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Son of the lord

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"Travis you know I love you"

Travis's eyes filled with tears as he wiped his bleeding nose, still shaking.

"I just want what's best for you" His dad said again sighing "Clean yourself up."

A like that, Mr. Phelps walked away leaving travis. Travis wiped his eyes angrily and stood up walking to his room and closed the door behind him gently. He sighed walking to his bathroom. He looked at the mirror at himself, his eye and cheek were bruised, his nose was bleeding and he had a cut lip.

Don't show emotion. It makes you weak.

Travis wiped his eyes. He grabbed a towel and turned the water on, dapping it on his lip until the bleeding stopped. He cleaned up in the bathroom and walked back to his room, getting in bed. Travis's eyes watered up and be covered his mouth as his body shook. He curled up on himself as he quietly sobbed himself to sleep.


The next day at school Sal sat down in his seat talking to larry joking around.

"See I can balance five coins on my nose. Beat that sal!" Larry laughed

"Shut up you know I don't have half my nose asshole" Sal said jokingly. "And even on my prosthetic I can't do that"

The school bell rang and slowly all the kids settled down and started the school day. About fifteen minutes into class Travis walked in 

"Sorry I'm late.." He said softly and made his way to his desk. The teacher scolded him as he sat down.

Sal frowned as he finally noticed travis with a bruised cheek and busted lip.

"Hey you know what happened with Travis?"

"No. And don't care for him Sal. Hes a dick. Probably got into a fight"

"I know that but...I don't know im Just getting a weird feeling.."

"Like a nightmare or vision?" Larry asked looking at Sal shook his head again

"No like.. A feeling that something is wrong. Don't you find it weird almost every day he comes in with new bruises?"

"I mean he probably got into a lot of Fights Go ahead and ask him if you want. But if he even touches you I'm going to slap his face off"

"Fair enough"

Class went on, travis looked over at sal when the teacher yelled at him to wake up...figured he got the best grade. His eyes drifted back to his paper as the teacher told him to keep his eyes on his paper. Class ended and Trvais stepped outside, seeing Sal and his girlfriend Bitch talking.

"Hey freak!" Travis growled.

God he hated Sal. "oh hey Trvais!" Sal said turning around. His ugly mask staring back at Travis. It mocked him.

"Nobody likes a goody-two-shoes. Saaaaally face"

Travis said growling. It was easier to get people to hate you than like you. That was his moto.

"Nobody likes a cliche bully. Traaaavis"

Travis rolled his eyes and crossed his arms

"Don't you have something better to do?" Ash said annoyed.

"Shut up bitch! I wasn't talking to you." Trvais yelled. His anger growing more and more

"You know if you take that stick out out of your ass you may actually enjoy yourself Once. Maybe even make a friend or two" Sal said shrugging.

"Fuck off f*ggot! I have more friends than you'll ever have"

"You kiss your daddy with that tongue? I'm sure he-" And that's when Trvais snapped. He curled his fist and punched sal hard across his dumb mask causing blood. His eyes widened as he saw what he did and ran pass sal and ash. This Day was just great...


His dad frowned, sitting in front of the shaking boy and wiped the blood from his cheek, making travis flinch. "Go clean the rest of yourself up boy. We're going to be late to church. You know I love you. I'm just doing what's best for you"  He said smiling and kissed Trvais's head standing up and walked away.

Travis slowly stood up and walked to his room, closing the door and sinking to the ground sobbing. He gripped his hair trying his best not to scream.

Why does he do this?!

Why does he fuck with my head?!

He let tears fall down his cheeks and he gripped his shirt falling to his side letting out choked sobs as he curled up.

Sal was shoved down by travis, hitting the back of his head on the pavement. Of course this happened the one day he had to walk to school alone.

Travis squat down next to him, grabbing his shirt and lifted him up slightly. You deserve this f*ggot" He sneered punching sals prosthetic. "Don't act all scared now. I'm not finished with you"  Travis growled punching Sal again.

Sal turned to his side, covering his face with his arms as Travis Phelps kicked him. He was terrified now. 

"Scared now freak? God your so fucking pathetic" He growled, "Do us all a favor and kill yourself. That's the only thing you are smart enough to do" Travis spat. Walking away, leaving sal on the ground.


During lunch Travis walked around and sat at his table, alone. He liked it that way Honsetly. 

He looked around and pulled out a notebook his notebook that he wrote everything in. The only thing that was truly his. No one elses.

I know we don't really know each other and you probably have your opinions of me

Well duh. You Bully him every day. 

I thought maybe if I told you how I feel, things could be different..The truth is, I can't stop thinking about you. I'm crazy about you. I think you're amazing!

God Travis wanted to kiss sal so badly. Sal was beautiful. He was amazing. He wanted to wake up one morning, see sal asleep next to him and kiss him gently- Stop.

But I know these feelings are wrong. It's not the way a boy should feel. Shame swallows me whole. My father would kill me but I can't live in his shadow forever I just...

He scribbled more out and looked at the letter This is never going to happen. Travis stood up and stormed off to the bathroom.

He ripped the page out and threw it in the trash can as he walked to a stall. He locked the door and started crying on the toilet. A few minutes later the door opened and Travis held his breath. He watched as boots walked closer and closer to him

"Anyone in there?”

Oh, fuck no.

“No duh, fuckwad. Buzz off!” He grunted, a quiet sob escaping his lips.

“Travis?. Were you just... crying a second ago?”

Shit.. “Sally face? I- no! What the hell? Can’t a guy get some privacy?”

After a few seconds of silence the smaller boy spoke up

“Why do you hate me so much?”

“Because you and your friends are a bunch of homos! It’s sick! It’s not right! God will never love you! Why should I?” Travis yelled. He should be liking girls. There are tons of girls here.

“You know we aren’t all actually gay, right? I mean, besides from Todd. Todd is super gay.” Sal said snorting “But that’s part of who he is and I think that’s wonderful. He’s one of the kindest people I know. How could anyone hate Todd?”

Travis fell silent and picked at the grout on the floor

“Is your father pushing these beliefs on you?”

.“Just because my dad is a preacher doesn’t mean he owns me! I’m my own person.”

He heard Sal sigh behind the stall. “Well, you seem so unhappy, man.” “Are you sure your dad isn’t putting too much pressure on you? I bet it’s tough being the son of such an intense man.”

Hah. Definitely tough

"You have no idea what it’s like.”

“Im sorry, man....” Sal mumbled

“Don’t feel sorry for me, Sally Face. I don’t need your pity..”

“We don’t have to be enemies, you know that, right?”

Travis was quiet as he stared  sals shoes  under the stall.

“I think under all that anger, there’s a good dude who’s afraid to be himself...If you ever need someone to talk to or if you need to get away from your dad for a while, you can hang out with me.”

Dammit he was crying again “...why-why are you being so nice to me?” He asked his voice cracking. He wiped his eyes and sniffed softly 

“I don’t think you’re a bad person, Travis.”

“You know...” He mumbled and took a deep breath. You can do this..  “I don’t really hate you... or your friends...” You can do This Travis. Your are your own person..

“I didn’t really think so.”

“I... guess- well, I’m sorry I’ve been such an didn’t deserve that. I'm sorry.”

“That means a lot to me, it really does.” Sal said smiling. “Thank you.” He continued, “And what I said about being here for you if you ever decide you want a friend, I meant that.”

Travis smiled softly at that.

"Well see you later Travis."

He heard sal say as we walked out of the bathroom. Travis wiped his eyes again, smiling softly. After a few minutes he got out of the stall and walked out of the bathroom. Today may Just be a good day...