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My Light In The Dark

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Izuku Midoriya, a young boy. Bright, intelligent, and eager to learn more- yet also weak, terrified, and scarred for life;

He as of now was sitting in his classroom, Aldera Junior high, curled into his seat sitting in the back. The boy was dressed in his black uniform, the collar and long sleeves hiding the bruises and burns. His head was down, a colorful forest green nest of hair on his head and similar emerald colored eyes head from under the unruly mess of hair. His cheeks, a constellation of freckles spread across them; more traveled on the back of his neck, forearms and shoulders. Though at the moment while he could look like a pure angel with his adorable looks, his face was currently blotched red from the stressing of tears which tracked down his cheeks. Eyes screwed shut, fingernails digging into the sides of his chair and body trembling from fear.

An angry snarl was right against his ear, hot breath burning against it as his tormentor let out one venomous word. "Deku.." the young boy felt a shiver run up his spine in fear, tensing up immensely more than he already was. Blonde spiky hair lifted up along with the head, piercing ruby eyes staring down the green haired boy. Bakugou Katsuki, a man of great power and greater ego capacity. Known for his amazing quirk of explosions and hotheaded, brashness that reached unholy levels. He was the main bully in Izuku's life despite, ironically enough, once being the friend of him.

"you know.. you should just throw yourself off a tall building, your worthlessness is sickening so why not just end it all and be an actual use to others hm? No one would have to see your quirkless ass again" The blond sneered, anger reverting off of him in waves. He smirked, turning on his heel before making his way to the door his lackeys following behind himself as he left the shivering and sniffling Deku.

Izuku let out a heavy breath, though it was shaky just like the rest of him thoughts a jumbled mess. He sat there longer than he usually would, staring at the wall as he tried to calm down but as he did one thought slowly made it's way to the front of his brain, it
unmistakingly clear. 'just end yourself'. he kept quiet as he focused on his breathing, heart still thumping against his chest hard and loud. It took a while but he soon managed to steady himself, to the point he could hear the school slowly locking up and turning off for the night. He stood, bag being shouldered on as he made dragging steps to and out the door. He would've went out the front door but instead, took and turn and headed up the stairs and to the roof of the building which was unlocked.

Whether it was from fate or not he had no clue.

Standing on top of the roof, he let all the details from around him becoming more and more clear. The breeze that brushed by ruffling through his messy green hair, the sound of cars driving through the streets their horns honking painfully loud, the sound of people walking and talking down below seemingly so happy like nothing was wrong in the world or anything. He inhaled, the waft of food taking to his senses; despite all events and tragedies he felt a small smile pull at his lips. Tossing his bag to the railing he followed after it, footsteps seeming much louder along with his thoughts as he made up his mind on what he was to do.

He peeled off his jacket, the black material dropping right beside the bright yellow bag. He slipped off his red shoes and set them beside his bag as he slowly crawled over the railing but as he stood at the edge, body high and hands gripping his only outing he finally stopped to think clearly.

And when he did, he almost hurled himself back over the railing. Almost

Memories of his mother flooded through his mind and even when he closed his eyes, shakily trying not to panic, he still saw her. 'this.. this is for the best.. I'm useless.. I can't help nor protect her, I'm weak and just being a problem' that's what he thought. I mean, he had no friends, Bakugou his old friend was now a everyday reminder of how much of a useless shit stain he was to the world, teachers didn't care about him as they turned their heads at his abuse and suffering. so yeah, he made up his mind.

that's what coaxed him to slowly release the railing. Pale thin fingers slowly let go of the railing body going limp as he fell, wind rushing past his body. He blinked slowly tears filling his eyes and he managed a shaky smile. "goodbye mom.. i'm sorry I couldn't be a better son.." were the final words he whispered, as he let the black void slide over him despite the blindingly hot pain that shifted over him a few seconds before he was out.