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The Deflowering of Steve Rogers

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Tony kissed him. It’s what you did, right? The kiss was sweet, nothing steamy yet. That was good. Steve was really sort of hoping that Tony would get called away or something. He was even willing to be called away himself to a disaster somewhere.

They’d been circling one another for weeks, maybe months. The tension was there. He wanted Stark and Stark wanted him. Words had been said. They’d even gone out on what were actual dates a few times – dinner, a baseball game.

Now here they were, in Steve quarters at Stark Tower. They’d been watching some silly show on the Science network about battling robots and Tony had simply turned to him and kissed him.

But Steve had a secret.

He was still a virgin. No, not virginal. He simply had never had actual sex with another person. He was terrified of women when he was pre-serum Steve and after, well, everything happened so fast that making out and groping were all he’d ever done.

But he’d thought about it. A lot. Then and now. And not only with women. He figured out that he liked men as well.

It wasn’t until the modern world that he even knew the word for what he was.


He’d had as many crushes on men as he had women. Bucky, Peggy, Natasha… and now Tony. He didn’t think this thing with Tony was a crush though. He thought he might actually be falling in love with Stark.

He pulled back from the kiss and looked into those dark eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Tony asked. “Did I read this wrong?”

“No, no -”

“Then did I do something wrong?” Tony looked perplexed and a little hurt.

“No. It’s all right, Tony. You’re fine. It’s me.”

“You’re not really into guys? I understand. I -”

“It’s not that either. I – can we watch TV for a while? I – can’t right now.”

Tony stood. “Look. I never meant to offend or whatever I did. I’m going to go now. I don’t want to make you more – uncomfortable.” He walked toward the door.

“Don’t go.” Steve said as Tony opened the door. He stopped and didn’t move, didn’t turn around. “I’ll tell you.”

Tony slowly closed the door and turned back around to face Steve, who had stood when Tony opened the door.

“I like you a lot, Rogers, but I’m too old for games. If this is some kind of game, let’s end this now.”

“You know me better than that. It isn’t. I, uh, sit down and I’ll explain.” When Tony didn’t make a move toward the sofa, he said, “Please?”

Tony came back across the room and sat down, looking at Steve expectantly.

“What on earth is it? Are you an alien?” Tony asked without cracking a smile.

“I don’t really have any, um, I haven’t -” He blew out a breath in frustration. This was hard. “I’veneverhadsexwithanyonebefore,” came out in a rush.

It took Tony a moment to get what Steve had said. He opened his mouth then shut it. Then he opened it again. “You’re ninety-five years old!”

“I spent most of my life as a tiny sick boy. I spent almost all my time after that fighting Nazis. Then boom, iced for over sixty-five years! I never had the time.”

“Then you don’t know what to do?” Tony asked.

“Of course I do. I’m not dead. I just haven’t done it.”

“Then you’ve watched porn? You know what people do? Guys?”

“Yes, Tony. I know.”

“And you wanna do those things with me? You want me to be your first?” Tony leaned forward a little, as if anxious for the answer.

He wanted Tony to be his only, but maybe now wasn’t the time to tell him that.

“Um, yeah. I do. Where do we start?”

Tony grinned and visibly relaxed. “Well, the kissing was going okay so maybe we start back there?” He leaned forward and kissed Steve on the lips, not touching him anywhere else. The kiss was short and chaste as kisses go, but Steve’s heart sped up.

He reached for Tony as he pulled away and put his arms around him, pulling him close for another kiss. Tony opened his mouth beneath Steve’s, inviting Steve’s eager tongue inside. Tony made a sound as Steve’s tongue slid along his.

When they paused, Tony rubbed his nose against Steve’s cheek and kissed it then said, “You don’t kiss like a virgin.”

“Why did I tell you?” Steve asked, teasing Tony.

“Why did you?” Tony purred as he kissed a line toward Steve’s ear.

“You. I want you.”

Tony took his earlobe between his teeth and tugged it gently. Steve made a sound this time.

“Like that?” Tony asked so close that he could feel his breath in his ear.

“Yes, I want more. Now.”

“Be patient. You’ve waited this long. A little longer’ll make it even better.”

Tony began to slowly unbutton Steve’s shirt. He didn’t touch his skin until he’d unbuttoned it all the way and pushed it open, exposing his smooth muscled chest. Tony leaned close and kissed him right in the center of his chest, where his own arc reactor was. He dragged his tongue across to flick it over one of Steve’s nipples.

“God!” Steve moaned, putting a hand on Tony’s shoulder.

“Oh, baby, you’re going to really love my bag of tricks,” Tony murmured as he returned to Steve’s mouth for another kiss. Steve was leaned back on the sofa now, and as they kissed, Tony’s hand slid down his chest to his belly then farther still to Steve’s belt. “Are you ready to get naked? Do you want more time?”

Steve was ready to explode, he thought to himself as he swallowed nervously and nodded. “I’m ready, Tony. It’s not the electric chair.”

Tony grinned at him, a shark’s grin if ever there was one, and began to unbuckle Steve’s belt. He kissed his way down to the top of Steve’s trousers. He let his hand run lightly over the erection that tented Steve’s khakis so prominently.

Steve couldn’t help but lift his hips into the touch.

He watched as Tony unbuckled his belt then unfastened the button and the zipper. Tony slipped his hand inside, touching Steve through his underwear.

“Tighty-whities,” he murmured as he kissed Steve’s belly just above his undies. “Lift your hips for me,” he told Steve and, in one movement, he slipped the trousers and underwear down, pushing them past Steve’s knees and pausing to let him kick them off.

Steve bit his lip as Tony turned back to him. “God, Rogers, you’re a big boy.”

“I want to see you naked, too, Tony. Before you touch me, take your clothes off.”

Tony stood and Steve helped him remove his pants and underwear. He was every bit as hard as Steve was. This pleased Steve more than he’d thought it would.

When he reached for the bottom of Tony’s t-shirt, he put a hand over Steve’s. “I – uh, maybe not that.”

Steve knew it was because of the arc reactor. “Can I touch it?”

“Yeah, but people find it – off-putting.”

Steve lifted the shirt just enough to expose Tony’s stomach, not higher. He leaned close and kissed his navel, darting his tongue inside for a moment. “There’s nothing off-putting about you, Mr. Stark,” Steve said to him. “I want to see it, to see all of you.”

Tony let him remove the t-shirt. The arc reactor glowed surprisingly bright, the blue light flooding the room. Steve leaned over and turned off the lamp and sat on the sofa right in front of Tony. He stretched his hand out to the reactor and touched it. Then he touched Tony’s chest, touching the scarred and the unscarred parts of his chest.

Tony groaned out loud. “Pepper hated it. She wouldn’t touch it.”

Steve kissed his chest, letting his tongue explore the scars first then he latched onto a nipple and sucked at it until Tony said, “You sure you’ve never done any of these things before?”

“I am,” Steve answered as he touched Tony’s cock. He wrapped his hand around it and stroked it slowly. “I’ve thought about them all a lot though.”

“You have to stop, Steve. I can’t, I’m going to come if you don’t. I want to make you come first. Please let me.”

Steve let go and kissed the wet little opening, gathering the dewy fluid with his tongue then he sat back and smiled. “What do you want to do to me?”

Tony pushed him back on the sofa then pulled him forward a little so he was a little slouched. He got on his knees in front of Steve and opened his legs. As he looked into Steve’s eyes, he ran a hand up each thigh then back down. He kissed up one leg to the center then the other before taking Steve’s cock into his hand. He caressed Steve’s heavy testicles with his other hand, leaning close to kiss them. He inhaled Steve’s muskiness, then licked him as he began to move his hand up and down Steve’s long, thick cock. After a few moments, he licked a trail up the thick vein on the underside.

“Oh God, Tony,” Steve put his hands on Tony’s head. He wanted, no, needed to fuck Tony’s mouth.

Tony took the head into his mouth, running his tongue over it before sucking it into his mouth as his hand slid up and down with the same rhythm as his mouth. He took more of Steve into his mouth each time he sucked it in until Steve was pressing the back of his throat. There was simply too much of Steve to fit all of it in his mouth.

Steve didn’t care. Jerking off for all these years had not prepared him for the difference he felt with Tony’s hot mouth and hands, sucking and stroking him at an accelerating pace. He was losing control quickly. Too quickly maybe.

He couldn’t stop and Tony didn’t stop.

He felt the buildup, felt his body readying itself.

“Oh, fuck, Tony. Tony! I’m coming … now!” And he did, arching his hips forward in hard jerks until he felt it all let go. Then he pressed as deeply as Tony could take him until he was done, until the spasms of ejaculate stopped.

Neither of them moved for several seconds. Steve was struggling to breathe and Tony wasn’t moving or saying anything, just breathing hard around Steve’s softening but still quite large cock.

Steve bit his lip. “Are you all right?”

Tony pulled away and licked the last bits of Steve’s come from his lips. “I need you, Steve. Do whatever you want to me. Just do something.”

Steve sat up and pulled Tony to his feet. He saw that Tony was rock hard and dripping pre-cum down his cock. He leaned forward and looked up into Tony’s face. “Tell me if I do it wrong.”

“Oh fuck,” Tony whispered when Steve touched his cock, spreading the wetness up and down with his hand.

Steve leaned closer and lapped at the smooth skin on the head. He licked places he liked to touch on his own cock, especially the little vee underneath that always made him crazy. Tony thrust into his mouth when he teased it with the tip of his tongue. Steve took him deep into his mouth. He couldn’t take all of Tony, but he took enough to make Tony thrust harder, involuntarily. Steve realized that any control Tony had was gone.

He began to move his hand in tandem with his mouth, sucking and licking at the same time. He reached for Tony’s hand with his free hand and held his hand tight as he heard Tony’s breath hitch and felt him tremble just before he came, spilling himself in Steve’s mouth.

After he was spent, Steve licked him one final swipe to clean him then let him go. He held onto the hand in his as he looked up. He knew he’d pleased Tony, but he needed to hear Tony say it.

He pulled Tony into his lap and put his arms around him. They kissed and held onto one another.

“I don’t think you need any lessons, but I’ll gladly be your teacher if you want,” Tony finally said.

“If I want more than that?” Steve knew he might be pushing his luck, but this wasn’t casual for him.

“It’s already more than that.”

That satisfied Steve. He wanted to ask questions but he knew it wasn’t the time yet.

“Stay with me tonight?” Steve held his breath for a second after he said it, wondering if perhaps he’d gone too far.

“I don’t think I could leave if I wanted to.”


Several hours later, Steve woke in the bed and saw Tony’s head on his shoulder. He kissed his forehead and smiled in the darkness. What had he gotten himself into?