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Jimin & Rosie's Wedding

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“Go, Sammie!” Jimin and Rosie cheered from the sidelines with the rest of the Kim family as the 9-year-old ran through the Crawl, Drag, & Squirt obstacle course at Toad Suck. The young girl had been the winner of her school’s competition, had passed the semi finals the day before, and was now competing in the finals.

She ended up coming in second place, but by the bright smile on her face as she high fived some of the members of the fire department, it was obvious that she didn’t really care about winning.

“I gotta go~” Jungkook said as Sammie ran up to hug her family, looking down at his phone. “Jayden and I have plans.” No one noticed the slight change in tone as Jungkook said his boyfriend’s name. “You did so awesome!” Jungkook high fived his oldest niece and gave her a hug before bidding his family goodbye.

“Rosie and I are gonna head off too.” Jimin announced, hugging his girlfriend from behind. “We have a date to get to.” With a few more compliments to Sammie, the couple headed off hand in hand to explore the festival that had been the home of their first date the year before.

“Is it just me or does it feel even more exciting this year?” Rosie’s eyes shine as she looks around at the food and retail vendors, trying to decide which one to check out first.

“Maybe it’s just because last year you were so nervous about going on a date with such an attractive person as me.” Jimin teased, pulling her closer and letting go of her hand in order to wrap his arm around her waist, his other hand going into his pocket to finger the piece of jewelry currently resting inside.

Rosie snorted out a laugh. “I think you’ve been spending too much time with your dad.” She leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek before tugging him off to a funnel cake stand.

They spent the day walking around, stopping in at the various retail vendors to see if there was anything they wanted, filling up on so much fried foods that they would for sure be up all night with a stomachache, and even sharing memories from their first date. Before leaving the festival for the day, they stopped by the small stage to watch some of the dance performances from the classes at Jimin’s old academy.

“Now I’m just imagining what tiny Jimin must have looked like dancing up there.” Rosie commented, resting her head on Jimin’s shoulder with her arms around his waist.

“Adorable as fuck~” Jimin answered bluntly, making Rosie giggle as he once again fiddled with the contents of his pocket.

After a few moments of just watching the young dancers, Rosie looked up at Jimin. “You okay with me spending the night tonight?”

Jimin let out a small laugh. “Do you even need to ask that question?”

“I don’t know, maybe you were planning to jack off tonight or something.” Jimin laughed loudly at that while Rosie giggled. “I just wanted to make sure, since I’m sure our double date with Brody and Jennie is going to go until nearly midnight.”

“If I’m being honest, I was actually already planning on you spending the night anyway.” Jimin said, gripping onto the object in his pocket as he decided it was time. “We might have to celebrate.”

Rosie sent Jimin a small look of confusion. “Celebrate what? The sex of Jennie’s baby?”

Right as Jimin was about to finally pull the item out, Rosie’s phone rang. “It’s Brody~” She informed Jimin as she answered the call, the 26-year-old waiting patiently so he could continue with his plans. “What?” Jimin’s hand released the item as he looked at Rosie in concern, the change in her tone worrying him. “Yeah, we’ll be right there.” After ending the call, Rosie looked up at her boyfriend in sadness. “Jennie lost the baby~”


“Today was supposed to be perfect.” Jennie said quietly, staring off into space as her head rested on Rosie’s chest, the younger girl lying in her hospital bed with her and running her fingers through her hair. Jimin was leaning against the wall across the room, waiting for a sign that Jennie would be okay with him coming over to share comforting words. They had already been at the hospital for a couple of hours now but had spent the majority of that time comforting Brody in the waiting room as Jennie had not yet been ready to see anyone. She had only let them in about 15 minutes earlier right before Brody left to get her some food. “We were supposed to find out the sex, then have a mini reveal party with you guys, and then we were going to spend the night discussing names.” Rosie looked up and shared a sad look with Jimin. “Instead I had to give birth to my dead baby. Do you know how horrible that is? Going through labor when you already know that the life you created is gone?”

“I can’t even imagine~” Rosie murmured as Jennie began to cry again.

By the time Brody returned with dinner for himself and his wife, Jimin was lying on the other side of Jennie, sandwiching her on the bed as she began to doze off. Rosie and Jimin both gave him one more comforting hug before leaving the couple to grieve on their own. When they were a few feet down the hallway, Jimin tugged at Rosie’s hand to stop her. “What is it?”

Jimin took a deep breath before responding. “I know this is, like, horrible timing, and the hospital isn’t exactly the setting I imagined, but if I don’t do this now, then I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to again.”

Rosie furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, opening her mouth to ask what he was talking about. Instead she gasped quietly as Jimin lowered himself down to one knee, grabbing her left hand as he pulled a ring out of his pocket. “I spent years believing that I sucked at love and would never find the person I was destined to spend the rest of my life with. I had already resigned myself to being alone forever. And then one day, I was at my best friend’s apartment to celebrate her engagement, and she dragged me into the kitchen to meet the woman who quickly became the love of my life.” Rosie’s free hand came up to cover her mouth as she started to cry of happiness. “I have never been as in love with someone as I am with you, and I don’t even want to imagine a life without you by my side forever and always. I’ve fucked up in the past a lot, and I’m sure I’ll fuck up a lot more in the years to come, but if you’ll have me and all my flaws and quirks, I would really be the happiest man in this entire galaxy. So, Roseanne Park…” Jimin pulled the ring out of his pocket, now tearing up himself. “…will you please marry me?”

Rosie nodded frantically, moving her hand from her mouth just enough to say, “yes,” through her tears. Jimin quickly slipped the ring onto her finger and stood up just in time for Rosie to throw her arms around him and pull him in for a passionate kiss. She pulled away after a few seconds, giggling slightly. “I really wanna run in there and tell Jennie that I just got engaged, but now’s probably not the right time.”

Jimin shook his head, also giggling slightly, too giddy over the fact that Rosie had said ‘yes’ to him. “Yeah, definitely not.” Jimin wrapped his arms around Rosie’s waist. “Let’s wait a couple of days before telling anybody, that way we can celebrate together without any weirdos butting in.”

“…you’re totally talking about your dad, aren’t you?”

“I am totally talking about my dad.” Rosie and Jimin giggled once more, Rosie leaning up to press her lips to Jimin’s again.