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I of the Storm

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“Tell me of the King in the North,” Daenerys orders when she calls for him without any other greeting; not that Tyrion is expecting one.


Tyrion takes a moment to get all of his knowledge straight on the man who now sits in the North before he speaks and tells his Queen what she wants to know; remembers the somewhat broody boy he met from all that time ago.


“Jon Stark was the bastard son of Brandon Stark, legitimized by his father before Brandon and Lord Rickard Stark were…” Tyrion trails off and chooses not to finish hat. His Queen is well aware of how Brandon and Rickard Stark died and does not need – nor would appreciate – the reminder. “He was raised by his Uncle and Aunt – the Lord Ned and Lady Catelyn Stark – alongside his cousins. I met him before he set off, to join the Night’s Watch.”


Daenerys raises an eyebrow at that. “He was the rightful heir and chose to join the Night’s Watch instead?”


Tyrion goes to pour himself a cup of wine. “From what I could gather of the boy, he felt his cousin was better suited for that role.” Daenerys seems curious about that, but she doesn’t stop her Hand from continuing. “I am not sure of everything that has happened to him, but I know that he and his cousin, Sansa, raised a campaign to take Winterfell back from House Bolton and won in the battle. The Northerners have since declared him their King and he and his cousin have married, making her his Queen.”


“And she is your former wife, yes?”


Tyrion had paused to take a swig of wine and he swallows now. “She was. For only a short time and it was unconsummated. It was annulled upon her marriage to Ramsay Bolton.”


“Hmmmm.” Daenerys is quiet as she thinks through all of this information. “Do the King and Queen in the North love one another?” She then asks, this time, the question directed to Varys.


The man steps forward to answer. “I do not know, Your Grace. I doubt they do. They married for purely political reasons and to keep the Stark hold in the North as strong as possible.”


“So, the King would not necessarily be loyal to her?”


Varys and Tyrion exchange a quick glance before Varys’s eyes return to the woman.


“I did not say that, Your Grace.” Daenerys lifts an eyebrow, but Varys continues. “Northerners are extremely loyal people and the Starks have the blood of the North in their veins more than anyone. Even if there is no romantic love between the King and Queen, there would be a familial love and loyalty.”


“I certainly am not asking a husband or wife to betray the other, Varys,” Daenerys responds to that though both her advisors know the woman well enough to know her tone. “Why wouldn’t I be able to have the support of both? Send word to King Jon in the North. Tell him I would like to meet and speak with him. Tell him of what we are going to do to help Westeros in getting rid of their illegitimate Queen and bringing the rightful one to the throne.”


“You do not wish to invite both of them?” Varys asks.


“There is only one and only going to be one Queen in Westeros,” Daenerys says to that. “I think it would be best if I brought our cause to the husband before I inform the wife. Perhaps if the King can see things my way, it would be best if he be the one to inform his wife.”


“The North sees themselves as independent from the lower Kingdoms, Your Grace,” Varys reminds her.


“And I will speak with this King in the North and get him to see that we’re much stronger as one rather than in seven broken pieces.” Her words are firm and final and there is a smile on her face, but those in her circle know that it is not a smile meant to be interpreted as a friendly one.


Tyrion clears his throat. “Your Grace, both King Jon and Queen Sansa have bled for the North. The Queen’s brother, the King’s cousin, Robb Stark, was named King by their people before his death. The North will never accept another Queen from the South and certainly not…” he pauses, trying to choose his words carefully.


“A Targaryen Queen,” Daenerys finishes for him with a flash in her eyes.


“King Jon might be especially hard to convince of your right to the throne after what your father did to his,” Varys speaks once more.


“I would hope that this King in the North, as well as anyone in Westeros, would not hold a daughter responsible for the actions of her father,” Daenerys says. “I would hope that this King would be willing to listen to me and come to accept me once he learns who I am as my own person.”


“Of course, Your Grace,” Varys agrees and bows his head to her.


“Perhaps, Your Grace,” Tyrion takes his turn again. “It would be best if I went to go speak to the King and Queen in the North personally instead of just sending them a summons.”


Again, Daenerys lifts her eyebrow as she studies him. “You would leave me?” It is an innocent-sounding question that is anything but.


“Of course not,” Tyrion is quick to assure her. “But you need allies and I still like to think I know Sansa. She will not take well to being ordered by anyone and Jon will ignore anything that a Targaryen tells him; especially an order.”


“It is not an order. It’s simply an invitation that he comes and meets his Queen,” she reminds him.


“And I do not think either of them will look at it as such.”


The Queen is quiet, thinking that over for a few moments, looking out the window as she does. Tyrion and Varys remain silent, exchanging a look between them as they so often do while awaiting Daenerys to speak, never quite sure what their Queen will say or decide next.


“Very well,” Daenerys speaks suddenly, spinning back towards both of her advisors, her eyes landing to Tyrion. “You will go to the North. To Winterfell. And you will speak with the King and your former wife. You will bring this King Jon back here with you where I may speak with him and show him that bending the knee to me and promising me his loyalty and support as well as those of the North to me is the best for everyone.”


Before Tyrion can even bow to show his obedience to the order, she continues.


“Your former wife. Sansa. Will she listen to you?”


Tyrion pauses, thinking of the last time they saw one another; at Joffrey’s wedding with Joffrey lying on the ground, choking and dying. There had been such chaos and Sansa fled and Tyrion was accused of murder. But much time had passed since then. She had been married again since then and Ramsay Bolton’s reputation far proceeded him.


He likes to think he still knows Sansa, but the truth is, there is quite a possibility that he won’t know her at all. He also thinks odds are that Jon Stark is far from the boy he was before going to the Wall as he was when Tyrion first met him.


Going to Winterfell to personally speak with Jon and Sansa, Tyrion knows, is the best course of action to take. Already though, he is wondering how he is going to get them to agree to a Targaryen Queen. The Starks have suffered and lost too much to both House Targaryen and House Lannister already. Jon and Sansa might hear Tyrion out only to tell him to go sod off and let everyone else fight for the throne for this is not a Northern fight.


Tyrion certainly won’t tell his Queen that though. He will go to Winterfell and he will get Jon Stark to come back with him no matter what.