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Everything is Possible, Even the Impossible

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“You’ve failed us Hawks.”

Hawks flinched slightly and tried his best not to let it show how much the icy tone of Madam President's voice still affected him. “I’m sorry President.”

"How could you let this happen?" one of the President's ever-present shadows hissed, this one a tall bald male. "You're supposed to be the best we’ve ever trained, yet this filthy gutter child bested you.”

“Now now, let’s not forget that Himiko Toga is an expert actress,” the second male pointed out the light shining off his glasses at just the right angle to completely blocked block them from being seen. “Playing the part of Dabi, someone she has spent much of her time within the League of Villains would have been child’s play for some like her.”

“Yes, the girl is quite the troublesome element and from what our sources tell us quite smart. Had we gotten our hands on her instead of them perhaps this fiasco could have been avoided” the President scowled leaning foreword on her desk. “Explain it to me again what happened, in greater detail this time Hawks.”

The hero bit the inside of his cheek to stop any emotion from showing on his face. “I received a call late last night, just after my regular patrol ended from who I believed at the time to be Dabi asking me to meet her in a warehouse near the docks. When I arrived, I did a routine sweep of the building just in case she had any surprises hidden for me,”

“Does Dabi normally bring surprises when you met her alone?” the taller male grinned lecherously.

Hawks wanted to hit the man for his tone, sleeping with Dabi to get closer to the League was the one thing he never liked being brought up during his briefings.

The hero’s feelings for the woman were complicated at best. At first, he hated Dabi and that he was disgusted that he was being forced to work with her. But since they started sleeping together Hawks had developed an unexpected attachment towards the burnt woman and was starting to see her as more than just a killer.

Not that Dabi wouldn’t kill him if she ever found out that he was only using her as a means to bring down the League of Villains.

“After I landed Himiko Toga disguised as Dabi made her appearance immediately. I knew something was wrong then because the real Dabi would often keep me waiting for a while before showing herself,” Hawks continued leaving out the part where the shapeshifter had tried to kiss him. Dabi never let him kiss her, in fact, the one time he tried the flame user burnt off a few of his feathers. "After asking where Dabi was Himiko Toga let her disguise fall and seemed surprised with how quickly I had found her out.”

The President of the Hero Commission looked interested now. “How were you able to figure it out?”

“Body heat,” Hawks answered dispassionately. “Whenever Dabi gets within a few feet of me my feathers can feel her heightened temperature.”

“So Himiko Toga is unable to mimic the quirks of those she impersonates,” the glasses-wearing commission member grinned sardonically. “Information worth having despite your failure.”

“Yes, she explained to me how she had been following me around and realized that I was a spy, her exact words were ‘it takes a spy, to catch a spy’,” Hawks spoke ignoring the man’s way of saying your as he assigned blame. It wasn’t the hero’s fault that Commission members were coming and going from his agency at all hours of the day and night because they felt the need to micromanage every little detail of his life. “She also commented on how lucky I was that Shigaraki had sent them to deal with me.”


Hawks nodded knowing that there was only one active member of the League that could have snuck up behind him without him knowing and explain his missing time. “I believe that Mr. Compress was also there as well and used his quirk on me. The next thing I remember is waking up the next day with a clone of Himiko Toga greeting me.”

“Did she say anything worth reporting?” the President hummed.

“Only that Dabi was gone,” Hawks replied recalling the young girl holding a knife to her own throat as she told him this. “And that out of respect for her they would let me go this one time.”

After that, the clone had slit her own throat laughing as much as humanly possible as it melted back into its original form.

“Do we have any clues as to Dabi’s current location?” the spectacled wearing man asked pushing his glasses up slightly, just enough for the light to fade and show Hawks the lifeless looking eyes that lay underneath.

“No,” the taller male replied shaking his bald head. “According to our spies in Deika she was injured severely in a fight against one of Re-Destro’s people.”

Hawks tried to ignore how the thought of Dabi being injured badly enough to disappear was making him feel, he didn’t even like the woman so why should he care if she was hurt or if she was ...

“Dead seems more like it. Well at least some good has come from this, with Dabi gone the League of Villains has lost a powerful fighter and tactician” Madam President sighed dismissively looking at the hero in front knowing the best way to vent some of her anger. "Hawks, for now, you are suspended from the Commission pending an inquisition. We understand that we cannot take you away from your public work but unless at your office or on patrol you are confined to your apartment, am I clear?”

"Yes, ma'am." Hawks nodded not looking foreword to facing the internal affairs department, he almost wished he could face Shigaraki instead.


Giving one last bow the number two hero left the room as quickly as possible unaware that the trio he left behind was far from finished with their conversation.

“With his failure, any chance of getting leverage over All for One is gone,” Madam President growled looking at her subordinates. “Are we sure that we can’t use any other resources?”

The glasses-wearing male shook his head. “The League of Villains is unfortunately very hard to pin down even with the warp gate user Kurogiri in custody.”

His bald companion growled lowly slamming a fist into an open palm. “Damn that Gran Torino and Tsukauchi, if only our men in the police force had a chance to bring either him or All for One none of this would have been an issue.”

“True, imagine what our scientist could learn from their quirks,” the other man said knowing that with both of the villains deep inside Tartarus there was no way of getting to them without alerting every hero and law enforcement agency in the country. “Had things worked out like we wanted creating an army of loyal soldiers would have been so easy instead of waiting for children like Hawks to appear before us.”

The President nodded. “And what of All for One’s secret, have you made any progress?”

“The doctor we were able to sneak into Tartarus is not having any luck finding out what we want,” the bespectacled commission member frowned deeper. “Despite the numerous anti-quirk precautions, they’ve taken subduing him All for One was still able to maintain his mental barriers. And whatever he’s done to his body over the years has made biologically tracking our targets impossible.”

“This is unacceptable gentlemen,” Madam President snarled at the pair as she rose to her feet dramatically. “I want his family or Tomura Shigaraki found immediately.”

"Yes, Madam President."

The woman glared at the retreating pair and waited a few moments before walking over to her person bar and pouring herself a stiff drink. With beverage now in hand, she then returned to her desk and removed the two files she kept secretly locked away from everyone, even the two who had just left.

One had a picture of Tenko Shimura before he became Tomura Shigaraki smiling innocently at the camera with his then equally dark-haired sister Hana on it. The other was a current surveillance picture of Izuku Midoriya taken from the U.A. cafeteria as he laughed surrounded by his friends oblivious to how closely he was being monitored by the Hero Commission.

Swirling the ice around Madam President swore that both carriers of All for One and One for All would be under her custody and locked up in her laboratories before the year was out. Unlike her predecessor who failed to acquire them when he had Nana Shimura’s husband killed the current chair of the Hero Commission would succeed in making the world a safer place, one way or the other.