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Class 1-A Is A Fucking Mess

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Izuku was panicking. Not actually, but he was frantic. Bakugou had stormed out of his room with all of his hero merch as Izuku was coming back from his run. He had no idea what the explosive boy was going to do with it, but he was really worried.

So, doing the logical thing, he sprinted down stairs at full speed. Which only got him down stairs, with no Kacchan in sight. Where had the boy gone?

He zoomed around the bottom floor for a moment before he saw, out of the corner of his eye, a flash of black and blond. He swiveled around to check that out and saw Kacchan standing on the front lawn with a group of his friends. Kirishima seemed to be holding Kacchan back with the help of Sero’s tape. Kaminari and Ashido were protecting the pile of his things.

While he had frozen to take on the sight, Kacchan had broken Sero’s tape and knocked Kirishima over. He rushed towards the pile, but Sero managed to round him up but it was a close call. Kirishima shook off the hit and stood back up to restrain Kacchan.

“Kacchan! What are you doing?” Heads turned but Kacchan didn’t even flinch at his voice.

“Getting rid of this shit! You’ve had it since we were four. It needs to go! I’m sick and tired of your hero worship!” He was popping off explosions and struggling, but he wasn’t getting too far.

“Kacchan, please stop! There’s no reason for this!” Izuku was really hoping that he could get Kacchan to stop before he burns his stuff.

“No! I’m sick and tired of you fawning over heroes, Deku! It has to go!” The tape was ripping and Kaminari and Ashido looked ready to throw down, but Izuku knew better.

“Kacchan! Please! I’ll stop talking about heroes so much! I’ll even put some of the posters and figurines away! Don’t burn it, please!” He was on the verge of tears that he knew wouldn’t effect Katuski.

“No!” That was the end of his side of the conversation. No more reasoning or anything. Just ‘no’.

The tape had ripped and he managed to slip put of Kirishima’s grasp. He charged at Kaminari and Mina. Despite looking ready to fight, they jumped away before Kacchan was even within explosion range.

“Bakugou Katsuki!”

Katsuki froze, Kirishima froze, everyone froze. Izuku never calls Katsuki by his name, let alone his first and family name. So, it was acceptable for everyone to react that way.

“If you lay so much as one finger on anything I own ever again, I will personally see to it that your mother knows every single thing you have done to me for that past eleven years. You can kiss U.A. goodbye along with your hope of ever sitting down. Not only that, but I will beat you black and blue. I’ve had enough of your games. Now you’re just acting like a child, Bakugou. Get over yourself. Go see a counselor or something. Honestly, you’re just being a little brat.”

Kaminari choked on spit, Mina looked like a fish out of water. Kirishima and Sero had fallen down, mouths open like they were gasping for air. But Bakugou, his reaction was the best. He looked shocked and angry, but also sad and scared. His arms flopped to his side and he looked almost ready to collapse.

“Now then,” Izuku brushed his hands together,”Ashido-san, Kaminari-san, Kirishima-san, Hanta-san, could you help me move my stuff back up to my room? We’ll come back for Kacchan.”

In that moment, they realized that if Izuku really wanted to, he could destroy them all. They also scrambled to pick up as much of the merch as they could hold.

Katsuki just sat there. He contemplated his entire life. He decided to not mess with Izuku ever again, and maybe get a therapist.

Anyway, that’s the story of how Izuku became the most feared and most loved member class A.