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Everything is Possible, Even the Impossible

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Golden cat-like eyes followed Dabi from the shadows as the flame user explained to Spinner what he had done wrong.

"You're still using too many weapons at once," Dabi sighed gesturing to mound of sharp blades that were impossibly fused together on a single sword handle. “Maybe you should consider breaking it up and using a single sword instead.”

Spinners face flushed a deeper shade of green. “Stain used multiple blades at once and he got the job done.”

“You’re not Stain!” Dabi yelled fed up with the Spinners attitude towards her attempts to help him only to regret it a moment later at the hurt that flashed through the lizard’s eyes.

Sliding out of her hiding spot Himiko skipped silently over to Dabi grabbing the older woman by the arm and hugging her before things had a chance to escalate any further.

“Da~bi,” she giggled sweetly noticing her prey freeze up slightly before relaxing when Dabi realized who it was exactly who was hugging her. “Tomura wants to see you.”

Dabi sighed and with a quick head pat and a ‘thanks brat’ she left the two to go see find out whatever it was that Shigaraki wanted this time. As soon as the cremation user was out of sight Spinner turned to Himiko surprised to see that there was a soft smile on her face. Knowing that the transformation user had been watching Dabi just as closely as he had Spinner felt she was the perfect person to bring up his concerns to.

“Am I crazy or is something wrong with her?” Spinner asked wrapping his sword up making plans to hide it somewhere so Dabi couldn’t break it apart.

“Silly Spinner,” Himiko giggled. “We’re all crazy here.”

“Maybe but Dabi is going the extra mile lately,” the pink haired swordsman said pointing one finger accusingly at Himiko. “And I don’t tell me I’m imagining things cause you’ve been stalking her too much not to see it also.”

“Rude.” Himiko pouted sticking her tongue out slightly.

“Look she’s training me to fight better,” Spinner said pointing towards the pile of mud Twice had made of the cremation user so that the real Dabi could observe the fight from a safe distance. “Helping the Boss make plans, meditating with Twice and she even had Giran teach her how to take care of Compress’s arm before he took off. It’s. Not. Normal.”

“Well she hasn’t been helping me with anything,” Himiko fibbed knowing that Dabi was, in fact, doing the same thing for her that she was with Spinner.

Truthfully the only difference in their training was Himiko was being taught how to kill more quickly and quietly so that any infiltration missions she was sent on could go more smoothly. Truthfully Himiko preferred more up close and brutal tactics when it came to fighting but she was starting to see the benefits when Dabi compared her to a ninja. Ninjas were awesome and much cooler than when she had to fake being yakuza member for that bastard Overhaul.

Spinner gave her a knowing look. “Listen at first I thought that after the Meta Army thing and how sick she was afterwards Dabi was just being cautious but now I’m starting to worry that something is seriously wrong.”

That got Himiko’s attention and her yellow eyes zeroed in on Spinner like a laser beam. “Wrong how?”

“I don’t want to be the one to say it, but what if Dabi is … you know dying.”

Himiko felt the blood in her body suddenly turning ice cold.

“That’s not … she wouldn’t …”

“I know you heard Ujiko trying to get information from Giran about her same as me,” Spinner said looking uncomfortable now. “Dabi’s quirk is dangerous, one wrong move and -”

Spinner didn't even get a chance to finish before he found himself pinned to the floor by the blonde one of her knives dangerously at his throat.

“Dabi. Is. Fine.” The blonde hissed pressing the blade a little harder and drawing blood.

The two stayed like that staring hard at each other neither willing to back down until they heard a cough. Turning towards the door they saw Twice standing there with only a bandana covering his lower face.

"Mr. Compress is back! Gross, he brought vegetables." Twice announced before coughing and taking a deep breath to collect himself like Dabi had shown him to these last few weeks. "Giran is with him and trying to break up a fight between the Boss and Dabi.”

The pair instantly separated and got up Himiko taking the time to kick Spinner in the shin hard before skipping out of the training room intent on finding Dabi and getting answers out of her just so she could prove Spinner wrong once and for all.


“And I keep telling you not to get a big head,” Dabi hissed from the other side of Giran as the broker tried to keep the pair separated. “Just because you beat Re-Destro and barely I might add doesn’t mean you can break into Tartarus.”

Shigaraki glared at the woman who had become second in command in all but name since Kurogiri got captured. “Don’t question me, I’m the leader here Ugly not you.”

“Yeah the stupid leader who’s going to get him and his party all killed on a suicide mission.” Dabi sneered back.

“Ok children that’s enough,” Giran said stepping in now and looking at Shigaraki seriously. "Listen, kid, I would love nothing more than to help you but Dabi’s right. Beating a prick like Yotsubashi by the skin of your teeth doesn’t mean you can break into the most secure prison in Japan.”

“But we need to get Kurogiri back,” Tomura argued. “He knew the most about Sensei’s network other then Ujiko.”

“Which is why I was here to tell you that in a few months he’s going on trial,” the businessman smiled widely showing off the new gold tooth he had made for himself from the melted down from ring that was once Re-Destro’s family crest. “We have time to make a plan and bust the good bartender out if you can calm down.”

This news seemed to pacify Shigaraki enough that Giran could move away from in between the pair giving Dabi a stern look as he did. "And you, stop antagonizing the brat, I know it can be fun to get him worked up sometimes but right now isn’t one of them.”

Dabi clenched her fists and nodded knowing that right now she couldn’t risk pissing Giran off, she needed him.

Shigaraki noticed the change in attitude and smirked. “Your daddy issues are showing.”

“Says the Creep who got a little teary eyed just now at the mention of his beloved Sensei," Dabi replied running her middle finger down her face.

Shiaragki flushed a violent shade of red and reached for the flame user grabbing her coat with all five fingers and decaying it instantly. Normally the destruction of anything Dabi’s would make him happy but Tomura was shocked by the look of sheer terror that made its way to the cremation users face. Using the split-second of disbelief to her advantage Dabi let her hand fly out and deliver a hard-painful slap hard to Shigaraki’s face.

Stepping back in case he tried to grab her again Dabi hugged herself and tried to squash down the flames of her quirk all the while glaring at the shocked face of Shigaraki as he held his face from where she had just hit him hissing venomously at him.

“Don’t you ever touch me again.”

Turning on her heel Dabi quickly made her escape from the room passed the stunned faces of her comrades.

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“What the hell was that?” Shigaraki grumbled as he rubbed his now red cheek.

Giran sighed and lit up a cigarette looking at the League of Villains young leader. “She hasn’t told you I take it, honestly that girl.”

Spinner nudged Himiko in the arm. "See I told you I wasn't crazy."

“Told me what.” The decay user hissed unhappy that Dabi was once again keeping something from him. It was like her early secret meetings with that so-called hero Hawks, except this time there wasn’t anything Shigaraki could make use of.

“Look, after you destroyed the Meta Army, I took over some of their business ventures same as when you put Overhaul out of commission,” Giran explained taking a long drag of his cigarette looking at the metal hand that served as a permanent reminder of that pompous bastard Yotsubashi. “Unfortunately, the encounter also made me realize that I can’t trust my people as much as I thought I could so I made Dabi a deal.”

Shigaraki’s face turned a vivid shade of red, perfectly camouflaging where Dabi had just slapped him “Are you seriously fucking poaching one of my best fighters to help you run your shitty business because you’re too afraid of your own people!"

“Hey it’s not like you aren’t getting anything out of this arrangement,” Giran assured a little offended by the accusation. “I just need her for like a year -”


“– tops to help me weed out the worst from the bad and most of what I'm paying her is getting funnelled right back to you brats.”

“How much are we talking exactly?” Spinner asked suspiciously not feeling all that thrilled that the only person here besides himself with some common sense was leaving.

“Aside from money I’m paying her Dabi gets first pick of the people to recruit for the League, whether they become permeant members or not is up to you lot,” Giran explained noticing how Shigaraki’s eyes lit up at the mention of new members.

Say what you would about their relationship but Giran knew that when it came to picking members Dabi’s opinion mattered more then Shigaraki let on. “And if I can get it for you pretty much anything your little blackened hearts could want is on the table. Including the best prosthetics, I can get my hands on for Compress since we now share a common need for them.”

“So Dabi’s not dying?” Twice said ignoring everything the broker had just said and asked the question that had been worrying him since he walked in on Himiko and Spinner.


Giran just gave a deep laugh and shook his head. “No Jin she’s not dying.”

“Then why’s she been working us like her own freaking army of toy soldiers?!” Spinner complained not noticing when Himiko used his outburst to sneak away after Dabi.

“You idiot,” Giran said looking at the swordsmen surprised that these brats weren’t able to see what Dabi was doing. Not that it should shock him though given how twisted each of them had grown up to be. “That girls the leader of your little squad and wants to make sure that none of you die before she has a chance to come back.”

Taking another drag of the cigarette Giran thought back to when he first met Dabi in that alleyway standing over the burning corpse of her first kill blue eyes hollow and dead as she kicked it over and over again. “See when I found her the girl was dead, sure Dabi may have walked and talked and made one hell of a resource for me but make no mistake she wasn’t really alive till she met all of you, even Shigaraki here who annoys her most of the time.”

“It’s creepy when you talk like that,” Shigaraki shuddered looking uncomfortable at the thought of Dabi actually liking him, it was at times like this that he missed Kurogiri. “You’re not actually her dad you know.”

Giran snorted at the thought of being a father, much less one to Dabi. “Me, naw I’m more like her uncle, the one who knows what skeletons are in his precious niece’s closet.”

“So, you know Dabi’s name?” the League’s leader asked looking more interested now hoping that maybe he could pry some information out of the broker since Dabi was locked up tighter than Sensei’s cell in Tartarus.

“Sure, its Dabi,” Giran smirked. “Helped her pick it out myself.”

“Not that one,” Shigaraki huffed looking irritated. “I mean her real name.”

Giran thought about the name Dabi used to go by and gave Shigaraki a stern look. “Kid that is her name, the one you want has a lot of baggage attached to it that I don’t think you're ready for.”

Looking like he wanted to argue Giran just threw his cigarette down and crushed it beneath his shoe just like he was doing with this conversation. “Now I brought a bounty of food that needs to be cooked so who’s the best chef we got in this joint?”

Twice raised one hand. “Normally that would be Dab- hey where did Himiko go?”


Dabi took a slow sip of water as she tried to calm down after what had just happened. Usually, she would just go into the woods with the axe Twice had found their first day here and chop down a bunch of wood for her to burn later when it got cold but that wasn’t the best idea anymore.

Putting her hand on her abdomen Dabi tried to push away the memories that had been keeping her up these last couple of weeks and tried to figure out what she should do next.

“Now this is interesting,”

Dabi wiped around to see who exactly had followed her to this small back room that she had claimed as her own personal hiding place when she felt her hand instinctually catch on fire. Seeing the bright blue flames that had previously been held against her abdomen Dabi immediately used the remainder of her water to douse them before they had a chance to spread any further and hurting what she was trying so hard to protect.

Mr. Compress stood their signature mask off for once showing those brown eyes of his as they sparkled mischievously. “Truly, a few things are starting to make sense.”

"Don't know what you're talking about," Dabi said trying to shrug off what had just happened.

“Now, now please don’t insult me by lying,” the magician said wiggling his finger at Dabi like she was a small misbehaving child. “I wondered what Giran brought that sent you into such a panic on his last visit but now I think I know what it was. So, tell me how far along are you Dabi?”

“I don’t know -”

“Tatsuo,” Mr. Compress said sternly shocking Dabi completely to the core with the use of her birth name. "I won't ask again when it's so obvious that your -"


The pair turned and now saw that Himiko had found them and was staring at Dabi in shock.

“I … I …” Dabi stammered feeling the wall she had built up over the numerous years crack a little as she looked into Himiko’s excited eyes and knew she couldn’t lie anymore, no matter how much she may have wanted to. “Listen you can’t tell anyone. I can't … no one can know do you understand me.”

“But Dabi,” Himiko whined looking at the older woman excitedly clapping her hands as she bounced from one foot to another. “Your gonna be a mom.”

Compress noticed Dabi’s breathing speed up as terror flickered across her face and quickly grabbed a stool for her to sit on before she could faint.

"This has to do with your father doesn't it?" Mr. Compress asked concerned for the woman.

Dabi looked at up towards the magician giving the compression user his first look into the girl’s fragile emotional state. Whatever Endeavor had done to his daughter now placed him on the same list that held Overhaul’s name.

“How long have you known?”

“Since High End,” Mr. Compress answered. “It wasn’t hard to piece together after that.”

“High End, what does Dabi’s attack on Endeavor have to do with …. oh,” Himiko said finally piecing everything they were saying together. “Endeavors your dad.”

“No,” Dabi yelled slamming one hand on the table causing the pair to wince at the sound. “He’s a sperm donor, he ruined my life, he killed ….”

“Endeavor’s how you got your scars isn’t he,” Mr. Compress interrupted afraid that Dabi’s anger could lead her to do exactly what she was trying to avoid when she threw water on herself just moments ago. “My my I knew he wasn’t the best of men but hurting his own child, even that’s low.”

“It wasn’t just the scars was it?” Himiko said solemnly feeling like Dabi was still keeping something hidden from them. “You lost something else to, didn’t you?”

Dabi’s head started to pound as the voices from the past started to fill her mind.


‘What did you really think that I could actually love a girl like you?’


‘Stop acting like your father Tatsuo!'


Dabi finally felt the wall she had built up start to crumble a little beneath the cruel words that haunted her allowing a few tears to escape. “He was so mad and just kept yelling, telling me that if I couldn’t protect … if I couldn’t protect Shouto then I was more of a disappointment then he thought I was,”

Grabbed her hair Dabi tried to hide the tears behind her hands not wanting to show any weakness again like she had that day. “I snapped and I … my quirk just … ”

‘I’m sorry but the damage was to great, there is most likely no chance of you ever being able to conceive again.’

Himiko quickly moved foreword pushing Mr. Compress away and pulling Dabi into a hug like Big Sis Magne used to give them after they had nightmare following Kamino Ward. To his credit, the magician said nothing about being shoved and instead just stood letting anger he hadn’t felt since waking up after Overhaul had taken his arm and killed Magne begin to start to grow inside his heart again.

“It's ok you don't have to say anymore,” Himiko assured the older woman running her hands through Dabi’s hair. “We understand.”

“I don’t want to leave I swear, but this baby,” Dabi wept placing her hand over the spot where her baby rested safe and unaware of the monsters that lay waiting for it in the outside world. “I have to protect them, no matter what even if I die.”

Knowing that there was nothing they could say that could make Dabi feel better the pair just stood like silent guardians over their comrade letting her cry some of the tears that she had no doubt been holding inside for who knows how many years.

The truly frightening thing was that they both realized at this moment was how much Dabi, a woman whose heart ran as cold as her flames did hot, wanted to stay with their small family. It wasn't that Dabi hadn’t shown how dedicated she had been to them numerous times, but rather than stay with them the cremation user preferred to wander free bringing back treats and information whenever she returned.

But this small innocent life growing inside her changed everything, they marked the temporary end, or perhaps even a permanent end, of Dabi’s career as a villain. Not to mention the revenge that Dabi desired against her own father might never come to pass because already the baby was taking up a bigger and bigger space in Dabi’s heart with each passing day.

Himiko and Mr. Compress shared a silent look of understanding between them each knowing that if it came down to it and Dabi decided to leave the League in favour of protecting her child then the two would, with heavy hearts allow her to leave in peace. Instead, they would carry on in Dabi’s place and exact her hell forged vengeance for her presenting Endeavors severed head to her on a silver platter because they knew that if the roles were reversed Dabi would do no less for them.

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Jin Bubaigawara, more commonly know as Twice, leaned against the wall arms crossed and wondered if his mind had been playing tricks on him again. After Giran’s question on who could cook he had immediately offered up Dabi’s name only to notice that his beautiful Himiko had disappeared when he hadn’t been looking.

So, he along with the other members immediately set out looking for the two wayward females before they as Shigaraki said ‘steal the food and turn it into some gross mess again’.

‘The only gross mess is his face.’

Jin shook his head a little to try and drive out the voices that had been becoming less and less frequent each day and tried to focus back on what he had been think about before.

Dabi’s cooking that’s what he had been thinking about and how Tomura said the same thing every time she cooked something. As it turned out to no one’s great surprise Shigaraki despised anything healthy making Jin interested in knowing how he lived so long on a diet of instant noodles and snacks which were his preferred foods of choice.

Images of Kurogiri using his warp gate quirk to sneak fruits and vegetables into Tomura’s meals filled Jin until he came across the two he had been searching for hugging and laughing without care well the magician of their group looked on fondly. Catching Mr. Compress’s eye Jin had wanted to ask what was going on but the magician instead shook his head and raised one finger silently asking for the duplication user to stay quiet for the time being.

Which is how Jin now ended up leaning against the wall waiting for it to be safe enough for him to show himself and wondering why Dabi didn’t smile more.


It wasn’t like Dabi didn’t wasn’t pretty, her scars gave her character and although she wasn’t as pretty as Himiko Dabi was still very beautiful. And unlike most women he had known outside the League who relied only on their looks, Dabi used her wit and fighting abilities to captivate people’s attention.

“Hey Twice,”

Not to mention Dabi was actually really kind under all her sarcasm and fury, she was just so different from the kind-hearted Himiko or nurturing Big Sis Magne that it took you to look really close see it. Jin had come to see it after watching Dabi burn a promising potential member alive after the man had thrown a bottle at Jin's head on one of his bad days commenting that he had been too loud and the League already had enough of those.

Tomura had been so mad after that that the ensuing argument had drawn Jin out of his madness and he and the other members had begun a small betting pool with their supplies as a result.


Suddenly yanked out of his thoughts Jin looked and realized that Spinner had arrived with Tomura and Giran well he had been standing there thinking.

“Hi guys,” Jin smiled waving at the three. “Did you find them yet?”

“Find who?” Himiko’s sweet angelic voice asked causing Jin to jump and turn around to see her, Dabi and Mr. Compress now looking out at them from the doorframe.

"There you are," Tomura huffed looking rather annoyed that they had searched the entire house only for Twice to find them without realizing it. "Come on Giran brought food and I'm hungry."

"Ah, so that's what you had me use my quirk on." Mr. Compress said placing his usual smiling mask back over his face.

"Quite acting like its such burden, I brought you booze to," Giran remarked looking at the three of them having a pretty good idea what had happened judging by the slightly darker flush on Dabi’s cheeks.

As if on cue a few of the League members stomachs rumbled reminding them that they hadn’t eaten any today since Giran was bringing them new supplies. The three more excitable members immediately took off towards the kitchen hoping to hide some snacks before Tomura had a chance to claim them away for himself well Giran and Mr. Compress followed behind at a much more leisurely pace discussing new materials for their prosthetic limbs.

Leaving only Tomura and Dabi standing there in the hallway.

“Your leaving,” Shigaraki stated not bothering to hide his displeasure with the news. “When?”

Dabi shrugged. “End of the week.”

Two days, in two days Dabi would be leaving them and who knows if she would come back.

“You know,” Tomura growled red eyes bright with anger. “Normal people give their employers two weeks notice, not two days.”

Dabi smirked as she leaned against the wall. “Since when have we ever been normal Boss.”

“Is this why you’ve been avoiding any planning recently.” Tomura accused caught between wanting to tear his hair out at the woman’s attitude or grab her and demand some real answers since he didn’t buy Giran’s story for a moment.

However, the phantom sting from where Dabi had slapped him earlier gave Tomura pause so instead, he decided to mimic her and lean back against the wall.

“Can’t spill what you don’t know,” Dabi said knowing that if the heroes got their hands on her they would try and extract every bit of information about the League from her, they would probably even use her baby as leverage to do so.  “I’m leaving Mr. Compress in charge of the Vanguard by the way.”

“Will you be putting that pet hero of yours to the test if you're captured?”

Dabi froze at the mention of Hawks, if she was being honest with herself the cremation user had no plan’s on seeing the hero ever again. “I’m just covering the bases and making sure that the League is safe.”

If what Giran had said was true and Kurogiri would be moved for trial soon then Tomura could understand why Dabi would not want to risk them getting the warp gate user back. “Why Mr. Compress though? I thought Spinner would be your pick given how your both Stain groupies.”

"Spinner's so focused on the target in front of him that he doesn't see the big picture," Dabi answered remembering Magne's report on her and Spinner's fight against the heroes. "Given training and experience he could one day lead the squad but for now Mr. Compress has the skills necessary to train any new members I can find.”

“I want a healer,” Tomura said. “Our fight with Re-Destro showed me how much we need one.”

Dabi snorted at the request. “Oh, really and where am I suppose to find you this magical healer of yours, walk into the nearest hospital and hope someone jumps onto the villain bandwagon.”

“I don’t care where you find them just find one,” Tomura scowled recalling how badly wounded each of them had been before Gigantomachia had shown up and saved the League’s collective hides. “And I want a new fighter to since you’re not going to be here.”

“Anything else?”

“Someone who knows their way around machines, maybe an actual driver since the only one we have right now is Spinner.” Shigaraki listed off using what he has learned and knowing what he now needed in order to strengthen the League.

As if on cue Spinners loud cries of ‘GTA is totally a good way to learn how to drive’ were heard from the makeshift kitchen causing both villains to pause momentarily at the timing before they both shared a rare laugh between them.

“He really is a shit driver,” Dabi said wincing at the memories of motion sickness that plagued her the entire day because of the swordsman’s driving. “I still don’t understand how you stayed on top of that truck.”

Tomura gave a sadistic smile. “The pure pleasure at the thought of giving Overhaul what he deserved.”

“Please don’t say pleasure,” Dabi shuddered. “It’s gross to hear it coming from you.”

Ignoring the remark Shigaraki continued with his list of desired members. “Now that I think about it, I a gunner wouldn’t be a bad idea either and ma-”

“Ok I get it, you want D&D class under the sun,” Dabi interrupted stopping the gamers rant feeling annoyed. “Should I also kidnap that brat from U.A your so obsessed with also and put a pretty bow of his head for you, your majesty.”

“You really think you can take that exploding hothead on all by yourself,” Tomura said not wanting to even go near Katsuki Bakugou unless it was to kill him. “You, who got knocked out by an old man’s kick.”

“Hey that old man as you call him hits just as hard as Gigantomachia,” Dabi defended rubbing her head where that small yet still surprisingly strong midget of a hero had kicked her. “And I was talking about that bone breaking kid that you and Himiko are so infatuated with.”

A small bit of colour rose to the decay villains normally pale face. “I .. I am not infatuated with Izuku Midoriya.”

“But you knew who I was talking about.”

“Shut up” Shigaraki snarled hands twitching slightly as he thought back to their encounter in Kiyashi Ward and how easy the hero had bent to his demands.

“Relax Boss I get it, kids the All Might to your All For One," Dabi said giving her leader a smug smile. “Though I suppose he is kinda cute and Stain did save him, maybe I should introduce myself more personally next time, see how my flames match up against his smashes.”

Tomura’s hand shot out and slammed into the wall beside Dabi’s head decaying a good size in it before he pulled away as he looked Dabi directly in the eyes.

“Stay away from Izuku Midoriya, he’s my prey.”

“And there it is, the real reason to why you left Overhaul alive,” Dabi said ready with the hand to hand combat her bastard of a father had taught her if Shigaraki pushed her. “You can try and convince us all you like that you wanted him alive and suffering for what he did to Big Sis and Mr. Compress but I know it was really because he tried to kill that brat.”

"You don't know anything," Tomura growled taking a few steps back out of range of Dabi’s hands.

“I know he challenges you,” Dabi pressed knowing that if anyone was going to get the League captured well she was away it would be Shigaraki and his almost pathological need to destroy anything All Might had a hand in creating. “You see him out of all those heroes like the one who can actually give you the fight you’re looking for. And if anyone tries and take his attention away from you, you’ll be there to reach out from behind the scenes and permanently remove them just like you did with Overhaul.”

Shigaraki said nothing, in fact, he just stood their completely still making Dabi realize that she may have gone just a little too far. 

“So long as we don’t kill him, I’ll help you with the kid before he becomes a bigger problem for the League but your going to have to be patient,” Dabi spoke putting her hand on Tomura’s shoulder and gave him a cocky grin. “Now come on, we should get some food before those three eat it all on us.”

Making her journey down the hallway it didn’t take long for the decay user to catch up with Dabi completely back to his normal self.

“I don’t want any vegetables this time,” Shigaraki grunted. “They’re gross.”

Dabi snorted and gave the man a long-suffering glance. “Unless your lazy ass wants to die before getting your chance to bust Kurogiri out you’ll eat what I make you.”

"But they're gross." Shigaraki gagged with disgust at the mere thought of having to eat something like carrots or broccoli.

“Suffer Creep.”

“Ugly Bitch.”

Chapter Text

“You’ve failed us Hawks.”

Hawks flinched slightly and tried his best not to let it show how much the icy tone of Madam President's voice still affected him. “I’m sorry President.”

"How could you let this happen?" one of the President's ever-present shadows hissed, this one a tall bald male. "You're supposed to be the best we’ve ever trained, yet this filthy gutter child bested you.”

“Now now, let’s not forget that Himiko Toga is an expert actress,” the second male pointed out the light shining off his glasses at just the right angle to completely blocked block them from being seen. “Playing the part of Dabi, someone she has spent much of her time within the League of Villains would have been child’s play for some like her.”

“Yes, the girl is quite the troublesome element and from what our sources tell us quite smart. Had we gotten our hands on her instead of them perhaps this fiasco could have been avoided” the President scowled leaning foreword on her desk. “Explain it to me again what happened, in greater detail this time Hawks.”

The hero bit the inside of his cheek to stop any emotion from showing on his face. “I received a call late last night, just after my regular patrol ended from who I believed at the time to be Dabi asking me to meet her in a warehouse near the docks. When I arrived, I did a routine sweep of the building just in case she had any surprises hidden for me,”

“Does Dabi normally bring surprises when you met her alone?” the taller male grinned lecherously.

Hawks wanted to hit the man for his tone, sleeping with Dabi to get closer to the League was the one thing he never liked being brought up during his briefings.

The hero’s feelings for the woman were complicated at best. At first, he hated Dabi and that he was disgusted that he was being forced to work with her. But since they started sleeping together Hawks had developed an unexpected attachment towards the burnt woman and was starting to see her as more than just a killer.

Not that Dabi wouldn’t kill him if she ever found out that he was only using her as a means to bring down the League of Villains.

“After I landed Himiko Toga disguised as Dabi made her appearance immediately. I knew something was wrong then because the real Dabi would often keep me waiting for a while before showing herself,” Hawks continued leaving out the part where the shapeshifter had tried to kiss him. Dabi never let him kiss her, in fact, the one time he tried the flame user burnt off a few of his feathers. "After asking where Dabi was Himiko Toga let her disguise fall and seemed surprised with how quickly I had found her out.”

The President of the Hero Commission looked interested now. “How were you able to figure it out?”

“Body heat,” Hawks answered dispassionately. “Whenever Dabi gets within a few feet of me my feathers can feel her heightened temperature.”

“So Himiko Toga is unable to mimic the quirks of those she impersonates,” the glasses-wearing commission member grinned sardonically. “Information worth having despite your failure.”

“Yes, she explained to me how she had been following me around and realized that I was a spy, her exact words were ‘it takes a spy, to catch a spy’,” Hawks spoke ignoring the man’s way of saying your as he assigned blame. It wasn’t the hero’s fault that Commission members were coming and going from his agency at all hours of the day and night because they felt the need to micromanage every little detail of his life. “She also commented on how lucky I was that Shigaraki had sent them to deal with me.”


Hawks nodded knowing that there was only one active member of the League that could have snuck up behind him without him knowing and explain his missing time. “I believe that Mr. Compress was also there as well and used his quirk on me. The next thing I remember is waking up the next day with a clone of Himiko Toga greeting me.”

“Did she say anything worth reporting?” the President hummed.

“Only that Dabi was gone,” Hawks replied recalling the young girl holding a knife to her own throat as she told him this. “And that out of respect for her they would let me go this one time.”

After that, the clone had slit her own throat laughing as much as humanly possible as it melted back into its original form.

“Do we have any clues as to Dabi’s current location?” the spectacled wearing man asked pushing his glasses up slightly, just enough for the light to fade and show Hawks the lifeless looking eyes that lay underneath.

“No,” the taller male replied shaking his bald head. “According to our spies in Deika she was injured severely in a fight against one of Re-Destro’s people.”

Hawks tried to ignore how the thought of Dabi being injured badly enough to disappear was making him feel, he didn’t even like the woman so why should he care if she was hurt or if she was ...

“Dead seems more like it. Well at least some good has come from this, with Dabi gone the League of Villains has lost a powerful fighter and tactician” Madam President sighed dismissively looking at the hero in front knowing the best way to vent some of her anger. "Hawks, for now, you are suspended from the Commission pending an inquisition. We understand that we cannot take you away from your public work but unless at your office or on patrol you are confined to your apartment, am I clear?”

"Yes, ma'am." Hawks nodded not looking foreword to facing the internal affairs department, he almost wished he could face Shigaraki instead.


Giving one last bow the number two hero left the room as quickly as possible unaware that the trio he left behind was far from finished with their conversation.

“With his failure, any chance of getting leverage over All for One is gone,” Madam President growled looking at her subordinates. “Are we sure that we can’t use any other resources?”

The glasses-wearing male shook his head. “The League of Villains is unfortunately very hard to pin down even with the warp gate user Kurogiri in custody.”

His bald companion growled lowly slamming a fist into an open palm. “Damn that Gran Torino and Tsukauchi, if only our men in the police force had a chance to bring either him or All for One none of this would have been an issue.”

“True, imagine what our scientist could learn from their quirks,” the other man said knowing that with both of the villains deep inside Tartarus there was no way of getting to them without alerting every hero and law enforcement agency in the country. “Had things worked out like we wanted creating an army of loyal soldiers would have been so easy instead of waiting for children like Hawks to appear before us.”

The President nodded. “And what of All for One’s secret, have you made any progress?”

“The doctor we were able to sneak into Tartarus is not having any luck finding out what we want,” the bespectacled commission member frowned deeper. “Despite the numerous anti-quirk precautions, they’ve taken subduing him All for One was still able to maintain his mental barriers. And whatever he’s done to his body over the years has made biologically tracking our targets impossible.”

“This is unacceptable gentlemen,” Madam President snarled at the pair as she rose to her feet dramatically. “I want his family or Tomura Shigaraki found immediately.”

"Yes, Madam President."

The woman glared at the retreating pair and waited a few moments before walking over to her person bar and pouring herself a stiff drink. With beverage now in hand, she then returned to her desk and removed the two files she kept secretly locked away from everyone, even the two who had just left.

One had a picture of Tenko Shimura before he became Tomura Shigaraki smiling innocently at the camera with his then equally dark-haired sister Hana on it. The other was a current surveillance picture of Izuku Midoriya taken from the U.A. cafeteria as he laughed surrounded by his friends oblivious to how closely he was being monitored by the Hero Commission.

Swirling the ice around Madam President swore that both carriers of All for One and One for All would be under her custody and locked up in her laboratories before the year was out. Unlike her predecessor who failed to acquire them when he had Nana Shimura’s husband killed the current chair of the Hero Commission would succeed in making the world a safer place, one way or the other.

Chapter Text

(11 Weeks or 2 ¾ Months Pregnant)

In the city of Musutafu rested U.A. High School, the crown jewel of the hero community. However, despite the school’s connection to so many top heroes in the industry Musutafu still had a part of town that was ‘unsavoury’ and attracted the ‘worst of the worst’ according to the citizens who lived there.

In one of the apartment buildings located in that area Dabi currently resided. At first, the cremation user had yelled at Giran for putting her up in a place so close to the heroes but the information broker had just grinned behind his unlit cigarette and told Dabi that if you were going to hide a tree then in the forest.

So Dabi stayed quiet and inside her apartment diving headfirst into the data entry job Giran had given only going out when she needed supplies. Even if this meant Dabi was either up at the crack of dawn or out late at night to just before stores closed, she felt it was worth it if it meant avoiding the majority of the city’s hero’s population.

Surprisingly however when Giran heard the news on Dabi’s attempts to stay under the radar by one of his many spies around town he hadn’t been happy and had recommended that she meet a colleague of his. And since Dabi wasn’t in the mood to explain herself to Shigaraki or have to worry about the Ujiko trying to play doctor she had agreed to Giran’s demands, even if it reminded a little to much of her mothers current situation.

Which is how Dabi now found herself sitting tensely at the kitchen table well Folken, a tall man whose hair reminded her of Tomura, placed two cups on a tray and made his way over to her.

“So,” Folken spoke placing a tea set on the table next to a weird-looking machine and pouring a cup for Dabi and sliding it over to her. “Will we be talking this week or just enjoying a nice cup of tea?”

Dabi grunted at the therapist, technically she was supposed to have started her meetings with Folken two weeks ago but not one to trust people Dabi had skipped the first meeting to see how far she could push Giran's so-called friend. When nothing happened Dabi’s paranoia set in and she spent most of the day of her second scheduled meeting breaking in and tearing the man’s apartment well he was at work looking for anything she could use to blackmail him. In fact, Dabi had been so focused on her destruction that she barely noticed the man returned.

That’s how she figured out the Folken was blind and why Giran trusted him so much. Since so much police work relied upon sight Folken’s lack of it meant that he could get away with saying he had no idea who he was actually talking, for all he knew his client might be suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Watching the therapist take a sip of the tea Dabi took a small sip herself a few moments later surprised with the pleasant taste, tea was always more Fuyumi drink of choice rather than hers. Shaking her head at the thought of her sister Dabi focused back on the amber liquid instead and how it already seemed to be helping her nerves.

“My mother actually used this brand when she was pregnant with my younger brother for morning sickness and my sister-in-law swears by it as well,” Folken explained as if reading Dabi’s mind. “Any trouble with it yourself?”

Dabi snorted. “If I’m not sleeping or working, I’m puking.”

Folken gave a small hum of approval. “I think that’s the first thing you’ve said to me that wasn’t immediately followed by a threat.”

“Listen, if Giran’s going to be holding the apartment over my head and force me to come to see you then better not rock the boat with death threats,” Dabi said before releasing some of her pent-up killing intent. “Doesn’t mean that I still can’t kill you if you piss me off.”

Folken instead nodded not at all bothered by the bloodlust. “Giran is a strange man.”

Dabi now couldn’t help but feel curious, even veteran heroes responded to her killing intent yet the therapist sat there like it was nothing. “You don’t seem like the type to get mixed up with him, how’d you two meet up anyways?”

“Work not surprisingly,” Folken answered surprised that it had taken the woman this long to interrogate him, he had honestly been expecting to wake up with a knife to his throat back when they were first scheduled to meet. “I used to work for a company that handled how should I put this, delicate areas of quirk health and safety and Giran aided us in finding volunteers for our projects.”


“We were looking for people who suffered from severe mental quirk imbalances,” Folken explained.

Dabi looked at the man with disbelief. “And Giran helped you find villains to what, cure them?”

“Far easier to find the real villains underneath once you weed out those who can be flipped with shiny coin,” Folken clarified recalling the information brokers own words when they first met. “Officially our work wasn’t approved by the government so we had to take our volunteers where we could find them.”

“Your quirk must be pretty powerful,” Dabi said looking interested and wondering if she could recruit the man into joining the League during their sessions. Having a therapist with a powerful quirk on hand might be almost as good as having a doctor when it came to interrogating people.

“Oh no, it’s rather simple empathy quirk, I can still see people emotions as though it were a colour,” Folken noticing Dabi’s green outline and knowing what it meant. “And before you even think of asking, no, I won’t join the League.”

Dabi’s green aura cooled from green to blue with some red woven inside. After years of practice with his quirk Folken knew this meant that the woman although not happy about being turned down was also calm.

“As a scientist I and worked on a machine that would slightly alter a person’s emotions whenever the cause of their imbalance was introduced. Rather than stealing a piece of jewelry a person might ask to buy it no longer feeling the compulsion to have it right there and then.”

Dabi whistled impressed by the invention, she had worked with a few villains in the past whose own needs and desires often put her at risk, but here was Folken saying he had found a way to stop that. If he still had the machine or even the plans maybe she could steal those and use it on Himiko before the blonde’s obsession with those U.A. brats got her caught one day.

“How is this not something being used already?”

Folken gripped his teacup a little harder. “My machine never worked for long periods so it was scrapped and I was moved onto another project."

Dabi noticed the way the therapist had a stranglehold on the mug and knew that wasn't all but happened. "Bullshit.”

“Seems your just as smart as Giran said you were, it's true officially the project was terminated but unofficially it continued. I don’t often tell people this next part though but I think I’ll tell,” Folken spoke seriously. “One reason is that I hope you to start trusting me a little, though you are not an official client I will treat you with the same confidentiality as I do any other."

“And the other?” Dabi asked raising an eyebrow.

“If you and the League of Villains ever come across a man named Dornkirk I want you to know exactly who you're dealing with," Folken said bitterly thinking about the man who had taken his sight from him. “A man who kidnaps and exploits young children, some who haven’t even gotten their quirks and twists their minds until their loyalty is to him and only him."

Dabi but her hand where her baby rested and wasn’t sure what she would do if someone stole her baby from her before she had a chance to hide them. “I don’t work with child abusers Doc, I kill them.”

“And I destroyed Zaibach,” the therapist responded taking a sip of tea to try and quell his anger “I called Giran to thank him and found out that they were still using the people he sent them. With a little snooping I found out what Dornkirk was up to and asked Giran what was in his best self-interest."

“Sounds like Giran,” Dabi snorted wondering if the broker had some sort of cockroach-like quirk, the man was just about as hard to kill. “Always looking out for number one.”

“Of all the crimes he can be accused of human trafficking isn’t one of them,” Folken said glad that going to the villain hadn’t been a mistake that ended with him having a bullet between the eyes. “I quit that very day well Giran placed an anonymous tip into the heroes and police, by morning almost everyone involved was arrested.”

“Except for you.”

“Except for me and Dornkirk,” the therapist said recalling how he came home a few days later the raid on Zaibach only to find him former employer waiting for him with a bottle of acid and a knife. If not for the broker sending someone to watch his apartment Folken was sure he would have been dead. “That’s why when Giran asks me to look after someone I do so without asking questions.”

“Must have surprised you when he asked you to look after me,” Dabi grunted knowing how the public saw her as a monster. “Didn’t you hear I’m the villain who kidnapped that kid from U.A and blew up High End.”

“That boy was fifteen, hardly a child in my book, and given what I just told you about my past I can’t judge you for yours,” Folken dismissed. He was a part-time psychologist for villains if he was going to judge every person that he saw then the number of patients he saw would be cut in half. “Changing the subject back to you how would you indulge me in an exercise.”

“What for?” Dabi growled not wanting the man to treat her like she was as crazy, this was supposed to be a simple chat to get her out of the apartment not an actual therapy session.

“I’ve been told that pregnancy is a very stressful time in a woman’s life, I would like to help you handle that stress,” Folken explained remembering when Hitomi had been carrying his nephew. "It's very simple exercise, I will say a series of words and you will answer them with the first word that pops into your head."

"And how exactly does that help me process this," Dabi said looking down to her slightly bloated belly.

“It doesn’t help you exactly, but it does give me an idea on who you are and what boundaries I should and should not push with you,” Folken explained opening up the machine and turning it on. “This machine will turn your words into text so that the computer can play them back for me as I make notes. Now, are you ready?”

Dabi nodded looking at the machine with hatred. “I guess.”

“Alright then,” Folken said clicking the button so that he could start recording. “Today is XXX, new patient is Ms. Tora, first session. Now administering first word association analysis starting with … Pregnant”

Dabi leaned foreword a little towards the machine. “Fantasy”









Folken frowned and made a mental note to talk to Dabi and see if she meant her own father or the babies.






Dabi clenched her hands tightly as Endeavor’s face came to mind.




“League of Villains”






Folken nodded and stopped the recording. “Alright I think that’s enough for today, you can go home if you wish or we can continue enjoying our tea.”

“That’s it?” Dabi asked skeptically looking at the clock and realizing there was still half an hour left in her session. “There’s still time left.”

“This isn’t a race Dabi, it’s a marathon and sometimes you need to slow down a little to make it to the end," Folken said finishing up the rest of his tea surprised at the woman’s interest in continuing if anything Giran had told him was true Dabi should be running out of the door like All Might was on her heels.

“I don’t do marathons so just do your shrink thing so I can get Giran off my back.” Dabi insisted knowing that Giran would no doubt have a spy close by to snitch her if she left early. And if she spent the rest of the time drinking more tea the cremation user knew she would be up all night going to the bathroom.

Folken sighed. “Alright let’s talk about how you found out you were pregnant.”

“Not much to say,” Dabi shrugged. “I took the test and that little bastard of plus side appeared instead of the negative.”

“Surely that’s not everything,” Folken pressed turning the recorder back on. “How did you conclude that you needed a pregnancy test in the first place?”


Dabi glared hatefully at the black bag in Giran’s hand. The broker claimed he had brought her painkillers but instead all Dabi found was a cruel reminder of something she could never have inside instead.

“Why the fuck did you bring those things with you?”

And for once Giran wasn’t smiling. “Just humour me alright.”

“Why? We both know it’s impossible, even your back-alley quack said so,” Dabi hissed staring at the bag glaring at the bag with such hatred that the broker was surprised it hadn’t already burst into flames. “I just overdid it with my quirk is all.”

“We’ve both seen you when you’ve overdone it and feels different,” Giran insisted not back down. “You’ve snapped at Spinner three times today already, nearly killed Himiko for her Pocky and you keep complaining about how tired you are.”

“Ok one, Spinner was being an idiot. Two, Crazy had already eaten like four boxes by herself,” the cremation user argued back holding up a third finger. “And three we’re all tired, it comes from healing after fighting off some pompous dicks to save your greasy ass.”

Giran sighed and rubbed the bridge of his still healing nose. “Listen if you take all of them not only will I shut up but I’ll never bring it up again.”

"You shouldn't have brought it up, to begin with." Dabi hissed tempted to use her fire on the man.

“Would you just please take the tests.” Giran persisted just wanting the shake the woman for being so stubborn. As much as he hoped he was wrong Giran also knew that if he wasn’t and Dabi lost another baby ... well, that wasn't a pleasant thought given what she turned into because of her first miscarriage.

“Fine,” Dabi snapped grabbing the bag from the broker's hand. “If it’ll make you shut up.”

Walking to the closet bathroom Dabi slammed the door shut and dumped the tests into the sink rolling her eyes when she realized that Giran had brought her six different kinds and an alarm. Grabbing the two closets to her Dabi made quick work of her pants and it before sitting down on the floor and wondering how she could use the other four to piss off Shigaraki.

*Beep, Beep* *Beep, Beep*

Grabbing one of the tests Dabi immediately dropped it like it was on fire at the small blue plus sign, hoping this was one of those false positive horror stories she had heard about Dabi grabbed the second one and saw the plus sign again. Fear now coursing through her Dabi grabbed all the tests and started praying to every god, devil and demon who might be listening that she wasn't pregnant.

*Beep, Beep* *Beep, Beep*

Reaching a shaking hand towards one Dabi shut her eyes and took a deep breath opening them to see another positive in front of her. Feelings of nausea immediately rose in the villain and she moved to what passed as a tub in the abandoned house heaving into it.

*Flashback End*

“Stupid bastard said he wouldn’t have even thought to bring me the tests but one of his damn prostitutes hadn’t left her baby book in his office," Dabi recalled now feeling mentally drained at the memory.

“I see,” Folken said pouring Dabi another cup of tea. “Aside from fear did you feel anything else?


Folken nodded having heard something similar from a woman he had treated who found out she was pregnant after a one-night stand. “Children can bring up complicated feelings and given your …. career, I suppose having to look over your shoulder constantly for the next nine to ten would make anyone cranky.”

“No, that’s not it,” Dabi said shaking her head, once Giran had calmed her down Dabi had felt a strange sense of peace she hadn’t felt in years. “Everyone’s told me for a long time that having children was impossible, that my fire messed to badly on the inside for me to ever carry to term.”

Folken observed Dabi’s emotions as they started fading from angry red to sad blue kept darkening still until they were nearly black.

“I gave up on having any and focused on my career as you called it, came out of nowhere and suddenly in less then a year am a B-ranked villain to be feared. Then I met the idiot who knocked me up and suddenly everything I’ve worked for now has to take a backseat to make sure this kid stays alive. And the worst part is that as much as I want to kick him in the dick for getting me into this mess, I also want to kiss him.”

Folken raised an eyebrow. “So, where does your anger come from?”

Dabi slammed her hand on the table her aura flaring a bright red. “I fought well pregnant. I’m a reckless fighter, I don't care how much my quirk can hurt me but I could have killed them.”

“But you didn’t, just like you didn’t know you were pregnant,” Folken explained holding one hand up so that Dabi couldn’t interrupt him. “Just listen, judging from what you’ve told me you wouldn’t even have known unless Giran hadn’t forced you to take the test. As for your child, I think your body already knew and tried to adapt and protect them meaning they are just as strong as you are for surviving.”

“I don’t want a strong baby,” the cremation user spoke hating the words made her think of Endeavor and what he had tried to accomplish with her and her siblings. “I just want a healthy and alive one.”

“So, you intend to keep the child?” Folken asked eyebrows raised slightly in surprise.

“God no,” Dabi laughing at the thought of raising her child. “I’m giving them up as soon as they’re born.”

“I see,” Folken said emotionlessly. Though he supposes he couldn’t blame Dabi for giving up the child something about her laughter sounded forced. “Why is that? Why not raise them as a villain?”

“Because I don’t intend on living in this world and screwing them up like I was. As soon as they’re born and tucked far away from everything, I’m killing Endeavor and taking the secret of where I left them to the grave with me.”

Chapter Text

(15 Weeks or 3 ¾ Months Pregnant)

Dabi pulled on her hood again trying to cover more the blonde wig, much to her dismay the hood could only be pulled foreword so much. Cursing whichever one of Giran’s people had chosen such long hair for her Dabi walked up the stairs of the plain office building a little faster wanting to get the fake hair off as soon as possible.

Not bothering to knock the cremation user threw open the door and was immediately met with the business end of a gun courtesy of the bodyguard who protected the office.

“Easy their cowboy,” Dabi said taking off her sunglasses and surgical mask so the man could clearly see her eyes and scars. One of the few upsides about being infamous in the villain community was that everyone knew your face. “I have an appointment.”

“Name?” the bodyguard asked not moving his gun away from Dabi’s head.

Before she could answer though a hand came out of no where and delivered a hard slap to her ass. “Still as firm as always,”

Dabi cursed her luck at the silky female voice that followed. “Sei this hot little number is the one Giran’s been waiting for ok, why don’t you be a dear and tell him that she’s here.”

"I can do it myself," Dabi said eagerly planning on following after the man only to find an arm wrapped around her like a snake keeping its prey from fleeing.

“Oh, and take him his sandwich to well you’re at it.” A bag was thrown at Sei as he put away his gun and nodded leaving Dabi alone.

Sighing Dabi turned around and looked into the bright eyes of Ran Fujiko Giran’s top earner in prostitution. Ran’s position afforded her a lot of perks, the biggest being that she could pick her clients and often worked instead as Giran’s secretary until someone new caught her eye. Her quirk Touch of Lust was a powerful aphrodisiac that was contained in her nails, for each scratch that drew blood a person would lose all inhibitions and crave sex for an hour.

When Dabi had first started working for Giran, running small errands and protecting the men and women who brought in much of his information Ran had tried to use it on her. The resulting black eye and a fiery warning courtesy from Dabi and disappointed looks from Giran had not deterred her though, Ran saw getting Dabi into bed as a challenge and she was not a woman to back away from those.

“Oh, come on Dabi can’t we have a little girl time,” Ran whispered in Dabi’s ear hands making short work of the jackets zipper. “I’m sure Giran won’t mind waiting.”

Dabi wanted to tell the woman to fuck off but froze when she felt Ran’s hand slip under her shirt and nails graze lightly run over her sides. Thankfully it wasn't hard enough to break the skin but Dabi noticed the area still felt heated.

Grabbing one of the prostitute’s arms Dabi pulled her around and slammed her into the closet wall. “Try using your quirk on me again Ran and I’ll break your fingers this time.”

Instead of fear, Ran seemed to get more excited and using strength Dabi hadn’t known she possessed her and into a hard kiss. Dabi's first thoughts were to pull away but Ran’s still free hand held her in place making its way to the back of her wig and pulling it off.

Pulling back and licking her lips Ran looked at the cremation user’s hair and pouted when she saw that although slightly longer it was still that same ugly black mess. “And here I was hoping that nasty dye was gone, you know you really should let me get rid of it for you.”

“Over my dead body,” Dabi scowled trying to step back and avoid another kiss only to discover Ran had woven one of her legs around Dabi’s. “Let go Ran.”

“Come on Dabi just one night is all I’m asking for here,” Ran pleaded sliding her hand up Dabi’s shirt again this time cupping one of her breasts and pinching the nipple through the bra’s flimsy fabric as she leaned up to nibble of Dabi’s ear. “No quirks, no strings, just you, me and a good ... long ... fuck.”

Dabi moaned softly feeling desire start to build inside her, the last time she had gotten laid since was when she and Hawks last slept together and Ran’s hands did feel wonderful on her breasts.

Taking the sound as a sign approval Ran grinned and pulled Dabi into another kiss, not quite as hard as before but one she hoped would have the cremation user begging for more. And with Dabi’s jacket off and both her hands-free Ran could explore the cremation users’ body she before moving onto her final goal of finally bedding Dabi.

Using all the tricks she knew Ran kept Dabi distracted well she made short work of her shirt adding it to the ever-growing pile of clothes of the floor before sliding her leg up Dabi’s own and smirking when the flame user’s breath hitched.

With her target so distracted Ran licked her lips in anticipation as she got, her first look at Dabi’s swelled breasts, leaning forward towards one of the breasts Ran she bit down hard on the pale flesh.

Dabi moaned louder as her desire built.

Ran smirked as her hand traveled downwards planning on taking care of Dabi’s pants next only to be met with an obstacle, looking down she frowned when she saw the clear bulge where the baby rested.

Glaring at the inflated area Ran spoke. “Pregnancies not really my thing but for you hot stuff I’ll make an exception.”

At the mention of her baby whatever spell had been cast over Dabi broke she looked down and saw Ran trying to unzip her pants. Furious Dabi grabbed the woman’s arm and pulled her into the conference room next to Giran’s office pushing Ran onto the table and kicking her knees apart so that Dabi could stand between them.

Ran just a predatory smirk not realizing how much potential danger she was in. Instead she took Dabi’s hand kissed each of her fingers before taking a few into her mouth and sucking on them slowly.

“Anything I want?” Dabi asked trying not to get caught under Ran’s spell again as her fingers were all but tongue fucked by the woman.

Ran hummed in approval and let go of Dabi's finger with a loud 'pop' leaning back slightly and guiding Dabi's hand down and under her skirt to her wet pussy.

“Anything, you wanna fuck me go ahead I can take a whatever pain you give. You want to be fucked, then baby I will bring you to orgasms so many times you’ll forget anything but the feel of my lips and fingers.”

Dabi raised an eyebrow and slide her hands teasingly up Ran’s thigh not surprised when she felt no underwear. “And if I wanna bring someone into this little party of ours what then?”

Ran squirmed feeling Dabi’s hot fingers explore and tease but never fully entering her. "Oh God Dabi … please, I don't care who you want just fuck me."

Dabi grinned and plunged her fingers inside Ran watching as the woman arched her back in pleasure. Waiting a few moments Dabi let Ran tremble before using her other hand to grab her hair so that they were eye to eye. Ran tried to kiss her but Dabi yanked her back and instead used her fingers to pick up the pace and bring Ran closer and closer to an orgasm leaning forward so she thought she was close to whisper in her ear.

“I want you to think of me the next time your alone and looking for someone to fill this empty pussy of yours,”

“Please,” Ran pleaded trying to get Dabi’s fingers deeper inside her. “Harder … deeper.”

Dabi grinned and gave Ran's neck a feather-light kiss. "And how I’m never gonna fuck you."

Pulling back Dabi quickly removed herself from inside Ran and hurried out of the conference room just as the woman screamed in denial. Seeing Sei already waiting for her with Dabi’s clothes, the cremation user grabbed everything and ran into Giran’s office locking the door behind her.

Thankfully Giran’s office was not only sound and bug proof but it could also withstand a direct punch from All Might thanks to some very hard, and quite expensive metal. Looking towards the broker Dabi saw Giran sitting at his desk looking back at her dishevelled state with nothing more than a raised eyebrow.

“You fuck her or not?”

Dabi snorted and put her shirt back on. “Decidedly not.”

“You know I don’t mind you giving Ran a hard time but I do wish you wouldn’t do it well I’m at the office,” the broker exhaled getting out the three files on people for Dabi to look as well as some hand sanitizer. “I still have to work here for the rest of the day, and listening to her bitch doesn’t help.”

“Whatever,” Dabi said using the sanitizer before taking the files and peering inside. These were three recruits Giran was suggesting for the League, looking inside Dabi found that all three were male, two had dark hair with facial tattoos well the third was the opposite with white hair and eyes partially hidden by a large bandana. "Backgrounds."

“The Tsu Brothers are looking to start up their own group of muscle for hire and want to use the League to find clients and provide protection,” Giran said taking the two pictures from Dabi and pointing to one. “An overeager hero accidentally destroyed their home well they were in high school after mistaking their neighbour for his brother killing both parents and five of their classmates that had come over for a study session.”

Dabi frowned and looked at Giran. “And that’s the official report?”

“No news was officially made, the cause is listed as a gas explosion next door and the hero responsible for ‘saving’ the brothers was given a two-week leave of absence for injuries he sustained during the rescue," Giran said recalling the pictures of where the two houses had once stood and clearly seen no evidence of an explosion. “I took the liberty of adding everything I could dig up about it into your inbox for that little side project of yours.”

“Good,” Dabi nodded grabbing half of Giran’s sandwich and biting into it suddenly ravenous as she looked over the brother’s information. It seems that the older brother Bankotsu was able to place objects in a pocket dimension, the bigger the object the less he could put inside, his primary weapon actually seemed to be a huge halberd. Jakotsu the younger brother could manipulate small amounts of metal which gave him and his own chain-linked sword a distinct and deadly advantage in a fight if used correctly.

The pair would either get along wonderfully with the rest of the League or they would destroy each other. Though Dabi shivered at the thought of Himiko and Jakotsu in the same room together given the arrest record the man had for attacking males he deems ‘handsome’.


Pulling his plate back before he lost the other half of his sandwich Giran exhaled a puff of smoke from his cigar. “Bankotsu is arrogant and if he challenges Shigaraki for leadership then it could be close.”

Dabi snorted. “Winner?”

“Shigaraki,” the broker answered in a matter-of-fact tone. “Bankotsu is strong enough to take on any hero in the Top 20 without his weapon but he’s arrogant and now that Kurogiri is back Tomura has the advantage.”

“I thought Kurogiri wasn’t on trial for another month,” Dabi said understating now why the hero patrols in her neighbourhood had increased. “Why am I just hearing that he’s back now?”

“Because you are on sabbatical as it were and Toga threatened to cut my balls off if I stressed you out.” Giran answered wincing at how protective the blonde seemed to have become of her sister as she called Dabi now.

“Are you seriously more afraid of the pipsqueak then me?” Dabi asked looking offended.

Giran nodded. “When she has Mr. Compress and Kurogiri on her side yes, yes I am.”

“Does he ... who … HOW?!”

“I don’t know and I don’t want to know,” Giran said not wanting to even think about how the warp gate user found out about Dabi’s little bundle of joy to come, just as long as Shigaraki didn’t find out in the end. The whole League of Villains could know for all he cared but the decay user and his migraine-inducing rants were where Giran drew the line. "Now do you want to keep gossiping like housewives or should we go on."

“This isn’t over,” Dabi muttered darkly picking up the last photo and turning it over. “Story.”

“Itona is the heir to a small factory that’s on the verge of being shut down,” Giran spoke not mentioning that the particular company was owned and run by an old senpai of his from high school who looked out for a young information broker to be before he graduated. “He’s smart, a veritable genius when it comes to making gadgets.”

“So then why work with villains?” Dabi inquired.

"To save his fathers company," Giran explained having tried in the past to steer only legal business towards his senpai only for nothing to ever work out. "As long as it's not weapons to kill, he’ll make you anything for the right price. But if I’m being honest though I wouldn’t make him a full member of the League, he’ll make you what you want no questions asked but also sell you out to save his own ass if given the chance.”

“So, he’s a bit of a neutral party then,” Dabi sighed drumming her fingers on the desk as she stared at the photos. “The Tsu Brothers defiantly set up a meeting with them, but see what Boss needs tech-wise; phones, Compress’s arm maybe a radio or TV and place the order. If the guys as good as you claim and the price is right, we’ll take things slow for now and see later if we want to keep him.”

“Probably the smartest idea,” Giran nodded putting the files back into the drawer. “You wanna sneak out the back way and avoid Ran?”

Dabi shook her head. “No, but I will take a burner if you got one.”

Reaching inside one of the top drawers Giran pulled out a phone and slide it over to Dabi well she started putting her wig back on. “Blondes not your colour kid, you defiantly look better in black.”

Dabi smirked and took the mobile. “Later Giran.”

Opening the door Dabi walked out into the waiting room just in time to hear Ran climax loudly. Looking towards the source of the noise she saw the woman bent over her desk, the bodyguard Sei was holding her in place as he kept thrusting into her face bloody from where Ran had scratched him.

Catching the woman’s eye Dabi raised her fingers and wiggled them at the prostitute leaving without a word.

Giran stood at the doorway of his office watching as Ran stared at Dabi's retreating back alternating between swearing revenge against the woman and demanding Sei go harder.

"Hey Ran if you're going to fuck him so hard do it in the conference room," Giran said staring at the woman shamelessly. “And don’t forget to clean up this time.”

Ran smirked and reached behind so that she could pull Sei’s head down whispering something into his ear. A moment later Giran found himself face to face with Ran as she rocked back and forth on the man's dick as he sat on her chair holding her hips hard enough to leave bruises.

“Or you could join us instead, I know how much you love to watch and wouldn’t watching Sei here clean up after himself after fucking me so hard be such a turn on.”

Giran felt himself harden at her words. “Give me ten minutes and maybe we’ll even double team you.”

Ran squealed with joy and grabbed Sei by the hair again ordering him to take her to the conference room.

Making his way over to his desk Giran pulled out a simple black phone and hit the first number on the speed dial.

A couple of rings in and an exhausted sounding man picked. “Hello,”

“Aizawa, its Giran I have some information for you.”

Chapter Text

(17 Weeks or 4 ¼ Months Pregnant)

‘Perhaps a hobby would do you some good, and in your case Ms. Tora, no cooking doesn’t count.’

Dabi cursed Folken again for his irritating words last week, working all the time it seems was really starting to take its toll on the cremation user. Although the data crunching job for Giran’s legit business had led to a higher profit in more then one of the stores, which gave her a higher allowance to take care of herself, it also meant the lack of sleep and headaches from staring at the computer screen were starting to catch up with her which in turn meant that it wasn’t good for the baby growing inside of her.

After talking with Folken about her constant migraines and her lack of desire to see any current licensed medical professional the therapist had asked for Dabi to explain her daily schedule. Folken also wanted to see if he could help narrow down what was causing them before Dabi was forced to go visit some back-alley doctor of Giran’s knowing that if she did rumours could start up that could place both of them in danger.

It wasn’t hard for him to narrow down the problem though, Dabi’s days were all the same when you got down to it.

Get up and make breakfast.

Check the news to see if there was a chance a hero would come breaking down her walls to arrest her.

Curse whatever member of the League was idiotic enough to have gotten caught on camera this time. So far it was a choice between Spinner, who had taken to making online videos ranting about everything he could dig up about a hero to explain why it made them fakes. And Shigaraki, who with Kurogiri back had decided that every single heist he pulled should include a shot of him right in the middle of all the chaos like some celebrity posing for the paparazzi.


Make lunch.

Work some more.

Make dinner.

Go shopping at a new store for the next day.

Come home and watch the news again.

Prepare any leftovers that could be used for meals the next day.

Finish whatever work was left.


Folken had just sighed when he heard this and placed a call to his sister in law asking if she could do him a favour. Three days later Dabi had a few new shirts added to her wardrobe. They honestly looked like something the hero Best Jeanist wore to the villain but tighter on the face so that they covered up the scars on the lower part of her face better than his outfit could. As long as she wore the big sunglasses and blonde wig from Ran Dabi was virtually undetectable to the public as long as she was careful. And when wearing the right jacket Dabi was also able to cover her ever-growing stomach hiding her pregnancy, so, all in all, it wasn't to bad a disguise.

In fact, Dabi had even braved the walk to one of the nicer parts of Musutafu tonight to head to a large bookstore in search of something that might help her find something to do instead of ‘going through the motions’ as Folken had called it.

So far, she had found a couple cookbooks with all kinds of chicken recipes, Dabi cursed Hawks love of chicken and that it had somehow been transferred to her through their baby. Not to mention a book on pregnancy that would have made Himiko squeal for joy, the cover was blood red with a menacing-looking white font that read The Bloody Truth.

Now all she needed was some easy to do from home hobbies or activities and she would be set. Reaching for a book on cactus might help her with Giran’s housewarming gift Dabi dropped everything when something collided with her legs. Turning to yell at whatever had run into her the villain was met with the biggest pair of red eyes she had ever seen in her life.

Eyes that belonged to a little girl with white hair and a small golden nub on her head, eyes that sadly for Dabi and her protective instincts towards kids that were clearly terrified.

“I-I’m sorry.” The girl whimpered from where she had fallen to the floor after running into Dabi’s legs.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself down Dabi extended her hand in the most non-threatening way she could towards the child. Unfortunately, that seemed to have the opposite effect and the little girl threw her hands over her head as if to protect herself from on oncoming strike.

Dabi froze and immediately pulled her hand back like she had been burned when the image of a boy with two-toned hair replaced the girls. Shouto, in those rare times when Dabi actually saw him, would do the same thing when he hid to try and avoid Endeavors training. Back then Tatsuo would let Fuyumi take care of their youngest brother well she stood guard, but Yumi wasn’t here and Dabi wasn’t Tatsuo anymore but that didn’t mean she was useless.

Taking a step back Dabi ignored the pain in her back and awkwardly knelt down letting her sunglasses slip down a little she was eye to eye with the girl. “You hurt?”

Eri looked confused for a moment wondering why the woman was moving so funny before shaking her head.

Dabi nodded. “Run away or get lost?”

Eri tightened her grip on the book she had been carrying when she had crashed into Dabi. “I … I thought I saw someone that I recognized, someone who scares me.”

“Want me to take you to the register so they can call someone?” Dabi asked caught between her desire to run away and hide and helping a kid in trouble as she extended her hand again. “I’m D …. Rei by the way.”

Eri looked at it cautiously. “Shouta says I shouldn’t go off with strangers if they look supic … sudcious …”

“Suspicious?” Dabi supplied glad that someone in the girl’s life was looking out for her. Looking around to make sure the coast was clear Dabi took a calming breath. “Promise not to scream.”

Eri tensed expecting the worst but Dabi just gave her most disarming smile and lowered the front part of her shirt that was covering her scars hoping that this wouldn’t come back to bite her in the ass later. Eri’s eyes widened as she hesitantly reached out a little to touch purple skin, they felt oddly warm under her fingers and were held to pale looking skin with something shiny. Putting her books next to her Eri knelt forward and let her other hand explore the strange blue-eyed woman’s face wondering what made these scars different from hers or Deku’s, these still looked like they hurt.

Dabi let the girl run her fingers and explore her scars a few moments longer then she would have liked before fixing her shirt and glasses back into there original places. "I know they aren't great to look at, most people nowadays just run and hide when they see my face.”

Eri stared at Rei, part of her did want to run away there was also something about the woman set off an alarm in her head. But a braver part of her, the one that seemed to grow each and every day she spent with 2-A told her that Rei wouldn't hurt her.

“I’m Eri.”

Dabi sighed in relief. “Nice to meet you Eri now what do you say stay here and wait for someone to find us or go to cash and have them us the PA to call whoever brought you here.”

“I … I …” Eri knew she should go to the cash register and have them call Deku and Shinsou or maybe even Todoroki since he had tagged along with them. But doing that would mean going back to U.A. and there was one more thing she really wanted to get before returning to the school. “Iwantacolouringbook.”

Dabi’s eyes widened behind her glasses as Eri’s hands grabbed her own in a vice grip. “Excuse me.”

“I want a colouring book,” Eri said again only slower this time blushing as she did. “Please, I promise not to cause any problems.”

“Alright,” Dabi hesitated feeling unsure now, it was one thing to take Eri to the register or wait with her there for her guardians, it was another to actually go shopping with the girl.

Lightbulb going off in her head Dabi decided to take a page out of Himiko’s book and try her acting skills out. So, playing with the ends of her hair like Fuyumi had when they were little Dabi tried to look embarrassed. “But you have to help me pick one out to.”

Eri’s face immediately brightened. "You like colouring too?"

“Don’t know,” Dabi shrugged remembering the nonstop training Endeavor had put her through growing up. It was only after Shouto had gotten his quirk that she had been allowed to play with her siblings, though that didn’t stop her ‘father’ from trying out some new training regiment on her before using it on Shouto which would often lead to Dabi being to sore to do anything more read. “Never done it before.”

Eri gasped in disbelief. “You’ve never coloured?”

“Nope,” Dabi shook her head as she helped Eri stand up. “Want to help me pick one out my first one?”

The girl didn’t answer instead she just started pulling her new friend towards the colouring section. Deku had told her that the selection at this store was huge and he wasn’t lying as Eri’s eyes nearly popped out of her skull when she saw all the different types.

Now Eri was starting to feel overwhelmed, how was she supposed to help Rei pick the perfect first colouring book when there were so many.

Dabi whistled having not realized that colouring was so popular. “That’s a lot of colouring books.”

Looking down at the girl Dabi saw the dazed look on Eri’s face and snuck a peek at the book in her arms. “I like cats, think they got anything with them?”

Eri’s head snapped up and she looked excited again. “I have three, well actually Shouta does but I live with him and Hizashi says that since we all live together, I get to be in charge of playing and petting with them an-”

"Slow down kid," Dabi said worried that Eri might end up passing out if she didn’t stop to breathe soon.

Eri’s shut her mouth and looked worried now, had she made Rei mad somehow? Shouta had been telling her recently that she was starting to talking like Deku only where he mumbled on about heroes, she talked about cats instead, Eri really liked cats.

“You don’t need to try and tell me everything at once I’m not going anywhere,” Dabi smiled picking up the closet book and showing Eri the cover of a book that had cats with swirls and flowers inside them. “Why don’t we look for something and you can tell me all about your cats.”

Eri smiled and added the book to the pile she was carrying. “Well, first there’s Acorn,”


Izuku was freaking out, he had faced down villains like Tomura Shigaraki, Stain and Overhaul and stood up to bullies like Kacchan, before his ego shrunk to a more manageable size, as well as the current number one hero Endeavor. But the thought of having to tell his homeroom teacher that he had lost Eri terrified him more than any of those men combined.

Shinsou ran up panting. “Have you found her yet?”

“No,” Izuku shook his head. “You?”

“I thought I saw her in mystery section but it turned out to be an old lady,” the brain washer answered pulling out his cellphone. “I’ll call Todoroki and see if he’s found her, you should call Aizawa.”

Izuku shuddered already feeling the underground heroes signature capture weapon tightening around him. Nodding he noticed took the cellphone and was just about to punch in the number when he heard the sweetest sound ever come from above.

“Izuku, Hitoshi over here.”

Turning around the pair saw Eri standing on the next level with a woman waving down at them a huge smile on her face.

Had Eri been paying more attention to her companion though she would have heard Dabi, aka. Rei, curse as she stared in horror at the two U.A. students in below her.

Chapter Text

Chronostasis looked over at his prey from his spot behind the magazine rack doing his best to hide his signature hair. At first, he had just been on his way to tie up a loose end for Dornkirk when he had spotted Giran the thieving bastard who had swept in and taken over much of Kai’s business after his arrest walking with a mystery woman into the apartment building. Judging from the distance the broker kept from her and the way she moved it was obvious that this woman was not the man’s lover which meant that she was either someone important to him or a villain.

It had taken a lot of persuading from Hari but eventually he had gotten Issac to postpone his assassination of the blind man in favour of finding out what Giran was up to. After many unslept nights spying in apartments through balcony windows Hari finally had his answer.

Dabi, the cremation using powerhouse from the League of Villains was just living a secluded life right under the nose of every hero in the city. The irony of the city that trained the next generation of heroes not being able to find such an infamous one in their own backyard was not lost on the yakuza.

 But never in his time stalking the woman looking for a chance to get revenge on her and her whole disgusting group did Hari ever think that he would be given an even greater opportunity like he was right now.

Eri, the main ingredient of realizing Kai's dream here, in Musutafu. Hari almost couldn't believe it when he had first seen her walking around one of the aisles looking for a book alive, intact and most importantly … alone.

It seems that the girl had wandered away whatever hero or guardians were supposed to be watching her so Chronostatis had seen it as an opportunity to see if he could take back the important research ingredient that had been lost when the heroes had raided the Shie Hassaikai’s headquarters.

But Eri had somehow seen or sensed him coming and had run away in fear before Hari could get close enough to use his quirk on her.

The former assistant to Overhaul had casually torn through the bookstore doing his best to avoid suspicion when he had found both of his targets together. It took all of his restraint not to use his quirk on the pair and capture them instead of letting the scientist take over and observe.

Eri was smiling and chatting happily to Dabi, and calling her Rei for some reason, well talking about cats. To Hari’s surprise though Dabi was talking back just as enthusiastically to Eri and patting her head affectionately a few times like they were mother and daughter, or sisters given what he and Overhaul had estimated Dabi’s age to be.

Hari had continued following the pair for a while heading downstairs to the ground level so that the villain wouldn’t sense she was being followed. That’s when he saw the hero who had defeated his best friend talking to a boy with purple hair and knew that this couldn’t be a coincidence.

Three people he hated most in the world were all gathered under one roof, if only Mimic had lived and been able to escape with him. Between the pair, they could recapture Eri, punish the hero who had taken down Overhaul and been one step closer to destroying the League of Villains and Tomura Shigaraki.

*Ring* *Ring*

Sighing Hari ducked behind the magazine aisle and answered his mobile. “What?”

“Don’t take … that tone with me … Chronostais,” an old voice wheezed on the other end. “Have you … captured … the woman?”

“I told you this is going to be harder than you think,” the yakuza seethed grinding his teeth together to stop himself from yelling at Dornkirk. “This isn’t just any woman, she’s powerful, almost as powerful as her Boss.”

“Either … capture her soon … or leave,” the former business mogul ordered. “I … have no use … for Overhauls …. useless dogs, …. your just … as worthless …. as he was.”

Hari felt his blood freeze as the old man mentioned Kai, his boss and best friend. The last time he had seen him was when he had been standing no more then two feet in front of him eyes devoid of life as he muttered Shigaraki’s name over and over again. Kai hadn’t even seemed to notice when some surprising supporters of their research had paid a visit to their cells to negotiate a deal with him for the top three members of the Shie Hakkaikai to escape. Hari and Joi had immediately jumped on board with the plan hoping that they could snap their boss be alright when it came time to leave.

Oh, how wrong they had been.

Everything had been going fine in the escape until some trigger-happy guard had thrown flash bang grenade into the hallway triggering Kai’s trauma. The yakuza had immediately been caught up in the and dropped to the floor; Mimic had tried to help his boss continue their bid to freed but was shot and killed. Only Hari had escaped, sometimes he would even still wake up at night hearing Kai’s screams of horror as his friend slammed the remainder of his arms into the concrete now covered in Joi’s blood.

Hari had soon made his way to Issac Dornkirk house just an hour outside of Hosu when he was certain no heroes were following him. The old man having owed Kai a debt that Hari had cashed in on from when they had hidden him after the CEO’s own crimes had come to light. But now it seems that the old man’s usefulness was coming to an end, which was good news for Hari since he couldn’t stand the man.

“Perhaps your right,” Chronostasis spoke looking around the corner and at the group coldly. “I have other work right now that requires my attention.”


With that single word, the phone call ended and Hari started planning his next move.

Not taking Giran’s life outside that dirty apartment building had been the best decision Hari ever made. Now he finally had some real leads for finding the League of Villains so that he could make them pay for what they had done to Shie Hakkaikai.

Although his new employers were still in the dark about his discovery Hari was confident that with time, and a few of the tricks Kai had taught him about torture he could make Dabi tell him about where he could find Tomura Shigaraki and the rest of the League.

More importantly, if he played his cards right the Hero Commission might even give Eri back to him along as a sign of good faith for the research they wanted him to do along with his number two target, Izuku Midoriya.

Chapter Text

Dabi shut her eyes tightly and discreetly pinched herself hoping that this was all a bad dream. Opening them again the cremation user still saw the kid Shigaraki was obsessed with staring back at her in civilian clothing with a slack-jawed expression on his face.

Of course, the Creep had giggled like the mad man he was when he returned to Kurogiri’s bar after their little meeting at Kiyashi Ward shopping mall and told her and Himiko all about what sort of world he was working towards now. Then after the League had heard about the same brat’s run-in with Overhaul, they all joked over a couple of bottles of stolen liquor that the kid might actually have two quirks and one attracted villains to him like flies to shit.

But it was just supposed to be a joke … right?

Nonetheless here Dabi was four months pregnant, on vacation from all villain activity and she runs into the second coming of All Might well out for an evening stroll to a bookstore. And the worst part of it all was that the villain wasn’t sure whether it was because of her own rotten luck or his.

“Come on Rei,” Eri beamed up at Dabi grabbing her hand as she started pulling them towards the escalators. “My friends are waiting for us.”

“I can see that Eri,” Dabi said walking behind the girl as slow as possible. “Um … Eri,”

“Yes.” The girl turning to look at Dabi with those big innocent eyes of hers that almost made the villain want to do whatever she asked.

Looking down towards where the hero was Dabi gulped when she realized that the brats weren't there anymore. This meant only one thing that they were probably coming to them now and wouldn't be too happy if they figured out who Eri was with.

“You just never told me that your friends were …. boys.”

Eri looked confused. “What’s wrong with boys?”

“Nothing!” Dabi responded holding her hands up and feeling stupid.

“Do you not like boys?” Eri asked wondering if Rei liked girls like Momo and Jiro liked each other. “Nemuri says that its ok if a girl likes a girl or a boy as long as their conbenting.”

“Consenting,” Dabi corrected wondering what the hell this Nemuri woman was teaching the little girl for a topic like consent to be brought up when a lightbulb went off in her mind. “It’s just that I had a bad experience with a boy recently and well here let me show you,”

Unzipping her jacket so that it was completely open Dabi showed off her pregnant belly to the girl. "I've had trouble talking to them since. I'll take you to your friends and we can go get those pencil crayons like I promised but I want you to know that I might not talk to them much, alright?”

“Why is your stomach so big?” Eri examined poking Dabi’s tummy softly and wondering why it felt so firm when Fat Gums tummy was always so squishy. "Did you eat too many sweets? Shouta says that eating too many can make you fat or worse.”

Dabi cursed herself mentally. “Eri do you -”

“Excuse me,” a cold voice interrupted them. “What do you think you're doing with Eri?”

Flinching at the familiar icy tone Dabi turned and saw her youngest brother standing there.

“Todoroki,” Eri smiled letting go of her new friend to run to the two-toned male hugging one of his legs. "Tell Rei that eating too many sweets is bad for her."

“Rei?” Shouto said looking at the woman who was wearing a rather curious outfit for the hot summer night. A thick looking white top that covered the upper part of her face, gloves and sunglasses completely hid her identity from the hero-in-training. Looking down to where Eri was pointing Shouto immediately understood why she thought ‘Rei’ was fat, she was pregnant.

“Eri?!” Shinsou and Izuku’s voices came as the two other students joined the trio.

Izuku immediately dropped to his knees and hugged the girl tightly. “Oh, thank goodness we found you.”

“Why did you run off like that?” Shinsou asked taking the role of bad cop since he doubted Midoriya had a mean bone in his body unless you were a villain. “Do you have any idea how worried we were?”

“I’m sorry,” Eri said softly realizing just how badly her actions scared everyone. “I got scared.”

Watching the scene Dabi hesitantly approached the heroes stopping just behind Eri. Slowly the cremation user raised her hand and placed it on top of white hair remembering the day when her mother was behaving especially erratic. She and Fuyumi had snuck their two younger brothers out to get ice cream only to get caught coming home by Endeavor.

Natsuo and Fuyumi had just been sent to deal with their mothers’ hysteria after finding her children, especially young Shouto, missing the eldest and youngest of the four were all but dragged into the dojo for a rather brutal round of Endeavors training. By the end of the session neither she or Shouto could move much, though her youngest sibling could still to muster enough strength to cry and apologize claiming it to be all his fault they were caught because he was too small to climb back over the tree they used to escape without help.

Dabi had dragged her bruised and beaten body across the dojo to the boy and gathered him in her arms holding till he fell asleep. That incident though was the straw that seemed to break their mother's fragile grip on reality because a few days later she poured hot water on her youngest sons face much to Dabi’s horror when she ran to the kitchen and realized what happened.

“She saw someone who scared her,” Dabi explained thankful that the thick fabric of the shirt muffled her voice just enough to disguise it. “We were coming to find you when your friend here found us.”

“Thank you for finding her,” Izuku smiled looking at the woman trying to see her eyes behind the tinted lens as he extended his hand. “I’m Izuku, and these are my friends Shinsou and Todoroki.”

Dabi slowly extended her own hand in return and gave the hero a weak shake. “Rei.”

“It’s nice to meet you Rei,” Shinsou spoke extending his own hand looking at the woman suspiciously. “You have to let us buy you a meal as thanks.”

“No, no,” Dabi exclaimed taking a slight step back ready to run away if she had to. “I actually need to be going soon I just need to find something to colour with first … I promised Eri you see.”

“I don’t know,” Izuku frowned looking down at the girl with concern. Very few people scared Eri enough that she would run away from her U.A. family and most of them were either in jail or dead. However, one according to their homeroom teacher had escaped and was currently at large.

Could Eri have seen him? “Aizawa was pretty clear about us taking you shopping Eri.”

“I know,” Eri nodded walking over to the undercover villain and slipping her hand back into Dabi’s gloved one. “But Rei’s like me, she’s never coloured before either and she already helped me pick out some books.”

Holding up the two colouring books she had, none of the males were surprised that one was all cats, clearly Eri's choice. The other one, however, had a large skull on the cover with designs added inside of it that gave the macabre image a unique look. The trio turned towards Dabi as the villain coughed in embarrassment and showed her own colouring books to them, Eri having convinced her to get the same cat colouring book as and her own choice of a gothic fantasy one.

Izuku felt conflicted now wanting to let Eri go to the art section with Rei glad to see that she was getting more comfortable talking with people in public. But Mr. Aizawa was also very clear that if anything happened well the were out the group would immediately have to return to the school.

“Don’t worry Midoriya,” Shinsou said putting a hand on his fellow heroes’ shoulder as he kept his eyes firmly trained on the undercover cremation user. “I’m sure Rei here wouldn’t want to do anything that might hurt Eri’s feelings.”

“I agree,” Todoroki nodded trying to figure out what it was about Rei felt so familiar. "And it's not like we can't follow them and make sure nothing happens."

Dabi gulped and looked at the pair knowing that she was screwed if the figured out who she was well Eri oblivious to the tension hugged her new friend in joy. Thankfully for Dabi it seemed that Izuku was just as oblivious and tried to exchange in small talk as everyone walked to the art section.

As soon as they arrived Eri and Izuku shot off down the aisle completely entranced by all the different types colours and medias that could be used. Dabi meanwhile followed at a much slower pace feeling weighed down by the two shadows that seemed to have attached themselves to her.

“Rei look,” Eri grinned running back up to Dabi with something clutched in each of her hands, her own books now added to Midoriya’s assortment of new notebooks and writing supplies. “Look at all the colours.”

Accepting one of the packages Dabi read the label before opening it up to make sure that none of the so-called 120 coloured pencils was missing. Dabi tried to open the other package as soon as she made sure the first was full only to run into problems when she realized she didn’t have enough room in her arms. The villain was just about to put everything down when her brother reached over and plucked from her arms before she could stop him.

“Your checking to make sure they’re full right?” Shouto asked moving the books just slightly so that Shinsou could memorize the titles on the spines.

“Yeah,” Dabi nodded wondering when her brother had gotten so tall. Last year during the Vanguard Squads first mission Shouto was barely eye level with her, now it seems Dabi was soon going to be looking up to him soon at the rate he was growing. Looks like Natsuo wasn’t the only one in the family to inherit Endeavor height.

Opening the pack and seeing it full also Dabi turned it over to read the back again, all in all, they seemed like a good set for her and Eri to use but she had also found something well looking that might make the girl even happier. Reaching over next to her Dabi picked up another set, this one had thirty more colours than the one Eri had chosen, plus they were the watercolour type.

“Those are some great pencil crayons Eri but look at these,” Dabi praised earning a shy smile from the girl as she handed Eri the slightly larger pack. “If you ask someone to help you, you can add water to colours after your done and make the pictures even more beautiful.”

“Really,” Eri gasped looking at new colours in awe. “Wow … Deku can we get these ones?”

“Sure.” Izuku nodded smiling at Dabi and mouthing a ‘thank you’ to the villain.

“Rei are you gonna get a pack too," Eri asked looking back at her friend as she reclaimed her books from Todoroki awkwardly. “We can share this one if you want.”

“Thanks, Eri but I can get my own,” Dabi replied looking at the girl and feeling a slight twinge in her heart. “I should be heading home now though late nights aren’t good for me anymore.”

Eri felt her lower lip tremble at the words. “B-but I wanted to colour with you, I thought … I thought you could come home with us and we could try it together ... and you can meet Shouta and Acorn and -”

“I know kid,” Dabi leaning down slightly and placing her hand on Eri’s head. “Remember how you think I’m fat, well the truth is that I’m going to have a baby.”

“A baby?” Eri said looking Rei’s stomach and wondering how a baby could fit inside.

“Yup, I got a priceless piece of treasure growing inside me which is why I can't go back to U.A with you,” Dabi nodded standing up straight again and putting her hand on her belly realizing for the first time that this baby actually was a treasure, her treasure. "But don't worry I'm sure will see each other again someday."

Eri wiped her tears away and held up her hand pinky extended. “Your promise.”

Dabi laughed and linked her own pinkie. “Hasn’t anybody taught you Eri, a pinky promise is forever.”

Shouto froze at the words remembering his eldest sisters’ laughter from many years ago. ‘Haven’t those two snowflakes taught you yet Shou that a pinky promise is forever’.

Snapping out of it quickly Shouto looked to where Rei had been standing only to find her gone, looking around he tried to pick her bright blonde hair out of the crowd but was unsuccessful now that more and more people seemed to have arrived to do their own shopping.

“Shouto,” Izuku said noticing his friends’ distress. “What’s wrong?”

Shouto ignored his friend and instead looked at Eri. "Eri listens to me, this is very important. Did you ever see Rei's face?”

The last time Shouto had felt this heart-wrenching feeling was back when Bakugou had been kidnapped and Dabi had called him by his full name. After Kamino, he had gone home and practically torn the house apart looking for a photo of her hoping that one might have escaped his fathers fire.

After all the person in them was supposed to be dead according to Endeavor. But was she really?

The ghost from Shouto’s childhood who left a hole so big in each of their lives that even saying her name would lead to heartbreak. Shouto had wanted to ask Fuyumi or Natsuo if they had saved any pictures from Endeavors fury but didn’t want to give them false hope either.

Eri gripped the pencil crayons slightly and nodded remembering the painful looking purple skin and blue eyes that Rei kept hidden.

Kneeling down Shouto placed his hands as gently as he could on Eri’s pencil crayons not wanting to scare the girl even though he knew he needed to catch up with Rei as soon as possible before she disappeared again. “I need you to show me exactly tell which of these colours they were.”

Eri thought back to Rei’s eyes and lifted one hand hesitantly but instead of choosing one of the colours from her packet the girl pointed right at the blue eye lodged in deep within Shouto’s skull.

“They were that colour.”


Dabi leaned against the elevator trying to catch her breath, the pregnant woman had all but run back to the apartment after she had left the bookstore. The villain was afraid the entire trip back to the apartment building that a hero would jump out at her from the shadows to arrest her.

When she had successfully made it into the elevator Dabi was glad that she had the foresight to stock up on more food than normal, especially to feed her every growing craving for anything chicken and strawberry flavoured,

Dabi sighed when the familiar elevator ding sounded and made plans to put these new colouring books to use over the next few days not planning on leaving her apartment any time soon.

At least that should have been the plan but instead of an empty hallway like normal for the private residences of the building Dabi was greeted by a young woman with loose chestnut coloured hair and a black and red dress leaning against her door looking at something on her cell phone. Getting closer to the woman, well also maintaining a safe distance, Dabi cleared her throat and got the can of pepper spray from Giran ready in case she attacked.

Golden cat-like eyes hidden behind a pair of red glasses snapped up as Himiko dove at her fellow League member pulling her into a tight hug.

“Welcome home Sis.”

Chapter Text

“H-Himiko?” Dabi gasped in shock looking down at the girl who held her tightly. “What the hell did you do to your hair?”

The transformation user pouted as she pulled back and looked at up Dabi. “Don’t you like it? Giri was the one who suggested a disguise when I told him I was coming to visit you.”

Dabi wanted to be angry at the girl but in all honesty, she was also was also glad to see one of her comrades again, especially after her run in at the bookstore. It wasn’t until she heard the ding from the elevator and saw one of her neighbours stumbling down the pair did Dabi’s heart skip a beat. Grabbing her keys, the cremation user quickly undid the lock on her door and pulled Himiko into the apartment. Holding her breath, Dabi watched the man slowly shuffle his past the peephole thankfully to drunk to have noticed anything.

Himiko leaned against the door pressing her ear to the heavy thick wood. “What are we doing?”

Dabi didn't answer she waited until the slam of a door signalled the all-clear before she raised her fist and punched Himiko hard on top of her head.

“Are you insane!”

“Ouchie,” Himiko whined as she held her head. “That hurt Sis.”

“Good,” Dabi huffed turning on the lights and placing her bag on the counter that separated the kitchen from the rest of the apartment. The room was basically just a big square with a small kitchen and bathroom on either side of the open space that housed Dabi’s desk, bed and a small table for eating. There was also a balcony that gave a nice view of Dagobah beach with a small combination washer and dryer on it for laundry. “And what’s with calling me Sis anyway?”

“We’re family Dabi,” Himiko smiled jumping onto the bed and grabbing the closet pillow she could get her hands on and relishing the familiar scent of the cremation user. “I’ve missed you.”

Dabi sighed and sat down on the bed rubbing Himiko’s head where she hit her. “And I’ve missed you Crazy but its dangerous to visit.”

Himiko purred under the familiar warmth of Dabi’s hand. “Nuh-uh Kurogiri said I should be safe as long as I changed my look? Do you like it I chose the colour to match Ochako’s?”

“You look very nice,” Dabi said having never noticed before how young Himiko actually looked when her hair was down. “Don’t you usually use your quirk when you want to blend in with the normies though.”

Himiko threw her hands up in the air. “That’s what I said but Giri and Press are being all stupid and telling me I need to ‘expand my skills’. They have me trying out all these different makeup techniques and hairstyles so that I don't have to use my quirk as often."

Dabi’s hand stilled, her biggest worry when sending Himiko on a mission was her transformation running out, especially when they couldn’t kill the person she was impersonating. As soon as Dabi returned to the League she would have to thank the pair for their excellent idea, right after she beat the crap out of them for letting Himiko come to see her in the first place.

“And the worse part is that nobody can help me with my hair.” Himiko continued to whine before suddenly remembering one of the main reasons she came. Sliding off the bed the blood drinker crawled over to her bag and pulled out a brush.

Quickly crawling back over to Dabi Himiko handed her the brush and turned around setting herself in front of the cremation user.

“Are you serious?” Dabi chuckled looking at the brush with amusement. “You’d risk getting caught by the heroes just so I could brush your hair.”

Himiko huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s not funny nobody else at base can do my hair, and I asked everyone.”

Dabi snorted knowing that the girl had probably hunted each member of the League down and forced them to do what she wanted through a series of begging and threats as she started running the brush through Himiko’s currently brown locks. “Even the Boss?”

"Uh, Tomura decayed three of my brushes before I gave up,” Himiko whined thinking sadly about those three lost brushes. It was always such a hassle to steal them from that high-end beauty shop she liked to visit. “Compress and Giri are great at brushing but can’t style worth shit -”

“Language.” Dabi interrupted rolling her eyes at Himiko, for someone who was all about being cute the girl could swear like a sailor given the first opportunity.

Himiko ignored the flame user and continued. “Twice can’t decide what style he wants to do and when I asked Spinner one of his knives sprung loose and accidentally cut off some my hair. Do you have any idea how long it takes for my hair to grow back?”

“Oh please,” Dabi replied separating the hair into three sections for her to braid. “Remember when we met Sensei and he told you that every time you use your quirk it speeds up cell regeneration. A few transformations and your hair would have been back to normal”

“But he cut my hair.”

Dabi rolled her eyes and pulled an elastic off the brush having finished one of the braids. “And I’ll bet it grew back quickly so grow up.”

Himiko turned her head and looked at her friends’ pregnant belly. “Baby your momma’s being mean to me.”

Dabi’s hands froze reaching for the braid that had been pulled from her hand. “Himiko … I ….”

“Oh, you should hear this, remember that tech guy you sent us,” Himiko continued not missing how tense Dabi got when she mentioned the baby. “Guess what Tomura asked him to build first.”

Dabi took a deep breath and started braiding again. “Tell me it was something useful and not a game controller or something else equally stupid.”

“Nope,” Himiko giggled loudly remembering how the cute boy Dabi had sent them had looked Tomura dead in the eye and acted like he was giving directions to the decay user instead of talking to the leader of an up-incoming villains’ group. “Game system, so he could play on that old busted TV we hauled outta Ujika’s lab. Giri was so mad when he found out that he stole all of Tomura’s candy.”

“Wow Kurogiri was actually strict with the Creep,” Dabi hummed finishing the third braid. “The things you don’t see because you’re on vacation. Speaking of who said you could threaten Giran into not telling me things like how you busted our ride out.”

“I wanted to but Mr. Compress said we should wait until Kurogiri recovered,” Himiko fibbed. It had actually been her idea not to tell Dabi but a little white lie never hurt anyone, especially with how hard the cremation user could hit. “Then they went off and had some weird grownup time so that Compress could catch Giri up on everything that happened well he was away.”

Dabi sighed and swept two of the brains up starting to place them in a bun. “And then one of you told him about the baby.”

“No way,” Himiko said waving her hands in front of her dramatically. “He just knew, I think Kurogiri is magic.”

Dabi snorted as she finished putting the last braid into place mentally planning out her chat with Mr. Compress when she got back. "Alright, I'm done."

Himiko squealed and took off towards the bathroom crying in joy when she saw what Dabi has done to her hair. Running back out she saw that the cremation user had made no short work on removing her shirt giving Himiko the first real look at the baby bump.

“So, here’s the deal,” Dabi said pulling out a tank top and sliding it on. "You can stay the night but you gotta call Kurogiri for pick up tomorrow, capisce?"

Himiko looked at the baby bump knowing she should tell Dabi about Hawks, just to keep both of them safe.

“I’ll also give you the number for the cell Giran gave me,” Dabi continued walking over to her desk and writing the number on a piece of paper. “If you want maybe next time, we can go get a crepe or ice cream. I know this nice spot on the beach we can go to that’s usually pretty quiet though you might have to deal with some love-struck couples if we go at night.”

“Hey Dabi,”

“Yeah,” the cremation user said finally noticing something was wrong when she handed Himiko the paper.

“Your first baby,” Himiko said grabbing a hold of Dabi’s hands firmly so that she couldn’t escape or lash out. “Did you ever tell the father about them?”

At the mention of her first child, Dabi felt the phantom feeling of fingers holding her face as a voice hissed at her.

‘Either you abort that disgrace or I’ll burn it out of you myself.’

Feeling like her heart beat a mile a minute Dabi tried to stay calm enough to sit down on the chair next to the desk as she tried to remember how to breathe. Himiko seeing the distress grabbed the sides of Dabi’s face so that she was looking directly into panicking blue eyes.

Putting on her serious face Himiko took a deep breath. “Sis, listen to me your having a panic attack ok ... I need you to close your eyes focus on my voice,”

Taking another deep breath Himiko held it for a moment before exhaling. “Listen to my breathing and try and follow along.”

Dabi nodded and closed her eyes listening to Himiko’s own breathing and trying to mimic it. After what felt like an eternity, Dabi finally felt that she was calm enough to risk opening her eyes again glad to see Himiko’s watery smile staring back at her still.

Pulled into yet another strong hug Dabi let the school girl cry and apologize as she raised her own limbs and hugged back numbly. Dabi knew that Himiko hadn’t meant to set off a panic attack, the girl was probably just worried about her because the baby’s father was a hero and a spy which left him straddling a dangerous fence.

“Hey let go for a moment,” Dabi said surprised with how quickly Himiko let go and jumped back. Standing up the cremation user moved backwards on the bed sliding backwards on it till she touched the wall, then Dabi patted the spot next to her. “Come here.”

Himiko slowly moved onto the bed laying down so that her lower half hanging off the bed as she settled her head in Dabi’s lap.

“I’m sorry.”

“I know,” Dabi spoke softly running her fingers through brown hair knowing she would have to fix it again before the girl left. "I know you're worried about me but my past is …. complicated." 

“Cause Endeavor’s your father or because you're dead?” Himiko spoke feeling nails graze her scalp at the mention of the hero.

Dabi honestly shouldn’t be surprised, given how curious Himiko that she had looked into Tatsuo. “What did you find out?”

“Not much, your pretty much a ghost, just like your other siblings,” Himiko answered remembering how thin Dabi’s file was. “What really surprised me though was that you went to U.A. as a Gen Ed student. That was a little harder to find though since you used your mom's maiden name.”

Dabi sneered unpleasantly. “That was my sperm donor's decision not mine, I was more than happy to go to that all-girls school with my sister.”

Himiko nuzzled into Dabi's belly trying to see if she could hear the baby inside.  “Was the baby’s father a student? Or did you have some torrid affair with a teacher?”

“Sōsuke, his name was Sōsuke,” Dabi said thinking back to a man with kind brown eyes and a soft smile. “He was a student … and my first love.”

Dabi took a deep breath, the only reason she was even telling Himiko was that she knew that the transformer user would never tell another soul about Sōsuke.

And if Dabi was being honest with herself maybe she wanted someone else to know about what happened. For the last few weeks now Dabi had been struggling weighing the pros and cons of contacting Hawks just to let him know she was alive and maybe tell him about their child.

Sōsuke himself might have been a heartless bastard in the end but the rest of his family had been welcoming to her when she met them. Had Tatsuo told them she was pregnant before Endeavor perhaps things have turned out differently for her baby.

“My house isn’t what you called a loving one. Mom went crazy because of all the abuse Endeavor put her through, Fuyumi and Natsuo were ignored most of their lives for being what my father called weak well Shouto and I were put through hell the moment our quirks manifested,” Dabi began looking out the window and at the night sky. “When high school came around, Endeavor forced me to take the U.A. Hero Exam. I failed it on purpose just to try and escape being the guinea pig for his masterpiece but he pulled some strings and forced me to go.”

“And since I had humiliated him by failing there were also conditions to my attending U.A., the biggest one was that I couldn’t tell anybody who I was, which was stupid since I was all but a clone of the old bastard. My first year there most people just whispered behind my back about how hard it must be for Endeavor to have such a useless child attending his alma mater.”

Himiko’s face hardened a little at the thought of anyone bullying her family. “Eventually Sōsuke heard about me and wanted to meet the number two hero’s daughter. See he was in the management course and wanted to know everything I knew about how a real agency was run to give himself an advantage.”

Himiko gave an unladylike noise at the thought of anyone trying to force answers out of her sister. “How’d you answer?”

“Broke his nose during gym class the next day,” Dabi smiled viciously remembering the shocked look when she kicked a soccer ball right into the boys smug face. “He didn’t give up though and eventually after stalking me for a while I gave in and went out for a meal with him and told him everything I knew.”

“I thought that would be that and he would leave me alone but instead Sōsuke came back at the end of my first year claiming that he had fallen in love with me,” Dabi growled remembering how cliched Sōsuke had been asking her to meet on the rooftop after club activities just when the sun was just starting to set. “I was so naive back then that I believed him and we started going out.”

Dabi now felt tears prick her eyes slightly and she tried to hold them back. “I thought that maybe I could have a chance at a real-life away from Endeavor with Sōsuke but then one day my teacher had an emergency and I went to if he wanted to study for exams when I overheard him talking to his friends about us.”

“Turns out that he was only with me to get to Endeavor, he thought that if I loved him enough that after graduation, I could get him a job at one of my fathers’ agencies. Even worse he had been sabotaging the condoms we were using to try and get me pregnant just to marry into a high-ranking hero’s family.”

“I felt so hurt that I broke up right there but he acted like it was all a misunderstanding and kept begging me to take him back. With everything slowly going to hell at school and home I actually thought that stress was making me sick at first.”

Dabi's hands stilled in Himiko's hair. "I don't even know why I grabbed the test, to be honest, I just remember walking into a public bathroom and seeing that little positive sign appears. After that, I went home and everything becomes a little hazy until I woke up alone in a private hospital room covered in bandages.”

Himiko sat up and leaned against the wall next to Dabi pulling her down so that the cremation users head now rested against her shoulder.

“I didn’t understand what was happening so I ran eventually ending up in the back alley of this karaoke bar Sōsuke and I used to go to watching fuck some girl. I listened to him hit her and call her a slut before he ordered her back inside, I almost walked away when a friend of his came out and they started talking.”

“Turns out that well I was in the hospital Endeavor had told the press that I had died and Sōsuke’s friend asked him what he was going to do next,” Dabi recalled hands tightening into fists in the sheets. “The bastard said that since I was gone, he could always cozy up to my sister. He even hoped that Yumi was still a virgin to just so he could have the pleasure of taking it like he took mine.”

“When I heard talk about what he was going to do to her I got so angry, but also strangely calm and I waited until his friend went back inside before I lashed out with my quirk and killed him,” Dabi finished remembering the burning body of her first love on the ground in front of her. “That’s how Giran found me and the rest is, as they say, history."

Himiko cried rubbing her eyes to brush away the tears. “It’s … it’s not fair.”

“Life rarely is.” Dabi said somberly

“Hawks he … he used you,” Himiko sobbed letting her everything out at once. “J-just like Sōsuke did.”

Dabi froze at the mention of the winged hero. “I don’t … I don’t understand.”

“I … I followed him overheard him talking to some p-people … everything was a m-mission … from the Hero C-commission,” Himiko cried harder feeling the bloodlust build up inside her. “I should have killed him in the warehouse.”

Dabi's mind was a whirlwind right now as she tried to piece together what Himiko had said. Everything suddenly clicked into place and made sense, the hero was just using her like Sōsuke had used and once again Dabi had been stupid enough to fall for it.

Placing her hand on her stomach the cremation user felt a small push against it and felt her mind go blank. Grabbing Himiko’s hand quickly, careful to avoid the one with the spring-loaded blade on it, she put it next to her own hoping that the baby would kick again.

A moment past and thankfully the kick happened for a second time causing both women to look at each other in shock.

“They're really in there aren't they?” Himiko sniffled.

Dabi nodded.

Himiko wiped her nose with her sleeve. “Are you … does this mean your gonna leave us?”

It took Dabi a moment to figure out who ‘us’ was.

“Himiko,” the cremation user said sharply. “I am not, nor will I ever going to leave the League.”

Himiko’s mind went blank for a moment as she processed the words before a wide childlike smile broke out over her face and she clapped her hands together excitedly. “I’m going to be an auntie!”

“No,” Dabi spoke shaking her head. “My son is going to be given the chance at a new life away from everything.”

"You're having a boy?" Himiko said excitedly wondering what her nephew would look like. Would he favour his mother or worthless lying father? Or perhaps he wouldn’t look like either of them and take after Dabi’s mother instead, Rei Todoroki’s white hair and grey eyes seemed to dominant most of her children features.

“I … I don’t know, but I think there a boy,” Dabi guessed, it was a 50/50 gamble but the villain knew having a boy would be easier. “But this baby is my treasure, I have to protect them even if it means not being with them.”

"We could help you," Himiko pleaded placing her hand on Dabi’s stomach again and trying to will another small push like before. "We can be a real family. You, me and the rest of the League.”

Dabi shook her head. “I can’t risk them getting hurt, some villains might love their kids but that doesn’t always mean that we should be with them.”

“Don’t you want to raise your baby Dabi?” Himiko asked seriously.

Before today Dabi knew the immediate answer would be no, but meeting Eri and having someone look at her with such open affection, something she hadn't had in a long time, had have given Dabi hope that maybe she could have her cake and eat it too. Aside from her obviously shitty taste in men, Dabi knew that she really needed to start thinking about the kind of life she really wanted to give her son.

~*Hawks Apartment*~

Sora sat there and watched with awe as Rumi finished off her sixth shot of vodka and added the glass to her growing pyramid.

The rabbit hero grinned as she poured herself another shot. “Better catch up Chicken Wings or I’m gonna be done my little art project before you can finish that piss you call beer.”

Sora snorted. “I’ll have you know that this is a high-end brand from an exclusive micro brewery thank you.”

“All I hear is blah blah blah my beers shit blah blah blah," Rumi waved knowing that the only reason her friend was even drinking that expenside beer was because of it a gift from some politician who wanted to set his youngest daughter up with the hero. "Come on this is your party, cut loose a little.”

“Just because internal affairs cleared me doesn’t mean I’m not screwed still,” Hawks putting down the beer and grabbing the vodka. “I still have to wait and see what my punishment is.”

“Uh this is such bullshit,” Rumi declared throwing her hands up looking incredibly annoyed. “Crimes the lowest its been since All Might retired, that fucking League of Whatevers have fucked off to who cares where and you finally have a girlfriend –”

Hawks choked on his shot.

“ - can’t the Commission just pull that collective stick from their asses and let up enjoy life a little.”

Turning his head to the side the winged hero coughed violently before looking back and Rumi with horror. “Who ... I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Rumi just rolled her eyes. “Oh, please whenever I’ve wanted to go out drinking you've been busy, if that does not code for getting laid then I'm the fucking Easter bunny."

"Ok one, you're more a kickass rabbit warrior from then soft chocolate giving bunny," Sora said putting down one of three fingers he had raised. "Two, I've been on lockdown because of this thing with internal affairs and three …"

Rumi grinned and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. “Three?”

Sora poured another shoot and quickly drank it. “And three, she wasn’t … she wasn’t my girlfriend.”

Rumi looked at her friend in shock. “Holy shit! You had a fuck buddy! You, Mister Squeaky Clean Number Two Hero had a fuck buddy … where the fuck was I when this was happening?”

“Either kicking villain ass or tongue deep between some woman’s legs.” Hawks replied crudely knowing his current romantic problems weren’t Rumi’s fault.

The rabbit heroine snorted. “I’m young, hot and can’t stop myself from wanting to enjoying the pleasure life has to offer. It's not my fault that most of that always seems to come in the form of a beautiful woman."

"Yeah well, mine came in the form of a hot mess with a heaping helping of crazy." Hawks said bitterly completely discarding his beer completely in favour of the vodka bottle Rumi had been drinking.

“Want me to kick her ass for you?” Rumi offered.

Sora shook his head remembering High End. “That’s sweet but I’d rather just talk to her.”

“Oh, so you still like her,” Rumi gave a shit-eating grin and leaned forward wanting to hear more about the mystery woman that had caught her best friends' attention. "What's she like?"

“She’s ….” Hawks thought about Dabi two things immediately springing to mind. “Intense, defiantly doesn’t take any kind of bullshit and will fight you if you mess with her,”

Rumi listened quietly well Sora thought more and more about his time with Dabi.

“But she’s smart about it, likes to play stupid just to lure you in before she,” the winged hero slammed one fist into his hand. “And she can be kinda a bitch when you first meet her … don’t tell her this but I think its just because she’s afraid to get close to people.”

Rumi raised an eyebrow; Sora sure knew a lot about her for someone he was just fucking. “What about the sex man, come on how was she?”

“Rough,” Sora sighed rubbing his face with his hands. “Every time we had sex, she didn’t care if things got a little violent but the moment, I tried to be gentle she would pin me down instead and …. well you know,"

"Ride you for all your worth?" Rumi offered.

Sora nodded remembering how Dabi would hold him down underneath her strong legs and spew poisonous words at him until they were finished. Afterwards when Dabi thought he was asleep; she would slide far away from him and curl up into herself as if afraid of Sora’s touch.

“So, it was just sex for her,” Rumi sighed grabbing one of Hawks beers and opening it for herself. “Sounds like you dodged a bullet.”

“It was complicated,” Hawks groaned running his fingers trough his hair in frustration. “I thought we were getting somewhere when she started staying over.”

Now it was Rumi’s turn to choke on her drink. “You left her alone in your apartment?!”

“Not always, sometimes I would come home and she would be here.” Hawks said recalling the first time he had come home to find Dabi standing in his kitchen eating his food. The hero had nearly had a heart attack seeing the cremation user standing there wearing one of his shirts claiming that her own clothes were filthy and in the wash.

After that Dabi had sort of become like that cat Sora never wanted showing up to either trade information, steal his food and booze or to just have sex. Most of the time though it ended up being all three.

Rumi reached over the table and smacked the winged hero’s head. “You idiot, how could you be so reckless?”

Sora rubbed the area putting his head on the table enjoying the cool feeling. "Its just … she was so different."

“And that’s what you like about her,” Rumi said noticing the horrified Hawks gave her and sighing. “Don’t give me that face, you liked her and she had issues that you couldn’t help her with so she left you simple as that.”

Feeling the effects of the alcohol more Sora groaned and laid his head of the table again and closing his eyes. “But I … but I lied to her."

“What?” Rumi asked. “Hey Sora what does that mean … hey are you even awake? …. Hawks!”

Sora groaned and buried his head in his arms more remembering one day he had come home to the apartment finding that Dabi had broken in again. However, instead of their usual banter and rough sex, the pair had spent the night drinking sake and eating the traditional Japanese sweets that the winged hero had brought home well he tried not to notice the way Dabi would give a soft smile every time she bit into one of the treats.