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That Time at Voyeur Nightclub

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(I don’t own any characters that appear in Naruto.)

Iruka looked in the mirror for the umpteenth time and checked his outfit, turning and peering over his shoulder for different views. He wore a blue dress shirt, slightly unbuttoned and with the sleeves rolled up, and light blue straight jeans that fit him just so, hugging his butt well. Paired with brown boots, and worn with his hair in a low ponytail, some strands escaping it. He huffed and looked at himself straight on.

“Hi, I’m Iruka. Hi, I’m Iruka! Hi! Iruka here. Yo! I’m Iruka, what’s your name?”

Silence, followed by a frown.

“Hi…I’m Umino.” Not bad, he thought to himself.

He went into the bathroom of his room at the inn and did one last spray of cologne, grabbing an item from his bed before leaving his room and walking down the hall.

He knocked on the door and Raidou answered. “Come on in, Genma’s still getting ready.”

Iruka closed the door behind him and stood awkwardly. “How do I look?”

Genma poked his head out of the bathroom and whistled around the senbon in his mouth. “Good!”

Raidou agreed as he handed Iruka a drink. “Really good, they’ll be all over you tonight!”

Iruka blushed. “I don’t know, sometimes I strike out big. I don’t have any expectations.” He looked at the flyer on the table. Voyeur Nightclub Presents….Masquerade!

They were in a different village in the Land of Fire for an event at a gay nightclub. All three of them had been there before, and agreed that their events were worth the travel and expenses of a long weekend away. It was far enough from Konoha that they wouldn’t easily run into just anyone, or at least no one who wasn’t there for the same reason, but close enough that they wouldn’t be far from someone just in case they made new friends….more for Iruka, as Genma and Raidou were completely together but loved going out to clubs.

“So,” Genma called from the bathroom, where he was fixing his hair, “you excited, Ru?”

Iruka sipped his drink. “Definitely! I haven’t gotten out in a while.” He frowned. “I just don’t want to embarrass myself. Sometimes I feel so uninteresting when I talk to people there.”

Raidou shrugged. “Don’t feel that way, you’re a great guy and super interesting! Just go with the flow.” He laughed. “If you can talk to jounin in the mission office and put us in our place, you can chat up a cute guy tonight.”

Iruka sighed, he just wasn’t convinced….


The three of them left shortly after to walk to the club, suppressing their chakra as they did, for safety purposes.

As they got near, Genma reminded them “we’ll see you at breakfast Ru, unless anything comes up.” He winked at Iruka. “In case you spend the night somewhere else. But we’ll plan to head back home around 3.” He paused and grinned further. “And if we don’t see you then, or by Monday, we’ll send a search party!”

Iruka laughed and shook his head, blushing slightly. They had reached the outside of the club. It was a large grey building, with blacked out windows and crazy strobe lighting outside. It was in a very open minded village but still slightly on the outskirts, so that it had some privacy and the music didn’t keep villagers up at night. Club staff greeted guests dressed in fancy masquerade outfits, but the patrons were mostly just dressed in nice or casual clothes and added masks.

Iruka, Genma, and Raidou slipped theirs on. Genma and Raidou wore matching blue and silver masks covering their foreheads and eye area. Iruka kept his more simple, covering the eye area mostly, and just the top of his nose. It was a stiff mask but covered in black lace, giving it a softer appearance. Genma and Raidou linked arms and Raidou grabbed Iruka’s hand as they entered the club so they wouldn’t immediately lose him.

As soon as they stepped inside Iruka felt his body relax a bit. He always had fun when he was here, even if it usually just involved dancing and no real connections. He could be whoever he wanted and not have to worry much about it. They headed to the bar and waited to grab a drink, looking around as they did.

“It’s already busy!” said Raidou, raising his voice a bit to be heard.

“I know,” responded Iruka. “And it didn’t start that long ago, I’m surprised.”

Genma shrugged. “I’m not, this is always a big event. Remember last year, Rai? There were so many people there was practically a whole other club outside!”

The three of them got drinks and stood in the main room, a big area with the DJ, dance floor, some couches, and platforms some men were already dancing on. There were a few high tables along the walls to put drinks at while you talked. Several doors led to other rooms, each about half the size of this one. Still large rooms, but sometimes playing different music, and with different vibes, such as slightly darker than the main room or with lights that were all red.

Iruka mingled with Raidou and Genma, meeting up with some other couples they were friendly with. After a bit Iruka started to feel like the extra wheel and turned to his friends. “I think I might wander and mingle, I don’t want you thinking you have to keep me company or anything either.”

Genma smiled at him over Raidou’s shoulder. “Good luck! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

Iruka braced himself for the initial feeling of being by himself in a room…building…full of people…and proceeded to head to the men’s room to both relieve and collect himself.

His thoughts were racing. "I can do this. I’ve done this before, been here before. No big deal. I’m not counting on anything. And if I happen to meet a cute guy and make out, that’s cool too."

True, he’d been here before on his own, but these events were big deals, especially tonight, and he hadn’t been to one this big in a while. The academy and mission office were just keeping him so busy these days! He took a deep breath and headed back to the main room, to the bar. The crowd there was four people deep so he joined the throng, at least it would kill some time.

He scoped out the room and crowd a bit while he waited, hands in his pockets casually. He was happy with his outfit, not overdressed, not underdressed. A good representation of himself outside of his shinobi uniform.

He smiled to himself at the crowd, there were definitely attractive men here. Men of every type, really, and his type was pretty fluid. His eyes passed over a few in particular before he turned his attention back to the bar but seconds later, to his surprise, one of the men seemed to be standing next to him, looking like he’d been waiting for the bar the whole time.

The man was taller than Iruka by a few inches but slouched a bit. He was lean, with defined muscles, and had his hands in his pockets like Iruka. He was dressed in a slightly fitted black t-shirt with a small silver design on it, Iruka couldn’t make out what it was in the dimmed lights of the room. The man wore fitted black jeans tucked into black combat boots, a silver chain going from the front of his pants to the back on his right side. His hair stood up a bit and looked like a red-brown color, but that could have been the lighting. He wore a venetian mask that looked like a dog, in black, white, and gold, covering most of his face above his lips. It suited his pale skin tone well. "Damn," thought Iruka

After stealing a few glances, and realizing the man had done the same, his brain kicked into gear and yelled at him to make conversation. He turned towards the man.

“It’s crowded tonight, huh?”

The man, who looked to be a few years older than him, turned to look down at him. His eyes were dark, maybe brown or dark blue, again the dimmed lights and mask made it hard to see. But they were lovely. They crinkled as he smiled at Iruka.

“It sure is, it’s a big night, ne?” Iruka smiled back, and the man continued. “Are you from around here?”

“Near-ish,” Iruka replied. “Not too far, but not too close. You?”

“Same.” The man paused. “Are you here with friends?”

Iruka shrugged. “I came with friends, but I left them to have a couple’s night out.” He playfully looked around. “I don’t anyone rushing me to retrieve you?”

The man snorted. “No, I’m here alone. Looking to see where the night takes me.” He looked at Iruka without saying anything further as they moved closer to the bar. “This one’s on me,” he offered.

Iruka smiled at him but before he could thank him, the man interjected “if you tell me your name.”

Iruka blushed, and the man found that very cute as some of it was visible under the mask and in the brighter lighting near the bar, but kept it to himself. “U-umino.”

“Well, U-umino…” Iruka blushed more and looked down slightly. “Nice to meet you.”

Iruka looked up again. “And you are?”

The man shrugged. “No one. You shouldn’t just give your name out to anyone.” The man winked at him and paid for their drinks while Iruka huffed. "As frustrating as my students are sometimes!" he thought to himself.

They made their way to a high table and rested their drinks while they talked. “So, person-who-won’t-give-me-his-name, what brings you out here?”

“Just fun, taking some much-needed time off work and heard about it through the grapevine. I’m never one to pass up on a party.”

“What do you do for work?”

“What do you do?” the man asked Iruka.

“Oh! Um, nothing special. Actually, I’m a teacher.” Iruka stood proudly as he said it. He would just keep the ninja academy teacher part private. He agreed with this stranger, some things you kept to yourself at a place like this.

The man nodded. “Noble work.”

Iruka smiled. “What about you? You can’t keep everything a mystery tonight.”

The man snorted and scratched the back of his head. “The night is still young! Maybe I’m a teacher too.” Iruka cocked his head and frowned at the man, who laughed. “Ok, not a teacher. Maybe I’m a cook.” He leaned towards Iruka and smirked. “Maybe I’m an assassin. The stealthiest ninja ever.”

Iruka raised his eyebrows, which were probably hidden behind his mask, but he didn’t care. “A shinobi?” The man didn’t answer but leaned back and sipped his drink.

Iruka looked down at his drink and swirled it. “That explains it,” he murmured.

“Explains what?” Iruka looked up, startled, forgetting he had said it out loud!

“Oh! Um! You’re….very fit. Toned. Muscular. Like you work out a lot. Or train. Whatever it is shinobi do.” He blushed at his verbal diarrhea, and the man studied him without changing his facial expression, or at least the part not covered by his mask. Iruka was silently slightly frustrated that the mask covered much of the man’s face, but his lips and jaw were very nice indeed.

After what seemed to Iruka like forever, the man spoke. “So you think I’m fit. You don’t seem out of shape yourself, and especially for a teacher…”

Iruka reached to nervously rub his scar, forgetting for a moment about his mask. He felt foolish now and began to think about how to escape this situation. Honesty would probably be best.

“Um…I think I should go and find a quiet spot to take my foot out of my mouth, thank you for the drink….sama.” He didn’t know what to call the man, but before he could leave, the man reached out and put a hand on his arm.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable. You’re a lot of fun to talk to, don’t run off.” He paused. “Besides, I’m a trained ninja, I wouldn’t let you get very far.” Iruka snorted. “Why don’t we dance?”

Surprised by the sudden invitation, all Iruka could do was nod and finish his drink before the sexy stranger led him to the dance floor.