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Fall and Rise (Jump!AU by @erratic.cosplay on TicToc)

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It started with him.




And it ended with Kacchan.


Stupid Deku.


The end of class was great, it meant that he could go home, give his mom a hug, and smile. During class, he had to be quiet. No talking, no smiling. Out of sight, out of mind. Or that’s how it was supposed to go. Kacch- no, Bakugou, would still torment him no matter how quiet he was.


His smiles to his mom were getting worse.




As the pain of his school life slowly tainted his home life. His happy life. Maybe Inko wouldn’t notice. Maybe he can pretend it doesn’t happen and he can live a happy life, semi-happy life. 


He should’ve thought better.


His mom knew something was wrong. He was coming home with a smile on his face every day, that was normal. But each day, it got harder and harder for his smile to reach his eyes. To be true.

He still tried to be happy though, so maybe he wasn’t fully gone. 


She was wrong.


It went to cutting. 


Controlling a little bit of pain in his life seemed to take some of the other pain away.

He knew this wasn’t healthy, but he didn’t care at this point. He just wanted the pain to stop.


He would be lying if he said that his mind didn’t occasionally drift to a permanent release.


The last day. 

No, not of school.

Well, for most at least.


In the middle of the school year, the teacher brought up future careers. Brought up heroes.  

And brought attention to him. Deku.


He escaped Bakugou’s physical torment that day but in exchange for no bruises or burns, he got a break. 


“Why don’t you take a swan dive off the roof of the building…”


His heart shattered, into so many pieces that it would take a thousand years of searching for all the parts if one wanted to put it back together. Not that he would even give them a week to fix it.




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The wind blew. An icy reminder of Bakugou’s cold heart.

The cold of the roof soaked into his bare feet, his shoes left behind.

His heart pounded in his chest as he stepped closer to the edge.


A step.


A second step.


A third step. The edge is closer now.


A Fourth step. So close. The apology note in his pocket seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, weighed down by the guilt of his mom’s face. How would she react when she found out? How broken would her heart be? Would she cry so much that she would rupture her tear ducts and cry blood? The same blood that would match what was surrounding his body when it was over?


And the step never hits the roof. 




The wind rushing through his hair and dried his eyes of the tears. 

The wind made it hard to hear but the shrieks of terror of those walking along the sidewalk aren’t very easy to cover.

Some people panicked, not knowing how to help.

Some people closed their eyes and blocked their ears, not ready for the sight and sound of the impact.

Some people grabbed their phones and called the paramedics, not knowing if they would be able to save him from the fall.

Some people grabbed their phones and set it to record, not knowing how insensitive they were being.


The fall gained speed and he closed his eyes in bliss, the feeling of flying was a wonderful thing.

And then there was no feeling at all.





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Something went wrong. Izuku could sense the world around him, and dead people could not do that. It came back in pieces.


First, it was the pounding in his head.


Then, it was the buzz of the cars driving by, some stopping.


Next, it was the sirens and the murmur of the surrounding crowd.


Finally, his vision cleared, and the scene below was brought into view.


He was laying on the floor, his torso propped up on the wall of the building he had jumped from. He could see the caution tape blocking off a large section of the side-walk and the police officers we’re standing huddled over something that Izuku couldn’t see. He could see a big puddle of blood and smaller splashes of the shattered red surrounding the area. This definitely wasn’t right.


Izuku moved to stand, expecting pain from the movements. But when no pain came, he panicked. He moved his hands in front of his face and noticed an immediate problem. His hands and arms were semi-see through. Transparent. He quickly scanned the rest of his body and came to the conclusion of Yep, this is definitely not normal.


Izuku was confused. How had this never been recorded before? Is this normal? What’s going on?


He got up and sort of half walked-half floated over to the cops. When he got there he saw his own dead body lying there surrounded by a puddle of his own crimson blood. His body was bruised and had a few bones sticking out of its arms and legs. The clothes, skin, and floor were covered in blood, staining the concrete a foreboding shade of scarlet. 


The police were examining the scene, inspecting to wounds, and sending some people up to inspect the roof. Izuku quietly sat and watched as they turned out his pockets and found his note.


“I’m sorry mom” Izuku whispered, sending his message to the sky. He panicked a second after, hoping that the officers couldn’t hear a ghost but the officer just shivered as if a cold wind blew by and went back to work. That solves one thing.


Izuku sat there, watching them work. Calling his mom, giving her the note, them cleaning up, answering the reporters. Izuku sat there for hours but he never got tired. Probably because he was dead.


It took a while to get used to. The feeling of existing but not. Hearing but not being heard. 


Something he found out was that if he wanted to touch something he could but if he wasn’t thinking about it everything would go through him. He also got a hang of the floating, being able to fly was new. He found out that he didn't need to sleep but he could if he wanted to. He also couldn't eat but he didn't get hungry so he guessed it was okay. It was a bit of a struggle until he met another ghost. Apparently, this was normal. When someone dies but their soul wasn’t satisfied they would come back as a ghost until they could make their soul feel complete.


Izuku wasn’t sure what his soul wanted. Was it a happy ending? A chance to finish his hero notes? Heroes. That was it.


His biggest dream was to go to Yuuei. So that’s what he would do.