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Star Crossed

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“Why don’t we just kill him?” Vasquez questioned as the room of executives planned. Hidden far away from the cameras that mapped every inch of Helios. Well, nearly every inch. That’s why they were hiding in a damn Loaderbot™ hanger. 

“Are you crazy?” Henderson scowled, crossing his arms. “This plan is crazy enough! Do you know what will happen if he finds out we’re trying to stage a mutiny? We’re as good as dead.” 

“I disagree, Saul,” Hausman - the head of marketing - spoke up, “Rhys might have been married to him, but he is not Handsome Jack.” 

“Handsome Jack or not Hyperion is his now.” Henderson countered with a frown. 

“Has anyone even seen him since the funeral? No. That’s because he’s vulnerable.” Garcia the lead security officer pointed out. “This is the perfect time to strike. I for one am not going to let a snot-nosed little brat from data mining take control of this company.” That elicited a few grumbling sounds of agreement from the six other executives in the room. 

“How do we even know this is going to work? This science is shoddy at best. What if he gets his memory back?” Jeffers from R&D fidgeted. 

“We’ll need someone to keep an eye on him, then.” Yvette noted. 

“Why don’t we just kill him after we wipe his memory?” Vasquez grumbled. 

“It will be so much more humiliating to watch that little brat scramble at the bottom of the food chain. We won’t have to worry about him if he’s under our boots. And besides even if he gets his memory back, there will be no way for him to get Hyperion back.” Feathers, the head of sales, chided with a greedy grin. 

“Whether or not we kill him, we will have to move fast. This has to take place before he makes the announcement that he’s taking over Jack’s throne.” Yvette said, leaning up against the leg of one of the loaderbots. 

“Why?” Jeffers frowned, anxiously. Everything this guy did was anxious.” 

“Because then no one will ask questions. Jack pulled this kind of shit all the time.” She snapped. Yvette knew Rhys, liked him even. But this was bullshit. Why should he get Jack’s wealth? Why should he get his Empire? At least with this plan it was fair game. Hyperion was a dog-eat-dog world and you don’t turn away a chance to take out the alpha.

“Where would we put him? I'm sure we can’t erase his whole life.” Henderson said skeptically as his index finger fiddled with the end of his mustache. 

“If we did we would just have a bigger problem on our hands. We only take out the time he had with Jack.” Yvette had thought about this plan. She just needed people to back her up. “He was in data mining when he started out. Thats a good place to start. It’s a big department easy to get lost in. He would just fade into the wallpaper with all the other code monkeys.” 

“But why are we keeping him on Helios? Isn’t that just tempting fate?” Vasquez asked and Yvette resisted the urge to hit him. 

“If we keep him on Helios, we can control what he remembers. We won’t run the risk of anything triggering memories. Plus if we think he’s thawing out, we just drag him back to R&D and blast him again.” Yvette had thought of everything. “I’ll keep an eye on him myself.” 

“I think we’re in agreement.” Garcia insinuated, her hand resting on her gun. They all wanted to be done with this conversation. 

“All in favor?” Seven hands in the air. 

“All opposed?” No hands. 

Okay. Now to execute the plan. 


“What are you doing!?” Rhys screamed as he was dragged down the silent halls of Helios by a pair of loader bots. 

Five out of the seven executives were waiting in the operating room while Yvette and Garcia accompanied the loaderbots with their captive down to deck 13. 

Rhys had been lifted off the ground, his bare feet kicking angrily as he tried desperately to escape the iron grip of the loader bots. He was in his pajamas, they had reprogrammed Rhys’ loaderbot guards to drag him out of his bed, meeting the executives outside of the CEO’s penthouse. 

“You’ll all pay for this!” Rhys growled, spitting angrily as one of the loaders drifted a little too close to Garcia and Rhys managed to claw her with his cybernetic claws, leaving four neat cuts down the side of her cheek. 

The head of security screeched, drawing her gun before Yvette put a hand on her shoulder and giving her a stern look. 

“This is for your own good, Rhys.” Yvette said to the CEO as Garcia put her gun away.

“Like hell!” Rhys snarled, looking downright dangerous. “Let me down and you’ll see how good I am.” 

“You have no power here, Mister CEO.” Garcia growled as she punched the button to activate the elevator. She grabbed his face, gripping his chin hard enough to make the young man wince. “There’s no one coming to save you. Jack is dead.” 

For a moment there was a fleeting look of fear in Rhys eyes before he reared back and kicked Garcia hard in the chest, knocking her against the wall of the elevator. 

“So help me if i get out of this I am going to watch the life leave your body.” Rhys growled. Fixing his gaze on the two of them. 

“Rhys. stop embarrassing yourself.” Yvette turned her frown on Rhys. “There’s nothing you can do. Just surrender.” 

“Over my dead body.” Rhys spat in Yvette’s face. “You’ll never get away with this.” 

“We already have.” Yvette’s voice was cold as the elevator opened on deck 13. 

Rhys was slammed down on the metal table hard enough to make him see stars. When he opened his eyes he saw all 7 Hyperion department heads, all of them looking down at him as he was strapped down to the table.

“Why are you doing this?!” He was far too scared to be brave any more. It was clear they weren’t going to kill him. He just didn’t know what was worse than killing him. There was movement down by his foot and he craned his head up only for it to be pushed back down by Yvette’s hand. 

“If it’s money you want, I’ll give you money.” His hands were shaking. 

“We’re too far past the point of bargaining, Rhys.” Vasquez’s deep warbling voice reached his ears. 

“Oh please,” Rhys scoffed, “everyone has a price.” 

“This price is a little too steep for you, Mister CEO.” Henderson 

“Bullshit! Let me out of this!! That is an order !” Rhys yelled. He was reaching the end of his rope as he felt something cold and foreign be plugged in to the port at his temple, he flinched at the feeling, jerking off the table. 

“You’re in no position to give orders Rhys.” Another voice said. Rhys pulled on his restraints but the leather straps had been buckled too tightly for any give. 

“Please… please don’t do this!!” Tears were coming to his eyes. 

Oh god. Why was this happening to him? He was only 27. He didn’t want this. He didn’t want this. He wanted Jack. He had just lost Jack. Jack was dead. Why couldn’t they understand? His husband had just died!! All alone somewhere on pandora. Shot to pieces by Vault Hunters. Far far away and alone where no one could help him. Now Rhys’ fate was the same. Betrayed by his own employees. He was going to die alone here on the deck of his space station. No one was going to help him.

“Please. Please.” Rhys chanted, struggling so hard they had to hold him down. “I don’t want this! Let me go!” 

“This isn’t about what you want.” Another voice said, a different one. Just as cold. 

“Let. Me. Go .” Oh god, someone should have heard him screaming. He wanted Jack. “Let me go!!!” Rhys screamed again, crying full force now. 

He felt the needle go into his arm and he screamed again. “Jack!!” Rhys shouted for a ghost. Spilled his tears for a dead man. His whole body ached for his dead husband. 

There was one thing he heard before he lost consciousness. 

“Jack is gone.” 

And then the world went black.