got lost.” Natsu explains.

“Lost?” Lucy exclaims. “How the hell did you get lost for a month on your way back from a job!”

“Because we were trying to find something else!” Happy says and gets off the wall, along with Natsu.

“Find something? What did you find?” Lucy asked, a mixture of curiousity and anger lacing her tone.

“You’re not going to believe me if I tell you.” he squeezes her hands “So I’m just gonna show you...” 

Lucy’s heart pounded and then stopped beating entirely when he pulled a golden key out of his pocket and held it out to her.

“Oh my Mavis Natsu is that what I think it is?” Lucy asks.

Her vision was becoming so blurry blurring with tears that she could just barely make out Aquarius’s key in front of her.

Natsu’s face fell when he saw her tearing up. 

“Oh way to go Natsu you made her cry again!” Happy scolds him. 

He thought she’d be happy that he found Aquarius’s key. She had been working really hard trying to find it, maybe she was mad that he found it instead of her? 

“Lucy why are you crying? What’s wrong, I thought you’d be happy that I found Aquarius?” 

“Natsu I’m not crying because I’m sad. I’m crying because I’m happy.” She smiles and laughs while wiping tears from her eyes.

“So extremely happy...” She says and takes the key from him. “I can’t believe you spent an entire month on a boat just to get her back for me! That must have been torture with your motion sickness.” 

“Yeah he really went through hell for that little key!” Happy adds. “He must love you.”

Neither of them were even annoyed by his teasing. Both of them were far too happy at this point. 

“Natsu I could kiss you!” Lucy exclaims.

“Then do it.” Natsu tells her. “If you want to.” He adds softly after.

Natsu’s eyes widened as Lucy leapt towards him and threw her arms around him. And the next thing he knew she was pressing her lips against his, and it was the most magical thing he’d ever experienced. And that was saying a lot, especially since he was a powerful wizard. 

His eyes slowly fluttered closed as he kissed her back, his arms wrapping around her waist and upper back to hold her close as they deepened their kiss. 

“Whoa...” Happy says. “So he wasn’t kidding when he said...” 

2 weeks ago on a deserted island somewhere...

“Did you find anything Happy?” Natsu calls up to him as he flies towards him. 

“No.” Happy sighs. “There was nothing there. I flew around everywhere but I couldn’t find anything!” 

Natsu growled and punched a tree. 

“Crap! We’re at the wrong island!” He exclaims. 

“Not again.” Happy sighs and floats to the ground. “Well, I guess it’s back to the mainland then...” 

“No. There’s still a few islands we haven’t checked. I’m setting our course for one of them.” Natsu says. 

Happy wailed in anguish and fell over. 

“Natsu! Why!!!” He cried into the sand. “We’ve been on that boat going from island to island for days! You’ve been motion sick for so long! This is torture!” 

“I know but we’ve made it this far! I’m not giving up now.” Natsu says. 

“But everyone at the guild must be worried about us.” Happy reminds him. 

“I know. Especially Lucy...” Natsu says and looks at the ground. 

He thought about how upset she was when he and Happy left for a year without her. And now they had been gone for two weeks longer than they were supposed to. She was probably worried sick and scouring Fiore for him. 

“So we’d better hurry up and find Aquarius’s key soon.” Natsu declares. “I don’t want to be away from Lucy longer than I have to be. She’s already going to be upset that we were gone so long. So there’s no way I’m coming back to her empty handed!”

“Wow Natsu, you must really love her!” Happy teases. 

Instead of teasing the Exceed like he normally did, Natsu just smiled softly.

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“Lucy I love you.” Natsu whispers to her as their lips part.

“Oh Natsu, I love you too.” She says and smiles, laughing a bit before kissing him again.

“Come on let’s go find a nice stream or something to summon Aquarius.” Lucy says. “I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I tell her that my new boyfriend found her key!” She exclaims as she pulls him out the door.

This was everything they could have wanted. It took him a month of being lost on a boat to find out he loved her, and it took her a month of being lost without him to find out she loves him too. 

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Natsu and Lucy moaned into each other’s mouths as they passionately made out. They finally had a night to themselves! Their first one since their daughter, Nashi was born. She was an absolute angel and her parents loved her, but she was also a lot of work.

But by some miracle tonight she went to sleep with no problem so that meant that Natsu and Lucy finally had some time to be intimate with each other.

As Lucy laid on top of her husband and kissed him she also unbuttoned her top. She sat up, pressing her hands on his chest and smirked. Natsu’s eyes widened as he watched her open her top, staring at him with those bedroom eyes as she dropped the article of clothing on the floor, exposing her breasts to him.

Natsu licked his lips and smirked. Now this was a sight he never got tired of seeing. He licked his lips and instantly brought his hands up to grope her chest. She moaned in pleasure from his gentle squeezes. Then he sat up and began to plant kisses along her cleavage. Then just as he was about to take her nipple into his mouth, the two of them heard crying from next door. The nursery.

Lucy sighed then looked at Natsu.

“We should go check on her.” She says.

“Just give it a minute, maybe she’ll stop.” Natsu urges.

Lucy gasped as he brought his hands down to her ass and gripped it as he brought her crotch against his and began to grind against her.

But the crying persisted.

“Natsu.” Lucy sighs.

“Yeah I know...” He says and looks up at her. “Let’s go see what’s wrong.”

Both parents still topless make their way to the nursery and Natsu coos his little girl in an attempt to quiet her as he picks her up in his arms.

He rocks her back and forth and bounces her too. But she’s still crying.

“Well she doesn’t miss us. What else could the problem be?” Natsu thinks out loud.

“Maybe she’s hungry. Give her to me, I’ll feed her.” Lucy suggests.

Natsu handed Nashi over to Lucy and she sat down on the cushioned chair in the corner of the room. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched Lucy take care of their daughter. But he also felt a spike of jealousy since she was suckling from the breast that just moments ago he planned to put in his mouth.

“You know, I love our daughter but she’s really taking up a lot of our time. Especially our intimate time.” Natsu says.

“Ugh, I agree.” Lucy sighs. “We really don’t get to make love as often as we used to. But then again, it was because of all of that fucking that we got Nashi in the first place.”

The two of them laugh before turning their attention to their daughter.

“Now I know what it means when parents say kids are a blessing and a curse.” Lucy says.

“Yeah me too.” Natsu says. “We may not be able to make love as often anymore, but that’s just fine, because it leaves us plenty of love to share with this one right now.”

Natsu kissed his daughter’s head and then his wife’s lips before bringing them both into his arms as they watched her eat.

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“Wow, the food looks really good today.” Lucy says and takes a sip of her soup. 

“Yeah you were right about this restaurant.” Natsu says while looking at a huge steak. “This food’s amazing! But not as amazing as you are.” 

“Aw, Natsu.” Lucy blushes and giggles a bit. 

Then they heard someone laughing in the booth behind them. 

“Wow, I never knew Salamander was so sappy gihee.” Gajeel snickers.

He was coincidentally on a date with Levy right now and the waiter seated them behind each other. You’d think that given the guild’s reputation for destroying stuff that they wouldn’t put two of the most destructive guild members so close to each other. But if they didn’t know that already, then now they were about to figure out why. 

As soon as Natsu heard Gajeel’s voice his loving gaze turned into an angry snarl and he turned around and looked over the booth to see Gajeel and Levy. 

“Who are you calling sappy, rust face!” Natsu taunts. 

Lucy sighed. 

“Here we go again...” 

After a few more insults got thrown back and forth, the two boys ended up brawling in the restaurant. All of the other patrons screamed and started fleeing, but Lucy and Levy were used to this by now. Levy came to sit in Lucy’s booth with their basket of breadsticks. 

“Want one Lu?” She offers. 

“Thanks Levy.” Lucy says and bites into it with a loud snap

“Well, I guess we’re not gonna be allowed back there for awhile.” Natsu says as he and Lucy walk back to her apartment. “So which restaurant do you want to go to next?” 

“None of them.” Lucy says. 

“Huh? Why not?” Natsu asks and stops walking, confused. 

“Because no matter where we go we’re just going to end up getting kicked out when you start a fight there with someone from the guild!” Lucy explains. 

“Hey, what happened tonight with Gajeel wasn’t my fault. He was the one that started it!” Natsu argues. 

“Oh yeah? Then what’s your excuse for all of the other dates when you started a fight with Laxus, Elfman, Gildarts, and Erza!” Lucy replies.

“Okay you know Erza definitely started it that time. There’s no way I would’ve chosen to fight her. If only I hadn’t knocked into the table and spilled her cake on the floor...” Natsu reminisces and shivers.

“I know but still, we can never get through one dinner together without our romantic night turning into some huge brawl!” Lucy exclaims. “It’s like you’re trying to end our dates early so you don’t have to go on them. Is that what you’re doing? Do you not want to go out with me?” 

She started to tear up and Natsu immediately grabbed her hands and held them in his. 

“What? No! Lucy that’s not what’s happening at all!” Natsu assures her. 

“Then why does it seem like you love fighting more than you love me?” Lucy sniffles. 

“Lucy...” Natsu wiped her tears from her cheeks. “I had no idea you felt this way, I’m so sorry. Please give me another chance, I promise I’ll be the best boyfriend ever.” He begs as he hugs her close. 

“Alright.” Lucy says and hugs him back. “You get one more chance. One more date, and if you start a fight again, it’s over! Got it?” She threatens. 

“You got it Luce! I promise I won’t let you down!” Natsu agrees and kisses her cheek while she smiles. 

Natsu and Lucy sat at a romantic candlelit table on the deck of a restaurant that looked over the canal that ran through Magnolia. 

“Wow, I had no idea that this restaurant existed in Magnolia!” Lucy says as she looks at the moonlight sparkling on the canal. “How did you find this place?” 

“I just stumbled across it one day when I was walking around.” Natsu lied. 

He had spent two days researching the restaurants in Magnolia to find one that no one else in the guild knew about. If there was no one else from the guild there when he and Lucy were on their date, then it would be impossible for him to start a fight with someone! And the icing on the cake was that it looked like a place Lucy would love too. 

“Well I’m so glad you found it! It’s so nice to eat outside, especially with the stars shining so brightly tonight.” Lucy says and looks up at the sky. 

“Why would I need to look at the sky when the prettiest star is right here in front of me?” Natsu compliments. 

“Aw Natsu you’re so sweet.” Lucy sighs dreamily and blushes when he takes her hand and holds it on the table. 

“This is so romantic and I love that we’re right on the water!” Lucy says. 

Then her eyes widen for a bit and she giggles. 

“What’s so funny?” Natsu asks. 

“I was just thinking, water and romance, this sounds like a place Juvia would like.” Lucy explains. 

“Oh yeah! You’re right, I bet she would love it here!” Natsu laughs. 

Then he stopped suddenly and his eyes widened and his heart gripped in fear. What, no no no he worked so hard to make sure that no one from the guild that he would start a fight with knew about this place. There’s no way that his number one rival would bring his girlfriend here on the exact same night that-

“Oh Gray-sama it’s so romantic here!” Juvia cheers. 

Natsu turns and gasps when he sees that Gray had just entered with Juvia on his arm. 

“Gray what the hell are you doing here!” Natsu exclaimed and stood up, growling at Gray. 


Natsu turned and saw Lucy frowning at him. 

“Is something wrong?” She asks him.

He quickly sat back down and held her hands, nervously smiling and sweating.

“No not all, my love.” He squeaks. 

“Natsu, what are you doing here?” Gray asks as he and Juvia come over to see why Natsu yelled at him. 

“And what are you doing here, love rival?” Juvia growls at Lucy. 

“Are you seriously still worried about that?” Lucy asks rhetorically.

“Is your brain frozen? Clearly I’m on a date with Lucy.” Natsu says and turns away from Gray with his nose up in the air. “And why the hell are you here to screw it up?” He turns back to Gray and growls.

“I should be asking you the same thing. Why else would you be here on the same night as Juvia and I’s date!” Gray growls back. 

“I didn’t know that you guys were going out tonight!” Natsu argues. 

“How couldn’t you know? Juvia’s been running all over the guild all day telling everyone about it!” Gray argues back. 


Earlier at the guild.

“Oh I’m so happy! My darling is taking me on a date!” Juvia cheered as she ran by a table that Natsu and Lucy were sitting at. 

“And there’s nothing you can do about it, love rival!” Juvia growled at Lucy. “Gray’s mine and you’ll never have him!” 

Lucy sighed at the memory and stared apathetically at their basket of breadsticks on the table. 

“Well why did you take Juvia to the same place as me and Lucy, that seems suspicious!” Natsu argues. 

“I had no idea you and Lucy were gonna be here tonight! I thought no one at the guild knew about this place!” Gray replies. “I don’t like getting all romantic with Juvia in front of people that I know.”

“And I keep getting in fights with the people at the guild so I took Lucy somewhere where there wouldn’t be any and it was going great until you showed up-”


Natsu and Gray turned and saw Lucy frowning as she broke a breadstick in half. 

“Having Gray here tonight isn’t going to be a problem is it?” 

“What? No of course not!” Natsu says nervously in a high pitched voice. “Gray and I are best buddies, we’re totally fine being here together, why would that be a problem?” 

Lucy looked at Gray and Natsu hugging each other, both of them seemingly terrified of her wrath. She smiled and then they relaxed. 

Much to her surprise, Natsu was showing incredible restraint tonight. And it was Gray of all people! The two of them would brawl at the drop of a hat normally but tonight, Natsu was showing incredible restraint. Lucy was very impressed. 

“Gray, darling! Your clothes!” Juvia exclaims.

Gray was walking back from the bathroom but seemingly stripped then forgot his clothes in there. 

Natsu snorted then bent over laughing. 

“Ha ha ha! Nice date outfit Gray! Are you gonna go jump in the canal to go fishing for your dinner!” Natsu taunted. 

Gray growled and his fist iced up and Natsu held up his and lit it on fire. Then he sensed something even hotter across from where he sat. Lucy frowning with hot waves of anger coming off of her. 

Natsu kept smiling but then used his fist to light up the candles at their table that had gone out before blowing his fist out and letting out a soft nervous giggle. Lucy’s anger subsided and she laughed too. Natsu was both relieved and happy when she did that. 

As the night went on, he completely forgot Gray was even there. He was focused on what was more important, which was the girl right in front of him. The girl that was not only his best friend but also the one he loved more than anything else. Her happiness was much more important than some silly rivalry with Gray. 

He and Lucy were having dessert now. He had made it so much farther than he had on their other dates. It was tough but he just had to hold out for a bit longer...

“Juvia, you’ve always been going out of your way to do stuff for me like baking and knitting to show how much you love me. But I’ve never done that for you. So I wrote you this poem that I want to read to you tonight to tell you how I feel.”

Oh crap.... Natsu thought to himself.

“Juvia, I’m as cold and hard as ice but your persistent waves have broken through me.” Gray starts as Natsu starts to sweat. 

“You melted the shield around my heart by surrounding it with your kindness and love.” 

Natsu started to snicker and Lucy arched an eyebrow. 

“If I was an iceberg, then most of the world has seen what’s on the surface, but only you, the water has seen what’s underneath.” Gray continues.

Natsu couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He laughed loudly and banged his fist on the table.

“Gray you’re so sappy!” He teases.

Gray’s eyebrow twitched and he turned around to find Natsu fall out of his chair and lay on the floor laughing and pointing at him.

“Who are you calling sappy flame for brains!” Gray exclaims while standing up and throwing his clothes off. “Do you wanna fight?”

“Bring it iceberg!” Natsu says and lights his fist on fire.

“Natsu! You said you wouldn’t-“

“This is all your fault!” Juvia shouts at Lucy.

“What? You’re blaming me for this?” Lucy asks, gesturing to the brawling boys on the deck. “Clearly Natsu started it.”

“But you’re the one that brought him here, knowing that he’d have it out with Gray!” Juvia replies. “You set this up to ruin Gray and I’s date so that you could swoop in and steal him!”

Lucy clenched her fists and the vein in her forehead bulged.

“For the last time I don’t want Gray! I am dating Natsu!” Lucy shouts at her.

“As a ruse to make Gray jealous, obviously!” Juvia claims.

“Alright, that’s it.” Lucy says and stands up.

She whips out her fleur d’etoile.

“You’re going down you crazy bitch!” Lucy shouts and charges at Juvia.

Both Natsu and Lucy were covered in bruises as they walked back to Lucy’s apartment. But that didn’t stop Natsu from jumping around excitedly, as he praised his girlfriend.

“Lucy you were AMAZING!” He shouts and she giggles. “You flung that whip around like nobody’s business and then you and then you summoned Scorpio and used your star dress and beat up Juvia by blasting her away in a sandstorm and it was epic!”

Lucy laughed as Natsu picked her up by her waist and spun her around.

“Hey you weren’t too bad yourself, I bet you burned Gray’s clothes off with that fire dragon roar!” Lucy reminds him.

“Yeah but I do that all the time. And his clothes were already off!” Natsu says and Lucy laughs and wraps her arms around Natsu’s shoulders as he sets her back down on her feet.

“You were so amazing tonight....” His voice trailed off and he looked sad. “You deserve someone who will take you out somewhere nice without trashing the place. I know I broke my promise. So if that guy’s not me, I’ll be sad but I’ll understand.”

“Natsu, I know I said that I didn’t want you to get into a fight tonight or else but I got into one too so it’s not like I’m one to talk.” Lucy says.

“But I’ve gotten into a fight on every date we’ve been on since we’re together. Aren’t you still mad about those?” He asks.

“A little but I always knew they’d happen. You have a fiery personality Natsu, that’s what I love about you! I don’t ever want you to change that! I was just worried that you couldn’t calm down even for me. But tonight we made it all the way to dessert and with Gray of all people sitting two tables away from us! If you could hold back from fighting him for me, then I know that you love me more than you love fighting with your friends.” Lucy explains.

Natsu held her close to him and gently cupped her cheek. His eyes were tearing up.

“Lucy, I love you.” He says.

“I love you too Natsu.” She says and smiles.

They kissed each other in front of her apartment for a few minutes, only to be interrupted by two guys in a boat going down the canal that whistled to them.

“Yeah get it Lucy!” One of them shouted.

“Thanks guys!” Lucy called back.

She turned back to Natsu and tugged him inside by his scarf.

“Now how about I patch you up and then make some fire for you to eat?” She suggests.

“That sounds amazing Luce.” Natsu says and follows her into her apartment.

Chapter Text


“Wow that job was so tough.” Happy says. 

“You’re telling us? You didn’t even do anything, you just flew around and screamed.” Lucy reminds him. 

“I did not!” Happy argues. “I also flew Natsu around and screamed.” 

“That you did buddy!” Natsu tells him. “I couldn’t have taken down that monster without you and Lucy’s help so thanks!” 

“Speaking of Lucy, where is she?” Happy asks. 

Natsu frowns, realizing that Lucy wasn’t with them as they were walking through a market. Natsu began to sniff the air for her scent. He followed the trail and found her at a stand that had a lot of shiny gems and jewelry. He noticed Lucy had her eye on one of the necklaces that was one display. It was a silver star shaped locket, decorated with sparkling white diamonds. 

“Hey there Lucy.” Natsu says, and she turns to him and smiles. 

“Hey guys. Sorry I got separated from you. Something caught my eye.” She says and smiles at the necklace. 

“Wow it’s so sparkly.” Happy says. 

“Yeah it’s really pretty. Are you going to get it?” Natsu asks her. 

“With my rent due soon, no way. I can’t afford to spend my money on every nice thing I see.” Lucy says. 

She looks back at the necklace and sighs. 

“Come on, the train’s going to leave soon.” Lucy reminds them and starts walking towards the station. 

“That sucks that Lucy can’t buy that necklace that she wants because of her expensive rent. That’s why I’m happy that we don’t have to pay rent so we can spend all of our money on whatever we want!” Happy says and starts flying after Lucy. 

“Yeah…We can buy whatever we want.” Natsu says and stares at the locket. 

Lucy sat on the train with Happy. 

“Where’s Natsu?” Lucy asks him. “The train’s going to be leaving soon.” 

“I don’t know.” Happy says. “I thought he was right behind me.” 

“Hey guys!” Natsu says, coming into their booth on the train and sitting next to Lucy. 

“Natsu where were you, we were worried the train was gonna leave without you!” Lucy scolds him. 

“Sorry guys, I had to pick up something important.” Natsu says and smiles at Lucy and blushes, making her arch an eyebrow. 

“Ooooo is it fish!” Happy exclaims. 

Lucy gasps when Natsu pulls out the locket she was looking at in the market and holds it, letting it dangle from his fingers in front of her face. 

“Oh Natsu…” Lucy says and places her hands over her heart.

“What!?!” Happy exclaims. “Natsu did you blow all of our food money from the job on that necklace!” 

“Not all of it, just most of it.” Natsu says. 

“That’s not good!” Happy exclaims. 

“Natsu you didn’t have to do this.” Lucy says and places her hand over his. 

“What are you talking about?” Natsu asks. “You wanted this necklace but you couldn’t afford it. I’ve got money to spare so I got it for you to make you happy.”

“We don’t have that much money to spare.” Happy says and tears up. 

“Natsu I don’t need expensive gifts to make me happy.” Lucy says. “I left all of those material needs behind when I ran away from home all those years ago.” 

“I know that, but you should still get to treat yourself every now and then.” Natsu says. “Besides, being back in Hargeon reminded me of how long it’s been since I’ve met you. And I don’t think I’ve ever gotten you a gift before. I think that’s long overdue.” 

“Aw, that’s so sweet of you.” Lucy says and smiles at the jewelry. “It really is beautiful.” 

“I bet it would look even prettier on you.” Natsu says. 

Lucy blushed and so did Natsu. 

“W-well then…do you want to put it on me?” Lucy asks softly. 

“Sure.” Natsu says just as softly. 

Lucy turns so her back is to him and Natsu carefully brings the necklace over her head, the pendant resting on her breast while he worked on clasping the chain behind her neck. Lucy felt tingles run down her spine as his warm fingers gently brushed against the back of her neck. 

“I can’t believe you spent our money on something for Lucy! Since when did getting gifts for a girl become more important than my fishies!” Happy scolds him. 

“I don’t know.” Natsu says and finishes clasping the necklace. 

Lucy turned around and her heart pounded when she saw Natsu staring at her with a sweet look in his eyes. 

“But I know that ever since I met her I’ve treasured her more than a lot of things I used to think were important. And she’s only become more precious to me over time.” Natsu says and gently strokes her cheek. 

He let his hand linger there and Lucy smiled at him and began to bring her face up to his. Natsu’s heart began beating faster when he realized what this meant. He began to close his eyes and leaned in to meet her. Their lips were milimeters apart when suddenly he fell over onto the ground as the train lurched forward and began to pull out of the station. 

Lucy blinked a few times, still flustered from the fact that she almost kissed Natsu before looking down and seeing him laying on the floor, queasy from motion sickness. She laughed and helped him up onto the seat and laid his head on her lap. 

“Well it looks like your motion sickness still hasn’t gotten any better since then.” Lucy says. 

“I wish it did.” Natsu grumbles. 

He’s broken from his sickness momentarily when he feels a pair of lips press against his cheek. He looks up and sees Lucy pulling her head up, blushing. 

“Thank you Natsu. I love it.” She says and plays with the pendent on her chest. 

“Oooo she loves you.” Happy teases. 

“Oh go eat a fish!” She scolds him. 

“I would if some idiot hadn’t spent our food money on some dumb necklace!” Happy scolds Natsu and kicks his stomach. 

Lucy quickly managed to get Natsu’s head out of a window before he hurled all over her lap. Then he laid his head down on her lap again and Happy curled up on the other side of Lucy to take a nap. She looked at the locket and smiled, knowing exactly which two people’s pictures she’d put inside the locket.

Chapter Text


Porlyusica didn’t spend too much time in the Fairy Tail Guild Hall in Magnolia. She greatly preferred her woodland home as she hated dealing with humans. But lately she’s been seen in the guild much more often, not out of choice but out of duty. Because a very pregnant Lucy was expected to go into labor any day now and she needed to be close by to care for her when it happened. And today was the day. 

All of the chatter in the guild came to a stop when Levy screamed when she saw a puddle of water at Lucy’s feet. 

“Lu, your water broke! Your having a baby!” Levy shouted. 

“Someone get-Oh she’s here.” Gray says as Porlyusica runs past him and towards the very soon-to-be mother. 

Wendy came over too and they each took one of Lucy’s arms over their shoulders and led her to the stairs to bring her to a room they set up in the guild for her to deliver in. 

Porlyusica told Erza all of the things they would need to help Lucy and then Erza barked the order at all of their guild mates, causing them to scramble to find the supplies she asked for. 

“Where’s Natsu?” Lucy asks as she lays in bed. 

“He was out on a job right?” Wendy asks as she holds her glowing hands over Lucy’s belly to check on the baby. 

“Yeah but he’s supposed to be back today. He purposely took a quick one so that he wouldn’t be far away for too long and get back before-Aaah!” Lucy cries out as she feels a contraction. “I don’t want to have this baby without him. I need him here with me right now.” 

“Don’t worry child.” Porlyusica says and squeezes her hand. “You still have some time before you have to deliver, I’m sure he’ll be here before then.” 

“Shouldn’t we have taken the train back to Magnolia?” Happy asks Natsu as they walk through Hargeon after finishing their job. “We should be getting back to Lucy as soon as possible. She could be going into labor any day now. That day could be today.” 

“I know but it’ll only be a little bit longer if we walk. Besides, what are the odds that she’s having the baby now-” 


Natsu and Happy turned around when they saw Gajeel and Panther Lily panting behind them in the road. 

“Whoa you guys look like you ran all the way from Magnolia. Why are you-” 

“You need to get back to Magnolia now!” Lily shouts after taking a deep breath. “Lucy’s in labor!” 

“WHAT!?!” Natsu and Happy exclaim. 

“So unless you want to miss the chance to see your child come into the world, you’d better book it back to Magnolia Salamander!” Gajeel shouts.

“Alright then lets go!” Natsu shouts and grabs Gajeel and they start running.

As soon as they made it to Magnolia, Happy flew Natsu towards the guild as fast as he could. Their guild mates cheered as Natsu burst through the doors. 

Lucy smiled as she heard the commotion from downstairs. 

“He made it.” She sighs in relief. 

A few minutes later the door to the delivery room slammed open as Natsu crashed through it, panting and sweating almost as much as his wife.

“Lucy.” He pants her name as he collapses on his knees by her bedside and holds her hand. 

“Natsu.” She says sweetly and kisses him. 

“I didn’t miss it did I?” He asks. 

“No. You’re just in time to see your child’s life begin.” Porlyusica tells him.  

Natsu held Lucy’s hand the entire time through the delivery. At one point Happy flew in too but then he saw what was happening in-between Lucy’s legs and fainted. 

It was painful, but it was all worth it once they heard their child’s cries. Porlyusica and Wendy smiled at them. 

“It’s a girl.” Wendy says, tearing up from this happy moment. 

Natsu came over to Porlyusica who was holding his crying daughter as she cleaned her, wanting to get a good look at her. 

“She’s so loud.” Natsu says. 

“I blame you for that.” Lucy laughs. “It sounds almost like a dragon’s roar.” 

Natsu beamed with pride at the thought of his daughter possibly learning his magic in the future. 

Once she was all clean Wendy realized she forgot to bring a blanket for the baby. Before she even stopped talking, Natsu was pulling off his scarf and handing it to Porylusica to wrap Nashi in. 

“Well isn’t this poetic.” Porlyusica says as she swaddles the baby. 

“Your daughter is wrapped up in a scarf made from the scales of your father.” She tells Natsu. 

“And knitted by your ancestor.” She says to Lucy as she hands her her daughter. 

“It’s perfect.” Lucy says and smiles as she looks at her daughter’s face for the first time.

Natsu knelt down next to the bed and sniffed his daughter, wanting to familiarize himself with her scent. 

The baby scrunched up her face from the odd feeling of air leaving her father’s nose as he sniffed her. So she stuck her hands up and pressed them onto her father’s face. Natsu stopped sniffing her and looked at her as she opened her eyes. 

In that moment he recalled what Gajeel had told him about this moment as they were running back to the guild. Gajeel never thought he’d ever get the chance to become a father either. But then he settled down with Levy and they had two beautiful twins. He broke down crying when he saw them both open their eyes. He’d never told anyone that before. And for good reason because immediately after he told Natsu, he punched him in the chest and laughed and called him a sap. 

But now, as his daughter opened up her eyes and looked at him for the first time, he felt the waterworks coming. As he saw chocolate irises, identical to Lucy’s, it reminded him of how Lucy had looked at him when he met her for the first time in Hargeon. Confused and curious. Back then, all he wanted to do was find his father. He had no idea that when he looked at Lucy for the first time, that she’d one day help him become one himself.

Their baby opened her mouth and flashed Natsu a gummy smile and tears spilled from his eyes as he started to cry from joy. 

Seeing Natsu cry made Lucy cry too and she kissed Natsu’s head as they looked at their daughter. 

“Why are you crying?” She whispers. 

“She’s got my spiky pink hair but, her eyes, her smile, they’re yours Luce.” Natsu says and turns to look at Lucy. 

She teared up even more and gave Natsu a passionate kiss. They pulled back when Natsu felt a small tug on his finger. He looked down and saw that the baby had grabbed his pointer finger in her tiny little fist. He smiled and let her play with his finger.

“Have you thought of a name for her?” Lucy asks him. 

“Well, Happy gave me a few ideas.” Natsu says. “Tuna, salmon, flounder-” 

“We’re not naming her after a fish.” Lucy tells him. 

“I know. I was only kidding.” Natsu laughs. 

“I like Nashi.” Lucy says thoughtfully. 

“Nashi?” Natsu asks then looks at his daughter. “Yeah...Nashi. I like it.” He says and smiles. 

“Do you want to hold her?” Lucy asks. 

“Are you sure?” Natsu asks. “I don’t know how, what if I drop her? What if I hold her too tightly? She’s so delicate, I bet she’ll break easily.”

“You’ll be fine.” Lucy says. “I trust you. This is your chance to hold your daughter for the first time. Do you want Gray or Gajeel to hold her before you do?” 

Natsu immediately held his arms out to Lucy for her to pass Nashi to him. She laughed, knowing that that would work. 

As Natsu took his daughter into his arms for the first time he thanked whatever God existed for the chance to meet Lucy and allow them to bring this little bundle of joy into the world.

Chapter Text


Natsu and Lucy had been dating for a little while now and although neither of them had ever been in a relationship before, both of them found it rather easy to transition because they were already so close. The only thing that had changed drastically was the physical aspect, and unfortunately that was something that Natsu had no clue about. But he wanted to learn, and Lucy was more than willing to teach. 

And that’s what she was doing right now as she straddled his lap and made out with him on her couch. He smiled as her hands roamed his chest. She started to unbutton his jacket and he held the back of her head and deepened their kiss to signal that he wanted her to keep going. 

She smiled and they giggled as she took off his jacket and Natsu tugged on his scarf to loosen it. He playfully wrapped it around Lucy’s upper back, pulling her closer to his chest. Her clothed breasts squished against his bare body and they both moaned, not just from their chests pressing together but from the friction of Lucy’s pantie-clad sex grinding against the prominent tent in Natsu’s pants.

As if by instinct Lucy captured Natsu’s lips in her mouth again and he happily reciprocated her searing kiss. Then he let out a deep moan from her grinding against his erection. He growled and dropped his scarf before grabbing her ass in his hands instead.

Lucy pulled away from his lips and let out an airy moan from Natsu’s groping. She gasped and held his shoulders as he began rolling his hips against hers as well, creating a steady rhythm between them both. Lucy looked at Natsu, her eyes darkening with lust as she took one of his hands off of her ass and placed it on her breast.

Having been raised in a bar, Natsu definitely knew what Lucy wanted when she did that and he eagerly squeezed her tit. Sure enough she tilted her head back and let out another moan in pleasure and the noise went straight to Natsu’s core and made his dick strain against his pants even more and press against Lucy’s crotch. With her head tilted back, her neck was exposed and Natsu wasted no time in nipping and licking at her pulse before biting and leaving a mark.

“Natsu...” Lucy moaned softly and dug her fingers into his shoulders.

Natsu moaned and pulled back to look at Lucy. Her face was flushed and her eyes were glazed with lust. He knew she could see the same thing in his. He sniffed the air and he picked up a new scent coming from under her skirt. One he had smelled from her before but never quite as strong as it was tonight.

“ you want to go all the way tonight?” He asks her softly.

She let out a soft gasp and her cheeks blushed bright red from that statement. She blinked a few times, fluttering her eyelashes before bringing her eyes back up and meeting his gaze.

“Yes...” She answers softly.

Now it was Natsu’s turn for his heart to race and his cheeks to turn red. He let her take his hand as she got off of his lap to walk into her bedroom towards her bed. Once inside Natsu stood in front of the bed with his back turned to it and he faced Lucy.

Her hands shaking with anticipation, she carefully undoes the sash on her skirt and lets both articles of clothing fall to the ground, leaving just her pink panties behind.

Natsu follows her lead and pulls his pants down as well, leaving him in just his boxers while Lucy unbuttons her top.

She watched his gaze shift from her face to her chest as she opened her top and let it fall to the ground.

Natsu gulped. He had seen her bare breasts plenty of times before, but something about seeing them now, when they were about to make love for the first time had him feeling like he was seeing them for the first time. Perhaps it was because for the first time, she wanted him to see. And he wanted her to see all of him too. So he pulled down his boxers and she let out a soft gasp at the sight of how large he was. As she stared at his penis, she pulled down her own panties and let them join the pile of clothes on the floor.

So there they were. Both completely bare before each other. Natsu stepped closer to Lucy and reached for the bow in her hair, keeping it in a ponytail.

“You’re beautiful Lucy.” He says to her.

He pulled it loose and let her hair fall down before cupping her cheek and gently kissing her.

The gentle kiss soon turned into a full on make out session as their hands roamed each other’s bodies, familiarizing themselves with each curve and valley of their partner until they both moaned into each other’s mouths when Natsu’s erection rubbed against her abdomen.

Natsu sat down on her bed and then laid down on it as she climbed on top of him and straddled his erection. This position would allow Lucy to be in more control of how much of him she takes in, and since this was her first time, he didn’t want to risk hurting her by shoving in too much.

He grunted as she gripped the base of his cock and lined him up with her entrance.

“Are you sure you want this Lucy?” He asks one more time just to be sure.

“Yes. I love you Natsu. I want you.” She says then takes the tip in and moans.

“I love you too.” He says and smiles.

They both moaned at each inch of him she mangaged to take, stopping every now and then to let herself adjust until she was fully seated on his cock.

She pressed her hands on his chest and gently rose herself up on his shaft. The friction causing Natsu to groan and hold her hips, even as she came back down.

She gradually picked up the pace. Bouncing on his cock as he moaned her name underneath her. She moaned in surprise and pleasure as his hands moved from her hips to her chest as he squeezed them again. So she decided to up the ante too and took him to the hilt and began to rotate her hips on his lap.

“Oh fuck Luce...” Natsu moaned and his grip on her tightened.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. He began to buck his hips against hers and she cried out in pleasure and dug her fingers into his pecs for balance.

She clenched around him and Natsu felt his release coming. He knew he wouldn’t last long with Lucy looking so sexy naked while she rode him. Lucy dipped her finger in-between her folds and began to play with her clit to bring her release faster.

Natsu came with a roar and Lucy screamed in pleasure as she felt him fill her with his cum. That was enough to send her over the edge and she came too.

Once they both came down from their highs, Lucy slipped off of his now flaccid dick and collapsed on top of his chest, their bare bodies pressed together as their mingled juices dropped down her thighs and they shared soft kisses until they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Chapter Text


Lucy was still asleep when Natsu woke up that morning. She often stayed up late writing so Natsu always let her sleep in later so she could get her rest. He didn’t mind though. He thought she was cute when she slept on his chest. He gently ran his hands through her golden hair and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. She smiled in her sleep and snuggled more into his chest. Natsu smiled at her and she slowly stretched and picked her head up and smiled at him. 

“Hey.” She says softly. 

“Hi.” He replies. 

She leaned up to kiss him and he kissed her back. Lucy giggled and kissed him again. Before long they were lazily making out with each other. That was interrupted however, by their two children jumping on their bed.

“Mommy! Daddy!” Their youngest son Ryou shouted.

“Wake up sleepy heads! We have to go to the guild and find a job!” Their eldest daughter Nashi added.

Natsu and Lucy chuckled at their children’s antics.

“Alright then, I guess it’s time we got breakfast going.” Lucy said and sat up in bed while their children climbed off.

Lucy got off as well after giving her husband one last peck on his lips before taking their children’s hands and walking them into the kitchen.

Natsu stumbled into the kitchen wearing his pants but no shirt a little while later, smiling when he saw his two kids sitting at the table talking with Happy, teasing him about eating raw fish for breakfast. To which he argued that:

“Fishies are a delectable and nutritious breakfast! You two just don’t know anything about food!”

Natsu giggled from his cat’s annoyance. Then went over to their stove where Lucy would make their pancakes and lit a fire underneath it.

“Thanks babe.” Lucy says while she stirs the pancake batter.

“Anything for you princess.” Natsu says and wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her cheek.

After one too many incidents of Natsu setting their house on fire trying to cook, Lucy took full ownership of that job. But Natsu still liked to watch to learn. Maybe one day Lucy would let him cook again, but that day was not coming very soon.

“Shouldn’t you be keeping an eye on our kids.” Lucy reminds Natsu.

“I am. We’re in the same room as them. And besides, Happy’s got eyes on them.” Natsu reassured her.

“Nooo!” Happy wails. “Let go of my fish you scoundrels!”

Lucy giggles and Natsu sighs before turning around and smiling at his kids, watching them steal Happy’s fish and keep it away from him.

“Wow Happy you’re so weak! A couple of little kids could steal your fish from you?” Natsu teases.

“Well it’s not like I’m gonna go beating up your kids!” Happy argues. “But I do want my fishy back.”

Happy started to tear up and Ryou took pity on him. So he handed him back the fish and Happy hugged it.

“Thank you so much Ryou!” Happy says. “This is why you’re my favorite!”

“Hey!” Nashi shouted, pouting in offense.

Then she squealed in delight when her father picked her up and threw her in the air before catching her.

Lucy turned around and smiled at her rambunctious family.

“Alright now, who wants pancakes?” She asks.

Everyone froze, then the next time she blinked they were all sitting around the table with big smiles on their faces.

Natsu and Nashi devoured their pancakes while Lucy took her time cutting Ryou’s pancakes for him since he was still a bit too young to be using a knife.

Once everyone had finished breakfast, they all got dressed and walked out of the door of their house. Nashi ran ahead with her little brother following her. The competitive girl declaring that she would race him to the guild hall while Happy flew after them to keep an eye on them.

Natsu smiled and was about to run after them but stopped when he realized Lucy wasn’t next to him. He turned around and saw her looking at the sign in front of their house with the names of everyone in their family written on it. Natsu came up behind her and she turned to face him.

This definitely wasn’t the life either of them expected to have when they met each other that day in Hargeon, but it was definitely one that they had secretly always dreamed of.

They kissed each other one more time before holding hands and briskly walking to catch up with their children on the way to the guild.