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Winter Winds

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As the winter winds litter London with lonely hearts,
Oh, the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms.
Was it love or fear of the cold that led us through the night?
For every kiss, your beauty trumped my doubt.


The sound of birds through an open window roused Jaina slowly. Looking towards their source, her eyes paused as they met smoldering red eyes that belonged to one Sylvanas Windrunner, leaning against the windowsill of Jaina’s bedroom, in far enough to the side that she was out of sight in the event of passers-by on the ramparts but close enough for the slight sea breeze to dance through her hair. Even in something as simple as leather legguards — and nothing else — she was beautiful, Jaina decided. Tides, she’s probably beautiful in anything. Why do high elves get to be so gorgeous? Why does Sylvanas in particular get to look that good? Why is this suddenly all I can think about?

Sylvanas smirked then — a typical, fang-featuring smirk so much like the ones she used at war councils yet... so very different. From the undercurrent in Sylvanas’ energy to the lack of a steely glare, that smirk was different. It told Jaina that her moment of ogling had not gone unnoticed and most definitely had not gone un felt. Shit.

“Do not be ashamed, little mage,” Sylvanas drawled, feline confidence seemingly replenished overnight. The Warchief pushed off the windowsill and slowly walked towards the bed. Jaina sat up, propping herself up on one arm. Her heart rate felt like it quadrupled when Sylvanas lifted her chin with one finger. She could have sworn that smirk softened a touch before she felt those cool lips gently pressing against her own. “I spent so long watching you, it’s only fair,” Sylvanas murmured. Jaina’s heart kept racing. She was nervous. Nervous. Around Sylvanas Windrunner, Warchief of the Horde, she a floundering teen. Oh good Lords there’s no way Sylvanas didn’t know.

As the sleepy fog faded from her waking mind, two things suddenly occurred to her that struck her simultaneously with elation and fear. Sylvanas raised an eyebrow to that.

“Shit,” Jaina whispered harshly. Sylvanas took a seat next to her on the bed, resting her hand atop Jaina’s on the duvet. It was a bit distracting, but not distracting enough from the two matters at hand.

“What is it?” Sylvanas asked quietly. Jaina turned away to stare into space a bit. She wasn’t sure which was a bigger problem and the longer she thought about it the bigger each problem felt...if the first one could even truly be considered a problem. “Jaina?”

“I... fuck,” came Jaina’s response. Sylvanas’ fingers traced the bones beneath the skin on Jaina’s hands. She wished it was as soothing as it would have been if one of the issues didn’t have to do with...that sort of thing.

“Yes, we did do that,” Sylvanas drawled. Jaina scoffed.

“Come on, Sylvanas, this is...actually possibly a massive problem. Scratch that, it’s almost definitely a massive problem. At least one part of it is. No, both parts are, really. I—” Sylvanas cut her off with a kiss, which she returned for a moment, too shocked by the simple gesture to do anything else.

“You’re rambling. Tell me what’s going on.” Sylvanas’ tone had hardened, as if discussing a matter of official business. Jaina supposed they technically were. She sighed.

“There’s no way to say this part of it without sounding like a complete ass so do forgive me for a moment,” Jaina said. Sylvanas quirked an eyebrow at that. “I don’t mean it the way it’s going to come off. Okay?”

The question, so open-ended, caught Sylvanas severely off-guard. Some anxiety crept into her energy, enough that Jaina was able to sense it in herself. She turned the hand Sylvanas had covered with her own upside-down to tangle her fingers with the risen elf’s. She hoped the gesture would be enough but knew it wouldn’t.

“You’re still here,” Jaina whispered. Sylvanas went rigid. Jaina sighed. “I told you, Sylv,” she began, not even noticing the nickname. “I don’t mean it that way. I mean that I trusted you and I was right.”  



“I…” Sylvanas paused and Jaina felt the same nervousness she’d felt when Sylvanas had kissed her creep up in Sylvanas’ energy. It made her heart flutter. “Leaving never even crossed my mind,” the elf admitted in a whisper. Jaina met her eyes then.

“Oh my god,” Jaina whispered, a lump in her throat and her chest tightening up. “Oh my god.”

Sylvanas looked away then, suddenly very interested in one spot where the pristine floor rug had a tiny snag along the edge. Jaina felt Sylvanas’ nerves only grow.

“I know you can feel this, Sylvanas,” Jaina said in hushed tones. “There’s no way you can’t.” A nod. A response in a tug on Sylvanas’ hand, drawing her eyes back up to Jaina’s, stopping on her neck in a couple of spots. Jaina could imagine what she was seeing and it threatened to make her want Sylvanas all over again. No, she already did want Sylvanas again, she realized. She wanted her again so badly but there was something more important than that — that admission. The honesty was so plain to see. It was written all over Sylvanas’ face, her body language, her energy.

Jaina cradled Sylvanas’ head in her free hand and gently ran her thumb over her cheek, words failing her. She was sure Sylvanas could feel what was building inside of her, far too fast and far too heavily. She felt nervous flickers of it in Sylvanas’ energy, too, as if she were snuffing it out each time but unable to keep it down.

“We’re so fucked,” Jaina whispered. A smile touched Sylvanas’ lips for a minute as if she were about to comment on the blunt, very Kul Tiran words, but it faded as quickly as it came back into a mask of relative seriousness.

“We...are,” Sylvanas replied quietly. Her eyes were searching Jaina’s for something, shifting back and forth between them. She could feel a tug at her energy like Sylvanas was desperately trying to read her through the small bit she now carried. Without thought, question, or preamble, Jaina urgently reached out with her energy to connect with that bit of herself. She winced at how quickly she’d done so but didn’t have time to afford herself any further reaction or apology when a sharp exhale, the kind that drove all of your breath and then some from your lungs, came from Sylvanas.

“Jaina,” Sylvanas whispered in a daze, something bordering almost on awe. It was a bizarre sight to see, but Jaina supposed she’d seen the Warchief in about a hundred different ways she’d never expected before in just the past twenty-four hours so it really shouldn’t have phased her. But it did, the look in Sylvanas’ eyes and how those eyes felt as though they clung to Jaina in need did.

I can feel...all of it, came the next reaction, this time internal. Jaina tried to stay steady, to maintain the connection, because she hadn’t exactly been expecting to do so herself. She did waver a touch at Sylvanas’ words, though, knowing exactly what Sylvanas was referring to and exactly what she wouldn’t even dare think and exactly how big the elephant in the room was.

I’m sorry, I… Jaina began to respond.

No, don’t, Sylvanas interrupted. Don’t apologize. Please. The words were thought so clearly and easily that Jaina made a mental double-take. Take mine in. Like you have yours right now. Allow me that and you’ll see. Jaina nodded.

Sylvanas was right, of course. As soon as the connection was made and Jaina took a look at Sylvanas’ energy, her emotions, her intentions, she saw it. Felt it. Felt the echo of what she felt, except it wasn’t an echo at all. It was genuinely from Sylvanas. Directly. 

Jaina shifted, turning to face Sylvanas more and laying one hand on Sylvanas’ sternum, palm resting over the scar from Frostmourne. Jaina felt so uncertain. Nothing like she was used to feeling anymore. It was jarring. But what jarred her even more were Sylvanas’ next words in her head. They were quiet, as if hardly admitted even to herself, but they were there and there enough for her human awareness to pick up.

I need this.  

Three simple words had Jaina nodding in understanding, swallowing hard around a lump in her throat, and cursing at herself as droplets also fell from her eyes. Sylvanas wordlessly brushed the few that managed to escape away. I… Should I… Jaina stammered internally. Sylvanas took a shaky breath.

“I don’t know,” she whispered out loud. “I know what you’re asking. I don’t know if I can even…” Jaina’s hand clasped over Sylvanas’ and traced patterns up her arm. She felt a surge in Sylvanas’ energy then, a tightening mixed with anxiety, an ache in her chest not borne of an accursed sword but rather of a desperate need.

“That,” Jaina whispered back, “is it.”   She didn’t say it just because she wanted it to be true. She said it because it was exactly how she felt when Sylvanas did the same things to her.

“Oh,” came Sylvanas’ response. She paused. “Kiss me.”

Jaina didn’t hesitate, didn’t ask why, didn’t need to ask why. She pressed her lips firmly, urgently to Sylvanas’, like she knew she needed. Sylvanas’ hands came up to cup her cheeks and she kissed Jaina deeply, laying her back onto the bed. One hand trailed down to grab Jaina’s hip, the other fisting in her hair, and she rolled her hips forward with a whimper. Jaina didn’t hear many of those the previous night and she savored it, grabbing Sylvanas’ hips and pulling her ever closer, rolling her hips ever harder back into the elf’s.

Jaina felt every reaction in Sylvanas before her body even produced it with their energies tied as they were and it was both fascinating and obscenely arousing to experience — to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sounds and motions and feelings she was evoking in Sylvanas were so genuine, never pre-designed, never overthought. It was much more unhinged than Jaina expected Sylvanas to be. But, then again, they both felt like they were coming apart at the seams with little to nothing to hold on to beyond each other. Nothing else was certain. Not one thing.

Sylvanas seemed about half of the way to orgasm just from grinding her hips against Jaina’s thigh as she thrust two fingers deep inside the mage, who was quickly approaching her own if the way she grasped desperately at Sylvanas’ shoulders, couldn’t keep her eyes focused, and occasionally whined this high-pitched whine that sent shivers through Sylvanas’ entire being every time were any indication.

When Jaina came, she realized the other times she swore Jaina’s orgasm was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen had paled in comparison to how she looked with their energies intertwined as they were. The way she cried out Sylvanas’ name like a prayer, the subtle blue glow to her eyes that flared as she finished, and the brief surge of the arcane that swept through their energies where they were still connected and ended up in Sylvanas’ body was enough for Sylvanas to suddenly spill over the edge, too, having to catch herself over Jaina as her body arced almost violently, tearing words from her lips — entirely breathless, echoing with both her normal, otherworldly timbre but also that third, ethereal tone she’d picked up the first time she’d taken any energy from Jaina, beginning with a sharp inhale at how suddenly it hit her.

“Oh...gods. Jaina. ...Jaina, quel’nor, I love you. Oh, gods, I love you,” Sylvanas managed to get out before trailing off into noises uncharacteristically small as her body was wracked with aftershocks. 

Jaina breathed heavily near Sylvanas’ ear, the elf’s head ending up just above her shoulder, face-down. She breathed an unsteady rhythm as she tried to recover from the shock of Sylvanas’ words. It was so much. Too much. But Tides help her she wanted it. 

Jaina carded her fingers through silver-blonde hair, just like she had the night before. She wrapped her free arm around Sylvanas’ upper back and squeezed, turning her head towards Sylvanas and whispering into her hair with her eyes clenched tight as she feared what these words would mean for her, for Sylvanas, for the Alliance and the Horde who probably thought Sylvanas had broken out and captured Jaina somehow, for the face of Azeroth in its entirety. But she couldn’t deny that they were true.

“I love you, too, Sylvanas.”