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“It is only at the first encounter that a face makes its full impression on us.”

Arthur Schopenhauer


“What the fuck’s wrong with you?” Wonho mumbled as he tried, more like harassed, the poor button on the printer. That printer usually worked pretty well almost every day so why the hell did it decide to play bullshit on him today? He has a deadline to meet and it is due in an hour. He is now regretting his decision of binge watching Marvel with the others last night.

Fuck! That Chae Hyungwon’s going to kill me. Wonho thought as he grew more impatient and at the same time, frantic. He has no freaking idea on what to expect from his boss who’s surprisingly younger than him. How he landed that high position was a mystery even to his other coworkers.

The sound coming from the printer indicating that it is now functioning broke him from his internal rants and grumbles. Oh thank God! Wonho immediately connected it to his PC and the first draft for a romance novel is now printing. Maybe luck is still on his side after all. He can still remember the very first time he met his boss and it sure was not an ideal memory.

“Wow hyung! These are impressive.”

“You’ll make it big Wonho hyung.”

“I’m sure our boss would like your outputs.”

It was only Wonho’s third day at work and he was already being complimented by his coworkers. He tried to hide his blush while thanking them one by one. Being accepted to this job as a romance novelist was truly one of the best and add it to the fact that Monbebe Publication Inc. is a topnotch publishing company in the city. Their office may be small, only comprising of few departments, but it sure is luxurious and productive. He also met three awesome people he now considered his friends. Yoo Kihyun, a hamster-faced graphic artist who nags like a mom. He sure as hell one of the best graphic artist Wonho ever met. Son Hyunwoo, a muscular guy who seems like he inhale protein shake every chance he gets (not that Wonho is any different) is a science fiction writer. And Lee Jooheon, a baby-faced mystery novelist with voice as deep as the ocean who easily gets scared. The four of them are being supervised by someone named Chae Hyungwon who is still missing in action due to a conference meeting somewhere in the province of Gangwon. He also met Ilhoon, Hyunsik, and Sungjae, some of the comic book writers under a different supervisor named Seo Eunkwang. Wonho already met Eunkwang and he can say that the guy is an angel under the pretense of being a clown. He always makes sure that their floor has a light atmosphere and everyone’s doing their job with the utmost contentment and convenience. Since Eunkwang and his team are basically textbook writers, their offices were a floor below Wonho and the others who are fictional writers.

A day before, Kihyun warned him about their supervisor. He said that Hyungwon is a total opposite of Eunkwang so he should not expect much. If Eunkwang is kind, respectful, and happy-go-lucky then Hyungwon is cold, reserved, and snobbish. Wonho did not believe that because he has yet to meet the guy and he can’t just judge him like that. It would be too unfair for his boss.

“What’s the commotion all about?” A deep voice from behind suddenly appeared and Wonho saw how Kihyun, Hyunwoo, and Jooheon froze on their positions. He turned to look and there he saw an angel. No literally, the man in front of him is an angel just without wings on his back and a halo on his head. With his plump lips, fair skin, wide eyes, and black hair, Wonho secretly pinched himself if he is dreaming because dude! The male counterpart of Aphrodite is just in front of him.

His eyes met the man and he saw how he raised his eyebrows. “And who might this man be?”

“Oh! He’s Shin Wonho, our new romance novelist.” Kihyun introduced him and Wonho just smiled at the man.

Wonho swore he saw the man smirked before stepping towards him, just merely stopping two steps away. “Is that so? Hey I am Chae Hyungwon! A little disclaimer boy, I am hated by everyone and loved by no one. Oh! And I am your boss.” With that, the man who he now knew as Hyungwon walked back towards his office. Just as he was about to open the wooden door, he once again looked at them with a nonchalant expression. “And get back to work peasants!”

It was only two minutes since he met his boss and Wonho already had the urge to punch the other’s pretty face. Maybe Kihyun is right! Maybe he really should not have expected much from his boss.

Wonho realized that very same day that if Eunkwang’s an angel under the pretense of being a clown, then his boss, Hyungwon, is actually a demon under the pretense of being an angel. His words are poison that if you have a weak heart, you really would just print a resignation slip immediately. Thankfully, Wonho is not like that. His father taught him how to be strong despite of everything life decides to throw at his handsome face.

The beeping sound from the printer machine stopped and Wonho gathered the bunch of coupon bonds where his first draft for his new romance novel entitled “Love is never what you expect” were now encoded. With heavy steps, he trudged his way from his cubicle to his boss’ office holding the important papers close to his chest. He went past Jooheon who mouthed ‘Good luck hyung!’ inside his own cubicle right beside Hyungwon’s office. He just smiled at him, silently thanking him inside his head.

Letting out a deep sigh, he opened the wooden door and inside he saw his demonic boss, seriously typing away on his laptop with his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes slightly squinted. The man finally noticed his presence and he gave out another infamous smirk of his. That smirk should have been illegal. Wonho quickly wiped that thought out of his silly mind.

“Took you long enough Wonho-ssi.” His boss strictly said as he accepted the folder of Wonho’s first installment.

Wonho being Wonho playfully looked at his watch. “I still have twenty five minutes to spare boss. Don’t you think you are slightly exaggerating?” Hyungwon’s expression darkened and okay that was probably a wrong move but the damage has been done. Wonho cannot take his words back and hopefully, it would not cost him his job. He just got here and he could not risk being kicked out as soon as he got in.

“Are you questioning me, Wonho-ssi?” Hyungwon asked with a dismal look and Wonho could visualize some black smoke coming from his boss’ back. You watch too much anime Wonho.

“Not at all, boss.” Okay that’s it! Someone really needed to tape his mouth as soon as possible or else he would meet his doom.  Hyungwon just sighed and Wonho interpreted that as admitting to his defeat. He cannot understand himself but he mentally danced and celebrated.

“You can now go, Wonho-ssi.” With a confused look, Wonho reluctantly made his way back to his office. That conversation with his boss was just weird to the extreme level. First of all, Hyungwon always makes sure he has the last laugh, throwing shades at him nonstop until Wonho would be the one to walk out. Second, why did he sound so tired and fed up like he does not want to be around any longer? Because he is also a damn human Shin Wonho. Give the man a break. And third, Hyungwon called him Wonho-ssi and not some names like idiot, stupid, and peasant which he usually does whenever it is only the two of them.

“Dude you look like someone punched you in the guts.” Wonho turned towards the voice and he was greeted by the faces of Kihyun, Hyunwoo, and Jooheon. Somehow it became their habit to eat lunch inside Wonho’s cubicle since it is the most spacious among the four workspaces. It was Kihyun who said that though.

“I’ve been to worst, guys.” Wonho muttered, accepting the bowl of sweet and sour pork Jooheon’s handing him.

Hyunwoo snickered as he peels the plastic wrap from his bowl of black been noodles. “Why? Did our boss hit a nerve again?”

“The demon actually didn’t, surprisingly. That was probably the biggest turning point in the history.” Wonho joked making them laugh except Kihyun. The reason? Wonho did not know.

“Hyungwon is a nice person.” Kihyun suddenly blurted out making them turned to look at him like he grew another nose. Growing another head is pretty common anyway. Wonho almost choked on his food. “What? I’m just telling the truth.” Kihyun added.

“Dude! You just didn’t say that. That guy’s the brother of Satan himself.” Jooheon pointed his chopsticks at Kihyun who rolled his eyes back. “Or maybe he is just Satan in reality.” The baby-faced added.

“Come on Ki! Did our boss put you under a spell or something? Anyone can see he’s like a girl with a PMS every day.” Hyunwoo jokingly added, garnering another burst of laughter from Wonho and Jooheon.

“You don’t know him. Not at all.” Kihyun fired back and the three stopped laughing. As much as they hated to admit it, the shorter’s right. They really do not know Hyungwon, not at all. They were only around him for almost two years top, Hyunwoo being the first among them to be in the office and Wonho being the latest. Kihyun were already working in the firm way before the three of them. And before the deafening silence loom over them, Wonho scoffed.

“Still a demon to my eyes though.” That made Kihyun glare at him and muttered “Whatever” before going back to eating.

That’s right! Hyungwon is a demon who does not know how to do anything but to be a pain in his ass. If only he could just transfer under Eunkwang’s supervisory then he might as well do everything he could.