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Journey to the North

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 She was a terribly bad half-jinn and half-giant, one of the very wickedest sort and, in fact, she was the evil itself. It is unknown if she had been devoid of goodness to this extent before eating a silver apple of the Tree of Youth. She`d become an immortal creature and acquired inexhaustible strength at a high price of being cursed to never know peace or happiness. Her deviousness could have been explained by her everlasting misery, if not for the fact that prior to theft and banishment an entire empire had perished in her conquest for power.

 Trapped in the Wild Lands of the North she dreamt of revenge biding her time and gathering her forces for a great attack on the entire world. Her witchcraft powers grew stronger and stronger, to the point that she could leave her cage of ice and snow, when winter came. In vain she tried to prolong her freedom by casting an eternal winter. Her tormentor, the Great Lion, however, needed only to bare his teeth for winter to meet its death and shake his mane to summon spring.

 All she could do was keep gathering forces: not gain allies, but recruit underlings. Hags studied Deep Magic under her guidance, too lowly of creatures to understand or utilize it as she did though. Not entirely worthless, truth be told, they spread stories of her glory and ambition, when she couldn`t pass the borders of the North, and more menacing creatures joined her ranks with each passing year. There were talking animals such as wolves, spiders, snakes, hyenas and rats. There were beasts such as goblins, minotaurs, ghouls, ogres, werewolves and many, so many more. Still none could compare to her tremendous physical strength as well. Good thing she was used to being superior, otherwise she`d be disappointed.

 “The Tree of Protection shall fall,” she said on another first day of winter, voice echoing in great halls of her ice castle. “Great cat shall die by my own hand. All I need is an adequate tool.”

 Flakes of snow were falling on Christendom and, at last, after whole three seasons of waiting, Jadis was swept out of her queendom in a sledge drawn by two reindeer.