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Little Shop of Horny

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There are rumors of a little shop that only shows itself to those who want to visit, hidden tucked away between skyscrapers. Its name changes, potentially more often than it should, but the gist is always the same; monsters for sale, good for housework or cooking or...personal needs, fair prices and unbeatable variety.

Not that that's particularly hard, even specialty shops usually don't stock tentacle creatures, and when they do, they're usually all provided by the same craftsman; the same craftsman, in fact, who runs the shop itself. Most days, like today, he can be found behind the counter, feet propped up as he fiddles with something malleable and somewhat goopy between graceful hands.

Kravitz had no intention of visiting the tentacle store. No conscious intention, at least. He was simply exploring the city after a very long week at work, getting very lost on the way. A bit of misdirection on a decent Saturday afternoon wouldn't be so bad if his phone would stop roaming and help him reorient himself among the steel and glass blocking out the sun, but either due to lack of service or a local magic hotspot, he couldn't get the damn thing to work.

So he did it the old fashioned way, and decided to ask for directions. He never could have guessed how far away from his normal path this would take him. He especially wouldn't guess just how much he needed it.

Taako glances up when the bell on the door chimed. It had been a slow day, so he could afford to really pay attention to this latest customer, who... he didn't recognize, for once. He looked lost and nervous, but then, so did most first-timers at the ol' tentacle emporium, or whatever it was he'd put on the door the previous morning.

He swings his feet off the counter, calling out a cheery, "Welcome to the monster shop, my fella! It's your first time here, right? 'Cause I just know I'd remember a face that handsome."

Monster shop? Handsome? This...admittedly elegant person has to be kidding, right? Kravitz looks around the shop, suddenly more claustrophobic than he had been outside, among the sun-suffocating towers.

And oh. He isn't kidding. About the monsters, anyway. Because crammed in every spare breath of the shop is a new creature Kravitz has never seen before, of what he can only assume are a variety of purposes with a variety of intentions, good and otherwise. He sees one knitting on a high shelf, and another makes an unparseable gesture at him. Heat crawls up his face.

"I- hello- I'm sorry, I was just- I'm lost, is the thing? And my phone won't connect to the network?" Kravitz gestures awkwardly with his phone to illustrate the point. "Do you know, um. How I can get back to the main street? Sir?"

Taako bites his cheek to keep from laughing. Oh, one of those first-timers, his very favorite kind, the ones that show up sometimes from a glitch in his find-me spell; it's supposed to hide the shop from everyone who's not looking for it, but sometimes people who just inwardly want its products show up, confused and so much less choosy.

The guy's eyes are wide, and Taako can see his face flush as he looks around the shop. He grins and stretches, arms raised languidly above his head.

"Well," he says, "I'm afraid I can't help you too much in that department, 'cause my lovely little establishment doesn't exactly exist in one fixed spot, but I can prob'ly convince the doors to drop you off closer to home than where you came in! Take a sec, though-look around!" Taako gives him his most winning smile, eyes sparkling. "I'm sure I've got something you'd like, if you've got time."

"Damn..." So it is magic, Kravitz thinks. Very magic. A whole fucking lot of magic, right in the middle of normalville city. Don't get him wrong, he's dabbled in magic before. He actually did pretty well in his stint in bard college, but his future held other priorities.

Except the funny thing about magic is it can always, always find you if it wants you. And judging by the look in the shop-owner's eye, well...

Kravitz clears his throat and tries to lose himself amongst the stacks instead. He had been out today on a mission of self-indulgence after his shitty week, but he was sort of intending to get himself a nice outfit, or some really dark chocolate or something. Not. Whatever use a person might have for these little creatures. Kravitz's imagination has a few ideas, but he shoves that down. Surely this is an upstanding business, for normal household purposes, and he can withhold his less public desires until he gets home.

Taako tries not to bust out laughing, and mostly succeeds, muffling his snickers into his fist. The store is empty except for Cute Dude over there, so he doesn't feel too bad about leaving a lil' eyestalk fella that had come out too small for sale by the register and ambling over to where his customer is staring at a row of simple little monsters that function mostly as restraints.

"I wouldn't go for those without somebody else to help you out, my guy," he says, leaning against a suspiciously squishy and out-of-place support beam he's pretty sure is the mimic he lost yesterday when it started feuding with another one. "The ones two aisles down are better for beginners."

Kravitz can't help but jump, and giving the shop owner a closer look doesn't do anything to settle his nerves. He's gorgeous and, moreover, is surrounded by his own tentacles and Hold It Together Kravitz.

"What- Sorry- Beginners at what, exactly?"

Taako raises an eyebrow, tail swishing amusedly behind him. "Take a guess, handsome," he purrs. "Whatever you're blushing about, probably."

Kravitz tries to clear his throat and nearly chokes. There are no good places to put his eyes. Every tentacle seems to be waving or undulating at him with legitimate intent. One even reaches for his wrist as he backs against the shelf.

"You mean- these are for- they're intended for-?"

Taako bites his fist, shoulders shaking, allowing himself a couple seconds of laughter before he straightens and clicks his tongue to tell the tendrils reaching for his guest no, no touching right now. He doesn't want to freak him out too much.

"Sex? Sure, yeah, a lot of 'em," he says, waving a hand. "The ones you were looking at mostly serve as restraints, for folks who like the feeling. This guy-" he gestures to the mimic, which has started playing with his hair, "-is a mimic, which is good for people who want to be subtle but also want a big, overpowering monster to ravish 'em, and so on. I have some that do other stuff too, though."

Kravitz flushes so hard he imagines himself whistling like a tea kettle. Sex. They're for sex. He's in a sex shop. Not just a sex shop, but a monster sex shop.

And the worst part is he's sorely, sorely tempted.

He's........thought about it before. Not a lot, and there. There just never was anything to fulfill that particular...curiosity. All of the relevant pornography he found made him uncomfortable, and sex toys were so expensive. And. Well. Lifeless. He just sort of accepted it wasn't possible.

But here he is.

"Show me," he says, breathless, before he gets too self conscious and self destructs his way back onto the street. He needs to know.

The grin that spreads over Taako's face at Kravitz's words is different from his other smiles, slow and thrilled and burning, yellow eyes glittering in the warm, low light of the store.

"This way," Taako says, gesturing for him to follow before twirling (he's suddenly very pleased he wore a floaty skirt today) and walking to the back of the shop, where his best-behaved example creatures live, nested in soft, colorful fabrics. They're all curled up together right now, dormant, because of how slow a day it's been, but he nudges one awake - a simple, affectionate thing, more toy than creature, just smart enough to learn basic directions and the sounds of pain from pleasure - as he reaches it.

Kravitz follows, close but not too close, heart pounding. The shop owner is so beautiful, and so tolerant of his stupidity. Another swell of warmth hits his cheeks. They haven't even exchanged names.

"I'm Kravitz," he says, barely keeping the stammer at bay. The soft colors make him relax a little, knowing that this is a safer place to be for the uninitiated. The rest he can try later, but... Later? Is he really planning to come here again? Will he even be able to find it?

...Is this place expensive? Surreptitiously, he begins scanning for a price tag. Taako’s products aren't cheap, but their prices are decent. A hand-written and decorated sign from where Taako found it indicate that it goes for about a $115, and he throws in a medium-small but good quality plastic terrarium to keep it in, too.

"Taako," he replies, endeared. A lot of customers don't like anyone knowing they were here, so getting names is usually like pulling teeth. "Here, hold out your hand. It won't do anything untoward, not unless you ask it to, but this is my cheapest and most popular model. If you freak out and want it to let go, just say red, they all know the red-yellow-green system before I let them interact with customers."

Kravitz nods and slowly reaches out his hand, distracted from his bargain hunt by the friendly way it reaches right back for him.

"What do they eat? Are they delicate?"

He gives it a little tickle, a smile coming through.

Oh, precious. The creature perks up at the attention, winding several thin tendrils around his fingers happily.

"They absorb nutrients from liquid," Taako says, smiling. "I made them so that theoretically, if you used them daily, they could survive off of your body fluids, but I always recommend keepin' some juice or broth in their terrarium for 'em. And no, they're not delicate-they can take what you can give them, for sure. They do have, uh, basically an auto-stop though if they get bitten for consent purposes. That's the closest they come to being damaged, really. I mean, don't put them in a paper shredder or anything, but."

"Oh." All of Kravitz's blood is in his face area. Most of it, anyway. "That's. Handy."

Every day. He can't imagine...

Well, maybe he can. He strokes the creature softly, liking the way it reacts to him. Kind of cute.

"Do you just- what- sorry... what do you-"

Point and shoot? Set it and forget it?

"Hm?" Taako smiles, raising his eyebrows. "What was that? Didn't quite catch your question, Kravitz."

"Do you. How." Kravitz's mouth is so dry. "How. How do you use it."

"Ooooooh," Taako crows, as if he'd actually been confused. "Well! That's a multi-faceted answer. With most of them, physically interacting with it is enough for it to get the idea. If you give it a nudge towards where you want it, it'll take it from there. This particular one knows not to do that right off the bat 'cause it's a tester. They'll back off if you come unless you say green again right after, and then there's a dormant period where you can put them away before they'll get grabby again."

He pauses. "Do you want to try that one out? You're my only customer right now, so the fitting room's all yours."

"I- I- I- I-" Kravitz wheezes. A public fitting room?? Where Taako would almost certainly hear him?? "I couldn't, I-"

Then again, that's a lot of money to drop on something he doesn't particularly like.

"I- Maybe-"

Hook, line. Taako's grin doesn't waver as he replies. "It's got a muffle charm on it, of course, and I promise this little guy is completely safe. We greatly value our customers' privacy and comfort here, after all--so, what'll it be?"

Oh. Oh, then. Oh. Alright. Sure.

"If that's. Alright with you. And it's clean."

Concerns: managed.
Dick: hard.

Taako pats his shoulder. "It's why the fitting room's there, my guy. Just pick the lil' thing up and take it with you, I'll show you where to go."

Kravitz nods repeatedly, unable to stop himself. He feels like a fool. He doesn't know why he's still here. He picks it up and watches it curl around his fingers.

"Lead the way," he says, like a total ass.


Oh, he's so cute, Taako thinks. He hopes Kravitz isn't too scared of this whole situation, but god the deer-in-the-headlights look in his eyes is precious. Taako wants to kiss the confusion out of him, but that would be Unprofessional, so instead he just guides him to the reddish wooden door marked Fitting! with a smile.

Kravitz opens the door and breathes. People must do this. People must do this here, sometimes. And it probably gets cleaned. If the guy can do muffling charm that easy, he can probably clean.

He looks at Taako. He looks at the tentacle.

Taako tilts his head to the side, gesturing to the room. It's small but comfortable, with a bed taking up about half the space. The sheets seem to be made of plastic or vinyl-something easy to clean. There's also a small shelf with several rolled-up towels across from what seems to be a very basic shower. Next to the shower is a chain and a laminated piece of paper with what seem to be instructions written on it.

"Have a good time! If you need me, pull the chain by the door," Taako says, grinning. The tentacle says nothing, but does seem to be exploring Kravitz' shirt curiously.

"Right, good time." Kravitz's leg jiggles up and down in anticipation. He surveys his options. A shower... Maybe there are messy ones? A strange feeling thrums in his heart.

"Thanks?" He's doing this. He's really doing this.

"You're welcome! Take your time, darlin,'" Taako chirps. He winks at Kravitz, then vanishes again, off to do lord knows what.

The bundle of tentacles in Kravitz' arms squirms happily, trying to get at the skin of his chest.

Kravitz shuts the door. He sits on the bed. He comes to terms with the place he's at right now, physically and emotionally. Sure. Sure he's in a tentacle sex shop, trying out a tentacle for sex, before almost certainly purchasing a tentacle for sex, because that's apparently the kind of person he is.

After the pressure of his straight-laced Important Job...can't he afford to let loose a little?

He holds the tentacle up to see it better.

"...Hey there," he says, not sure what he's going to get out of talking to it.

It stretches out one long, thin tendril, holding still for a tentative moment before bopping him lightly on the nose. Another winds around his neck loosely, warm and smooth and just slightly slick.

Kravitz gets even sweatier. Maybe he shouldn't read too much into this, but he almost feels like it can see right through him.

He checks again that the door is closed and locked. And then he starts to strip.

The creature loops itself around his neck while he divests himself of his shirt, then sends a couple tendrils trailing down his chest in exploration. It's gentle, curious, friendly; most of its mass is a comfortable weight on his shoulder, and the tentacles that explore his body as he reveals it are soft but practiced.

It's sort of cute. Almost...Sweet. Kravitz smiles as he gets his pants off, inch by inch allowing himself this realized fantasy. This is nothing like the things he's read, and honestly, he didn't have much in mind the few times he allowed himself to imagine...something like this. Suddenly he wonders if he ought to have gotten some lube. Realized fantasies require practical solutions, don't they?

Maybe that Taako fellow knew he would get stuck here. Holding the tentacle so it doesn’t fall off of him and kicking off his boxers, Kravitz gets up and inspects the sign to see if the instructions are relevant.

The paper reads,

Depending on the product you're trying, the guidelines will be different, but there are some basic things that all of them share. For more specific questions, ask Taako. If you have concerns and they aren't that something is broken, try shouting it into the void instead of bothering me about it.

1) Just Let It Do Its Thing
2) If you need to stop, say 'red.' If you want to slow down or have your creature move away from what it's doing, say 'yellow.' If everything is gucci but it's stopped or waiting, say 'green.'
3) Don't worry, they get goopy on their own. If you don't trust that, though, there's lube in the cabinet next to the shower, under the towel rack. You can also put your clothes in there if you don't want them getting dirty.
4) Take your monster to the shower with you after you use it-they like the feeling of running water, and testers need to be clean. Also, use the shower. Do you really want to put your clothes back on when you're covered in slime residue?
5) If you steal my towels I will charge you for them. If you pay in cash but also steal my towels, I'll hex all of your shoes to turn into rice pudding.

Thanks and have a nice time,

Kravitz laughs to himself at the tone change there at the end, feeling a little bit more confident about what he's doing here. It's clean, it's safe, it's orderly. And this Taako person...he's funny. Rice pudding may not be an empty threat, but it's a very good one. He can feel the power in a place like this, and for all the casual aura Taako puts out, Kravitz can tell he's very talented.

He folds his clothes and carefully stows them away, then. Well. Back to the matter at hand. He strokes it a little, curious if he should get the lube out. He's sorely tempted to trust in the magic and let it do what it does, but he's also tempted not to be sore.

The creature loops around his wrist as he strokes it, twining more tentacles than it seemed to have had a moment prior around his arm and chest. A couple of them break off from the central mass as he watches, catching the light wetly and leaving a slightly oily trail down his belly. It pauses there, seemingly waiting for something.

Kravitz bites his lip, hesitating...for some reason. Like a person might hesitate before finishing a final book in their favorite series, or eating a cake they were saving. Like...he's afraid he'll enjoy it, and then it'll be over.

But that's foolish. He can buy one if he likes it, and if he hates it, he can fuck off and never come back. He can have this. He's allowed to enjoy himself.


"Green," he says, carefully sinking onto the bed. Already he's hard and wanting, and the visuals are leaving little to be desired.

The tentacles surge back into motion as he speaks, the two that were particularly slick diving lower than the rest; most of them stick to his abdomen, seeking out sensitive spots on his chest and sides. One winds around his cock, moving in a twisting corkscrew motion up and down slowly at first. It’s thin enough that it would be easy to grip himself around it, if he wanted to set the pace; it's warm and slick enough, though, to be its own experience even if he didn't.


The first noise Kravitz makes is surprise, and the rest is all satisfaction. He's shy at first, biting down on his hand, but he recalls the muffling charm on the least...that Taako said there was a muffling charm on the room, and...slowly...lets up. He can make a little noise, can't he? Is that so bad?

His instant reaction is to touch the one around his cock, half out of curiosity and half out of the pure sensation of it. He's careful not to squeeze it, still unsure of the boundaries, but the feeling is...more than he ever could have imagined. He flushes with heat just to feel it, to really feel it warm and slick and going, and his imagination runs with it, springing right to the thought of one inside him because really, what else are tentacles for? The part of him that Kravitz usually shoves down loves that idea, revels in it and builds on it. Inside him, twisting and teasing and slick and surprisingly strong. In his mouth...tying him back...pulling his knees apart...

That. Will have to wait.

It's not as if he has a partner to do such things with, let alone would know how to find somebody that wouldn't turn and run the other direction at the concept. With some level of dramatic irony, as he slowly strokes the tentacle around him, he recalls a couple on the subway whispering about how kinky things were going to get in their Formerly Vanilla bedroom now that they had One Plain Dildo. He can't help but laugh, a weird, giddy, born-out-of-stress laugh that he can't control. This is not where he expected his day to go. Honestly? He's relieved.

The tentacles take his hand around his cock as encouragement, corkscrew motions growing faster, another, pinky-thin tendril making its way farther down to press against his entrance and pausing only for a moment before pressing into him. It's hot and slick and seems to pulsate, almost, thrumming in time with his quickened pulse.

That almost sends him over the edge already. It's so new and...also perfect? Like something finally clicked. He's getting too introspective about these sex toys, magical though they be. It's amazing, is what it is. It takes his breath away--he makes the most embarrassing noise, and he doesn't even care. He grips at the one around his dick for...something to hold onto. He can't stand much more, but that's all he wants.

"Yes- fuck- more-"

The tentacles twist, tightening around his dick and curling against his prostate at the same time, eager to pull every shaky motion from him while they can. One errant tendril wraps around his wrist, holding the hand he's got wrapped around himself where it is in encouragement.

Kravitz wheezes, trying to hold himself off. This level of sensation is....unprecedented. And it's perfect. If Kravitz were in a movie, he'd probably see the air turn pink and hearts float around his head and hear a jazzy slow jam or cheesy romance song start playing, something on the theme of where have you been all my life. It's a cupid's arrow straight to his dick. God rest his fucking wallet.

With that satisfied resignation in mind, he comes, even surprising himself, and he lays back flat on the bed and finds a moment of bliss in living his truth. This is it.

The monster wiggles happily, gingerly releasing him before flopping down against his abdomen like some kind of eldritch blanket. It's not hard to notice that where he would usually be splattered with cum there's nothing, just a vaguely sticky feeling where the tendrils touched him.

The tentacle creature, for its part, seems content to snooze; it's done its job, and now seems mostly interested in going dormant for a while to absorb nutrients or whatever it was Taako said they do.

Kravitz would sell his soul to curl up and take a little nap here with his new friend, but the afterglow wears thin and reveals his old friend anxiety, who wakes up and screams at him that the only thing worse than masturbating in a store is sleeping there afterward.

So he gets up, and he picks up the tentacles, fumbling and nearly dropping them in his boneless state, and he scoots over to the shower to take care of what's left of the mess.

The tentacles are hardly helpful, but they’re not much of a hindrance either, happy to just bask in the spray as he gets clean. They're cute. They're tentacles, magic faux-beast sex toys, and all Kravitz can think is they're cute. It's better than situational awareness, but by the time his shower is over and he's toweling off carefully (and returning the towel via the bright purple hamper, for fear of rice pudding), he's a little embarrassed about how fired up he got over all this.

Not embarrassed enough to not count the twenties in his wallet.

(He has enough emergency cash for a little bit of...self indulgence.)

Kravits puts his clothes on and takes a deep breath, hoping this Taako person and his magic are trustworthy, and he leaves the hopefully muffled "fitting room".

Taako is back at the counter when Kravitz emerges, his feet propped up and something opalescent and amorphous in his lap. He looks up at the sound of the door opening with a smile.

“Hey there, did you have fun?”

Kravitz can't help but blush all the way to his bones. Not knowing what to reply, he just hands the pile of tentacles over the counter and follows it with a wad of bills.

"I've, um. Made my decision. So. Yeah."

Taako bites his cheek to keep from laughing. It’s a noble effort, but he fails—this guy is so cute, and the flush in his face says he’ll probably be back.

“Okay,” he laughs, flicking through the money to figure out how much he’s gonna need to grab in change. “Well, this one’s a tester, so how about I give you your change and then we can go see which of the lil’ dudes of the same model jumps out at you, yeah? They come in several colors.” The tester is a soft, generally inoffensive, velvety black, but since it’s his most popular model he’s got versions in everything from blue to eye-searing 80’s abstract print.

Kravitz only gets more embarrassed, but he follows Taako to the display. They're amazing... Some of them eye-melting, but simply amazing.

"You must be a very skilled wizard," he mutters, not technically intending for Taako to hear. But it's true. He knows enough about magic to know this is an incredible and indulgent display making light of intense talents. He drags his fingers across the display shelf, past Lisa Frankian electric greens and pinks to linger at a translucent black swirled with glitter. Is that too much? Is it too... He doesn't even know what adjective he's afraid of being, but he's sure there is one.

But it's gorgeous. Is it even okay to drool over a sex toy?

Taako’s ear twitches, and he smiles. “I’m pretty much the best at what I do, yeah,” he says. It’s a niche industry, but he’s got anyone else who’s ever tried beat. He eats up Kravitz’ amazement, though, basking in the praise the same way his creation basked in the shower water.

The creature Kravitz looking at pokes a tendril up over the edge of its terrarium, winding around his finger curiously.

"Oh-!" It startles Kravitz, but it also feels like a sign. And it's easier to look at the tentacle than the cute smile on Taako's face. "I, I think I'll take this one. It's kind of pretty."

“Sure thing, doll, let me just grab you an individual terrarium, that one’s got like eight lil’ goth dudes in it-“ Taako reaches over him to help lift the little creature out, and chirps to it to remind it not to fuck now, just be chill till it’s in its new home. He drops it into Kravitz’ arms and reaches out his senses, spreading himself through the various tendrils he controls around the shop to grab a terrarium he thinks Kravitz will like.

He goes with the one that has a little skull hidey-hole. It seems to suit his aesthetic. A tendril deposits it in his hands and he grins, holding it up and giving it a little wiggle, as if to say, how’s this?

Kravitz smiles, still embarrassed, but genuine. Maybe he's a real easy read, but he's also flattered. Taako really nailed him.

Nailed his aesthetic. His aesthetic. He reaches to take it from Taako.

"It's perfect. I love it."

"Rad," Taako says, grinning unabashedly. He's a genius. The creature clambers into the terrarium with minimal poking, although it doesn't seem to want to release Kravitz' fingers. "Can I get you anythin' else before you head out?"

"Um." Weirdly Kravitz is already getting attached to the tentacle crawling on him, but he gives it a little tickle to make it let go.

"Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but...what there."

Taako laughs. "Fuck, dude, I don't know you, you could get anythin' else you wanted here--I have lots of sex stuff, but also a bunch like these-" he wiggles the tendrils he uses as auxiliary hands, "-an' I have, like, fancy cleaners and accessories and shit, for the suckers. Bespoke monster food."

"Um." Do you want to know me? Kravitz's traitorous mind thinks. "Maybe I'll take a look around first. If. That's alright."

Taako raises an eyebrow. "Darling, this is a store. You're encouraged to take a look around. -Oh, shit, right, I'll definitely forget, here's my card. This'll let you find the store again if something goes wrong with your monster or you want something else. Or if you just wanna come say hi, y'feel?" He winks.

Is this guy flirting with Kravitz, or just trying to upsell? Kravitz grabs the card at lightning speed anyway.

"Right. Um, thanks." He shouldn't be weird. Taako runs a store, he's just being nice to customers. Just because of the nature of the store's goods doesn't mean Krav can be a creep. His ears grow hot and Kravitz whirls away to get lost in an aisle that Taako isn't standing in.

"Thanks!!" he repeats, forgetting if he already said that and afraid of being rude(r).

Taako raises his eyebrows as Kravitz bolts away. He's pretty sure that was a good-flustered response, nice.

He wanders back to the counter, picking up his project from his chair and returning to sculpting. He keeps one eyestalk on Kravitz, but he's not too worried. He seems both considerate and careful, so he's probably not going to steal or break anything.

Kravitz explores the well-packed aisles, stocked with all variety of arcane and eccentric things. He leans in to look at one that turns and blinks a great big eye at him and he yelps and stumbles back, nearly knocking over a over-burdened shelf. After that, he keeps his hands firmly on his terrarium, afraid to mess anything else up.

Taako snorts. It's unfair that he's still handsome when he's all puffed-up from being startled, but he is, and it makes Taako want to see how he looks in all manner of strong feelings. He's momentarily rueful that he genuinely can't see or hear in his fitting room, but he shakes it off and just enjoys the show he does get.

Kravitz, despite being self-conscious, is immensely curious and seems to only now be breaking into The Good Shit™ when it comes to kink. He explores a number of displays down to the tiny details, takes a few surreptitious pictures with his phone, gets extremely flustered in the bondage zone, nearly buys but sadly puts back a pack of lozenges to make oral more interesting. The one thing he does bring back to the counter is a booklet of tips and tricks on tentacles and other such things, but he keeps casting longing glances over his shoulder. He'll surely be back in no time.

Taako's grinning as he rings him up. "I know that face," he purrs, "that's the face of someone who's gonna be back. Which is just as well, if all my customers were as handsome as you I'd be the happiest shopkeeper in the world. Swing by again when you're free, I make new stuff periodically!"

Kravitz can barely breathe, but he knows Taako is right. He's already dividing his next paycheck up in his head. He takes his purchases and makes sure they're well wrapped and bagged, makes sure he has the business card, checks his pockets for all his belongings....stalling, in other words. But the exchange is over, and he needs to step it on home.

Which coincidentally is not a bad place to be with a new toy.

"Thank you so much, Taako." Kravitz manages, as warmly as he can while still embarrassed to the gills. "I think this will be..." what's not a freaky way to put it. "Really nice. I hope I'll see you again," in the exact amount of days plus one that it's not creepy he's already back? "Sometime soon. Have a, um. Nice evening." Damn, he said nice twice. Fuck. "Bye."

And he's already edging towards the door.

Oh, Taako is fucked, that genuine-but-awkward smile is too cute for words. "Bye, Krav, you have a great evening," he calls to his retreating form, trying to get in just a little more teasing before this delightful and gorgeous stranger is gone once more.

Before Kravitz reaches the door, Taako tilts his head, trying to focus on him. If he can, he'll open the doors close to where he's going. It's the least he can do.

Kravitz is a little surprised when the doors open to a different place, but. Shit, it seems to track. He catches a bus home, blushing the entire time like someone can see into his suspiciously non-descript black paper bag, or knows what exactly went down in the last hour. He took a shower, it's not like it's visible, but he can still feel exactly where they touched him, and he's already planning something quick for dinner so he can eat and then immediately break in his new toy.

He's horribly excited. It's a whole new world, and he's ready to invite it in.

Thanks, Taako.