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Intruders at the dorm

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Jimin and Jungkook were alone at the dorm that night, the boys left to record some parts for their upcoming song but Jimin and Jungkook already had recorded theirs. They were in the living-room, Jungkook was watching TV while Jimin was on his phone, probably scrolling through one of his numerous apps. The dancer stood up and made his way to the kitchen, Jungkook turned his head intrigued by the motion but quickly focused back on whatever was on TV.


“Kook?” Jimin shouted from the kitchen less than 30 seconds later.


“Yeah?” the maknae answered, not looking away from the screen.


“Did you eat the last ice-cream?” he asked, peeking in the living-room, he went on: “There was one left?”


“Hum, no I didn’t? One of the guys probably took it before leaving.” Jungkook answered, shrugging his shoulders.


“The guys left this afternoon, there were two left when I took one after they were gone…” Jimin thought out loud, he came closer to Jungkook and stood in front of the TV blocking the view. He then sat on the youngest’s laps.


“You’re sure of that?” Jungkook asked, a false look of innocence on his face, he tilted his head before leaning in to kiss the dancer, “Someone must have broken… into the dorm… and taken your ice-cream…” he added in between loving kisses, Jimin broke the kiss.


“You liar you taste like chocolate and raspberry!” Jimin giggled and hit the singer with a pillow that was on the couch next to them.


“Busted.” Jungkook let out before putting his hands up, Jimin tried to get up but the maknae grabbed his waist and pulled him back in his arms. “I didn’t know you were keeping it for later… “He whined taking advantage of his cute doe eyes.


“Not sure I can forgive you…” Jimin said, pretending to be mad, truth be told, he was an amazing singer and an incredible dancer but acting was something else, “I’m going to bed.” He sighed before squirming away from Jungkook’s hold, he got up, stood in front of the TV again and crossed his arms, Jungkook was staring at him not saying a word. “You’re just gonna stare, huh? Aren’t you gonna say something?” he asked trying not to smile to get Jungkook to apologize.


“Sorry you’re just too beautiful I got lost in your eyes again.” The singer replied and smiled, showing off his charming bunny teeth. Jimin grabbed the nearest pillow and threw it at Jungkook’s face.


“Quit it already.” He giggled before turning his back to Jungkook and headed towards his room.


“You know what? I’m going to bed too…” the maknae declared, he got up, turned the TV off and followed Jimin. Jimin was about to close the door to his room when Jungkook stopped in front of him as if he was waiting to get in.


“That’s my room idiot…” Jimin chuckled as he blocked the door not moving an inch to prevent Jungkook from coming in.


“Yeah… I know…” Jungkook said and winked attractively before putting his arms around Jimin’s midriff lifting him up. The dancer’s feet now off the floor, Jungkook was fully carrying him, he walked in and pushed the door with his foot to close it behind him.


“Hey put me down, stop it!” Jimin shouted, they were both laughing at this point, Jungkook dived on Jimin’s bed causing the oldest to land first on his back with Jungkook on top of him. Jimin pushed Jungkook’s hair back, they were looking into each other’s eyes when Jimin frowned all of a sudden.


“What is it?” Jungkook asked.


“You don’t hear that?” Jimin asked him worryingly.


“Yeah, that’s probably my heart, it’s beating so fast right now.” Jungkook answered joking around, Jimin would have normally laughed straight away but at this moment, laughing didn’t seem like the right thing to do. Instead, he pushed the maknae off him, Jungkook didn’t resist even though he didn’t understand what was going on. They were now laying down next to each other.


“No idiot… Is there someone in the dorm?” Jimin asked, he was distracted, something was definitely bothering him.


“No, all the guys left this afternoon,” Jungkook answered confusedly, when Jimin didn’t answer he went on: “you’re starting to scare me Jimin what is it?”, suddenly, a loud noise rang out, they looked at each other, eyes widening. “Shit…” he let out before getting up immediately.


“No wait! What are you doing?!” Jimin yelled in a whisper. Jungkook shushed him putting a finger on his mouth, there was definitely someone else in the dorm. They were both more confused than scared at this point but fear quickly caught up. Jungkook got closer to the door to hear what was going on, he opened the door slightly and gave a quick look outside cautiously, he closed the door straight away and turned his back to the door to face Jimin who was still on the bed. “What did you see?!” the dancer asked, still whispering in case someone could hear them.


“Nothing it was too fast, but I heard something and panicked.” Jungkook whispered speaking as fast as he could. “What do we do?!” he asked, clearly panicking. They heard footsteps before they could make out some kind of bustle coming from the living-room.


“It can’t be the guys… can it be a manager?!” Jimin asked trying to come up with something logical before fully panicking. Jungkook decided to open the door again to take a good look in the corridor, he carefully peeked outside. What he saw made his eyes widen, he closed the door even faster than the first time, he took a few steps back as he started to breathe heavily.


“Kook?!” Jimin exclaimed waiting for Jungkook to tell him what was going on.


“A bunch of dudes dressed in black with creepy masks…” Jungkook answered, his vocal cords barely cooperating.


“Oh god…Do you have your phone?!” Jimin asked still whispering. Jungkook’s eyes instantly lit up but he quickly face-palmed.


“No… I left it in the living room…” he answered; his hand still pressed against his forehead. They both stopped talking when they heard unfamiliar voices, they just froze and stared at each other.


“Can’t believe it was that easy to get in here…” a man’s voice said.


“These boys are gonna make us so rich.” another voice added.


“You’re sure they’re not here boss?”


“Yes, I already told you I checked their schedule, we have the night ahead of us but let’s make it quick.” The guy who was most likely the boss answered, he added: “Let’s split up, take everything that might be valuable.”


“Boss look…” one of them said, he went on: “You think they would leave without their phone?”. Jimin and Jungkook’s eyes got bigger at the same time, *They found my phone… shit* Jungkook thought, he got closer to Jimin, sat on the bed and grabbed his hand tightly.


“Where’s your phone?” Jungkook asked in a whisper.


“I-I don’t know...” Jimin replied, he bit his lips, looked down and squeezed Jungkook’s hand even tighter. The men got closer to their room as the voices could be heard more distinctly.


“Nothing to worry about, you forget your phone, when you’re in a rush, I don’t know, it happens sometimes, don’t worry no one’s here.” The boss declared. Jimin suddenly let go of Jungkook’s hand.


“Kook… I think I left it in the kitchen…” the dancer whispered and put his hand in front of his mouth once he realized what that meant if the men that broke in found it. Jungkook patted Jimin’s shoulder hoping that would calm him down.


“We have to do something… we need to get a phone and call the police…” Jungkook stated not looking away from Jimin, they were both sitting on the bed, facing the door.


“Y-yeah I know…” the dancer replied nervously, “I heard four voices, how many of them did you see?” he asked.


“I saw three guys but I’m pretty sure they were facing someone, so yeah, there are four of them, or maybe five… maximum five.” Jungkook detailed as he tried to remember what he witnessed.


“Could we take them down?” Jimin wondered. Jungkook hesitated before answering.


“I… We could but it’s risky… We should focus on getting a phone and if we gotta put up a fight to do so, we will… Okay?” The singer replied taking Jimin’s hands in his.


“You’re right… so what should we…” Jimin began but he got interrupted.


“Hum guys… there’s another phone here in the kitchen…” a loud voice said from outside.


“Two of them forgot their phone?” One of them asked suspiciously. Jimin and Jungkook didn’t move, both bit their lips, they were still holding hands.


“Let’s not dwell on that, it’s nothing, just take what you can and let’s get out of here.” The boss demanded. Jimin and Jungkook started to relax, those men were not here to hurt them, they were just burglars…


“Imagine all the money we’re gonna get from selling their stuff dude that’s sick.” One of the voices exclaimed cheerfully.


“Yeah but imagine all the money we could have gotten if we decided to take them and ask for a ransom.” another guy added. The youngest let out a whimper unintentionally, Jimin quickly put his hand on Jungkook’s mouth. The voices continued talking.


“I told you, that’s too risky, we don’t wanna be caught, what we find here will be more than enough.” The boss claimed dryly.


“If they’re searching the whole dorm, they’re gonna come here at some point…” Jimin whispered after letting go of Jungkook’s mouth.


“I know, I know… we need a distraction, one of us needs to distract them while the other go gets a phone, without them noticing if that’s possible.” Jungkook thought.


“I might have an idea… I don’t know if it’ll be okay, but they’ll be here soon, so you hide, I’ll pretend to sleep when they come in here. If they think I’m asleep, they might leave me alone.” he started to explain. Jungkook didn’t seem to get it, he shook his head as he was thinking of what to say to refuse Jimin’s decision of being the distraction.


“No. No huh, that won’t do…” the maknae answered, still shaking his head, biting his upper lip. Jimin kept going as if Jungkook didn’t say a thing.


“You know what we’re gonna do… you’ll hide in the corner here behind the door, they won’t see you when they come in, but they’ll see me, on the bed, they’ll get closer to the bed, as soon as you have the opportunity you run, they won’t be able to react quickly, I’m relying on the element of surprise… Use that gap of time, it’ll allow you to sprint out of here and grab a phone.” the dancer tried to explain. A silence followed, they could still hear the burglars, but they were too busy thinking to pay attention to them. Jungkook was sceptical, he wasn’t fond of the idea but didn’t say a thing as he didn’t have a better one. Jimin went on: “When you leave the room, close the door and lock us in, that way, they won’t be able to stop you nor escape.”


“No Jimin wait… you want me to lock you with… them? In your room?” Jungkook asked baffled, “Why can’t we both try to run together?” he added.


“Because we need a distraction, I’ll be the distraction to keep them all busy here while you call the police. Kook you’re faster than me, once you have a shot, just run and block the door, the police are supposed to act quickly, I can fight for myself. It’ll only be? 10 minutes? The time for the police to show up.” Jimin argued. Jungkook was reluctant but he knew Jimin could handle four guys, he knew he was way stronger than most people thought he was, and that’s why he eventually agreed. He got up and hid in the corner behind the door. Thirty seconds later, Jimin was laying on his bed, the voices were getting louder and louder, Jimin and Jungkook both hold their breath unintentionally, when Jimin’s door got opened, they closed their eyes tightly at the same time.


“Fuck!” the man that got in exclaimed before dropping his bag, “Guys!” he yelled. The others quickly came to him. “What the fuck boss?! We were supposed to be alone!” he added; he was clearly more than annoyed.


“There must have been a last-minute change in their schedule I told you I checked I don’t know what’s that about…” the boss replied to justify his mistake.


“What do we do? He’s sleeping…” one of them said.


“Boss? Can’t you see it’s a sign?” another one added, Jimin tensed up, he didn’t know if moving was the best idea at this point. He guessed waiting for Jungkook to make his first move would be more logical.


“What are you saying?” The boss asked to the man who was talking about it being a sign. Jungkook was pressed against the wall, he was waiting for them to get closer to the bed to let him enough space to run but they stood right next to him.


“He’s asleep, all alone, and we’re here… Can’t you see? We have to take him!” the man answered.


“I told you I didn’t want to be reckless.” The boss declared.


“Think about it man, he’s right here and we’re already here, as if a kidnapping was more reckless than a burglary… We just take him with us, ask for some money, once we have it, we let him go and we’re rich for the rest of our life.” He pointed out. The boss was dubious, but he was actually considering it. They all stepped in and got closer to the bed. Jimin’s breath quickened, he could feel the men being right next to the bed. Jungkook had trouble keeping his breathing stable, his nails digging into his palms to calm down. One of them waved his hand in front of Jimin’s closed eyes to see if he was sleeping deeply, suddenly the dancer felt a hand on his shoulder, he opened his eyes straight away and flinched letting out an unexpected whimper. Once he heard Jimin’s voice, Jungkook burst out of behind the door and ran outside, he closed the door behind him after getting out. As Jimin predicted, the burglars were flabbergasted and froze for some time allowing Jungkook to get out.


“BLOCK THE DOOR KOOK!” Jimin yelled, one of the men had grabbed his shirt collar. Jungkook managed to block the door from the outside by sticking the first thing he found to block the handle. He then made a run towards the closest phone.


“HOLD ON JIMIN-NAH!” he shouted as he made his way through the dorm.


“FUCK!” the four men forgot about Jimin for two seconds as they tried to open the door, but it wasn’t moving, they turned to Jimin who rolled off the bed and grabbed the first thing he found to use as a weapon that happened to be the lamp on his nigh table.


“Don’t you get closer!” he yelled as soon as they turned to face him, clearly not intimidating them. “KOOK HURRY!” he added when two of them rushed towards him while the other two were looking around to see if there was anything they could use to open the door. He managed to hit them both with the lamp and dodged two punches before one of them grabbed him from behind, he stepped as hard as he could on the man’s shoes causing him to let go. Just like Jungkook thought, Jimin was way stronger than they thought. He grabbed the glass that was on his night table and smashed it on one of the men’s head, the man collapsed on the carpet straight away, Jimin’s hand was starting bleed. Three left. Jimin dodged another punch with a backward roll on the bed, took a chair to use it as a shield first and then bashed one of the burglars with it. Two of them were out on the floor, Jimin was trying to catch his breath when one of the men tackled him and, in the meantime, pushed him into the other’s arms. The three of them fell on the bed as Jimin stumbled backwards and landed on one of the burglars. The boss was the only one still standing, he was almost straddling Jimin as his partner was holding him firmly, his arms around the dancer’s waist, pressing his arms against his body. Jimin tried to squirm away but he was too tired, there weren’t much strength left in him after the fight he had to put up. Suddenly Jungkook burst in, a rolling pin in his right hand.


“Jimin the police are coming you okay?!” Jungkook yelled panting. When he came in, there were two men unconscious on the floor, one with a bloodied face. He saw a man on the bed on his back holding Jimin around the stomach while the last man was hovering over the bed, punching Jimin, almost hitting his partner who was restraining the dancer each time. Jungkook ran towards the guy and bashed his face in with the rolling pin he quickly grabbed in the kitchen after calling the police, the man collapsed straight away. Jimin managed to roll on his stomach making the man that was under him straddle his back, it allowed Jungkook to grab the man more easily. He got him off Jimin and pushed him against Jimin’s chest of drawers. The man put his hands up almost straight away after the impact.


“Please stop I-I surrender!” he stuttered. Jungkook decided to let go of him, it wasn't worth it.


Jimin got up painfully, his upper lip was bleeding, just like the hand he used to smash the glass, a red welt was also starting to form under his right eye, Jungkook let the rolling pin fall on the floor before rushing to hold Jimin in his arms.


“Babe you okay?!” Jungkook asked before cupping Jimin’s cheeks to examine him closely, he kept pushing the dancer’s hair back.


“Yes, yes I am, are you?” Jimin asked back, Jungkook didn’t answer though, instead he kissed him. They were both so proud of the other, so glad they had each other, so glad nothing horrible happened. They were safe into the other’s arms. They felt they could face everything together.


“You guys are together?” the only man that was still conscious on the floor against the chest of drawers asked, both Jimin and Jungkook turned to look at him. Jungkook sighed before back kicking him in the face. Jimin and Jungkook fell into each other’s arms before someone knocked on the front door.


“Police! Open the door!”