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Adventures in Babysitting

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Katsuki knew this would be a mistake. He knew from the moment he had first laid eyes on the freckled faced omega, in fact. His body unconsciously reacted to the seventeen year old sitting comfortably on their couch. The young man was the epitome of omegan male excellence. Lean frame, plush lips, bright emerald eyes framed by dark, long lashes. Katsuki was mesmerized at first sight.

But what was he supposed to do? Just tell his wife, “Hey, honey, I don’t think we should hire this fucking kid who comes highly recommended because he makes my dick hard and I don’t know if I can control myself?” Katsuki could think of a whole list of things he would rather do.

The support course student arrived with a glowing recommendation from All Might himself and even their old homeroom teacher, Aizawa, had vouched for the kid. Evidently, their potential babysitter already had experience watching small children and earned Aizawa’s approval, which was no small feat.

“Thank you so much for coming!” Ochako told the freckled teen. “I’m Ochako and this is my husband, Katsuki.”

“I’m Izuku Midoriya and I know all about you both already!” Izuku said excitedly.

“You do?” Ochako asked with a soft smile.

“You hold the record for most rescues in the last five years!” the greenette said to Ochako. “And you,” he turned to Katsuki, “how could I not know the famous Ground Zero! Your fights are always incredible and your quick is amazing!”

“All Might did mention something about you being a fanboy.” Katsuki chuckled.

Izuku’s cheeks blushed at the remark. The light pink color dusted his freckled face tantalizingly. Katsuki wondered what it would be like to bite the soft flesh between his teeth.

“Yes, it’s not much of a secret at school. I think everyone in the hero course and support department probably know.”

“Nothing wrong with being a fan!” the brunette said. “So Aizawa tells me you already have experience watching kids?’

“Yeah, I watch Aizawa-sensei’s kids, Eri-chan and Kota-kun, sometimes when him and Yamada-sensei go on vacation.”

Aizawa let you watch his kids?” Katsuki asked incredulously.


“That’s really impressive, Midoriya-kun.”

“You can call me Izuku.” he answered her with a bright smile. The action set Katsuki further on edge.

A pair of screaming voices suddenly disrupted the relative tranquility in the living room. Two small bodies streaked through their field of vision and landed on the married couple. The boys had their mother’s distinct brown eyes and a blend of the parent’s hair colors, resulting in a dirty blonde tone. One immediately climbed onto Katsuki’s shoulders while the other held up his arms expectantly to Ochako. She scooped the small boy into her arms. The boy smiled happily.

“Perfect timing, boys!” She laughed. “Izuku-kun, these are our sons Tobio and Haku.”

“Wow, they’re so precious! And so well behaved!” Izuku chirped.

“So why should we let you watch our kids?” Katsuki asked bluntly as he wrestled with his rambunctious son.

“I’m dependable, focused and very observant. Not much gets by me!” Izuku smiled brilliantly before looking at Katsuki knowingly with an undercurrent of nervousness, while Ochako was preoccupied with stopping a small hand from ripping off her earrings. Katsuki narrowed his eyes at the emerald eyed teen.

“Well, I personally don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t want to hire you!” Ochako said as she resituated the toddler in her lap.

A few weeks into his new part time gig, Izuku really had come out of his shell, seemingly unafraid to use their WiFi or help himself to food. Even more importantly in Katsuki’s opinion, the nervous ball of energy no longer fled anytime the blonde was in the same room as him. Katsuki was pleased by this development, but that didn’t stop the explosive pro from having some fun with the smaller male.

Katsuki spotted that familiar mop of green curls just barely peeking up from behind the fridge door. He walked as slowly as possible until he was right above the nerd. He towered over the teen, waiting until Izuku went to grab an item from inside.

“Whatcha doing?” Katsuki asked in a loud voice, startling the teen. Izuku bumped his head into the appliance and dropped the gallon of milk he had been holding. White liquid splattered across the otherwise clean floor.

“You didn’t mention during the interview how much of a Deku you are.” Katsuki snickered.

“And you didn’t mention how much of a meanie you are so I guess we’re even.” Izuku returned the jab playfully.

They continued on like this - playful banter, passionate discussion about heroes and more, growing closer every day, but it wasn’t until over a year later that the first real line was crossed. The start of summer rolled around and Izuku was around a lot more often. He graduated from the UA support course, top of his class, just like he had said he would, but hadn’t started his “real job” yet. A top agency had happily hired him on as a support engineer and he was scheduled to start in just mere weeks. So he was babysitting as much as he could for all of his contacts in the meantime.

Izuku was over for another one of their date nights. Ochako was seated at the kitchen table while Izuku prepared food for the twins and Katsuki lingered in the hallway. The married couple was supposed to leave ten minutes ago but she had some last minute emails to sort through.

“So, Izuku, nineteen next month, huh? You must be so excited! Just one more year till you’re twenty! Any plans yet?” Ochako asked interestedly, fingers tapping away at a response to an email.

“Nothing big. Just a small party probably.”

“That still sounds nice.” Ochako smiled, looking up from her phone. “Is that cute boy from the hero course going to be there?”

“Uh, which one, Uraraka-san?” Izuku asked timidly.

“Oh, you know, the one with different colored eyes. Endeavor’s kid?”

“Shouto? M-maybe.” Katsuki felt the plastic from his bottle starting to melt from the heat in his hands as Izuku politely answered the question. The greenette flinched when he noticed, but thankfully Ochako was too focused on her phone to realize. She frowned as she read something on the screen.

“I’m so sorry to ask this, but do you think you’ll be available at all after your birthday party?” Ochako asked. “We got roped into attending some fundraiser for our agency and I was hoping you could watch the twins.”

Another fundraiser?!” Katsuki grunted from the hallway unhappily. “Why do you keep agreeing to them?!”

“Because it’s part of the job, Katsuki.”

“Saving people is part of the job. Stopping villains is part of the job! Smiling in front of the cameras, attending lame events for publicity; that’s all bullshit!”

“I’m not getting into this with you right now. I already told Saitama we’ll be there.” Katsuki huffed sullenly and left the area. “Sorry you had to see that, Izu-kun.”

“It’s okay. My party will be over pretty early. I could definitely still watch the kids that night.”

“Thank you, Izuku-kun! You’re a real lifesaver!”

“You’re welcome.” Izuku answered, a slight frown forming on his face as she left and hurried after her husband. The residual tension sat heavy in the air, even after they both left.

Izuku was nearly finished with the dishes when he heard heavy footsteps approaching a short while later. He looked up to see cherry red eyes and ash blonde spikes. Izuku smiled cheerfully at him.

“Back already?” Izuku asked playfully.

“Obviously, nerd.” Katsuki replied with a chuckle. “Just grabbing some water for the kids. They come up with fucking anything to avoid going to bed.”

Katsuki walked over next to where Izuku was unloading the dishwasher. The blonde began rifling through one of the cabinets in pursuit of his son’s favorite cups. Izuku grabbed a glass cup and rather than wait for Katsuki to finish his search, the greenette ducked underneath the hero’s impressive arms. Izuku stood on his tiptoes and lifted his own arms up to place the cup on one of the shelves, his lower half tilting back and brushing against Katsuki’s.

The blonde gasped at the contact, the sound barely noticeable. Izuku stumbled and the blonde placed a hand on either side of Izuku’s hips to steady him. Neither of them acknowledged the brief friction between them. Katsuki pulled away quickly, abandoning his quest for water.

“See ya later, Deku.” Katsuki said as he left the room, uncharacteristically pink faced.

Izuku had a quiet, uneventful birthday party just like he wanted and he showed up at the Bakugou’s doorsteps afterwards just as he had promised. A few hours after they left, Izuku heard the older adults stumble back into the house noisily. He was flipping through a manga in the living room but he could hear them clearly from the front entrance of the house. He could tell by the obvious way they were trying and failing to be stealthy that the couple must have drank some alcohol at the party. He was very thankful the twins had fallen asleep without a fuss that night; otherwise it would have been very entertaining trying to explain their parents’ strange behavior to the small children.

“Here,” Ochako giggled. “You pay Izuku and I’ll see you upstairs, ‘kay?”

Katsuki nodded in agreement before they kissed.

“Have a good time, Deku?” Katsuki addressed the young adult as he sauntered into the living room.

“I did.” Izuku replied with one of his famously bright smiles.

“Yeah, I bet you did. I bet you already put out for that half and half piece of shit. Spread your legs for him and everything.”

“That’s really none of your business, Bakugou-san.” Izuku replied venomously, turning for the door to leave.

“Shit, wait, Deku!” Katsuki called to him, grabbing his arm gently.

“What? What else do you want from me, Bakugou? Need to accuse me of something more?” Katsuki winced from the use of his last name.

“Look, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“You’re right - you shouldn’t have. Now let me go.”

Katsuki didn’t release his hold on the teen, instead pushing Izuku against the door and crowding into his space. He placed an arm on either side of Izuku, effectively caging him in. Their faces were mere centimeters apart. The freckled male could practically taste the alcohol on the other’s breath. A second later and Katsuki closed the space between them, pressing his lips against Izuku’s.

Izuku pressed back with uncertainty, debating how to respond. The blonde interpreted this as an endorsement of the kiss and slid his tongue into Izuku’s mouth eagerly. Katsuki’s hands snaked up Izuku’s shirt, touching every inch of skin he could reach. The greenette moaned loudly and the temperamental man ate it up eagerly. They both felt heat building up, threatening to burst every second this dragged on.

“Daddy!” A small voice shouted, followed by the sound of small feet padding across the floor. Katsuki and Izuku split apart as if they had been burned.

Katsuki picked up his son quickly. “What is it, buddy?”

“Had a nightmare.”

“I should go.” Izuku whispered. Katsuki nodded his head in agreement, but secretly felt a pang of unhappiness rattle in his chest. Izuku opened the door and disappeared into the night air as fast as he could.

As summer waned and he started his new job, Izuku wasn’t able to watch the kids as frequently. He didn’t really watch them that often before since the busy lives of two pro heroes didn’t leave them much time for date nights and such, but now Izuku hadn’t been over to the Bakugou household in weeks. He was pleasantly surprised when his phone dinged with a notification that he had been invited to the twins’ fifth birthday party. This was the perfect opportunity to enact his plan.

The Bakugou mansion had been transformed into a child’s playhouse. There were brightly colored balloons, steamers and toys dotting the once chic, modern home. Izuku knew a certain blonde must have been so annoyed by the temporary changes to his private space. Izuku found the center of the party quickly, noticing a certain ruby eyed blonde sulking at the edges of the room.

Being around other people and their kids was exhausting. None of the other parents were content to just sit quietly and let their kids play together. No, apparently, there was some unwritten law of the universe that forced the grownups to endure hours of small talk with one another. It was tiring for people with “normal” social skills but for Katsuki it was absolute torture. There was hardly a moment’s break between supervising the children playing, singing happy birthday, shepherding the youngsters from one destination to the next. Katsuki loved his own children, but All Might help he wasn’t a fan of children in general.

Katsuki bit his tongue for what had to be the thousandth time that evening as another couple pestered him about a villain he had defeated last week. He was just trying to distribute cake, popsicles and ice cream to the horde of small demons that had invaded his home, yet here they were trying to bug the pro hero for more details. He felt the media had more than adequately covered the event and couldn’t comprehend why he was being bothered about it. He looked over to his wife who was chatting away animatedly with another parent, looking completely in her element. Not bothering to answer the intrusive pair, he walked away, spotting a certain freckled babysitter.

“Which do you want, Deku?” Katsuki asked as he arrived next to the greenette, holding a popsicle in one hand and a piece of cake in the other.

“Popsicle, definitely.” Izuku smiled, grabbing the frozen treat. Their fingers brushed momentarily from the exchange.

“How are you doing with all this?” Izuku teased as he quickly discarded the white wrapper surrounding the popsicle.

“Fucking peachy.”

Izuku laughed at the blonde’s short response. He raised the popsicle to his lips, tracing the rapidly melting, neon orange colored treat over his lips. Katsuki’s eyes flicked down from Izuku’s and landed instead on the teen’s mouth. Izuku hummed thoughtfully before parting his lips and pushing the treat into his mouth languidly. He didn’t stop until the entire popsicle was inside.

Izuku left it there for a bit, enjoying the cool sensation. He glanced around as if to verify that the coast was still clear and then looked back at the taller male, making sure he still had Katsuki’s attention focused on him. He removed the popsicle slowly.

Izuku wrapped his lips around just the top of the cold treat. He licked over it suggestively, a small smile playing at the edges of his mouth. Katsuki wondered idly if the universe hated him or if Izuku had somehow rigged the box of popsicles to make sure he received an orange colored one. The freckled teen looked overwhelmingly good with one of his colors smeared across his lips and it was simply not fair.

“Katsuki, honey! It’s time to open up the gifts!” A voice yelled to the blonde, effectively breaking the trance. The blonde turned away from Izuku without a word, merely glancing at him with an unreadable expression as he walked towards his wife.

The time stretched by painfully until at long last the party concluded and their guests left. Izuku carried one child in his arms, while the other followed after him dutifully. Katsuki had already managed to hide away in the upstairs bedroom and Ochako was in the middle of saying bye to her kids before she left for a mission.

“I love you both so much! Mommy will be back before you know it.” Ochako told them as she kissed them both. “Now go to bed. You’ve had a long day of playing - and all those sugary foods! You both need your sleep.”

“Okay, mommy!” They chorused back, shutting their eyes and slinking further underneath the covers.

“They’re gonna be out for hours .” Ochako laughed.

“Definitely!” Izuku agreed. “Do you mind if I read them a story anyway?”

“I don’t mind at all! That’s so sweet of you.” She said before leaving.

Izuku started reading to them quietly and just as he predicted they were fast asleep within just a few pages. The freckled teen stayed put in their bedroom under the pretense of reading to the passed out twins. He strained his ears to listen for any sound coming from their parents’ bedroom down the hall.

“You barely interacted with anyone at all!”

“I told you I didn’t want some big party with half of the damn city here! Why couldn’t it just be our families, some friends?”

“All those people were here to celebrate our sons!” Ochako countered.

“Ha, more like they were here to kiss ass! And you want more kids, which means more of these stupid parties.”

“So I’m the bad guy because I want more kids?”

“I never said that!” Katsuki argued. “But I do think you should take my fucking feelings into account! I’m finally in the top five and I need to focus.”

“Whatever, Katsuki, I have a flight to catch.” She said exasperatedly. “We’ll talk about this when I get back.”

“Sure we will.” Katsuki snorted.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“We never really discuss shit, certainly never actually resolve anything.”

There was no response, only the sound of a door opening and then slamming shut. Loud, precise footsteps followed not long after that and the front door rattled shut next. Izuku shuffled out of the children’s room, shutting the door quietly behind him, and headed towards their bedroom. He knocked on the door lightly.

“Come in!” Katsuki shouted from inside. He looked up blearily as Izuku stepped inside. “Oh, it’s just you. Thought one of those shitty extras might’ve come back. Whatcha need?”

“The twins are fast asleep in a sugar coma… and I want to have sex with you.”

Katsuki blinked in shock a few times. He really should have known that this day would eventually come, but still he was stunned to silence for a few moments.

“The fuck did you just say?”

“I said that I want to have sex with you.” Izuku repeated, knowingly full well that the blonde had heard him the first time. “And I know that you want to have sex with me too.”

“Deku, I’m fucking married .”

“You’re not happy with her!” Izuku said insistently. “I hear you both fighting all the time and so do the kids!”

“Grown ups fight sometimes, Deku. It’s not all fucking sunshine and rainbows and shit in serious relationships. You’d know this if you weren’t a damn kid.”

“I may be just a kid but I know there’s something between us. I’ve known since we kissed. You felt it too!”

“It was only a kiss.”

Only a kiss?”

“Yeah, only a kiss and it was a mistake.” Katsuki hissed between his teeth.

“A mistake that you enjoyed and probably thought about for at least a week straight.” Izuku replied angrily. “Why do you keep insisting on denying what’s between us, Kacchan?”

Katsuki hated the way that stupid nickname sounded like music to his ears coming from that sweet voice. He hated the way his pants tightened around his crotch, all of the excess blood in his body rerouting to that area. Rational thought became more and more difficult as each second passed.

“There’s nothing between us, Deku.”

“But you want there to be.”

“Wanting something and actually taking it are two separate things.”

“You want me and I’m telling you to take me.”

“I can’t.”

“If you don’t sleep with me, I’ll just tell everyone that we did anyway! Or we can really sleep together and I won’t say a word to anyone. Your choice.”

“No one would believe you.” Katsuki snarled.

“They might after they see this.”  Izuku said as he handed his phone over to the explosive hero, the screen already unlocked.

Katsuki grabbed the phone in his hand and glanced down at the image. It wasn’t the best quality picture, but he could still discern his face pressed closely against Izuku’s. There was no mistaking the identities of the people in this photo. Katsuki’s thoughts bounced around in his head in a chaotic, disjointed manner as he imagined the impact this scandal would have on his marriage, his family, his career, all of it.

“How the hell did you get this?”

“It’s from a, uh, device I made.” Izuku answered sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck.

“You put one of your support gadgets in our fucking home to spy on us?”

“No, of course not!” Izuku insisted. “I had been working on it before and completely forgot it was still recording.”

“Bullshit. This has been your plan all along.”

“Look, I didn’t mean to record it, I’m telling the truth. But I don’t regret it either.”

“Course you don’t.” Katsuki said venomously. He pressed the small trash can icon at the bottom of the screen, watching with satisfaction as it disappeared from the screen.

“Come on, Kacchan, you’re smarter than that!” Izuku had the nerve to giggle. “I obviously already made another copy.”

Katsuki wasn’t the least bit surprised by the admission. Izuku was no moron and when the young man set his sights on something, he chased after it with single minded determination. Unfortunately for Katsuki, what the smaller male wanted was him and even more damning, the blonde wanted him too. But Katsuki had promised never to let his desires best him again like they had that day of the stolen kiss. However, that was before Izuku had basically threatened to blackmail him.

Instead of responding, Katsuki grabbed the smaller male by the arm and dragged him over to the nearest surface, which happened to be his computer desk. The blonde didn’t concern himself about the various papers and other items organized across the desk. He swept a large hand across the surface, sending the contents spilling haphazardly to the ground. Katsuki shoved the teenage adult against the desk. The wood pressed into Izuku’s body uncomfortably.

“Remember, you wanted this.” Katsuki announced ominously before he used a foot to kick Izuku’s legs further apart and wedged himself between the newly opened space.

Katsuki didn’t waste any time in pressing his body against Izuku’s and bringing his crotch flush to the smaller male’s. The greenette’s pants were tented in the front with an obvious erection. Katsuki laughed to himself about the excitability of youth before realizing he wasn’t doing much better. His own length had swollen as well and ached painfully from the cloth prison surrounding it.

The blonde started roughly palming the sensitive area. Izuku gasped audibly, bringing Katsuki’s attention to the freckled teen’s unoccupied mouth. Katsuki used his remaining hand to grab green curls and tilt the other’s face. He skipped straight past an attempt at a gentle, chaste kiss and instead swiped his tongue in immediately, asserting and winning dominance within seconds.

Just as they had months ago, Katsuki’s strong, calloused hands roamed over his body, temporarily abandoning their earlier pursuit of the teen’s crotch. His fingers moved over freckled skin tantalizingly, leaving behind a trail of heat that had nothing to do with his explosive quirk. He ripped Izuku’s endearingly dorky t-shirt off his head and tossed it somewhere behind, utterly unconcerned about where it landed. Even as he removed Izuku’s pants next and stripped out of his own clothes, he didn’t stop bringing their tongues together purposefully. Growing impatient, he dragged the now scantily clad male across the bedroom and shoved him onto the bed.

Katsuki didn’t concern himself with being gentle. He could tell by the way the greenette’s breath had hitched earlier when he was shoved against the desk that Izuku enjoyed the rough treatment. He stripped Izuku out of the last piece of clothes valiantly defending his modesty. Izuku was finally laid completely bare before his eyes and the sight was breathtaking, unlike anything Katsuki had experienced before.

Even though Izuku wasn’t a pro hero like him, it was clear that Izuku frequented the gym. The teen’s body, while smaller than his own, was smooth edges and chiseled planes of muscle in all the right places. The freckled support engineer was lean and well built, but not bulky by any means. Katsuki could finally see every burst of freckles across soft skin that he had previously only dreamt about. Arousal surged even more violently from inside Katsuki and he quickly lowered his head, positioning himself between pale thighs.

The blonde mercilessly sucked and bit at Izuku’s inner thighs, while the freckled male thrashed around. It was clear from the way the teen couldn’t seem to contain a single reaction that he had never been touched in these areas before. The thought thrilled Katsuki immensely and he continued his teasing assault.

“Please!” Izuku suddenly whined. Katsuki looked up at the flushed face teen questioningly.

“Please what, Deku?” The pro hero smirked at the young adult, pausing his ministrations for the moment.

“Pl-please! I need you, inside me!”

“Mmmm, is that so?” Katsuki asked, feigned nonchalance. “Awfully eager for a virgin. You sure this is your first time begging to be filled with cock, nerd?”

“Yes! Only for you, Kacchan!”

“Fuck!” Katsuki’s control snapped like a rope with too much tension applied all at once.

The blonde shuffled over to his nightstand and started searching intently inside one of the drawers. He returned a few seconds later, small bottle in hand. Izuku looked at the item curiously. Katsuki grinned mischievously, sharp Alpha teeth on full display as he uncapped the bottle and poured it liberally onto his fingers.

“Haven’t you watched porn before, Deku? You’re nineteen fucking years old with a grown up job and you don’t know what lube is for?”

“I-I know what lube is! I just don’t know why we need it.” Izuku mumbled. “I’m an o-omega.”

“We won’t need it the whole time. Just to get started until you make slick for me.” Katsuki laughed. The teen pouted cutely and the blonde took Izuku’s bottom lip between his teeth, lightly applying pressure. The greenette squeaked and the pout deepened once he was released.

“Oi, quit making that face,” Katsuki warned, “or I’ll be more interested to find out what those lips look like when they’re wrapped around my cock and you won’t get fucked at all today.” Izuku immediately stopped, a look of nervous interest taking its place.

“Good boy.” Katsuki praised and Izuku’s blush deepened.

Katsuki grabbed the other’s legs and bent them at Izuku’s knees, further exposing the teen’s most intimate places. He traced his index finger over the pink entrance. The teen inhaled sharply, his body tensing up at the same time.

“Relax.” Katsuki whispered as he breached the tight ring of muscle, slowing pushing his finger inside.

He eased his finger out before experimentally inserting it back inside. He started moving his finger in and out at a consistent pace, allowing Izuku to adjust to the foreign sensation. He didn’t have to worry for long though because Izuku started rocking his hips eagerly to meet each motion and moaning with pleasure. Slick began mixing with the lube in no time.

“That’s it.” Katsuki encouraged him. “Fuck yourself on my fingers.”

Katsuki added his middle finger next, carefully scissoring open the smaller male’s opening. It was a much easier task now that Izuku’s body had started secreting more and more slick. Unable to resist the temptation, Katsuki removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth. The sweet taste exploded across his taste buds, intoxicating his senses. Izuku threw an arm over his face in an attempt to hide.

“Oho, no, you don’t!” Katsuki said as he pried the limb away. “You taste amazing. You have no reason to be embarrassed.”

Katsuki brought the digits back into his mouth a second time as if to prove his point. Ruby like orbs maintained eye contact with emerald like ones the entire time. Katsuki was mildly impressed when the greenette didn’t look away.

Katsuki pushed his fingers back inside Izuku, collecting more slick on his fingers. He used the excess liquid to coat his length slowly. He relished in the way that Izuku’s face lit up with interest from the action. The freckled male licked his lips appreciatively.

“Like what ya see?” the blonde asked.

“Yes.” Izuku answered in a low voice.

Katsuki lined his length up to Izuku’s dripping wet entrance and thrust forward ever so carefully, inch by inch. Izuku’s back arched beautifully as he sunk in further and further. He looked to the freckled teen again to check for any signs of discomfort or pain and was impressed to find none. He stopped when he had bottomed out and they were flush against one another, skin to skin with nothing between them. Izuku moaned wantonly as the blonde eased himself out until only the tip remained and then rammed his hips forward.

“Harder, please! I won’t break!” Izuku demanded.

“Fuck! You’re so goddamn tight, Izuku!” Katsuki breathed out, establishing an unforgiving, fast pace. “Been wanting to do this since the first time I saw you. Gonna make you fucking sorry for demanding my cock, you little slut.”

Katsuki didn’t let up his powerful thrusts even for a moment. He thrust his hips forward in a brutal assault on Izuku’s senses, watching his straining length disappear into that warm, tight entrance over and over. The greenette cried out incessantly as his smaller body was propelled into the headboard, bottle green curls bouncing wildly. The room filled with the obscene sounds of their bodies joined together repeatedly. Izuku needed to be punished Katsuki had decided. Punished for blackmailing his employer, punished for causing Katsuki to imagine being with someone other than his wife, punished for being so fucking pretty when he had no right to be.

Katsuki spotted the unmarked area of Izuku’s scent gland. The primal urge to bite down onto that forbidden flesh and claim Izuku as his own nearly overrode all of his senses. It would be so easy to just sink his teeth into his neck; it was what they both wanted. Izuku tilted his neck to provide better access, encouraging the blonde to mark him.

Katsuki’s sharp Alphan teeth grazed over the spot longingly, never actually puncturing the skin. He turned at the very last second and clamped his pointed canines onto a pale, freckled shoulder until he drew blood. He licked up the metallic tasting liquid into his mouth eagerly. Izuku moaned wantonly.

“You want my knot, you piece of shit?” Katsuki growled at the teen.

Izuku nodded his head frantically, drool falling from his open mouth and onto his chin. Katsuki knew on some basic level that he shouldn’t be enjoying this as much as he was. But how could he not when his wet dream come to life was laid out beneath him, his body wrapped around Katsuki’s own.

Katsuki felt his knot catch against Izuku’s rim and with one final thrust he shoved the swollen flesh into the greenette. Izuku screamed in pleasure as his own orgasm overtook him, warm liquid erupting from his length. Cum poured out of Katsuki liberally and streamed into Izuku’s womb as they locked together. The blonde buried his face in Izuku’s neck and his labored breaths tickled the other. He ran his tongue over Izuku’s inflamed glands soothingly as he continued to fill the other up, wave after wave emptying inside the smaller male. Izuku’s own ragged breathing joined with his employer’s. Still, Katsuki didn’t sink his teeth in for the claim, opting to lap at the blood from his earlier bite instead.

“Oowwww!” Izuku reprimanded him softly. “Stop, Kacchan!”

“You wanted this.” the blonde shrugged.

“And so did you.” The freckled make replied stubbornly. “I just provided a way for you to do it without feeling incredibly guilty.”

“Well,” Katsuki snorted, “hate to break it to you but I still feel guilty as hell and so should you. We can’t do this ever again.”

“Not while you’re still married.” Izuku agreed readily. “But now you know your options. What a life with me could be like. If you want it.”

“I do want it.” Katsuki sighed heavily. “But I won’t leave Ochako. We might not have the best damn relationship but we’ve been together for years now and we have the kids.”

“I thought you mind change your mind after we… but I understand.” Izuku whispered as tears streamed down his face and he looked anywhere other than the blonde’s direction.

“Hey, look at me.” Katsuki commanded, cupping Izuku’s face gently. Ruby and emerald eyes met once more. “You’re a real catch, okay? As long as you stop the blackmailing shit that is. You’ll find someone you love who can love you back just as much. I just can’t be that guy for you.”

“It’s okay, Kacchan. I’m just grateful you’ll always be my first.” Izuku told him. “Thank you.”

The knot finally released after an awkward as hell half an hour of silence later. Katsuki had never been stuck to anyone else this long before, but couldn’t dwell on the mystery for long since Izuku immediately darted away from him as soon as they were separated. Katsuki grimaced at the way Izuku limped away slowly but with determination.

Katsuki went to follow suit and leave when he rolled into something sticky. He felt nausea rise in his throat when he looked down at the stains on their marital bed - proof of his indiscretion, proof that he had betrayed his wife. He jumped off the bed, ripping the sheets and blankets off next. He was very thankful as he collected the fabrics in his arms that Izuku had already left. There was no one there to see the tears cascading down his face liberally.

Izuku showed up for his next shift to babysit their children like he normally did. Except it wasn’t exactly like normal. Katsuki couldn’t put his finger on it, but he could sense there was something different about the freckled male. There was a spring to Izuku’s step and a lightness to his million watt smile that Katsuki had never seen before.

They never spoke a word of what transpired between them. It was like they had reached some silent sort of agreement to pretend nothing had happened. They laughed and joked and discussed hero strategies just like they usually would. Nothing seemed amiss. Katsuki grew hopeful that they could put the entire mess in the past and leave it there. While Katsuki couldn’t be the mate Izuku wanted or needed, he still cared deeply for the young adult and wanted to keep him in his life.

And just like that… Izuku disappeared a few months later. He left without so much as a goodbye, even the greenette’s mother didn’t know where her son had disappeared to. Not that Katsuki had asked, of course. He just happened to be in the same neighborhood. Right as she was arriving home from work. Purely coincidence.

Apparently, the freckled babysitter had scratched whatever itch he had for the ash blonde and decided to leave for some new adventure. The explosive hero was disgusted in himself when he realized he was actually disappointed that Izuku had left. He should have been relieved, elated even. But all he could think about was how he wouldn’t hear Izuku’s excited ramblings again or feel Izuku’s soft skin against his own.

“Hey, babe, you okay?” His wife’s concerned voice brought him back to the present.

“Yeah, just wondering what we’re gonna do about a babysitter now that Izuku up and fucking bailed on us.”

“I was wondering that too! I’m super bummed about it. The kids really loved him and he did such an amazing job taking care of them. Do you think we’ll find someone as good as him again?”

“Nope.” Katsuki answered honestly.