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“Mmm, you know what sounds really good right now?” says Ochako contemplatively in the kitchen.

“What’s that?” Mina prompts her with a follow up question. 

“A donut. A cream-filled donut,” she emphasizes. 

“Oh, yum! That does sound delicious!” agrees Toru.

In the corner of the kitchen everyone hears someone choking and sputtering on their water. 

“Oh my god, are you okay Midoriya-kun?” asks Momo. 

Izuku pounds his chest as he wheezes, “I’m—I’m good. Wrong pipe,” as he looks to the group of girls sitting around the kitchen island. 

He realizes it’s a mistake as he locks eyes with Ochako, who’s got a conniving look in her eye. He nervously looks away, and decides that’s his queue to exit. As he passes the girls who eye him warily, Ochako calls out, “Deku-kun."

Stopping dead in his tracks, he looks to the brown-haired demon that’s plotting his demise. She hops out of her chair and bounces over to him.  

“Deku-kun, do you think you can get me a cream-filled donut,” she says with a deceptive smirk on her face.

Izuku gulps. As he opens his mouth to answer he’s interrupted and he thanks the Gods silently.

“Midoriya’s getting us donuts?! Awesome!” Interjects Denki as he walks into the kitchen.

“Uh-” starts Izuku.

“Oh really!? That’s so manly of you!” Eijirou exclaims, clapping a hand on his shoulder. 

Ochacko’s grin widens as she watches Izuku’s eyes darting around frantically, scratching a finger to his cheek with an awkward chuckle, “I-uh, I think it’s a tad late to be leaving campus for...donuts.” 

There’s a collective sound of groans and sighs.

“I mean—he’s kinda right, it’d be unmanly for him to break curfew,” Eijirou nods in agreement. 

“That’s okay Deku-kun! You can make it up to me,” Ochako beams at him.

“O-oh?” Izuku gulps, “How so?”

“Cuddle with me during the movie later tonight!”  

The people around them whoop and whistle, and Izuku just can only give a weak nod and a wobbly smile. While “cuddling” constituted in typical best friend skinship to the class, “cuddling” meant something else entirely to Izuku.

Ochako and Izuku had started sleeping together not too long ago; both wanting physical release without the relationship label. What Izuku hadn’t expected was Ochako’s level of sexual deviancy. She absolutely loved the rush she got from almost getting caught. Whether it be out in the training fields, pulling Izuku into bathrooms, broom closets, and classrooms; or even the dressing room at the shopping mall; they had hooked up in quite a few public places. And while Izuku was deemed a goody two-shoes to a good majority of the school due to his innocent looks, he actually got a thrill out of fucking Ochako in the most random places on campus. 

Izuku found his way to one of the couches facing the projection screen in which Friday Movie Night would be playing. He was nestled against the armrest of the couch, scrolling through his phone when he felt a dip in the cushion, signifying the arrival of someone.

Green eyes look-up to meet bored red eyes.

“He-Hey Kacchan.”

“Nerd,” he grunts out in acknowledgment, and the two go back to minding their own business. 

The wind is knocked out of Izuku as a figure plops themselves down onto his lap. A blanket is tossed around him blocking his vision temporarily. 

“Oh god, are you guys going to be doing this lovey dovey shit all night?” Katsuki groaned. 

“You can always move you know, Bakugou,” Ochako shrugs. 

“Fuck no, this is the best couch.”

“Then don’t complain!” she retorts back. She wiggles off Izuku’s lap, bunching the blanket around them, resting her arms around his torso. His arm drapes around her waist.  She cranes her head up, large brown eyes sparkling as Izuku looks down at her.

“Are you ready for some fun Deku-kun?” she asks innocently. 

“Ochako,” he starts with a gulp, “what exactly are you planning?”

“Oh, you’ll see. You’ll definitely enjoy it,” she whispers as the hand across his waist rakes across his stomach and drifts lower, palming at his groin. Izuku stiffens, but doesn’t dare move. His eyes darted around his periphery, but no one seems to have noticed, “Relaaaaax, would ya? Just enjoy it.”

Izuku’s eyes glance down, and is surprised that the movement under the blanket is undetectable. He allows his shoulders to relax a little as the hand draped at Ochako’s waist slides down over her hips and back up, taking note of the loose shorts she is wearing. His thumb slips under her shirt as he rubs her hipbone in a soothing gesture.

Izuku’s been sitting half hard as their classmates start to filter in taking their spots around the screen, taking up the other couches and filling the gaps on the floor with pillows and blankets. Snacks litter the coffee table and soon, everyone is settled in. A horror movie is chosen, and loaded into the player. Momo produces a small control that turns the lights off in the common room. 

Ochako brazenly reaches down Izuku’s basketball shorts wrapping her hand around his shaft as she strokes him till he’s fully hard, pre-come leaking from the tip. She leans even closer and leaves a kiss on Izuku’s neck, which causes him to glance down at her once more. 

“Deku-kun, I want you inside me,” she whispers. 

Izuku sneaks a peak around them and sees that everyone’s invested in the beginning of the movie before replying, “Right now?”

“Yessss, right now. I wanna feel you,” she murmurs.

“What? No Foreplay?? I can’t just stick it in,” he whispers incredulously at her.

She smirks up at him, “Oh, but you can Deku-kun. I’m nice and wet, just for you.” She pulls down Izuku’s shorts, his cock springing free under the blanket.

“Ah, Deku-kun! I’m scared!!” She exclaims climbing up into his lap, “Hold me!”

Katsuki scoffs next to them, “Get a grip round-face, nothing’s happened yet.”

Ochako ignores him as she settles onto Izuku’s lap. She slides her shorts to the side, bare skin touching Izuku’s cock. Izuku can feel his cheeks burning red at the realization that Ochako’s not wearing any underwear. His dick slides into her shorts and rest between her ass crack. Her small movements create friction that feels a little too good, too sensitive, against Izuku’s penis. His hands grab her hips to still her squirming. She leans forward a little, pretending to be readjusting the blankets around them, when she’s really adjusting her position so that Izuku is lined up with her slit. 

In one swift movement, she sinks down taking all of Izuku in. He tries his best not to moan at the tight heat that’s suddenly around him, shutting his eyes and biting his lip. He ends up grunting as she wriggles some more. How Ochako was able to do that without breaking a sweat or making a noise is beyond him. 

Ochako gets comfortable and leans back against him. Her legs spread slightly locking his legs in between hers. She squirms again, wrapping his arms around her torso as he hugs her close to stop her from moving around too much. She looks over her shoulder, “Comfortable?”

Izuku only nods curtly as she settles down. Izuku sighs a little, melting into the sensations of Ochako’s walls hugging his dick. The act wasn’t new for them. Ochako loved sitting on Izuku’s cock, being filled with him, without rushing towards the climb of an orgasm. They had watched plenty of movies in one another’s room with his cock buried in her as they cuddles. They often studied with Ochako on his lap. Eventually, these cockwarming sessions ended with the reward of an orgasm; whether it be Izuku fucking Ochako into the floor or Ochako riding the hell out of Izuku, it was really who was the more riled up one. 

But tonight was the first time they’d taken their little kink out in public. It was a far different experience so far. He was hyper aware that he had to school his face to remain neutral to anyone who could see him. Secondly, he knew Ochako could make this easy or increasingly difficult. WIthout the privacy of a closed door, he was at her mercy. 

As the movie progressed, Izuku could see the impending jumpscare about to happen on screen as the main character moves about in an empty dark hallway, checking empty rooms. The music is also eerie, adding to the ambiance, Izuku knows it’s coming, he’s bracing himself for it when—he yelps and jumps, completely surprised at the deep rumbling vibrations against the head of his dick. He had jostled Ochako in the process, and had to bite down on his lip and close his eyes to prevent a moan from escaping his lips. 

Katsuki snorts, “Jesus Christ Deku, it’s not that fucking scary.”

Izuku can only nod once more in response without giving away his current predicament. He’d rather have his childhood rival think he was a pussy than finding out he was balls deep in a pussy. 

Ochako looks back again at Izuku who’s struggling to keep his composure now that she’d added a level to heighten their play, “Are you good?”

“Ye-yeah, I’m good,” he grunts out in response. The intensity of the vibrations grow stronger, causing Izuku’s hands to grip even harder on Uraraka’s hips and pushes her down onto his cock. He wants to thrust up into her, pound her so hard for being such a goddamn tease, but he can’t. There’s just no way he could get away with fucking Ochako right now. 

He sees her on her phone dimmed all the way down, and he glances at the screen. She notices him looking so she gives him a better look. On the screen, there’s a diagram of waves playing across, which confuses the hell out of Izuku. She touches the screen and drags her finger up; the waves increase on the screen as the vibrations rumble stronger against Izuku simultaneously. He buries his face against Ochako’s back. The vibrator was being remote controlled by a phone app. 

“Fuck,” he whispers under his breath. How did he miss the vibrator? He remembers Ochako vaguely mentioning a new toy a few days ago. He inhales a large swath of air and looks back at the screen. Ochako cycles through pattern after pattern, as she edges Izuku closer and closer to orgasm only to switch the pattern or turn the vibration low. It didn’t help that Ochako was using her pelvic muscles to gently squeeze her pussy around his dick for several seconds and releasing. His knuckles and fingers strain as nails dug into her hips; bruising the girl and leaving indentations on her skin.

Ochako used a hand to pat Izuku’s hand as consolation to the torture he was under. Izuku was losing his mind over the sensations of her pussy clenching around him and the waves of vibrations that assaulted the underside of his dick. It’s taking everything he can to not blow his load in the common room. 

Izuku’s at his wit’s end with the teasing. Having completely lost focus on the movie, he knows that more scary shit is about to go down, but having to keep his orgasm in check is more or less his priority. Izuku’s body is starting to shake at the impending orgasm that’s about to happen any second. 

“How fucking scared are you, you nerd? You’re shaking like a goddamn leaf, you big scaredy cat,” Katsuki snorts and laughs at Izuku. 

“I’ll protect him!” She whisper yells at Katsuki. She looks back over her shoulder again and says loud enough for Katsuki to hear, “It’s okay if you’re scared Deku-kun. If you feel like you need to scream, just bite down on my shoulder. I don’t mind!”

Izuku looks into those feigning innocent eyes, filled with mischief.

“Cum inside me, Deku-kun. Fill me up,” she whispers as low as she can. 

Izuku’s eyes widen as he looks at the she-devil, who boosts the vibrator to its maximum setting and clenches down on him as tight as she can at the exact moment the class jumps and screams at the events playing on screen.

He wraps his arms around her squeezing her tight, shoving his dick in impossibly deeper as he bites down into her shoulder, burying his face into her neck as he feels his seed explode inside. Once he’s felt himself completely drained, he plops back into the cushions behind him. He looks at the screen and he sees that the movie is nearing it’s resolution too.

Izuku glances at Ochako who has a victorious smile on her face. Ochako hadn’t made much of a peep since their whole game started, except for the contented “Mmm” that emitted from her throat when she felt Izuku’s load shoot off inside her. She slips off Izuku’s lap, readjusts his shorts before her own. She wraps her arms around his torso with her head under his chin for cuddles. She acts like nothing’s happened; like she’s not full of his cum right now. 

When the movie credits start rolling, he catches a peek at Ochako who seems to have fallen asleep. Izuku’s head drops back onto the cushions, his gaze trained on the ceiling as he closes his eyes. The lights switch on and everyone starts shifting and moving about in the common room. Several people are off to bed, while a handful stay to finish cleaning up snacks and the kitchen. 

Katsuki looks at the duo at the other end of the couch and laughs, “Fuck Deku, you were scared the entire time of the movie. Were your eyes even open?”

“Ha-hah, yeah.” Izuku scratches at his cheek as eyes peek open at the blonde, “Scary movies, just aren’t my thing I guess?”

Katsuki gets up and shakes his head, “Not surprised nerd.”

And with that Izuku and Ochako are completely left alone. He goes to nudge her awake when—

“Is it just us Deku-kun?” 

“Yeah, it’s just us. I thought you were asleep.”

“Nope,” she pops her lips, “I just wanted to be the last ones to leave. You know, considering,” she says as she pulls away from Izuku. She glances around the common room again, scanning for any stragglers before she straddles Izuku’s lap. Forearms stretch across his shoulders as she fixes her gaze on him. 

“Thank you,” she said sweetly.

“For what?” Izuku asks.

“For satisfying my craving.”

“Your craving?”

“My cream filling craving,” She emphasizes.

“O-oh,” Izuku forgot about her euphemism from earlier. 

“But um that was just a taste. Do you think ya can give me more?”

Izuku looks at her with a small smile, “I think I have plenty of where that came from. You deserve it after all, right?”

“Oh? Do I?” She quirks an eyebrow at him.

“Mmm hmmm,” he smiles playfully in response, “I’ll have you screaming till you’re satisfied. I know you prefer being loud. Oh, and leave the vibrator.”

This time it’s Ochako’s turn to blush slightly but smiles nonetheless, “You’re on Deku-kun.”