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Stupid Antics and Gay Shenanigans

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Dumbassery and General Tomfoolery


Danki: so ive been thinking

Pretty in Pink: lol whats a thinking

The Sun: Can you please teach me about this thinking thing??

Pretty in Pink: we all know Bakugou’s the only one who can think in here lmao

Danki: If only the rest of us had brain cells

The Sun: alas Bakugou is the only one with any of them

Pretty in PInk: if only he’d give us a turn with some of his brain cells


Danki: kasjflakjfk

Pretty in Pink: how long did it take u to make that??

Spiderman: too long

Spiderman: i dont know how to photoshop

Spiderman: No Regerts

The Sun: is-is that comic sans?

Danki: oh fuck you’ve summoned him


Spiderman: shit.

Pretty in Pink: Sero you’ve doomed us all



Danki: wet popcorn ass mother fucker

Danki: im wheezing


Bakubitch logged off

Pretty in Pink: i can hear the explosions coming closer

Pretty in Pink: youse better run boi

Spiderman: kiri pls my man my dude the brobiden to my brobama

Spiderman: get ur mans

The Sun: he ain’t my mans

Spiderman: kiri, bro, please hes almost here i can hear the screams

The Sun: aight im coming bro

The Sun logged off

Spiderman: Oh fuck

Spiderman: play dont mine at night at my funerlajflkjflkkjf

Danki: F

Pretty in Pink: F


Deku Protection Squad


Theoryroki: And that’s why birds went extinct in ww2 and the ones we see now are just government drones

Glowstick Bones: i should’ve never shown you the conspiracy community on youtube

Theoryroki: but you did :P

Glowstick Bones: sigh

Kermit Senpai: what’re ur thoughts on the water turning the fricking frogs gay?

Glowstick Bones: tsuyu no

Chaotic Cute: tsuyu yes

Daddy: Do not encourage them Uraraka.

Daddy: Also, does anyone know why Bakugou is screaming bloody murder?

Kermit Senpai: when isnt he, ribbit

Theoryroki: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Chaotic Cute: who the fuck pissed him off this time

Daddy: Uraraka!! Language!!

Chaotic Cute: whom the act of sex displeased the man, Bakugou, at this moment in time

Kermit Senpai: I love my girlfriend, ribbit

Glowstick Bones: since the screaming is right outside the door, id say sero

Daddy: But you don’t dorm near sero?

Kermit Senpai: Todoroki does.

Chaotic Cute: ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kermit Senpai: ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Glowstick Bones: lakjflkajflkjf

Glowstick: we’re just watching Buzzfeed Unsolved

Theoryroki: Shane is my spirit animal

Theoryroki: i too want to die by evil demonic forces that i fucked with for no reason

Daddy: Todoroki no!

Theoryroki: Todoroki yes.

Glowsticks: it sounds like seros ok btw

Glowstick: kirishima showed up

Chaotic Cute: bless him

Kermit Senpai: kirishima is the sun and we are the small insignificant beings bless by his presence, ribbit

Chaotic Cute: poetry

Daddy: I must check on Sero and remind Bakugou that it is prohibited to use quirks in the dorms.

Daddy logged off

Chaotic Cute: there goes that boi

Kermit Senpai: oh shit waddup

Glowstick Bones: do you guys wanna join us for bfu?

Theoryroki: we marathoning

Chaotic Cute: hell yea!

Kermit Senpai: yell hea, ribbit

4 people logged off


God is a Woman (and her name is Momo)


God: Does everyone have their nail polish?

Y am i here: i have black and every shade of blue nail polish

Momo is my religion: ive got black and purple

Invisibitch: hmmm i think i have pinks and reds as well as some yellow

Kung Fu Panda: i was just going to steal hagakure’s

Invisibitch: hoe

Kung Fu Panda: bitch

Invisitbitch: <33

Kung Fu Panda: <33

God: Great! I’m bringing my rainbow kit with the prints as well!

Momo is my religion: all hail the queen

Y am i here: hail

Kung Fu Panda: hail

Invisibitch: hail

God: lasdlksa you guys are too sweet!!

God: Let’s meet in my room in 10!

Invisibitch: Yes sir *salutes*

5 people logged off




✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: I still think we should change the chat name mon amis

Hugs: i think its fitting

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: ofc u would you emo bitch

Diabetes: tag urself im the use of u and you in the same sentence

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: baise toi!!

Hugs: are you baking satou?

Diabetes: I am yea

Hugs: can i help?

Diabetes: as long as you dont do anything stupid

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: I wanna help too!!

Diabetes: (•ˋ _ ˊ•)

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: Mon ami pls i can bake

Diabetes: fine.

Diabetes: no fucking it up tho

Fuckshitdickbitch: (≧∇≦)/

Diabetes: yea you can bake with us too

Fuckshitdickbitch: ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ

Hugs: I still get insane whiplash when i see kouda’s name

Hugs: who did that again?

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: that would be kouda himself

Diabetes: honestly he scares me sometimes

Fuckshitdickbitch changed their name to Good and Pure

Good and Pure: /╲/( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)/\╱\

Hugs: I dont know what that is and I dont want to

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: i agree lets just go bake that cake

Diabetes: im already there

Good and Pure: ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

4 people logged off


Dumbassery and General Tomfoolery


Spiderman: I lived bitch

Bakubitch: dont fucking test me soy sauce face

The Sun: kami didnt u say u had a thought before plan T had to be put into place

Bakubitch: plan T?

Pretty in Pink: plan tame the bakugou feat our resident sunshine boi

Bakubitch: ur next raccoon eyes.

Pretty in Pink: Fuck im scared


Danki: i think we should create a class gc

Bakubitch: fucK NO

The Sun: Kami!! Bro thats such a good idea!!

Danki: *bows* thank u thank u

Pretty in Pink: theres so much class bonding to be done!

Pretty in Pink: we can do movie nights and arcades

Spiderman: lazertag too

Spiderman: plus all out prank wars


Danki: pleaseeee bakubroo

Spiderman: yeah cmonn brooo

Pretty in Pink: just imagine how much you can insult midoriya!



The Sun: pls bro?

Bakubitch: NO.

The Sun: for me??


Bakubitch: FINE.


Pretty in Pink: WE DID ITTTT

Spiderman: DUMBASSES: 1 BAKUGOU: 69

The Sun: nice

Pretty in Pink: nice

Danki: nice

Bakubitch: FUCK YOU ALL

Pretty in Pink: even kirishima?


Danki: lol

Spiderman: lol

The Sun: alkjflkjflj

Danki: im going to make the chat now!!

Danki logged off

The Sun: who wants to bet this is going to go badly?

Spiderman: honey we dont need to bet

Pretty in Pink: we know this is going to go badly

Spiderman: in the best way ofc

Pretty in Pink: obviously

The Sun: *sighs*

The Sun: hopefully no one gets murdered

The Sun: im looking at you bakubro

Bakubitch: tch whatever

Bakubitch logged off

Spiderman: he just

Pretty in Pink: he wrote

The Sun: i cant believe he actually wrote out tch with his whole hand

Pretty in Pink: what kinda tsundere weeaboo shit

Spiderman: i cant this is goldddd

The Sun: god i have a horrible feeling about this


Danki added Spiderman, The Sun, Pretty in Pink, Bakubitch + 15 others to the chat

Danki named the chat Welcome to the Nightmare Realm


Welcome to the Nightmare Realm


Danki: i thought itd be a good idea to make a whole class group chat

Danki: now we can deal with everyones bull shit together

Danki: and we can bond with each other even more!!


Daddy: oh fuck.

Chapter Text

Welcome to the Nightmare Realm



Daddy: oh fuck.

Chaotic Cute: DAD!! LANGUAGE!!

Daddy: I give up.

Spiderman: dont u mean daddy??

Pretty in Pink: yea pls whos fucking nickname is daddy in this year of our good lord

Glowstick Bones: that would b r class dad

Invisibitch: i didnt know dadzawa was on this app?

The Sun: lkajdlkasjf dadzawa aasdsa

Danki: i didnt add sensei tho?

Theoryroki: thats cause midoriya is talking about iida

Daddy: Why am i being subjected to this torture.

God: I’m too tired for this

Daddy: Agreed.

Daddy: I feel like Aizawa.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: mon dieu

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: that really is iida

Pretty in Pink: is momo god???

God: thats correct

Pretty in Pink: Valid

Glowstick Bones: can everyone say their name so we dont get confused?

Glowstick Bones: im midoriya

Danki: im phuckinnnn alkfjlkdsjf

Pretty in Pink: glowstick bones i hate that

Glowstick Bones: it was this or bone hurtin juice

Spiderman: i wheezed

Daddy: You already know I’m iida

God: Everyone knows I am momo

Danki: dank memes

Danki: aka kami

Spiderman: sero

Pretty in Pink: mina

The Sun: kiri

Invisibitch: hagakure

Invisibitch: also y spiderman?

Spiderman: he swing

Spiderman: i swoosh

The Sun: he kins spiderman

Spiderman: i hate u

The Sun: :p

Kermit Senpai: i picked the name for iida :p

Kermit Senpai: and im tsuyu

Pretty in Pink: Tsu

Spiderman: u r a god

The Sun: a meme god

Chaotic Cute: im uraraka

Chaotic Cute: cause im cute but i will cut a bitch

Chaotic Cute: preferably bakugou

Glowstick Bones: i love that for u

Bakubitch: FUCKING DIE

Theoryroki: todoroki

Y am i here: y

Y am i here: also tokoyami

Glowstick Bones: hes the biggest conspiracy dork ive ever known

Theoryroki: just u wait

Momo is my religion: jirou

Pretty in Pink: valid

Kung Fu Panda: ojirou

Danki: thats a fucking jewel of a name

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: aoyama .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+*

Hugs: shouji

Hugs: many hands many hugs

Chaotic Cute: i love it

Diabetes: kouda is Good and Pure

Diabetes: and im satou

Diabetes: but can we go back to the fact that iida said fuck

Y am i here: what a mad banquet of darkness

Momo is my religion: Tokoyami

Momo is my religion: u have seen the cursed texts

Y am i here: sadly.

Y am i here: the demons ascended up from hell and forced my bloodshot eyes to read every word

Y am i here: i shall never be the same

Danki: i too have read the ancient texts at ungodly hours of the morning

Pretty in Pink: all hail the sacred texts

The Sun: hail

Spiderman: hail

Kermit Senpai: hail

Chaotic Cute: hail

Theoryroki: hail

Glowstick Bones: hail

Kung Fu Panda: what exactly r they talking about??

Diabetes: i have no clue

God: Do we want to know?

Good and Pure: (´・ω・`)?

Invisibitch: im scare

Daddy: I too, have no idea what they are talking about

Daddy: Perhaps it is a pop culture reference?

Momo is my religion: it is THE pop culture reference

Momo is my religion: also et tu midoriya?

Glowstick Bones: im not proud jirou

Glowstick Bones: not proud.

Y am i here: we are referencing only the worst and most hell forsaken fanfiction to ever be created

Theoryroki: My Immortal

The Sun: in middle school me n mina held weekly calls where we would read each other chapters

Pretty in Pink: skjfksjf

Pretty in Pink: u would send screenshots of the shit that u couldnt bear to readdd

Danki: that is extremely cursed

Danki: i love it

Chaotic Cute: guys dont taste the babies

Kermit Senpai: babe do we need to talk

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: uraraka

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: i am scared for u


Pretty in Pink: where tf did taste come from

Invisibitch: uraraka im crying


Hugs: just dont eat any babies

Chaotic Cute: sigh

God: None of us are children here?

Chaotic Cute: i meant midoriya and kouda

Diabetes: its times like these that i remember that no one was in r gc before kouda’s name change

Hugs: mood

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: mood

Theoryroki: do i smell tea

Kung Fu Panda: tea?

Invisibitch: tea??

Pretty in Pink: hell yea gossip squad unite

Good and Pure: (゚ω゚;)

Glowstick Bones: going off the reactions of the members in the group chat with kouda it mustve been something that none of us would expect but i cant see kouda doing anything besides being good and pure maybe what he did wasnt and that led to the reactions of the members and the unification of the gossip squad but still kouda is the purest being in the known universe theres no way he did anything

Bakubitch: shitty deku

Bakubitch: fucking mumbles in texts too

Glowstick Bones: Kacchan

Glowstick Bones: im surprised you havent tried to leave yet

Bakubitch: tch

Spiderman: that would be because of r sunshine boi kiri

The Sun: bro

Spiderman: bro

Bakubitch: fuck u all

Bakubitch: especially u shitty nerd

Glowstick Bones changed their name to EatMyDeku

EatMyDeku: read my name



Bakubitch: ILL KILL U

Bakubitch logged off

EatMyDeku: todoroki im leaving u my entire collection of all might merchandise

Theoryroki: ill gladly take merchandise of ur father

EatMyDeku: heS NOT my fatheR!!

Theoryroki: hisssssss

Theoryroki: ill prove it one day

Chaotic Cute: shit i can hear the screams

Danki: run midoriya!!

Spiderman: run as fast as the umbrellas being taken by the wind down the beach

Pretty in Pink: can i get a wahoo

The Sun: wahoo

The Sun: also im coming midobro

EatMyDeku: kiri ur amazingkjsflkjsdflkjdlkfj

The Sun has logged off

Daddy: I must go remind Bakugou again that quirk use is not allowed in the dorms.

God: I should join you

Daddy has logged off

God has logged off

Kermit Senpai: we should change everyones name while theyre gone, ribbit

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧: have i ever mentioned that u scare me

Kermit Senpai: good

Momo is my religion: i can see y

Spiderman: aight bro this is r time to shine

Danki: u ready bro

Spiderman: of course bro

Danki has changed their name to Pikahoe

Spiderman has changed their name to Discount Staples

Pikahoe has changed The Sun to Hard af

Discount Staples has changed Pretty in Pink to Homestuck

Pikahoe has changed Bakubitch to Tsundere Weeaboo

Discount Staples has changed Kermit Senpai to Pepe Sama

Pikahoe has changed Chaotic Cute to Newton’s my Bitch

Discount Staples has changed Theoryroki to Off-brand Zuko

Pikahoe has changed Daddy to S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog)

Discount Staples has changed God to Mom

Pikahoe has changed Momo is my religion to Hot Topic

Discount Staples has changed Y am i here to birb

Pikahoe has changed Kung Fu Panda to Tails

Discount Staples has changed Invisibitch to Mission Kimpossible

PIkahoe has changed Hugs to Eldritch Angel

Discount Staples has changed Diabetes to Sugar Daddy

Pikahoe has changed ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*French Sparkler*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ to bagwet hon hon crescent


Discount Staples:


Pikahoe: great show 10/10 will watch again

Homestuck: i still cant believe u’ve only now realized i was created by andrew hussie himself

Discount Staples: kiri is also terezi

Discount Staples: theory confirmed

Newton’s my Bitch: here he comes

Off-brand Zuko: i heard theory and i am here

Off-brand Zuko: ur completely right

Off-brand Zuko: both teal and red motif, sharp teeth, associated with dragons, and r libras

Mission Kimpossible: does is kiri homestuck? more likely than u think

Pepe Sama: ive reached peak frog meme, ribbit

Pepe Sama: i love it

Hot Topic: kaminari u sly son of a bitch

Pikahoe: who? Me?

Hot Topic: i havent been to hot topic in years

birb: false we went last weekend

Hot Topic: tokoyami i trusted u

birb: then perish

bagwet hon hon crescent: this is slander and blasphemy against the beautiful language that is french

Pikahoe: me no speaky croissant big sorry

Tails: i have nothing to say to this name

Discount Staples: good

Discount Staples: u even match iida

Sugar Daddy: i hate u all

Mission Kimpossible: careful u’ll start sounding like bakugou

Sugar Daddy: fuck u

Eldritch Angel: y is this my name

Pikahoe: we were talking about how angels have alot of eyes and wings in their like crazy forms

Discount Staples: and u have like alot of arms that can turn into miscellaneous body parts

Pikahoe: therefore eldritch angel

Eldritch Angel: fair

EatMyDeku: i lived hoes

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog) has logged on

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Please Midoriya

EatMyDeku: fine

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Why is this my name?

Discount Staples: U fast u sonic

Pikahoe: sonic full name=sonic maurice hedgehog

Tails: we match

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): At least it is better than Daddy

Mom has logged on

Mom: I suppose I should’ve expected this

Hot Topic: ur damn right

Eldritch Angel: so no one died?

Mom: No

birb: pity

Eldritch Angel: toko no

birb: sighhhh

birb: fineeeeeee

Homestuck: y’all funny

Off-brand Zuko: y’all

EatMyDeku: mina is a yeehawer confirmed

Homestuck: akjfksjflkj

Hard af has logged on

Tsundere Weeaboo has logged on

Hard af:...

Hard af: im not even surprised

Tsundere Weeaboo: Y TF IS THIS MY NAME


Pikahoe: me

Off-brand Zuko: me

EatMyDeku: me

birb: me

Pikahoe: i mean haha memes lol

Mom: Are you all ok?

Hot Topic: this is y ur class mom

Mission Kimpossible: i mean with the constant villain attacks and paranoia is anyone really

Tails: mood

Hard af: bakubro is just glaring at his phone in shock now

Hard af: this is fucking hilarious aksjfla

Tsundere Weeaboo: whatever shitty hair

Sugar Daddy: aoyama shouji kouda and i finished baking a cake

Sugar Daddy: come to the kitchen if u want any

Homestuck: catch me sliding down the hallways 40 kph

Newton’s my Bitch: nyooom

Pepe Sama: im hopping down ribbit

Eldritch Angel: yall better hurry before we eat it all

Mission Kimpossible: we nyooming

Mission Kimpossible: we can’t all be as fast as sanic himself

bagwet hon hon crescent: this is tru

Good and Pure: o(≧∇≦o)

19 people logged off

80085: wait we have a group chat?

Chapter Text

Welcome to the Nightmare Realm


80085: wait we have a group chat?

80085: hello??

80085: guyss??

80085: oo cake

80085 logged off

Sugar Daddy: y did mineta show up to get cake

Homestuck: dont u mean m*neta

Sugar Daddy: ah my mistake

Eldritch Angel: nice one telling him there was none left

bagwet hon hon crescent: oui

80085 logged on

80085: rude

Tsundere Weeaboo: who tf let that shitty ass rat in here

Hard af: bakubro akljlkajf

Hard af: i agree tho

Hot Topic: kaminari y tf did u invite the grape shit

Pikahoe: ah fuck i thought i didnt

Pikahoe: sorry girls i swear i didnt mean to

Pepe Sama: its ok kami ribbit

80085: wait the girs are here!?!

80085: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

80085: mypackage.png

Newton’s my Bitch: m*neta wtf

Homestuck: dude holy shit wtf

Hot Topic: i cant fucking believe

Mom: screenshotted and being sent to aizawa

80085: what?? what did i do wrong??

EatMyDeku: I am disgusted

Off-brand Zuko: I am revolted

Pikahoe: I dedicate my entire life

Discount Staples: To our lord and savior

Hard af: Jesus Christ

bagwet hon hon crescent: and this is the thanks i get??

Eldritch Angel: m*neta this is so wrong on so many levels

Good and Pure has changed 80085 to Grapist

Grapist: hey!!

Pepe Sama: kouda i love u

Good and Pure: (/ω\)

Grapist: but i didnt do anything wrong??

Grapist: dont u girls like this sort of thing??

Mom: no

Homestuck: no

Mission Kimpossible: no

Mission Kimpossible: i hate u

Newton’s my Bitch: ur a piece of shit

Pepe Sama: die

Hot Topic: fuck off

Grapist: y wouldnt u like it tho??

Grapist: its not like ur lesbians

Pepe Sama: i am

Mom: im a lesbian as well

Hot Topic: im bi

Newton’s my Bitch: im bi too!

Mission Kimpossible: im big lesbian

Homestuck: and im pan

Hot Topic: we’re all fucking gay in some way

Grapist: oh thats fine as long as ur girls

Grapist: can i watch?

Homestuck: u r so fucking horrible

Mission KImpossible: im screenshotting this and sending it to aizawa as well

Mom kicked Grapist out of the chat

Hot Topic: Momo

Hot Topic: U

Hot Topic: R

Hot Topic: My

Hot Topic: God

Mom: it needed to be done

Newton’s my Bitch: i agree

Homestuck: i hope he gets expelled

PIkahoe: fuck i am so fucking sorry i really didnt mean to add him in here

Pikahoe: and u had to deal with all that shit holy shit

Pikahoe: im so fucking sorry

Hot Topic: hey kami its alright

Hot Topic: no need to beat urself up about it

Homestuck: yea!!

Homestuck: im sure it was an honest mistake

Pikahoe: I still feel bad but ok

Hard af: wow!!

Hard af: u girls r so fucking manly!!

Hard af: shutting him down and coming out to us all like that

Hard af: it takes a lot of guts

Mission Kimpossible: we all trust u guys

Pepe Sama: yea

Pepe Sama: plus u already knew about me n ochako dating

Hard af: still

birb: i too think that was a big deal

EatMyDeku: agreed

EatMyDeku: we should hold a cuddle pile in the commons!!

Discount Staples: yasss cuddlesss

Eldritch Angel: im always down for a good cuddle

bagwet hon hon crescent: same here

Off-brand Zuko: then its settled group cuddle in the commons

Pikahoe: ill grab my pikachu onesie!

Hard af: i can grab my shark one

PIkahoe: nice

Discount Staples: i have a spiderman onesie too

Hard af: hell yea matching

Homestuck: im already half way into my flamingo onesie

Discount Staples: *turns to look at bakubro*

Homestuck: *turns to look at bakubro*

Pikahoe: *turns to look at bakubro*

Hard af: *turns to look at bakubro*

Tsundere Weeaboo: no

Homestuck: pleaseeeeeeeee

Pikahoe: kacchannnn

Tsundere Weeaboo: ill murder u

PIkahoe: kinky ;)

Discount Staples: do u have a death wish

PIkahoe: mayhaps

Homestuck: ill sic kiri’s puppy dog eyes on u

Tsundere Weeaboo: u wouldnt

Homestuck: kiri go

Hard af: yes sir *salutes*

Tsundere Weeaboo: FUCKING FINE

EatMyDeku: *whispers* he has an all might onesie

Tsundere Weeaboo: DIE

Hard af: awwww

Hard af: i bet he looks cute

Tsundere Weeaboo: FUCK U SHITTY HAIR

Eldritch Angel: hes blushing

Tsundere Weeaboo: FUCK OFF

Tsundere Weeaboo logged off

Hard af: was he really blushing?

Eldritch Angel: yea

Hard af: alkjflkajflk

Homestuck: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

PIkahoe: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Discount Staples: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hot Topic: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

EatMyDeku: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Off-brand Zuko: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Newton’s my Bitch: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pepe Sama: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mission Kimpossible: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tails: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

birb: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Eldritch Angel: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sugar Daddy: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

bagwet hon hon crescent: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Good and Pure: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mom: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hard af: wow even iida and momo betrayed me

Mom: U can’t fight the gay son

Hard af: i can try

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Everyone remember to bring pillows and your softest blankets as well

Pikahoe: kiri bro u wanna walk down with me??

Hard af: totally bro!!

Hard af logged off

Pikahoe logged off

Mom: Ok everyone to the commons!

17 people logged off

Hard af logged on

Hard af: im going to fucking murder m*neta

Hard af: that piece of shit deserves it

Pikahoe logged on

Pikahoe: kiri its fine

Pikahoe: it doesnt even matter

Hard af: bullshit

17 people logged on

Discount Staples: wtf happened??

Homestuck: do we even need more reasons to kill him

Hot Topic: no but still

EatMyDeku: what happened guys?

Hard af: we were walking down m*neta’s hallway to head to the commons

Hard af: and I had my arm around kamis shoulders while he had his arm around my waist

Hard af: and then m*neta came out of his room

Hard af: he took one look at me and kaminari and went

Hard af: and i quote

Hard af: “What are you guys? Gay? Get tf away from me I don’t wanna be near that shit”

Discount Staples: holy shit are u guys ok

Hard af: im fine just fucking pissed

Hard af: and kami actually looks really upset right now

PIkahoe: no fuck u im ok it doesnt matter

Mom: There is no shame in feeling hurt by that kind of language

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I am screenshotting what he said and sending this to Aizawa

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Hopefully this will be enough evidence to expel him from UA

Hot Topic: wouldn’t that be the dream

EatMyDeku: o guys im so sorry he would say that to u

Off-brand Zuko: that was completely uncalled for

Sugar Daddy: im making u both cookies

bagwet hon hon crescent: ill help

Good and Pure: (๑•̀д•́๑)

Tails: me n hagakure r setting up pillow forts for comfort

Mission Kimpossible: since it seems like m*neta is a fucking douche to everyone

Eldritch Angel: i agree i think we all need some comfort

birb: we all need solace

Newton’s my Bitch: me and tsu grabbed r heated blankets i hope that helps

Tsundere Weeaboo logged on




Pikahoe: i knew he cared about me *sniffs*

Hard af: so manly

Pepe Sama: we’re here for u two

Pikahoe: thank u

Hard af: yea thank u all seriously

EatMyDeku: what kinda people would we b if we didnt try to help

EatMyDeku: plus i think we’re all a little gay so the homophobia is fucking annoying and hurtful to us all

Off-brand Zuko: yea

Mission Kimpossible: everyone already knows that us girls are all somewhat gay

Tails: im sorry u guys had to deal with that

Tails: damn m*neta really did fuck with everyone

Tails: im pan btw

Discount Staples: same

birb: same hat

Discount Staples: ayyy pan palsss

Homestuck: ayyyy

birb: ay

Tails: ayy

EatMyDeku: im gay

Off-brand Zuko: thank god

Off-brand Zuko: i mean uh yea im gay too

EatMyDeku: oh yea cool cool cool

Pepe Sama: o lord

Newton’s my Bitch: this will never end will it

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I am afraid that it will continue forever

bagwet hon hon crescent: ♥*♡∞:。.。im gay too。.。:∞♡*♥

Hard af: yeepers

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch

Tsundere Weeaboo: i am too

Eldritch Angel: im queer

Sugar Daddy: i think im queer too

Sugar Daddy: not really sure yet

Discount Staples: thats very valid of u ma dude

Pikahoe: well

PIkahoe: im a proud disaster bisexual

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I am a bisexual as well

Sugar Daddy: kouda’s aro/ace l

Good and Pure: o(〃^▽^〃)o

Pikahoe: it feels better to know everyones got ur back huh

Hard af: yup

EatMyDeku: wow we really are a gay class huh

Off-brand: thank god for that

Hot Topic: thanks momo

Mom: akjflkjflk

Homestuck has the chat name to Gay Cinematic Universe

Gay Cinematic Universe


Pikahoe: tru and valid

Pikahoe: me n kiri finally made it to the common room lol

Tsundere Weeaboo: why was it taking fucking forever in the first place

Hard af: oh no reason hahaha

Hard af: no reason at all

PIkahoe: yeaaaaa

PIkahoe: no reason

PIkahoe: ;)

Discount Staples: join the bakusquad cuddle pile alreadyyy

Hard af: will do!

Pikahoe: yeet *dabs*

EatMyDeku: how r u girls doing?

Mom: I’m feeling better

Hot Topic: yea same

Pikahoe: oh r u

PIkahoe: could it be because

PIkahoe: ur sharing a tent with momo

PIkahoe: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hot Topic: fuck off pikachu

Mom: Oh jirou thats so sweet!

Hot Topic: really?

Mom: Yes it is very sweet

Newton’s my Bitch: now look what ya done

Newton’s my bitch: ya done made em all blushy and cute

Pepe Sama: disgustang

PIkahoe: its my job

Newton’s my Bitch: im feeling better too

Newton’s my Bitch: nothing like the cuddles from ur gff

Mission Kimpossible: gff?

Pepe Sama: girlfriend frog

Pepe Sama: im feeling pretty good too

Mission Kimpossible: same

Off-brand Zuko: now we can only hope that the bitch baby rat man gets yeeted into another universe like a wet sock being yeeted off my foot

Hard af: meme todoroki gives me such whiplash alkslkdfj

Pikahoe: same oml like a wet sock im shooketh

Sugar Daddy: we finished the cookies!!

bagwet hon hon crescent: theyre delicious

Homestuck: cookies!!

birb: can i pick a movie

Eldritch Angel: sure

Mom: Why not

S(onice)M(aurice)H(edgehog): sigh

S(onice)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Might as well

birb: is everyone ok with horror

Tails: yea looks like it everyone nodded

birb: great

PIkahoe: oh fuck yea the ring fuck me up samara

Discount Staples: hold me bro

Pikahoe: holding

Tsundere Weeaboo: get off ur phone fuckers

Pikahoe: yup rightey ho

Discount Staples: on it

Pikahoe logged off

Discount Staples logged off

Tsundere Weeaboo: that goes for the rest of u fucking extras too

Tsundere Weeaboo: lets just watch the movie together dipshits

EatMyDeku: awww kacchan doess caree

Tsundere Weeaboo: fuck off n go back to eye fucking icy hot

EatMyDeku: kacchan nooolksjfdk

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch

Tsundere Weeaboo logged off

EatMyDeku logged off

birb: i agree phones: off

Eldritch Angel: movie: on

Tails: hotel? Trivago

Mission Kimpossible: wow ojirou i was NOT expecting that

Tails: what?

Tails: i can meme too

Mission Kimpossible: obviously

Tails logged off

Mission Kimpossible logged off

12 people logged off

bagwet hon hon crescent: fuck samara

bagwet hon hon crescent: i hate horror

bagwet hon hon crescent: fuck this

bagwet hon hon crescent logged off

Chapter Text

Gay Cinematic Universe

Mom: Everyone!

Mom: I have wonderful news!

Mom: AIzawa has officially expelled M*neta!!

Hot Topic: God is real

Homestuck: my crops: thriving

Pepe Sama: my skin: clear

Newton’s my Bitch: we’ve been blessed here on this day

Mission Kimpossible: goodbye purple grape bitch

Pikahoe: has he already left the dorms?

Mom: No he’ll be leaving later today

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): He has not been informed yet as well

Discount Staples: thank the void that the purple bitch is fucking gone

Hard af: hes ruined the color purple for me forever

Tsundere Weeaboo: fucking perverted asshole howd he even make it into fucking ua

EatMyDeku: kacchan raises a good point

EatMyDeku: how did he even get enough points to make it in

EatMyDeku: did he just stick the robots together? he wouldnt be able to destroy them afterwards because he isnt physically strong and i doubt he actually rescued anyone

Off-brand Zuko: pervert didnt deserve to b here

bagwet hon hon crescent: i agree

bagwet hon hon crescent: how could someone so repulsive make it into a hero course?

birb: good riddance

Eldritch Angel: he wont be missed

Good and Pure: +。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

Tails: should we celebrate?

Homestuck: FUCK YESSS


Sugar Daddy: i can bake!

Eldritch Angel: i can help out there

Kouda: (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Hot Topic: i got music

birb: i can help with the music

Mission Kimpossible: ill make sure they have some non emo songs on there

birb: rude

Hot Topic: thats fair

Tails: i can help hagakure with that too

Mission Kimpossible: thanks bitch

Tails: anything for u hoe

Homestuck: bakusquad is taking over decorating

Pikahoe: ay ay captain

Discount Staples: yes sir!

Hard af: lets do it

Tsundere Weeaboo: fucking fine

bagwet hon hon crescent: i believe my skills could help as well

Homestuck: do ur skills include throwing glitter on everything

bagwet hon hon crescent: and everyone ;)

Homestuck: ur hired

Homestuck: dekusquad ur in charge of snacks

Pepe Sama: ochako no

Newton’s my Bitch: u dont even know what im going to buy

Pepe Sama: ur going to try and buy 10 lbs of gummy bears again

Newton’s my Bitch: who? me?

Newton’s my Bitch: i would never

Pepe Sama: uh huh

Newton’s my Bitch: fine i wont buy the fucking bears

Pepe Sama: thats what i thought

EatMyDeku: awww i wanted gummy bears too

Off-brand Zuko: we’re buying the gummy bears

Pepe Sama: no

Off-brand Zuko: yes

Pepe Sama: gay bitch disease must b affecting ur judgement again

EatMyDeku: ??

Off-brnad Zuko: i have no idea what ur talking about

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I will make sure we buy gummy bears. In moderation.

EatMyDeku: iida i fucking love u

Newton’s my Bitch: i love u too iida

Newton’s my Bitch: no hetero

Pepe Sama: as long as we get other snacks too, ribbit

Mom: Why did todoroki burst into flames beside me before muttering about murder??

Pikahoe: scroll up

Mom: ah

Mom: I see

Mom: Must be a severe case of gbd

Tails: gbd?

Mom: Gay bitch disease

Hot Topic: ajfkjdfjdsfl

Discount Staples: holy shi-

Homestuck: mom came for todo with everything she had

Mission Kimpossible: Daaaaaaad

Mission Kimpossible: Mooooom cursssedddd

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Momo you’ve forsaken me.

Mom: As Todoroki’s wingwoman

Mom: I saw my chance and took it

bagwet hon hon crescent: we stan only queens in this hell server

birb: hell server is correct

Pikahoe: todoroki how does it feel living with chronic gbd

Off-brand Zuko: honestly it has made my life a struggle

Off-brand Zuko: i cant get through a single day without thinking of hot boys

Off-brand Zuko: the thirst is so strong that some days i cant even get out of bed

Off-brand Zuko: if i see a single shirtless male i have a seizure

Discount Staples: thats rough buddy

Mom: Also mina did I get an assignment?

Homestuck: no i need u to make sure aizawa lets us throw the party

Homestuck: u can join r decorating comittee afterwards

Mom: Ok

Mom: Aizawa had another announcement for me anyway

Mission Kimpossible: tea?

bagwet hon hon crescent: tea??

Mom: I do not know what he will say

EatMyDeku: maybe someone else is getting expelled??

Pikahoe: o god he finally found out im the one who put whipcream in his crocs

Discount Staples: that was u?!?!?

Discount Staples: and u didnt tell a bro?

Pikahoe: less people to rat me out bro

Discount Staples: thats fair bro

Hard af: how tf did u get away with that

PIkahoe: i came to the classroom at lunch cause i was confused on the work

Pikahoe: and i saw sensei in his sleeping bag on the floor

Pikahoe: and i went to wake him

Pikahoe: when i saw his crocs peaking out from under his desk

Pikahoe: so i ran back to the cafeteria and convinced lunch rush to give me a can of whipcream

Pikahoe: and did the deed

Pikahoe: and then prayed to whatever gods out there that i survived the night

Hot Topic: sensei looked murderous after that

birb: i wouldve just fessed up when he looked at us

Pikahoe: as the middle child i am very good at not fessing up to deeds that i commited

Pikahoe: im even better at blaming others for it too

Hard af: but the face he made when he realized asfjkjflj

Tsundere Weeaboo: this is why ur failing all ur classes dunce face

Pikahoe: excuse u

Pikahoe: i have the highest grade in english

PIkahoe: and the adhd and my half of a braincell r the reasons for my failures lol

Discount Staples: i have the other half of the braincell

PIkahoe: my half wears sunglasses indoors and is always singing all star while shooting out rainbows and glitter

Discount Staples: my half is big gay and it bounces around like a windows screensaver while scream singing meme songs

Pikahoe: mine is big ass

Discount Staples: mine is big dumb

Pikahoe: together we make

Discount Staples: big big assdumb

Pikahoe: bingo

Tsundere Weeaboo: i hate u both

Pikahoe: sure u do kacchan ;)

Discount Staples: ;)

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch

Hard af: that was bakugou for u saw through me but hell if i let u know that

Hard af: also im sure sensei isnt going to expell u kami

Hard af: he probably just wants to follow up about m*neta or something


Hard af: gladly


Hard af deleted 2 messages

Hard af: no one saw shit got it

Newton’s my Bitch: yup got it

Pepe Sama: of course sir

Pikahoe: whatever are u referring to

Discount Staples: beats me

Homestuck: haha no idea haha

EatMyDeku: i cant read

Off-brand Zuko: hes jared 19

Tsundere Weeaboo: tf did u delete shitty hair

Hard af: NOTHING

Hard af: whoops sorry caps lock haha nothing lol nothing at all bakugou

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch fine

Eldritch Angel: satou wants to know how many cakes he should make and what flavors

Homestuck: i think 2 at the most is fine

Homestuck: and i say we just stick to vanilla and chocolate so that everyone has a basic option

Sugar Daddy: gotcha

Sugar Daddy: im also making brownies and cookies

Tails: brownies u say

Mission Kimpossible: ojirou have u seen the time

Mission Kimpossible: it is not yet blaze o clock

Tails: yea yea ok

EatMyDeku: what?

Tails: nothing for u to worry ur pretty little innocent head on

EatMyDeku: suspicion

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): We’ve gone off track we need to go buy the snacks

Newton’s my Bitch: shit ur right

Pepe Sama: damn at this rate we wont have time for the party ribbit

Off-brand: me n mido have been at the store for 10 minutes already

Newton’s my Bitch: rest of the dekusquad

Newton’s my Bitch: roll out!

Pepe Sama: u got it optimus prime

Homestuck: ok snacks are finally under way

Homestuck: i feel like im forgetting something

Discount Staples: the fact that we havent started decorating yet?

Homestuck: no no thats not it


Homestuck: HOP TO IT U HOES

Pikahoe: shit mina can b scary



bagwet hon hon crescent: finally!! tis my time to shine!! (pun intended)

Tails: was the pun intended really necessary

bagwet hon hon crescent: yes of course

Tails: sigh

Tails: me kure and the emos have started the music already

Hot Topic: im punk u piece of shit

birb: and im a goth u rotten banana peel

Mission Kimpossible: rotten banana peel thats fucking gold lkajflkjd

Mom: We’ve gotten permission for the party everyone!!

Mom: And

Mom: We’re getting a new classmate tonight!

Chapter Text

Gay Cinematic Universe

Mom: We've gotten permission for the party everyone!!

Mom: And

Mom: We’re getting a new classmate tonight!

Homestuck: this is great!!

EatMyDeku: i wonder who it is

Pikahoe: whoever it is they gotta b badass to transfer in

Hard af: thoust speaketh the truth

Discount Staples: y

Hard af: honestly

Hard af: ive lost all control of my life idk man

Discount Staples: valid

birb: another potential candidate

Mission Kimpossible: for what?

birb: soon

Good and Pure: ( ・◇・)?

birb: soon.

Eldritch Angel: u r a cryptid shit toko

Eldritch Angel: b glad ur cute

birb: …

birb: i am not cute

Eldritch Angel: adorable

birb: i am a citizen of darkness

Eldritch Angel: smol cutie

birb: hmph

Newton’s my Bitch: what is happening on this here day

bagwet hon hon crescent: excellency is what

bagwet hon hon crescent: excellency

Newton’s my Bitch: fair enough

Pepe Sama: momo u never said who r new classmate is going to b

Mom: Oh right its Shinsou Hitoshi

Tails: oh dat bitch

Tails: his quirks pretty strong

EatMyDeku: dont u have any hard feelings about the sports festival?

Tails: nah we talked after the 1a and 1b exercises and everythings chill now

EatMyDeku: thats awesome!

EatMyDeku: hes really cool weve talked a couple times and i even have his number

Off-brand Zuko: how often do u guys talk

EatMyDeku: every couple days

EatMyDeku: we even met up once so that i could learn about his quirk!

EatMyDeku: it was awesome

Off-brand Zuko: i see

Newton’s my Bitch: careful ur gbd is showing

Discount Staples: did u say shinsou?

Discount Staples: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Homestuck: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hard af: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tsundere Weeaboo: …

Tsundere Weeaboo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pikahoe: shut ur up fucks

Hard af: “you’ve got the face of a popular guy. I bet you’re popular with the ladies, yeah? Trust me. I can tell”

Homestuck: “you’re a proper hero hopeful just like the rest of us!”

Discount Staples: “oh sero what am i gonna do his eyebags are soooo sexyyy”

Pikahoe: i hate u all

PIkahoe: how tf did u even get kacchan to lenny

Pikahoe: also as a disaster bisexual

Pikahoe: im feeling severely attacked right now

Tsundere Weeaboo: good

PIkahoe: im

Pikahoe: cant a person just appreciate a dude’s looks

Tsundere Weeaboo: no.

Pikahoe: damn

Pikahoe: also how come shinsou gave midoriya his number

Pikahoe: i asked him like 5 times and he turned me down

EatMyDeku: i actually got it from aizawa

Off-brand Zuko: at least one good thing has come from this conversation

Off-brand Zuko: my shinsou love child theory is now even stronger

Hot Topic: wow im not even surprised anymore

Hot Topic: also should this become a party for shinsou as well?

Hot Topic: a “thank fuck the grape rat bitch is gone and also thanks for coming shinsou r purple savior” party

Homestuck: im putting that on a banner

PIkahoe: i can calligraphy it

bagwet hon hon crescent: i have purple glitter

Mom: ill make a purple banner and bring it to u

Sugar Daddy: should i write welcome shinsou on the cakes?

Eldritch Angel: we should get purple icing

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): We are presently buying many purple items at the store including the icing

Eldritch Angel: nice

Hard af: maybe the color purple isnt ruined forever

Hard af: we just need a good purple boi to show us the tru ways of the purple

Tails: amen to that

Mission Kimpossible: a(wo)men

Sugar Daddy: the cakes are finally done

Eldritch Angel: the brownies and cookies are still baking tho

Good and Pure: ( ´ ▽ ` )b

Homestuck: thats great we should b ready by the time shinsou gets here

Homestuck: speaking of whens he sposed to get here

Momo: I think Aizawa said 7 pm?

Homestuck: ok we can make it work

Homestuck: ok decorating squad where we at

Mission Kimpossible: banners done

Discount Staples: theres purple ribbons everywhere

Hard af: i finished moving all the furniture so that we would have a dance floor

Hard af: bakugou gave up on decorating and hes now cooking dinner

Newton’s my Bitch: Bakugou can cook?

Pepe Sama: that took a turn ribbit

Tails: everything is wrong with the world

birb: the darkness has finally reaced us

birb: were doomed

Pikahoe: kacchan actually cooks for us sometimes!

Pikahoe: like on birthdays and shit!!

Discount Staples: i would actually kill a man over his food

Homestuck: ive killed for less

Hard af: anyway were fine with decorating

Homestuck: great!!

Homestuck: wait

Homestuck: who tf put up giant purple dicks everywhere

Mission Kimpossible: do u even need to ask

Homestuck: alright u fuckers

Pikahoe: my word

Pikahoe: whoever could she be referring to?

Discount Staples: to pull such a vulgar and crude prank

Discount Staples: why it mustve been a couple of rascals my good sir

Pikahoe: you are absolutely right my fine fellow

Homestuck: u kno what

Homestuck: just keep em up

Pikahoe: yessssss

Discount Staples: we’ve wonnnn

Mission Kimpossible: can i put up my glittery purple weed banners then

Homestuck: y tf not

Hard af: i swear i didnt take part in any of this

Discount Staples: falsehood

Pikahoe: he helped us put them up

Hard af:

Homestuck: sigh

Homestuck: hows it going snack squad

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I’m so very tired

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): We got kicked out

Homestuck: i trusted u

Sugar Daddy: u ever forget how chaotic the dekusquad can get

birb: yes the chaotic aura of the bakusquad overshadows the dekusquad’s

Eldritch Angel: i woke up at 3 in the morning once and went to get water

Eldritch Angel: when i saw midoriya in the kitchen

Eldritch Angel: he stared me dead in the eye as he poured a 5 hr energy into his coffe and chugged it

Eldritch Angel: i can never forget

Pikahoe: thats just a normal tuesday night

birb: yes it is

Pepe Sama: we got kicked out because raraka challenged todoroki to a shopping cart race

Pepe Sama: i was in raraka’s cart and midoriya was in todo’s

Pepe Sama: we were winning but then they cut us off and we spiraled into a stack of cans

Pepe Sama: chaoes ensued

Newton’s my Bitch: when the manager started yelling at us todoroki dead ass started t posing at him

EatMyDeku: i lost my shit holy fuck

Off-brand Zuko: i have done nothing wrong ever in my life

EatMyDeku: i know this and i love you

Off-brand Zuko: alsjfljf

EatMyDeku: todo wait fuck dont burn ur clothes shit

bagwet hon hon crescent: gay

Mission Kimpossible: hun

Mission Kimpossible: have u seen urself

bagwet hon hon crescent: if ur talking bout this amazing ass than yes i have

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): We got the snacks in the end.

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): We are heading back to the dorms.

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I’m tired.

bagwet hon hon crescent: dont worry iida even if u hadnt gotten snacks it would be ok

bagwet hon hon crescent: cause im the only snack this class needs ;)

Homestuck: ok everything is going smoothly

Homestuck: and its only 6 so we have a whole hour

Homestuck: this might actually go well

Tails: abort mission abort the grape bitch has been spotted

Tails: he has 2 plastic bags filled with what looks like clothes but i checked his room and he hasnt packed anything up

Mom: he’s already been informed that he has been expelled

Mom: if he hasnt started packing then whatevers in those bags can not be good

Mom: dekusquad get back here now we need the whole class for this

EatMyDeku: were 3 minutes away

Hard af: ill go find baku and try to keep him from murdering the grape rat

Hard af: sadly

Mission Kimpossible: im going to try and see whats in the bags

Mission KImpossible: oh fuck he did not

Hot Topic: tf he do this time

Mission Kimpossible: he stole r fucking underwear

Mission Kimpossible: and what looks like a couple of tank tops

EatMyDeku: shit

EatMyDeku added Tsundere Weeaboo and birb to the chat

EatMyDeku named the chat Trans Rights

Trans Rights

EatMyDeku: kacchan are ur binders missing?

Tsundere Weeaboo: tf whats bird brain doing here

birb: i assume its because midoriya suspects those “tank tops” are actually our binders

birb: and he invited me because he knows i bind after i came out to him as nonbinary

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch all of my binders are gone but the one i have on

Tsundere Weeaboo: what are ur pronouns bird brain?

birb: he/him or they/them r both fine

Tsundere Weeaboo: i use he/him to got it bird brain

birb: thank u bakugou

Tsundere Weeaboo: itd be a super dick move if i was transphobic as a trans person

birb: indeed

birb: midoriya my binders are also gone

birb: we can assume urs r as well

EatMyDeku: shit do u think he knows what they are

Tsundere Weeaboo: no point in asking im going to rip him to shreds

birb: ill get darkshadow to steal them back before the others can ask to many questions

EatMyDeku: this means he went through the everyone's rooms tho

EatMyDeku: there has to be a reason he took the binders

EatMyDeku: alright im at the school c u in a second

3 people logged off

Gay Cinematic Universe

Hot Topic: i cant fucking believe this

Mom: Aizawas already on his way

Newton’s my Bitch: when i get my hands on that fucking rat hes gonna regret the day he was fucking born

Hard af: holy shit

Hard af: bakugou came out of nowhere and decked this bitch

Hard af: bless this king

Hard af: huh dark shadow grabbed the tank top things but nothing else

Discount Staples: i have rat bitch tied up

Pikahoe: holy shit sensei just came in guns a blazin

Pikahoe: he just yeeted him out the door with his capture weapon

Pikahoe: we stan a king

Hot Topic: good bye forever u fucking rat bitch

Pepe Sama: i hope he dies in a hole forgotten and alone

Homestuck: agreed

Newton’s my Bitch: not good enough

Newton’s my Bitch: he needs to beg for death

Mom: no matter now hes gone forever

Mission Kimpossible: what were those tank tops anyway?

EatMyDeku: uh well

EatMyDeku: 2 of them were mine they’re uh

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch

Tsundere Weeaboo: u dont have to explain if u dont want to deku

EatMyDeku: no i want to

EatMyDeku: im actually a trans guy

EatMyDeku: those 2 things were my extra binders and my pronouns are still he/him

Hard af: thats

Hard af: so manly of u midoriya!!

EatMyDeku: oof kiri u dont have to hug me that hard alkjf

Off-brand Zuko: that takes guts mido

Off-brand Zuko: im proud of u

EatMyDeku: thanks todoroki!!

birb: two of the other binders were actually mine

Tsundere Weeaboo: i had a couple in that pile too

Tsundere Weeaboo: im a trans guy with he/him and if any of u try shit i will slit ur throats

birb: im nonbinary but i use he/him or they/them pronouns

bagwet hon hon crescent: to come out despite the fear of rejection

bagwet hon hon crescent: u all have the bravery of tru heroes

Hard af: so,,,manly

Eldritch Angel: we all accept all three of u

Eldritch Angel: if anyone doesnt they can fuck right off



Hard af: YES BRO

birb: o god

Homestuck: ok now that everyones feeling better after that wonderful hug and from the bravery of r favorite trio



19 people logged off


Shinsou was completely and utterly nervous. His dream of becoming a hero, the dream everyone told him wasn’t possible, is finally starting to come true. As he walked up to 1a’s dorms he could feel the butterflies in his stomach trying to escape. He almost turned around right there, but he couldn’t. He’d met the heroes in the training exercizes and he knew they were kind people, but he couldn’t help the sliver of doubt in his mind that they would all treat him like everyone else had. Shinsou took a deep breath as he tried to regain his normal calm and cool composure.

As he walked into the common room he didn’t see the regular furniture but rather an empty floor and a dj station. The lights were off and it seemed deserted. Shinsou sighed and shook his head. It was stupidof him to think they would welcome him right away. “SURPRISE!” shouted nineteen voices as the lights switched on and glitter rained down from, somwhere. Shinsou jumped in surprise at the sudden noise and at seeing all of the smiling faces.

“W-what?” he said as he shook his slightly in disbelief. Midoriya came over to him first, “Welcome to class 1a Shinsou!” he shouted with a hug that nearly knocked Shinsou off his feet. “Glad to be here” he wheezed back. A dam seemed to break as suddenly everyone was approaching him to congratulate and talk to him. It was so different from how any of his other classes had treated him that he was getting severe whiplash.

“C’mon everyone let the poor man breathe! We’re throwing a party not here to bombard him with questions!” someone shouted. Everyone became significantly more managable as they backed off a bit. The headphone jack girl went towards the music stand with the bird guy, Tokoyami maybe? A couple others went towards the dance floor while others headed to the heavenly smelling kitchen. Midoriya left him to show Todoroki the food which left Shinsou with his savior. Which of course, just happened to be Kaminari Denki.

Kaminari was like the sun personified in Shinsou’s eyes. He was bright and friendly and everything that Shinsou wasn’t, but he had destroyed all of Shinsou’s doubts with just a few well placed words. He was amazing, but there was no way in hell Shinsou was telling him any of that. “You know, I’m kinda sad Midoriya got your number but not me” Kaminari said as he pouted. “Well to be fair Aizawa gave it him not me” Shinsou replied. “Anyway I gotta say this party seems actually decent. The banners pretty great” Shinsou said completely monotone.

His last sentence dragged a genuine and full blown laugh out of Kaminari and he’s fairly certain that he could listen to that sound forever. “We decided it was perfect after the rat bitch was getting expelled and we found out you were taking his place. I did the calligraphy.” Kaminari said proudly. Shinsou had to admit it was a very nice banner, and most importantly, it made him feel welcomed.

“C’mon lets join the party!” Kaminari said to him while pointing over his shoulder to the dance floor. Shinsou sighed knowing his natural introvert limits were going to be tested, “Fine”. Shinsou let him drag him onto the dance floor but he was content to just watch the others and quietly observe everything around him. That’s when he caught sight of some very interestingly shaped decorations hanging around the room. They were dicks. Someone had hung giant purple dicks on the ceiling for the party. Shinsou couldn’t help but laugh as he realized it probably was related to the energetic and chaotic blonde dancing like an idiot in front of him. All of Shinsou’s worries were completely gone as he allowed himself to fully enjoy the party, and in the end, he was actually looking forward to the rest of the year.

Gay Cinematic Universe

EatMyDeku added eddrw to the chat

EatMyDeku: welcome to hell

Chapter Text

Gay Cinematic Universe

EatMyDeku added eddrw to the chat

EatMyDeku: welcome to hell

eddrw: feels like home

Pikahoe: shinsouuuuuuuuuuu

Pikahoe: my dudeeeeee

Pikahoe: u've finally made it

eddrw: ah so thats kaminari’s name

eddrw: i expected as much

Pikahoe: howd u know it was me :(

eddrw: who else is an actual irl pikachu who also talks to me

Pikahoe: thats a fair point

Pikahoe: guys he has braincells

Discount Staples: someone in the squad actually having braincells besides bakagou

Discount Staples: unbelievable

Homestuck: quick shinsou whats 36 x 78

eddrw: 3

Homestuck: 3.

eddrw: u said quick

eddrw: and im pan i cant do math

Hard af: shinbro ur gonna fit right in

eddrw: i still dont know exactly what im fitting into but ok

Pikahoe: the bakusquad ofc

eddrw: the what

EatMyDeku: its baku and his group of friends

EatMyDeku: mainly kirishima whos hard af, mina whos homestuck, sero whos discount staples, kaminari whos name u already know, and sometimes jirou who hasnt shown up yet but her names hot topic

eddrw: jirou sounds like my kinda hoe

Tsundere Weeaboo: y tf is this shitty ass squad being mentioned again

eddrw: evidently im joing the shitty ass squad being mentioned

Pikahoe: yea!

Pikahoe:u need more friends anyway kacchan

Tsunder Weeaboo:

Discount Staples: BAKUGOU CAN MEME?????

Homestuck: what alternate reality have i entered

Hard af: sometimes i find him watching tik tok compilations in his room

Tsundere Weeaboo: shitty hair

Tsundere Weeaboo: i will destroy everything u love

Hard af: good luck destroying urself lol

Tsundere Weeaboo: …

Tsundere Weeaboo logged off

Pikahoe: look what ya done kiri

Pikahoe: ya done gave him gbd

eddrw: gbd?

Pikahoe: gay bitch disease no ur not getting context

eddrw: fair enough

Newton’s my Bitch: dammit i got here too late

Newton’s my Bitch: i wanted to steal shinsou for the dekusquad

eddrw: how many fucking squads are there in this class

EatMyDeku: sigh

EatMyDeku: too many

EatMyDeku: anyway could everyone come on and give their names so i dont have to do it myself

Newton’s my Bitch: im uraraka

Newton’s my Bitch: the floaty one

eddrw: right

Pepe Sama: tsuyu

eddrw: we worked together for the class exercise

Pepe Sama: yuppers u have a good quirk

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I am Iida I’m the class president

Pikahoe: hes also r constantly disappointed father

eddrw: if the class is half as chaotic as i think it is that makes sense

Off-brand Zuko: todoroki

Off-brand Zuko: bitch

eddrw: ??

Mom: hes jealous ignore him

Mom: Im momo

Mom: also known as the class mom

Hot Topic: jirou

eddrw: ah yes ur name speaks to me on a spiritual level

Hot Topic: toko we gotta nother one

birb: indeed

birb: i am tokoyami

birb: u should join r wednesday night meetings

eddrw: meetings?

birb: we discuss the meaninglessness of life while listening to musicians of the highest caliber

Pikahoe: the music is p!atd, linkin park, mcr, and lana del ray btw

birb: exactly musicians of the highest caliber

eddrw: cant argue there

Pikahoe: its r weekly emo meetings

Pikahoe: theyre actually really fun!!

eddrw: count me in

Discount Staples: BRO

Discount Staples: KAMI

Discount Staples: UR AN EMO





Pikahoe: in my defense i do watch the bee movie every week but its every tuesday

eddrw: the real question is what day of the week do u watch shrek

Pikahoe: fridays

Pikahoe: i watch the entirety of the shrek series every friday night

eddrw: am i in love?? mayhaps

Pikahoe: ajkjhfksjf

Pikahoe: i mean

Pikahoe: ;)

Pikahoe: and to the rest of the squad

Pikahoe: i plead the 5th

Discount Staples: get ur american bullshit outta here

Pikahoe: fair enough

Hot Topic: he paints his nails black and wears a choker

Hot Topic: i mean have u SEEN his hero costume

Hot Topic: ofc hes an emo

Hard af: i refuse to believe it im going into denial

birb: there r many ud b surprised to find at r meetings

birb: however not everyone has been introduced yet

eddrw: u guys r so much more chaotic than class 1c

eddrw: im living for it

Eldritch Angel: im shouji i have lots of arms

bagwet hon hon crescent: im aoyama ur resident snack

eddrw: the french one i see

Mission Kimpossible: im hagakure!!

Mission Kimpossible: u probably havent seen me tho

Tails: that was a horrible pun

Tails: im ojirou but u already know me

eddrw: ah yeah

eddrw: no hard feelings?

Tails: yea no hard feelings

Sugar Daddy: im satou

eddrw: kaminari picked ur name didnt he

Sugar Daddy: how ever could u tell

Pikahoe: i resent this

Good and Pure: (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

eddrw: only kouda could have a name like that

Good and Pure: (/ω\)

bagwet hon hon crescent: ud be surprised

bagwet hon hon crescent: anyway shinsou what exactly does ur name stand for

eddrw: ive been waiting for this question

Pikahoe: did any one else just get goosebumps

Pikahoe: just me

Pikahoe: ok

eddrw: Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!). I'm not related to Gerard Way but I wish i was because he's a major fucking hottie. I'm a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I'm also a witch, and I got to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I'm in the seventh year (I'm seventeen). I'm a goth (in case you couldn't tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset wit matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner, and red eye shadow.

Pikahoe: holy shit

Pikahoe: its back

Homestuck: the sacred texts have made a reappearance

Hot Topic: u-

Hot Topic: that took way too long for a copy n paste

Hot Topic: which means u typed it out

eddrw: from memory

Hot Topic: im-

birb: shinsou im very glad u joined r class

eddrw: same honestly no one in 1c understood the reference

Discount Staples: those heathens

EatMyDeku: do u mean to tell me people didnt read My Immortal for the irony at 2 in the morning during their seventh grade year

Newton’s my Bitch: y were u up at 2 in the morning

EatMyDeku: sleep is for the weak

eddrw: sleep is for the lucky

eddrw: i cant remember the last time i got more than 3 hours

Pikahoe: we’ve got another one ma dudes

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body especially for students such as ourselves

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Speaking of this, everyone should be going to sleep now because it is a school night and we’ve had an eventful day

Newton’s my Bitch: night dad

Pepe Sama: night dad

Hard af: night dad

Pikahoe: gnight daddy ;)

eddrw: i hated that

Pikahoe: ;)

Discount Staples: see yall tomorrow

Homestuck: fuck school

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Mina

Homestuck: imma bad bitch u cant kill me

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): …

Homestuck: ok ok fine im sleep

birb: i shall try to let the darkness of sleep consume me

Eldritch Angel: he means good night

birb: ur no fun

Mission Kimpossible: night hoes

Tails: see ya in the morning sluts

EatMyDeku: night yall

Off-brand Zuko: gn midoriya

Newton’s my Bitch: wat about us?!?

Off-brand Zuko: perish

Hot Topic: night losers

Mom: jirou

Hot Topic: night not losers

Pikahoe: whipped

Hot Topic: shut ur up fuck

Mom: good night my children

19 people logged off


Sad battery added eddrw

Sad battery changed eddrw to ~Nya~

~Nya~: tf is this

Sad battery: this is r insomniac gc

Sad battery: for when none of us can sleep and feel like being idiots together

Bones 🅱️roke: if u think kami is crazy during the day just wait until its 4 am

A bagel: we are his impulse control from 1-6 am

Sad battery: yeet

~Nya~: y is this my name

~Nya~: and tf is up with yalls

Sad battery: u give off big cat person energy

Sad battery: therefore nya

Sad battery: i charge phones

Sad battery: and am depression

A bagel: mine is better acted out

Bones 🅱️roke: hey bro what do u want to eat

A bagel: darkshadow: the souls of the innocent

A bagel: me: a bagel

A bagel: darkshadow: NO!

A bagel: me: 2(two) bagels

~Nya~: ah a viner i see

~Nya~: my brethren

Bones 🅱️roke: mines pretty self explanatory

~Nya~: yea no shit sherlock

Sad Battery:

Bones 🅱️roke: shinsou if u value ur life u wont click on the links kami sends

A bagel: this is tru

~Nya~: good thing i dont value my life then lol

Sad battery: wow what a mood

~Nya~: im clicking on it

Bones 🅱️roke: its ur funeral man

A bagel: remember when we used to click on kami’s links

Sad battery: hey!

Sad battery: its not that bad

Sad battery: these links r the only thing keeping me sane and from going fucking feral

Bones 🅱️roke: thats so valid of u

~Nya~: ive been through hell

~Nya~: that was the fucking worst but also best thing ive ever seen

Sad battery: wait u

Sad battery: u watched it

~Nya~: fuck yea that was horrendous in the best way

Pikahoe to EatMyDeku

Pikahoe: is it to soon to ask his hand in marriage

EatMyDeku: if he has the same sense of humor as u then no

Pikahoe: fuck yea



A bagel: i cant believe u watched it

Sad battery: shrek is love

~Nya~: shrek is life

Sad battery: u complete me

~Nya~: ;)

Bones 🅱️roke: yall its currently 5 am we should at least try for an hour

Sad battery: ughhhh fineee

~Nya~: lol

~Nya~: i dont sleeps

A bagel: we should still put in the effort

Sad battery: night

Bones 🅱️roke: gnight yall

A bagel: au revior

~Nya~: *throws self into the void* consume me sleep

~Nya~: also yea night

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Chapter Text

Hot Topic to Pikahoe





Hot Topic: kami dude r u ok???

Pikahoe: hahaha wat yea totally

Pikahoe: hahahahahaha memessss lolll

Hot Topic: we’re coming back to this later but first

Hot Topic: MOMO

Pikahoe: i shoulda known this was about u being a disaster lesbian

Hot Topic: im a functional lesbian i swear

Pikahoe: sure jan

Hot Topic: anway i asked her to help me study for the upcoming math test cause fuck math

Pikahoe: fuck math

Hot Topic: and she was all like jirou of course we can meet in my room tonight to study

Hot Topic: and i was all ok cool i can do that

Hot Topic: only for me to find out its just us

Hot Topic: what am i goNNA DO

Pikahoe: profess ur undying love for her while giving her a bouquet of pink roses and also a diamond ring so that u guys can get married immediately


Pikahoe: ok ok im being serious

Pikahoe: i do actually think u could confess to her albeit without the roses and the ring

Pikahoe: i mean the roses might still b a good idea cause romance but they rnt necessary

PIkahoe: Kyouka i genuinely think she likes u and u should go for it

Pikahoe: the worst that could happen is u get rejected

Hot Topic: u fool

Hot Topic: utter imbecile

Hot Topic: according to me at 4 am last night

Hot Topic: the worst thing that could happen is her rejecting me the league attacking right after kidnaping her and killing me

Pikahoe: damn r class needs some serious therapy jegus

Pikahoe: i still think u should do it

Pikahoe: just yk give it a try

Hot Topic: thanks denki maybe i will

Pikahoe: heads up im sending mina to u to get ready for ur study date after school


Pikahoe: not yet it aint

Pikahoe: minas gonna make u look fucking stylish tho hoo boi

Hot Topic: uve doomed me to a fate worse than death

Hot Topic: shit aizawa is lookign

Hot Topic logged off

Pikahoe: my work here is done

Mom to Pikahoe



Pikahoe: o for fucks sake

Gay Cinematic Universe

Pikahoe: i

Pikahoe: am

Pikahoe: so

Pikahoe: fucking

Pikahoe: tired

Pikahoe: and the school day isnt even over yet

EatMyDeku: im fucking feeling that

Hard af: fairly certain sensei is going to murder us by the end of the day

Hard af: its a monday y he gotta make us do hard work :((



Discount Staples: no not yet kouda is still looking ok

eddrw: r any of us ever ok

Pikahoe: mood

Hard af: mood

EatMyDeku: mood


Mission Kimpossible: i felt the world lose balance slightly whats happening

Newton’s my Bitch: 3 SUNSHINE BOIS OUT OF 4 R SAD

Mission Kimpossible: NO

Off-brand Zuko: midoriya we’re going out

EatMyDeku: its the middle of the school day??

Off-brand Zuko: we’re getting icecream no u cant fight me its happening

EatMyDeku: todooorokiiiii

EatMyDeku: we cantttttt

EatMyDeku: oh dshftif

EatMyDeku logged off

Off-brand Zuko: tsuyu tell aizawa midos sick and im taking care of him

Pepe Sama: ay ay

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Todoroki! You can’t just skip class!

Off-brand Zuko: watch me

Off-brand Zuko logged off

Hot Topic: damn the sass

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): theres no winning this fight is there

Newton’s my Bitch: noPe

Pepe Sama: sorry ribbit

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): im going grey and im only 16

Hard af: well its balanced again ig

Pikahoe: now its just me and kiri suffering through the horror that is reality

Hard af: dude

Pikahoe: dude

Hard af: yea i feel it

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch whatre shitty hair and dunce face upset about this time

Hard af: being an idiot in school work also the residual trauma of this year

Pikahoe: failing most of my classes because of my adhd the villain attacks my quirk lowkey destroying my brain also im sleep deprived and had to deal with disaster lesbians all morning


Pikahoe: i will pull up the receipts do not test me u hoe

Hot Topic: shutting up now

Tsundere Weeaboo: im cooking for u both tonight

Hard af: really?!?!

Pikahoe: kacchan cares?!?!?

Tsundere Weeaboo: shut ur up fuck s

Tsundere Weeaboo: good food cheers everyone up

Hard af: bro im crying

Pikahoe: same bro i knew he loved us

Tsundere Weeaboo: FUCK OFF

Eldritch Angel: not to break up this touching moment but class is starting soon

Discount Staples: back to the grind

Homestuck: 24/7 work work work

11 people logged off

Gay Cinematic Universe

Discount Staples: the school day ending has never felt better

Tails: its monday

Discount Staples: fuck u

Homestuck: i cant believe ya done this

Sugar Daddy: ok i just got caught up on the chat

Sugar Daddy: i seriously think we should all get some therapy session damn

eddrw: wow im suddenly glad i was in gen ed for the first part of this year

birb: the villain attacks were…

birb: quite damaging for r mental health

bagwet hon hon crescent: oui oui

bagwet hon hon crescent: none of the teachers talk about it with us for some reason

bagwet hon hon crescent: its like they dont realize they were traumatizing experiences

Tails: seriously y isnt there like a resident therapist or something

EatMyDeku: honestly that would make a lot of sense not even just because of the villain attacks but ua is so competetive and top tier so the balance between academic work and hero training as well as just how shitty high schoolers mental health is in general that itd make sense for ua to have multiple professional therapists instead of one measly guidance counselor who honestly doesnt do shit

Newton’s my Bitch: mido ur back!!!

Pepe Sama: aizawa didnt believe the excuse but looked too tired to argue

EatMyDeku: ill take it

Newton’s my Bitch: how was icecream ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Pepe Sama: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

EatMyDeku: lkajflkjd dont give me those

EatMyDeku: it was nice i needed the break

Off-brand Zuko: im very glad i could help

EatMyDeku: im almost not worried about missing school now

eddrw: lol

eddrw: also ive been spying on spiky bois trio and its really fucking domestic

eddrw: i hate it its adorable

Homestuck: awwwww whats happeninggg

Discount Staples: tell me about r spiky bois

eddrw: bakugou was grilling them on their favorite meals and he kept getting right in their faces

eddrw: kiri turned the same shade as his hair it was fucking great

eddrw: kaminari just smirked at bakugou and winked at kiri

eddrw: bakubitch is now cooking for them while angrily mumbling under his breath about having healthy outlets for getting their emotions out

eddrw: kaminari looks genuinely surprised that someone actually cares

eddrw: which is???

Homestuck: aw my poor boi doesnt he know we all care

eddrw: apparently not but kiri is a blubbering mess and he tried to hug bakagou but he almost got hit with a frying pan

eddrw: theyre all laughing now and i think imma leave em alone now

Discount Staples: thank u for ur service agent shinsou

eddrw: no problemo

Newton’s my Bitch: bakuhoe is gonna kill u when he sees this

eddrw: im already dead inside

Pepe Sama: thats fair

bagwet hon hon crescent: has anyone seen momo she was supposed to meet me in the common room for math tutoring??

Hot Topic: sorry shes busy

bagwet hon hon crescent: rude

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Do not worry Aoyama I can help you

bagwet hon hon crescent: iida t’es un ange

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): sans problème

bagwet hon hon crescent logged off

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog) logged off

Pikahoe: lol busy doin what jirou

Pikahoe: or should i say who

Hot Topic: shut fuck up

Homestuck: how was dinner

Pikahoe: delicious amazing incredible wonderful

Pikahoe: i dont think i can go back to my regular diet now

Pikahoe: *sniffs* plus kacchan cares

Hard af: it was really nice of him to make us food and cheer us up

Hard af: hes a secret sweetheart

Tsundere Weeaboo: im not afraid to murder u both

Tsundere Weeaboo: and fucking eyebags where is that little shit

Tsundere Weeaboo: spying on us that fucker

eddrw: ah thats my cue to leave

eddrw logged off

Tsundere Weeaboo: coward

Pikahoe: eh i can prob find him later

Discount Staples: oh?

Pikahoe: hush my bro

Discount Staples: very well

Hot Topic changed their name to Disaster lesbian

Mom changed their name to Functional lesbian

Pikahoe: matching names i see

Pikahoe: and from what it looks like momo was the one who did it hmm jirou hmmm

Disaster lesbian: fine fin e im a disaster lesbian u caught me

Disaster lesbian: but guess whos not single anymore

Disaster lesbian: this bitch

Disaster lesbian: and ur still single as a pringle

Pikahoe: i resent that

Newton’s my Bitch: congratulations!!

Mission Kimpossible: yesss queeenssss

birb: congrats

Tails: proud of u guys

Functional lesbian: thank u!!

Homestuck: is jirou my step mom now??

Discount Staples: yes yes she is

Sugar Daddy: good for u girls!

Hard af: ur so manly momo

Tsundere Weeaboo: bout fucking time

EatMyDeku: Yay!!! Congrats!!!

Off-brand Zuko: o thank fuck i dont have to listen to momo pine anymore

Good and Pure: o(≧∇≦o)(o≧∇≦)o

Functional lesbian: I do have to thank kaminari he helped me gain the courage to confess to Jirou

Pikahoe: i was so done with yalls pinin g

Pikahoe: i had to listen to u BOTH pine after each other it was exhausting

Disaster lesbian: thanks dipshit

Pikahoe: all in a days work

Pepe Sama: congrats u two ribbit

Homestuck: wow kami ur now best boi

Pikahoe: huh?

Mission Kimpossible: YES KAMI BEST BOI

Discount Staples: the bestest boi of them all

Newton’s my Bitch: finally getting r moms to confess

Newton’s my Bitch: he deserves a best boi award

Eldritch Angel: im late but congrats yall and i agree kami best boi

Pikahoe: yall r too much smh my head

Pikahoe: imma go find shinsou now ig

Pikahoe logged off

Functional lesbian: Btw Kyouka and I are going to be going on a date tomorrow so we’d appreciate if you guys stayed out of the way

Disaster lesbian: if u ruin it for us i will have to murder u

Homestuck: fair enough

DIscount Staples: understandable

Newton’s my Bitch: u got it

Functional lesbian: Alright with that outta the way its dinner time so get in here if u havent eaten

birb: omw

Homestuck: yeetttt

Discount Staples: foooodddd

EatMyDeku: hells yeah

Off-brand Zuko: yells heah

Tails: yeehaw

Sugar Daddy: heeyaw

Mission Kimpossible: those interactions were horrible n disgusting i loved it

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Chapter Text

Kaminari hoped that everyone didn’t think his disappearance was too sudden or out of the blue. The excuse to find Shinsou was good given the circumstances, but he didn’t want anyone figuring out his discomfort with what they were saying about him. Sure he could take a compliment but honestly he didn’t feel like he deserved them. Plus...whatever he doesn’t feel like doing a deep dive into his emotions right now. He sighs and shakes his head as he continues climbing a semi-hidden staircase. As he comes upon the end of the staircase he tries to forget his previous train of thought and focus on a certain cat obsessed insomniac.

He swung the door to the roof open and walked over to the edge of the roof, where Shinsou was sitting. “Sup dude” he said as he sat down beside him. Shinsou’s face didn’t change from its regular resting bitch face, but he didn’t tell him to leave either, so it was a win in Kaminari’s eyes. Kaminari grinned as Shinsou stared at him, the other boy eventually turning away to stare back at the sky. “You know Kacchan wouldn’t actually kill you right? Cause he’s not really that bad. I mean sure he can be pretty aggressive, and yeah he does like to fight and get into arguments, but you’re a part of the squad now so you get special privileges. He’s really just a big softie in all honesty and I’m rambling ha ha. Point is you didn’t have to actually hide away” Kaminari chuckles awkwardly at the nervous word vomit he had spouted.

Shinsou chuckles and Kaminari is suddenly very aware of how gay he is, specifically for the boy next to him. “I know that asshole wouldn’t actually do anything to me, but it’s nice to get away from everyone else once in a while. This class has been a huge change from all my other classes in the past. It’s really nice how supporting and genuine the others are but it can be…” Shinsou trails off trying to find the right words. “Overwhelming?” Kaminari offers. Shinsou lets out a small laugh again, “Yeah that’s one word for it. I’m...I’m just not used to all the positivity I guess”. “Oh totally dude I feel that in my bones” Kaminari agrees.

Shinsou looks at him weirdly and Kaminari has to suppress the urge to curse himself out verbally but Shinsou doesn’t push. “I got so used to people not wanting to talk to me or calling me a villain that I guess it’s just weird that no one seems to care about that here. Even Ojirou, I mean I BRAINWASHED him, and he doesn’t even hold it against me? Wack.” Shinsou exclaims. “Yeah well you were just doing what you needed to, to win, just like the rest of us. Quirks don’t make the villains it’s how society treats the “villainous quirks” that does” Kaminari states. Shinsou thinks that over and nods smiling at Kaminari. Kaminari really hopes he can’t see the slight blush on his face. “Thanks Kami” Shinsou says smiling. “No problem boblem. You wanna head back and get some food?” Kaminari asks. “Sure why not” Shinsou shrugs. Shinsou starts to walk back as Kaminari takes one last look at the darkening sky above him. He smiles.

Gay Cinematic Universe

Pikahoe logged on

Pikahoe: found shinsou im bringing him down to dinner

Pikahoe: and no kacchan no beating his ass for the spying

Tsundere Weeaboo: no promises dunce face

Pikahoe: eh that response is enough of a win in my book

eddrw logged on

eddrw: u couldnt hit me even if u wanted to

Tsundere Weeaboo: TF DID U JUST SAY

eddrw: technically i wrote it


Pikahoe: u kno i really try

Discount Staples: sure kami u kno ur thriving off this chaos

Pikahoe: oop busted

Hard af: r u guys almost to the commons

eddrw: yea

eddrw: shit

Pikahoe: oop kacchans here now

Pikahoe: OH SHIT


Tails: y did the explosions just silence

Newton’s my Bitch: this is scarier than bakabitch being loud af

EatMyDeku: i am concerned??

Disaster lesbian: maybe bakugou gained control over his temper???



Disaster lesbian: k then


Discount Staples: IDK WHAT HE SAID THO

Homestuck: couldnt have been to hard all u gotta do is piss him off a little then hes screaming DIE

Pikahoe: i heard it all and honestly

Pikahoe: one of the hottest things ive ever seen

Homestuck: oh???

Pikahoe: hush now hoe its storytime

Pikahoe: aight so we’re walking to commons/kitchen cause shinsou hasnt eaten yet

Pikahoe: and bakugou comes outta no where ready to murder

Pikahoe: and hes bout to punch shinsou face in when shinsou goes wait i wanna say something

Pikahoe: and then he fucking pauses for the drama

Pikahoe: meanwhile hes being pinned to the wall while baku is about to pummel him

Pikahoe: and he looks him straight in the eyes and goes

Pikahoe: Bitch.

Pikahoe: kacchan proceeds to go batshit insane while screaming bloody murder

Pikahoe: and THEN shinsou activates his fucking quirk and ORDERS bakugou to get him food

birb: so thats y bakugou came in here ignoring everyone else and just grabbing a plate of food and leaving

Eldritch Angel: makes sense with the context

Discount Staples: i knew shinsou would fit into the bakusquad right away

eddrw: i try i try

eddrw: bakugou made it wayyyy to easy

eddrw: glad u enjoyed it tho kami ;)

Pikahoe: for the sake of my dignity

Pikahoe: im not responding

Mission Kimpossible: the tea is scalding today

Homestuck: ikr im enjoying it

Off-brand Zuko: Shinsou.

eddrw: yea?

Off-brand Zuko: u have won my respect

Off-brand Zuko: good job

eddrw: thanks ig

Newton’s my Bitch: yasss bitchhh put his asss in his placeeeeee

eddrw: gladly lol

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog) logged on

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I leave for 10 minutes.

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): and everyone goes crazy

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Momo

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I’m leaving all of the kids to you

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I quit

Functional lesbian: No iida u cant do this to me

Functional lesbian: Please i cant be a single parent to these many kids

Disaster lesbian: u have me now babe

Functional lesbian: I know hun but u ARE a bit chaotic yourself

Disaster lesbian: thats fair

Functional lesbian: U cant leave me iida





eddrw: tf is it with yall and this daddy shit

eddrw: kinky lil shits

Pikahoe: says the dude with the mind control quirk

eddrw: u got me there

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): It seems I have to continue my roll as parent

Functional lesbian: thank god

Tsundere Weeaboo: TF JUST HAPPENED


eddrw: yes?

Homestuck: alkfjldjsldjf

Hard af: leave it alone bakubro

Tsundere Weeaboo: HE A BITCH

Hard af: bakuuuuuu

Tsundere Weeaboo: FINE

Discount Staples: *coughs* whipped *coughs*

Tsundere Weeaboo: fuck off soy sauce face

Discount Staples: thats fair good day sir

Sugar Daddy: since everyone seems to have finished eating could we put on a movie

Sugar Daddy: u know like bonding time

Homestuck: GREAT IDEA


S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Did you do your homework

Homestuck: SHIT

Pikahoe: FUCK

Hard af: i feel that in my soul

Newton’s my Bitch: ugh me too

Pepe Sama: babe i told u to do it earlier

Newton’s my Bitch: but Shinsou was taking downnn bakugouuuu

Pepe Sam: thats a valid reason but still

Newton’s my Bitch: :((

bagwet hon hon crescent logged on

bagwet hon hon crescent: haha this is why i already DID my homework

Tails: fuck off aoyama

bagwet hon hon crescent: >:p

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): We can always do movie night on Friday

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): School work is more important during the week though.

Pikahoe: sigh

Discount Staples: sadly


Tsunder Weeaboo: tch

eddrw: uh?

Pikahoe: yes that includes u u hoe even if u alrdy did ur hw u can help us

eddrw: fair enough

Newton’s my Bitch: dekusquad??

EatMyDeku: sure we can roll out

Pepe Sama: im already in rarakas room

EatMyDeku: great me n roki will head there

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): i will head there as well

11 people logged off

Tails: uh momojirou wanna meet up for hw

Disaster lesbian: sure

Functional lesbian: We can meet in my room

Tails: gotcha

Mission Kimpossible: im joining too math is a lost cause for me

4 people logged off

bagwet hon hon crescent: well I wouldnt mind watching a movie satou

Sugar Daddy: cool ill head to the commons

birb: shouji and i will join as well

Good and Pure: (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و

Eldritch Angel: so what movie??

bagwet hon hon crescent: NO HORROR

birb: u have no sense of culture


birb: damn

birb: well then

Good and Pure: alkjflskjdf

Good and Pure changed birb to Bitch Baby

Bitch Baby: sigh

Bitch Baby: very well

Sugar Daddy: even now kouda’s non pureness scares me

Good and Pure: ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

bagwet hon hon crescent: anygay i was thinking studio ghibli??

Eldritch Angel: im a slut for ponyos animation

Bitch Baby: shouji

Eldritch Angel: yea

Bitch Baby: thats the most valid statement ive ever heard

Eldritch Angel: thank u

Sugar Daddy: Ponyo it is then

Sugar Daddy: lets get this party started

Good and Pure: o(≧∇≦o)

5 people logged off

Chapter Text


Sad battery: yo y r there lights on in the commons??

Sad battery: r there more insomniacs in the dorms???

A bagel: no me n a couple others were watching studio ghibli

A bagel: i m the only one left awake

~Nya~: what movie r u watching rn

A bagel: Howl’s Moving Castle

~Nya~: im omw

Sad battery: nyoom

Bones 🅱️roke: yall its like 3 am

~Nya~: ur point

Bones 🅱️roke: we’ll end up pulling another all nighter

Sad battery: think of it this way

Sad battery: instead of pulling an all nighter because u have ptsd from all the villain attacks and because ur depressed with anxiety

Sad battery: we’re pulling it because friendship

~Nya~: kami im seriously worried about ur mental health

Sad battery: good u should b

A bagel: r yall coming she just got turned into an old lady

Sad battery: nyooms faster

~tu~: im p much there

Bones 🅱️roke: sigh

Bones 🅱️roke: yea

Bones 🅱️roke: but when iida pulls the dissapointed dad act on us tomorrow morning yall better not b surprised

4 people logged off

Gay Cinematic Universe

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I am dissapointed.

EatMyDeku: told u guys

eddrw: that u did

eddrw: didnt stop us tho

Bitch Baby: we would have been awake anyway iida

Pikahoe: this is true

Pikahoe: however if one more person tries to come up to me before i have coffee im gonna kermit

eddrw: god i feel that

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): …

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): just don’t be late to class

EatMyDeku: roger that

Bitch Baby: very well

Pikahoe: no promises

eddrw: we’ll make it even if it involves me draggin pikachu

Pikahoe: i brought this upon myself

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog) logged off

Newton’s my Bitch: dekuuuuuu

Newton’s my Bitch: u pulleddd anotherrrrr all nighterrrrr

EatMyDeku: mayhaps

Off-brand Zuko: do i need to tie u to your bed to make you sleep

EatMyDeku: kinky

Off-brand Zuko: midoriya

EatMyDeku: ok yeah i wont pull another one

EatMyDeku: for a while at least

Off-brand Zuko: good

Pepe Sama: y tf r people blowing up my phone

Newton’s my Bitch: babe school starts in like half an hr

Pepe Sama: exactly so shut tf up (not u tho babe <3)

Newton’s my Bitch: just mute the chat for now (<3)

Pepe Sama: this is y we’re dating

Pepe Sama logged off

Homestuck: kamiiiiii shinsouuuu

Homestuck: yyy

Discount Staples: bros u need ur sleep

Discount Staples: even if ur taste in movies is bomb

Pikahoe: ikr studio ghibli

eddrw: glad we can agree on that

Hard af: BROS


Pikahoe: kiriii my eyesss

Pikahoe: the caps lock makee it dieee

Hard af: just b glad bakugou hasn’t checked his phone yet

Pikahoe: meh the worst he’ll do is yell at us a bit and then throw up some fireworks

eddrw: yea hes not THAT hard to deal with

Discount Staples: i worry for u both

Homestuck: do u guys have a death wish

Pikahoe: kinda

eddrw: pretty much

Hard af: sigh

Hard af: well im keeping him occupied anyway so ur safe for now

Homestuck: oh ho ho

Discount Staples: occupied u say???

Hard af: hes making me breakfast u dipshits

Pikahoe: so domestic

eddrw: much love

Hard af: oh fuck off

Disaster lesbian: Listen up fuckers cause I will only say this once. I have a motherfucking date tonight with a goddess on earth so yall are going to stfu while i get a couple precious moments of sleep. Got it.

Pikahoe: loud and clear casanova

eddrw: yea ok

Homestuck: i’ll b quiet for now just know im helping u with ur outfit

Disaster lesbian: fine

Discount Staples: i wish u luck on ur gay escapades

Hard af: ur so manly jirou i’ll b quiet now

Disaster Lesbian: great now get ready for school dipshits

10 people logged off

Disaster lesbian to Homestuck

Disaster lesbian: i am freaking the fuck out

Disaster lesbian: what am i going to wear???

Disaster lesbian: what if i make a mistake and momo hates me?

Disaster lesbian: what if the reason she won’t tell me where we’re going is because its fancy and i go underdressed and then the rich community shuns momo because of me???

Homestuck: first u need to calm tf down hun

Homestuck: momo would have told u if u needed to dress up nicer

Homestuck: and there is no possible way she could hate u she likes u a lot

Disaster lesbian: hhhhhhhhh

Homestuck: this is y ur a disaster lesbian

Disaster lesbian: ur right but u shouldnt say it

Homestuck: what time is ur date?

Disaster lesbian: 7

Homestuck: ok we have 3 hrs to get u prepared

Homestuck: chop chop into the shower u go

Disaster lesbian: wait wtf when did u get in my rooskfnsjlajd

Disaster lesbian logged off

Homestuck logged off

Functional lesbian to Off-brand Zuko

Functional lesbian: God i can’t believe im doing this

Functional lesbian: I need ur help preparing for my date

Off-brand Zuko: i am the most disasterous gay we know

Off-brand Zuko: and u want MY help

Functional lesbian: no matter how disasterous you r you have good fashion taste

Functional lesbian: I already talked to Kaminari about the actual date itself

Off-brand Zuko: so ur here for fashion advice

Functional lesbian: im here for fashion advice

Off-brand Zuko: ok let me tell mido that im going to help u get ready

Functional lesbian: r u ever going to confess

Off-brand Zuko: shut

Functional lesbian: fine

Functional lesbian: Just help me please

Off-brand Zuko logged off

Functional lesbian logged off


Jirou was not ready, no matter what Mina said. Sure the purple tank she was wearing was cute and her leather jacket, black ripped jeans, and black boots complimented it well, but she was NOT ready to go on a date with the Momo. Momo who she’d been crushing on since at least the USJ fiasco. Momo who was smart, sophisticated, and really fucking adorable when it came to everyday life. Her nerves plagued her as she walked from her room to the commons where they said they were going to meet.

As the room came into view Jirou stopped or maybe her heart did she couldn’t tell. Momo was already waiting there looking towards the kitchen and thankfully away from her. She wore a soft sleeveless sundress that flowed around her like water. The dress was peach in color and flowers detailed her waist and neckline. Jirou was fairly certain that she was having a heart attack. There was no way she could go on a date with Momo looking THAT good. Jirou couldn’t do it her poor gay heart would die in the first five minutes. Just as she was about to sneak away to her room, Momo spotted her. The smile she sent her had Jirou blushing as red as a tomato.

Building up the small amount of courage she had left, Jirou started walking over.

“You look lovely, Kyouka” Momo said a small blush on her face.

Jirou swore that she could hear the windows shutdown sound when she heard that.

“Thanks. You do too” she grinned. If nothing else at least she had been able to get out four whole words.

Momo’s blush darkened at the compliment but otherwise she was the posterchild for dignity. Not knowing what to do next they both just kinda stood there. Jirou couldn’t believe this beautiful and amazing girl actually liked her enough to date her. Momo was also thinking about how lucky she was.

“Let’s go lesbians! Let’s go!” a shout from the kitchen drew them both out of their stupor.

Jirou was completely ready to murder whoever yelled but stopped as she saw Kaminari. He winked at her before slinking off to continue whatever chaotic shenanigans he’d come from. Momo shook herself as she held her hand out to Jirou, “Are you ready to go?”.

Jirou swore Momo’s eyes were sparkling as she took her hand, “Yeah let’s go” she said as they walked out of the dorms.

“I already got permission from Aizawa so we should be good for a couple hours,” Momo said as they came up to the gates.

“Oh shit!” Jirou facepalmed. “I totally forgot about the whole permission thing” she sighed.

Momo chuckled. “Don’t laugh at me. I wanted to show you that you didn’t have to do everything yourself and be all responsible all the time.” Jirou huffed, upset that her plan had failed.

Momo’s chuckles slowly died out, “That’s really sweet of you kyouka” she said softly smiling down at Jirou.

“Yea well, you deserve it” Jirou mumbled looking down at her hands to escape Momo’s loving smile.

They continued walking in a slightly awkward silence for a couple more blocks in the city before coming to a small and cozy coffee shop.

“Ah we’re here!” Momo explained as she led Jirou into the shop with their intertwined hands.

The coffee shop had comfortable booths and tables spread around the shop near a long counter showing off multiple pastries and cakes. The menu was on the wall behind the counter in chalk and had many varieties of teas and coffees. The overhead lighting was dim but to make up for it fairy lights were hung up on the walls. In one of the back corners a stage with a stool and mic was set up along with a guitar and a drum set behind them.

“This is my favorite tea and coffee shop, and I heard that they were doing an Open Mic night tonight. I know how much you love music so I thought you’d enjoy it” Momo said shyly as she led Jirou to a table in the corner.

Jirou was absolutely speechless with how thoughtful Momo was. “You’re amazing. Have I told you that lately? You’re absolutely fucking amazing oh my god” Jirou said as they sat down.

Momo chuckled shyly again, “Do you want anything to drink? I’m going to order myself a tea”. “Sure I’ll take a coffee” Jirou replied too distracted by the shop to feel nervous.

Momo laughed again as she went to get their drinks.

Jirou refocused again when someone started singing. It was a slow song but the woman’s voice was smooth and sweet and brought her out of her reverie. Jirou was in awe of the girl she was on this date with. From the setting to how carefully she thought about Jirou’s own interests. It really hit her that she was faaar gone when it came to Momo.

As Momo started heading back to their table, Jirou’s resolve hardened to show Momo how much she cared, and she already knew how she would do it. They sat there talking and laughing about anything and everything. The nerves and any awkwardness that might have been there dissipated as they both grew more and more comfortable.

An hour passed before Jirou was finally ready to enact her plan. She whispered to Momo that she was going to go up and sing. Momo looked delighted as she clasped her hands together. Jirou laughed at her reaction while walking up to the mic. She grabbed the guitar that had been sidelined and prepared herself for what she was about to do.

“Uh Hi” she said nervously. “Um this song is d-dedicated to the amazing girl that I came here with” Jirou paused as the cafe whistled and cheered at her declaration. Momo blushed and hid her face in her hands. Jirou laughed before clearing her throat and starting to play.

“My head is stuck in the clouds / She begs me to come down

Says "Girl quit foolin' around" / I told her "I love the view from up here

Jirou’s voice swam through the air. Silken and soft as she sang. Now that she was singing and playing all of her confidence came back to her through doing something she loved.

Warm sun and wind in my ear / We'll watch the world from above

As it turns to the rhythm of love"

Momo slowly lifted her face out of her hands as she listened to Jirou sing. Her eyes and ears were transfixed as her heart stuttered in her chest.

We may only have tonight / But till the morning sun you're mine, all mine

Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love

As the second verse started Jirou dared to look over at Momo and almost completely stopped playing. She looked like she was in awe and boy did that do wonders for Jirou’s confidence. With renewed vigor she began the next verse.

My heart beats like a drum / A guitar string to the strum

A beautiful song to be sung / She's got blue eyes deep like the sea

That roll back when she's laughing at me

She rises up like the tide / The moment her lips meet mine

Momo is fairly certain Jirou could sing until the end of time and she’d never get tired of it. The emotions in her voice as she sang the song made her heart stop. As soon as she remembered this song was being sung to HER she became a mess.

We may only have tonight / But till the morning sun you're mine all mine

Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love

When the moon is low / We can dance in slow motion

And all your tears will subside / All your tears will dry

And long after I've gone / You'll still be humming along

And I will keep you in my mind / The way you make love so fine

The chorus was being repeated when Jirou remembered that she was in a cafe full of strangers. As she surveyed the room it looked like everyone was enjoying her song. They were all laughing and swaying along as she continued to sing. No one looked quite as awestruck as Momo though.

We may only have tonight / But till the morning sun you're mine all mine

Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love

Play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love

Yes sway to the rhythm of love

Jirou finished the song softly as the cafe broke out into cheers. Momo shouting the loudest. Jirou laughed, adrenaline high from the performance as she bowed to the crowd. She quickly leapt off the stage as she walked over to Momo.

“Kyouka that was amazing!” she shouted as Jirou came over.

Jirou grinned, “I’m glad you liked it babe”.

“Babe?!?” Momo squeaked.

Jirou quickly backtracked, “If you don’t like it I can go back to just calling you Momo. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable”.

“No no I like it” Momo replied quickly, “I was just surprised”.

“Are you ready to head back to the dorms it’s almost 9” Jirou asked.

“Yeah I’m ready” Momo replied. They quickly started heading out of the coffee shop and back towards the dorms in a comfortable silence this time.

As they came up to the UA gates Momo paused, “Hey Jirou do you think we could stop a second?” she questioned.

“Uh sure. Are you ok?” Jirou said concerned.

“I’m fine, it’s just I wanted to ask this while we’re away from the others” Momo replied.

“Alright?” Jirou said confused but content to listen to Momo.

Momo seemed to fumble over her words for a bit before just giving up and starting over, “Can I kiss you?” she asked quickly.

Jirou’s eyes widened as she took in the question. She nodded hesitantly as Momo walked over to her. Jirou’s eyes closed as Momo bent over to reach her lips. As soon as Jirou felt Momo’s lips brushing against hers she melted into the kiss, wrapping her arms around Momo’s neck. Momo wrapped her own arm around Jirou’s waist. The kiss felt safe and comfortable, while also feeling electric.

Their eyes remained closed as they split apart. when their eyes finally opened They looked at eachother with huge smiles on their faces.

“I’m glad you asked that away from the others” Jirou chuckled.

“Yea me too” Momo said softly. “You ready to go inside?” Momo asked.

“Hmmm one more kiss?” Jirou asked.

Momo laughed, “One more kiss”.

Their second kiss held just as much energy and electricity as their first. Jirou was ecstatic, glad that they’d finally confessed their feelings.

As they broke apart, she had a revelation. “Holy shit you’re actually my girlfriend oh my god. How did I get so lucky??” she said outloud.

Momo laughed as she intertwined their hands, “C’mon it’s time to go inside”.

“Yea yea I’m coming babe” Jirou replied as they started walking into the dorm rooms.

Content to just be together before the hecticness that was their other classmates. Jirou glanced at Momo, “You ready for them?” she asked.

“Are we ever ready for them?” Momo replied.

“Fair point” Jirou said as she laughed opening the door. Ready to deal with the questions and comments that could only come from their classmates.

Chapter Text

Earlier that day…

Gay Cinematic Universe

Pikahoe: alright yall the eagles have left the nest

EatMyDeku: wha-??

Pikahoe: the chickens flew the coop

EatMyDeku: ?

Pikahoe: fuck i dont have anymore sayings that match this

Off-brand Zuko: the lesbians have left

EatMyDeku: ah thanks todo

Pikahoe: hmph

Pikahoe: anyway anyone know if they brought their phones

Homestuck: Jirou muted the chat

Homestuck: so im assuming Momo did as well

Discount Staples: lol kami was waiting to see if jirou would kill him

Pikahoe: i dont fear death

Hard af: woAh

Hard af: k there edgelord

Bitch Baby: u forget that ur precious “sunshine boi” is actually a member of my cult of darkness

Hard af: sorry i cant hear u over the sound of my denial

Pikahoe: i can b sunshine and emo

Pikahoe: i have...the duality

Tsundere Weeaboo: stfu

Tsundere Weeaboo: bitch

Pikahoe: buuttt kachaannnn

Mission Kimpossible: yall r wayyyy off topic

Mission Kimpossible: we should be talking about the only functional lesbians in r class

Pepe Sama: coughs

Newton’s my Bitch: ahem

Mission Kimpossible: ur right my bad

Mission Kimpossible: its just the bois that need help

EatMyDeku: i resent that

Hard af: honestly i think im doing decent

Homestuck: *side eyes u*

Hard af: *sweats nervously*

Discount Staples: at least im not a pining mess

Pikahoe: i cant even tell who thats directed at since theirs like 6 of us

eddrw: us?

Pikahoe: uhhhhhh

Pikahoe: would u look at that i have to go walk my toaster

Pikahoe logged off

Mission Kimpossible: yall really tryna prove my point smh

Tails: im honestly surprised that u havent tried to stalk their date yet being the tea sucking bitch u r

Mission Kimpossible: as if ur not even more of a tea sucking hoe

Tails: thats valid of u

Sugar Daddy: shouldnt we like give them their privacy tho

Eldritch Angel: that would be the reasonable thing to do

bagwet hon hon crescent: yes but

bagwet hon hon crescent: the tea

eddrw: hes got a point

eddrw: plus the pair of them giv off disaster vibes

Newton’s my Bitch: this is tru

Newton’s my Bitch: mom might b a functional lesbian

Newton’s my Bitch: but her feelings make her a disaster around jirou

Pepe Sama: and step mom is just an all around disaster lesbian

Off-brand Zuko: and the distinguished lesbians once again come for all us disaster gays lives

eddrw: mood

Hard af: mood

Bitch Baby: mood

EatMyDeku: god yea

Discount Staples: haha im functional

Homestuck: bitch says who

Discount Staples: me

Homestuck: ok i mean,,,thats not wrongg

Pikahoe logged on

Pikahoe: im back the suspense was killing me has kure been stalking momojirou for a while

Mission Kimpossible: nah we’ve been talking about disaster gays

Pikahoe: ah my people

Bitch Baby: Kaminari im fairly certain u r the most disaster gay in this class

Pikahoe: disaster bi but yeaaaa

Pikahoe: wat can i say my quirk destroyed all my braincells lol

EatMyDeku: idk kiri can get p bad sometimes

Hard af: oooo loooook whos one to talk mr “he personally took care of me for like half a day when i was sad and i think i went to heaven”

EatMyDeku: …

EatMyDeku: alright uve made ur point

Tails: this where the real tea at

Mission Kimpossible: maybe the real treasure was the tea we found along the way

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch at least im not like these extras

Tsundere Weeaboo: not a fukcing pussy when it comes to gay shit

EatMyDeku: and yet u cant deal with ur emotions for the life of u

Tsundere Weeaboo: . . .

Tsundere Weeaboo: run

Tsundere Weeaboo logged off

Hard af: gog dammit and he was doing so well

Hard af logged off

Pikahoe: i can hear the music in my head alksjf

EatMyDeku: well boys

EatMyDeku: its been an honor gaming with u

EatMyDeku: i salute u

Homestuck: f

Mission Kimpossible: f

Discount Staples: f

eddrw: f

Pikahoe: f

Newton’s my Bitch: f

Tails: f

bagwet hon hon crescent: f

Bitch Baby: f

Eldritch Angel: f

Pepe Sama: f

Off-brand Zuko: f

eddrw: does is todoroki gayming

Off-brand Zuko: minecraft is my one tru lov

Pikahoe: minecraft made by miku r trans queen

Mission Kimpossible: we stan

EatMyDeku: damn i didnt get the cryptids

Good and Pure: ...or did u

Good and Pure deleted 1 message

EatMyDeku: ???

EatMyDeku: a knee gays by the sounds of explosions coming closer and kiris shouts it seems my time on this earth shall end

EatMyDeku: thank god

Off-brand Zuko: mido

EatMyDeku: right right no more death jokes

EatMyDeku: anna oop-

EatMyDeku logged off

Mission Kimpossible: so like

Mission Kimpossible: should i go spy on the lesbiabs

Off-brand Zuko: we should give them their privacy

Off-brand Zuko: plus their dates prob almost over

Pikahoe: damn time flies when ur dreading ur existence

eddrw: i feel that

Bitch Baby: do you require an emergency council meeting tonight?

Discount Staples: council?

Eldritch Angel: hes talking about their emo meetings

Discount Staples: right right

eddrw: nah man jirous on her date and she prob wont wanna leave momo

Pikahoe: plus we gotta b there to drill the gorls

Hard af logged on

Tsundere Weeaboo logged on

EatMyDeku logged on

EatMyDeku: im live for a bit longer

EatMyDeku: sadly

Off-brand Zuko: mido.

EatMyDeku: yes yes ik ik

Bitch Baby: r u sure we arnt in need of an emergency meeting?

Pikahoe: yea boiii

eddrw: yup

EatMyDeku: totally

Hard af: damn r u guys ok

Hard af: do i need to call in a bakusquad cuddle after school tomorrow

Pikahoe: that’d actually b nice yea

eddrw: imma slut for cuddles

Discount Staples: hells yea cuddles!!!

Homestuck: heeyaw

Hard af: great bakubro we’re meeting up in ur room tomorrow for cuddles

Tsundere Weeaboo: y tf is it always my room shitty hair

Hard af: cause then the whole squads together

Hard af: its not like ud come otherwise

Tsundere Weeaboo: …

Hard af: *dramatic gasp*

Hard af: ...bakubro

Hard af: r u saying ud come anyway

Tsundere Weeaboo: fuck off shitty hair

Discount Staples: THAT WASNT A NO

Homestuck: HE IS SOFT FOR US

Hard af: ,,,so,,,,manly,,

eddrw: you chaotic bastards never cease to amaze me

Pikahoe: we’ll take that as a compliment

EatMyDeku: kachan never fails to surprise me when he soft

EatMyDeku: maybe one day he can actually b...nice

EatMyDeku: lmao i crack myself up

Tsundere Weaboo: DIE SHITTY NERD

Mission Kimpossible: WRONG THE LESBIANS R HERE



Pikahoe: GO GO GO GO GO GO

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Chapter Text

Gay Cinematic Universe

Disaster lesbian: yall wildin smh

Functional lesbian: ive been pleasantly surprised i thought they would b worse

Homestuck: u guys have no faith in us :(((

Pikahoe: dont worry mom

Pikahoe: itll b loads worse when i grill u n jirou seperately

Homestuck: nvm i understand it all now

EatMyDeku: wait what day is it

EatMyDeku: do we have school tomorrow

EatMyDeku: who even am i

EatMyDeku: what am i

EatMyDeku: is there even a point to existence

eddrw: and here we c yet another victim to fall under the rising trend of exisistential crises

eddrw: doctors have yet to figure out y so many gen-z kids have been falling prey the existential dread that comes with living

eddrw: do not fear though children

eddrw: even with global warming, corrupt capitalism, and millions dying due to an imbalance in wealth around the world

eddrw: we still expect u to have faith in the future

Discount Staples: damn

Discount Staples: id ask if ur ok shinbro but honestly

Discount Staples: i feel it

Newton’s my Bitch: i think its tuesday mido

Tails: shit really i thought it was wednesday

Pikahoe: its- its not friday??

Mission Kimpossible: dont think so

Pikahoe: oh

Pikahoe: hhahahahaha thats so completely fineeee

Pikahoe: just a couple more days of soul crushing numbness until the freedom of the weekend

Pikahoe: hahahaha

EatMyDeku: hahahahah

Sugar Daddy: r u guys alright?

eddrw: its the existentialism

eddrw: theyre both probably just sleep deprived

Bitch Baby: just like u i presume

eddrw: damn toko aint playing around

eddrw: its not like ur much better

Bitch Baby: its true but should u say it

Off-brand Zuko: isnt it thursday??

Off-brand Zuko: also midoriya i’m coming with soft blankets and hot cocoa

Off-brand Zuko: ur not getting out of this

EatMyDeku: but the DAY todoroki the day

Off-brand Zuko: it doesnt matter cocoa time

EatMyDeku: ugh fine

EatMyDeku logged off

Off-brand Zuko logged off

Pepe sama: wow such boyfriendisms

Newton’s my Bitch: theyre both so fuckign oblivious

Tsundere Weeaboo: fucking deku for you

Tsundere Weeaboo: shitty nerds fucking denser than i pile of rocks

Homestuck: >_>

Discount Staples: >_>

Pikahoe: >_>

eddrw: >_>

Hard af: >_>

Tsundere Weeaboo: FUCK OFF IM NOT DENSE

Hard af: im not even dignifying this with a response


Homestuck: sorry hun kiris right

Homestuck: then again hes not much better

Hard af: i resent that

Tsundere Weeaboo: tch whatever

bagwet hon hon crescent: where did the lesbians go

Disaster lesbian: damn i thought everyone would of forgotten about us after all of that

Eldritch Angel: us chat cryptids just lurk keeping track of this classes non existent train of thought

Discount Staples: leave the newlyweds alone theyre probably making out in a closet somewhere

Disaster lesbian: o go suck a dick

Discount Staples: gladly

Pikahoe: momo hasnt come on tho has she

Disaster lesbian: fuck u

Disaster lesbian logged off

Homestuck: god they were so soft on the date

Hard af: ikr

Hard af: momo picking an open mic night for jirou and then jirou singing such a soft song

Hard af: need me a boi like that

Pikahoe: lonely single pringles in a single pringle world

Homestuck: shut ur pining asses up

Pikahoe: id b offended if that wasnt the truth

bagwet hon hon crescent: so did we ever figure out what day it is??

eddrw: fuck i cant go through the existential crisis again

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Tomorrow is Wednesday and today is Tuesday.

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Yes we do have school tomorrow.

S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): Please no more existential crises.

Pikahoe: ur not my dad!!

Pikahoe: actually iida ur n upgrade


S(onic)M(aurice)H(edgehog): I’m 16, I’m not ready for the actual responsibilities of a parent.

Pikahoe: dammit

Tails: speaking of dads

Tails: all might is like midoriyas

Pikahoe: me looking at midos and allmights relationship: need me a freak like that

Hard af: kami u good bro???

Pikahoe: nope!

Hard af: bro…

Pikahoe: its good bro im just tired

eddrw: thats cause u havent slept in 3 days

Pikahoe: no u

eddrw: dammit

Discount Staples: do we need to have the emergency bakusquad cuddle meeting today?

Homestuck: cuddlesssssssssss

Pikahoe: nah id rather wait till tomorrow

eddrw: same

Pepe Sama: not to b off topic but...

Pepe Sama: people who hate being werewolves=internalized furryphobia

Pikahoe: …

eddrw: i-

Hard af: actually tho where tf did that come from

Pepe Sama: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Discount Staples: anybody got bleach my eyes r in dire need of it

Homestuck: spare bleach ma’am spare bleach??

bagwet hon hon crescent: if i ever have to read the words furryphobia again i will piss ur pants

Pepe sama: do it coward

Pepe sama: ribbit

Tails: i mean

Tails: she aint wrong







Homestuck: i always knew this day would come

Discount Staples: the furryacolypse has begun

Discount Staples: hide ur children

Pikahoe: GAMERS

Hard af: RISE

eddrw: UP

Eldritch Angel: i question y i havent just left this chat everyday of my life

Bitch Baby: I cannot allow this slander against werewolves stand





Newton’s my Bitch: babe i love u but wtf

Newton’s my Bitch: y u gotta do this

Pepe Sama: im an agent of chaos, ribbit

Newton’s my Bitch: *sigh*

Newton’s my Bitch: so u went with internalized furryphobia

bagwet hon hon crescent: PiSs Ur PaNts

Tails: im not even a fucking furry

Mission Kimpossible: u will b

Tails: kure wtf thats ominous af

Bitch Baby: this makes me supreme furry overlord of class 1A then

Bitch Baby: i take this title with pride

Eldritch Angel: should u tho???

Bitch Baby: yes

Bitch Baby: darkshadow thinks its a great title

Eldritch Angel: i-

Eldritch Angel: no words no words

EatMyDeku logged on



Pikahoe: ah the gay panic

Pikahoe: its been too long since ive had to deal with u

Newton’s my Bitch: didnt u just deal with jirous and momos like yesterday

Pikahoe: hush now sweet one


Hard af: uhhhhhhhh

Hard af: nothing???

Hard af: if u move u might wake him up


eddrw: quick just scroll up n c what u missed


eddrw: DO IT HOE

EatMyDeku: FINE

Discount Staples: what the everloving fuck is going on

bagwet hon hon crescent: i have no clue but im entertained

Homestuck: same

Mission Kimpossible: big same hat mood

EatMyDeku: ew wtf internalized furryphobia

EatMyDeku: as soon as i read that all i could think of was a/b/o

eddrw: o god midoriya u too


Pikahoe: walks up to couple: so which one of you’s the omega and which one’s the alpha



Newton’s my Bitch: im,,,,phuckin,,,,,crying,,,

Pepe Sama: everyday r class strays farther from the light, ribbit

EatMyDeku: a/b/o is an abomination on this earth

eddrw: preach

eddrw: my plan worked tho

eddrw: uve been distracted from ur gay panic

EatMyDeku: but was it worth it

eddrw: honestly no i fucking lsjgd

Pikahoe: shinsou keysmashed

Pikahoe: thats gay


Pikahoe: fuck dammit

Disaster lesbian logged on

Functional lesbian: do i want to know y aoyama is having a mental breakdown in the hallway

Disaster lesbian: probably not

Pikahoe: 3 words

Pikahoe: alpha, beta, omega

Disaster lesbian: i hate u all

Functional lesbian: im confusion??

Disaster lesbian: whatever u do dont look it up

Functional lesbian: but-

Disaster lesbian: trust me

Functional lesbian: okay

Mission Kimpossible: So u guys wanna hear what a/b/o dynamics i think fit everyone in r class?

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Mission Kimpossible: damn

Good and Pure: (´・ω・`)?

Mission Kimpossible: wait kouda u wanna know

Good and Pure: (¬‿¬)

Mission Kimpossible: holy shit

Mission Kimpossible: to the dms!

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