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Surprise! Happy Birthday Shinsou!

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[Support Team For a Reckless Vigilante Idiot]



Aaand it's July first

Show of hands, who feels like they've done nothing all year


#1 Support Course Student:


i've only built 59 babies so far this year, omg, that's 14 less than last year,,,, i'm a failure,,,,


Reckless Vigilante Idiot:

I mean, if you ask UA they'll say I haven't done anything all year, but you know :/






it's july 1?



Wait, today is July first?


Palm Tree:





today's my birthday


Reckless Vigilante Idiot:



#1 Support Course Student:





it never came up

i don't know anyone else's birthdays here


#1 Support Course Student:


We Will Remedy That Later


Emergency meeting. We must get together and figure out what to do for his birthday.



you really don't have to do anything for my birthday


Reckless Vigilante Idiot:




okay fine

They meet up together at Dagobah Beach, as per usual. 

Hitoshi thinks that... doing this is excessive and unnecessary. He's never really made a big deal out of his birthday before, why start now? It's not all that special. It comes every single year and everything. 

And yet, Hatsume paces back and forth, and the whole group is trying to think of what to do today. 

"I wish I had known sooner," Midoriya mumbles. "I could have tried to make you something."

"You already make me lots of gadgets," Hitoshi points out. "And you could give it to me any other day, too. I'm not gonna disappear tomorrow."

"But today is special!" Natuski insists.

"...Not really."

There's more silence as they stand (or in some cases, sit) around, thinking. 

Hitoshi just sighs to himself and shakes his head. Looks like he's getting nowhere with making them give up, huh...?

"...We could go to the mall and hang out, and maybe buy presents while we're there," Todoroki suggests.

Hatsume claps her hands together and points to him, "Perfect! Brilliant! Let's do it."

"Really guys, I don't mind-"

"I think it's a good idea too!" Midoriya jumps in. "Sounds like fun!"


Despite Hitoshi's protests, the group heads to the mall.

They walk around for a while, going in and out of various different stores. 

Hitoshi never knows how much Garby can understand, exactly (he is a ferret and all) but Garby must know something because he spends the whole time resting around Hitoshi's shoulders (even though usually only Midoriya gets that kind of treatment from the ferret). 

As for the other people in the group, they seem to be making a game of trying to sneakily buy things, and the presenting them to him seconds later once they're officially bought. With varying degrees of success. 

For example, he definitely notices Hatsume as she buys him a Hello Kitty shirt, but he's pretty sure it's intentional. And he knows it's a gag gift, but Hitoshi is definitely going to wear it now, all the time. Definitely ironically, and not because he's actually secretly thrilled that they're all buying him gifts. 

Todoroki doesn't try to hide it when he buys something, but at first Hitoshi almost doesn't catch it; because when they ask, "Hey, Todoroki, why are you buying that stuffed ferret," he answers that apparently it's his older brother's birthday, and that after Garby went and messed with Endeavor, his older brother was very much a fan of that ferret. But, Hitoshi catches him subtly hiding a gift behind the stuffed ferret, and as soon as it's bought, Todoroki turns to him and hands him a snow globe; it's pretty cool, to be honest. 

Honestly, he has no idea how Natsuki did it, but almost out of nowhere she gives him a nice lilac colored scarf as a present; looks like she's the winner for stealthy prize buying. 

After that, they get lunch. They all agree to pay for themselves; except, then, when Hitoshi goes to pay, Sora quickly jumps in and pays for him. Hitoshi could probably stop him if he wanted to, but instead he just accepts it with a heavy sigh.


The last to buy a gift is Midoriya. Midoriya actually manages to catch him off guard again, because Hitoshi was distracted by Garby (did they somehow plot that out, can Midoriya speak ferret?). And so, Midoriya hands him... a video game case?

"What's this?" Hitoshi asks, accepting it. He looks it over and reads the title, "Rune Factory?" 

He's never actually heard of this game before. 

"Well, um," Midoriya explains, "I remember that during the Sports Festival, you mentioned that you like Animal Crossing, and so... at first, I thought I'd buy an Animal Crossing game for you, but then I realized you probably already had it, so that would be kinda pointless. Then I thought about buying you something similar, so... here! It's a pretty fun game."

Hitoshi blinks in surprise. He hadn't expected Midoriya to remember something like that, actually. He hardly remembers it himself. 

"...Thanks," Hitoshi mumbles eventually, not sure what else to say.

Midoriya smiles at him. "Well? Was this really such a bad way to spend your birthday?"

Hitoshi sighs and rolls his eyes. "You guys are always so over-dramatic." After a moment though, he mumbles to himself, "But... yeah I enjoyed it." 

He wasn't sure if Midoriya would hear that part, but Midoriya turns and beams at him. 

Hitoshi glances away, trying to act annoyed.

But... maybe having his friends fuss over him for once isn't all that bad.