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Good God

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Nathan sighed scanning his surroundings with an impressive look. Rachel and Victoria worked really hard on this Hawaiian themed summer party in the indoor pool. Big fake palm trees scattered the sides of the rooms and kids were throwing themselves into the big pool one after another.

Hayden tapped Nathans shoulder, nudging a shittily rolled blunt towards him as smoke escaped his lips. Nathan of course noticed the way his lips pursed and his chest sank, because unfortunately to be found out by the richest little boy in town. Nathan Prescott was gay. Many people had their suspicions based on shitty stereotypes or whatever they came up with to entertain themselves but everytime he was asked he would continuously deny it. He tried to pray it away, pretend it wasn’t there. But everytime he watched Hayden chug water, his adams apple bobbing, it made Nathan sweat.

One night he broke down in Victorias arms as she consoled him, swearing to never tell anyone. He trusted her more than anything and for once in his life. He felt safe.

Nathan blinked and took the swisher between his fingers, taking a long satisfying draw from the plant inside. His anxieties ebbed as the smoke traveled into his lungs and he smiled slightly to himself. In the past year he was finally on the road to being happy. He had friends, well Rachel and Victoria dragged him to hang out with Max and Chloe. This usually consisted of Nathan and Chloe bickering as Rachel gets everybody stoned and they end the night giggling. He stopped drinking and doing drugs (besides weed, oops) and Victoria checked with him consistently. The psychologist his father signed him up for privately started to actually show hope for Nathan and he was thriving. Nothing could stop his fear of being judged or rejected for his sexuality, or his depression and anxiety, and nothing could take away his traumas. But time and love was healing him, and that was the best thing he could get.

The blunt made its way back to Nathan when he saw a group of kids arriving to the circle with Rachel. A tall lanky boy with shaggy brown hair followed behind Max Caufield and Chloe Price. Rachel pointed to the boy and smiled at the group,

“This is Warren, he’s totally chill!” She gave two thumbs up and Warren mimicked with a cheesy smile.

The group emitted little greetings as they got back into the swing of passing the weed around amongst the VIP section. Max took a few puffs, Chloe and Rachel smoked as much as they always do, a lot. Warren took a few long shaky drags and his eyes beamed red after the 4th one, he coughed and sputtered, giggling. Nathan laughed along with him and the others who witnessed his mini-death while Warren recovered. They all began talking and such, putting a joint amongst them to fill the time. Nathan didn’t provide much conversation, not that he’s much of an extrovert anyways. He took a deep breath and stood,

“I’m going to go get some fresh air.” Nathan said as he wandered off toward the exit
Victoria shot him a concerned look as he left but Hayden was already passing her the joint before she could stand.

Nathan reached the cool outside, breathing in the night air. He leaned up against a wall and looked around his surroundings. He dug his hands into his pockets and slipped his phone out.

New Message!

He sighed and unlocked the device.

Vic: You ok?

N: Yup

Just as he went to hit send he heard the door next to him swing open and hit him in the face, the doorknob going into his ribs. He let out a sound of pain and the person at fault of his injury yelped, swinging the door closed.


Nathan looked over to see the tall boy, it was Warren. He knitted his eyebrows and held his chest.

“I just wanted to make sure you were okay, you looked worried or whatever.” he said awkwardly,

Nathan sat in silence, staring at Warren with confusion

“It sounds really invasive and pushy now that I look back on it.” he confessed

Nathan smiled and nodded, “I’m fine, thanks.”

Warren smiled back, “Sorry for almost busting your fucking ribs..” he started chuckling

Nathan held back a laugh, “You’re a dick.” he said back in a joking tone.

Warren nodded in agreement and looked around them, the street lights were on and Vortex party posters were plastered everywhere. Nathan sighed and stood up straighter.

“I’m pretty tired so, I’m gonna go.” Nathan said slowly and smiled vaguely and began walking toward the dorms, still holding his ribs.

“Oh, I could walk with you, I was thinking of heading off too.” Warren piped in after he took one step.

Nathan looked back, “Huh?”

Warren stopped, “Um. I could walk with you. We both live in the same dorms so it seemed logical.” he explained.

Nathan looked at him with judging eyes, almost as if he were trying to see through him, into his brain to understand his thought process and how this cute nerd was making Nathan want to slap the shit out of him and kiss him on the cheek. He let his thoughts run for a second, sitting in silence between the two of them before he spoke up,

“Yeah, sure.”

Warren smiled in relief and followed Nathan toward the dorms. They didn’t talk too much on the way to the dorms, Warren asked simple questions about Nathan and Nate did the same. He slowly began to talk more comfortably with this new guy, small talk coming naturally and witty comments filled the walk up the stairs. They finally made it to the top of the stairs, walking down the hallway and stopping at Nathan's door.

“You coming to the end of the year party next week?” Nathan asked, turning to Warren.

Warren pondered, “I mean, I could.” he said finally with a smile, “If it means we can sesh again together then I’m all in” he said with a joking wink

Nathan chuckled and nodded, “Yeah, maybe next time you’ll be high enough to flirt properly with Max.” he said, opening his door.

Warren turned bright red, “Hey I’m not that bad!”

“Sure” Nathan closed the door and smiled to himself