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Ladynoir July 2019

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Ladybug leaped to the next rooftop and smiled to herself when she spotted her partner. Chat was sitting on the edge of a roof about a block away, back to her. She changed trajectory and headed towards him.

“Good evening, My Lady,” Chat said the moment her boots touched down behind him. He didn’t then to look at her, but after so long together, both had a sixth sense as to where the other was.

“It’s really more like ‘good morning’, don’t you think?” Ladybug said, moving to sit beside him. It was almost 6am.

Chat shrugged. “I guess at this point it’s all the same,” he said.

Ladybug studied the side of his face. He looked unusually pensive. He hadn’t even smiled at her yet. She found herself feeling oddly bereft, and leaned forward to touch his arm.

Chaton, are you okay?” she asked. “Why are you out so late?”

He sighed and finally turned to look at her. “Do you ever wonder if Master Fu made a mistake giving us our miraculous?” he asked.

“What?” Ladybug’s eyes widened. “What brought that on?”

“Nothing really. I was just thinking… he told me gave me my miraculous because I stopped to help an old man up, even though it meant giving up on what I really wanted.” Chat held his hand up so they could both see his ring. “It seems risky to bestow so much power on someone based on a five minute interaction.”

Ladybug thought about that for a few seconds, then said, “I guess you have a point. He gave me mine because I pulled him back from stepping out in front of a car even though I was late.”

Chat finally smiled. “An everyday Ladybug even before Paris even knew who Ladybug was,” he teased.

She blushed and swatted at his arm. “Don’t tease. I’m being serious.”

“So was I.”

“But I also think that Master Fu could see more in us than we could see in ourselves,” she went on. “And his decision turned out to be a good one. I can’t imagine anyone else being my partner, Adrien.”

He turned to her at the sound of his real name, eyes wide and vulnerable. “Really?”

“Of course!” Ladybug said, wrapping her arms around his. She leaned into his side and rested her head on his shoulder.

“I can’t imagine anyone else as Ladybug. You’re the hero Paris always needed, Marinette,” he whispered.

Her blush deepened. “We’re an ideal pair,” she said. “Or at least I think we are. Separately we might not be perfect, but we’re two sides of the same soul. We make up for each other’s short-comings and weaknesses. Maybe that’s what Master Fu could see, and that’s why he chose us.”

Chat relaxed into her and rested his head atop hers. “Maybe you’re right. I didn’t think about it like that.”

“Of course I’m right. I’m always right.”

He laughed, and it was heavy with the rumble of a purr, and Ladybug smiled. She intertwined their fingers, and they settled down to watch the sun rise together.