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Who Knew Bargains and Deals Created Love?

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A King's Tale

Everyone knew better than to mess with the Grindelwalds, the wealthiest and the strongest royal family in all of first reason is the family is royal and must be respected, two; the family is full of dark wizards.

In fact, dark isn't even a word. It seemed as if they are born with the knowledge of dark ancient and dangerous magic, for every one of them grew up cold and merciless.

Hermann Grindelwald is no exception. He ruled without mercy and care, people were treated as if they're dirt under his shoes, women were being treated very unfairly. But none dared to complain out of fear, Hermann isn't the best person to mess with.

Though with all of that happening, the people are rich. It isn't a surprise to see the people in the kingdom wearing their best clothes and to see women wearing their gold and showing them off to the onlookers. If anyone were to look, they would of thought the ruler is a fair caring king, but it's a whole different story.

The king married a king from a very noble and wealthy family. Of course, he chose her to be from the kingdom, saying he refuses to let his children be half of intruders. The woman agreed and they wedded in December and had their first child on a very rainy September night.

Hermann named him Herbert, his wife - Adele - wanted to name him Gellert but he said to leave it for the next son.

Both Hermann and Adele didn't want to show their child any affection and love as to not make him feel weak and rely too much on them, but alas, their son made that impossible. He cried a lot and begged for a lot of attention, crying when his parents walked past, clinging to their legs whenever he saw them and annoyed them when he is bored.

By the time he is three years old, his parents got tired of - in their own opinion - stupid behavior and agreed to have another boy.

" He's just a child my lady", a nanny said a she held little Herbert tightly in her arms. The poor boy is crying and holding his arms out to his mother who refused to budge.

" He should know better, he will be king one day and he will have to learn from the very start", Adele said as she scowled. Her silky shinning blonde hair shone in the rays of sunshine.

" But he is still far too young", the nanny replied hesitantly afraid of the reaction of the queen.

Adele snapped her death like stare to the nanny with coldness in her eyes that would surely turn the warmest of places as cold as the icy cold Russian Winters.

" You dare to tell me what to do?", the queen asked slowly and quietly, her voice never above a whisper which made it even more terrifying.

" I'm sorry my queen I-", the nanny said in a fearful tone, but the look the queen gave her silenced her.

" I forgive you becuase it's the first time, but you should know, I won't forgive the next time", was the queen' icy and merciless reply. " Understood?", she asked whispering slowly.

The nanny could feel her heart hammering in her chest, her throat burned, her eyes stung and she felt hot all over her body.

It took her time to have the courage to nod her head, it took her even more so to collect her voice and speak in a frightened tone : "Understood my lady".

The queen smiled. But it wasn't a bright and warm, it was the kind of I'm-going-to-kill-you-if-you-do-it-again smile, icy and cold.

" Good", the queen said as she stared down at her flat stomach and gave a wicked grin. " I can tell this one will be normal, a true Grindelwald", she said as she patted her stomach.

To anyone else, it might just look like a simple beautiful queen happy to have her second child, but the nanny knew better.


Just like the queen said, Gellert Grindewlad is far more ' normal ' than his older brother.

He didn't cry, didn't beg for any attention, didn't like to play with toys and preferred to listen to old legends.

The boy is always eager to know a few things about magic in all of it's kinds. Spending most of his time reading and practicing magic without a wand. To say the least, Adele and Hermann were exploding with pride.

They would brag about him at every single chance they get. ' Oh Gellert knows how to do wandless magic by himself...', ' Gellert knows more about magic than any child his age..', ' Gellert is smarter than most of our soldiers...'

But Gellert did not care about what his parents thought, in fact, his family isn't important to him. There is only one thing he loves more than anything in this world: magic.

It had always satisfied him tto see people in pain, wether it was physically or mentally. He quickly learned that his magic is more powerful than others' , he learned if you whisper people would listen in intrest and people can be swayed by a few words.

Gellert took advantage of his looks. His golden shinning hair, pink pouty mouth, strong jawline, bright white teeth and muscular body attracted a lot of attention. He more than once used it for his own needs and wants.

He is manipulative cocky arrogant and intelligent. He knows what to say to make people feel bad, knows what to do whenever he's in trouble, knows what to do when he wants something.

Nobody dared to argue with him. And to be feared - in Gellert's honest and modest opinion - is an amazing feeling.

He enjoyed causing people pain and misery. They way th child cries when it's away from it's mother, the way the men cried when he casts a ' Crucio' and the way people cried for their dead loved ones.

In his own opinion, love is the only and main cause of pain. You love someone, you get attached, then they die, was love really worth the pain later?

No. That's why he slipped the poison in his parents' drinks, that's why he sat down and watched in fake horror as they coughed blood, that's why he pretended to be pained while from the inside he was celebrating.

He had just done a murder, at fourteen, and it felt amazing.




Two years after the ' mysterious' murder of the king and queen, Gellert planned the death of his next victim; Herbert.

Shortly after the burial, Herbert became king. He was kind and caring for the people which made Gellert feel sick to he core, his older brother tried to get close to him but Gellert wouldn't allow him the chance to.

Why can't his brother understand he doesn't like him? Why does he have to be very annoying?

With all of his brilliant mind, Gellert couldn't find an answer to his question. So he busid himself with thinking of ways to kill his brother.

Poison is out of the picture, murdering him with blood would reveal his identity, as much as he wants to see blood drop from his older brother's body, he must be careful.

But one way remained to do the crime; the killing curse. It would be bloodless, quickly and there won't be any witnesses, he knows what to do and how, trick his brother into thinking he wants to grow a bond with him, take him somewhere in the woods and kill him.

But first, he must show his brother he's intrested before he takes him out so he will not be suspicious. Gellert may be sixteen and young but he is not stupid.

"...that's why my dear brother, I'm here. You're the only family I have left, and I don't want to waste anytime anymore, I finally see it", Gellert finished his speech to his brother with such sincerity and guilt in his voice that can make people think and be convinced he is being honest.

Hermann smiled brightly and pulled his younger brother in a warm embrace. He can't believe Gellert is finally seeing what he sees, finally, after a long time, they could be a family, and maybe, just maybe, the two can grow a bond that their parents prevented them from creating since childhood.




Gellert didn't except his brother to take him out to the backyard' lake to swim. But he didn't complain and allowed his brother to feel happiness while he can.

What he didn't except is him having fun and enjoying his time. Who would of known that spending time with your king brother would cause you to be happy.

" C'mon Gellert!", Herbert said as he spalshed his younger brother with water. Gellert, annoyed, wiped his face in slow motion. " Surely you could do better than that!", he laughed as Gellert growled.

Gellert smirked and waved his wand casuing a large amount of water to splash his older brother and caused him to fall into the water deeper.

Gellert smirked wider at his brother and gave him an I'm-better-than-you look. Herbert didn't seem to mind, for he grinned widely and launched at Gellert as the two started to wrestle in the water.




Gellert sat down reading his book quietly in the library when his brother came in and gave him a tight hug with a small smile.

" I was looking for you", Herbert said releasing Gellert from the hug he didn't return. Gellert fought the urge to roll his eyes.

" Well, you found me, what do you want?", Gellert asked taking a step back from his brother. True, he wants to trick him but if he acts too nicely and happy he will be caught, so he stuck to the gloomy side with a small fake happiness.

" I was thinking we should do something you like", Herbert begun slowly, when Gellert raised one eyebrow, he explained further: " Like, we swam in the lake be because I chose to, but I want to get to know tou better so..."

Gellert knew what he meant. So he simply gestured to his book and shrugged. " Well, this is what I like", he said simply.

Herbert smiled and pulled him on the large sofa and took out more books. Except this ones are about fairy-tales and love.

Gellert wanted to scream, to throw these awful books away, to burn them, to destroy them, to rip them, to do anything but listen to them.

But he just forced himself to be quiet and stay clam...




After one week of their bonding, Gellert found himself actually warming up to his brother and having fun spending time with him. But he must act, if he ever wants to be king, he must be kill his brother.

Though his heart and his disgusting human emotions screamed with all of their might for him not to, he simply obeyed his mind.

His mind tells him to kill his brother, and he will do so.

So when the two went out to the forest, talking loudly and completly alone. Gellert chose to lead his brother somewhere deeper and unknown, and his brother, trusted him enought to let him to.

" You know, I think Mother and Father made a mistake in separating us from the start", Herbert said without looking back at his brother as he climbed over a large fallen tree branch.

" I agree, I had fun with my brother", Gellert said taking out his wand slowly and steadily. At his comment, Herbert turned around with a goofy grin which didn't last long becuase of the sight of the wand.

" Gellert I-", he begun his voice laced with betrayal and hurt. He thought his brother is being honest, thought he actually cared, thought they could be brothers for once, so why? Why? Why is he always the one who gets targeted by his family? Why is it always him who must suffer? He only wanted good to people, so why are bad things happening to him?

"It's a shame brother", Gellert said almost regretful, almost. " We could've been best friends".

' We could!' , Herbert wanted to scream at his brother but the feeling of betrayal is just way too much to cope with at the moment.

For a moment, Gellert hesitated and Herbert would never know wether he actually did or not.

" Avada Kedavra", Gellert whispered in an undertone, and without any warning, a blinding green light shot out of his wand and hit his brother's chest, right where his heart is.

Later, he would go begging the guards for help to find his lost brother, he would pretend to be horrified and upset upon seeing his dead body, but he knew the guilt would never leave him alone.

He knew the burden would be on his shoulders to carry forever, for the betrayal and hurt on his brother's face, will hunt him for the end of his days.

That's the moment, Gellert got the confirmation that love is the cause of pain. Look at his brother, he was too blinded by love to see Gellert.

And Gellert promised he would never allow himself to love any kind of creature but himself and his magic.