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Lying under Mina’s gaudy black and pink comforter, Jirou had never felt lower. Countless times she’d pictured this exact scenario in her head, but never in a million years did she expect to find herself lying stiff as a board trying not to make things weird as her pink classmate lay curled beside her in the bed. 

In her daydreams, Jirou had frequently considered what it would be like to have sleepovers with Mina, staying up late talking and then falling asleep cuddled up with her crush. Jirou had pictured it a thousand ways but never like this. No. Definitely not like this. She’d never pictured it taking place in a room full of her classmates.  

It had all started with Jirou getting invited to the weekly Bakusquad movie night by Kaminari. The electric blond implored her to attend, giving her finger guns and all as he impressed upon her that it would be a “super chill” time. She’d almost turned the offer down, not wanting to find herself trapped in a room with Kaminari, Sero, Kirishima, and Bakugou, but Mina was looking particularly cute that day. A fact that had stretched the day long, making focusing in class a challenge. Resolve crumbling, Jirou succumbed to Kaminari’s persuasion, much to his apparent glee.

After their final class on Friday, the squad meandered to the dorms in their usual fashion, this time with an additional member. Kirishima had cornered Jirou before she could slink out of class, cheerfully offering to walk with her to the dorms. Before she could protest, he pulled her along to join his buddies. Mina fell into step beside Jirou, causing the dark-haired girl’s heart to skip a beat.

“Sup, Kyouka.” Mina’s eyes shown, her amber irises sparkling like flecks of gold in an obsidian night sky. “Denki says you’re joining us tonight.” The pink girl smiled, linking her arm through Jirou’s. 

“Yeah,” Jirou shrugged, trying not to short circuit as a result of Mina touching her. “My evening was pretty free. So, why not?” Jirou offered the pink girl a half smile, hoping the squad couldn’t suddenly read minds. The last thing she needed was for the loudest gossips in class to know about her massive crush on Mina.

In no time, Jirou found herself squeezed between Mina and Kaminari seated on the pink girl’s bed. It was Mina’s turn to host, which meant all five members of the squad plus Jirou were currently chilling amidst an explosion of pink, black, and purple decor while a comedy played on the screen illuminating the room.

Being squished between her classmates wasn’t particularly pleasant. Jirou felt like dying. Her heartbeat was erratic, and she’d begun to sweat when her arm had inadvertently pressed into the side of Mina’s boob, something that hadn’t phased the pink girl in the slightest as she chatted over the movie, spilling the latest gossip. 

This was a horrible idea. How much longer before I can sneak out? If I don’t die of embarrassment soon, I’ll end up dying from gay panic. Ugh.

Jirou sighed, doing her best not to think about how, as much as she liked Mina, the pink girl would never like her back. In silence, the dark-haired girl resigned herself to the long evening that stretched before her.

A ripple of yawns made their way through the squad as the teens grew weary, the long week of rigorous training catching up to them.

“Yo, we gotta spice things up,” Kaminari cooed, shaking Sero’s shoulder. “No way are we just passing out like this.”

“Watcha thinkin’?” Mina leaned across Jirou, brushing messy curls smelling of vanilla and honey into the girl’s face and managing to press her boob into the dark-haired girl further. Thankful for the pink curls hiding her face, Jirou forced herself to breathe as a dark blush painted her cheeks.

“Idk, dude.” Kaminari bit his lip in thought. “Some kinda game?”

“Never Have I Ever?” Sero offered, kicking the back of Kirishima’s head in a playful spirit.

“Watch yourself, Tape Face,” Bakugou growled, pulling his redhead away from the dark-haired boy with a glower.

“I wanna play,” Kirishima turned from his position on the floor to look up at the teens sitting on the bed. 

“Kay,” Mina hummed, “Who starts?”

“I’ve got one,” Sero started, repositioning on the bed to better face his friends. “Never have I ever had a crush on an angry, loud blond,” he snickered, exchanging a fist bump with Kaminari as Kirishima’s eyes grew wide at the betrayal.

“You aren’t supposed to target people,” the redhead wailed.

“It’s not targeted if it doesn’t apply to anyone,” Kaminari laughed, doubling over and gripping Sero’s knee for support. “Seems like it applies to you though.” As Kirishima’s traitorous friends cackled, he begrudgingly lowered a finger.

“Sorry, Kiri,” Mina giggled, leaning against Jirou as she clutched her side.

“Well, I’m going next then,” Kirishima pouted. “Never have I ever played kazoo in the common area at three am on a school night.”

“Aww man, that’s unfair,” Sero griped as both he and Kaminari were forced to lower a finger.

“Screw that,” Kaminari groused, “I am deff targeting you now, you croc wearing punk. Never have I ever had a crush on someone in this room.” Sero exchanged a mirthful look with the electric blond as both Kirishima and Bakugou lowered a finger.

“Denki,” Mina wailed, “What the hell, dude?” With an exaggerated pout, the pink girl lowered a finger. Jirou’s heart stopped beating.

No. That can’t be. Does she really have a crush on one of them?

Jirou’s chest felt tight. Distracted by dizzying thoughts of Mina crushing on one of the boys, the dark-haired girl didn’t realize that she’d unconsciously lowered a finger of her own. To Jirou’s abject horror, the action had not gone unnoticed by her peers.

With a loud whistle, Kaminari prodded the girl’s side. “Spill it, Jirou. Who is it?” Mina had fallen uncharacteristically quiet, watching Jirou’s face with reserve as the dark-haired girl turned a shocking shade of red.

“I-” Jirou spluttered, panic seizing her heart as her brain shut down. 

Think of something. Say something. Anything!

All eyes were on Jirou, waiting expectantly for her to bare her secrets in front of her classmates.

“Distracted?” Jirou choked out in what was meant to have been a casual laugh. “Accident. I was thinking-”

“About your crush?” Sero interrupted, black eyes darting to meet Mina’s before flicking to Kaminari’s, coming back to Jirou after exchanging a meaningful look with his bro. 

“What? No,” Jirou protested. “That’s not it. I-” 

“It’s obvious you have a crush on someone here. Spill it or move it along,” Bakugou barked. Kirishima elbowed the blond in the side, smiling apologetically at Jirou.

Jirou took his advice, unable to stomach further interrogation. “Never have I ever fried my brain with my quirk,” she sulked, glaring at Kaminari. A loud, barking laugh erupted from Bakugou as the electric blond balked at the targeted attack. 

“This is dumb,” Mina lamented, “Let’s do Truth or Dare instead.” 

“I’m down,” Kirishima supplied, “But that game is the definition of targeted, so things aren't gonna get less stupid.” 

“Shut up, Kiri,” Mina pulled another exaggerated pout. “Don’t rain on my fun.”

“Oi, Pinky,” Bakugou snapped, “You’re doing Truth. Tell us who your crush is.” A wicked glint flashed in his red eyes.

“That’s not how the game works, Bakubabe,” Mina retorted. “Kiri, get your man in check.”

Coming to Mina’s aid, Jirou spoke up, “Hey Bakugou, Truth or Dare?”


“I dare you,” Jirou paused, knowing that her dare could backfire magnificently if the blond got angry. “To let Kaminari shock you as hard as he wants with no repercussions.”

After a moment of blank-faced consideration, Bakugou replied. “Sure. You think I can’t take Sparky’s weak ass quirk?”

Following a series of increasingly ridiculous quirk-related stunts, the teens’ game devolved into a late night gossip session, sharing rumors and trading secrets. It was well past the grumpy blond’s bedtime, and he had fallen asleep, head resting in Kirishima’s lap. The redhead seemed to have dozed off as well, head lolling to the side. Mina kicked Sero and Kaminari from the bed, allowing herself and Jirou to lay on their stomachs, sprawled across her garish bed.

“So, Toru and Ojiro are a thing,” Mina nodded, sharing her sage wisdom.

“I’m calling BS,” Kaminari argued, “I’ve never seen her with him.”

“Yeah,” Sero added, “But when have you ever seen her?”

“Exactly,” Mina whispered, rubbing her hands together with conspiratorial glee. “That or Ojiro talks to himself a lot, but I doubt he refers to himself as Hagakure. You do the math,” the pink girl snickered.

“Ashido,” Sero interrupted, side-eyeing Kaminari. “What’s your type?” The pink girl narrowed her eyes, sensing the obvious trap. 

“Hanta,” Mina hissed, “I regret ever telling you about my crush. It’s not fair to tease me.” 

“It’s dark and brooding, right?” Kaminari joined in, nudging Sero with a laugh. Jirou’s heart sunk.

So, it’s Sero? Makes sense. Sucks to hear it though. Never really considered him the brooding type, but whatever...

Throat closing, Jirou chewed the inside of her cheek, twisting an earphone jack around her index finger. Her blood felt cold as it slowed to a crawl in her veins.

“You guys are the worst. I hate both of you,” Mina sulked, reaching down to swat at the boys who easily evaded her half-hearted attack. “I’m going to bed. I don’t need this.” Pouting, the girl wriggled beneath her covers with a huff. Kaminari and Sero rolled their eyes but let the issue go, getting comfortable on Mina’s plush carpet.

“Hey.” A soft whisper met Jirou’s ears, breaking her out of her compulsive rumination. Mina patted the space beside her, inviting the dark-haired girl to join her under the polka dot covers. Stiffly, Jirou worked her way under the blankets, careful to avoid touching Mina as much as possible.

This is exactly what I’ve fantasized about but in the worst way possible.

Stop thinking about it.

I can’t!

Surrounded by friends, Jirou had never felt more alone. She hated to wallow in self-pity, but she couldn’t deny that her heart hurt at the thought of Mina smitten over someone else. Realistically, she knew her classmate would never like her back, especially as Jirou had never made any effort to confess to the pink girl. However, that didn’t make the cold truth hurt any less.

“Um, Kyouka?” Mina whispered, keeping her tone hushed.

“Yeah?” Jirou rolled to face Mina.

Why me? She’s so cute. This isn’t fair.

“This is literally so embarrassing, but can I confess something to you?” The girl’s brow furrowed, trepidation coloring her pink features.

“Of course,” Jirou hummed, attempting to hide the bitterness building painfully in her chest.

“I don’t know how to say this in a way that isn’t weird or just like really blunt, but I don’t like boys.” Mina’s amber irises flickered back and forth across Jirou’s face, waiting for whatever reaction would come.

“But-” Jirou started, thinking aloud as she attempted to process the implication of her classmate’s words. “I thought your crush was someone in this room?” 

Mina blushed, face turning a deep fuschia.

“She is.”


As quickly as Jirou’s blood had slowed, it picked up again, this time pounding with unbridled heat that raised the hair on her arms.

“I’m sorry,” Mina groaned. “I-”

“Hold on,” Jirou interrupted, reaching bravely to brush a pink curl from Mina’s eyes. “I kind of have a massive crush on you.”

“Really?” The pink girl’s eyes grew impossibly wide, and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

“How could I not?” Jirou smiled shyly.

“Sorry about the boys,” Mina giggled. “I hate them so much, but to be honest, this whole thing was their idea. Last week, they found out about my crush on you. I didn’t realize Denki was gonna try and play matchmaker though, and of course, Hanta is such an enabler. I thought for sure you’d see through all of their BS.”

“Of course they did,” Jirou groaned, squeezing her eyes shut in embarrassment. “Not gonna lie, I thought your crush was Sero for a minute.”

“Oh my god, no,” Mina laughed, finding Jirou’s hand under the sheets and squeezing it. “It’s always been you.”

In the silence of the night, the girls snuggled closer until their noses brushed, not speaking a word as they stared quietly into each other’s eyes. Holding hands, they were the last to fall asleep, Mina’s comforter pulled high over their heads.