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The letters had been piling up in his office and It was getting to him.

It's not that he had been putting reading these stupid letters off, seeing as they were from an old childhood friend (or an old childhood crush if he was being truly honest.) And that friend had decided to take the time to write out countless letters through out their childhood and after a lull in their delivery, it seems they were coming back with full force.

Miles Edgeworth was a busy man, especially after the SL-9 incident and how he began taking on more and more cases determined to get defendants declared guilty for the crimes they've commited. That was the mindset he had After the DL-6 incident, the mindset that his mentor Manfred Von Karma had drilled into him, and just overall the mindset that made him become the prosecutor he is.

But this isn't about that, it's about those letters that Miles is unintentionally avoiding.

Taking a break from the case file he was reading over, a case about A guy named Steph who got accused for a murder and the defense attorney who was way too hyper for his liking who took the poor fool's case, he picked up one of the letters he'd gotten from Phoenix and began reading.

Each letter had the feeling of friendliness, and that's probably all it was if Miles thought about it with more than a passing thought, but at the moment he was too wrapped up in the happy nature of the letter.

Phoenix Wright really hadn't changed much if the letters were true. Still an overly optimistic guy who had almost let himself get murdered by his Ex-girlfriend and literally ate glass. Miles remembered that case well seeing as it was, in franziska's words, Foolish and that man should've died for goodness sake.


'Yeah... Dalilha... I thought I loved her, and that she loved me you know? But apparently it wasn't true. It got me reminiscing about when Me, You, and Larry were the epic trio we were. The Three Signal Samurais you know! Me and Larry don't talk much seeing as College is busy but I have zero doubts that he's fallen for another girl. He's unlucky in love I think both you and I know that even if you don't reply to these letters. I do hope you're doing well, because seeing from the Newspapers you've become a prosecutor. Kind of left field but yeah, hope you're doing well and hopefully expect more letters if the classes don't keep me too busy.

Sincerely yours,

The pile of Letters had steadily decreased over the time Miles read them, which took two days total if you took into account the fact he was still a busy prosecutor. It was surprising that after reading those letters he hoped for more. More stupid rambling letters of how a college friend of Phoenix's got so drunk they passed out on the roof of someone's house and no one know how they got up there, or Stupid letters from a slightly drunk Phoenix who acknowledged he was drunk in the letter and then proceeded to basically come out in said letter by writing the line 'You're pretty you know that,, like how girls are pretty but also guys are pretty and yeah I'm Bi'. That line sent Miles' heart racing when he read it one night while Pess was laying her head on his leg while wagging her tail.

But eventually the Letters stopped coming, and Miles didn't know why. He assumed life got busy and he just shrugged it off seeing as he needed to work and Gumshoe was barging into his office and knowing him, the poor sheep dog of a detective was someone who needed to be reminded to do his job.

What he didn't expect was a year later to find out those letters stopped because his old friend (and childhood crush) was facing him and determined to get him back to the way they were... but that's for the future to tell. For now Miles kept and read all the letters, and even if he didn't respond, they were important to him all the same.


If only Phoenix knew how important these letters were to Miles at the time.