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For once can we act we can't

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phantom theives chat

Panther: why did we agree to do this?!?

Skull: it's  the right thing to do Ann

Joker: in the words of ryuji "The cops ain't gonna do shit"


Joker: he is using people's talents to become famous and plagiarize the creations of those students

Pather:... your right

Skull: hey akira quick question

Joker: and I have an answer

Skull: did ya say something about kitagawa?

Joker: ...maybe

Panther: gay

Skull: gay

Joker this is abuse

Panther: only to you

Joker: shit you rite

Panther: hay akira?

Joker: no I can't switch places with you

Panther: pussy

Joker: bitch

Skull: listen ladies your great in all but shut the eef off

Panther says you hoe

Joker: good fucking luck

Panther: thanks I guess

May 19th In madarame's palace

(3rd pov)

"I'm worried about those two, I hope they make it out" Ryuji said waiting for his other teammates while Akira looked around for any enemies lurking. "I'm a bit worried for yusuke as well" Akira said turning his attention towards Ryuji until a scream interrupt the conversation. "Jesus christ-" Ryuji said as two figures fell from the sky. "Well damn panther way to make an entrance" akira said while Ryuji stood there in shock, and then Mona descended from the sky hitting yusuke on the head. "Well that escalated quickly" ryuji said. "Hey will you let go of me already" Ann yelled while in yusuke's arm then hitting him and now ended up out cold. "ANN YOU KILLED HIM!!!!" Akira yelled while Ann started to panic.

~few minutes later~

"HE LIVES" Ann yells as yusuke starts to sit up, "who are you all?" He questions looking at everyone. Ann trying to help while Ryuji and Akira just stood there questioning to how and why. "I don't remember the cat costume before?" Yusuke said looking and up and down. "Kinky" akira mumble under his breath and ryuji tried to cover his laugh with a cough, Ann shot a glare at the both of them before answering yusuke questions and trying to help him understand where he is and how madarame truly feels. "If everything you say is true...Then the sensei I know doesn't exist" yusuke said really sad and still wanted to denied it but he could not run from it not again. "We need to get out of here" Morgana said. Akira started to lead them out hoping to get Yusuke out to safety. "It's quiet...too quiet" Ryuji said before madarame shadow showed up and Yusuke awaken his persona.

May 19 after place exploration

Phantom theives chat

Joker: fuck me that was very artistic

Panther: it fit him very well

Skull: is he one of us?

Joker: for now yes

Panther: shit I left majority of my clothes at his place

Skull: wait that was your plan

Joker: so you looked like that one chick from Willy Wonka?

Skull: Ann.jpg

Panther: wow rude

Joker: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


A/n: a decision that may come bit me in the ass, so at the moment I might be going to fan x in September and will be and idiot running around and might change and update this differently idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ~doll