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You Are My Knight

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Perhaps I should have done this in the beginning but anyway. Here's a reference to look for when looking at the fill in the blank portions of the story.

(y/n) = Your name
(n/n) = Your nickname
(l/n) = Your last name

(b/f/n) = Best friend's name
(ex/n) = Your ex's name

(f/l) = Your first language (If it's English then choose a language you've learned at school or something)


This is merely a suggestion, but if you read in various voices in your head like I do to discern characters, here is the cast for the TFs, parentheses is where you can recognise these voices:

Optimus Prime - Peter Cullen (G1/TFP/Bayverse)
Megatron - Frank Welker (G1/TFP)
Ratchet - Jeffery Combs (TFP)
Jazz - Micheal B Jordan
Ironhide - Jess Harnell (Bayverse)
Wheeljack - John DiMaggio
Arcee - Sumalee Montano (TFP)
Shockwave - David Sobolov (TFP)
Starscream - Billy Bob Thompson (Cyberverse)
Soundwave - Jon Bailey (Bumblebee)
Rodimus Prime - John Boyega
Ultra Magnus - Micheal Ironside (TFP)
Sideswipe - Darren Criss (RiD2015)
Bulkhead - Kevin Micheal Richardson (TFP)
Swerve - Danny DeVito
Skids - Alan Ritchson
Wheelie - Tom Kenny (Bayverse)
Hound - John Goodman (Bayverse)
Drift - Yoshi Sudarso
Perceptor -  Micheal Fassbender
Brainstorm - Jamie Foxx

Chapter Text

The sound of your phone vibrating jolted you awake from your nap. With a groan, you picked it up and saw that your best friend was calling you. Flipping it open, you answered, clearly not pleased with the fact you were woken up at, you checked your watch. 10:40pm?

“What,” you grumbled. You only heard a laugh from your friend. You propped an arm up on the couch’s arm to support yourself, rubbing your eyes to wake yourself up.

“Did I disrupt your beauty sleep?” (b/f/n) said.

“I fell asleep on the couch, again,” you sighed. “Work took a long time again, I hate working as a car mechanic.”

“You need that summer job though to keep the house or at least, your side of the rent,“ he chuckled.

“Yeah, speaking of, why the hell aren’t you home?” you asked. “I’ve been waiting for you to come home the entire time.”

“Sure,” (b/f/n) said sarcastically. “I had some errands to do with family, you wanna go out on a night ride? I need to cool off,” he said. You sighed and got up from the couch, stretching. Headlights then shone through the drapes and you walked over to see (b/f/n) waving at you from his car. You gave a light chuckle as you grabbed your keys and walked out the door to join him. As soon as you got in, he backed up and drove down the road, taking a left to enter the mountain pass the two of you always went on when (b/f/n) felt like going on a night ride. The road was almost always empty, even during the day, since it was an old road and there were shorter ways to make it to and from their destination. Meaning the road was all to (b/f/n) and yourself. After driving for a solid half an hour, with the windows rolled down and the cool summer breeze hitting your face, you saw two pairs of headlights approaching you. That was weird. Nobody ever used this road. The two cars zoomed past you, as if they were either racing or chasing each other.

“Whoa, what the fuck?” your friend laughed, slowing down for a moment to watch the cars race. You watch the two cars, grabbing the seat as you witnessed both of them careen off the road. (b/f/n) saw that as well and yelled out a “HOLY SHIT”, driving off to the side and parking in an open space. You were the first to run out the car, crossing the street to look over the edge only to be staring at what was going on in shock, mouth agape and eyes wide. Two large mechanical forms, perhaps 16 feet tall, were brawling it out. The two cars from earlier completely gone. “What are you doing standing there?!” (b/f/n) exclaimed as he ran beside you, his eyes snapping to the two robots fighting. He gave a little heh before collapsing to the ground, completely unconscious. You watched the fight go on before watching the victor kick the loser to the ground and rip its head off.

“Holy shit,” you finally said, causing the robot to look at you as it dropped the head in surprise.

“Ah, frag!” the robot scowled. “You weren’t supposed to see that or any of this!” You registered that its voice was deep. Huh.

“You’re, uh, not gonna kill us for seeing that right?” you asked in a half worried tone.

“What? No! That’s against protocol, we don’t do that,” the robot replied, pointing a digit at you. He then began walking up the hill and stepped back onto the road, looking down towards you with his arms crossed.

“So there’s... more of you out there,” you stated. “That’s a little concerning.”

“Y’know people when they see us faint, I’m surprised you haven’t yet. I can see your friend did though,” he said, pointing to your friend’s unconscious body.

“Yeah, um,” you glanced at him. “Don’t mind him.”

“Well, I’m gonna have to take both of you back to base,” the robot sighed. “Now that you’ve seen us, the Decepticons are gonna be after you.”

“The what?”

“The bad guys, the dude I just killed,” the robot said, pointing his thumb back towards the Decepticon’s lifeless frame. “I’m Sideswipe by the way.” His voice came the car you saw speed past you earlier. It was a goddamn Lamborghini, of course. The door automatically opened and the back door as well. “Throw your friend in the back, you’re gonna be up front.”

“You actually want me to drive or?” you quirked a brow.

“You think there was a driver in here earlier? Just look the part, you’ll be fine,” Sideswipe said. You were reluctant but thought against it, dragging your friend and pushing him onto the back seat to where he curled up into a ball and was snoring softly. You took a photo to tease him later for it and got into the driver’s seat soon after.The doors automatically shut and you heard the lock click for each door. No way out now.

“So I gave you my name, how about yours?” Sideswipe asked as he started driving. His voice reverberated from the dashboard, causing you to jump. “Or is it not earth custom to do that,” he joked.

“Oh, sorry,” you muttered, you were caught up in the fact you met a giant robot man who killed another one like it was nothing. “I’m (y/n).”

“(y/n)? Kinda hard to pronounce,” Sideswipe teased. He sped up a little as you saw another pair of headlights behind you, something eating at your mind that the Decepticon lying dead off the mountain pass was not the only one out there.

“Everyone calls me (n/n),” you replied, shaking the thought away.

“(n/n)! Now that’s easy to say. I like it!” You gave a little smile and Sideswipe revved in appreciation as if he saw that. The drive was rather long but Sideswipe told you everything you needed to know and the two of you had a conversation about each other after that, Sideswipe was pretty fun to talk to besides the slight narcissism. Now that you thought about it, you were glad you took that nap earlier, otherwise you would have fallen asleep at the wheel hours ago. When your friend came to, he began to panic, looking for his car and Sideswipe spoke up to calm him down. “You’re finally awake! Knocked yourself out, little man,” Sideswipe said.

“(n/n), where’s my car?” your friend finally asked.

“Shit, (b/f/n), we left it on the mountain pass, we’ll go get it back once we get to base,” you replied, you sent an apologetic look towards him as an awkward smile spread across your face. Leaving the car there wasn’t a good idea.

“WHAT!? We were kidnapped?” (b/f/n) exclaimed, ignoring that his car was left on the mountain pass.

“We saw something we shouldn’t have and now Sideswipe here is taking us so we can be protected, the Decepticons are gonna be looking for us now that we’ve come into contact with an Autobot,” you explained calmly.

“A what and a what now?” (b/f/n) asked.

“Sideswipe is a Cybertronian, the race of these guys, and an Autobot, which is their faction or side whatever, the dude he was fighting earlier was a Decepticon. They’re the bad guys apparently,” you explained. (b/f/n) didn’t say anything for a moment and looked ahead with a blank look on his face.

“I’m gonna freak the fuck out,” (b/f/n) stated.

“Don’t,” Sideswipe and you both said. “Look, (b/f/n), we’re almost at base, they’re gonna explain everything and we’re not going to kill you. I can see that running through your head right now.” (b/f/n) bit his lip, not really believing what Sideswipe said before looking towards you for confirmation. When you nodded, that’s when he calmed down and sat up straighter. The base came into view as Sideswipe was stopped at security clearance, the guards holding guns and in full armour, you immediately felt fear fill your chest but Sideswipe spoke to them and the guards let you through. You could feel your palms sweating and (b/f/n) looked like he was about to throw up. When you looked towards him to check if he was okay, he nodded, shaking away the nausea. Sideswipe kept driving, entering the flight hangar where various vehicles were strewn about and government agents were walking about the area, some on computers and some that seemed to be scientists working on something. Sideswipe opened his doors and you and (b/f/n) got the note to get out, stepping out as Sideswipe shifted out of his altmode and stood up, stretching. You noticed the Autobots eyeing the two of you, suddenly you started to feel a little conscious of how you looked. How small you must be to them! You didn’t want to think about it all that much.

“Sideswipe, why did you bring these two here?” a red and white Cybertronian asked. He seemed to be glaring at you and (b/f/n).

“These two caught me fighting a Decepticon on the mountain pass, Ratchet, and you know what happens when we get seen,” Sideswipe said, crossing his arms. Ratchet was about to say something in response before a 20 foot Autobot approached the two of you. (b/f/n) yelped in surprise, falling onto his ass and you stepped back a few steps to get a better look of the 20 foot giant. His helm was blue, filials of the same colour adorned on the side of his head as a helmet like apparatus covered his head. A silver mask similar to his faceplates covered his mouth and you couldn't help but wonder if there was a mouth under that. The flame decals that adorned his body looked a little tacky as you scanned him but you kept your mouth shut.

“You bringing them here was a responsible decision, Sideswipe,” the tall Cybertronian’s voice said. His voice was deep and gravelly. Oh, oh no. Deep voices were something you found incredibly attractive so when you cleared your throat to shoo away the thoughts, the tall robot noticed you. His gaze then turned towards you, his glowing blue optics looking at you with almost no emotion. The Autobot then knelt down in front of you to introduce himself.

“I am Optimus Prime, we are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron, I am the leader of this group we call the Autobots. We are here to protect the life that exists on this planet and to take refuge. You have been taken here to be under our protection from the Decepticons that have seen you.”

“We were up in the mountain pass with no one else there except those two,” you said, pointing to Sideswipe and gesturing about the Decepticon. “Unless that car that was following us earlier was a Decepticon.”

“Someone was tailing us for a while so I had to do that little detour to cut them off,” Sideswipe replied. You sighed and ran a hand through your hair, hoping that Decepticon won’t be anywhere near your house in the future.

“Jeez,” you breathed. Optimus blinked at you for a moment before extending his servos as a way to extend friendliness.

“And you two are?” Optimus asked. You placed your hand onto his digit, marvelling at how large it was and shook it.

“(y/n). Everyone calls me (n/n) though since it’s hard to pronounce, and this is my friend (b/f/n),” you introduced. “Sorry about this,” you then said, knowing this whole debacle was inconvenient. Optimus blinked and took his servos away once you let go, standing up from his kneeling position. Something about you pulled him towards you, as if his spark were telling him to trust you, befriend you, which he fully intended on doing. There was a certain charm to you that reminded him of… he pushed the thought away before it could reach his mind. No use dwelling on the past.

“Well, (y/n),” Optimus said, choosing to use your full name instead of your nickname. “It’s a pleasure to meet you and I believe I have to apologise instead. It’s never good when humans get mixed up in the mess we have brought to this planet so you have no reason to apologise. You two will be assigned guardians to watch over you, they will spend time with you and make sure no Decepticon comes into vicinity with you.” The Autobots groaned in response to Optimus’ order.

“I can take (b/f/n),” Sideswipe suggested, raising his servos. “He seems like a cool dude even if he fainted the first time he saw me,” he teased. The rest of the Autobots laughed and (b/f/n) cleared his throat.

“Hey, it’s it’s my first time seein’ something like that,” (b/f/n) defended, but the way he said it was in a more joking manner. “Won’t faint the second time!” The Autobots chuckled in response and (b/f/n) had a smile on his face. After all, he was friendly and pretty goofy for how old he was, 21 years and he still acted like he was 17.

“If you would do me the honour,” Optimus said, then kneeling down towards you again. “I would like to be your guardian.” Your face immediately flushed, clearing your throat for, perhaps the 10th time today, out of embarrassment.

“Are you for real?” you asked skeptically. “You’re the leader, you can assign someone else if you need to. I can tell you’re the type to be busy all the time,” you said. You looked around to find any takers and all the Autobots were looking away or fake working on something else. Ah, so that’s how it was gonna be. You silently submitted to his offer and smiled, secretly happy that you had Optimus to yourself, with how his voice sounded earlier and how he carried himself, you couldn’t help but feel slightly attracted to the Cybertronian. “If you can handle me then, I’d be happy to have you for my guardian,” you teased, looking up at him. Optimus reciprocated the smile. Or at least you could tell he was smiling under that mask with the way his optics glowed and were shaped.

“They’re serious?” (b/f/n) then said. You looked back and chuckled.

“Yeah, I’m serious.”

“They?” Sideswipe then asked.

“Yeah, (n/n) only uses they/them pronouns,” (b/f/n) replied.

“I look like a guy and all, but yeah just they for me,” you said to Sideswipe. It was loud enough for Optimus to hear and he gave a hum to show he understood.

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The past few weeks with Optimus had been pretty nice, where the two of you spoke about Cybertron or Earth, learning more about each other at time went on. You and (b/f/n) were forced to stay at the base when the Autobots went on missions, often being dropped off and left to your own devices. Your job took a nosedive when they found out you hadn’t been showing up for shifts but to compensate NEST, the organisation helping the Autobots, offered to give you jobs regarding Cybertronian research to which the both of you happily took.

“So (b/f/n),” you said one day. “How’s it like having a Lamborghini for a car instead of the one you had earlier,” you asked.

“You mean the car we ditched on the mountain pass,” (b/f/n) replied bitterly.

“Is it still up there?” you asked, quirking a brow.

“No, Sideswipe and I drove up to pick it back up but it’s left me feeling bad,” (b/f/n) replied. “I basically have a free, sentient Lamborghini and I have that piece of crap car.” You laughed and leaned back in the chair too far, falling on your back. You tumbled out of the chair with a groan and now (b/f/n) was laughing at you.

“Haha, very funny, (b/f/n),” you laughed sarcastically.

“So how’s things with you and Optimus?” (b/f/n) then asked. Your face flushed and you cleared your throat. “I saw you looking at Optimus like you wanted to marry him the first time you met him,” (b/f/n) joked.

“Oh yeah, my big metal husband,” you said sarcastically.

“Yeah! Your metal husband,” (b/f/n) laughed.

“We’re getting along really well, he’s really fun to talk to, the way he speaks is like, wise and formal and he just. Talks that way. I’ve caught him monologuing too. It’s funny,” you smiled. “Other than that it’s a nice change of pace to just have intelligent conversations and learn about each other more.”

“Sounds like you guys are dating,” (b/f/n) said, giving a smug look.

“Fuck off,” you scoffed, an embarrassed smile on your face.

“Hey, no judgement from me, none of my business if you’re into robot men,” (b/f/n) said, raising his hands up in surrender. “But I gotta say, I think the big guy is into you too,” (b/f/n) smirked.

“Sure,” you said with disbelief.

“No, I’m serious! Going ‘If you would do me the honour, I would like to be your guardian’? It’s like he asked you to marry him,” (b/f/n) said. You fell silent this time and your face flushed.

“(b/f/n), you know I’m a dumbass when it comes to people liking me,” you said quietly.

“Which is why I’m telling you,” (b/f/n) said. “Ask him out.”


“Ask him out!”

“I- No,” you said.

“You want him to ask you out?” (b/f/n) asked, quirking a brow.

“He’s my guardian, it’d be inappropriate,” you lied.


“Ok! Fine, you’re right,” you snapped. “I’m just not ready for another relationship, (ex/n) left me kinda, broken. And I don’t wanna have him carry my baggage.”

“He’s over 20 feet tall and can lift probably over 20 tons, you’re fine,” (b/f/n) said. “Just think about it though, okay? (ex/ n) wasn’t good at showing that he cared but Optimus is literally putting it out there for you. Guardian or not, he cares about you a lot.” Your heart felt heavy. You squirmed in your seat this time and got up. You walked around, with your hands behind your head in panic.

“Ok, ok, tonight! Tonight. I’ll ask him,” you announced. You then heard a rev of engines behind you and saw the Autobots driving back in, immediate panic filling your heart. When Optimus came into view and shifted out of his alt-form, he stood tall to relay orders for what the Autobots should do for the rest of the night. You stood up, looking up at him expectantly as he extended his servos down and lifted you onto his shoulder. Something the Autobots haven’t seen before. It was something you did back at home, living near a forest where it was well hidden and the two of you could walk under the stars if you so wanted and came to do in private. Optimus must have been feeling confident or not thinking as he simply let you wrap an arm behind his head and hold on as you sat on top. “Time to go home,“ you said quietly to where Optimus hummed in response, turning into his altmode, you carefully being placed in the driver’s seat as he drove off towards your house.

(b/f/n) looked at Sideswipe for a moment before breaking the silence with a cough. “So has anyone seen Optimus do that before ever or.”

“It’ll be the first time we’ve seen him do that,” Ratchet replied. “I’ve never seen Optimus so head over heels for a human or anyone really. Not since,” Ratchet paused for a moment before continuing.“His conjunx, Senator Shockwave, was still alive.” The older Autobots all knew the tragedy of Senator Shockwave and it caused a painful silence to settle in the room. (b/f/n) bit back a question he had stirring in his mind and left it at that.

The drive home was quiet and you were okay with that, you never were really much for words until you got to talking about something you were passionate about so staying silent the entire car ride made you comfortable and at ease. That, and you knew Optimus had a long day and perhaps going home and relaxing would be the better route to go. Once you got home, he drove near the forest and changed out of his altmode once again before lifting you onto his shoulder to take a walk in the woods to go to the open space you showed him all those weeks ago and watch the stars. You were unsure whether or not he could hear your heart pounding out of your chest but you felt he could. With how strong it was pounding, you swore it could have just broke free. You stayed quiet for a while before speaking up. Your voice was quiet and cautious, stepping lightly around the words, knowing that this was something you couldn’t go back on. But it was calm and welcoming like a summer breeze.

“Optimus,” you started quietly. His blue optics darted aside towards you for a moment before looking ahead.

“Yes?” he replied, matching your volume.

“This may sound a little crazy but. I…” you trailed off, trying to gather the courage to finish the sentence. “I’m in love with you.” Your voice was barely above a whisper but Optimus heard it loud and clear. He stopped in his tracks for a moment before grabbing you gently and holding you out in front of him so he could look at you. His blue optics were searching for some sign on your face and his mouth was drawn in a tight line. A tired smile fell upon your face as you waited for his response to where he drew you closer towards his head.

“Then perhaps this shall sound crazy but I too have the same feelings towards you,“ Optimus finally said, a small smile gracing his face as his optics seemed to glow a little bit brighter. It was a smile you’d come to love and it was a smile he gave only to you, it was only a few days ago that Optimus revealed the entirety of his face to you. “I was unsure whether or not it was appropriate with our biological differences and the fact that I am your guardian.”

“Hey, you offered to be my guardian,” you laughed quietly. “But, I’ll be honest, I was unsure, too. I felt it would have been inappropriate as well.” You then looked back up at him with a smile this time. “Glad we’re on the same page though.” Optimus reciprocated the smile and you reached your arms out to where Optimus drew you even closer, allowing you to embrace him. You lean your head against his faceplate and he shut his optics for a moment taking in the new affection. You let go and he moved you away, opening his optics that hold a soft, loving look towards you. He then moved his servos and placed you back on his shoulder, continuing his walk to the open space. He set you down gently into the grass before lying down and looking up at the stars, reaching out a servos for you to hold onto before he lies you down on his chest. It’s uncomfortable at first but the warmth coming from his chassis changes that. You fold your arms on your stomach and looked up at the stars, something the two of you had come to do often as of late. It was just a nice place to recuperate and relax, think about what is next to come and what has happened in the past. You remembered introducing it to him one night when you couldn’t sleep and now he found it to be comforting to stay and lay there. The two of you spent the first few hours just talking about anything that popped into your mind before falling silent. You got up from your position and crawled up towards Optimus’ helm before stopping, head wavering above his lips. His blue optics looked towards you with curiosity before you leaned down and kissed his dermas. It was metallic and slightly warm. Like kissing a metal plate that had only been in the sun for a little bit. Optimus froze by the sudden affection and melted after a moment, taking it in as much as possible. You sat up, face tomato red, glad that it was dark and Optimus couldn’t see you all that much but you cleared your throat. “Sorry, I just. Kinda wanted to do that. I’m not sure if your people do things like that, I never… asked those type of questions for a reason.”

“You have no need to apologise for that, (y/n),” Optimus replied softly. “On our planet, we do express affection like that, it is. Just something I have not experienced in a while.” He paused for a moment. “It’s a nice change of pace compared to what I have been through during missions. And I’m glad you’re the one to give me that affection.” A smile grew on your face before you nuzzled up against Optimus’ dermas, arms wrapping around his neck to hug him as much as possible. A small smile grew on Optimus’ face as he looked down towards you, shutting his optics and feeling at peace for the first time in years. You gave him that. And for that, he’d be eternally grateful.

Chapter Text

The day Sam Witwitcky came into your life was the day your life went into chaos. Apparently the reason Optimus had been gone over the past few weeks was because they were searching for the Allspark and the coordinates were in a pair of glasses Sam had. The Autobot scout, Bumblebee, was the one to bring Sam to the base after saving him from the Decepticons. When he first arrived, you were skeptical but trusted Bumblebee, knowing that if he was an Autobot, his judgement must have been good, still with Sam being 17, this wasn’t the best environment for him to be in. That was the day you first met Bumblebee, actually. It’d been a few months into the school year and you, being a college student had to go back to school but NEST took care of it, telling you now that you had this job that your education be taught through the military. Which wasn’t something you exactly had wanted due to your dislike towards the military. But getting paid to learn was a bonus so you couldn’t exactly complain.

“Who- who’re they?” Sam asked when he saw you and (b/f/n) conversing with the Autobots.

“Just some guys who got caught up with the whole Autobot Decepticon war,” (b/f/n) replied.

“Like you have Bumblebee as your guardian, (b/f/n) here has Sideswipe and I have Optimus,” you said, gesturing your thumb towards Optimus who had been working with Ratchet on locating the Allspark with the glasses. “I’m (n/n) by the way.”

“Wait, Optimus is your guardian?” Sam asked, looking between you and him. His girlfriend, Mikaela, had taken a seat on a table nearby.

“Yeah? What of it?” you said defensively. You crossed your arms and showcased your fairly muscular arms, having worked as a grease monkey all those years built some muscle for you. That and the fact that NEST said that you being so close to the Autobots would require you to exercise and learn combat skills. Sam dropped the topic and you looked towards Optimus who had been watching you for some time. “What’s up?” you asked.

“Ratchet and I have located the Allspark, but we have been requested by agents from Sector Seven to rendezvous at the Hoover Dam,” Optimus stated. “He requests everyone who has been in contact with the Autobots to come, meaning (b/f/n) and (y/n),” he said before pausing. “You’ll have to go there as well.”

“Cool, you driving me?” you asked Optimus, looking up towards him with a teasing smile. A small smile tugs at his dermas under the mask and you chuckle at his expression.

“As we have discovered the Allspark’s location near the Hoover Dam, you can certainly ride with me,” Optimus said. You were walking towards the exit of the hangar.

“Then let’s go,” you smirked. Optimus felt himself smile once again as he changed into his altmode and drove up beside you, opening the drivers door after stopping. You climbed in and the door shut.

“Autobots! Roll out,” Optimus announced, Sideswipe shifting into his altmode and (b/f/n) hopping in. Sam and Mikaela followed after as Bumblebee shifted into his altmode. You hummed to yourself as Optimus drove, arm hanging out the window and lightly hitting the side of the door as the wind blew through your hair.

“How long till the Hoover Dam, big guy?” you asked Optimus.

“Just an hour drive, why?” Optimus asked.

“Mm, nothing,” you replied. You leaned back in the seat as Optimus drove and you placed your hands behind your head as you looked out on the road. After a few minutes of silence, you finally spoke up. “We should go on a road trip. Just you and me,” you suggested.

“We’ve been on plenty of rides alone together, what makes this different?” Optimus chuckled.

“You still haven’t seen a lot of Earth,” you replied. “The drive to Nevada is just desert and boring scenery, we should drive along the coastline or deep within a forest in the mountains, y’know? There’s so much beauty here on Earth that you have yet to experience. I know you’ve been busy and cooped up all the time but you deserve a break.” You paused for a moment. “All of you deserve a break.” Optimus didn’t respond for a moment before you felt a shift in the seating. It was almost like he was caressing you. You suppressed a blush growing on your cheeks and you heard a deep rumble within him that you read to be a chuckle.

“Perhaps I’ll take you up on that offer someday,” Optimus said. “For now, we must get the Allspark.” His caress loosened a little bit but you gripped the armrest slightly as a way of squeezing his hand, to reassure him everything was going to be okay.

“How are we going to contain this Allspark?” you asked quietly.

“We don’t. We must destroy it,” Optimus replied.

“Then how are you going to bring your planet back?” This time Optimus doesn’t reply and he instead lets out a long drawn out sigh. “You’re not going back, are you.”

“The time to rebuild our planet may come but it will not be easy, (y/n),” Optimus said gravely. “And I feel it will not be soon that we will be able to rebuild it.”

“How are you planning on destroying the Allspark,” you then asked. He fell quiet again and you shifted in your seat, knowing what the answer was. “I’m not letting you sacrifice yourself,” you said. “Not when your family needs you,” you paused for a moment. “When I need you,” you murmured. “I-I know it’s selfish of me to say, with the fate of humanity in your servos and everything but. There isn’t a way to keep the cube and… bring it back to Cybertron?”

“If we were to keep the Allspark intact now, the Decepticons will relentlessly attack the human government to take the cube for themselves. The risk is too high and the potential endangerment of human lives will only grow exponentially,” Optimus replied.

“Well, we just need to take it into our custody then, Autobot custody. It seems like only now the Decepticons are making the move to get the cube, so why now? Why not a long time ago?” you asked. “Oh, wait,” you said, answering your own question. “The Decepticons only found out when they found the glasses online through eBay.”

“The mistakes of a child have led to these events, yes,” Optimus said. “But we will do our best to contain the Allspark. We must not let it fall under the Decepticon’s control.” You sighed and leaned back in the seat in worry. He noticed your concern and let out a soft sigh. “I realise you want to help us bring back our planet and make sure we have a home again, but I’ve vowed that every living being in the universe not be harmed by the civil war we’ve brought to your planet.”

“I have a feeling that with the news lately that Decepticons have already caused a great deal of harm to humans,” you frowned.

“All the more reason we need to make sure the Decepticons are extinguished and that they should never get the Allspark.” The conversation ended there and you sat silent the entire ride, trying to find a way to keep Optimus safe and make sure that the Allspark wasn’t destroyed. Even if you were attached to him romantically, you knew he needed a way to rebuild his home planet. It was something you thought through for a while, toying with the idea when you first started your relationship with him. One day, he was going to leave you for his own planet and go home, outliving you entirely. To him it’ll be a blink of an optic where you’re there then gone because of your short lifespan compared to his. It’s been a thought that’s been bothering you for a very long time and still had trouble accepting. When you drew near the Hoover dam, the military personnel there allowed the Autobots to enter, driving down the tunnel to the secret base they had there. When you all reached an open space and parked, Optimus opened the door for you and you got out, watching him switch out of his altmode. You looked up at him with a worried expression and he looked down towards you with a slight frown, understanding why you were worried. You reminded him too much of them. Of Shockwave. How even in their fierce personality, they worried for Optimus, for his well being. He knelt down and offered a servos. You accepted it and climbed onto it, kissing his cheekplate quickly as he placed you on his shoulder for you to sit.

“Alright, full crowd here, you can call me Agent Simmons,” the agent commented. “You’ve all had direct contact with the NBEs.”

“NBEs?” Sam asked.

“Non biological extraterrestrials?” you called out from above.

“Yeah, exactly what he said,” Simmons said, slightly surprised at your answer, looking up towards you with a bewildered look as he realised you were perched on Optimus’ shoulder. “Follow me. What you’re about to see is totally classified,” he continued. You looked at Optimus for a moment as he began to follow. A familiar Cybertronian then came into view and Optimus stopped in his tracks once laying his optics on the Cybertronian across from him. You could feel the anger reverberating within him as he looked at the figure. The other Autobots drew their weapons upon immediately seeing it.

“Megatron,” Optimus growled quietly.

“We call him NBE One,” Simmons said.

“Well, sir, I don’t mean to correct you on everything you think you know, but I mean, that’s Megatron,” Sam announced. “He’s the leader of the Decepticons.”

“And my sworn enemy,” Optimus seethed.

“We think when he made his approach over the north pole, our gravitational field screwed up his telemetry. He crashed in the ice, probably a few thousand years ago. We shipped him here to this facility in 1934,” Simmons explained. “He's been in cryostasis since 1935.
Your great-great-grandfather made one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind. Fact is, you're looking at the source of the modern age, the microchip, lasers, spaceflight, cars, all reverse-engineered by studying him. NBE One. That's what we call it,” Simmons said to Sam, a hostile tone in his voice. You cleared your throat to break up the hostility.

“Maybe it’s just me but why the hell haven’t you taken him apart and I don’t know, place his head literally somewhere not attached to his body, remove his limbs and all and not spend so much energy trying to keep his body frozen like that,” you asked.

“I must ask the same,” Optimus said. “I’m afraid you’ve made a grave mistake keeping Megatron in one piece all these years. If the Decepticons discover that their leader is here, they will do anything in their power to ensure he is freed. If he is to leave cryostasis, the wellbeing of many innocent lives will be threatened, especially to those who work here.”

“So what do you want me to do, boss? I can end him right here and now,” Ironhide asked.

“Just give us the word and he’s done for,” Sideswipe said, aiming his guns.

“While we have the chance, I do not find it wise to kill him in a defenseless state,” Optimus hummed. You pursed your lips as two conversations went on. Your eyes landed on (b/f/n) who was standing awkwardly with Sideswipe, his guns out and ready to kill Megatron.

“If we don’t end him now, then that war will never be over, Optimus,” you said gently. Ratchet and Ironhide hummed in agreement. “We’ll lose more lives over time if we just leave him here alive.” He didn’t answer this time and furrowed his brows, deep in thought.

“And you didn't think the United States military might need to know that you're keeping a hostile alien robot frozen in the basement?” the Secretary of Defense asked the head of Sector 7.

“Until these events, we had no credible threat to national security,” the head of Sector 7 replied.

“Well, you got one now,” the Secretary of Defense replied. “So why Earth?”

“The Allspark,” Optimus said.

“All Spark? What is that?” Simmons asked.

“Well, yeah, they came here looking for some sort of cube-looking thing. Anyway, Mr. NBE One here, AKA Megatron, that's what they call him, who's pretty much the harbinger of death, wants to use the Cube to transform human technology to take over the universe,” Sam explained. “That's their plan.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“As the one who showed Sam, yes, I can confirm,” Optimus answered. He then knelt down closer to Simmons, to where he backed up out of fear. “Tell me where the cube is.” Simmons nodded and straightened his posture, gathering his bearings.

“Follow me,” Simmons said after clearing his throat. Optimus stood back up and began to walk forward, you shifting slightly to be stable as you sat on his shoulder. You weren’t going to lie, you felt your legs were going to fall asleep.

“How long are you going to keep them up there?” Ratchet asked, eyeing both you and Optimus.

“As long as I want, old friend,” Optimus replied. “Are you alright?” Optimus asked you. You shrugged and gave him an awkward smile.

“Never better,” you lied. If you were being honest, you were worried about this whole predicament. Was Optimus really going to go through with destroying the cube when it has the power to bring his planet back?

“You're about to see our crown jewel. Carbon dating puts the Cube here around 10,000 BC. The first Seven didn't find it until 1913. They knew it was alien because of the matching hieroglyphics on the Cube as well as NBE One. President Hoover had the dam built around it. Four football fields thick of concrete. A perfect way to hide its energy from being detected by anyone or any alien species on the outside,” Simmons explained as you all passed through a large doorway. You looked up in awe as you stared at the giant cube in front of you. Optimus walked up to the cube and reached his arm out, his servos touching the corner of the cube.

“Hey, hey! What are you doing!” Simmons said.

“Leaving this the way it is in human hands will lead to the destruction of your kind, I am taking it into my possession for safekeeping as it belongs to our race,” Optimus said, the Allspark soon splitting to smaller cubes and collapsing into itself. The Allspark downsized to a cube that fit easily in his palm and he gave it to you to hold.

“Optimus,” you said in confusion, looking aside towards him.

“You are right, (y/n),” Optimus said. “If we have any chance of saving our planet, we must keep the cube intact. But if the time really does come to where we cannot keep it in our possession any longer and all else fails, then I will make the ultimate sacrifice and unite it with the spark in my chest.” You opened your mouth to say something but your voice dies in your throat and you looked away.

“That’s suicide,” Ratchet protested. “The cube is raw power, it could destroy you both.”

“A necessary sacrifice to bring peace to this planet,” Optimus replied. “We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes.” He paused for a moment before looking down towards the ground. “It’s been an honour serving with you all.” You held the cube tightly in one arm as you placed a hand on Optimus’ shoulder and gripped the metal there.

“Don’t say that,” you said. You gave him a pleading look as his blue optics landed on you. “You’re getting out of this alive.”

Chapter Text

The lights then flickered above you and you looked up to see what was going on. You then saw soldiers rushing to the other room.

“Banachek, what’s going on?” Simmons asked through the radio.

“Well, the NBE One hangar has lost power...” a reply came. Optimus and the Autobots immediately made their way into the hangar Megatron was being kept in.

“What?!” Simmons exclaimed.

“And the backup generator is not gonna cut it.”

“What are we gonna do, boss?” Jazz asked.

“I have been foolish not to see what history has proven over and over again...that Autobots and Decepticons will never mend their ways. If there can be no diplomatic solution to this perpetual conflict, then I must not allow more darkness to fall upon this or any planet. Megatron must be destroyed,” Optimus said finally. The Autobots gave a cheer, knowing fully what his answer was. Optimus then equipped his cannon and sword. “Let’s shred him before he even wakes up,” he snarled. You tapped his helm to get his attention.

“Can you put me down before you turn Megatron to scrap? I don’t want to get thrown onto him,” you said, to where Optimus took you onto his servos and set you aside on the ground. You heard creaking and a release of air coming from where Megatron was standing and Optimus let out a roar as Megatron’s red optics flickered, plunging his sword into Megatron’s spark chamber. Megatron came online just for a few seconds, his arms reaching for the sword as his optics met with Optimus’. He let out a laugh and spoke quietly to where only Optimus would hear.

“So you finally did it...” were Megatron’s last words before his optics turned off, his arms falling limply to his sides. Optimus exhaled and drew his sword out, looking at Megatron’s lifeless frame. The ice melted and his frame collapsed under the weight. You hugged the cube close to you, jumping out of the way as Megatron’s head hit the floor and you looked up towards Optimus with a frown. The way he looked right now was something of shock and anger, his optics glaring at the frame before him and not responding at all as he stood rigidly.

“Optimus,” you called out to him, breaking him from his trance. His helm turned towards you and his mouthplate retracted itself to reveal him frowning. He withdrew his weapons as he knelt down to Megatron, placing a servos on Megatron’s helm.

“Goodbye, old friend,” Optimus said quietly. “I wish things could have gone differently. If they had, then perhaps you’d be standing here, not in front of me as an enemy, but beside me as the brother I once knew,” he lamented. The Autobots stayed silent for a moment, allowing their leader to mourn over Megatron. You then heard audible footsteps coming from the tunnels as military poured in, having been called earlier to detain Megatron. Now they watched in confusion as Optimus knelt quietly in front of Megatron’s collapsed frame.

“What, what are you guys doing?” Sam asked. “He’s dead! Shouldn’t we be celebrating?” You shook your head as you walked beside Sam and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“You haven’t been able to talk to Optimus as much as I have but,” you started. “Megatron and him used to be brothers in arms. Before the entire war had all started, they were apparently good friends,” you explained, going out of earshot so Optimus wouldn’t hear. “So when the war did happen, Optimus well...” you trailed off.

“He felt betrayed,” Sam finished. You nodded and looked towards Optimus.

“I can’t really understand how he feels but,” you said. “I just know that having to kill your own friend… is something no one should ever have to do.” You then heard a deep rumbling outside the dam.

“Decepticons,” Optimus growled, standing up from his kneeling position. “(y/n), get the cube back to NEST, we’ll protect you on your way. Bumblebee,” he said looking towards the yellow Camaro. “You’ll be the one to drive (y/n).” A yes sir came from Bee’s radio in response and you walked up towards him as he ushered you into the empty space leading out the tunnel as he changed into his altmode.

“Wait, wait, that’s my car!” Sam exclaimed. Bee revved, opening the doors and said get in then!, to where Sam and Mikaela both rushed to the car and got in, the doors automatically slamming as Bee sped out of the hangar. You hugged the cube tightly to your form, your fingers brushing over the side lightly by accident, accidentally pricking yourself on a piece of metal sticking out from it and gave a quiet ow as you snapped your hand back to inspect the spot you got pricked. You sucked at the small droplet of blood on your finger and you shook your head as you began to see Cybertronian symbols flashing before your eyes. “Hey, you okay, (n/n)?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine,” you said, waving him away. You looked at the sideview mirror and watched the rest of the Autobots tail behind as military personnel also helped in escorting.

“Lennox has suggested that we go through the city to apprehend the incoming Decepticons,” Optimus communicated.

“Is he crazy? Bringing Decepticons to the city is going to put innocent lives in danger!” you yelled. “We need to get to the mountains, we can get cover there and avoid killing too many people in the process.”

“(n/n) has the better idea, Optimus,” Sideswipe said. “We don’t wanna endanger human life like that, property damage will be too much too.”

“What do you exactly do for a living, (n/n)?” Mikaela asked from the back.

“I used to be a grease monkey and a college student, NEST recruited Brandt and I and now we’re working for them with our constant contact with the Autobots,” you explained. Bee then sped up as he took an exit heading towards the mountains. The Autobots followed and you heard a radio from Lennox who was in an SUV behind.

“What are you doing? We’re supposed to get to the city nearby,” Lennox yelled.

“With all due respect, sir, I’m not leading a group of killer robots to a city full of innocents. Potential children dying isn’t something I planned at all for today. We’re going to the mountains to get cover.” you snapped through the radio. There wasn’t a response from him and you lean back against the seat as Bumblebee gave a chuckle. Now I see-why-boss-likes you! Bee teased. You playfully hit the steering wheel and Bee only laughed again.

“Wait, what did he mean by that?” Sam asked from the back. You glared at Bee and he gave a playful noise that sounded like uh oh. You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose. You knew you were going to have to explain this at one point to your new companions especially if Bumblebee was going to be watching over them.

“I’m... dating Optimus,” you said cautiously.

“You’re dating that, 30 foot tall gigantic robot,” Sam deadpanned, trying to process what you just said. “You’re not like. One of those weird kinksters right?”

“Sam!” Mikaela scolded.

“What?! No, of course not,” you said, your face flushing red. “Sam, first off, physically that is impossible, second of all, I don’t f-” you cut yourself off before you could finish the sentence. “I’m not having this conversation.” The car then stopped abruptly as you saw a few cars blocking the road, facing you and the Autobots. “Decepticons.” You looked around to see there was ample cover as there were some slightly large rock formations lined up against the road and you let out a slight sigh of relief before Bumblebee surged forward, getting ready to barrel down the road.

“Bumblebee, make sure (y/n) gets to the base safely with the cube!” Optimus yelled as he charged towards the blockade in his altmode before swiftly changing into his normal self. Ironhide, Ratchet, and Jazz then joined in the fight as the Decepticons changed out of their altmodes to fight the Autobots. Through the fight, Starscream managed to get out of it and change into his altmode to chase you down.

“Bee, 6 o’clock!” you exclaimed, looking behind you as Starscream flew behind you and then over you and Bumblebee, landing on the road and grabbing at Bumblebee who shifted out of his altmode with all of three of you in it. You yelled as you fell out, tumbling onto the ground. Sam and Mikaela both landed onto the ground with a grunt before rolling from pain and you scrambled to get up, hugging the Allspark close to you in one arm as you began to run away from Starscream as Bumblebee began to fight him. You passed by Sam and Mikaela and yelled at them to follow you, you running directly towards Optimus.

“OPTIMUS!” you yelled out, running down the road.

“(Y/N)!” Optimus yelled back, seeing that you were in distress. Optimus killing Bonecrusher and pushing past Brawl as he began to charge towards you after changing into his altmode. Starscream noticed your yelling as well and shot a missile towards you but Bee punched him in the jaw, messing up his aim. He barely missed, piercing the road and triggering an explosion. You were thrown to the side and landed on the ground, getting pelted with debris, you landing on the ground with a pained groan, blood running down the side of your head. You looked back as you got up and darted to the side near the rocks to get some cover. You watched Optimus draw closer and closer as Sam and Mikaela caught up with you, taking cover from the destruction the Decepticons were causing. You hear gunshots from behind and see two Decepticons fall as Ironhide, Jazz and Sideswipe overpower them with the help of the military. Starscream yelled out as he saw his companions fall and pushed Bumblebee away before switching to his altmode and flying away from the fight. Optimus reached you and screeched to a stop, opening the door. “Get in!” he yelled, to where you scrambled in and pulled Sam and Mikaela into the semitruck, where Optimus began to drive quickly towards the base, not letting any of you get footing. You stumbled forward and hit your chin on the dashboard from the sudden surge and you collapsed onto the floor with a groan of pain. Mikaela yelped out of surprise and Sam helped you up onto the seat.

“Optimus, dear...” you started, buckling yourself into the seat. “Perhaps… let us make sure we’re properly secure before you do something like that...” you suggested. The Cybertronian symbols came back tenfold and you squeezed your eyes shut, trying to push away what you were seeing. It was giving you a massive headache too.

“Do you still have the Allspark?” Optimus asked. You took the cube out from under the crook of your arm and showcased it to him. He let out a sigh of relief.

“How many casualties?“ you then asked, ignoring the throbbing pain coming from the side of your head plus the headache. The side of your head felt warm too, a fresh flow of blood running down the side of it.

“I wasn’t paying attention but taking the fight to where there are no civilians was a wise decision, (y/n),” Optimus replied. “If we had taken it to the city, the casualties would be countless and more than what happened today.”

“What was that guy thinking anyway...” you muttered. You then felt faint and blinked a few times, trying to stay awake. “Mikaela, switch places with me, I need that bed,” you said, the Cybertronian symbols almost overtaking your vision. You fumbled with the seatbelt but once you got it off, Mikaela stood up and went to switch with you until you collapsed onto the floor and passed out, the Allspark tumbling onto the floor of the cab.

You woke up with bright lights in your eyes, you brought an arm up to block the light before you registered that you were lying on a couch and abruptly sat up before grabbing at your head as the throbbing pain returned. You felt a bandage wrapped around the spot you were bleeding and you looked around to see the Autobots looking at you, especially Optimus who had a worried look on his face. You gave a small smile and raised your arms to where Optimus knelt down, his face leaning into your hands.

“Are you alright?” Optimus asked quietly, his blue optics looking into your eyes, still filled with worry. You heard Sam say ‘Is this really happening?’ in the background and you ignored it.

“As long as you’re alive, I’m great,” you smiled. “So if I’m back at base and you’re alive, then we got the Allspark safely here?” Optimus then presents the cube in his servos and you glance at it for a moment, feeling relief wash through your core.

“The Allspark will be safely kept here, as the Decepticons do not know of its whereabouts, without their leader I doubt they will stay together,” Optimus said. “But we cannot say that for certain. Starscream, Megatron’s second in command has escaped, meaning he’ll be attempting to gather more Decepticons to get the Allspark in the future.“

“You guys aren’t going home then yet?” (b/f/n) asked from the background.

“As long as the Decepticons remain on Earth, we cannot leave it. It is our duty to make sure the Decepticons no longer are on Earth and not bringing potential harm to humans when this is a war you all should never have been thrown into,” Optimus answered. “For now, we shall remain on this planet until either every Decepticon joins us. Or dies. I hope for them to see the error of their ways but I’m afraid that will not happen.”

“You’re not just going to kill them all off?” Sam then asked, to where Optimus let out a sigh.

“This war has already taken so many lives, Sam,” Optimus replied. “The last thing I want is for our kind to be known as the one who ultimately destroyed themselves. If a Decepticon wants to join the side of the Autobots, then we must gladly accept them and work towards rebuilding Cybertron.” He then looked at the cube in his servos and held it close. “We have the ability to rebuild it now, but we must get rid of the Decepticons first if we are to use it properly.” He stood up from his kneeling position and looked down towards you. “I am proud and grateful for your bravery, (y/n),” Optimus said. “I am in your debt, all of you,” he then looked towards Sam and Mikaela and the military personnel that helped bring the cube to the base. “Because of the bravery you have demonstrated today, you have saved the Earth from destruction. We have gained many new combrades today.” Bee walked up meekly towards Optimus. Permission to speak-sir? he asked.

“Permission granted, old friend,” Optimus smiled. I wish to-stay with-the boy, Bee said. “If that is his choice,” Optimus replied. Yes. A smile grew on Sam’s face as he looked up towards Bee, where Bee let out a happy noise. Optimus smiled towards the two friends and then turned his gaze towards you. “Let’s go on a ride,” he said to you. He offered his servos once again and you climbed on, where he walked towards the exit of the hangar and shifted into his altmode. His servos carefully placed you in the driver’s seat, revving his engine as he drove off of the base.

“So,” you said, leaning back in the seat. “Where to, boss?”

“That road trip you told me about,” Optimus started. “I was thinking today might be a good day to go.” A smile grew on your face as you tapped the armrest.

With the Allspark in the control of the Autobots and under the protection of the government, we have hope that we can return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward, where we now have a new world to call home if we ever need to find another. For now, we live among its people, hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret, waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage. And though we are worlds apart, like us, there’s more to them than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting.

Chapter Text

"Let's get the rest of this Decepticon trash packed up and shipped out!"

Starscream and Soundwave watch from the distance as it all gets packed up, Starscream muttered to himself as he was his fallen brethren piled into government vehicles and shipped off.

"Oh, what I'd give to crush all those human scum under my hands," Starscream hissed quietly. Soundwave makes no effort to respond and only tapped Starscream's shoulder as the government vehicles had driven off, leaving the road completely empty. Soundwave points towards the road as he detected a Cybertronian signature on the road. Starscream leaned forward with interest as his optics picked up on what it was. With a gasp, he shifted into his altmode and flew down towards the road, shifting his arm out to grab the piece of metal. He then flew back towards Soundwave and Soundwave shifted into his altmode as well, flying behind Starscream. "With this shard, we'll have the ability to bring back Lord Megatron!" Starscream said. "When he sees that I was the one to bring him back, I shall regain my position in power! Let's go, Soundwave. We aren't finished with the Autobots."

Chapter Text

“(y/n), are you paying attention at all?” You snapped your head up to the voice who was just speaking, placing your pencil down gently aside and cleared your throat out of embarrassment, a slight pink tint coming to your cheeks.

“No, sorry, sir,” you replied truthfully. Ever since the day you retrieved the Allspark, you weren’t feeling right. You’d been distracted and the Cyberglyphics that had been plaguing your mind the past two years were starting to bother you. Every day you’d write down a new set of what you saw as it flashed in your mind. You glanced at your notebook that had been filled with Cybertronian symbols, all strewn across the page like some madman’s handiwork. Every now and then you’d have an episode, where you’d be able to extrapolate information within a matter of seconds and the symbols would hit you like a wave before simply disappearing. Your teacher gave an annoyed sigh and you looked down at the desk in embarrassment. When class ended, he pulled you aside to speak to you.

“I’ve heard you’ve been having trouble paying attention in class for the past couple of years but you’ve been learning the content in the first few minutes of class every now and then, care to explain why?” your teacher asked, crossing his arms. “I know this is your last year before you’re released to work with NEST entirely but I need to know. Is this a problem that’s gonna persist till the end of this year?”

“I’m, I’m not sure, sir,” you replied. “These episodes just come in waves and I can’t really control them,” you explained. “I’ll try not to let it affect me too much in the future.”

“That’s what your other teachers told me,” your teacher sighed. “Well, since you’ve been passing all the classes even when you have these episodes, I won’t kick you out. But if I catch you not listening again, there’ll be repercussions.”

“Sir, with all due respect, it’s halfway into the first semester,” you said. He eyed you and you quickly changed your tone. “What I mean is, I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible, thank you for bringing that to my attention.” You then quickly turned tail and left the building of the academy. You gave a sigh of relief when you saw your ride was here. Optimus was waiting at the dropoff/pickup area and you rolled your eyes at your boyfriend. “Any chance you’re gonna change that tacky paint job or are you gonna keep the flames,” you teased as you got into the passenger’s seat.

“Tacky? That’s a little rude, (y/n),” Optimus replied through the radio, feigning hurt in his voice. You gave a little snicker and Optimus began to drive, you leaning back in the chair as you always did since you were comfortable with being in Optimus’ care. After all, he protected you no matter what. “So how was your schooling?” he asked. You gave a little sigh of annoyance as you recalled the day.

“Cyberglyphics made me have an episode again, one of my teachers does not appreciate it,” you fiddled with the armrest. “Ever since I accidentally pricked myself with the Allspark, I’ve been having those episodes whenever I go near a book.”

“So you’ve told me,” Optimus hummed. “What you’re experiencing is just a faster form of obtaining knowledge.”

“I know,” you sighed. “You studied it before if I remember correctly right?” you asked. “Under Alpha Trion as a… scientist.”

“And before that when the war wasn’t going on, I was a historian,” Optimus said fondly. “In my time of research when it came to the Allspark, I was able to learn many things. The ability to bring life to planets, to instill knowledge or withhold knowledge of eons within it, and be a mass weapon of destruction. Which is why we must keep watch of it, so Decepticons do not take control of it and destroy this planet. We need it to bring back Cybertron.”

“Hey, boss,” you said, gaining a hm? From Optimus. “You’re monologuing again,” you smirked. “Guess that historian and scientist in you loves to pop out every now and then.”

“Perhaps, but I have always found that you’re willing to listen,” Optimus said. You could tell he was smiling. “And that I will always cherish.” You hummed this time and tapped your fingers on the armrest, a grin growing on your face.

“You know if you weren’t in your altmode I’d kiss you right now,” you said.

“Maybe later,” Optimus chuckled.

“Where’ve you been lately?” you then asked.

“China,” Optimus replied.

“China? I’ve always wanted to go there,” you said. “I know a bit of Chinese actually. Took it during high school.”
“Unfortunately, it was merely a mission, so the time for sightseeing was not part of our mission,” Optimus sighed. “We must hurry, there is something we must attend to.”

“What happened,” you asked.

“A new liaison has been assigned to us and I fear he has revealed the location of two very important details we have tried hard to cover up,” Optimus explained, speeding up slightly. “The location of the cube may be compromised.” You felt your face go pale as he announced that.

“They’re gonna steal it,” you breathed.

“Not unless we get to the location first,” he replied, going full speed as he went down the highway. “If we reach the Allspark before them, I want you to take it into your custody.”


“When you retrieve the Allspark, I will be escorting you back to the NEST base,” Optimus said. “I’m afraid your studies will have to be put on hold as this is a much more important commitment.”

“No, I understand that,” you said quietly. “I just… hope that we can get there in time.” The car fell eerily silent since you both knew what it meant if they got a hold of the Allspark. You noticed in the rearview mirror a few familiar cars pulling up behind and following Optimus.

“We have your back, (y/n),” Optimus assured. “Lennox has allowed us access to the sight of the Allspark, therefore we should be able to retrieve it successfully.” You didn’t answer as you felt the pressure well up in you. You heard a rumble within Optimus as he let out a sigh. “On our mission in China, we were given the message that the Fallen shall rise again,” Optimus replied. You recalled the information Optimus told you in your conversations at one point about Cybertronian history. The Cyberglyphics then began to pulse within you as new information was added upon that.

“The Fallen… That was the last of the seven Primes, right?” you asked. “Megatronus.” You could feel Optimus tensing as he drove on.

“It seems… he’s still alive and making his way to Earth, your planet,” Optimus said. “I do not think it is for the Allspark though. It must be something else,” he surmised. The rest of the ride was silent, nervousness practically radiating off of you the entire time. Optimus knew what you were getting yourself into and he couldn’t help but worry. He promised to make sure no human lives were put at stake in this and that included you. But sending you in to retrieve the Allspark was a mission that could possibly kill you. And it scared him. When you arrived at the base, you were reluctant to leave the truck. Optimus took his time opening the door for you, the two of you sitting there thinking of what was to come. If the Decepticons attacked now… you shoved the thought away and manually opened the door, exhaling sharply as you landed on the ground after jumping off of the step. You looked back towards Optimus as he changed out of his altmode, his optics filled with worry as you stared at him.

“I’ll be fine, Optimus,” you said shakily. “In and out,” you said. The black SUV pulled up beside you and Lennox got out of the passenger’s seat, joining your side.

“Alright, let’s go in, the sooner we relocate the Allspark, the better,” he said. “I can get you in all the way but don’t touch anything or say anything. You still don’t have enough clearance yet, got it?” Lennox said, to where you nodded.

“Is this payback for earlier?” you then smirked.

“Let’s go,” Lennox said, walking towards the entrance, ignoring your remark. You chuckled for a moment before the nervousness washed over you again and you began to walk quickly behind him as he led you inside. There were some protests here and there that Lennox had to talk through before giving you access to where you were completely alone in the last room where the Allspark was being kept. You could feel yourself physically shaking as you walked up towards the Allspark. Something in the back of your mind kept telling you that something was going to go wrong. Your hands shook as you reached for the Allspark, lifting it up and looking at it like it was going to explode any minute. It didn’t of course since the Allspark wasn’t a bomb but it still had an inexplicable amount of energy. The door to the room opened with a loud clang and you saw Lennox leaning against it with his gun out. “You got the Allspark?” he asked hastily. You knew exactly what was going on and rushed out of the room, hugging the Allspark close to you. “Figured it out yet?” he said as he ran beside you down the hall. “We got Decepticons trying to get in from above.” You then heard a cluttering from behind as dozens of marbles spilled onto the floor where the Allspark was being kept.

“That’s not good,” you breathed, picking up your pace to where you were sprinting. You heard something moving behind you as Lennox urged you to keep going, letting out a few shots in the direction behind you. When you neared the exit, you heard the sound of gunshots and yelling grow louder up above. You stopped for a moment, looking out the door to see Optimus and the Autobots battling some Decepticons that showed up for the fight. In a burst of courage and idiocy, you barreled out of the bunker and ran towards Optimus. “Optimus!” you called out, still running towards him. Bullets hit the ground beside your feet and you ran to the side to get cover.

“(y/n)!” Optimus yelled. “Sideswipe, take (y/n) out of here, we cannot let them get the cube!” Optimus ordered. Sideswipe bounded towards you as he knocked down a Decepticon, changing into his altmode quickly and throwing the door open.

“Come with me if you want to live,” Sideswipe said.

“Not the time for references, Sideswipe!” you yelled as you scrambled to get in. A couple bullets were shot at you and Sideswipe hightailed it out of the base as he put the seatbelt on you. “How many Decepticons showed up back there?”
“Only a handful, they weren’t expecting us, but we’re lucky that they decided to hit the bunker today, any other day and the Allspark would be theirs,” Sideswipe replied. “We’re glad you got out safe, Optimus wouldn’t stop worrying about you the entire time you were down there. When the Decepticons came, something in him just switched and all he focused on was making sure none of them came down to get you.”

“I’m going to be the death of him if I can’t protect myself,” you realised. You hugged the Allspark closer to yourself, before your eyes darted down to examine it a little more. You flipped it on each side, taking note of all the engravings on it before you noticed a slight dip in the cube. Frowning at the sight, you noticed another divot on another side. Two pieces were missing from the puzzle… Fear ran down your spine as you realised what that meant. Two shards must have broken off during the battle on the mountain pass. As you held the Allspark in your lap, the Cyberglyphics began to dance before your eyes once again. But this time you were able to understand it. Even if it was just a little bit.

“The Decepticons have been neutralised,” Optimus’ voice echoed through their communications. “We are on our way back to base where NEST can relocate the Allspark to a more secure area,” he continued.

“Wasn’t that the most secure place in the world?” you asked.

“It was one of the human’s most secure naval bases, not one of the most secure areas, meaning we still have hope in hiding it.”

“I’m gonna ask that they don’t divulge details to everyone next time,” you huffed, leaning back in the chair. “That idiot liaison almost ended the world because he can’t keep his fucking mouth shut.” You then heard Sideswipe chuckle.

“A little aggressive, no, (y/n)?” Sideswipe smirked.

“Uh, I’m ThE LiAiSoN, I’m GoNnA bRaG aBoUt WhErE oUr ThInGs ArE eXaCtLy EvEn ThOuGh We HaD pRoBlEmS oF gOvErNmEnT iNfOrMaTiOn BeInG sToLeN iN tHe FiRsT pLaCe TwO yEaRs AgO bY tHe SaMe PeOpLe,” you said in a mocking tone. “He can eat glass for all I care,” you said angrily. You realised what you just said and fixed your attitude from earlier after giving an irritable sigh. “Sorry, just that. It’s kinda stupid that a government official would share details so easily instead of being vague.”

“Remind me not to make you angry ever,” Sideswipe laughed. “(b/f/n), on the other hand, is hilarious to watch when he’s angry.” You gave a laugh.

“Yeah, it is pretty funny actually,” you smiled. You noticed Optimus driving beside you and Sideswipe pulled over, Optimus following. Sideswipe opened the door and you knew what you had to do. After all, Sideswipe did say Optimus didn’t stop worrying about you. You patted Sideswipe’s door before hopping into Optimus, to where he quickly shut the door and took the lead on the way back to base.

“Are you alright?” was his first question. You gave a soft smile and gave a content sigh.

“I’m alright, Optimus,” you replied. “Are you though?”

“You don’t have to worry about me, (y/n),“ Optimus said. “As long as you are safe, I am fine.”

“Optimus, I can’t have you saving me all the time,” you said. “I don’t want to be the damsel in distress all the time especially if y’know, I’m a man in this society. And,” you hugged your legs close to you, the Allspark pressing against your torso. “I want to protect you too,” you said quietly.

“I’m afraid you cannot do much to protect me, my dear,” Optimus sighed. “Though I know you will stubbornly try to protect me no matter the cost as I have seen in your personality.” A smile quirked at your lips and you didn’t respond. It was true. You were going to protect him no matter what. Even if you were just a human, you were going to do your damndest to make sure Optimus would live to see the next day. After all. He’s already doing the same for you.

Chapter Text

You didn’t think you’d be standing in THE Area 51. The fabled government sector where nothing came in and out. In fact, you knew nothing about it. You recalled how you got here in the first place. Optimus requesting that you be the one to escort the Allspark to where only a handful of government officials knew the true location of the Allspark while others were told of a decoy area. In fact, you, the President and whoever was escorting you to the room where it was going to be sealed knew of the exact location. You held the Allspark in the glass container Ratchet had given you before leaving. Of course that was after dragging you off the liaison after you almost pummeled him when you came back to the NEST base. Optimus, in attempt to keep you calm, had also requested that this relocation not be spoken of through any type of electronic communication. Only to be word by mouth or on paper that could be hand delivered and kept under safe watch. The ride there was a safety precaution, where you were blindfolded and not shown the route of which they were going.

“Keep your eyes ahead and don’t look at anything,” the guard reminded you as you walked down the hall. The consistent fear of getting shot made you walk stiffly towards the containment area. You stopped at the door that led to the containment area. With what you heard this door weighed about a few tons. Nobody was going to get in here this easily. You exhaled shakily, trying to shake off your nervousness that was practically radiating off of you and watched the door roll aside intently. You walked in to see a small cylindrical pool in the centre of the room. After looking at how barren the room was, no ventilation, absolutely nothing except for a few lights drilled into the ceiling and what you assumed was incredibly thick concrete walls like the Hoover dam, you peered down at it to see how deep it was but the water grew dark a few metres down. “Don’t fall in, that hole’s about 100 feet deep. A lot deeper than the nuclear containment pools we got in other areas,” the guard warned. You then looked towards the guard with a confused look.

“Do I just drop this in there or,” you said. You then heard a release of air as a platform rose out of the water. “Ah.”

“Put the container on there,” the guard instructed. You obeyed and once you placed it on the platform, two strong metal clamps encased the container, as a way to keep the container from floating up with the air trapped inside it.

“Was this built specifically for this?” you asked, gesturing towards the Allspark. The platform then began to lower itself down and you watched it disappear underwater.

“Something else, but I can’t tell you. It’s classified,” the guard replied. “Come on now, let’s get you out of here, you’ve seen enough, kid.” Being called kid irked you a little, causing your mouth to twitch slightly in response but you obeyed and followed the guard out, taking one more glance at the Allspark before looking straight forward once again.

“Is there a mechanism down there that’ll seal it down there?” you asked. You were worried after all but if the location isn’t revealed then it would be alright.

“After the platform sinks entire to the bottom, there is a series of solid metal covers that go every ten feet as it goes up. Meaning whatever wants to get at it will have to spend a lot of time destroying those covers first,” the guard explained.

“That’s relieving,” you said truthfully.

“Y’know, I’m surprised they got a kid like you to put that thing to rest,” the guard said. “And you’ve been granted clearance to Area 51? Must be a dream come true for you. How’d you do it?”

“I’m the… liaison to the aliens residing on this planet,” you said through gritted teeth. “I was requested by the leader of these aliens to be the one to take it and conceal it, since I’ve gained their trust and they know I won’t reveal the location of it unlike the liaison that revealed two important details on a phonecall with the military.” You paused for a moment as you kept walking. “Let’s just say I’m more fit for the job than the last guy.” The guard hummed and stopped at the elevator located at the end of the hallway. The two of you got in the elevator and you stood awkwardly for a moment before speaking again. “So are you gonna neuralyse me like they do in Men in Black or,” you asked looking over with a grin on your face. The guard didn’t answer this time and put back up her professional look, you slightly pouted but shrugged it off, she had to do her job after all. When the elevator stopped, you exited and left the building, entering the car that had been waiting for you. As you drove off the base, you couldn’t help but wonder whether or not this will be the last time the Decepticons try to find it. The Allspark was the only way of bringing Cybertron back and probably ending the war that Optimus had been fighting in for so long. When you arrived back at the NEST base, Optimus had greeted you a bit too enthusiastically. He must have been worried again because you saw the spark of happiness in his optics when he laid his optics on you when you got out of the car. “Where did you go off to this time?” you asked.

“I had to speak with Sam,” Optimus replied. “Is the Allspark safe and secure?” You nodded in response, you then remembered the two shards that had chipped off the Allspark earlier when you were examining it after recovering it.

“Optimus,” you said, his attention towards you unwavering. “The Allspark. There were two shards of it missing.”

“What?” he said. “Then we must retrieve them as quickly as possible before the Decepticons find it.”

“I think I know where one of the shards is,” you said. “Sam might have it.”

“Sam? Why would he have it?”

“When I was on the road that day running to you, when Starscream shot at me, I was thrown. Sam and Mikaela caught up to me, I think,” you stepped back for a moment as you had another episode, Cyberglyphics attacking your vision. It was stronger than ever this time, causing you to fall on your ass with it being so overwhelming. It was as if it were a warning. Warning for what? Optimus stepped forward and picked you back up with his servos out of worry. “All this information is entering my mind faster than my neurons can process, I can’t- I can’t focus,” you managed to say, leaning against the servos for support. “I need to get to Sam, I need to get to Sam,” you spat out, walking swiftly out of the base. You got in your car and before Optimus could protest and follow you, you waved him off. “You got other things to focus on right now! Megatron, that guy! Decepticons probably got to him,” you said pointing at Optimus. “I got Sam, you- you go get Megatron!” you quickly shut the door to your car and drove off base, speeding out of there as fast as possible. Once you got on the highway, you sped through, weaving through various cars. “Get out of the way! What are you, slow?!” you yelled as you passed a few cars. The information stirring in your mind was giving you a massive headache but you pushed forward. You finally managed to get to the university (you and Sam talked for a bit after the whole event in 2007 and found out where he was going) and parked the car on the lawn, gaining a few annoyed shouts from the students, threatening to call security on you. You ignored them and whipped out your phone, walking swiftly on the campus grounds as you searched for Sam.

“Come on, come on, pick up, Witwicky!” you yelled, gaining a few looks from students who passed you by.

“WATCH YOUR FOOT! WATCH YOUR FOOT!” The familiar voice yelled out from the side and you dashed towards the direction it was coming from. “Mikaela, okay, my great great grandfather went on this Artic mission, right? And he saw Megatron, Megatron zapped him and he started seeing these crazy symbols, okay. Well, now I’m seeing them too. Excuse me. I just read a 903 page Astronomy book in 32.6 seconds and had a meltdown in the middle of my class-” You hung up on your phone as you saw Sam and yelled out for him.

“(n/n)?” Sam said with surprise. What? What is (n/n) doing over there with you? Mikaela’s voice came through the phone.

“Where’s your dorm? I need to talk to you,” you said hastily.

“What? Why can’t you talk to me here?” Sam said.

“Can’t you tell there are spies everywhere! They’re always listening,” you said. You were beginning to sound like a madman. “Can’t trust, can’t trust anybody,” you repeated.

“Wait, have you touched-” Sam started before you covered his mouth with your hand.

“Dorm, NOW!” you said. Sam shut up and began to lead you to his dorm. When you entered, you shut the door immediately and let a breath you didn’t know you were holding. “To answer your question earlier, yes, I’ve touched a shard, but it was when I pricked myself on the Allspark when I first had it,” you quickly explained. “For the past two years, I’ve been dealing with seeing Cyberglyphics and getting an influx of information entering my mind. It has been absolute hell this entire time!” you yelled. You remembered your mission now and shook your head vigorously to make the headache go away. “The shard, do you have it?”

“Mikaela! Shit,” Sam exclaimed. “Sorry for leaving you on hold, (n/n) needed us to find somewhere private to talk about this. The cube sliver, do you have it?” he asked Mikaela hastily. It’s in the shop safe. “M-Mikalea, do not touch it, okay? Don’t touch it.” I’m not gonna touch it, Sam, it’s fine. It’s locked away, no one knows where it is.

“WE DO!” you exclaimed. “Someone is listening to us on the phone right now. Someone, can’t, can’t.” Hold on. You heard a pause on the phone call and fear immediately filled your chest. You then heard a clanging noise on the phone. “What the hell was that?” you asked. I’ll tell you later, just not on an open phone line, okay? I’m gonna get on a plane right now. I’ll be there later this afternoon. Just be careful, Sam. She hung up and you were almost fuming. You then saw Sam quickly throw the phone on his bed and start shoving papers off his desk before grabbing a Sharpie and writing Cyberglyphics on the wall and the doors. You decided to take a seat on Sam’s bed and hold your head in your hands as the headache was making your head pound, almost neverending. When you shut your eyes, flashes of Cybertronian history playing in your mind like a movie. There were details you could pick out from the flashes. Cybetron, the 13 Primes, the Fallen, the Matrix of Leadership, Primus themselves. You then heard the door open and you looked up to see a guy and a girl standing in the doorway.

“Hey,” Sam said. “Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? It’s like the worst song ever, can’t help whistle or sing it. Like it repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself, repeats itself.” You watched Sam walk over to his roommate’s desk and start swiping the kitten calendars off as he repeated kitten calendar over and over. So he was at that stage.

“Dude,” his roommate said. “What the fuck? Who’s he?” he asked, glancing over to you.

“I know you’re freaking out, don’t freak out, don’t freak out. Easy fix! Puzzle code, in my head. Now it’s on the walls, everything is good, this is the part that-” Sam then stopped talking and started shushing everyone as he looked around frantically. “Ok, what were you saying?”

“Alice, I’m horrified you had to see this, let’s go,” Sam’s roommate suggested before ‘Alice’ put her hand up and pushed him out of the room.

“Get out,” she said, to his roommate and to you. Alarm bells were ringing off in your head and you stood up, ready to fight.

“Not likely,” you said. “Hey, Sam,” you called out to him, gaining his attention. “Where’d you put the shard again?” you asked, eyeing the girl.

“What, I thought you said not to talk about it,” Sam said. You saw the slightest twitch in her and lunged at her. The door then opened and Mikaela was there, carrying a box?, as well as Sam’s roommate that was standing at the doorway. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

“RUN!“ you yelled, wrestling with the girl. Only she wasn’t a human girl. You watched the girl change into a Decepticon and you let out a roar, smashing something upside her head, leaving her dazed before you scrambled out of her grasp and began to run towards Sam and Mikaela, Sam’s roommate running alongside you guys as well.

“It’s coming!” you yelled as you caught up to them.

“That’s an alien robot!” Sam’s roommate exclaimed as he ran.

“You gotta move, just run,” Sam said frantically.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I once had sex with her in my dream,” Sam’s roommate panicked. You opened the door to the library as you all ran between some book shelves.

“Who are you?” Mikaela whispered harshly to Sam’s roommate.

“Who is HE?“ Sam’s roommate exclaimed, gesturing towards you. You looked to see the Decepticon had entered the library and got up.

“No time for introduction, run!” you said, dashing out of the bookshelves, the rest following after you. An explosion happened behind you as the Decepticon shot at you, college students screaming and running from the commotion. You raised your hands to block the debris that exited the library.

“Hey, let me out let me out!” the box muffled, Mikaela then swiftly hit it to make it shut up.

“Decepticon in there?” you breathed. She gave a quick nod before handing you the box and smashing a random car’s window and opening the door, unlocking it to where all four of you got in as she hotwired it.

“Oh my god, you know how to hotwire a car?” Sam’s roommate said in awe. “That’s so hot.” You really wanted to punch him in the stomach right now. Mikaela struggled to let it start and the Decepticon was now approaching the car. She started it right as it threw itself at the windshield and Sam let out a scream, its tongue swinging around to get at Sam.

“Drive, drive, drive! She’s right there, she’s right there!” Sam yelled, Mikaela swiftly pulling out and the Decepticon following after. You watched as it jumped on top of the car and landed in front. “Oh god!” She began to drive down the road as it hit the hood repeatedly.

“Kiss this, bitch,” Mikaela hissed, driving off the road into a pole, pushing the Decepticon with it, the impact killing it instantly.

“Drive, drive, drive, drive, drive, drive,” Sam repeated. Mikaela began to drive down the road and Sam’s roommate leaned forward in the seat to talk to him.

“Ok, so what else don’t I know, alright, did you guys just forget to mention some minor details, huh?” he questioned. “And can someone PLEASE tell me who this is?” he said, gesturing towards you. You gripped the box and let out an irritated sigh.

“You wanna know the details? I’ll give you the details,” you said. “I’m (y/n), to start off and I’m someone who’s known Sam and Mikaela for the last two years. And I know a hell of a lot more about the Decepticons and Autobots than them, so if you’ll kindly shut the hell up and let me talk-”

“They’re dating the alien leader of the Autobots and they’re here to make sure I haven’t done anything stupid because they’ve also touched the shard,” Sam blurted.

“You’re dating the alien leader? You’re into xenophilia?!” Sam’s roommate exclaimed. Before you had any chance to explain, Mikaela braked as a helicopter dove in front of them, a talon piercing through the roof of the car and Sam let out a yell of surprise.

“WHOA! OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!” Sam’s roommate screamed. The car began to be lifted up out of the air. Sam yelled as the car door opened, with him slipping out.

“SAM!” Mikaela yelled, reaching a hand out towards him and holding onto him. “Hold on! Hold on!”

“I don’t want to die! We’re going to die! Oh my god!” Sam’s roommate yelled. You looked out the window to see you were approaching an abandoned warehouse until you were suddenly dropped, your stomach flying up into your chest and you let out a terrified yell. The car landed on its front before flipping over. Long before you knew it, a circular saw cut through half of the car, falling on its sides as all of you yelled out in fear. You scrambled out of the car to see Starscream leering down and staring at you. You realised you were on a higher level of the warehouse before you saw Megatron’s looming figure appear, his head level with the catwalk. His optics first landed on Sam and he called out to him.

“Come here, boy,” Megatron growled. Sam started approaching cautiously before you ran up to him and grabbed his arm.

“Don’t,” you said, looking towards Megatron. He looked like he was losing patience until his optics landed on you. “Yeah? Looking at me? It’s me you want. I’ve had the Allspark’s information being fed to me for the last two years, you can have me, just don’t hurt them-” you said. Needless to say you were terrified but if Sam and his friends could get out safe, you were ok with that. Optimus never wanted a human harmed after all and that was something you intended to keep in mind.

“Shut up!” Megatron hissed, swiping at your legs to where you went flying. Sam stumbled back into Mikaela and watched you land on the ground floor on a platform. You let out a groan of pain as the metal hit your back.

“(n/n)!” Sam yelled.

“It feels good to grab your flesh!” Megatron snarled, his claws from his servos pinning you down. “I am going to kill you, slowly, painfully,” Megatron said, an evil smile on his face. You struggled as he applied more force, pinning you down further into the metal platform. You grit your teeth as pain ran through your entire body. “But first, we have some delicate work to do. How I could snap your limbs off,” Megatron said, almost imagining it. “Doctor, examine this specimen.” You looked up to see a small Decepticon with large red eyes crawling towards you.

“Let’s see that face!” the Doctor said, crawling towards you. You kept still as he pinched your nostril before snapping his digits. He said something you couldn’t recognise but then saw the weird mechanical worm slithering near you. “Easy or tough way?” the Doctor said, prying your mouth open as the worm slipped into your mouth. You felt it move around your throat before going into your sinuses, it hit something in your brain briefly before coming back out, the Doctor catching it and showcasing your memories. You desperately hoped that the memories of Area 51 weren’t shown and when you saw they weren’t, you were very relieved.

“Oh, there they are,” Megatron said, the Cyberglyphics showing up in the projection. But it showed something else you didn’t want Megatron or any of the Decepticons to see. Flashes of you and Optimus hanging out, his smile, him laughing, a first person view of you kissing him had been showcased and you felt your blood run cold. “What’s this?” Megatron then said, his optics darting to the memories. “My, my,” Megatron chuckled darkly. “So Optimus has taken a liking towards you, human,” he spat. The Doctor cleared his throat to where Megatron’s attention went to him.

“We must have the brain on the table!” the Doctor announced. “Chop chop!” You knew exactly what that meant and started struggling even more, trying to get out of his grasp.

“What would Optimus think to see his little pet dead on this platform?” Megatron wondered, his tone sinister. “Oh, I’m going to enjoy seeing the Doctor taking the brain out of you...”

“You really don’t wanna do that,” you started saying frantically. “Let’s make a deal I have something much more valuable than my brain, why can’t we just take a break and talk it out- wait, wait wait wait!” your eyes widened as the Doctor’s small circular saw began to run, aiming it towards your forehead before something large broke through the window, throwing Megatron off of you. You scrambled off of the platform, kicking the Doctor away with a yell and running towards Sam, Mikaela and his roommate. “Let’s get out of here!” You glanced at Optimus fighting off Megatron and you ushered the college students out of the warehouse. Bee drove up and opened his doors, taking them in as you ran towards Optimus as he called out to you, changing into his altmode. You leaped into the driver's seat and he began to drive after Megatron who had been driving away. “Funny to see you, Optimus!” you joked, adrenaline rushing through your body.

“Are you ok, (y/n)?” Optimus asked sternly, ignoring your comment.

“I’m fine, I’m glad you got there in time,” you said. “Just… Megatron found out about our relationship,” you admitted.


“That doctor put something in me and it showcased some of my memories, it didn’t reveal the location of the Allspark since it seems that thing only shows a little bit of information at a time before it’s useless but. That thing… showed my memories with you,” you explained. “And now I’m pretty sure Megatron’s gonna target me no matter what to get to you. So he can-” your breath hitched in your throat. “Hurt you.” Optimus entered the forest that Megatron had gone in for cover and switched out of his altmode, placing you down with his servos.

“Hide, (y/n),” he ordered. You knew this was something you couldn’t argue against so you shut your mouth and ran through the forest, getting some cover at a fallen log to where you could see Optimus. You then saw Starscream fly in as Megatron called for backup and he immediately started chasing you, to where you sprinted through the grass, trying to get away from him. You started weaving through the trees to throw him off before Optimus threw a punch at Starscream. Another Decepticon started chasing after you and Optimus immediately attacked it, where you continued to run until some of them were toppled over. You stopped at a fallen log for a moment. The Autobots were on their way to help Optimus right?

“There’s another source of Energon hidden on this planet, the boy can lead us to it,” Megatron said to Optimus. He then kicked Optimus in the face, landing on the ground.

“OPTIMUS!” you yelled out. He quickly stood back up but was shot before Megatron sent an energy blast towards him that made him go flying.

“Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?” Megatron asked. “Or is it because this one human has caught your optic? I know of the affection you hold for this one,” Megatron taunted. You crawled towards him from your cover, calling out to him.

“Get up, GET UP!” you yelled.

“You’ll never stop at one,” Optimus replied. He then unsheathed his swords and stood back up. “I’ll take you all on!“ You watched through the fallen log as Optimus began to battle the Decepticons that came to Megatron’s aid. One where he ripped off a Decepticon’s face. He then looked around for you frantically. “(y/n), where are you?” Optimus hadn’t been watching his back and Megatron was able to stab a claw through his chest, Optimus yelling out in pain as he was lifted up by Megatron. He slid the claw out and Optimus fell onto the ground. You yelled out, a loud NO! emanating from you as you saw his dying frame. Optimus then saw you, getting out of cover as you approached him, his optics glowing brighter for just a moment.

“(y/n)… run. Run…” Optimus said with his dying breath. His optics then flickered out and you didn’t say anything. You couldn’t. So you ran. Ran as fast as you could towards the Autobots that just now arrived, fighting off the Decepticons that were trying to get at you. You didn’t feel anything. Your mind felt numb. When your eyes landed on Bumblebee who opened the door to an empty passenger’s seat, you got in and said nothing, only looking ahead at the road as you just processed what just happened. Optimus died in front of you. And it was all your fault. You failed to be his knight. You failed to protect him when you promised you would. An awkward silence settled in the car ride as Sam, Mikaela and his roommate simply sat there, not saying a thing.

“I failed Optimus,” you finally said quietly. “...He died because of me.”

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When you got out of the car as soon as Bumblebee stopped at a safehouse, you walked over to a nearby brick wall and stared at it for a moment before yelling out in anger and slamming the wall with your fist, causing your peers to flinch. You stormed into the safehouse and sat down, holding your head in your hands. Sam and Mikalea were watching the news go on with Leo as you sat there. Worldwide casualties are in the neighbourhood of 7,000. It’s still too early to tell, What we need to ask now is who and why. The FBI is still trying to locate the boy, (y/n) (l/n), we believe they have information about this. The FBI, CIA, and Interpol are all seeking cooperation of worldwide law enforcements.

“They have a picture of me, man. We’re dead, bro, FBI, CIA, we are wanted fugitives now,” Leo said. You stood up swiftly and exited the building as Sam followed after you as well as Leo. “I need you to focus for one minute man, this thing is blowing to a whole ‘nother-”

“Shut the hell up!” you snapped at Leo. You snatched Leo’s phone out of his hand and smashed it against the ground. “They’re gonna track us.”

“They can track us? Like satellite track us?”

“You didn’t fucking know that?!” you yelled. You gave out an angry sigh and walked off, pacing around the area in an attempt to cool down.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, ok, I’m not even with you guys. Technically, I’m like a hostage. This is kidnapping, enough-”

“Hey, Leo!” Skids yelled.

“That thing’s gonna give me a heart attack, I swear,” Leo said.

“That’s because you’re a wuss,” Swerve said.

“What are we gonna do with this guy?” Skids asked. “We can always kill him and throw him in the trunk like nothing happened, y’know?”

“Not my trunk, I don’t want to know where’s he’s been and I don’t want him anywhere near me if he’s dead, can you believe how bloody and dirty it’ll get in there?” Swerve rambled.

“I can hear both of you, ok? We’re not killing anybody,” Leo snapped. “I’ve had a hell of a day.”

“Why don’t you get a haircut?” Skids said as Leo walked away from him. “Go whine to your boyfriend.”

“Listen, Sam, I know what I’m gonna do. Look, I’m just going to the authorities and tell them the truth. Like I had nothing to do with this, I’m an accomplice,” Leo said.

“Hey, hey! You wanted this, right?” Sam yelled. “You wanted the real deal? Cause that’s what this is. Wake up! You’re in the middle of it. So if you wanna run, go ahead, no one’s stopping you.” Leo shut up and stood there. “Stop complaining.”

You walked near Bumblebee as you were pacing and he held out his servos to stop you. You stopped pacing and looked up at him. He made a noise, expressing his worry and you gave a sigh.

“No, I don’t wanna talk about it, Bee,“ you replied. “I just. I need to be alone for a bit.” You walked off back inside the safehouse and found a corner to sit down and rest for a bit. You hugged your legs close to you and rested your head on top of your knees, shutting your eyes to drown out all the noises that only grew to bother you. You didn’t care how long you sat there, time didn’t matter to you anymore. Optimus was gone. And it was all your fault. You must have fallen asleep during that period of pitying yourself because once you opened your eyes, the sunlight filtering in the building was gone and the room you were in was pitch black. Your eyes caught on the flickering of a flame outside. With a sigh, you got up and walked out to see Sam and Mikaela talking it over.

“Welcome back, boss,” Skids said in a cheerful manner. You gave a weak wave to him as he passed and leaned against the wall. Swerve was awfully quiet.

“There’s nothing that you could have done,” Mikaela called out towards you. She knew how you were feeling and you gave a shrug before looking away.

“Look, if you all… hate me,” you said to Skids, Swerve, and Bumblebee. “I understand. I... failed him. I’m sorry,” you said, your voice going hoarse. You cleared your throat and took a deep breath. “He’s dead because of me. He came in to protect me when I… told him I’d be the one protecting him.” There’s some things you just can’t change-so this sacrifice will not have been in vain, hallelujah! Bee replied. “I should turn myself in… But I’m not going to do that,” you said, determination filling your very core. The symbols repeated themselves to you once again and instead of a headache, you understood. You grabbed a stick that was burning in the fire and started writing symbols around it in the dirt. The symbols came to you naturally, writing the same thing you’d been writing every single time it popped up into your mind. You looked up towards everyone. “Can any of you read this?” you asked. Skids and Swerve shook their heads and you looked towards Bee out of hope but even he let out a sad noise. Your eyes darted towards Leo who had left earlier.

“Oh, look who came running back, did you miss being away from us?” Swerve teased Leo.

“Look, I had a bit of a mild panic attack earlier, alright?” Leo said. “I think I’m allowed that considering what I’ve been through earlier and I heard you have a problem.”

“You good?“ you asked before Skids could make a remark. Leo was surprised by you asking but he nodded his head. “Good, cus panic attacks suck, I feel you.”

“I think I know someone who can help,” Leo then said.

“Who?” Sam asked.


“Let’s roll out then,” you said. Bumblebee perked up at what you said and you gave a smile to him. He changed into his altmode and opened the doors, all of you climbing in as he began to drive. Leo told Bee where to go and you realised it was going to be a long road trip. California all the way to New Jersey. You decided to sleep on it as Bumblebee continued to drive. You woke up when daylight filtered through the windshield. You blinked, trying to wake yourself up and sat up straighter. “We close?” you asked. You looked around to see everyone else asleep and Bee turned on the radio, blaring WAKE UP! Won’t you listen to me. WAKE UP! Won’t you listen to me, won’t you listen to me! Everyone was startled awake and you couldn’t help but snort at their responses. “Bee, c’mon, that’s mean,” you laughed. Sam, Mikaela and Leo were all now up and awake, Leo cleared his throat.

“We’re close. Listen. This guy, Robo-Warrior, everything about anything alien, he’s supposed to know. One time we hacked his site and maybe I saw some of your uh alien drawings or whatever,” Leo said. Bumblebee drove into the city and Leo directed him more specifically until you pulled up in front of a deli. “Yep, deli. Good front. Alright, wait here. I’ll give you the go/no go, alright?” Leo said, walking ahead. You ignored him and followed after him, putting on some sunglasses Bee had in his glove compartment earlier. You ducked your head down to make sure no one had recognised you. “It’s him, it’s him! That’s the guy right there, it’s him,” Leo exclaimed as he saw you come in. Sam followed in after and you stopped in your tracks as you met eyes with Agent Simmons.

“You’re fucking kidding me,” you said.

“Alright! Meat store’s closed, everybody out!” Simmons yelled, waving his arms to usher them out. “Go, right now, you too lady!” Leo then looked towards you.

“Wait a minute, you know this guy?” he asked.

“Old friends,” you lied.

“Uh uh,” Simmons cut in. “You’re the case that shut down Sector 7, got the tie bash disbandment, no more security clearance, no retirement, no nothing. All because of you, you and you,” Simmons said, pointing at you, Sam, and Mikaela. You ignored Simmons yelling at his workers and you crossed your arms after Mikaela made a comment about his mother. “They got your face all over the news, alien boy,” Simmons then said to you.

“What’s new,” you grumbled.

“And NBE 1 is still kicking, huh? How did that happen? Don’t answer,” Simmons said. “I don’t know what you’re hiding but I don’t want anything to do with it. So, goodbye, you never saw me, I got bagels to schmidt.” You snatched Simmons’ arm out to stop him. “Do not touch me!” he snapped. He then got up in your face. “I can call the police right now and turn all of you in, especially you!”

“I need your help,” you said, unwavering.

“Really, you need my help?” Simmons said, ripping his arm away from your grasp. “Got a grip there, kid-”

“Look, for the last two years I have been seeing symbols appear right before my very eyes, I had a fucking crab bot doctor implant a device into the soft tissues of my brain and started projecting alien symbols and my memories like a movie. Not to mention, yeah I’m a wanted global fugitive and my fucking boyfriend is DEAD! So you have it rough? Take a look at me,” you yelled.

“You said it projected images from your brain?” Simmons said. You nodded. “Meat locker, now!” he said, swiftly turning around and heading towards the freezer. The college students were making grossed out remarks about the pigs hanging in the freezer. “What you’re about to see is top secret. Do not tell my mother,” he said, opening a hatch on the floor. It led down to a secret basement and you began to walk down the stairs. “Ok, files, files,” Simmons said to himself. “We’re talking about symbols...” He grabbed a folder, letting out an aha! before tossing it to you. You caught it and opened it as he descended down the ladder. “Ok, cube brain, those look like any of the symbols you saw?”

“Where did you get these?” you asked.

“Before I got fired, I scrounged for the jewels of 75 years of alien research, which points to one inescapable fact. The Transformers have been here a long, long time,” Simmons explained as he climbed up a ladder to grab some files on top of a cabinet. “How do I know?” he then tossed a box to Leo, who caught it. “Archeologists found these unexplained markings and ancient runes all over the world.” He hopped down the ladder and took the box from Leo, taking out a few photos. “China, Egypt, Greece.” He then set up a projector that showed a video in Egypt. “Shot in 1932. These the symbols you seein in your head?” Simmons asked.

“Yeah,” both you and Sam breathed.

“Same ones over here right?” Simmons said, tapping the photos. “So tell me, how did they end up drawing the same thing?” He paused for dramatic effect. “Aliens. And I think some of them stayed. Check this out,” Simmons said, grabbing another file, tapping it on the table. “Project Black Knife. Robots... in disguise. Hiding here. We’ve detected radioactive signatures all across the country. I pleaded,” he said, gesturing with his hands. “On my knees with S-7 to investigate it. But they said the readings were infinitesimal. That I was OBSESSED! Me, can you imagine that?” You bit back a snarky comment and only nodded.

“Megatron said there was another Energon source here,” Sam said, recalling what happened in the warehouse.

“On Earth,” Simmons said. “Another source.”

“On Earth,” Sam confirmed. “These symbols, these maps that both (n/n) and I have been seeing would lead him there.”

“You talk to your Autobot friends?“ Simmons asked.

“The only Autobot that would have been able to read these Cyberglyphics would have been Optimus,” you answered bitterly. “And as of yesterday, he’s been dead.”

“Your robot boyfriend would have been able to read them? Why didn’t you ask him to translate it for you?!” Simmons exclaimed. You raised your hands up in defense.

“Listen, I wasn’t able to see him over long periods of time so I didn’t talk to him about my psychotic episodes to delve deeper into them, I only told him about it and he was the one who suggested I write it down so he could-” you stopped yourself and rummaged through your pack to pull out a composition notebook, throwing it on the table. You flipped through various pages of equations and notes from your classes before you stopped at two full pages filled with Cyberglyphics.

“So we got a dead Autobot and no one else who can read this?” Simmons said, pointing at your notebook. “Well, then we’re porked. Unless we can talk to a Decepticon. I’m not exactly on speaking with ‘em.”

“Actually,” Mikaela said. “I am.” She left for a moment with Sam to go grab the box from Bumblebee.

“So,” Simmons said, looking towards you. “Losing your robot boyfriend really got you on edge, huh?” You didn’t but you sent him a look that said What the fuck do you think?!

“What was he like? Did he probe you? Are you under some kind of-” Leo then asked.

“You have two seconds to shut up before I punch you in the throat,” you said, snapping your head towards him. The hatch above then opened and Mikaela and Sam came down the stairs, Mikaela approaching the table and sliding the box on.

“Let me out!” the box yelled.

“This is gonna be a little bit sad,” Mikaela warned, opening the box. A small Decepticon with one eye jumped out, ready to kill, he let out a little yell and went for Simmons to where he raised his hands up in defense. Leo let out a yelp.

“I’m gonna send so many Decepticons on your butt!” the Decepticon yelled.

“Hey!” Mikaela snapped, pulling out a portable blowtorch. “Behave.”

“He’s a Decepticon?” Sam asked.


“And you’re training him?” Sam said, hitting at the chain that held the Decepticon back.

“Spent my whole life trying to find aliens. And you’re carrying one around in your purse like a little chihuahua,” Simmons muttered. The Decepticon heard that and turned towards Simmons in an attack stance.

“You wanna throw down, you little pubic fro-head?” the Decepticon threatened.

“Ok, that’s enough,” you said, leaning forward towards the Decepticon. “What’s your name?” you asked gently.

“Gee, nobody’s ever really just asked for my name before, you’re a nice change of pace,” the Decepticon said. “The name’s Wheelie.”

“Ok, Wheelie,” you said. “We’re not gonna hurt you. I can even fix your optic later too, since it seems... ” you looked over to Mikaela with a quirked brow. “Broken.”

“What are you doing?” Sam asked.

“Optimus said that resorting to violence is only the last resort and that we should try to peacefully mend ways with the Decepticons,” you said, remembering how one night he simply ranted on how it all came to be. All the death and destruction when he simply wanted everyone to live peacefully, without injustice and without hate. How much he hated fighting but how he’d grown so used to it over the centuries of fighting.

“That was not what you were acting like earlier,” Leo commented to the side. You ignored him with a roll of your eyes.

“And that instead we can try to convince Decepticons to join the Autobots so we don’t have to… kill them,” you continued. “So,” you said, leaning on the table, closer towards Wheelie. “I assure you, we’ll welcome you with open arms if you switch sides to the Autobots.”

“You can do that?” Wheelie then asked. “Not have to work for those miserable freaking Decepticons?”

“Hey, you’re free to choose for yourself, did you want to be a Decepticon in the first place?” you replied.

“Huh, no, not really,” Wheelie said, bringing his servos to his chin in thought. He then came to his decision with a snap of his digits. “I’m changing sides, I’m changing sides then.” You gave him a smile.

“Is there anyway you can help us out with this?” you asked, tapping the pages in front of you. Wheelie looked down and examined them, as well as looking at the photos Simmons had provided.

“Oh, I know that! That’s the language of the Primes! I don’t know it but these guys! Where the frick did you find photos of these guys?” Wheelie said, looking at the photos of vehicles throughout the ages.

“Is this them?” Sam said, lifting the photos up.

“Yeah, Seekers, pal! Oldest of the old, well they’ve been here for thousands of years looking for somethin’. I dunno what, nobody tells me nothin’ but they’ll those symbols for you. And I know where to find them,” Wheelie said. Seekers. Where did you hear that word before.

“Show us,” Simmons then said, an excited smile growing on his face. Wheelie cracked his knuckles as he turned towards a map on the wall, using lighting to pinpoint locations of where these Seekers were in the United States. “Closest one’s in Washington,” Simmons pointed out. You let out a sigh as you realised what that meant.

“Another road trip, woo hoo,” you said sarcastically. You offered your arm out to Wheelie. “Well, let’s go then.” Wheelie hopped on your arm and sat on your shoulder as you walked up the stairs, putting your sunglasses on. “You wanna change into your altmode for me, Wheelie? You can change back once we get in the car.”

“Oh yeah, no problem!” Wheelie said, changing to his altmode. A small smile quirked at your lips as you saw his RC car form and got into the passenger’s seat of Skids. You waved towards Simmons and Leo to get in the car while you gave Sam and Mikaela some space in Bumblebee. Wheelie shifted out of his altmode and you rummaged through your bag to get some tools out and a small part taken from a Decepticon back when you were at NEST. When Simmons and Leo got in the car, Skids started following Bumblebee. You tapped the dashboard for Skids to jump on it, sitting on the edge as he swung his legs. “So what’s with you being so nice to me?” Wheelie asked you. You used your tool to pick out the shattered glass from his eye and then handed him the Decepticon part, knowing he knew what to do with it. Transformers were fascinating when it came to them healing after all. Little bit of Energon or the material that they were made of could do wonders on helping them heal. Other than that it took a while. Wheelie blinked his optic to check if it was working.

“I can be nice at times I want to be,” you replied calmly, smiling at your handiwork. “Plus, it looks like you’ve been through a lot.” You paused for a moment before you gave Wheelie a sad smile. “I’ve been through a lot too. And I dunno, maybe the words Optimus left me kinda… stuck with me a lot.”

“Sounds like to me Prime meant a lot to you,” Wheelie pointed out.

“Yeah, we,” you rubbed a hand behind your neck, an awkward smile on your face. “We had a thing.“

“Can we just shut up about Prime for one moment?” Simmons finally said. “We need a plan on how we’re going to get into the museum.”

“Can’t we discuss it when we get to the museum when all of us are there?” you sighed. “Instead of just us three.” Simmons gave an irritated sigh but knew that it’d be easier to go over it once instead of twice. You then rummaged through your bag and pulled out a handgun, beginning to load a magazine in and examining it, clicking the safety on before placing it back in.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Leo said, his eye catching on your handgun. “Why do you have that?”

“Standard military procedure,” you replied.

“You brought that on CAMPUS!” Leo exclaimed.

“I wasn’t going to shoot anybody with it!” you said. “Well, except for that Decepticon that Mikaela crashed into but she handled it. I literally only use this to shoot Decepticons.”

“Where exactly? They’re tough as hell, a bullet isn’t just going to bring a Con down,” Simmons asked.

“Right in the optic,” you said, making a finger gun and making a shooting motion. “That’s what Cybertronians use for eye.”

“Oh yeah, Cons hate getting hit in the optic,” Wheelie said. “Exhibit A, me! But I’m not a Con anymore so who knows.” You let out a little chuckle at Wheelie’s comment and the rest of the ride was you conversing with Simmons, Wheelie, and Leo. Anything to distract you. Anything.

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You reached the Smithsonian Museum and got out of the car, rummaging through your backpack to make sure everything was in there, good to go, and made some room for Wheelie. He stood on top of the hood of the car and you got to his eye level.

“Hey, Wheelie, I’m gonna need you to be in my backpack for a bit, think you can do that?” you said. “We’re gonna have to be stealthy so you’ll have to keep quiet for a bit.”

“Uh huh, uh huh,” Wheelie said. “Anything you say, boss.” You held out your fist for a fist bump. He bumped it and you smiled. “Alright, you can hang out here for now, though we gotta come up with a plan.”

“The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum,” Simmons said as he laid his eyes on it, pulling out a pair of binoculars from his pack. “The land of dreams in there. All I wanted to be was an astronaut.” He then ripped off his pants and tossed them to Sam. “Hold those.”

“What is that,” Sam said, hesitantly catching them.

“What? I wear ‘em when I’m in a funk. So does Jeamby, Cheater. It’s a baseball thing!” Simmons replied, changing into different clothing. “Ok, watches synchronised, sharp mind,” he said looking at his watch. “And an empty bladder. You get caught, demand an attorney, don’t ever say my name. Kid, take one of these and slip it under your tongues.” He tossed a pill bottle towards you and you caught it, taking one out. “They’re high concentrate polymer, they put it in Oreo cookies, fools the polygraph everytime. Now let’s get this show on the road,” Simmons then pulled out a taser and lit it up. Then Leo finally freaked out when he saw it.

“Whoa! No, listen, I’m can’t do this, I’m not some alien bounty hunter, alright? I’m not gonna do this, guards have guns, I don’t wanna die-” Leo said frantically before Simmons got up in his business and shut him up.

“Kid, kid, kid, kid,” he said, pushing him towards Swerve. “You compromise this mission? You are dead to me. Look into my eyes and tighten up that spare tank. You are going to go in there and pretend you need toilet paper. Alright? You are our distraction!” You swapped the sunglasses out for a sick mask you always kept in your bag and fastened it over your mouth. You put your glasses on again and blinked. “Now put this taser in your pants and do not turn it on until the guard comes in. Got it?”

“Ah! Finally can see,” you said. “Also, Leo, dude, you saw me have a gun earlier in the car and now you’re freaking out over a taser?”

“We’re all going in as museum guests, I need you three to find a hiding spot once the museum closes and it’s go time,” Simmons said, pointing towards you, Sam and Mikaela. You nodded and headed in.

“Anybody got some money so we can get tickets and go in?” you asked absentmindedly.

“Don’t worry about it, they don’t charge entrance fee,” Simmons said, ushering you all in. Once you entered the museum, you put on your act.

“Hey, thanks for taking me to the museum today, I’m still getting over this sickness,” you said naturally. You let out a few coughs to solidify it.

“These four knuckleheads wouldn’t stop begging me to take them here,” Simmons said. “Have fun, you four!” You then walked around the museum, looking at the exhibits before checking the time. Thirty minutes until closing. Ok, not suspicious at all… You entered the flight hangar and walked around for a bit before looking around and climbing into one of the planes to hide. You sat yourself in the cockpit and laid low, peering over to see Sam and Mikaela hiding in the sides of an airplane. When the museum closed, you climbed out, seeing Simmons running up with Leo.

“Five guards, five guards!” Simmons said. “Get your stuff and get out of here, alright? Gotta get the tracker alright?” Sam rummaged through his bag and took out the Allspark shard he had. You then set your backpack down and unzipped it, to where Wheelie popped out with a gasp for air, which was funny since Cybertronians don’t breath. Simmons ran off with his detector to look for the Seeker.

“AH! I’m claustrophobic,” Wheelie said, climbing out of the backpack. He changed into his altmode and began to drive around, heading towards the Seeker. You began running after him, calling out to Sam and Mikaela to follow you. You met up with Simmons as he stopped in front of a Blackbird.

“You got what I got?” Simmons asked.

“Yeah,” you replied.

“Blackbird!” Wheelie shifted out of his altmode and looked up towards the Blackbird.

“There he is! This guy’s a legend. Like, chairman of the board!” Wheelie said. “Yo, freshman!” he called out to Sam. “Point the shard. Watch the magic happen.” Sam pointed it towards the Blackbird and the shard flew out of his hands, hitting the Blackbird nose of it before falling to the ground. You ran and picked the remainder of it up before shoving it into your pocket, feeling the familiar zap that it gave you the first time you pricked your finger on it. Sam and Mikaela ran up to see the insignia and Mikaela gave a quiet shit.

“It’s a Decepticon!” Mikaela yelled.

“Decepticon?” Simmons said. “Behind the big bird!” he yelled, where all of you ran under a plane as the Blackbird transformed out of his altmode.

“What sort of hideous mausoleum is this?” the Decepticon asked. Wheelie caught up to you and ran into you, you reaching your arms out to grab him. The Allspark information flowing in your mind registered him as Jetfire. “Answer me, pawns and knaves! Show yourselves!” He shoved aside a plane in the air. “Or suffer my infinite wrath!” You were the first one to dart out of cover whereas Sam came out with his hands up. He walked up towards you. “You little spinal cord based organisms,” something hit him in the face. “Bugger it! Behold the eternal glory of Jetfire! Prepare for a systems override!” He walked off towards the hangar doors.

“I tell you, this guy did not age well,” Wheelie said.

“I don’t think he’s gonna hurt us,” Mikaela breathed.

“I command these doors to open!” Jetfire yelled from the exit of the hangar. “Fire! I said, fire!” A missile flew from his side and went behind him. “Oh, bollocks! Damn these worthless parts!” He then shoved his shoulder at the hangar doors and forced them open. He walked out onto the concrete and you ran after him. There was a street nearby and Jetfire crossing it wasn’t the best idea.

“Wait a second!” Sam said, running after Jetfire.

“Empty, rusty, rusty, my aft!” Jetfire grumbled. He didn’t seem to notice the people who were running away from him as he walked.

“Ohhh, the museum is gonna be very angry! We gotta catch that plane!” Simmons yelled as he ran after. You saw Bumblebee, Skids, and Swerve driving down the street as Jetfire crossed it, going onto the green open space of a park. The Autobots took a sharp turn and drove onto the park grounds.

“Right! I’m on a mission,” Jetfire said.

“Wait, wait, wait, we just wanna talk!” Sam yelled towards Jetfire.

“I have no time to talk, I’m on a mission! I’m a mercenary doom-bringer, what planet am I on?” Jetfire said.

“Earth,” you replied. The Autobots shifted out of their altmodes and approached Jetfire with caution. Bumblebee stood near Sam and watched as you spoke to him.

“Earth? Terrible name for a planet, might as well call it Dirt. Planet Dirt. Tell me, is that robot civil war still going on?” Jetfire asked, lowering himself to your level. “Who’s winning?”

“The Decepticons,” you replied. You then looked around to see a crowd amassing and sirens in the distance. Jetfire gave a disgusted groan and spat some oil out.

“Well, I changed sides to the Autobots,” Jetfire said. “So much negativity but who wants to live a life filled with hate! If the Decepticons had their way, they’d destroy the whole universe.”

“Okay, Jetfire!” you said. “We don’t have a lot of time. We can help each other, I know things you don’t know, you know things, I don’t know.” You rummaged through your backpack and took out your notebook and showed him the pages. “Megatron and the Fallen are after what is inside Sam and I’s head, but we need to know what this is read as.” The police sirens were getting closer and you were beginning to panic.

“The Fallen? I know him, he left me here to rust! The original Decepticon, he’s terrible to work for, it’s always apocalypse, chaos... These symbols, they were part of my mission, the Fallen’s search! I remember now! The Dagger’s tip and the Key!” Before you could say anything, Jetfire held his arms around you and the Autobots and started generating some electricity that wrapped around. “No time to explain, hold on, everybody! Stay still or you’ll die!” With that you were all transported, pain racking through your body as you traveled through space. The next thing you saw was a sand dune before colliding right into it, rolling down the hill. You groaned in pain as you hit the bottom of the hill and got up, shaking off the sand that got in your clothing. You looked up towards the top of the hill and began ascending it to see Jetfire lying on the stone surface.

“Oh, that wasn’t so bad. At least we’re still on the right planet,” Jetfire said.

“HEY! That fricking hurt!” Wheelie yelled.

“Sam!” you heard Mikaela yell.

“Where are we?” Sam yelled. Simmons yelled to get Sam’s attention as he approached Jetfire and Sam began to run towards Mikaela. “You guys ok?”

“Yup!” Mikaela replied.

“Hey, I think we’re in Vegas!” Leo yelled.

“That really really hurt,” Simmons said, pointing at Jetfire. “You’re just lucky that I didn’t get hurt! Did and could have gotten killed, ok? And if I would have gotten you-”

“Oh, shut up,” Jetfire snapped. “I told you I was opening a space bridge! It’s the fastest way to travel to Egypt!”

“Egypt? So that’s where we’re at,” you said looking around.

“What? What did you tell us? You didn’t tell us anything! You didn’t tell us anything, why are we in Egypt?” Sam yelled.

“Don’t you get snippy with me, fleshling!” Jetfire said, sitting down. “You were duly informed!”

“No, but let’s focus, why are we here?” you asked, crossing your arms.

“This planet was visited by our race once before, by our earliest ancestors millennia ago. They were on an exploratory mission to harvest Energon, the lifeblood of our race. Without it, we’ll all perish, oxidise, and rust, like my wretched self! Do you have any idea what it’s like to slowly fall apart and die?!” Jetfire explained, his voice growing louder.

“Let’s not get episodic, ok, old timer? Beginning, middle, end, facts, details, condense, plot, tell it!” Simmons said.

“Somewhere buried in this desert, our ancestors built a great machine, it harvests Energon, by destroying suns.”

“Destroy suns?” Sam asked.

“Blow em up?” Leo added.

“Yes! You see in the beginning there were seven Primes, our original leaders. And they set out into the universe, seeking distant suns to harvest. The Primes set out with one rule, never destroy a planet with life. Until one of them tried to defy this rule. And his name forever more was the Fallen.” Jetfire showed a holographic movie as he spoke. “He despised the human race and he wanted to kill you all by turning on that machine. The only way to activate it is with a legendary key, called the Matrix of Leadership. A great battle took place over possession of the Matrix. The Fallen was stronger than his brothers, so they had no choice but to steal and hide it from him. In the ultimate sacrifice, they gave their lives to seal the Matrix away in a tomb made of their very own bodies. A tomb we cannot find. Somewhere buried in this desert, that deadly machine remains. The Fallen knows where it is and if he finds the tomb of the Primes, your world will be no more.”

“So how do we stop him?” Mikaela asked.

“Only a Prime can defeat the Fallen,” Jetfire said, looking up.

“Optimus...” you then breathed. Jetfire heard you and lowered himself down to you.

“So you’ve met a Prime? Why, you must have met a great descendant! Is he alive? Here? On this planet?” Jetfire said, hope in his voice.

“He sacrificed himself to save me,” you said quietly, sorrow racking through you.

“So he’s dead...” Jetfire said, hope disappearing from his optics. “Without a Prime, it’s impossible. No one else could stop the Fallen.”

“But this Matrix of Leadership. It must hold the same amount of Energon the Allspark has, meaning it could possibly be used to bring Optimus back?” you asked. “If an Allspark shard has the ability to bring him back, then this possibly can as well.” The information ran through your mind like a database. “The Matrix of Leadership is a tool of Primus themselves,” you explained. “Meaning it has that power.“ Jetfire perked up at what you were saying.

“It was never designed for that purpose, but it’s an energy like no other, other than the Allspark of course,” Jetfire said. “Why haven’t you attempted to bring him back with the Allspark?” Jetfire then asked.

“We had to hide it from the Decepticons and only I know the location,” you replied. “I can’t risk getting it out to bring Optimus back, so getting the Matrix before the Decepticons is the only chance I have. That way we can make sure the Fallen doesn’t get it and Optimus is ready to fight him when we have it.” You then took out the notebook again and showed it to Jetfire. “So these symbols. They’ll lead me to the Matrix of Leadership?”

“Follow your mind, your map, your symbols. It’s your clue. ‘When dawn alights the dagger’s tip, three kings will reveal the doorway,’” Jetfire said, translating the symbols. “There’s a whole lot of other mumbo jumbo in that notebook of yours but remember the riddle! Find the doorway! Go now, go! That was my mission, it’s yours now. Go before the Decepticons find me and find you.” You all ran down the hill towards Bumblebee, Skids and Swerve who had all changed into their altmodes, waiting for you. You all got into Bumblebee, Leo stuck in the middle seat to his dismay and Simmons finished a phone call and leaned forward to talk to Sam who had placed himself in the driver’s seat. Bee was his car after all.

“Ok, here’s what my CIA contact. Says the Ancient Sumerians used to call the Gulf of Aqaba-”

“The Dagger’s Tip,” Sam finished.

“That’s the dagger’s tip, it’s part of the Red Sea, divides Egypt and Jordan like the tip of a blade,” you said absentmindedly. You blinked for a moment and grew confused. “How did I know that.”

“29.5 degrees north, 34.88 degrees east,” Simmons finished.

“Ok, first thing we gotta do is get Optimus to the Dagger’s Tip,” Sam concluded.

“How are you gonna get him halfway around the world?” Leo asked.

“We have to make a call,” you realised. “Simmons, I need you to make it,” you said, snapping your head towards him. “Cameras got all four of us and it’s going to recognise our voices and tag our location, but you weren’t caught seen with us.” Simmons looked like he was about to say something but you raised your hand. “Call Lennox.”

“We got cops,” Sam announced, driving into a nearby town.

“We gotta get off the road and lay low,” Simmons said hastily. Sam drove into an alleyway and you all got out of the car, the Autobots getting out of their altmodes and hiding on the walls. The police cars passed by and you held your head in your hands, sitting on the ledge. Simmons went over to a payphone and called Lennox once you gave him his number.

“Lennox, I’m with the kid,” Simmons finally said. “The kid, y’know? One who was buddy buddy with the truck? Yeah, well I need the truck. The truck. We got a possible resurrection going on over here. You’re not gonna believe where we are,” Simmons said. “Code Tut, as in King Tutankhamun, back of a $1 dollar bill. Coordinates for airdrop, 29.5 north, 35.88 east. Ok, I gotta go.”

“Did you really have to say that I was buddy buddy with my boyfriend?” you asked. You then saw someone running up to you with a scarf and you got ready to fight.

“Hey, hey, it’s me, Leo!” Leo said, taking the scarf off his mouth. “Cops are coming!” You all scrambled into the Autobots and drove onto the road.

“Ok, let’s go over this again,” Sam said to Simmons who sat himself in the passenger’s seat. “When the dawn alights the Dagger’s tip, the three kings will reveal the doorway.” You then saw you were approaching a checkpoint after 10 minutes. You put your mask on and shuffled in your seat in the center.

“Alright, chill, this is espionage now,” Simmons said quietly. “These are my people, I’m one 36th Arab.”

“Great, a fricking munchkin, little people are mean. Tell him he’s tall,” Wheelie said before you pulled him back from the front. Simmons leaned out the window as the guard approached. He

“I want to go… to the Dagger’s tip, right?” Simmons said in a stupid voice, motioning with his hands. “Egypt, Jordan, we wanna go there. Me and my family. This is my family. This is my son,” he said grabbing Sam, “My other son,” he then gestured to Leo. “A foreign exchange student we’re taking care of,” Simmons then said where you gave a slight cough in your mask and said hello in (f/l). “My daughter. We’re tourists from New York.”

“New York?” the guard asked, perking up.

“Yes,” Simmons replied.

“50 kilometres ahead, go Yankees!” the guard said as Sam drove ahead.

“That was surprisingly easy,” you commented, pulling the face mask down. You all drove down the road, seeing the large city of Cairo come into view. After driving in throughout the city, weaving through roads to make sure no police were following, you all stopped at an abandoned building near the pyramids of Giza and ascended up the hill, the Autobots following after, looking around to make sure no one was following you.

“The key to being undercover is blending in,” Swerve said to himself. “You know, be part of the landscape, be aware of your surroundings. You know that, Skids?” he called out to Skids. “Oh! My mouth flapping isn’t helping me stay undercover, I’ll stay quiet.” Swerve bumped into Bumblebee by accident and let out a yelp as he fell on his aft. Skids let out a snicker before helping Swerve up.

“Stop being so cute,” Skids smiled. Swerve let out an embarrassed laugh and you couldn’t help but find the two of them interacting adorable.

“Hey, guard us,” Sam called out from the door. “Low profile, don’t make a scene ok?” The Autobots went back into their altmodes, Bee leading the way as they went on patrol. You ran to enter the abandoned building and set your backpack down the moment you had the chance. After a few hours of simply waiting, you heard a noise and saw Bee had come back. As well as Skids and Swerve who were off chatting by themselves. Well, mainly Swerve, Skids just liked to listen to Swerve. During that time, you had found a scaffolding and sat down on it, simply looking at the stars as you realised how much you missed Optimus. You sat there, crying silently, hot tears slowly streaming down your cheek. This was the first time you were actually letting yourself mourn over Optimus and you hated it. Hated how you felt, how much you depended on him. How much you let his death affect you because you promised and because you hated feeling useless. That’s what plagued you the most. Being so useless that you caused the death of someone you loved dearly. You hung your head down for a moment and sniffled, wiping the tears away as Bee approached you. His optics held worry and he made a noise, announcing that he was there for you.

“Hey, Bee,” you said, clearing your throat of any post crying croakiness. “What’s up?” I was once-in love with-a human-too, Bee started. You sat up a little straighter this time, watching his expression go into one of nostalgia and sadness. “What?” you said. You could see Bee fumble for the words, his servos fidgeting for a moment. I wanted-her to-come with me.-But-she-couldn’t leave-her family. He then held his servos out and played a memory he’d kept close with him for decades.

Bee, I can’t go with you. You’ve got people out there that need you. And so do I. The hologram approached Bee and she placed her hand on Bee’s cheekplate, to where Bee reacted immediately as if it were something he’d done so many times. I gotta let you go. You looked at the girl in the hologram. She had short brown hair and a couple cuts on her face, and she looked. Young. The hologram flickered away and Bee then looked towards you with the same expression he had when she left him. Her name-was-Charlie.-And-I loved-her.-She was-my world.Bee then fidgeted with his servos again. She-named me-Bumblebee. The voice at the end saying his name was the voice that fit with the hologram earlier. You understood how he felt and you found some solace in the fact that you weren’t alone in experiencing this.

“Is… is she still alive?” you asked. Bumblebee nodded and you gave him a soft smile. “Have you tried seeing her at all?” Bee then shook his head and gave a sad noise. “You should see her. When this is all over,” you said. “Let her know that you’re ok and still thinking of her.” You paused for a moment. “You still think about her, right?” Bee looked away and then towards you again. There isn’t-a day-I don’t-think about-her. Bee replied. You didn’t know why. But Bumblebee saying that ignited a spark in your heart. It was hope. Hope that was going to bring Optimus back. You depended on it.

Chapter Text

“Hey guys, wake up!” Sam called out. You woke up with your back aching, having fallen asleep against Bumblebee after he had snuggled up and gone into recharge, his servos holding you close to him. After tapping his servos a few times, he woke up out of recharge and blinked at you before hearing Sam’s shouting. He got up, lifting you with his servos and standing you up before going into his altmode to get ready. You walked towards Sam and tapped Simmons’ and Leo’s head as you passed by, waking them up. When Sam got all your attention he jumped onto his train of thought. “Listen, astronomy class, page 47, you remember the class?” Sam asked, specifically looking towards Leo.

“No, no I was only in college for two days, remember that?” Leo replied bitterly.

“Yeah, well, get up, get up,” Sam said, ushering Simmons and Leo to stand.

“What are you talking about?” Simmons asked.

“Can you see those three stars? You see how the last one touches the horizon?” Sam said, pointing towards Orion’s Belt. “That’s Orion’s belt. It’s also called the Three kings and the reason for that is the three Egyptian kings who built the pyramids of Giza built them to mirror the stars. So it’s like an arrow staring us straight in the face.” Your eyes followed it and you walked towards the ledge, pointing ahead.

“They all point due east towards Jordan, the mountains of Petra,” you said. You looked back towards the group. “Let’s go.” Bee gave a excited chirp as you approached him with Sam and Mikaela, where you affectionately pat the hood like you’d pat a friend’s shoulder as you passed by and was just about to get into Skids before Bee drove into you with his hood, pushing you ahead slightly. “What, Bee?” you laughed. He made a few noises before opening the door and you got what he was getting at. “Alright, I’ll get in,” you smiled.

“What happened that made you and Bee so close?” Sam asked as he got in the driver’s seat.

“Just have some things in common,” you shrugged, you traced the armrest of the door before smiling. “Turns out Bee had a sweetheart in the past too,” you teased. Bee made a noise of protest and your teasing smile turned into one of affection.

“Bee, you had a girlfriend?” Sam asked as Bee began to start driving, Bumblebee let out a noise of protest for a moment before falling silent.

“What was she like?” Mikaela asked as she got in the passenger’s seat. Love of my Life by Queen then started playing on the radio in response and played through, the lyrics fitting his relationship with Charlie pretty well. When the song faded out, Bumblebee spoke through the radio, switching stations to communicate after. She-helped me-find my voice. Bee said. Her name is-Charlie.

“Is?” Sam said. “So she’s still around.” He leaned back in the seat. “Charlie, Charlie, so she’s not an Autobot then?” She’s-a human. Bee replied. “So Optimus isn’t the first one to have fallen in love with a human,” Sam said, looking back to you. But I loved her first and I held her first, a country song sang from Bee’s radio and Sam was bewildered for a moment, sitting up this time. “You were the first one to fall in love with a human?” I landed here-first.-Before-Optim-us. Bee explained. She saved-me.-Took me in-and-I’ve fallen in love, I’ve fallen in love for the first time and this time I know it’s for real.

“Bee, you’re going pretty ham on the Queen songs,” you chuckled. Bee replied with a She’s a Killer Queen! Before letting out a noise that resembled a laugh. The roads were luckily empty on the way to Petra but something in the back of your mind ate at you. Petra was a fairly popular tourist location especially the monastery but as you approached the mountain road leading into it, it was surprisingly empty. No one was around and it seemed that the place was closed for the day. The security around this area was almost to none which was interesting. Seeing the closed sign would have deterred the common tourist away but of course you all ignored it and entered. The thing that stood out to you the most was the monastery that Petra held.

“It’s gotta be… around here somewhere,” Simmons said, looking at his tracker.

You had changed to go on foot earlier, the Autobots following behind as guards, looking around for danger. When you approached the monastery, you felt like you were in Indiana Jones, yet this was a different part of Petra. That exact scene played in your mind and you scratched your head as the information from it was pieced together with the Allspark data.

“Will you look at that?“ Swerve marveled. “Amazing what humans can do with their architecture, why they carved it from the very stone, I can’t believe the work that went into all of this, it’s so detailed. And this doorway is even larger than we are, Skids! I haven’t found a door that could fit us in ages.” Skids placed a servos on Swerve’s shoulder and Swerve let out a short giggle.

“It’s here somewhere, guys,” Sam said as you all climbed into the monastery.

“Oh yeah? Why? Cus we’re trusting Grandpa Blackbird and he doesn’t know what planet he’s on?” Leo said, clearly irritated.

“In his defense, this is the biggest doorway I’ve seen in my entire life,” Simmons commented, looking up towards the ceiling.

“Oh, ok, well, that’s great. Well, let me do a quick search, alright?” Leo said, spinning around in a circle. “Uhh, nope! Ever cross your mind, guys, that archeologists have been here before? There’s nothing here!” Sam was sitting down on a ledge and you looked around a little bit more while Leo and Simmons bickered.

“That’s because archeologists don’t touch these, Leo,” you said, tracing your hand on the walls. “Always need to keep history intact,” you breathed. You then snapped your neck towards Leo and Simmons. ”Ever watch Indiana Jones?” you then asked. They all looked at you like you were crazy and you rolled your eyes as you pressed yourself to the walls, knocking on it to try to find a hollow sound. “The sound of walls is always different when something is behind it. Solid and hollow, follow what I’m getting at?” you said hastily, switching over to the next wall. They watched you for a moment before you finally heard a different sound from before and looked towards Bumblebee.

“Bee!” you said. “Shoot it.” Bee nodded and walked up to the wall, taking out his cannon and shooting a hole into the wall. You all ran for cover to avoid the shrapnel and looked over to see a metal cavern. You let out a laugh of triumph and rushed over, examining the opening. “Y’all seriously haven’t seen the Indiana Jones movies?” you then asked. Sam caught up to you and shone his flashlight into the cavern, before crawling in. You went after and looked around in awe at all the Primes. The Allspark information came to you naturally, pointing at each Prime as you circled around. “Vector Prime, wielder of the Blades of Time,” then focusing on a Prime who held two daggers in each hand. “Quintus Prime, lifebringer,” you said, noticing that the Emberstone was missing from his grasp. “Solus Prime, forger of the universe’s greatest weapons,” you noted, where she was holding a hammer to the side. “Nexus Prime, Onyx Prime,” you said in passing. “And Prima, wielder of the Star Saber,” you stopped at the last one, pointing at a Cybertronian that resembled a knight, holding a sword as old as time, her hand outstretched holding the Matrix of Leadership.

“How do you know all that?” Mikaela asked.

“Two years of having the Allspark feed you Cybertronian information kind of rubs off on you,” you replied as you knelt before the Matrix of Leadership. You reached for it, picking it up gingerly and marveling at it before it simply turned to dust in your hands. Sam looked like he lost all hope, a quiet no coming from him.

“Thousands of year, turned to dust,” Simmons said.

“This isn’t how it’s supposed to end,” Sam breathed. You heard planes flying over and Simmons ran out, saying “Hear that?”. Leo followed him shortly after and you stayed there looking at the dust.

“It won’t end like this,” you breathed. You managed to stay calm through it as you went through the database the Allspark had provided you. “Have you heard of the Thor comics?” you then asked shakily.

“Why are you asking me about nerd stuff now?!” Sam said with disbelief. “No, of course I haven’t!”

“There’s a reason, let me finish,” you said, hands shaking as you looked at the dust. “Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. There’s a saying going with it, whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor,” you finished. The data came up short but it gave you a general idea on what needed to happen. You took out a felt pouch that originally held your sunglasses and started shoving the dust into the pouch before tightening the top as the last of the dust went in. You stood up and exited the cavern swiftly, with Sam and Mikaela tailing behind you in confusion. “The reason the Matrix turned to dust is because, because I’m not worthy,” you explained. “This was a tool of Primus themselves, meaning only the 7 Primes and descendants or those who have earned the title Prime.”

“And you aren’t a Prime,” Sam said. “What do you need to do to become one though?” Sam then asked, you looked up to see Simmons had climbed up on the hill in front of the monastery and started running towards him.

“Don’t know! But maybe we’ll find out when we get to Optimus,” you panted.

“Think you can bring him back to life with that pixie dust?” Simmons asked.

“I know it will,” you said with determination. You caught your eyes on Optimus falling from the sky and you ran towards Bumblebee who was ready in his altmode. He revved the engine and you hopped in the passenger’s seat as Sam got in the driver’s. You all began driving towards the direction where Optimus fell, Bumblebee going as fast as he could towards it. After a few moments, you saw a flare pop in the air in a nearby village and Sam pointed it out.

“That’s them right there. See the flare?” Sam exclaimed.

“Right over there!” Simmons pointed. As soon as he pointed it out, missiles landed near Bumblebee, with him swerving out of the way to make sure he didn’t get hit. You poked your head out of the window to see a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor flying above, shooting at you.

“Ugh, Starscream,” you grumbled. As you drove into a construction area to avoid Starscream, he flew down and landed, switching out of his altmode as Bumblebee dodged Starscream’s shots.

“Oh god, please! God, please,” Leo yelled. He started yelling incoherently for a moment before repeating ‘Just let me live’ multiple times to where you turned around and knocked him out with a quick punch to the face.

“Jesus christ, I do not need that right now,” you said.

“Hide in the dust! Hide in the dust!” Simmons yelled. You all stopped for a moment got out of the car to start a plan.

“We gotta split up, Bumblebee, you’re the decoy, you lead the Decepticons away! We’re gonna get Optimus,” Sam said.

“No, I need you guys to stay here,” you then said.

“What?” Sam said. “We’re going with you-”

“You have your entire lives ahead of you, you have college and school to go to, Sam!” you exclaimed. “I’m doing this because I have to. I owe him and I promised him that’d I’d protect him,” you said. “He’s my entire world. Take Skids and Swerve, they’ll keep you safe. Sam?” you then said. “I’ll need Bumblebee for a bit, Starscream will think it’s you. Ok? He’ll be safe, I’ll keep him safe,” you said. Sam was about to protest for a moment before Bee made a noise to hurry up, you nodded to Sam before you split up. “I need to get to Optimus as quickly as possible and running isn’t gonna cut it, I need you to gun it, Bee,” you said. He made a noise of affirmation and sped off, heading towards the flarepoint. “Get me as close as possible, Bee, but don’t get hurt, ok?” You gripped the wheel out of habit, mainly holding it for comfort as your grip tightened. Bumblebee drove through the carnage of Autobots and Decepticons, dodging everyone as you saw pillars come into view.

“Get to the pillars!” Ironhide shouted as Bee passed him by. Pillars, good, you were near that. An explosion then stopped Bumblebee in his tracks and he got out of his altmode, ready to fight. Run! Bee yelled. You sprinted off, heading towards Optimus. When heavy gunfire rained down upon you, you ran for cover, hitting your shoulder against a stone wall as you looked ahead.

“(y/n)!” a familiar voice yelled across from you. Your eyes darted to where the noise came from and your face paled.

“MOM?!” you yelled. “DAD!” you then ran across the road, rolling as soon as one of the Decepticons shot at you and you lunged towards your parents to shove them into a building. “BEE!” you called out. “Listen, I need you to get out of here, once you see-” an explosion interrupted you and you whipped out your handgun, shooting towards the Decepticon. “I need you to run once you see Bumblebee-”

“Who’s Bumblebee?” your father said in a panicked state.

“Yellow and black Camaro! Hard to miss! He’ll be here,” you said, “I’ll distract them.”

“WAIT! No, (y/n), you are not distracting them, you are coming with us and we are getting out of here!” your father yelled. “I don’t know how you got yourself into this mess but you are coming home with us! This whole robot ordeal? Leave it! Never look back!”

“Dad, just stop!” you yelled. “They want you, they want me,” you said quickly. “If I go with you, then you’ll get killed, got it? Besides! I can’t leave this whole robot ordeal when one of them is my boyfriend!”

“WHAT?!” your mother exclaimed.You then ran out of the building and put your hands behind your head, hiding the handgun.

“HEY!” you yelled at the Decepticon approaching you. “I know you need me, because I know about the Matrix.”

“Don’t do it, (y/n), listen to me,” your mother pleaded. You ignored here and stepped forward calmly.

“This is what you want, huh?” you said, dangling the sunglasses pouch from your hand. You then snapped your other arm to shoot a bullet right in the Decepticon’s eye. Your eye caught on Bumblebee who did hear your call earlier and snuck up on the Decepticon about to kill you as it yelled out in pain, shooting it through the neck with his cannon. “Good timing, Bee,” you said as you ushered your parents to go to Bee.

“Bee, get them somewhere safe okay? Out of here, I-” you looked towards your parents.

“You’re getting in the car too,” your dad argued. Before you could protest, he cut you off. “No, listen to me. You’re my son. Alright?”

“I know that!” you said frantically.

“You’re my son. We’re all going together.”


“We’re all going together!“

“No, stop, okay?” you said, grabbing your father’s shoulder. “You get out of here, you run, you run as fast as you can. I’ll come find you when everything is safe, ok? But staying with me and me coming with you will get you killed,” you said. “And I don’t want that ok? You gotta let me go. I’m a grown man, I’ll be safe, I know what I’m doing.” You heard a Decepticon coming from behind and whipped around, shooting towards the Decepticon, hitting it straight in the optic. It let out a roar of rage as it stumbled around. You then whipped around to your parents. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” you yelled. “I’ll be safe! I promise, but you need to be safe! Now GO!” Your parents scrambled in the car and Bee began to drive off. You immediately began running towards Lennox and the NEST agents who had come to help. You ducked for cover as gunfire flew past you, missiles from other Decepticons being shot.

“LENNOX!” you shouted.

“GET OVER HERE, SOLDIER!” Lennox yelled. You ran across as Lennox gave cover fire and you threw yourself down next to him, your back hitting the wall with a thud. “You better have a good reason for us to be here,” Lennox said, looking towards you.

“Where’s Optimus?” you asked. Lennox pointed in front of you to a large figure covered in tarp.

“He’s right over there, across the courtyard,” Lennox said.

“I have to get to him,” you breathed. You gripped the sunglasses pouch in your hand and went to stand up but Lennox pulled you back down.

“Can’t, we got an air strike coming,” Lennox said.

“I have to get to him NOW,” you snapped. Something caught the corner of your eye and Lennox shouted, pulling you down to avoid the new shrapnel that flew all over as a Decepticon came nearby, shooting in your general direction.

“Behold, the one and only, Jetfire!” Jetfire yelled as he flew in. “Now let me show you how we brought them pain in my day.” He beheaded the Decepticon with his cane and was pounced on by another, ripping at his chassis before it jumped off and Jetfire smashed its head with his servos. “I’m too old for this crap,” he said as he collapsed on the ground, seemingly fine but still. The hole in his chassis wasn’t the best look.

“Hope these F-16s have good aim,” Epps said. You looked over to him with a concerned expression.

“Why is that?” you asked.

“I told them to hit the orange smoke.”

“You mean that orange smoke?” Lennox said, looking over to his side. The orange smoke was only 5 feet away.

“It wasn’t my best toss, ok?” Epps said.

“RUN!” you said, sprinting out of the cover you originally had. Soldiers ran beside you to avoid the fire that was going to come soon from above. You focused on Optimus’ frame and ran towards it as the rest went to get cover. You had to get to him. No matter what happens. You heard loud footsteps coming up from behind you, a familiar voice yelling at you as a shot from a cannon sent you flying.

“DIE,” Megatron’s voice echoed. That was the last thing you heard before everything went black. Then blue filled your vision, the 6 Primes you had seen earlier in the tomb all standing before you, tall and ethereal.

“(y/n) (l/n),” Prima said. You snapped your eyes towards her and felt yourself floating. “We have been watching you for a long, long time. You have fought for Optimus. Our last descendant, with courage and with sacrifice.” The other Primes looked at you with indifference but you could tell there was a hint of respect in their optics.

“But I failed. I… what have I done to protect him?” you asked, your voice dissonant and dissociated from your own body.

“Perhaps it isn’t what you have done in the past to protect him, but what you will do in the future,” Vector replied.

“You have the virtues of a leader, (y/n). A leader worthy of our secret, what you may have seen in the Allspark,” Quintus then spoke. “The Matrix of Leadership is not found. It is earned.”

“Return now to Optimus, (y/n). Merge the Matrix with his Spark. It is, and always has been, your destiny,” Prima said, the blue light fading out. Your eyes then shot open and you saw Lennox and Epps looking over you. You coughed for a moment before sitting up. The dust from the Matrix flew out and formed into its original form, a blue light emanating from it, where you grabbed it and looked at it for a moment before climbing onto Optimus and yelling out, gripping the handles and opening the Matrix, blue light emanating. A beam of energy shot through into his chassis deep into his spark chamber. Optimus’ optics then opened, blue light glowing from it and he gave a cough, expelling the dust that had settled inside him. He got up, catching you in his servos as soon as he saw you and looking at you with genuine affection and gratitude.

“(y/n)… you returned for me,” Optimus said. You forced down the emotions that threatened to overwhelm you and gave a slight laugh.

“I can’t protect you if you’re dead now, can I?” you replied. Optimus gave you the smile you had been missing all this time and he set you down on the ground.

“A living Prime!” Jetfire marveled. “I don’t believe it!” The Fallen then landed, pushing Optimus down as the Matrix was forced out of him, taking it and dashing off, towards the pyramid where the sun destroyer was located. Optimus, already weak from having come back from the dead struggled to get up.

“Get up, get up, get up,” you said, crawling towards him. “You have to stop him from activating the machine!” You then looked towards Epps and Lennox. “Can’t you have anyone shoot at the sun destroyer and I don’t know, destroy it?!”

“I already called for everyone to engage!” Epps yelled. You then looked towards the pyramid in horror as all the tanks and planes were pulled forward and suddenly dropped.

“All my Decepticon life, I never did a thing worth doing until now,” Jetfire said. “Optimus, take my parts and you will have a power you’ve never known. Fulfill your destiny.” Jetfire then ripped out his own spark and collapsed onto the ground, dead.

“Jolt, electrify! Transplant those afterburners,” Ratchet said. You then watched Optimus take the parts of Jetfire and attach it to himself, looking larger than before.

“Let’s roll,” Optimus said, flying off towards the pyramid to fight the Fallen. You watched as he neared the sun destroyer and crashed into the Fallen, sending a powerful blast from his cannon that destroyed the sun destroyed. He then fell into the pillars below the pyramids and you lost sight of him.

“Let’s get the rest of the civilians out of here!” you yelled out. “Get medics everywhere and start search teams, I don’t think everyone made it out.”

“Kid, you can’t be the one calling the shots here,” Lennox said. “But they’re good ideas,” he said, relaying out the orders before running off. You sat on the ledge for a few minutes waiting anxiously for Optimus to come back, looking up at the sky to see the Decepticons falling back. You looked down once again, fiddling with whatever you could find to curb your nervousness. When you heard the loud thumping of footsteps hitting the ground, you looked up to see Optimus with his mask on. Once he was close enough to you, he knelt down, his mask uncovering his face and you immediately jumped onto the servo he was just about to offer, knowing that he’d do that. He lifted you up as he stood up, eye level with each other. You looked at him like he was everything you wanted in the world, absolute affection and love in your eyes. You raised your arms, taking his face into your hands as you looked at him, up and down, taking in every detail, every mark that may have been made on him earlier. Your eyes meet his optics and it looks like he’s looking at you like you’re the most precious thing in the world. You can’t help but think that you really are.

“Thank you, (y/n), for saving my life,” Optimus said softly. The emotions you’d been holding in began to flow out as Optimus said that, tears of sadness and happiness rolling down your cheeks as you held him in your hands. You didn’t say anything, only a smile growing on your face of absolute love and affection as you looked at Optimus. He didn’t need a response. As long as you were here, in his servos, safe, alive, and here, he was alright. Better than alright really. You leaned forward and started pressing soft kisses here and there on Optimus’ face, ignoring the fact that your salty tears may have gotten on him. He didn’t mind either. He then lightly kissed you, trying to be gentle as possible to not push you off his servos and you felt a giggle bubbling up in you as he kissed you. After not saying anything for a few moments you finally spoke up.

“You mean the world to me, Optimus,” you murmured. “I promised I’d protect you,” you said, leaning your forehead against his. “You didn’t see earlier but. I died for you. Just like you did for me.” You thought about the Matrix of Leadership and leaned back out of Optimus’ touch for a moment, looking at your hands. “Do you think… I could become a Prime?” you asked. Optimus quirked a brow at you and you cleared your throat out of embarrassment. “It sounds like a stupid question but, I was able to. I was able to wield the Matrix,” you explained. You heard a release of air below you as Optimus took the Matrix of Leadership out from near his spark. He placed the Matrix in your hands for a moment and looked at you and the relic as it didn’t turn into dust.

“Perhaps, you can become a Prime,” Optimus said. “If you were Cybertronian,” Optimus then said. “I feel you would have been a Prime for a while.” He gave you a smile and you gave a light laugh. You then hand the Matrix back to him and give a shrug.

“I think this is better in your possession, big guy.” Optimus didn’t respond but the smile he gave you told you many more things than he could have possibly said.

Chapter Text

“Ready to go, Bumblebee?” you said, patting the hood of the car. Bee let out a few noises of nervousness and you couldn’t help but smile. “Come on, I’m sure she’ll love to see you again.”

“Bumblebee, I know of your feelings towards Charlie,” Optimus chimed in. “I feel it would be a good idea to let her know that you are here. And if you’d perhaps like to become her guardian, I am more than happy to allow Charlie to join our family.” The noises Bee lets out are ones of embarrassment and Optimus gives a chuckle.

“Well,” you said. “It’s settled.” You looked over at Optimus and climbed into him, Bumblebee leading the way on this little roadtrip to see Charlie. After a few hours of driving, you finally made it to what looked like an auto repair shop far away from town, a yellow and black insignia showed it to be called HIVE Auto Repair. The auto shop was surprisingly tall for what it was and a large yard revealed to have certain stations meant for something. Was it for cars? The car mechanic in your mind told you no, that it was meant for something else. Bee approached first, changing back into the old Camaro with racing stripes and revved his engine near the garage doors. He then started blasting Don’t You Forget About Me outside, causing a middle aged black man to come out of the shop, trying to see who exactly was doing that. You stayed back with Optimus, watching from a distance as it went down. What happened next was interesting. A middle aged woman then came out this time, examining the car closely before realising no one was in there but Bee continued to blast the song. He then switched over to a few songs he’d heard with Charlie when he was younger, playing The Smiths before falling quiet.

“Bumblebee?” the middle aged woman asked. You guessed it was Charlie with how she was reacting. You saw her turn her head to tell the middle aged man, who was named Memo as you heard, to open the garage and you patted the roof of Optimus’ altmode before sliding off of it and slipping into him. He drove forward for a moment and parked on the driveway, only to see Memo come out to tell you the auto shop was closed.

“Actually, I’m here to meet Bumblebee’s… sweetheart,” you said, unsure what to call her. You peered through the garage window to see Charlie hugging Bumblebee, absolutely elated. You could see the amount of love she had in her eyes for Bumblebee even after all these years. Memo was reluctant in opening the garage for you but once he did, you and Optimus slipped in, Optimus getting out of his altmode once the garage was closed. Charlie eyed you for a moment and you gave an awkward wave as Optimus placed you on his shoulder.

“Hey, I’m (y/n). Bee told me a lot about you. I'm in the same situation as you.”

“What situation?” Charlie then asked cautiously.

“The situation where I fell in love with an alien from outer space.”

Chapter Text

“Let’s go stargazing again,” you said one day to Optimus. It was an absentminded statement, you had just been thinking about it for a while ever since Egypt. “When was the last time we went?” you said. You had been out on patrol with Optimus for the hour to make sure nothing was going wrong and had been sitting in silence for a bit before the thought had popped up in your mind.

“2 years ago,” Optimus replied. You hummed as you leaned back in the driver’s seat, almost putting your feet on the dashboard but you decided against it.

“It’s been a while,” you murmured. You then sat up a little straighter this time as you processed what you just heard. “Oh my god, we’ve been together for two years now?!”


“Actually, that reminds me,” you then said. “I...” you rubbed the back of your neck in embarrassment. “I need to bring you to meet my parents.”

“And why is that?” Optimus asked. It was a curious tone but you couldn’t help but feel guilty and bad about having to have Optimus meet your parents. They were a little… much.

“Back in Egypt, when they were kidnapped and everything and how they wanted to pull me away from all the Cybertronian violence and all, I may have… mentioned that I was romantically tied to someone...”

“(y/n)...” Optimus sighed.

“I’m sorry...” you said. “It slipped out and I needed a good reason to convince them to let me stay or at least… shut them up.” Optimus didn’t reply and you took it that he was pissed at you. “Yeah, yeah, it wasn’t the best idea to use that as a way to shut them up, I know,” you sighed, knowing that even if Optimus was your boyfriend, he wasn’t afraid to go leader-mode and lecture you.

“It only shows that our relationship proves to be more dangerous than I imagined,” Optimus said. “I will meet your parents, to assure them that you are safe and to put them at ease.” You scratched at the back of your ear.

“They’re kinda… gonna freak out that you’re a 22 foot tall giant metal man.”

“I suppose that is expected...” Optimus sighed. “But with their experience back in Egypt, I believe it will not be too much of a shock to them.”

“Hah! I hope,” you laughed.

“Luckily at this time, Decepticon activity has been at an all time low so I suppose… we can take a road trip down to your parent’s home,” Optimus said, a smile that you couldn’t see on his face. You tapped the armrest with a smile on your face.

“I’d like that.”

Within the next few days, you and Optimus embarked on a trip to your parent’s home. They owned a property on the coast of California that your dad had been raving about for a while, as in it was his dream and now he had it. He’d always ramble about opening a surf shop and brewery on the beach where your mom would cook traditional finger foods from Japan for customers to enjoy. Even in retirement, both your parents enjoyed working. Must have run in the family. The sun is a little ways away from setting by the time the two of you drive up to the brewery and you groan at how many people are there.

“I expected on a Wednesday night it’d be less busy,” you said.

“I wasn’t exactly planning on getting out of my altmode, (y/n),” Optimus noted. “Perhaps you can ask your parents to close early for the night.”

“Hmm, not sure about that, there’s a lot of 25 year olds in there who’re probably here for a good time,” you said, crossing your arms.

“We can perhaps meet with your parents in there then,” Optimus said, his lights blinking aside to the warehouse where your dad brewed everything.

“That works, but you have to be careful in there. Sam told me what happened to his backyard when the two of you first met,” you replied. “My dad won’t be too happy with you if any of his brewing equipment is destroyed. Definitely won’t make a good first impression.”

“I’ll do my best, my dear,” Optimus said. You practically glowed at him calling you dear and you heard the door open and you hopped out. You looked at the windows holding the logos you drew for your dad all those years ago and chuckled.

“Man, those need a touch up, my art’s gotten a lot better since then,” you said to yourself. You approached the door and grasped the handle before hesitating for a moment. Needless to say, you were nervous. You haven’t really spoken to your parents since Egypt and showing up randomly was definitely going to make them a little annoyed. But it was better for this to be abrupt knowing that any Decepticon out there could intercept your communications and just make things into a shitstorm. You let out a quick exhale and open the door, walking into the brewery, you make your way up to the bar and lean your arms on it for a moment before your mother comes over for a moment, not recognising you.

“Hello, what-” her eyes then met yours and you smiled.

“Hey, mom.”

“(y/n)! , look who’s back!” your mother called out in her native language. Your father then came out of the kitchen and yelled out a happy hey!

“Oh, this is your kid?” one of the customers laughed. He patted your shoulder and you gave an awkward smile.

“One of 'em. (y/n)! What’s with you visiting so suddenly? Why didn’t you call to let us know?” your dad asked.

“Uh. Optimus and I thought it’d be better to come unannounced. We uh. Wanted it to be a surprise,” you said. Definitely not because it was a safety precaution and you didn’t want your parents to be abducted by Decepticons again. You were glad they were on vacation when they got abducted. Decepticons hitting up their house or business would have made you more stressed out than ever.

“Where is this… Optimus,” your mom then asked. She looked around to see if he’d come in with you and you quirked a brow towards her.

“The kid’s got a boyfriend? Aw, how cute,” someone teased. You cleared your throat to try to hide your embarrassment and tapped the counter.

“He said he’d like to meet you in the distillery,” you replied. “He’s… shy.”

“HEY! Who parked the large semitruck out front?!” a customer laughed as they walked in. “Whoever did the paint job has some bad taste.”

“That’s uh, that’s mine,” you said sheepishly, you were alright with saying that the flame decals were bad but hearing other people say it kind of made you want to protect Optimus’ honour, even if you thought it was tacky and bad. “I’ll move it, just give me a sec,” you said, shooting a look towards your mother. “Open up the bay doors to the distillery,” you whispered. She nodded and called for your father to open up the doors. You left the brewery and walked towards Optimus.

“So?” his voice rumbled.

“My dad’s gonna open the bay doors to the distillery, you’re gonna have to drive in there.“

“As expected,” Optimus replied. “Climb in,” he said, the door opening automatically. You got in and Optimus backed up, driving towards the distillery as the bay doors slid up. You were grateful that your parents owned a brewery of all things so Optimus standing at his full height was possible. Especially when there were catwalks so they’d get a good look at him. The moment you drive in, you clamber out and shut the bay doors. Bright white light fills your eyes as the lights are turned on and you squint before adjusting to it.

“So,” your dad called out from above. “I’m guessing this Optimus is the semitruck right here?”

“You are correct on that,” Optimus replied. Your father was startled at the sudden voice and stepped back for a moment. Optimus took it as the cue to shift out of his altmode and stood tall, looking down towards your father as he met his gaze. You crossed your arms and huffed in amusement at how even if your father was on the catwalk, Optimus still towered over him a good metre.

“Hey boss, you gonna let me up?” you called from below. Optimus’ gaze flickered towards you and he craned his head, remembering what you told him earlier. The space was rather tight for him and he was worried about destroying the equipment your father had.

“I’m afraid that would go against what you asked me earlier.” You purse your lips and looked at Optimus before getting an idea.

“Alright, stay still then, I’m coming up,” you said, walking up to his pede. You found a spot to grab and stepped onto it, climbing onto him. By the time you reached his waist, his servos was there to lift you the rest of the way there. When he set you down on his shoulder, you sat there comfortably and held onto his filial, thumb absentmindedly tracing circles on it. Your eye caught on your mother coming in and you smiled towards the both of your parents. “Mom, dad, this is Optimus,” you announced. “Leader of the Autobots and… my boyfriend,” you said, a blush evident on your face and a goofy smile growing as you said it.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, (y/n)'s parents,” Optimus said. He gave them a friendly smile and nodded towards them. Your mother looked towards your father worriedly before looking back to Optimus. Your father is the first to say anything after that, giving a sigh before speaking.

“Listen, we know you’re homosexual but we never expected you to be… robosexual,” he said. Your face scrunched up at the Futurama reference and you shot him a look that only made your dad chuckle in response. Optimus wasn’t particularly phased with what your father said and only shot you a quizzical look for explanation.

“My dad’s referencing a… Futurama episode that came out recently and has been sending me messages about ever since erm… I told him about us...” your voice grows quieter and quieter as the weight of embarrassment began press down on you. Oh boy, this was more difficult than you thought. Maybe it was because this was the first time in your life you actually had someone that you wanted to keep in your life forever. (ex/n)… that was a mistake and you knew it. You never should have let that relationship go for so long as it did. Optimus though, could sense your discomfort and moves his servos up, nuzzling a digit against you as a way to comfort you and you latched onto it, fingers pressing into the seams as you looked down towards your parents.

“You’re-,” your mother started. “You’re going to keep them safe, right?”

“I will do everything in my power to ensure your son’s safety,” Optimus assured. “You can trust me to protect them better than anyone on this planet, as it is my responsibility to make sure all the humans on this planet are safe from the Decepticons.” He paused for a moment. “And if it puts you at ease any more, I would lay down my life for (y/n).” You blinked for a moment and looked at him, as if to say ‘don’t say that’. He already died for you once and you’ve felt guilty for it ever since. Even if he’s alive, even if he’s back, it still plagued you on how he died protecting you from Megatron after you had been so foolishly captured.

“Decepticons… I’m guessing those are the guys that kidnapped us, huh?” your dad asked, ignoring the weight of what Optimus said.

“Yes,” Optimus replied curtly. “I am glad the Decepticons have not learned of your whereabouts as I have been told by (y/n) that you were travelling the time you were kidnapped. But me being here for longer than a day may put you in danger. Which is something (y/n) has expressed concern too.”

“Your boyfriend sure likes to speak in a formal tone a lot,” your dad called up to you.

“That’s just how he is, he speaks formally to me too,” you answered. You grip his filial and smile at him, to which his optics dart to the side and you can tell he reciprocates the smile. You feel your face heat up again and clear your throat. “Anyway, we’ll stay the night here probably and then we’ll be on our way back to base tomorrow, since Optimus is the leader and all, he doesn’t get a lot of time off.” Neither did you, you realised. Being the unofficial liaison for the Autobots and being part of NEST demanded a lot of your time, especially when government officials came to you every now and then for information rather than the official liaison. The official one, not to be confused with the idiot who revealed the Allspark, wasn’t around as often and essentially had more security clearance and was paid more. A little irksome but you didn’t have the government breathing down your neck every single time you spoke to the Autobots and you had the freedom to withhold some information compared to the official liaison.

“Well, mom’s making dinner soon for everyone, you wanna come out back and help?” your dad said. You can’t remember the last time you made a family dinner with your mom. A feeling of nostalgia washes over you and you motion for Optimus to use his servos to let you down on the catwalk. “Optimus, you can drive out back if you don’t mind getting sand in your tires, we’ll be eating outside near the fire,” your dad said with a smile. He was being a lot more friendly towards Optimus than he was with (ex/n). It must have been because. Well. Even your parents didn’t like (ex/n) all that much, now you knew why. Optimus doesn’t respond but he switches back into his altmode and then flashes his lights up towards you to get your attention.

“I’ll see you out back, (y/n), and (y/n)'s parents, I look forward to getting to know you more” Optimus said as he began to back out of the brewery, the bay doors rising up for him. Once he cleared the doors, he drove off. You turned back to your parents and your dad was holding his arms open for a hug.

“Come on, you come home and don’t give your dad a hug?” he teased. You rolled your eyes and went in for the hug, him patting your back as he chuckled. You automatically went to hug your mom, who squeezed you tightly, probably relieved that you survived Egypt after having them drive off, leaving you behind. They heard you were still alive when the president offered to give you a medal of honour for your heroic efforts, calling your parents to join you to meet the president but you declined, having told him that you didn’t want a medal for doing what was right. Sam was furious at you and thought you were an idiot for not accepting the medal when Bumblebee told him one day. It was a pretty heated conversation but in the end you ended up confessing how guilty you felt regarding all those innocent people that got caught up with the battle in Egypt. It’d been eating at you when you realised you couldn’t save everyone even though it was entirely possible and it weighed down on you because you felt it was all your fault, all those unnecessary deaths caused by either the Autobot’s recklessness, the military’s airstrikes, or the Decepticons. It shut Sam up immediately and brought a weight to the call you never wanted to bring. You don’t think you’ve talked to Sam ever since that. You should probably call and… apologise. It wasn’t even your fault but you felt you had to apologise for that, that you shouldn’t have dumped it on him. Maybe one day. He’s a good kid and a friend. “Earth to (y/n)? You’re spacing out there a little,” your dad chuckled. You blinked and ducked your head.

“My bad, was thinking about something, what’re we making for dinner?” Your dad patted your shoulder once again and you went into the kitchen, seeing all the food splayed out, ready to go. It took possibly thirty minutes. Thirty minutes of waiting around for everything to finish and in the back of your mind, you couldn’t help but feel worried for Optimus. He had the patience of course, it was just… you didn’t want to leave him out there all alone. Even if he was fully capable of protecting himself since he was the leader of the Autobots after all. Ever since Egypt, you’ve been a little overprotective of Optimus, even if he didn’t notice it. Of course, he didn’t. You were trying to be subtle about it, it would have been embarrassing if he found out. You bring the food outside and look to see Optimus parked a few feet away from the campfire, the 1980 Freightliner COE looked like he was looking into the fire, sitting beside it like one would during camping. You had to hold back a snicker at the thought and set the food on the table set on the patio. You then look over to see the sun had finally begun to set and you excused yourself from your parents, walking over to Optimus. He automatically opened the door for you and you hoisted yourself up, using the elevated floor as footing to climb on top of him and sit on the roof, watching the sun set. “You seeing this, Op?” you said quietly, a content smile on your face.

“It’s very beautiful,” Optimus replied quietly. Your hand goes down to rest on top of the warm red roof, palm splaying out to get as much contact as possible as you stared off into the distance, watching the display of oranges transition to pinks, then purples, then a dark blue as the night sky began to appear. With a huff, you slid off the roof, jumping into the sand and stumbling a moment, letting out a small laugh. “You ok?” Optimus asked. You can't help but look back and smile at him, heart swelling with absolute affection.

“Never better.”


Chapter Text

Senior year had finally come and gone to where you graduated with flying colours, especially since the Allspark shard had made retaining and extracting information a lot easier than normal and now you were working full time with NEST. It didn't make your life any easier but it did help put your worry at ease. One day, when you were stargazing with him, laying on top of his chassis like you used to, Optimus brought something up that had been on his mind for a moment.

"A meeting with the American government has brought something up that has put my mind at unease, and I was hoping to hear your thoughts in a place where you would not be judged," Optimus started.

"Glad I live in the mountains then, what's on your mind?" you replied.

"The government has requested that, as their allies and with the fact we are being given sanctuary, we assist them in human operatives. They reasoned it was a way for mankind to avoid bringing harm upon themselves but I cannot help but. Feel that they are rather hoping to push whatever agenda they may have." You immediately bristle at the thought of the Autobots helping the government in any way shape or form in that certain case and Optimus shifted under you for a moment upon feeling your discomfort.

"I'm glad you asked me out here then, if they heard the stuff I was gonna say right now back at base, I'm pretty sure I'll get court martialed or whatever," you then said.

"May I ask why?" Optimus asked.

"I'm not exactly the most patriotic person, Optimus," you started. "In fact, I'm really critical of Earth's governments anyway," you continued. "But the US..." you paused for a moment, huffing through your nose as you tried to articulate this as concise as possible without going into a rant. "The US has done some pretty awful things, I can't help but think they'd be using you for their own political agenda. I mean. We're at war in another country, sided with the people with the most resources, oil in this case. There's. I've done a lot of research growing up, Optimus, I can't exactly be the type to trust the country I live in when this entire world is built upon imperialism and colonialism. Oppressive regimes still plague our society today and we haven't even made much of an effort to break down those regimes." You then exhaled sharply and shifted, placing your hands behind your neck as you rested your head on them. "Listen," you then huffed. "There's a reason why I've been more affectionate with you in private lately rather than in NEST. Now that I'm officially working there under the eye of the government, I've had to hide some things to avoid ridicule." Optimus moves to sit up this time, you sliding down his chassis into his open servo. You move and sit cross legged, looking up into his optics. His dermas is drawn tight with worry and you sigh, hanging your head down. "People don't like things they don't understand and one of them is... well being gay. Only my family, (b/f/n), you and the Autobots know. And there's a reason for that. Even the pronoun thing," you said. "I don't correct anyone on it because. Well, my people out there are still getting killed or beaten up for that. I'm one of the lucky ones, Optimus."

Optimus doesn't reply for a moment but you can feel the heat coming from his chassis elevate a little. As if he were... angry. Why wouldn't he be? The government wanted to use him and his family after all.

"You're probably able to access all this information through the internet," you then said. "A lot of this is historical based or based on news articles. It's... easy to see what atrocities are happening out there, Optimus," you finished. You exhaled sharply. "I wasn't expecting this conversation to get so dark, I'm sorry, Op," you apologised. You then feel his digits ruffling your hair in response.

"There's no need to apologise, I intended to ask you such a question for a reason. And it was because I knew your morals go beyond than others who I have met. Working with NEST for the past few decades has made me see the loyalty of these humans to their government, but as someone who has been required to remain hidden, I have not seen much of your world and its inequalities," Optimus fell silent for a moment and exvented. "You prove to be more like them every passing day," Optimus said quietly, nostalgia heavy in his voice. This time you get up and turn towards him, resting your elbows on his chassis and resting your head on your arms, peering up towards him with curiosity.

"Can I ask who?"

Optimus resets his optics and rests his servos entirely on you, as if to pull you closer to him. You welcome the comforting weight and wait for him to answer, knowing this is likely a heavy topic.

"Their name was Senator Shockwave," Optimus breathed. "One of the first things they said to me was that I was wrong, that the senate is worse than I've been led to believe." He gave a soft chuckle in affection. "They opened my optics to so much more to how corrupt our senate really was."

"How'd you meet them?"

"After working as a scientist and historian, I became a police enforcer, as you know we have longer lifespans, our interests may change over time. I stormed the Senate one day after a few centuries of working as a police enforcer and I spoke my mind. Only to be dragged out and threatened to be jailed for the rest of my life. Until they were the one who freed me," Optimus' voice goes quieter and quieter.

"What happened to them, they're... not dead, are they?" you murmured. Optimus' optics dart away this time, a frown on his face. It takes a long time for him to reply this time, optics soon looking up to the night sky, deep in thought.

"They may as well be dead," he finally said. "What the Senate did to them... is unforgivable." Another pause. "My Shockwave... was full of life. They'd laugh at the world one minute, throw punches at it the next. Now..." Optimus sighed. "They're someone I cannot recognise anymore." You place your hand on his chassis in sympathy and as a way to comfort him. His servos then grabs you gently and moves you up near his helm, your head resting against his dermas as he kissed your head. "It's funny," he then said, you could feel his voice rumble beneath you as you were close to the source. "I managed to fall in love with someone so similar, yet so different to them."

"How so?" you indulged. His optics dart down to you this time and stay there, your gaze meeting his as a smile grew on his face.

"You're you."

Your face flushes this time and you shift under his servos, a digit seemingly caressing the side of your face. You go to speak and shut your mouth, emotions and thoughts buzzing through your mind before you finally decide to say it.

"I love you." Optimus' optics glow brighter for a moment and his smile only grew. He kissed your head once again and replied, optics never leaving yours.

"I love you dearly, (y/n)." You smile back at him this time and sighed, content with how your life was right now. After a few minutes lying there, you got up, pushing Optimus' servos off lightly before stretching your aching arms, realising having them folded under you was not the most comfortable position.

"Ok, well," you huffed. "We should probably turn in for the night, we both gotta get up early for work tomorrow," you smiled. Optimus nodded and got up, catching you in his servos and holding close to his chassis as he began to walk through the forest path. In the silence, your eyes grew heavier and heavier, until darkness overtook you, listening to the soft thumps of Optimus' footsteps on the forest floor and the wavelike pulsing of his spark. You silently wished to yourself that this moment would last forever. 


Chapter Text

The next few months, Optimus had been away on only Decepticon based missions, having given his answer to NEST that he will not be assisting in any human based operatives due to new information that had been brought up to him. When he was asked where he accessed this information, he had told the government he had read up on Earth's history and current news events globally that allowed him to formulate his opinion, not bringing you up at all. Which you were grateful for as you communicated to him that your lack of patriotism wasn't something to celebrate nor bring up especially in a government environment. In turn, Optimus suggested that Wheeljack, a new asset to the Autobot team who had landed a year ago, would offer technology instead to appease the human's want for something in return. It wasn't weapons, as that was something Optimus was not willing to give out whatsoever no matter the intention and he knew he couldn't trust the humans to be responsible with it either. You suggested that he study up on the Cold War if he ever needed to use it as a reason to avoid giving them weapons.

The Director of National Intelligence wasn't too happy with it nor with you. Luckily, being the unofficial liaison of the Autobots meant you didn't have to report to her often. Unfortunately, the official one, which you came to know as Agent Fowler, was much more capable and responsible than the last one and had to report to her consistently. You were happily content working with Ratchet the entire time, learning about Cybertronian anatomy, learning the ropes of helping your Autobot friends if they ever got hurt. You essentially became his assistant, where he'd keep you under a close optic whenever he had you do something by yourself. Ratchet was quick to become one of your good friends, you had been acquaintances earlier in the past couple of years, as he was close to Optimus and his usual abrasive side was tuned down just a touch whenever he interacted with you. Save for his sarcasm and consistent wrench throwing, to which you learned to dodge a few weeks under his teaching.

Of course, that changed one day when Lennox spoke to you privately and told you that you were to fly out to Ukraine with Optimus and a response team. Lennox was going to be accompanying you since he was in charge of the response team but this whole debacle had left you feeling... uneasy. But you suited up and flew out to Ukraine, staying in the back of the military cargo plane near Optimus to put your unrest at ease. In fact, you sat in his cab as a way to avoid everyone else and Optimus spoke with you about small things as a way to distract you before falling asleep for the 16 hour flight. Optimus awoke you with a tune from his radio once the plane landed and you sat up from the bed, rubbing your eyes. A knock from the door soon jolted you awake and you snapped your head towards the source of the sound to see Lennox waiting outside patiently. Agent Fowler stood beside him as well and had his arms crossed. You groaned and heard a release of air before Optimus changed out of his altmode, where you were sitting in his servos, his frame kneeling on the ground to avoid hitting the ceiling of the aircraft. You hopped off and gave him a thumbs up, to where Optimus smiled towards you under his mask.

"Come on," Agent Fowler said. "The chairman of the Ukranian department of energy is waiting for you." He then looked you up and down at the outfit you were wearing. "Let's get you in some better clothing first before you meet him," he then said. You looked over yourself and chuckled. Your suit was hanging up aside.

"I'll be back," you said, an awkward smile on your face before quickly running off to change. You came back with a huff, adjusting your tie and nodding towards Lennox and Fowler before heading out. A discrete black car was waiting for you three and you drove off to a hotel. Fowler and Lennox waited in the car, telling you to go inside and come back once you were finished. You understood and stepped out, entering the hotel lobby and spotting a man in a suit that looked more nervous than anything. After ascending the stairs, you stood beside the suited man discreetly and leant on the railing in front of you. "I assume you're the chairman?" you said calmly. You then looked over to him and he didn't seem to be nervous anymore.

"I am Voshkod, general council with Ukranian department of energy," Voshkod started. "My government will officially deny that we're having this conversation. At one of our decontamination facilities, a discovery was made. Which I fear may be alien in nature." He shuffled in his bag and produced a document that you took. "The facility's name is Chernobyl." Your eyes widened and you looked up to Voshkod.

"Take us there," you then stated. He nodded and began to walk with you out of the hotel.

"I will meet you at the facility gates," Voshkod called out. You nodded and went back to the black car, opening the door and entering to see Fowler and Lennox waiting.

"Well?" Fowler said. You handed them the document and relayed the information with what Voshkod told you. "Chernobyl, huh, I'm guessing that meltdown they had has to do with alien tech as well," he surmised.

"Get the response team and Optimus down to Chernobyl," Lennox said into his radio. "You're gonna have to get into gear," Lennox then said to you.

"I was expecting that," you sighed. You were more fit to be a medic to the Autobots but your secondary job came first this time, which happened to be acting as part of the response team. It wasn't exactly something you wanted to do but Lennox had reasoned it was the experience you needed if you were to be out in the field with the Autobots. Ratchet even agreed as he was experienced with fighting and being the medic. You, reluctantly, had agreed to it, knowing this may be a way you can take care of yourself without being worried that you'd be in danger all the time and in need of saving. After all, if you couldn't protect yourself, how could you protect Optimus? The rest of the drive was silent until you broke it with a question that was a little more intrusive than you wanted it to.

"Hey Fowler, how old are you?" you asked.

"46," Fowler replied, leaning back and crossing his arms. "Any reason why you're asking?" he then said expectantly.

"Do you know a Charlie Watson?" you then asked.

"Are you asking personally or formally?"

"I guess personally," you said after thinking about it for a bit.

"Yes. But that's a conversation for later," Fowler said. You nodded, being respectful enough not to pry further for now but kept a note to ask him about it when he wasn't on the clock. The vehicle then slowed to a stop and you got out, immediately hopping into the Tatra to change into your gear for any upcoming fights. Lennox had joined you in the Tatra along with the response team and you looked outside to see Optimus wasn't there following behind.

"He's on his way," Lennox answered, noticing your worry. You slumped against the wall of the Tatra and huffed, finally reaching the gates of Chernobyl. You hopped out of the Tatra once the vehicle stopped and saw Voshkod standing at the gates, which seemed to be wide open.

"Uninhabited since '86," Lennox called as he hopped out of the Tatra. "I hear it won't be livable again for another 20,000 years."

"At least. Ukraine was the most fertile land. It's a tragedy," Voshkod said. He then turned around quickly and began to walk towards a building. "This way."

"Gear up," Lennox called out. "We have 60 minutes on the ground. Watch your radiation levels." You fastened the mask over your face and exhaled, following Voshkod. "Mr. Voshkod, where's your protective gear?" Voshkod didn't answer and Lennox caught up to him. "Where's your protective gear?" he asked again.

"It would not matter. For me, it's only a matter of time," Voshkod replied. He pointed in a direction within the building. "Through the school. Yuri will take you below." He then pulled you aside for a moment. "And one other thing, in private, there was some military experiments-" he cut himself off as his eyes landed on something behind you and you were confused for a moment, turning back to see what he saw that had scared him so much. "It can wait," he said hastily. You still peered into the railing above, your eye catching on some movement and you whipped out your gun, aiming it towards that area.

"(l/n)!" Lennox called from ahead.

"Coming, sir!" you replied. You shot a glare towards the railing before jogging ahead.

"Keep moving, stay tight," Lennox said, walking further down the corridor. You entered a room that didn't belong in the school at all. It was a large circular platform as the centre where a catwalk led to it, you stepped onto the platform with slight worry about falling off. It looked strangely Cybertronian. "Bright up the light," Lennox ordered, the light illuminating the area. You looked down to see how deep it really was and were glad that you didn't lose your balance just then and there.

"We got a visual," one of the soldiers called out. "We've found an object." You peered forward to see a spherical part. "Strapped in some kind of metal harness." Lennox approached and examined it before looking down to see a box.

"What's this?" Lennox said. "Guys, this is Soviet Space program," he said as he crouched down and dusted off, revealing the insignia.

"Sputnik," someone else said. Warning blips came from the energon detectors and you bristled as you felt a presence on the other side of the catwalk. A single red optic across from you then blinked to life, a chill running up your spine. You looked over to Lennox in a panic and everyone readied their guns as heavy footsteps then enacted throughout the chamber.

"Get that part out of here and that Soviet briefcase out!" Lennox shouted. A bass like sound came from the red optic and the response team opened fire, trying to cover those who took the materials and bolted out of the area. The figure belonging to the red optic stepped forward now, their body was a dark purple and you noticed a cannon warming up as one of their arms, an orange glow slowly growing brighter. And it was dangerously close to Lennox.

"Lennox!" you yelled, lunging towards him. The two of you collided and you pushed him out of the way of the cannon blast. The large red optic blinked down towards you, a cold, lifeless stare piercing into your soul. It only stayed on you for a moment before going back to their primary directive which seemed to be at the time, to shoot at those around you. The cannon warmed up and Lennox yelled for retreat, all of you running across the catwalk and into the school. Another blast rang through the chamber, impacting against the ground behind you, pushing you forward. Some of those who weren't so lucky flew forward, landing with a grunt. Others went to help them up and once all of you managed to get outside, the air was eerily silent. The silence soon was broken as an explosion came from the school and the purple Cybertronian appeared through the wreckage, red optic pulsing through the fire.

"It was illogical for Optimus to grow attached to an organic like you," a monotone voice came from the Cybertronian. They warmed up their cannon as they approached you. "But you have proven useful to Lord Megatron, it would be illogical for me to end your life now," they then said. They pointed it straight at you and held it there before disabling it, their arm cannon falling to their side. You didn't realise it but your heart felt like it was going to burst, adrenaline pumping through your veins at how dangerous this really was.

"Sh-Shockwave?" you choked out.

"So Optimus has informed you of me" was all Shockwave was able to say until shots rang out as the response team shot at the purple Cybertronian, their head turning towards their attackers. The cannon pulsed this time and shot a shot of energy immediately, soldiers flying aside from the blast. You then heard the tell tale sound of Optimus' engine entering the area and shifting out of his altmode, ready to fight. Until his optics landed on Shockwave. There was a moment of hesitation in his demeanor, before he reluctantly went in and tackled Shockwave to stop them from hurting any more humans. Lennox called for everyone to fall back to the Tatra and you were hesitant about moving as the fight between Optimus and Shockwave went down.

"Why. Are you. Doing this?" Optimus ground out as he wrestled with Shockwave, forcing their arm cannon down to the ground to avoid any blasts landing on the humans.

"My loyalty is to Lord Megatron," Shockwave replied, again with that monotone voice. "I am merely carrying out his orders." Shockwave threw Optimus off and looked at you once again before approaching. Optimus followed Shockwave's gaze to you and you looked over to him with confusion. Optimus then lunged towards you, scooping you up with his servos and holding you close to his chassis. He pointed his cannon towards Shockwave, holding it for a while, trying to build up whatever it was to shoot them. The tension between the three of you was suffocating, a silence falling in the area once again at this standoff. Shockwave didn't even bother to charge up their cannon and they knew why. Because he couldn't bring himself to do it. So instead he switched into his altmode, driving off towards the Tatra to get you to safety. You looked through the rearview mirror to see Shockwave didn't even bother to pursue the both of you and instead changed into their altmode, flew off. Optimus changed out of his altmode once again and looked off to the distance, following the direction to which Shockwave had flown out.

"What the hell was that thing?" Lennox asked as he walked up to the two of you.

"That... was Shockwave," Optimus replied quietly. His optics were dimmed only ever so slightly but you could notice that this had shaken him. His gaze didn't leave the sky for a few more minutes until Fowler had walked out of the car and cleared his throat.

"May I ask why he was after this?" Fowler asked.

"They," Optimus corrected, seemingly out of habit. He then knelt down to examine the part and his optics glowed brighter for a moment in understanding, his mask hiding his frown. "It's impossible... This is an engine part. From a long lost Autobot ship. What is it doing here?" The frown under his mask only grew more as another emotion bloomed in him. Anger.

"Hey," you then called out. "Anybody see Voshkod?" There were murmurs amongst the crowd and you frowned before hearing a few gunshots echo in the air. You immediately bolted towards the sound, Lennox shouting after you. He then gave an annoyed groan and chased after you, a couple from the response team coming to back you up. When you drew near the chairman's car, Lennox gripped your shoulder tightly and spun you around.

"Listen, I know you're not officially in the team but you can't go running off like that, kid," Lennox scolded, his eye then caught on the windshield of the chairman's car and drew closer. You followed him and saw holes shot straight through the windshield, only to see Voshkod's dead body slumped against the steering wheel of the car.

"This isn't good," you breathed. You then looked up to Lennox. "Is that what he meant by it only being a matter of time for him? When he tried to pull me aside earlier and tell me something, he shut up as if he saw something watching him."

"Decepticon? Shockwave probably wasn't alone then," Lennox said.

"Whatever it was that scared Voshkod so much killed him and is gone," you surmised. "All the more reason I need Wheeljack to finish up on that personal energon detector," you sighed. "If I had that, maybe he wouldn't be dead." You then looked over to Voshkod once again and shuddered. "Aaaactually, let's move away from here, seeing this is a little unnerving." Fowler's voice then echoed through the radio all of a sudden. Lennox, (l/n), why'd you two run off just now?

"Just discovered Voshkod's body," Lennox replied. What?! "We're thinking Shockwave wasn't the only Decepticon in this facility."

"What are we gonna do with the body?" you asked. Bringing back a dead body that once was part of the Ukranian department of energy is gonna be a little difficult to explain. Especially since we weren't supposed to be here in the first place.

"We'll have to leave it behind," Lennox announced. "Come on, we gotta get out of here anyway before our radiation levels get too high, let's ship out." He began to walk back towards where Optimus and the Tatra were waiting. You looked back towards the car with a twinge of guilt before following. You get into Optimus and slump back against the seat, a sick feeling in your stomach. You noticed how quick Lennox was to transition from he to it for Voshkod. So quick from alive to... dead, and no longer an individual. Just another body to add to the casualties of this war. The drive back to the aircraft is silent, the air heavy with emotions from both you and Optimus. Neither of you can speak to each other with the events that happened, it's... too much. Once everyone is in the carrier, both you and Optimus retreat to a far corner secluded from the rest of the response team, where he sat in his altmode stewing. You gingerly placed your palm flat on the dashboard as a way to comfort him. He exvented in response, the interior slightly shaking as if to try and force out all the emotions he was feeling.

"You doing alright, Optimus?" you asked gently. He doesn't answer and you frown. You go to take your hand off him as a way to give him some space but he speaks to stop you.

"This is something I have struggled to accept greatly these past few centuries," Optimus started. "And seeing Shockwave again has reminded me of that struggle." Your voices are quiet, yours luckily muffled in the interior of Optimus, though his is more quiet than usual as unwanted ears could be listening in.

"You still think part of them is in there," you said. He hummed in response. "Are you hoping they are?" He let out a soft chuckle in response.

"Every day," he replied. You leaned on the dashboard this time, a tired smile on your face as you rested your arms on the warm surface.

"You still love them, don't you," you then said. That statement wasn't one of jealousy, rather it was one of understanding. Optimus doesn't reply, afraid that what he would say would hurt you and offend you. So you try to comfort him in what you said. "We never really stop loving the people most dearest to us, Op," you said, trailing circles on the dashboard this time with the tip of your finger. "And I don't blame you for it if you do still love them." He transformed out of his altmode this time, you sitting in the palm of his servos. His mask slid to the side with a click and his optics were gazing down towards you with newfound respect and the affection you've come to see only in private moments. You're then pulled towards him sharply, the breath being knocked out of you as he held you tight. That was when you realised he was hugging you as best as he could. You huffed, wrapping your arms around his neck and resting your head in the crook of it. You exhaled, shutting your eyes as the guilt that had plagued you earlier seemingly disappeared. He held you there for a while and you stayed there as long as he needed to. When he finally pulled you away, you lean forward and press a few kisses on his faceplate to which Optimus let out a soft chuckle in response. You paused for a moment when you felt drops of liquid coating your shoulders. When you look up, a soft smile growing on your face when you see Optimus crying and smiling down at you. You cup his cheekplate with a hand, ignoring the wiper fluid coating it and motion him to lift you a little higher. The moment he does it, you press another kiss to his forehead before leaning yours against it.

Sometimes it's during the quiet moments of this war that makes everything all the more worth it. At least, that's what you want to believe.

Chapter Text

The flight back to NEST's base had left both you and Optimus rather pissed. Not at each other, no. Rather that Optimus was incredibly angry at the fact that information regarding Cybertronians such as this was withheld from him. Especially after being here since 1987. Optimus may not have been the best at transparency but even this was ridiculous. You drove with him, ignoring the PA system above. All Autobots confirm TAR, training in 15 minutes. Mirage, report to bay 23, Sideswipe, bay 37 for weapons assessment. You hopped out once the two of you drew close to Ratchet's medbay. You greeted Ratchet with a wave and he reciprocated it before watching Optimus drive off to his own bay to stew.

"Any reason why Optimus is in a bad mood?" Ratchet asked, peering down towards you. An amused smirk grew on your face.

"You really are his best friend," you teased. Ratchet only gave a scoff of embarrassment and looked away.

"Don't push it," Ratchet warned playfully. He then cast a look towards Optimus again. "But I am curious as to why he's in such a bad mood." The smirk on your face fell this time and you rubbed the back of your neck.

"He's... not too happy with the government withholding information about something super important about your war apparently. Something that had to do with the... Ark?" you said, scratching your head. Ratchet's optics brightened in response and he picked you up this time with his servos, pulling you closer so you didn't have to speak as loudly.

"What did you find out there?" Ratchet asked, his voice hushed with caution.

"An engine part from it," you said. An engine turned over as your eye caught on Ironhide heading towards Optimus' bay.

"Was any other part of the Ark attached to it? This single part couldn't have just landed on planet without burning up in the atmosphere," Ratchet said, his optics searching for an answer.

"Lennox and I were in a Cybertronian chamber, it could have been part of the Ark when that part crash landed in Chernobyl," you reasoned.

"What did this chamber look like?" Ratchet then asked. A loud honk coming from Optimus' vicinity then blasted, causing you to jump involuntarily. Ratchet ignored it since speaking to you about this was more important for the time being. You gathered yourself quickly to answer his question.

"Two catwalks leading to a circular platform in the centre." Ratchet rubbed his chin in thought.

"Last I checked, the schematics of the Ark didn't have anything such as that," he frowned.

"Think the Decepticons are up to something?"

"Puhlease, they're always up to something," Ratchet scoffed. "We'll have to be cautious going forward with this. Did Optimus feel that something was up as well?" You nodded in response and he exvented as another honk echoed in the hangar. "Can you tend to any patients that are in need of repair while I go speak to Optimus?"

"You're... leaving me on my own," you stated, slightly surprised with how much trust Ratchet was putting into you.

"You can handle yourself for a few minutes," he replied. Your eye then caught on Lennox, Fowler and Mearing walking down towards the bay Optimus was housed in. Ratchet noticed as well and then the two of you glanced at each other before thinking the same thing.

"Maybe I (you) should go with you (me)." Ratchet lowered his servos down for you to hop off and the two of you began to walk, for you jog, over to Optimus. You passed by Wheeljack who was tinkering with something, ignoring all the commotion going on. You took a mental note to go over later and see if he was finished with the personal Energon detector after this whole debacle. When you near the bay, you overhear a few of the Autobots speaking.

"I've never seen him so upset," Ratchet sighed as he stopped, looking down towards Optimus' altmode.

"Optimus, you remember Charlotte Mearing?" Lennox called out as he approached.

"He's in a bad mood, he's not going to want to talk to anyone right now," Ironhide replied, crossing his arms. You knew this was from experience earlier as Ironhide had attempted to speak to him only to be honked at.

"The silent treatment?" Mearing said, disappointed that this leader would go into such a childish state.

"We've seen that, and this is not that. This is worse," Ironhide concluded. A loud honk came from Optimus once again, as if to tell everyone to go away. Ratchet let out an annoyed sigh and walked up to Optimus, hitting the top of his altmode.

"Do that again and I'll change into my altmode and use my siren," Ratchet warned. "Make something of yourself, please." After a few seconds, Optimus reluctantly transformed out, a glare being shot straight down to Mearing.

"He's pissed," Ironhide commented, noticing how awful that glare was.

"You lied to us," Optimus stated. "Everything the humans' know of our planet, we were told had all been shared. So why was this found in human possession?" He pointed down to the engine part.

"We were in the dark on this also. It was director only clearance at Sector Seven, until now," Mearing replied.

"So you withheld this information while we were here the past few decades?" Optimus then said.

"I would also like to know any other director only clearance information that has been withheld from us if there is any," Ratchet huffed, crossing his arms and glaring down towards the humans. The tension that arose throughout this whole situation was beginning to make you uncomfortable. But as the liaison, you had to do something. Fowler beat you to it. Which, honestly, you were grateful for. The flight a few hours ago still had you rather out of it.

"Other than this information which we found out just recently, we've been striving to be transparent with you," Fowler said, trying to calm things down. "Some of this information just takes a little time as we need to get clearance from our superiors."

"This was a secret few men knew," Mearing then started. "And fewer still remain alive." A few others began approaching the bay and your eyes widened as they landed on one of them. "Allow me to please introduce to you, two of NASA's founding mission directors and astronaut, Dr. Buzz Aldrin. One of the first two men to step foot on the moon." She turned to Buzz Aldrin this time. "Sir, Optimus Prime," she introduced.

"From a fellow space traveler, it's a true honour," Buzz Aldrin replied, looking up at Optimus in awe. Optimus soon gathered himself from earlier, his angry spout having disappeared. His emotions were better kept in check after all. Optimus knelt down in response in respect.

"The honour is mine," Optimus replied, formality restored.

"Our entire space race of the 1960's, it appears was in response to an event," Mearing explained. "Our astronauts investigated a crashed alien ship. No survivors on board."

"We were sworn to secrecy by our commander in chief," Buzz Aldrin added.

"A total of 35 people knew the real plan at NASA. The Soviets managed to land unmanned probes. Somehow they must have picked up that engine part."

"We believe the Russians deducted that the part was a fissionable fuel assembly, believed they had it mastered and harnessed it at Chernobyl," Fowler then chimed in.

"We went on six missions in all. We took hundreds of photos and samples, locked them away forever. And then the moon program was shut down," Mearing said.

"Why?" you then asked from afar. The moment you said that, you bit back your tongue, as everyone's eyes and optics landed on you.

"Excuse me?" Mearing then called out, slightly annoyed that the unofficial liaison was interrupting. You steeled your resolve and stood up straighter.

"I'm curious as to why the moon program was shut down," you asked, voice unwavering.

"Lack of funding, became too expensive to let this program keep going and we needed that money to go towards something more useful," Mearing replied curtly, turning back to the Autobots and Optimus. You couldn't help but think there was something more to it. Voshkod suddenly being killed like that but him speaking of how he knew his time was short was still eating at you.

"You said that that engine part was a part of an Autobot ship," Lennox then piped up, recalling what Optimus had said back in Ukraine. Optimus nodded.

"The ship's name was the Ark," Optimus said. "I watched it escape Cybertron myself, before it had fallen. It was carrying an Autobot technology that could have won us the war, and its captain." You perked up at that now and drew closer, joining Ratchet's side. He acknowledged you with a slight dart of his optics before looking back up towards Optimus.

"Who was this captain?" Mearing called out.

"The Great Alpha Trion," Optimus replied. "The technology's great inventor and leader of the Autobots before me. Although the Autobots were much less known for war time when he was leading." The sound in his voice is nostalgic and his optics dim only for a moment before resetting his vocaliser. "It's imperative that I find it before the Decepticons learn of its location." There was unease in his voice though, as if Optimus already knew that the Decepticons did in fact know of its location already. At this point he could just salvage as much as he could then, whatever the Decepticons had left at least. "Our Autobot spacecraft has the ability to get there, we'll be leaving immediately. Prowl?" Optimus then commed his second in command and the familiar beep of a police car echoed in the hangar in response. "You and Ratchet will be accompanying me to the Ark." He walked off, out towards the bay doors, Prowl joining him alongside him. You remembered when Prowl landed alongside with Wheeljack, apparently having been busy offplanet before finally joining back up with Team Prime to help. Ratchet held back for a moment to bring you back to the medbay.

"I'll only be gone for a few hours, but I expect you to treat all the patients like I would," Ratchet said.

"Got it, throw wrenches if they're being annoying," you joked. Ratchet gave you an unamused look before rubbing a servos over his face. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding," you said, motioning with your hands. "I'll make sure they're all functioning, I'd be pretty sad if I couldn't handle myself. You can trust me."

"If I have to fix anything when I get back, you know who I'm throwing a wrench at," Ratchet grumbled. You raised your hands in surrender this time and gave an awkward laugh. He shot you a small smile this time and transformed into his altmode, driving off to catch up with Prowl and Optimus. You let out a breath you didn't know you were holding and went to examine the tools on the workbench. Of course all of them were bigger, heavier, more foreign but working with Ratchet all this time made you confident in your skills. To your luck, these past couple of hours didn't require any repairing of any Autobots since Decepticon attacks were rare. You didn't want to abandon your post so you used the comm. link Wheeljack had made for you to comm. him and ask him to come over. An explosion coming from his area ensues and lo and behold, he comes trudging over to the medbay.

"Good thing ya caught me at a good time, I'm gonna need some help gettin' all this shrapnel out," Wheeljack huffed, wiping off the black ash from the explosion from earlier.

"I hope that wasn't my personal energon detector," you joked, hopping up and grabbing some pliers. You slipped on some electrical gloves and went to work when he sat down on the medical berth.

"Nah, I finished that hours ago, was expecting you to swing by an' ask!" Wheeljack said. "Instead I find you commin' me to come over and you catch me at a great time, who'da thought," he continued. You only hummed in response as you plucked out the pieces of shrapnel from his faceplates and shoulders.

"What were you working on that exploded in your face like this?" you asked.

"Oh, you know, tryin' to find a new way to extract energon so we don't gotta rust," Wheeljack answered. "Swear I almost had it this time!" he exclaimed. He moved as he said that and you shook, losing your balance. He caught you with his servos and placed you onto his shoulder. "Sorry, forgot how small you were," he apologised. You sighed and did one more look around to see whether or not all the shrapnel had gotten out. You examined your electrical gloves this time and saw there were slight stains of pink.

"You feel anything?"

"Nope, think you got it all out," Wheeljack said.

"Hmm, ok, well I think one of them nicked your fuel lines, I'm gonna have to check and see which one so I can solder it and seal it off." You hopped off and clambered onto the workbench this time, grabbing a small handheld torch only you used. The ones Ratchet had were practically flamethrowers for your size, so you used your own human made one for more delicate work. You eyed Wheeljack and saw nothing out of the ordinary in the front of his neck cabling so you gruffly told him to lie on his chassis, to where you clambered into his back and flashed a flashlight to see a shimmering pink liquid flowing thinly down one of the neck cables.

"Haha! That tickles," Wheeljack said below as you went to wipe away the energon. Once it wasn't as much anymore, to where it was only beading, you soldered the spot closed. You went around with your flashlight once again to see if there were any other nicked fuel lines and to your relief, there were none. After clambering off of Wheeljack, he sat up, rotating his head and feeling satisfied with nothing pricking him, he stood up from the berth. "I'll come back with your device, don't worry," he said. "Thanks for fixing me up, kid," he then said, walking out of the medbay. You couldn't help but smile and you leaned back against a cabinet. He came back after a few minutes and produced something that was miniscule in his servos but you could easily recognise what it was. "Was a little difficult making it your size, which gave me the idea for a future project to make a shrink ray!" Wheeljack announced. "I made it the way you asked, I'm glad I still have all these tools installed in my servos." He then shifted his digits, revealing smaller tools that are meant for delicate work. Kind of reminded you of John Silver from Treasure Planet. They shifted back and he then looked down towards you with anticipation. "Well? Come on, put it on! I wanna see if it works as well as it should," Wheeljack smiled, giddy with excitement.

"Won't blow up on me?" you asked, eyeing him. Unlike him, you couldn't remove shrapnel. It was more of a... you'd get cut up by the flying metal and possibly have to go to the hospital.

"I've made energon detectors before, plus my inventions don't always explode!" Wheeljack scoffed. "It's trial and error, kid, sometimes it'll blow up in your face!"

"Ok, ok," you conceded with a chuckle. The energon detector you asked Wheeljack to make you was disguised as a watch. And to avoid any suspicion in the future, you had asked for it to look like a brand that was recognisable. The brand that came off the top of your head at the time was Rolex since any other brand you were completely unfamiliar with.

"Turn the knob on the side," Wheeljack pointed, his impatience clearly showing since he was just too excited. You looked up at him for a moment before turning the knob and the watch brought up a holographic screen with various Autobot symbols scattered across the area. "That's all the Autobots in this vicinity, radius is 2 klicks, would have made the range larger but that takes a little more power. Lucky for you this thing recharges with sunlight 'stead of energon." The watch buzzed three times as three more Autobots appeared in the radar, heading towards the centre. "Oh! That must be Optimus." Your phone then buzzed for a few moments. You turned the knob back, the screen disappearing and went to answer it. You looked at the caller ID and saw it was. Sam? You frowned and answered. Then your watch buzzed twice to inform you of two more Energon signatures.

"What's up, Sam?" you said.

"(n/n)? (n/n). Oh, thank god. Are you at base? You gotta let me in," Sam said frantically. There was someone talking in the background. "We are in the right place, we are in the right place and I want to talk to Optimus right now," you heard Sam's voice. Some other commotion. "What part of the Decepticons are back don't you understand?!" Sam exclaimed over the phone. Ok, so he wasn't exactly talking to you. "I got, I got my friend on the phone, you know them! They're in there right now, (n/n), say something!"

"What the fuck do you want me to say?!" you exclaimed. "I'm heading out, be there real quick." You hung up on him before hopping off the medbay and ran through the hangar, stopping at where Bumblebee was hanging out for the time. "Bee! Get over here, Sam's here." Bee made a surprised buzz in response and switched into his altmode, opening the driver's seat for you to hop in. When you drove up near the gates, you almost burst out laughing at Sam losing it. Bee noticed your amusement and gave a scolding whirr. "Oh, come on, Bee, it's funny!" The closer you got though, it quickly faded away as he was thrown to the ground. Bee definitely did not like that. He transformed out of his altmode, catching you in his servos and setting you down before running over to give the guards a piece of his mind. The guards immediately let off, knowing better than to piss off a 12 foot tall robot. Especially when there were stories of when Bumblebee first was on Earth and saw Charlie thrown to the ground by a Sector Seven agent. It had been an embarrassing moment for a man called Agent Burns, who Fowler had called his mentor. That was only one story Fowler had told you so you were hoping to get more stories out of him with his experience with the Autobots. You jogged up to catch up with Bee, your hand up in a wave to greet Sam who seemed reasonably pissed.

"That's! My car," Sam said, pointing at Bumblebee. He shot a glare at the guard and walked up to Bee. "Come here, come here," he frantically motioned Bee towards him. Come on-Sam.

"Sam, he's not your car, he's your friend," you then said, shooting a quirked brow towards him.

"Yeah! And he's been a bad friend!" Sam exclaimed. Bee gave a confused whirr and his antennas flattened a little as he stepped back, body hunching down a little more as if he were hurt from that. "What is your deal, huh? I know your missions are important, you know I'm not trying to diminish it or guilt trip you or anything. But I just never see you anymore. You can't come to the garage and stay one night?" Sam-that makes me feel bad, Bee's optics dimmed a little and he soon held his servos in front of him, shrinking even more. "Yeah, well I hope you feel bad, you should feel bad. Look at the jalopy I'm driving now. I feel bad every single day." You cleared your throat this time, not exactly happy with what Sam just said to Bee.

"Sam," you said sternly. "Don't talk to Bee that way." Sam's demeanor changed for a moment and he let out an irritated sigh.

"I didn't mean that, I just miss you, Bee," Sam sighed. Bee whirred as if in agreement. He did miss his friend after all.

"Yo! Let's go, both of you. Lennox wants to see you," a guard called out to you and Sam. Your eye then caught on two small minicon on the ground who had been telling off the guards from earlier. You immediately perked up as you recognised one of them.

"Wheelie!" you exclaimed. The sudden noise caused the minicon to jump before turning towards you.

"Ey, boss!" Wheelie replied. "Boy, am I glad to see you, been stuck with these two for too long." An audible hey came from the other minicon. "Hey, I'm just messin' with ya', this is my friend Brains, another Decepticon defector."

"Nice to meet you, Brains," you smiled. "We gotta head into base, you wanna hitch a ride back with Bee?" The two didn't answer but you knew what they were gonna do as Bumblebee shifted back into his altmode and opened the passenger door, allowing the two to hop in. Bee drove off towards the bay doors after that where you joined Sam. He was walking quickly down the hall once you got in, his demeanor changed back to that frantic pissed off attitude he had earlier.

"Raise your hand if you had a flying psycho ninja copier try to kill you today," Sam said. Upon arriving to the metal detector, his impatience only grew. "Those are my brass knuckles." A beep from the detector. "That's my anklet, do I have to take that off too? And my toe rings?"

"You have toe rings?" you said, quirking a brow towards him as you flashed your badge and went through without having to go through the detector. You were just in the vicinity anyway. The two of you entered the hangar, to where Lennox approached the two of you. Lennox sent you a look of 'we'll talk about this later' which made you deflate a little but you only nodded in response before his gaze turned towards Sam.

"Can you tell me why you almost charged into a government facility, Sam?" Lennox asked expectantly.

"This morning a guy recognised me. He told me to warn you, he was talking about the dark side of the moon. Then they killed him," Sam said. They?

"Wait a minute, you mentioned the moon?" Lennox said.

"Yeah, dark side of the moon."

"And you mean they as in Decepticons," you clarified. Sam nodded and you and Lennox looked at each other. "So Voshkod wasn't the only one."

"Who was killed?" Lennox asked.

"This guy named Wang, he gave me these papers, called it his manifesto or whatever. But apparently he was a software engineer involved in NASA's lunar mapping probe, he wrote it in his notes. He was acting weird when I last saw him."

"Like he knew he was going to die soon," you breathed. "Ohhh, that's not good." You didn't have a chance to piece it all together because the echoing footsteps from behind you only grew louder.

"Excuse me, Colonel Lennox," Mearing's voice came from behind. You all whipped around and you had to keep an irritated sigh from leaving you.

"Director Mearing, this is Sam Witwicky, a civilian c-" Lennox tried to introduce him but was quickly cut off.

"I know his name, Colonel. I want to know who gave him clearance," Mearing snapped.

"Who gave me clearance?" Sam scoffed. "How about Optimus Prime. When he touched down in suburbia looking for my house." His voice had a bite to it that only made Mearing more unamused with this predicament. You poked Sam on the shoulder.

"This is the national intelligence director, in case you..." your voice was strained and awkward, knowing how bad it was that Sam talked this way to her. Sam immediately did a double take and regretted the tone of voice he just used for Mearing.

"Hi," was all Sam could say.

"Disrespecting a federal officer. That ought to get you somewhere," Mearing said sarcastically.

"Hey, I have an idea," Sam said, this time taking Mearing's comment to heart and ignoring the embarrassment he experienced earlier. "How about we get back to the important topics? Like the fact I almost had my face cut off by a Decepticon. As a tax payer, I can lodge a complaint. As a matter of fact-"

"Ok, listen," Lennox said. "One of the software engineers at Sam's office was murdered today. He was involved in NASA's Lunar mapping probe-" Lennox started.

"Here's the thing, Lennox," Mearing cut in. "We cannot entrust national security to teenagers. Unless I missed the policy paper. Are we doing that now?" she asked expectantly and you had to keep a straight face during all this as Mearing was beginning to annoy you greatly. She didn't like you and you didn't like her, that was the only thing you had in common at the moment.

"No," Lennox replied.

"Good," she said. She then looked at Sam. "I don't care who you are. If you breathe a word of what you've seen here, you will do time for treason. Do you understand me?" Sam was unphased by Mearing's threat. He got up close and spoke quietly.

"I'll take my orders from the Autobots. I know them, I don't know you," he said before walking away.

"You will," Mearing replied. Before Mearing could get to you, your comm. link activated and you heard Ratchet's voice come through. Saved by the bell. You muttered an apology for having to leave and got out as quickly as possible, thankful that Ratchet needed you now. You dashed down the stairs, passing Sam and ran to the medbay. Much to your dismay, a wrench was thrown at you as soon as you neared the medbay and jumped out of the way as it impacted against the floor, bouncing slightly. You picked it up as you jogged into the medbay to see an angry Ratchet looking down towards you with his arms crossed and pede tapping the floor.

"Heyyyy, Ratchet," you said awkwardly, knowing you had left your post unattended for essentially anyone to walk in. "When did you come back?" you asked, trying to change the topic.

"May I ask why you were gone from your station?" Ratchet asked, ignoring your attempt to distract him.

"Sam's here," you replied, knowing that lying to him would only result in another wrench being thrown at you, this time closer in the vicinity. "One of his coworkers was murdered by a Decepticon and then tried to kill him." Ratchet's anger quickly went away as his optics widened and brightened. "I think it has to do with the fact that back where we got the engine part, the person who told us of it in the first place was also murdered."

"That's not good," Ratchet said, bringing a servos to his chin. "Something suggests to me that the Decepticons are attempting to tie up loose ends."

"Mmhm," you replied. "The guy who was murdered worked on NASA's lunar mapping probe too."

"I had Wheeljack do some research for me as to why the dark side of the moon had not been mapped. I originally thought it was due to your primitive technology, but now I'm beginning to think it was done on purpose as to why that side had not been mapped," Ratchet said. "Especially if the one who worked on it originally has been murdered by the Decepticons. Did you ask Sam which Decepticon tried to kill him?" You shook your head in response. He gave a small exvent and noticed Sam walking by, possibly to go towards Optimus' bay.

"Sam," Ratchet called out. Sam stopped for a moment, surprised by Ratchet's sudden call since he and Ratchet didn't exactly interact with each other in the past. "(n/n) and I have a question to ask of you," he said, his tone now lacking the friendliness he had towards you.

"What, what do you wanna ask me?" Sam replied, slightly intimidated.

"Which Decepticon tried to kill you?"

"I'm. Not sure what it's called, it just looked like a bird," Sam replied. Ratchet, though, seemed to know exactly who that was.

"So Soundwave has been using his cassettes to do his work as of late, no wonder Decepticon activity has been almost nothing this past year," Ratchet said. This only seemed to confuse Sam. "The Decepticon that attempted to kill you and that had successfully killed your peer, is Laserbeak. One of Soundwave's charges. You encountered one of his charges when you were retrieving the Allspark, (n/n). What looks like your organic panthers, is a Decepticon named Ravage." You recalled the time when you were being chased while driving Sideswipe. A comm. link from Optimus then broke your train of thought as you and Ratchet received it. Ratchet, (y/n), I need the two of you to be nearby with tools and Energon when we bring back Alpha Trion online. Within a flash, you immediately grabbed a few tubes of pure Energon and hopped into Ratchet's altmode, motioning Sam to get in as well.

"You're lucky, Sam!" you laughed. "You get to watch Optimus bring someone back from the dead." 


Chapter Text

“Sorry, who are we bringing back from the dead?” Sam asked.

“Alpha Trion,” you replied. “He’s basically the Einstein of Cybertron and Optimus used to work under him before the war.” Ratchet stopped driving and opened the doors for you and Sam to exit, transforming out of his altmode with the Energon tubes in his servos. He produced a zydrate gun in the other servos and fastened one of the tubes to inject into Alpha Trion once he came back online. Meanwhile, Optimus approached the offline body of Alpha Trion, the Matrix of Leadership held in his servos. He’s gripping it tightly, as if there were doubt eating at him that this might not work. His mentor was here in front of him and he was fearful that Alpha Trion would be deactivated forever. Part of the Allspark. He steeled his resolve nevertheless and pulled the Matrix, activating it. A blue light pulsed from within and immediately shot a beam of energy straight into Alpha Trion’s chassis, entering his spark chamber and completely rebooting his system. His optics flickered into life, a weak blue shining from them. Alpha Trion sat up abruptly, coughing out the dust that had settled into his chassis after all those years on the moon and blinked blearily up to see Optimus standing in front of him.

“Optimus?” Alpha Trion asked, his voice was laced with static, finally being used after years of being offline.

“Welcome back, old friend,” Optimus replied fondly. You felt a buzz in your energon detector and twisted the knob to see a faint Autobot signal coming from Alpha Trion. You looked up towards Ratchet and motioned for him to inject the energon before it faded. When you twist it back and drop your wrist to the side, Sam poked you.

“Where the hell did you get a Rolex?” Sam whispered. You watched Ratchet approach Alpha Trion.

“Don’t try standing up, Alpha Trion, the lack of energon in your body may cause you to fall back into stasis,” Ratchet informed. Your eyes stayed on Ratchet but you leaned to the side to whisper back to Sam.

“It’s not actually a Rolex, it’s an energon detector I had Wheeljack make for me,” you replied quietly. “I only told him to make it look like a Rolex ‘cause I literally do not know any other watch brand.”

“Whatcha two whispering about?” Wheeljack butted in, leaning down almost comically to squeeze his head between the two of you. Sam yelped and jumped to the side, you responding similarly. “Kinda rude to be whispering when we’re bringing the great Alpha Trion back, no?” he then said quietly.

“Will the three of you be quiet back there? My audials are picking everything up,” Ratchet snapped. Optimus only let out a chuckle to Ratchet’s annoyance, watching as Alpha Trion became more lively from the energon injections. He stood up now and Ratchet stepped back. “I’m going to request you visit me in the medbay later to ensure everything is working properly as you’ve been offline for a while.” Ratchet then left, knowing his work here was done for now and that left the rest of the Autobots standing, mainly in awe that Alpha Trion had returned.

“The war!” Alpha Trion finally sputtered out. “Optimus, what happened? What happened after I left?”

“Cybertron had fallen,” Optimus replied gravely. “After you had left to find refuge with the space bridge in your possession, we all fought to make sure it didn’t leave the planet. Soon we were all overrun and hoped to find refuge on this planet. Then we learned of the Allspark’s whereabouts after years of being on this planet through a human named Sam Witwicky. Only to find that the Decepticons had followed us here upon learning the coordinates. I assume Starscream had wanted to come to Earth only then as he has always had a want to become leader of the Decepticons and rule Cybertron. What is left of it at least,” he finished bitterly. “What happened, Alpha Trion? How did you land on this planet’s moon?”

“My ship… It came under fire upon leaving Cybertron’s atmosphere,” Alpha Trion answered. He then perked up with newfound worry. “My pillars, where are the pillars?”

“We saved five of them,” Optimus informed. Alpha Trion’s worry only grew. “Including the control pillar.”

“We once had hundreds,” Alpha Trion lamented.

“You only found five?” you called out towards Optimus. He nodded.

“Ratchet, Prowl and I searched the entire ship, only to find those five,” Optimus confirmed. “Which confirms my suspicions earlier.”

“Excuse me,” Mearing then called out from the catwalk. “What is this technology you’re looking for?”

“It is the ability to reshape the universe, together, these pillars form a space bridge,” Alpha Trion explained. “I designed and only I, or someone who I have entrusted the key to, can control it. It defies your laws of physics to transport matter through time and space.”

“You’re talking about a teleportation device, aren’t you?” Mearing clarified.

“Yes, for resources, for refugees,” Optimus replied.

“Refuges, or troops, or soldiers, weapons, maybe bombs!” Mearing then listed, her distrust towards the Autobots was rather obvious. “A means of an instant strike, that’s its military function, isn’t it?” Mearing concluded.

“It is our technology and it must be returned,” Alpha Trion said.

“Yes, if the humans say so,” Mearing retorted. “You can’t just bring weapons of mass destruction into our atmosphere. Kinda have to clear customs first,” she said, growing more heated. “A little formality called paperwork. Kinda separates us from the animals.”

“I will overlook your condescending tone,” Alpha Trion said sternly. “You heed the gravity of mine. The Decepticons must never know the space bridge is here. For in their hands... it would mean the end of your world.”

“See that’s the thing,” you called out, piecing everything together. “I’m pretty sure the Decepticons already know of it.”

“You can’t just say that without evidence,” Mearing sighed.

“I mean, a NASA software engineer that worked for the lunar probe and the one who told us of the engine part in Chernobyl were both murdered by Decep-”

“I’m sorry, your informant for Chernobyl was murdered?!”

“Ohhhh, they didn’t tell you, did they,” you said, quickly realising your mistake, shrinking away from it all. You quickly shot a look towards Lennox and Fowler. “Did you not brief her of that?” your voice tight, slightly terrified of the consequences of leaving out such an important detail that a Decepticon had murdered a Ukranian chairman.

“We’ll deal with this later,” Mearing said, shooting a look towards Lennox and Fowler. “Right now, I’m going to speak to Witwicky.” Sam cleared his throat out of nervousness. “My office, follow me.” She walked off, prompting Sam to follow after her sheepishly. Fowler and Lennox both walked down the catwalk towards you. Fowler placed a hand on your shoulder and sighed.

“We still haven’t briefed her, (y/n), so if you’re worried about us getting chewed out by her, don’t worry about it. This isn’t my first rodeo dealing with an angry superior. What’s important right now is that you make sure you get information from the Autobots about all this,” Fowler said. “Now go figure this out, we have your back.” You gave a grateful smile and bound off towards Optimus. When you approached him, Alpha Trion eyed you wearily whereas Optimus greeted you with a gleam in his optics and kneeled down to meet your height as best as possible.

“To what do I owe the honour?” Optimus teased. You had to force the blush that threatened to show on your face away and looked towards Alpha Trion who only grew confused to how Optimus was acting towards you. “Alpha Trion, I’d like to introduce to you a good friend of mine and a trusted liaison of the Autobots. (y/n) (l/n),” Optimus introduced. He brought you up to his shoulder without a word and set you there so you could be eye level with Alpha Trion.

“And you let this organic sit on you like that?” Alpha Trion questioned, his optics shaped in a way that was giving the both of you a questionable look. You immediately were uncomfortable and cleared your throat.

“It’s an honour to meet you, Alpha Trion, Optimus told me a lot about you when he worked with you in the halls of Iacon,” you said, hoping to get on his good side. “I’d love to chat with you more about Cybertron as I’m sure you have much better insight especially in the early centuries of the Functionist society, but Ratchet and I need to discuss this situation regarding the Decepticons as soon as possible.” You commed Ratchet as soon as you said that and absentmindedly stroked the metal plating of Optimus’ audials while speaking. “Ratchet, you busy?” As of right now, I’m not busy, luckily. “Good, we should talk to Optimus about the situation now that there are no longer any distractions.” You heard the rev of an ambulance as Ratchet approached and switched out of his altmode.

“So,” Ratchet started. “(n/n) and I have been discussing this predicament we have on our hands and it’s led us to believe the Decepticons are up to something, especially regarding this space bridge.”

“I have my suspicions as well, old friend,” Optimus nodded. “With the events that happened with Ukraine and the death of our informant, I can’t help but think the Decepticons have a plan regarding the space bridge. Shockwave would not have been there without a logical reason even under Megatron’s orders.”

“And I’m beginning to think Laserbeak, the Decepticon that killed Sam’s coworker today, was the same one that killed your informant,” Ratchet said, crossing his arms. You and Alpha Trion stayed quiet during this discussion. While you didn’t say anything, you were thinking of what Alpha Trion had said earlier to Mearing. Then the realisation hit you and immediately cut into the conversation, drawing Optimus and Ratchet’s attention. You quickly turned towards Alpha Trion.

“You said you were the only one able to control the pillars or someone with the key can,” you said. “Why is that?”

“I must bestow the key to the bot in order for it to have any use, it was a safety precaution I had kept in mind if I were to be deactivated during this war,” Alpha Trion replied.

“Do you have that key now?” you asked.

“I entrusted the key to an Autobot that is not on this planet. Upon receiving this key, he fell into stasis and his whereabouts currently are unknown.”

“Who is this Autobot you have entrusted the key to?” Optimus then asked, his voice intrigued. But there was an underlying sound in his voice that both you and Ratchet noticed. Worry.

“I believe you are familiar with him, Optimus. It was Hot Rod I entrusted the key to.”

“What?!” Ratchet exclaimed. “Please tell me you’re joking. You surely couldn’t have left it with… that young mech!”

“Sorry to interrupt, but who’s Hot Rod?” you asked this time.

“Hot Rod was part of Ultra Magnus’ squadron back on Cybertron, they were to protect Alpha Trion before he left on the Ark with the space bridge,” Optimus explained. “Like Bumblebee, he was forged during the war. I am curious, Alpha Trion,” he then said, turning towards him. “Why did you choose Hot Rod as the carrier of the key to the spacebridge?”

“I saw potential in him as I saw potential in you, Optimus,” Alpha Trion replied calmly. “I can assure you if the Matrix of Leadership were in his servos now, you would be surprised to see what happens.”

“You don’t mean…” Ratchet trailed off. “Hot Rod to become the next Prime? That’s unheard of.”

“You lack faith in him,” Alpha Trion pointed out.

“I’m more worried whether or not he’s still online out there. For all we know, he could be deactivated,” Ratchet retorted.

“When Hot Rod went into stasis, he was among his squadron, I believe Ultra Magnus had taken the precautions to take his squadron to safety during the war with how important that key is,” Alpha Trion recalled.

“But going back to the topic at hand, you’re the only one right now that can control the pillars,” you said. Alpha Trion nodded.

“That is correct, yes,” he replied.

“And we only have five of the pillars… so where are the rest?” you stipulated. “That’s why we think the Decepticons already did get to it. If you had hundreds then, where are they now? The moon landing the US did all those years ago didn’t take the pillars.”


Chapter Text

The vast emptiness of space can be rather boring to the common Decepticon scout. But at the moment, this boring predicament wasn't as boring one would think. A ping appeared on the control centre for the Decepticon ship, immediately alerting the captain of the ship. His pedes landed on the floor with loud thuds, announcing his presence on the bridge. A femme with a purple complexion and a red circular glass covering one of her optics turned towards her superior.

"Our sensors have picked up the Autobot ship, Turmoil."

"Where is it, Shadow Striker?"

"On a moon near the primitive planet, Earth. Located within the Milky Way."

"Take us there," Turmoil replied. He then pressed a button to open up a comm. link with Soundwave. The screen appeared with Soundwave standing in the centre, their red visor shone with interest to who was contacting them. "Soundwave, we have located the Ark, what are our objectives?"

"Objective: Retrieve the space bridge pillars, search for survivors and capture them. Report back to Starscream."

"Of course, thank you Soundwave, we will not disappoint," Turmoil replied. The comm. link disconnected and Turmoil turned towards his squadron. "Flamewar, Shadow Striker, once we land we begin a thorough search of the Ark. Make sure we retrieve ALL the pillars. The rest of you will help us load the pillars." There were replies of understanding from his crew and the ship entered the Milky Way galaxy.

"I never enjoyed this galaxy," Shadow Striker commented. Turmoil hummed in agreement. "The humans that reside here... so squishy. So... organic."

"I'm curious to see how they've progressed after all these kilocycles," Flamewar mused.

"Hmph, well we don't have time to go torment the organics, we must get these pillars back to Lord Starscream as soon as possible," Turmoil replied. The ship drew closer to Earth's solar system, the familiar grey ball of Earth's moon drawing closer and closer. The ship landed softly on the dust, a small cloud swirling under before rising in a cloud. The hiss of a platform enacted from the ship and Turmoil walked out onto the barren moon with Shadow Striker and Flamewar behind him. Shadow Striker had her rifle out ready to subdue any surviving Autobot on the ship. The Ark lay right in front of them, its wreckage fairly recent. Turmoil approached an open hole in the hull before blasting an even larger hole for everyone to fit in. He stepped into one of the corridors of the Ark and looked around, the red lights from the ship's backup generators pulsing weakly. "Keep your optics open, I wouldn't be surprised if any Autobots survived the crash." Flamewar and Shadow Striker didn't reply, staying quiet as the three crept down the corridor of the Ark. Their pedes passed by the remains of some Autobots who weren't so lucky during the crash. The trio made their way down towards the bridge. When Turmoil was blocked by the sealed doors, he used his strength to pry them open, the metal creaking before snapping open with a clang. Flamewar and Shadow Striker immediately jumped into action, aiming their guns at any surviving Autobots that may have been laying in wait. When there was no reaction, Shadow Striker stood straight back up with a huff, placing her rifle onto her back.

"Well, that's disappointing," Shadow Striker sighed. "Deadlock would have-"

"We do not talk about that traitor," Turmoil snapped, immediately cutting off Shadow Striker's train of thought. "Check the ship's log and the manifesto, we need to find where they're hiding the pillars," Turmoil ordered. Flamewar went to the command centre, the screen cracked and severely damaged from the impact of the crash. A few sparks flew from it as Flamewar went to touch it, the command centre blinking weakly to life. Before Flamewar could access the manifesto, the pulsing red lights and the command centre shut off abruptly. "Damn it, energy reserves must have run out." The three turned on their own personal lights and looked around. "We'll have to search the ship manually, come on, we don't want to keep Lord Starscream waiting."

"He's already going to scream at us anyway, impatient aft," Flamewar said. Shadow Striker only chuckled and trudged on, heading into another corridor of the Ark. After a couple of cycles, the three approached the ship's vault. "Any chance it'll be in here?"

"Given that we've found nothing else in any other area, I'd say yes," Shadow Striker replied. Turmoil tried to pry the vault open to no avail. He stood back and charged his arm cannon.

"Won't open, we'll have to blast it," Turmoil said. After a few astroseconds, he released a powerful shot that dented the metal door of the vault. He shot a few more blasts from his cannon to where a large hole remained. When his optics landed on the pillars stacked upon each other at one side, he comm.ed the rest of his crewmembers to prepare for extraction. For now, Flamewar and Shadow Striker were tasked to haul as much possible to the ship, much to their dismay. The two dragged a few pillars across the moon's dusty plain, to which Flamewar took the opportunity to complain.

"I was looking for some action today, not to drag some useless cylinders across an organic planet's moon," Flamewar whined. Shadow Striker didn't respond, only grunting as she dragged her set of pillars across to the ship.

"If it will make you feel any better, we can spar later once this is all over with," Shadow Striker then said. This made Flamewar stop for a moment and a smile grew on her face. She dashed past Shadow Striker, hauling her load this time quickly into the ship. Shadow Striker had to stop from letting a laugh out at Flamewar's sudden burst of energy, so very clearly excited to spar with her. Little did she know, her pace picked up as well.

Once all the pillars visible to the Decepticons were packed up and loaded into the ship, Turmoil immediately headed towards Cybertron to offer his findings to Starscream. It was nice to see Starscream clearly pleased with it, although that quickly shattered when Shockwave entered the throne room.

"Shockwave! We retrieved the Autobot's only hope of ever winning this war, now that we have control of it, I shall rule Cybertron as it was always meant to be!" Starscream gloated. Shockwave's red optic looked down to the pillars, head craning, examining all of them before moving up to look at Starscream.

"Where is the control pillar," Shockwave asked.

"Eh- wha?" Starscream said, his moment of pride swept away.

"Alpha Trion would not be foolish enough to let this space bridge operate without a control pillar. It would be illogical," Shockwave said. "Have you managed to locate the control pillar or Alpha Trion."

"We found... neither," Turmoil replied hesitantly. Starscream yelled out in frustration, to which Turmoil didn't react. At least, no one could see a reaction from him. Under his mask and visor, he rolled his optics.

"You useless fool! These pillars are absolutely useless without the control," Starscream hissed. "Did you find ANY surviving Autobots on that ship?"

"If we did, we would have them here for your interrogation, Lord Starscream," Turmoil replied, a slight edge to his voice.

"First your failure to keep your second in command in check and now this? Tell me how many more times you're going to keep disappointing me, Turmoil. If you weren't so competent at killing Autobots, I'd demote you to a foot soldier." He sighed. "Well, nevermind that, this is valuable technology. Shockwave! Store these pillars in a safe area, we'll find some future use for them." Shockwave didn't reply, turning around and walking off with the cart holding said pillars. "As for you! You're dismissed, await my next orders, I hope you DON'T manage to disappoint next time."

"Yes, Lord Starscream."


Chapter Text

Before anyone could answer your question, your phone buzzed. You held up one finger to say that you needed a moment and Optimus led you slide onto his servos, lowering you down to the ground. You walked off, trying to be polite and not talk over their conversation. It rang a few times and you finally answered it without looking at the caller id.

“I’d ask what took so long to answer,” Mearing’s voice said, clearly annoyed.

“Director Mearing! I apologise, I was busy with the Autobots, may I ask why you’re calling?” you apologised, shuffling even further from Optimus and the conversation.

“Sam has requested that you accompany him and protect him as both of you are familiar with Cybertronians. You’re to leave with him with Bumblebee so I suggest you pack a bag since you might be there for a while.” Sam wanted you to be his guardian? It’s a little weird for you to process but you accept it nonetheless, since you already pissed off Mearing once today. When you hang up, you let out a sigh before heading over to Bumblebee. Sam was standing there beside him, conversing before Bumblebee noticed you and waved. You gave a friendly smile as you approached, work bag slung over your shoulder. Sam turned around and motioned you to hurry, to which you jogged over and Bumblebee switched into his altmode, opening the passenger’s door for you. You hopped in, throwing the work bag in the back. When Sam got into the driver’s seat, you gave him a smirk, resting your hands behind your neck.

“So you’re not taking that jalopy back?” you teased.

“Hey, why don’t you drive it and see how it feels after being in Bumblebee for a bit?” Sam snapped. You could tell he was a little frustrated so you sat up, posture completely changing as you looked at Sam with worry more than anything.

“Mearing say something to you that you didn’t like?” you said lightly. Sam didn’t reply for a moment before heavily sighing.

“She called me a messenger and that’s what I’ve always been, I don’t have a medal to prove myself a hero, hell, the job I have now is pretty pathetic compared to what I’ve been through with the Autobots in the past,” Sam vented.

“Sam,” you said sternly, his gaze going up to you. “You know the reason why I didn’t accept that medal from the president? Because you don’t need a medal to be a hero and it shouldn’t prove your worth in the fact that you’re capable of doing good. I declined that medal because of my guilt and because heroes shouldn’t be awarded for doing the right thing.” Sam didn’t say anything but you knew your words spoke to him. He got out of Bumblebee and got into the car he drove over to base.

“That’s some good stuff you said there, (n/n),” Wheelie’s voice spoke from behind. You whirled around in surprise to see Wheelie and Brains sitting in the back. “Don’t appreciate almost being hit with your backpack though.” You heard an old engine sputter and drive beside Bumblebee, Sam’s head poking out the window to speak to you.

“I’ll be leading the way, you guys just follow close behind, alright?” Sam said. “Don’t get Bee lost, (n/n),” Sam then joked.

“Only way I could get Bee lost was if I gave him wrong directions, don’t worry, we’ll be right behind you,” you replied. He smiled before driving off, Bee following closely behind just as Sam had asked. You frowned, knowing you’d have to be dropped off at base to get your motorcycle and drive to your home for extra clothes but the opportunity to do that had well passed. It would have been a long drive either way as you realised Sam had driven that sad excuse of a car all the way past San Francisco. You passed by various signs for cities to Sam’s house and your eye caught on one’s signs exit Sam had turned off of. The sign read ‘Brighton Falls’. Once Bumblebee laid his optics on it, he practically started vibrating with excitement and the ride for you, Brains and Wheelie soon got bumpy. “Whoa! Bee, what’s gotten into you?” you laughed. Bee’s radio frantically moved to communicate. This is where-Charlie-and I-met! “This is where Charlie grew up?” you asked in awe. “Oh shoot, I need to comm. Optimus, I completely forgot to tell him I’ll be gone for a few days.” You pressed the earpiece Wheeljack had made for you and opened a comm. link with Optimus. He immediately answered and you spoke. “Hey Op, I should have commed you earlier, I’ve been asked by Sam to accompany Bumblebee and act as his guardian for the next few days to avoid Decepticon attacks.”

“Thank you for telling me, (y/n), but I believe Bumblebee had already informed me of your whereabouts and task,” Optimus’ voice replied through the link, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“Ah, ok, that’s why you didn’t comm me for the last couple of hours,” you said. “I figured you would have been worried about me about my sudden disappearance.” A chuckle came through the link and you couldn’t help but smile. “Glad that’s all sorted out though.”

“Stay safe, (y/n), I will see you when your mission is over,” Optimus said.

“Yeah, you stay safe too,” you paused. “I love you, Optimus,” you said quietly.

“I love you too, (y/n),” Optimus replied, you could practically see the smile under his mask. The comm. link was cut off and you had a goofy smile on your face. Bee this time rocked side to side and whirred, teasing you.

“Come on, Bee, whoever’s out driving this late at night’s gonna look at us weird,” you laughed. Bee was too distracted that he almost missed the turn Sam took and Wheelie called it out, Bee swerving to turn and stay behind Sam. “Haha, woops, almost did lead you astray after all.” Sam finally stops at a house at the end of a culdesac, parking on the street rather in the driveway, as if he were still embarrassed that he owned this car and would have people think it belonged to a friend that always stayed over. Sam got out of his car and opened the garage for Bumblebee to slip in. When he parked, the doors swung open for you to get out. You grabbed your work bag as well while you were at it and looked towards Sam, unsure what to do next.

“Go ahead and get comfortable inside, I think the couch is open for you to sleep on,” Sam said. “I’d say the guest room is open but Leo’s set up all his computer shit in there.”

“Sorry, did you say Leo?” you said before the door leading into the house from the garage swung open and Leo stood there. He looked a little different from when you last saw him. He looked a lot more mature and it looked like he was starting to grow a beard.

“Sam, what the hell are you doing home so late and why-” Leo’s eyes landed on you and he stopped speaking. “(n/n).” You noticed a large dog slip past him into the garage and you subconsciously stepped back.

“‘Sup?” you said.

“Oh nonononono, Sam, you’re not getting mixed up in this alien business again, are you?” Leo said, walking up to Sam and gripping his shoulders. “Listen, after that whole thing in Egypt, I’m good with any alien shit.” Bumblebee shifted out of his altmode and waved at Leo, earning a yelp from him. “I’ve been alright with Wheelie and Brains, but bringing Bumblebee back?” He then looked at you and Bumblebee. “Why exactly are these two here by the way?”

“Sam got attacked by a Decepticon today at his job and drove all the way down to base, so my superior assigned me and Bumblebee to protect him,” you replied, sticking your thumb at him.

“You still dating that robot?“ Leo then asked. Bumblebee answered that for you as a recording of you saying I love you, Optimus. You elbowed Bee in one of his metal plates in embarrassment and Bumblebee burst out laughing. That hurt you more than him, you asked yourself why you elbowed a metal being in the first place.

“Oh, shut up, Bee, you’re the same with Charlie,” you glared. Bumblebee gave a shrug and sat down, tired of crouching in the garage. “Anyway.” You walked past Leo into the house and gave a whistle. “How’d you manage to get a house like this? And so far from your university, don’t you have classes to attend?” you said, turning towards Leo.

“We both graduated this year,” Leo answered.

“What the fuck,” you said. “just graduated this year, there’s no way you two did. Did you just study nonstop?”

“After that whole thing with Egypt, we kinda got our shit together and didn’t fuck around as much,” Leo explained. “Especially when Mikaela dumped him.” Ah, right. Sam wasn’t too happy when she dumped him. You still interacted with Mikaela and it seemed like she was doing significantly better than Sam. She got her job as a mechanic and even met the love of her life. Her name was… Carly, if you remembered correctly. Mikaela had happily told you about how she met her in DC, where she had originally gone for a conference and toured the White House, only to meet her completely by chance." Apparently your love for Optimus even though you were both considered male had made Mikaela brave enough to confront her own fears and immediately hit it off with Carly.

“What was your major?” you asked.

“Computer science, minored in journalism, but even then I had a ton of experience beforehand. One of my little brother’s though is a lot better at it than I am,” Leo shrugged. You ran a hand through your hair, impressed with Leo.

“Damn, you guys have been hard at work then,” you breathed.

“Mm, Sam’s had some difficulties, he only got this job recently,” Leo said. You looked in to see Sam was still in the garage, speaking to Bumblebee.

“You miss hanging out?” Sam asked Bee quietly, you and Leo walked in and watched him speak to Bee, Sam completely ignoring the two of you. You crossed your arms as you leaned on a workbench and watched it all go down.

“Ah, this blows,” Brains finally said, walking to your side, you bent down and picked Brains up, setting him on the workbench. “That lady officially kicked us out.”

“Yeah,” Wheelie said.

“Witness protection program sucks,” Brains said miserably, kicking his legs off the edge of the workbench as he sat.

“Yeah, but we’re a whole lot safer with big yellow and his cannons, that dog can’t protect crap.”

“I can’t believe she called me a messenger,” Sam said out loud. “Do you believe that? After everything I’ve done, I’m a messenger,” Sam said, looking up at Bee.

“Oh, I believe it,” Wheelie answered. “I tell ya Sammy, we feel the same way. The disrespect on this rock is criminal.”

“We should do something about it,” Sam said. That was when Leo left, not wanting to be a part of this any longer. You were surprised to see how he wasn’t exactly all into the alien thing anymore. Maybe almost being killed by Megatron and then being hunted down by the government wasn’t the best. Actually, it wasn’t the best, Leo was actually being the most sensible out of everyone in this room. “Bee,” Sam said, his gaze turning towards Bumblebee again. “I need to know why they’re killing humans. What say we call in the expert?” You immediately had a grimace on your face as you realised who that was. Even Leo popped his head in.

“Simmons.” “Robo Warrior.” Your head snapped towards Leo. “You seem interested,” you teased, quirking a brow as you smirked. Leo scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“I’m going to bed, I got work tomorrow,” he grumbled before stalking off. You uncrossed your arms this time and looked at Sam.

“Heard you guys graduated the same year I did,” you said. “That’s pretty impressive, man, I’m proud of you,” you said. You hoped Sam could recognise that your tone was genuine.

“Yeah, well, you’re not working as a mailroom boy, you’re actually working with the Autobots,” Sam said bitterly. He then went inside and you followed him, placing a hand on his shoulder in sympathy.

“Listen, I know you’re feeling useless right now, but I have to ask, why do you want to work with the Autobots so badly,” you said quietly. Your hand dropped from his shoulder and he sighed again, looking down.

“I want to be part of something where I matter, and working with the Autobots will give me that, I can’t stand feeling useless,” Sam replied. “In the past I’ve done shit that matters, now I got a job where I’m delivering mail! How pathetic is that, and here you are, protecting me from Decepticons.”

“Listen, I didn’t join the Autobots because I wanted to matter, if I said that to them, I wouldn’t really have this job right now, I probably would have been told to pursue a different career. I joined the Autobots because I care for them, Sam. Hell, Sam, they’re kinda my family now. Did you ever see yourself having the Autobots as family? You and Bee are friends, but you still have a habit of calling him your car when he is so much more than that. You said you wanted to matter, what did you major in?”

“Geopolitics,” Sam replied, you perked up immediately.

“See, Sam? You already can do something that matters regarding your major. There’s a lot of places in California that could let you intern for energy policy, I’m sure of it,” you said. “I think I can pull some strings and even get you some good references back at base, Sam.”

“Thanks, (n/n), I really appreciate it,” Sam said.

“You should have told me about this earlier, man,” you said. “Now get some sleep, I don’t think Simmons is gonna want a phone call this late at night. Oh, and by the way.” Sam stopped and turned towards you with a quirked brow.

“Can I use your shower?”

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The alarm from your phone went off, the chimes growing louder and louder over time. Your arm shot out to look for it before you slipped off the couch you were sleeping on. Couch? Wait a minute, this didn’t even feel like your couch at home. The alarm continued to go off and you grumbled, hand searching for the phone set on the coffee table. Upon grabbing the phone and pressing the side button to turn it off, you heard Sam’s voice in his bedroom. The garage door was open and you saw Bumblebee poking his head in, listening in on what Sam was saying. When his optics landed on you though, he gave a happy whirr and waved at you. You waved back, getting up from the floor and stretching.

“You recharge well, Bee?” you asked. Bee then shook his helm and you walked towards him, entering the garage. He backed up and held his servos together, antennas down with clear worry. “You have trouble sleeping last night?” He nodded his helm. I’m worried about-Charlie. You quirked a brow. What if-the-Decepticons-get to-her? “Bee, you know Memo or her will call you if she’s in trouble right? If you’re worried about the Decepticons g-,” you stopped yourself from finishing the phrase. “They won’t. I promise you. With what Ratchet, Optimus and I discussed back at base, it seems like they’re only hunting down whoever worked with NASA and anything regarding the moon. Charlie isn’t tied to it at all and besides,” you took his servos into your hand. “From what I’ve been told, the only Decepticons that knew of Charlie were killed by you.” Bee made a noise of relief and sat down. “They’re more likely to go after me or Sam.” A Finally! from Sam’s room echoed and you and Bee looked in to see him bursting out.

“I called because the Decepticons are back and I want to know why and I need you help,” Sam said. He was getting fairly pumped up from all this. There was a pause as Simmons spoke on the other line. “What if I told you I know a 50 year old alien secret that nobody ever told you?” Another pause. “Apollo, moon, aliens, cover up… future tech, assassinations, that kind of stuff.”

Simmon’s excited voice then was louder this time and Sam immediately started cleaning up once Simmons hung up. “We need to set up an open space, Simmons is coming over.”

“Yeah, how long’s that gonna take? Last I heard, he lives in DC,” you said.

“He’s rich, he’s got a plane,” Sam replied, moving a stack of papers off of the kitchen counter. You didn’t help with cleaning up and instead looked in the fridge to see what Sam and Leo had. Hopefully they were more responsible than when you first met them. “What, you’re not gonna help me out and just eat my food?” You grabbed a few eggs, some vegetables and a packet of bacon.

“No, I’m just cooking breakfast for us since we’ve got time, Sam, relax,” you said. You tossed an egg in your hand. “Now you gonna help me make breakfast?”

“Wh-what are you making?” he asked.

“I was thinking… some omelettes, bacon, and pancakes. You,” you said, grabbing a kitchen knife and pointing it at him. “Are going to cut the vegetables. By the way where’s the spice cabinet.” Sam pointed at a cabinet in the corner and you gave a whistle when you opened it. “I’m guessing Leo’s been the one doing the cooking in this house most of the time?” you teased, turning towards Sam.

“How’d you know?”

“I’ve had my fair share of Latin dishes, I saw some cilantro in the fridge earlier too,” you said. The two of you got down to cooking, Sam cutting up the vegetables you asked him to cut and tossing them in a pan with some oil to let it fry for a bit. Meanwhile the bacon was sizzling in another pan and you were making the omelette, tossing in a few spices before pouring it onto the cooked vegetables. You got to work making a homemade pancake base and made four pancakes, two for both of you. Once finished the two of you dug in and Sam gave a moan of appreciation at how good it was.

“(n/n), where’d you learn to cook like this?” he shoveled the food into his mouth.

“My mom and a lot of trial and error,” you answered. “Have you not eaten a proper breakfast in a while?” you asked, tilting your head.

“It’s usually just coffee before I leave for work,” Sam replied. “I called in sick today for this by the way,” Sam said quickly, pointing his fork at you as if to answer the question you were about to ask next. It only took the two of you an hour to finish your breakfast and your shoulders slumped when you had 4 hours left to wait for Simmons to arrive.

“Bee,” you called out. A whirr from the garage came in response. “Since we’re in Brighton Falls and have some time to kill, why not you show us the places you and Charlie went to when you first landed here?” An excited buzz came from Bumblebee this time and you could hear him shifting into his altmode, engine revved and ready to go. Sam looked at you with confusion and you motioned him to follow you. “Come on,” you ushered. Bee honks a few times before zooming out of the garage with the two of you and onto an empty road. Sam was still confused as to what was going on and you laughed. “Sam! You live in Brighton Falls, that’s where Charlie grew up! This is the place where Bee first experienced Earth!” you smiled. The roof above you slid open and Bee used his radio to say Stand up!

“What, what are you doing?” Sam stuttered as you stood up, your head beginning to poke out through the roof. He yelped as you shot down and grabbed his arm, pulling him up. Both of your torsos were now sticking out of the car, the cool fall wind blowing in your face. You let out a whoop, throwing your arms up. Sam, finally loosened up and joined in your whooping. You sat back down once you started getting cold and Sam followed suit, shivering from the cold. Bee turned the heaters on and continued to drive before he drove up to a cliff overlooking the sea, the parking lot surprisingly empty. Bumblebee then began to play one of his memories as if it were a scene out of a movie, showing a hologram of a younger Charlie Watson and Memo were in the car.

“Is that Tripp Summers?” Charlie asked. Sam was scrambling to get out of the way as she was in the driver’s seat now.

“Oh, you know, you know Tripp?” Memo said on your side.

“I mean, yeah, I-I spilled a gallon of lemonade on him once,” Charlie replied in embarrassment. The two got out of the car, Charlie watching it go down as she stood beside Bee.

“Let’s see anyone have the balls to jump off this thing with me,” Tripp called out. Bee had bumped Charlie to move forward, causing Tripp to notice her. “Ah! A brave volunteer!”

“I - I, see I didn’t, I didn’t do that,” Charlie stammered, desperately trying to get out of the situation. You got the touch! You got the power! Yeah! came from Bumblebee to cheer her on and she bristled.

“Hey! I know you,” Tripp said.

“Ah, nah!” Charlie replied, clearly wanting to get out of the situation. “Sorry about that,” she said, thinking he recognised her from when she spilled lemonade on him.

“You were on the dive team with my little sister. I saw you win state a couple of years ago,” Tripp then said.

“Oh… ah, yeah,” Charlie said, relieved that he recognised her for something else.

“Ladies and gentlemen! This has just got a whole lot more interesting,” Tripp announced, spreading his arms out and speaking to the crowd. “We have a championship diver on our hands.”

“Yeah, I don’t actually-” she stopped herself, trying to stay composed. “I don’t, I don’t… I don’t do that anymore.” You frowned at how she was acting and something seemed wrong.

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t make you go first,” Tripp said, trying to reassure her but completely ignoring her discomfort. He then threw off his shirt and ran, jumping off the cliff with a whoop. Charlie watched as he went down and stood there. You watched as she backed out after standing at the edge, the crowd goading her on to jump and went back into her car where Sam was sitting. The crowd then booed and Memo was the only one to ask if she was alright. A white girl with a smirk on her face then approached the car and leaned down the window.

“Where are you going, sweety?” her voice sickly sweet. “What happened out there. That was your big moment to let go.” Charlie didn’t reply and only stared ahead, as if Bee’s steering wheel were a lot more interesting than it was.

“What’s your damage, Tina?” Memo said, hoping to defend her.

“Is that the churros guy?” one of Tina’s friends called out. Memo tried to explain himself and it ended up being rather awkward, where Tina turned her attention back to Charlie.

“This car is an embarrassment. You should have your dad buy you a better one. Oh wait,” she paused and a fake smile grew on her face. “Sorry.” The apology was obviously fake, the way she said it made your blood boil as you realised what Charlie was going through. She lost her dad and this privileged asshole was making fun of her for it. Who even does that?

“Are you okay?” Memo then asked as Tina walked off.

“I’m fine,” Charlie lied.

“They’re idiots,” Memo huffed, trying to comfort her. “I think I know something that’d make you feel better,” he then sang.

“What?” she said, turning towards him.

“Revenge!” he loudly whispered.

“I don’t want revenge,” Charlie grumbled.

“I do, what about you, Bee?” Memo asked. A refrain came from Bee and then the word Revenge! sang through. The hologram faded away and you and Sam were left sitting in Bumblebee, overlooking the cliff. Neither you or Sam said anything for a few solid minutes.

“Wow,” you finally breathed. “I have a lot of questions I want to ask you, but for now… where to next, Bee?” Bee backed out and drove onto the road again, this time taking a ride down to an empty beach. It was fairly private so Bee opened the doors for both you and Sam, meaning you should get out and once you did, Bumblebee got out of his altmode and stretched. He scanned the area for a moment and then found a familiar spot. His antennas lifted, optics brightening. He grew excited and pointed at the area, pedes stomping up and down before running over. You ran over with Sam and watched as he played another memory, shifting into his altmode.

“Ok!” Charlie said. “We’re all clear.” Bee shifted out of his altmode and threw sand everywhere, some of the particles hitting you and Sam. Sam threw his hands up to block the sand and you tried to spit out the parts that had managed to land in your mouth before shaking the rest off. “Suddenly, I’m rethinking the beach,” Charlie commented. Bee did the same motions he did the first time when experiencing this, ruffling Charlie’s hair to get the sand out. “Oh! I’m- I’m good. I’m, no, I’m good thanks,” Charlie said as he continued. “Look, people can be terrible about things they don’t understand. If they find you, they will probably lock you up in a lab somewhere… and cut you into tiny little pieces… It’ll be… bad, trust me,” Charlie explained. “Only person you can show yourself around is me, okay?” Bee nodded in response. “So let’s practice,” she said, beginning to pace. “Are you ready? You see anyone besides me, what do you do?” Bee immediately shifted into his altmode. “Great, perfect. Come back now.” Bumblebee shifted out once again and waited for her next line. He seemed to be having fun reliving this moment. “Ok, so let’s say we’re driving, right? We’re driving in opposite and-” Charlie then looked over and panicked. “Oh, shoot! Somebody is here! Hide, hide, Bee!” Charlie then ducked behind the rock nearby and you watched in amusement as Bee followed suit, hiding his helm behind a smaller rock. You covered up a laugh and watched Charlie peek out to see if he did what he was supposed to. When she saw he didn’t, she came out with a gesture that clearly communicated ‘come on!’. “Are you serious?” she called out. Bee panicked and shifted into his altmode and she shook her head. “Bee, it’s too late, you’re already dead.” Bee made a sad and worried buzz and she sighed. “It’s alright, just need more practice.” The hologram faded again.

“She was the first human who ever treated you kindly, huh?” you said, crossing your arms and looking up towards Bumblebee. He gave an enthusiastic nod in response and you smiled.

“Are you and Charlie still interacting?” Sam then asked. Bee looked towards him and sat down, once again nodding.

“After Egypt, Bee, Optimus and I went to where Charlie works, Sam,” you said, leaning against Bee. “She owns a mechanic shop in Washington, near Seattle, it’s a mix of a junkyard too,” you recalled. “So it’s a little secluded. I think… she was waiting for Bumblebee to come back.”

“Is that why you’ve been gone for so long?” Sam then asked. Bee shrugged. That was half of it. Bee tapped two of his digits together as he shrunk for a moment and looked down as guilt washed over him. He gave a sad bwee and Sam frowned. “You’ve been avoiding me?” Bee doesn’t respond for a moment and sat down, holding out a servos towards him. I’m afraid-Sam. “Afraid of what?” Sam said, stepping closer towards Bumblebee. I don’t wanna-lose-my friend. “Bee, I’ve been through everything with you and I’m still here,” Sam said. “And you’ve been with, with Charlie!” The-Decepticons-don’t know about her. But-hey know about-you. Bee poked Sam in the chest this time with his digit and Sam only grew more confused. “But you can protect me.” Bee then looked away and Sam realised how he was feeling. “You don’t think you’re good enough, huh.” Bee nodded this time and slumped his shoulders. A life with me-is dangerous.-I didn’t realise it-with-Charlie-but she was smart-enough-to let me go.-That’s why-I still have-her-today. The radio then warbled. ♪And I would hate anything to happen to her♪ “I know the dangers, Bee, and I’m not going anywhere,” Sam said, stepping forward and taking his servos into his hand. “You’re my friend.” Bee’s antenna slowly rose up you and Sam could see a smile in his optics. His antennas then wriggled and he hugged Sam abruptly, knocking the wind out of Sam as he was wrapped in the giant robotic arms. He let out a chuckle and patted Bee’s shoulder panels. “Ok, big guy,” he laughed. Bee let him go and gave him an apologetic whirr. “Didn’t know you were a hugger, Bee.”

“Is that a bad thing?” you teased. Bee then lunged for you and gave you a hug as well, earning a yelp from you. Sam laughed and you hugged Bee back. “Wasn’t expecting that,” you huffed when he let you go. You heard an engine in the distance and Bee immediately changed into his altmode, earning a chuckle from you. “Guess Charlie teaching you to hide paid off.” You got into Bee and checked the time, it was almost lunch time. “Well, we got two hours to kill, you wanna grab lunch and we just wait at your house for Simmons to arrive?”

“Sounds good,” Sam said, being in a significantly better mood. After grabbing lunch, the two of you waited around for a while until there was a knock on the door. Sam bound up to open it to see Simmons and what seemed to be his butler with him.

“Sam!” Simmons exclaimed, his arms outspread. His eyes then landed on you. “And… (n/n)?”

“Surprised to see me here, huh,” you smirked.

“You don’t have any wires on you right? Not gonna tell your government buddies about any of this?” Simmons asked, eyeing you. He then snapped his head towards his butler and motioned with it. “Dutch? Frisk ‘em.” Dutch moved towards you and your gaze hardened.

Don’t touch me,” you snapped. Dutch backed off when he felt you immediately switch into something more intimidating.

“I’m not gonna frisk them,” he said. Your demeanor changed immediately.

“Any ‘wires’ I have on my body is a comm. link directly to the Autobots,” you said, tapping the earpiece attached to you. “I’m on your side, Simmons,” you said calmly. Simmons was suspicious for a moment before letting it go and walking into the house.

“Alright, we’ve got to break this case down,” Simmons said, swiftly heading towards the cleared counter. Brains hopped up as Simmons laid out a few papers from what Sam and he were discussing earlier. “What we have is an astronaut epidemic.” You noticed Sam even brought out a board earlier. The other side was a bunch of computer schematics and code from Leo. Simmons pointed at all the photos he laid out. “MIA, dead, died in a car accident, killed, DOA, car death, it’s like these guys can’t drive. They can fly into outer space, but they can’t drive a car.” Another knock came through the door.

“Brains, see what government info we can get on Sputnik, if the Soviet Union participated in that space race for a reason, we need to know how they found out what was on the moon in the first place,” you said. Brains nodded and switched info his altmode, a laptop and began to work. Meanwhile, Sam went to open the door.

“Procured your information, Witwicky,” an unfamiliar voice came from the door.

“Thank you, Bruce,” Sam went to close the door and was stopped by the stranger.

“Now, you let me see one of them, one time,” he said.

“Quick,” Sam finalised.

“Very.” Sam reluctantly let him in and took the papers over to you and Simmons. You eyed the stranger as you walked over, with him going into the garage to Bumblebee.

“Here’s their reconnaissance order, it says NASA launched in 2009. See, forensics show Wang may have messed with the code. Preventing it from mapping the dark side,” Sam concluded.

“Freaking awesome,” Bruce said in the other room.

“Should we leave him alone with Bee?” you pointed with your thumb.

“So they intimidate us… coerce us to do their dirty work. And once they’re done?” Simmons said. He then made a motion of putting a gun to the head. “Double tap to the cerebellum.”

“So he was working for the Decepticons,” Sam guessed.

“I don’t think this is about the Decepticons,” Simmons said.

“They’re trying to hide something,” you cut in. “A few days ago when Optimus and I went to Ukraine, our informant was killed by Laserbeak, the same one who tried to kill Sam here.” There was an excited yelp now and you barged into the garage to see Bruce on the ground with Bee’s cannon out. “Excuse me, we’re currently top secret alien intel that I do not think you are cleared for,” you said sternly. “Errand boy.” Bruce scrambled up and dusted himself off.

“You’re right,” Bruce said, leaving the garage. Sam began to usher him out and Bruce left with saying “it’s a bitchin’ robot.” The door shut loudly and you and Sam both let out a sigh. Brains overheated and switched out of his altmode.

“Hey, I’m smokin’ over here,” Brains said. “Just downloaded thousands of Russian secrets, now with the missing Russian cosmonauts, turns out the soviets cancelled a manned mission to the moon. The moon in 1972. Where 2 cosmonauts went into hiding in America. And I just found them.”

“Ahh, you’re a genius, Brains!” Simmons exclaimed. The front door opened and Leo froze in his tracks as he saw what was going on.

“Who are you?” Simmons asked.

“Who am I? Simmons, you threatened me with a taser two years ago,” Leo glared.

“Dutch, frisk him.”

“Certainly,” Dutch replied. Leo shouted some noises of protest before being frisked, his phone being taken out and thrown onto the ground.

“Come on!” Leo said. “This is ridiculous!”

“Great! We’re homeless,” Wheelie said in the background.

“I shouldn’t come to my own home to be frisked by your freaking butler,” Leo snapped towards Simmons.

“I’m, I’m sorry Leo, but you know, my friends, they need me. I have to be here right now,” Sam said as he picked up Leo’s phone and handed it back to him.

“Don’t get me mixed up in it,” Leo snapped. “All this alien shit, it’d be exciting if there wasn’t the likely possibility of dying everyday, I write about what happens after, not throw myself into the fray like I was forced to in Egypt all those years ago. You almost got killed at your work, Sam!” he exclaimed. “I couldn’t sleep last night knowing that my best friend could die any day! And then it hit me. You want that danger, huh,” Leo said, getting up close to him now. “You don’t know who you are without it.”

“I just wanna matter,” Sam said quietly.

“Don’t you know you already matter to a lot of people?” Leo sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Listen, if I try to stop you, you’re not gonna listen and go through with it anyway.”

“I know you’re worried, but I promise I can handle this,” Sam replied.

“At the end of the day, just come back home, man,” Leo said, his voice quieter this time. He patted Sam’s shoulder. “I gotta go work, just. Don’t get too carried away.” Leo walked off after that and went into what was the ‘guest bedroom’ of the flat.

“Now, Dutch,” Simmons said, continuing the conversation from earlier, completely ignoring what just happened. “Track those two cosmonauts down.”


Chapter Text

"Going on a hunt for two Russian cosmonauts," Simmons said. "Nothing like driving in a Maybach, huh?" he said, looking over to you as he drove. "Germans know to to make cars, let me tell ya. My Dutch, he's former NSA, cyber sleuth extraordinaire, tracked them down, here," he parked the car in a parking lot across from an underground bar and you got out of the car. 

"Remind me to never be alone with you in a car ever again," you huffed, mentally exhausted from his monologuing. Sam joined you, having driven Bumblebee alone earlier, leaving you to Simmon's constant rambling of whatever.

"So these cosmonauts wanted to hide," Sam said. "Why?" Dutch joined the three of you as you walked down the stairs leading to the underground bar.

"You're a German Shepherd, Dutch," Simmons praised. "The thing about Russians is... they never like to talk. It's going to take a little of the 'international language.'" He brandished a gun and cocked it. He then knocked on the metal door leading into the bar and the metal cover slid open. "Dasvidaniya," he said confidently.

"That means goodbye," the man said before sliding the metal cover shut. You burst out laughing and Simmons shot a glare at you before he went to knock again and this time took a hundred dollar bill and fed it through as the metal cover slid open. The man said something and the door opened, letting all of you in. You entered the bar and went to the counter, sitting down. You figured it was better to sit this one out and just get a drink. Simmons and Sam approach the two cosmonauts and Dutch stands behind, awaiting Simmons' orders.

"Dutch," he called out. "Gimme something tough." You watch Dutch flip through a Russian dictionary and see he's struggling.

"B-Baryshnikov," Dutch sputtered out.

"We do speak English," one of the cosmonauts said, annoyed with that attempt.

"Dutch, you suck," Simmons said, approaching closer to the cosmonauts. Dutch can't help but be offended and tries to defend himself.

"It-It's a Cyrillic alphabet!" Dutch exclaimed. "It's like all the buttons you never push on a calculator." He paused. "I don't suck," he then said dejectedly. You cover up a smile by sipping your drink and feel the bartender eyeing you.

"Agent Seymour Simmons, CETI," Simmons introduced himself. "Formerly Seta."

"We know who you are," one of the cosmonauts said.

"So what? You were supposed to travel to the dark side of the moon, then... it all got shut down," Simmons said, taking a seat in front of them. "The question is. Why?" There was a click and you immediately responded by whipping out your handgun and pointing it towards the bartender as there was a bark in Russian. She had a shotgun pointed towards you and your eyes darted over for a second where a gun was right in Simmons' face.

"Okay! All right," Simmons said. The woman who had her gun in his face was saying something in Russian repeatedly. "Okay!" he said. "Yeah, shoot me," he said, softer this time. She continued to yell at him in Russian. "You are beautiful. Has anyone told you you're beautiful?" He looked aside to Sam, who had his hands up. "Cause she's a beautiful woman." There's clatter and commotion from Dutch as he went for the bartender, slamming her head down on the counter and taking the shotgun, pointing it at everyone. It was as if he snapped. "WHOA! Hey!" Simmons yelled as Dutch pointed two guns now towards the others. You stood up abruptly and pointed your gun towards everyone else, keeping an eye on them so no one made any sudden movements. "Dutch! Back in the cage," Simmons ordered.

"Control your boy, please control your boy," Sam said frantically, growing more panicked.

"Dutch! Stop!" Simmons said. He then said a phrase in German and Dutch snapped out of it, dropping both weapons.

"Ok, let's everybody just calm down," Simmons said. "Let's lower the heat, lower the guns. Let's relax." You went ahead and lowered it, placing it back in your holster and sighed. "World War 2 is over." The two cosmonauts glanced at each other before standing up.

"Come with us," one of them said. The two stood up and began to walk towards the exit of the bar. "My name is Yuri and my partner here is Dimitri," Yuri introduced. You followed the two to their house, Bumblebee waiting out front to make sure no Decepticons would come and hurt you. "You're about to see one of the biggest Soviet secrets," Yuri said. He led you all into a room that seemed to be one for storage. Dimitri went over and rummaged through a box of files as Yuri led you to a table that seemed to be meant for poker. Dimitri came back with a few files, throwing them onto the table. "America was first to send men to the moon, but the USSR was the first to send a camera," Yuri started. He opened the files as Dmitri took a seat next to him, resting his arms on the table. A glint of metal catches your eye and you notice an old golden wedding band on his ring finger. Yuri grabbed a few photos from the files and pointed to the photos, Sam and Simmons' gaze resting on the photos while you, being curious, looked to see if Yuri had a wedding band as well. To your surprise, he had a similar golden wedding band and you put two and two together with how he said partner earlier, the wedding rings, and a small smile grows on your face. The women sitting with them back at the bar must have just been their friends, especially since they were much younger than Dimitri and Yuri.

"In 1959, our Lunar 3, took a picture of the dark side of the moon. It saw nothing. But in 1963, Lunar 4 saw-" Dimitri said.

"Strange rocks," Yuri finished.


"Around the ship, hundreds of them," Yuri said, motioning with his hand. "Here, show the picture," Yuri said quietly to Dimitri. Dimitri produced the photo and pushed it forward, Yuri's pointer finger landing on the photo. "With some drag marks." Sam leaned closer to look at the photo. You look over and feel your blood run cold, your face turning pale.

"I've seen these, these aren't rocks," Sam said.

"These are pillars," you breathed.

"Alien pillars for a space bridge," Sam added. "We know about them because the Autobots have five of these."

"Then that confirms my suspicions," you said. Sam and Simmons looked over towards you now. "Decepticons scavenged the pillars from the wreckage of the Ark, Ratchet and I were discussing the possibility but now I'm certain they have," you said gravely.

"They took them and hid them then," Simmons concluded.

"Well, that doesn't make sense, the Decepticons have the ship, they have all those pillars, why would they leave several of these if he's the one one who can use them?" Sam said. "Unless... he's the one thing they still need."

"Thank you for showing us this," you said hastily to Yuri and Dimitri, rushing out of the house. You pressed the comm. link to your ear to open up a channel with Optimus as you walked quickly. "Optimus, Sam and I have confirmed Decepticons took the rest of the pillars," you got into the car and Sam came in after. Are you on your way? Optimus' voice came through in immediate reply.

"We got to meet up with Alpha Trion, rendezvous with him and keep him safe," Sam said, calling Mearing's number as Bumblebee began to drive back to base. "Listen, this whole thing has been a setup since the beginning," Sam explained on the phone, Bee starting to weave through traffic as you got on the highway. "Decepticons wanted Optimus to find Sentinel because only Optimus could revive him." He put her on speaker. But we have the space bridge.

"If you were listening to Alpha Trion in the beginning, he mentioned having hundreds, the Decepticons have those hundreds," you replied.

"You're doing exactly what they wanted you to do. What do I need to say to you?" Sam said, exacerbated. "The Decepticons are coming for Alpha Trion."

"Optimus, what is your location right now?" you asked through the comm. link. We are within a few kilometres of the base. "Driving towards your location now, can you send coordinates to Bee?" Your watch then began to beep frantically all of a sudden as three Energon readings were picked up. You twisted the knob and saw three new figures on the map, heading towards your location. You looked behind to see three black suburbans tailing you. They picked up speed and one of them transformed out of their altmode, flying over Simmons' car, plucking him out of it and dropping him before changing back into their vehicle mode. "Shit! Bee! Floor it!" you yelled. Bee revved, speeding down the highway as the chase began. You rummaged quickly through your bag to grab your radio and contact Lennox. "Lennox! Lennox, can you hear me?" Loud and clear. "Good, I need the highway shut down and cleared out, we have three Decepticons chasing us and I'd rather not have to deal with any casualties as a few cars have already spun out!" you said frantically. "Maybe try to clear out San Francisco too. I'll send you our route." Bee stopped abruptly, throwing you and Sam forwards, as a Decepticon lunged for him again, this time taking out his guns as his tires squealed.

"Shoot him, shoot him, shoot him, Bee!" Sam yelled. Bee began shooting towards the Con, greatly wounding them, before making a beeline and gunning it. The Decepticon shot a missile that landed in front of Bee and Bee jumped to dodge it, switching out of his altmode, leaving you and Sam flying through the air. Sam's screaming for one moment and you're yelling as you fly through the air for that split second before Bee transforms back, the two of you landing in the driver and passenger seats. Sam's left shrieking, grabbing at himself to make sure he didn't lose any body parts and you're left silent as adrenaline floods through your veins. Were it not for the fact that there is a killer robot chasing after you, you would have been laughing hysterically. The two of you enter San Francisco, part of it having been cleared out within the time you asked. Unfortunately, there were still a few stragglers trying to evacuate here and there and it made your heart fill with dread. Bee surged forward, the roads having been mostly cleared and you noticed Ironhide and Sideswipe join behind you, Sideswipe wiggling his rearviews as his vehicle mode, a red Lamborghini Gallardo along with Ironhide's red GMC Topkick drove beside him. Two black suburbans still pursued and Sideswipe yelled out.

"We got this! Get to Optimus!" Sideswipe said. Sideswipe and Ironhide then braked as the Decepticons got near and switched out of their altmodes, both landing punches on the Decepticons, sending them flying. Bee listened, revving his engine and shooting forward down the road as you held onto Bee's seat, looking back to see Ironhide and Sideswipe fighting the two Decepticons off. Bee intercepted with Optimus, where Alpha Trion was following behind closely, having chosen a fire rescue vehicle. You assumed the new beeping coming from your watch was Alpha Trion and Optimus coming into the radar and didn't think anything of it.

"It seems the Decepticons have decided that this is the time to attack and attempt to capture Alpha Trion!" Optimus said as Bumblebee drove up alongside him. "We must protect him at all costs, once we arrive at the base, we will be able to safely protect him."

"If the Decepticons get into the NEST base, a lot of human casualties are going to happen, Optimus," you said through the comm. link. "Is there any way we can avoid either of our side losing anyone?"

"I'd listen to that pet of yours, Optimus," a familiar voice then called out from behind all of you. Ah, so that's why the watch was beeping frantically earlier. To where Optimus knew immediately who it was and transformed out of his altmode, readying his axe as he skidded across the pavement. Bumblebee shifted out as well, setting the two of you aside on the sidewalk to where you pulled Sam into a building to get cover. The two of you entered an empty shop and peeked to see who exactly had landed. You grit your teeth as you saw Soundwave, Starscream, Shockwave and Megatron standing in the road. Megatron's cannon was already aimed and pointed towards Optimus. Shockwave had their cannon ready as well, red optic trained on Optimus to make sure he didn't attempt to charge at their comrades. Alpha Trion shifted out of his altmode and watched, frantically shifting his gaze from Optimus to the Decepticons. "You wouldn't want any of your precious Autobots to go offline, wouldn't you?" Megatron then asked, stepping to the side to reveal Sideswipe and Ironhide being held hostage by two Decepticons that looked similar to Starscream.

"Unless you would like to see your comrades to fall to my trine, I'd suggest you hand over Alpha Trion," Starscream then said. Starscream looked over towards the shop the two of you were hiding in and you and Sam quickly crouched down to make sure he didn't see.

"I cannot allow for you to take Alpha Trion," Optimus said sternly, holding his ground. "Even if you did have him, you do not possess the control pillar."

"You forget how many Decepticons I have at my disposal, Optimus," Megatron replied. The watch began beeping again and you opened the screen, seeing one of the Energon markings getting closer. There was a metallic screech above as well as pattering of metallic footsteps that drew closer and closer to your hiding location. Your heart quickened as your eyes met red optics when you peeked once, tiger-like growling coming from the bot in front of you. In a split second, you grabbed Sam's hand as he shrieked and dragged him along, bolting out of the back of the shop and staying there for a moment as glass shattered inside, the panther-like Decepticon having lunged into the shop.

"We need to split up, you run to Bee, I'll lead it away, alright?" you said.

"What?! Are you fucking insane?!" Sam whispered harshly.

"It'll buy you some time," you said hastily. There was more crashing and the sounds grew closer. "Go, go go go go!" you said, pushing him out of the alley. Debris then flew as the Decepticon crashed through the wall and you immediately bolted as it laid its optics on you, running god knows where. At the moment, you just wanted to get the Decepticon as far away from Sam as possible. You headed in a direction towards Optimus, running through an alley to make it hard for the panther to fit in the small space. When you thought you were safe, the panther lunged at you, grabbing you with its jaws. The pressure and the sharpness of the metal pierced your legs, causing you to yell out in pain. The next thing you knew, you were being thrown out into the middle of the street in the centre of the big staredown going down between Optimus and Megatron. The impact made you groan out in pain, hands scraping against the pavement as well as other areas. You attempted to crawl away, ignoring the pain and blood coming from your legs until the panther pounced and forced you down against the ground, pinning you there.

"NO!" Optimus then yelled in distress. He stepped one step forward and both Megatron and Shockwave readied their cannons once again to keep him from getting closer.

"It would be illogical to proceed, Optimus," Shockwave called out.

"(n/n)!" Sam yelled, who had been hiding behind Bumblebee. He was peeking from behind his leg specifically and you could blearily see the fear he had on his face. At least he made it out safe, that provided some relief for you. Meanwhile Bumblebee had his blasters out as well, pointed towards the Cons.

"Perhaps this is more of an incentive for you to hand Alpha Trion over to us, Optimus, since I know how fond you are of this organic," Megatron said. He then looked over to Soundwave with a silent order.

"Ravage," Soundwave called out. "Objective: Kill the organic." Your blood immediately ran cold and you looked towards Ravage now, beginning to hyperventilate. Ravage's maw slowly began to lower down towards you, a mechanical growl coming out of his vocaliser as sharp teeth suddenly grew closer and closer to your face.

"No!" Optimus strangled out, taking one more step forward only to be blasted back by Shockwave, landing on his shoulder plates, specifically connected to the arm where his axe was out. He yelled out and grabbed at his shoulder, his optics looking frantically towards you in distress. You snapped your head towards Optimus to look at him before looking back to Ravage.

"That's enough!" Alpha Trion then yelled out, causing Ravage to stop and look up. "I will not allow this to go any further. I will go with you."

"Alpha Trion, what are you doing?" Optimus then asked. Alpha Trion sighed.

"We were never going to win the war, Optimus," Alpha Trion lamented. You squirmed beneath Ravage's grasp in attempt to escape but to no avail, the amount of weight Ravage forced down upon you was too much, it almost felt crushing.

"What?" Optimus then said, incredulous towards Alpha Trion's betrayal.

"For the sake of our planet's survival, a deal had to be made. With Megatron," Alpha Trion said, drawing closer towards Megatron's side. "But I do not want to see any of you go offline, as I did this to ensure all Cybertronians would survive." He then looked towards Megatron. "I will go with you once you release my allies." Megatron gave a satisfied smile, his red optics flashing for a moment before he looked over to Soundwave. Soundwave ordered Ravage to return to them, to which Ravage obeyed, getting off of you with a growl before pattering back to Soundwave and switching into his cassette altmode as he jumped into Soundwave's chassis. Those from Starscream's trine released Sideswipe and Ironhide, the two running back towards Optimus to avoid getting shot in the back by the Decepticons. You steadily got up, legs weak from the bite marks and limped over towards Optimus, who had already knelt down his axe switching over to his servos, arms open for you. The moment you fell into his arms, Optimus stood up and held you close to his chassis. Optimus glared at both Megatron and Alpha Trion as he joined his side. "It was the only way, Optimus," he said quietly.

"No," Optimus said for the third time, standing his ground. "This isn't the only way, it cannot be." Alpha Trion didn't reply, but only sent him a look of regret before changing into his Cybertronian altmode, along with the Decepticons and flying off. You and Optimus watched with disbelief before you hissed with pain, the adrenaline from earlier fading away. You hastily applied pressure to the bite marks and Optimus grew worried. He switched into his altmode, you laying in the cab's bed, trying to stay awake. You looked to see your pants were stained with blood, holes and gashes from where Ravage bit you looking the worst. "We're going back to base," Optimus reassured.

"I'm not the only one who's in need of repairs," you chuckled weakly. There wasn't a reply from Optimus as he drove down San Francisco. "I'll be alright. It isn't that deep," you reassured quietly. "Just... Keep talking to me so I don't fall unconscious," you said this time. He doesn't respond for a moment but knows that keeping you conscious was important for now. Even if he was leaking energon from the cannon blast from earlier, he raced down the road as best as he could. What had just happened earlier, where Ravage had almost killed you, awoke something in Optimus he hadn't felt in a while. Fear. Real, genuine fear and it was that he was terrified of losing you, with what happened earlier made it a very real possibility that you would get killed. Both of you knew it, but this time it had almost become a reality.

"What did you do when you were with Sam?" Optimus started, trying to keep his voice even although worry threatened to seep into every word he said. You smiled weakly and talked about how Sam ended up living with his roommate from his freshman year of college, how they both graduated early and that Sam lives where Charlie, Bumblebee's first charge, used to live. You went over what happened with Bumblebee reliving some memories with you and for just that ride back to base, everything felt a little bit more peaceful and calmer. Optimus listened intently, just making sure to hear your voice and to make sure you were alright. The moment you all drive onto base, Optimus shifted out of his altmode, carrying you in his servos and delivering you to the medics on base who were treating others from what you assumed to be Ravage and Laserbeak's retrieval mission of the pillars. You were carted away to be patched up, where Optimus watched longingly, his optics brightening with worry as the distance between you grew further and further. You pressed the comm. link on your ear to open a channel with Ratchet and Optimus.

"Get yourself patched up, Oppy," you said. "Ratchet, you hear that? He got shot by a blast in his shoulder." Ratchet's response was immediate: Loud and clear. "I'll be fine, Optimus," you then said to reassure him before closing the channel. You hissed in pain as the wounds were cleaned out and stitched up, the medics then started to bandage your thighs up. When you went to stand up after it was all done, one of the medics pushed you gently back down.

"We don't want you walking for a bit, you've lost a lot of blood and any strenuous activity will open those wounds up again," she said. You deflated as you saw a wheelchair brought to you.

"Ah. Well. When can I walk again then?"

"Get some rest the next few days, those bite marks looked a little deep. You're lucky it didn't puncture anything important," the medic said. You laughed awkwardly.

"Yeah, lucky," you said quietly, unable to believe that word in general. The medics helped you get in the chair and you rolled out, knowing they had more to tend to. You weren't as injured as the others after all. Whatever Ravage and Laserbeak did... NEST took a big hit from them. You rolled down to Ratchet's medical bay and entered to see that Ratchet was busy patching up Optimus' wound. You didn't notice it earlier, but it didn't look good. It pierced a whole through his red metal plating, pieces of shrapnel hanging in some areas as sparks flew. Ratchet was muttering to himself as he repaired Optimus' shoulder, some words you caught: need to be more careful, what were you thinking?, I know you love them but please... Optimus wasn't exactly listening since he seemed to be more worried than anything. That is, until his optics landed on you and his mask snapped open immediately. Ratchet didn't react much, other than glancing towards you for a moment before going back to repairing Optimus' shoulder. The three of you didn't speak for a moment until Ratchet spoke up.

"Both of you are going to get yourselves killed, I hope you know that," Ratchet said quietly. "I'm not surprised both of you managed to get hurt this time," he then said in his normal tone, the moment passing. "Although the wheelchair is a bit much, isn't it, (n/n)?"

"Just following the doctor's orders, I'm gonna be out of commission for the next few days but," you give a comforting smile towards Optimus. "I'll be fine." Optimus doesn't reciprocate the smile this time.

"You almost died, (y/n)," Optimus said gravely. "Megatron was willing to kill you to get to me. He didn't consider anything regarding you other than the fact that it would ultimately hurt me," Optimus said.

"I, I know," you replied quietly. There's a heavy silence that settled in the medbay and neither of you could speak. All you could do was wait while Ratchet finished repairing the shoulder plates. When he was done, Optimus got off the medberth and immediately scooped you up, leaning his forehead against yours.

"I already lost my Shockwave, I can't lose my (y/n)," Optimus said quietly. You trembled in his grasp, finally realising that if you did die back there... that was it. And it was terrifying. You let out a shaky breath and continue shaking for a moment, Optimus then placing gentle kisses all over your head.

"We'll make it out of this, together," you said with finality. "I promise you."


Chapter Text

In attempts to rest up as quickly as possible so you could be back on your feet to help, you decided to sleep in the barracks for a short while. When you woke up, you checked your watch to see it was already 8pm. You hopped into your wheelchair and rolled out to see if Optimus was also resting only to find him gone. You frowned and went to Ratchet, who was angrily mumbling to himself.

“Hey, Ratchet?” you called out.

“If you’re wondering where he went, he went after Alpha Trion to try to convince him to stop what he was planning on doing,” Ratchet replied, already knowing what you were going to ask.

“He managed to track Alpha Trion down?” you asked.

“Because of how long this war went on, we started tracking Autobot signals on our planet, Cybertron, which is fairly larger than your planet. Since Alpha Trion is on planet and within the continent, it was easy to find out where he was as well as with the Decepticons,” Ratchet explained. “They’re in Washington DC, if you’re wondering,” Ratchet said, this time his voice quieter.

“That-that’s a 45 hour drive,” you replied. “They’re probably going to be long gone by the time Optimus gets there.”

“Their signals have started going towards the city of Chicago, so perhaps Optimus would be able intercept them there,” he said.

“That’s still gonna take a while… especially since he doesn’t have a flight mode,” you sighed.

“If only we had groundbridge technology as we had in the past,” Ratchet lamented.

“Groundbridge technology? I suppose that’s similar to the space bridge Alpha Trion spoke about.”

“Essentially, but it’s restricted to on planet transport only, meaning it would be anywhere on Earth but only Earth.”

“And you haven’t made a groundbridge at all yet?”

“I’m telling you this in confidence because I trust you enough to not tell them,” Ratchet said, emphasising them and you knew exactly who that was. “We’ve allowed for some of our knowledge regarding technology to be shared, but what with Optimus and I have experienced through the years by paying attention to your global news, giving them the ability to travel around the world via groundbridge, which is almost an instantaneous process, will only result in disaster and I’m assuming invasions.”

“No, I can absolutely understand that,” you replied.

“The best we can do right now is wait for Optimus to return from his mission.”

“Did he bring backup at least?”

“He requested that Prowl, Ironhide and Mirage accompany him for the trip and to provide backup.”

Location: Battle Mountain, Nevada
Time: 8:21pm

“Optimus, are you sure we can apprehend the Decepticons in time?” Prowl asked, the Nissan 350Z following closely behind the 1980 Freightliner COE.

“We’re only going to try to convince Alpha Trion to stop all of this as he has the power to ensure the Decepticons do not abuse the power of the space bridge,” Optimus said. “I simply cannot let this happen, I know Alpha Trion and he would never allow for something like this.”

“The war could have changed him, Prime,” Ironhide then said. “We all aren’t gonna be the same when this has been going on for so long.”

“Alpha Trion was my mentor,” Optimus said. “He was the one who taught me not only the values of the Primes but that all life had value, that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. For him to side with the Decepticons… I fear he may have been forced to side with the Decepticons.” Ironhide and Prowl didn’t reply this time, a silence settling between them in the comm. link. Prowl then spoke after thinking about it.

“The probability of that is high,” Prowl said, showing he agreed with Optimus. “Given his past and who he is, the possibility of Alpha Trion being forced to side with the Decepticons is high.”

“Thank you, Prowl,” Optimus said, appreciating that his SIC was considering Optimus’ reasoning. Even then, this was only a hope. Optimus didn’t want to think about his mentor, of all people, being the one to betray Cybertron, to betray him. The group drives on, heading towards their destination. After hours of driving nonstop, a new blip alerted the four Autobots. It looked like their destination was closer than they thought.

“Chicago?” Prowl said. “The Decepticons choosing a heavily populated area is bringing concern, Optimus.”

“We cannot stop whatever they plan to do now, as we are outnumbered,” Optimus said. “This is a stealth mission. I’m hoping that you two will be able to get me to Alpha Trion.”

“You should have brought Bumblebee for this then, Prime,” Ironhide said, he was the weapons expert after all and has been compared to a Wrecker in the past. Stealth wasn’t exactly his strong suit.

“Bumblebee is still protecting his charge, as is Sideswipe,” Optimus said, stopping Ironhide from saying what he was going to say next. “We have Mirage luckily to be our scout for now. You, Ironhide, are here in case things go awry.”

The four finally arrived in Chicago, driving towards an abandoned warehouse the Decepticons took up shop in. They shifted out of their altmode and entered, sneaking around and making sure they weren’t being watched, Mirage taking the lead as they camouflaged themselves.

“No sign of Soundwave, Laserbeak, or Ravage,” Mirage reported through the comm. link. Soundwave must have been somewhere else, potentially setting up the pillars as there was no alarm regarding Laserbeak’s presence nor Ravage’s. Prowl noticed a closed off area heavily guarded by the two Seekers from Starscream’s trine, Skywarp and Thundercracker. Prowl used his internal comm. link to communicate to Optimus and Ironhide as the four had split off into pairs.

“I have a visual on where Alpha Trion is being held, meet me at my coordinates,” Prowl then pinged his coordinates and Ironhide and Optimus met with Prowl. Mirage stood at the corner and watched intently to what the two Seekers were doing.

“Why does Starscream get the fun job and we’re forced to guard the oldest bot ever?” the one called Thundercracker whined.

“Do you want Shockwave to get mad at us again? Quit complaining,” Skywarp snapped quietly. Thundercracker suppressed a shudder.

“I miss how they were back at the academy, Warpy,” Thundercracker then said, voice quieter this time. “They actually... cared for us back then.” Skywarp doesn’t respond immediately and lets out a soft sigh. Optimus’ breath hitched slightly but Prowl and Ironhide didn’t notice.

“I do too, but that’s the past, T, being nostalgic isn’t going to bring them back,” Skywarp sighed.

“What’s the plan, Optimus?” Prowl’s voice then echoed in his helm. He offlined his optics and relayed his orders.

“Don’t deactivate them, just offline them so I have enough time to go in and out,” Optimus said.

“Understood,” Prowl said, glancing over to Mirage. The two crept closer, quietly. Prowl had to be quick on apprehending Skywarp while Mirage offlined Thundercracker. The movements were swift and quiet, the two Seekers being slumped gently against the wall. Optimus went over quickly and pushed the bay door up, entering the room and shutting it gently. The moonlight filtered in through the windows and illuminated Alpha Trion sitting on a pile of wood pallets, looking incredibly guilty. He looked up towards Optimus and stood up quickly.

“Optimus? What are you doing here?” Alpha Trion asked, his voice hushed. It seemed he wasn’t too keen on letting the Decepticons know Optimus was there either.

“I’ve come to ask you why you’re doing this, and that there is another way we can fix this,” Optimus said, stepping forward into the moonlight. His optics are now pleading, his mask covering his feelings of despair and disappointment. “Please. Please do not do this.”

“Optimus, you and I both know this war has gone long enough,” Alpha Trion replied. “The only way we can win it is if we compromise with the Decepticons.”

“You know with the Decepticons there is no way of compromising,” Optimus said gravely. “Only to give into their demands, you of all people know this,” he said, disappointment seeping into his words. “Do you know what the plan to do with this spacebridge?” Alpha Trion shook his head.

“They only want me to be here to activate it. Once they’re finished… I’m unsure of what my fate will be,” Alpha Trion said truthfully. There was a ping in Optimus’ comm. link.

“Optimus, we have 5 minutes until Soundwave arrives, we’re on borrowed time,” Prowl’s voice came through.

“Come back with us, we can fix this,” Optimus pleaded one more time. Alpha Trion stubbornly shook his head.

“That will only lead to you and your allies being hurt even more, I cannot allow for that,” Alpha Trion replied. “There is one thing I need you to know before you go,” Alpha Trion then said hastily. “The Decepticons are going to force you off planet and they’ll attempt to destroy the ship you’ll be taking. I overheard the Seekers talking about it, these walls are very thin.” He then grabbed Optimus’ shoulders. “Know that I never meant to betray you, I hope you know that.” He let go of Optimus and stood back. “Heed my warning, if I do find out what the Decepticons plan to do with this space bridge, I’ll try to message you if I can manage to get it through Soundwave’s firewall.”

“I knew you wouldn’t join the Decepticons willingly,” Optimus breathed, relieved with what he just heard.

“Go, now,” Alpha Trion said hastily. He ushered Optimus towards the bay doors. He pulled it up and let Optimus through before pulling it down. Optimus nodded towards his stealth team and they all evacuated the warehouse quickly, Mirage onlining the two Seekers with an electric jolt before driving off, their camouflaged form shimmering into view in the moonlight as the four entered the highway.

“What did Alpha Trion say?” Prowl asked as they drove.

“That we’re in grave danger and that my mentor is who I thought him to be,“ Optimus said. “Once we arrive back to base, we’ll have to prepare for what’s coming.”

Location: NEST Base of Operations, San Jose, California
Time: 10:00 am

A few days had passed of Optimus being gone and when he finally arrived onto base, disaster struck. If Optimus was worried, you couldn’t see it. Announcements were being echoed across the base as well as people speaking to the higher ups to inform them of what’s going on.

Combatant commands are now at defcon 1, approximately 200 Decepticons are in hiding. Energon detectors have been triggered as far away as South America and China. The UN just received an encrypted audio file. They say it’s from the leader of the Decepticons.

All of you were watching the screen intently as an announcement from the Decepticons came on screen. You, having stayed at the base for the next few days after the incident where you almost died, blanched at the tv screen as Megatron took over.

“Defenders of Earth,” Megatron’s voice echoed. “We have come for your natural resources, to rebuild our damaged planet. When we have transported all we needed, we will leave your world in peace. For such peace to exist however, you must immediately exile the Autobot rebels you have harboured. Non negotiable. Renounce the rebels. We await your reply.”

“This is bad,” you breathed. You then heard Sam’s voice coming from near the bay doors.

“Yeah, I don’t really see how I can be of any help,” Sam said hastily as he was following Mearing. “I mean you guys seem pretty busy. We can just do this another time, I think.” You felt a beep come from your watch as a dim Energon signature was picked up, exactly where Sam was standing. You frowned and went over to Wheeljack who was seemingly packing everything up.

“Yo, Wheeljack!” you called up.

“Can’t talk, little man, gotta pack up all these gadgets, Optimus said we’re all shipping out soon,” Wheeljack replied. “Wish we could do something to help you guys, but Optimus said if he wants to keep humanity safe, we gotta do this.”

“Oh, come on, you and I both know the Decepticons aren’t going to keep their promise and leave after they’ve taken the resources necessary to bring Cybertron back. They’re probably gonna look for the Allspark immediately once they’re finished with us,” you said. “I need you to do me a favour, you got a gadget like Bumblebee’s stinger? I need something that can immobilise a Con for a few seconds.”

“Well, yeah, I got a few left over,” Wheeljack said, rubbing the back of his neck. “Why you ask?” You twisted your watch’s knob and the screen popped up, showing the radar of every Autobot in the vicinity. As well as a small blip showing a weak Energon reading. “We got a little visitor, huh? Alright, I got just the thing.” He produced a small switchblade looking gadget and handed it down to you. “Just press the button and it’ll unsheathe a blade that can leave any Con in stasis lock for a few seconds! Don’t use it on me though,” he added quickly. You pressed the button and the blade unsheathed like a switchblade, snapping out. The blade then started emanating a blue electric current that make your hand tingle. You pressed it again and the blade snapped back down, tingling no longer there and you shoved it in your pocket. “Now be careful with that, blade’s sharper than any of your Earth metals since I made it outta some leftover metal from Cybertron when I was scavenging parts.”

“How’d you know to make it this small?” you then asked.

“You’re always askin’ for some new gadget or another and I enjoy your company! You actually talk to us considerin’ how everyone else is afraid of us. I’m afraid they’re even more scared with what Megatron said on your screen,“ he sighed. “Good luck with whatever you’re doing, I gotta get back to packin’.” You nodded and went to roll out after that and stopped.

“Actually, one more thing,” you said. “You got a small stasis container at all? Or like. Just a jar that I can shove a small Decepticon into if needed so it doesn’t get out.” Wheeljack motioned to a few jar-like containers and went back to packing. You grabbed one that was empty with the seal still on and twisted it. The top hatch released with a hiss of air and you smirked. You rolled out this time and approached Sam, who was still trying to convince Mearing that he really shouldn’t be here.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Mearing said, continuing whatever they were speaking about before.

“Director, I got a call for you at 15,” someone called out, turning Mearing’s attention away from Sam. Sam flinched for a moment and then manage to tumble over a desk, standing back up and huffing. He stood awkwardly next to one of the workers who looked him up and down.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“Nothing, what are you doing?” Sam replied casually. The worker squinted at him.

“Get away from me.” Sam abruptly walked off after that and you chased him down, checking your watch over and over again to make sure that Energon reading was correct.

“Sam! Sam,” you called out, he stopped and whipped around.

“They put you in a wheelchair?” Sam squeaked. “Was it that bad?”

“I can still walk, don’t worry,” you said. “But I need you to come with me over... there,” you said, pointing to a small secluded area.

“What?! No-” A television nearby interrupted both of you when the news suddenly updated everyone on the situation.

It’s been a remarkable series of events today at the Capital. Just moments ago legislation was passed to exile the Autobots from American shores. The U.S military alliance with them is officially over. The scene changed to Obama saying a few words regarding this and you felt yourself go pale.

“They can’t do this, you gotta tell them they can’t do that,” Sam said quickly.

“Ok, it’s official, it’s a go people!” Mearing announced.

“These are our allies, the Autobot’s fought for us, they fought with us!” Sam exclaimed.

“And where are we now?” Mearing said, approaching the two of you. “Facing an enemy invasion. With an enemy that has the means to deploy countless more. If there’s any more you know, anything at all, about the enemies’ intentions, now’s the time to tell.” She eyed Sam and he looked like he wanted to say something but withheld it.

“The Autobot’s have no way of leaving this planet,“ Sam instead said, deflecting the question.

“That is where you’re wrong,” Mearing replied. “Come with me,” she said. A couple black cars had already pulled up for the three of you to get in. You stood up, slipping into the car after folding up the wheelchair. Mearing went in the first one while you and Sam went into the second one. You stayed quiet for a moment as the car began to move and you snapped towards Sam.

“Ok, hold still for a moment,“ you said, hovering your watch over his body.

“What- are you doing?!” Sam exclaimed quietly.

“Hold, still!” you said and then heard a loud beep come from your watch. You looked at Sam’s wrist to see a Audemars watch and quirked a brow at him. “How’d you get this,” you asked Sam.

“I’ve always had it,” Sam lied, you could see he was beginning to sweat as his muscles then flexed as if he were in pain.

“This is a $150,000 watch, dude, there’s no way you could have afforded that,” you deadpanned, Sam was, rightfully, offended and shocked, but his expression was still pained. You took out the switchblade. “Alright, hang on, hold still for real this time,” you said. You pressed the button and the blade popped out, the sight absolutely electrifying. To Sam, it was terrifying. He yelped and scooted to the side. “I’m not gonna cut you! Just give me your wrist, jesus. And don’t move, for real! Wheeljack told me this shit is super sharp.” Sam was reluctant at first and then shakily held out his wrist with the watch on it. You held the blade steadily before cutting into the watch. As you expected, the electric current forced whatever was on Sam’s wrist into stasis lock, slightly shocking Sam in the process, to where he let out a yelp, but ultimately caused the watch to unlatch itself off his wrist and fall onto the car’s seat. You quickly jabbed the blade into it again to keep it immobilised before grabbing the container you brought with you and hastily throwing the tiny Decepticon into it, sealing it with a hiss of air. You sighed with content and leaned back before looking up to Sam who had been holding his wrist close to him.

“H-how’d you know I had that on me,” Sam said shakily. You shook your wrist with the Rolex on it.

“Remember what my watch does?” you smirked.

“Energon detector, right.”


Chapter Text

“Ok, they didn’t tell us that was gonna be a four hour drive,” you huffed as you stepped out of the car. “A heads up would have been really nice, Mearing,” you called out as she stepped out of her car. The Autobots were there as well, having driven with all of you to the destination. Suddenly you were feeling regretful about not riding with Optimus. These four hours after all, could have been the last. Mearing ignored your complaint and looked up towards the spaceship. 

“It’s name is the Xanthium, it brought the second wave of Autobots. And it’s been under NASA’s care and study ever since,” Mearing introduced, answering Sam’s questions that were on the tip of his tongue. “We’ve linked it with a decommissioned shuttle, to maintain military control until they’re gone.”

“This cheap Earth technology only makes it to 37 million horsepower, not my thing, too slow,” an Autobot you never met before said off to the side.

“Those are the Wreckers, they take care of the Xanthium,” Mearing said. ”We don’t let them off of the base much because they’re a bit much.”

“Bulkhead, I needed that!” Ratchet yelled from the side. You glanced over to see he yelled at a stocky green mech who was of similar height, having accidentally dropped some delicate medical equipment as he had tried to help carry Ratchet’s belongings.

“Sorry!” Bulkhead replied.

“Epps!” Sam exclaimed as soon as he saw a familiar face, you raised your brows to see Epps approaching the three of you. “What are you doing here, man?” he said, giving him one of those bro hugs.

“I retired from the airforce, I went on to just consult and run interference for them. No more combat or aliens shooting my ass,” Epps replied. “Got a dream job, keepin the Autobots here. Can you believe this is happening?” he asked both of you.

“No, I don’t want to believe it,” you replied honestly.

“You and big red still together, huh,” Epps said, you nodded and he let out a chuckle. “Go talk to him then, man, Sam and I’ll catch up.”

“Yeah,” you said with weak enthusiasm. You rolled off, approaching Optimus who had stood at a distance, watching everyone pack their belongings. Your mouth went dry when his optics landed on you and you stood up from the wheelchair quickly, ignoring the soreness that accompanied it. Optimus knelt down immediately and you got onto his servos. He stood back up quickly, a rush of air passing you. You gave him a soft look as he snapped his mask open and tried to reciprocate the smile. “Why do I have to keep losing you when I finally have you back,” you murmured, hands resting on his cheekplates. His optics brighten for a moment and he presses a kiss to your face gently. “There’s no way you’re just… up and leaving, right?” you said, looking up into his optics now. “I don’t. I don’t believe you’re going to leave us for good, especially with what the Decepticons are doing now. I know you’re planning something,” you said. “You wouldn’t just leave me like this,” you then finished.

“I wouldn’t,” Optimus replied. “Which is why I will make sure I do everything in my power to come back to you,” he said quietly. “This will not be our last goodbye, I can promise you that.” He nudges his face against you and you lean into his touch. He lowers you just a little bit, to where you’re able to wrap your arms around him and hug him, resting your head in his neck cables. “I love you,” he said softly.

“I love you too,” you choked out. Your hands gripped his neck cables tightly now and you shut your eyes tight. “I love you, so much,” you exhaled. After a few moments of just holding each other, you let go and huffed, looking aside to see more people had come to say goodbye. You noticed (b/f/n) was there, saying his goodbyes to Sideswipe. You couldn’t help but chuckle at the two’s friendship. To think you and him met the Autobots four years ago and made your lives all the more exciting. You noticed Simmons was here as well, in his wheelchair since he was actually thrown out of his car from what you heard and his hips were fractured from the impact.

“Checked the nitrogen, we’re booking out of here, Optimus” one of the Wreckers said. This Wrecker was a little bit larger than Bulkhead, but still green. His chassis was pretty large like Prowl’s. Maybe there was some sort of reason for that resemblance. Then again, Shockwave had a large chassis as well so it’s likely it wasn’t some type of familial trait.

“Thank you, Springer,” Optimus replied. He then knelt down and gently slid you into your wheelchair to where he began to walk closer to the spaceship.

“Optimus,” Sam called out.

“What your leaders say is true, this was all my fault,” Optimus said. “My desire to bring back Alpha Trion has led us to disaster as that was precisely what the Decepticons wanted.”

“It doesn’t make it your fault, it just makes you human for a change,” Sam reasoned.

“Remember this,” Optimus said, hoping to say some words of wisdom that would resonate within all of you. “You may lose your faith in us, but never in yourselves.”

“Are you coming back?” Sam then asked. The rest of the Autobots began to load into the ship, as one of the Wreckers yelled out in the distance: “Alright, hustle up! We’re launching at dawn.”

“We will do our best to come back, Sam,” Optimus said. “You are my friend, Sam. You always will be. But your leaders have spoken. From here on, the fight will be your own,” Optimus said. He walked beside Bumblebee and nodded towards him. Bumblebee approached Sam and knelt down towards him. We’re gonna do whatever we can- Make it like it was. Bumblebee started. You-will always be-my friend-Sam. I gotta be going on. Sam sniffled and looked down, unable to say anything back. He tried to keep his tears in until Bee opened his arms and Sam went in to hug him, a slight hitch in his breath coming out as he began to cry in Bee’s arms. Bee did his best to comfort his friend, patting his back as he cried silently. After a few moments, he sharply inhaled, pushing himself off of Bee and nodding. Sam stepped back and let out a shaky breath before walking off to clear his mind. The sound of a car door opening enacted quickly behind you and you whipped around to see Charlie running out, up towards Bee. She launched herself into his arms when she drew close, hugging him tightly.

“Oh, I’m glad I made it in time,” Charlie breathed. Her breath tickled Bumblebee’s neck cables. He used one arm to support her as she hugged him and nuzzled into her touch, shutting his optics and letting out a sad whirr. “You, you really have to leave?” she asked quietly, pulling away from him. Bumblebee blinked slowly towards her and let out another sad whirr. It’s the only way to-protect you, his radio buzzed. “But we-” she stopped herself. She couldn’t say anything as she looked at him with tears in her eyes. ♪Let me whisper my last goodbyes, I know it’s serious♪ Bumblebee sang. She gave a weak laugh. “Playing the Smiths… when I know you hate them.” She shook her head. The two didn’t say anything for a moment before Bumblebee let out a crackle of static for a few seconds, frustration washing over his face as he attempted to say something in his real genuine voice. “I know, Bee, I love you too,” Charlie said quietly. She pressed a kiss to his mouthplate and he let out an affectionate whirr. She let him go as Bee stood up slowly, giving a mournful look towards her before turning around and walking towards the Xanthium.

Once Bumblebee entered the ship, Optimus was the last to board. He walked onto the ramp and into the ship, casting one last look towards you before the airlock sealed itself shut.

“Years from now, they’re gonna ask us,” Simmon said from behind. “Where were you when they took over the planet? We’re gonna say: We just stood by and watched.”

“We’re not doing that,” you said, shaking your head. “We’re not just going to stand here and… let the Decepticons take over.”

“How are we going to fight them off?” Sam said, approaching you all. “We’re powerless against the Decepticons, the only person who has the ability to fight them off in the slightest is you because you were trained to. None of us were,” he said. “And most of the world hasn’t known about the Autobots or Decepticons until Egypt. We’re not ready, man. I don’t think we ever will be,” Sam said in despair this time.

“Kiddo,” Charlie then cut in. “You may not believe this but I helped Bumblebee kill two Triplechanging Decepticons,” she said. “Even when I should have run away and left it all behind, I didn’t. There’s still some hope, just gotta believe in it,” she said, lightly pushing Sam’s shoulder. “I may be 42 but I still got some fight left in me,” she laughed, trying to make light of the situation. “Launch is tomorrow so how about we get a hotel room and try to make the best of it.” Both you and Sam were hesitant but you sighed and caved in. You rolled up to (b/f/n) who was a little teary eyed from earlier, obviously sad for having to say goodbye to Sideswipe.

“We’re getting a hotel room and getting up early to see the launch, you in with us?” you said.

“Yeah,” (b/f/n) croaked. “This sucks, Sideswipe and I… we were best buds, man. They’re gonna come back, right?” he said, looking up to you.

“I don’t know,“ you replied quietly. “But Optimus promised he’d do everything to come back. He wouldn’t just leave us to the Decepticons like that.” You looked back towards Charlie, Simmons, and Sam. What a weird family, you thought to yourself. I guess that’s what happens when all of you meet aliens. “Not when the Autobots have people they care about most on this planet.” Charlie waved you over and you and (b/f/n) went over.

“Simmons here was nice enough to book us rooms at Los Olivos, what’s the hotel called again?” Charlie asked.

“Fess Parker Wine Country Inn,” Simmons boasted. “If we’re gonna have a night to remember, we might as well spend it in luxury!” Simmons emphasised the last word.

“Fess Parker Wine Country Inn...” (b/f/n) repeated, looking it up on his phone. “Holy shit, it’s $400 a night minimum.”

“It’s no Ritz Carlton, but I wanted to be close to where we didn’t have an hour drive to see the launch,” Simmons said. All of you looked at him with a look of disbelief. “What?” he laughed. “I got a lot of money! Let me pamper myself and you. ‘specially since these NBEs mean a lot to you and me. Now! Off to Los Olivos!” Simmons pointed, turning his wheelchair and moving forward towards his car, most likely driven by Dutch.

“Wait a minute, I gotta grab something from the car,“ you said, rolling over quickly. (b/f/n) followed close behind, not exactly familiar with Charlie, Simmons, or Sam. You grabbed the container that held the small Decepticon. It was definitely no longer in stasis lock and currently trying to claw its way out, very angry with what happened earlier. You tucked it under your arm and huffed. “Can you push me,” you mumbled. (b/f/n) snickered and pushed you towards Charlie’s car, who already seemed to be ready to go. “We can catch a ride with you right? I’d rather not have to take the inconspicuous black vehicle again.”

“Of course,” Charlie smiled. She looked at (b/f/n) this time. “Guessing your ride here was an Autobot?”

“Yeah,” (b/f/n) pouted. Charlie then noticed what you were holding in your arm.

“What’s that?”

“Decepticon in a jar,” you responded casually. “Was thinking of either taking it apart or interrogating it but I don’t speak Cybertronian so...”

“Where’d you find it?” Charlie quirked a brow.

“It was on Sam’s wrist as a watch. Which reminds me, I gotta ask him how the hell he got a Decepticon watch on him in the first place,” you said.

“We can ask him once we get to the hotel, for now,” she said, pushing a bag of clothing aside as well as mechanics tools. “Hop in.”

“I call shotgun,” (b/f/n) said. You stood up from your wheelchair and folded it, putting it neatly in the corner in an open space and climbed in. Charlie quirked a brow at you again and you shrugged.

“Got bit by a Decepticon panther in the thighs, so doctors told me to take it easy when walking so I don’t open the wounds up again. I should be good in a couple days. It’s also why I’m wearing baggy sweatpants,” you explained.

“Ah,” Charlie said. “Decepticon panther?” she then asked.

“Yeah, his name is Ravage and he’s white and red. A lot bigger than a normal panther though,” you said as you clicked your seatbelt on. “I know I’m speaking about this super casually right now but it was absolutely terrifying when he bit me.”

“I’ve only been thrown by explosions caused by Decepticons but never bitten by one,” Charlie said as she backed out and began to follow Simmons’ car. Sam must have joined Simmons as it was just you, (b/f/n) and Charlie in this car. The ride to the hotel was actually fairly short. When you arrived, a valet took Charlie’s car to the parking lot and you all stood in front of the entrance in awe.

“Wow,” (b/f/n) said.

“This is the most fancy hotel I’ve ever been to,” you said as you stood, looking up, the container tucked under your arm tightly. You left the wheelchair in the car this time since this was meant to be a time to relax. Simmons rolled up and spread his arms out.

“Voila!” Simmons said. “Welcome to the land of relaxation.” Meanwhile Sam and Dutch stood awkwardly aside.

“How is he not sad?” (b/f/n) asked. “The Autobots are leaving us, most likely forever.”

“He wasn’t exactly close to the Autobots like we were, (b/f/n),” you said aside. “He kinda made money off of them.”

“Ah.” The six of you entered, Simmons approaching the check in desk while the rest of you stood behind him awkwardly.

“Reservation for Seymour Simmons, 3 luxury vista rooms and the accessible luxury garden room,” Simmons said. The receptionist typed everything in and soon you were all in your rooms. Your jaw dropped at the king sized bed. Since it looked like the 3 luxury vista rooms only had one bed, except it was king sized so you didn’t really complain, you and (b/f/n) took one room while Dutch and Sam were forced to room together. Charlie though had a room all to herself. “Dinner at 6pm! No negotiations! We’ll be in the wine room. Meanwhile feel free to take advantage of the spa or whatever activities they offer here, I’m paying for all of it after all,” Simmons said before strolling off into his room. You and (b/f/n) exchanged a glance. After looking at everything in the room and through the room service menu as well as what they offered at the spa, you flicked (b/f/n) in the back of his head.

“Massage or skincare?” you asked.

“Skincare,” (b/f/n) immediately responded.

“Good cus I don’t think I can get a massage with my legs like this yet. I’m gonna take a shower first before we go.” As you said, you took a shower, rejuvenated and headed down to the spa with (b/f/n) to see Charlie and Sam there as well. “Didn’t think you’d be the type to go to a spa,” you said to Charlie.

“I might as well take advantage of it if I’m not paying for it,” Charlie shrugged. “I wanna know what it’s like to be pampered. Being a mechanic, you kinda get a little tough all around.”

“I get that, I was a mechanic before I started working for NEST,” you said.

“Really? Bee didn’t tell me about that,” Charlie smiled. You shrugged and gave her a smile. “So what are you two getting?”

“We’re getting facials,” (b/f/n) replied. “(n/n) can’t get a massage yet because of their legs.”

“I swear if I get a deep tissue, my leg wounds are gonna burst open and I don’t want that,” you added. You looked over to Sam who was reading through the spa’s options. “Thinking of getting a massage or a facial?” you teased.

“I was thinking both,” Sam said. “I’ve been stressed out lately so this is… really good for me.”

“So you won’t mind me asking how you managed to get that Decepticon on your wrist when we get that facial right?” you said. Sam paled for a moment and sputtered out a yeah. “Good.” The four of you were admitted in, you letting out a sigh of relief and content, relaxing every muscle in your body as they started exfoliating your skin. “Care to tell us what happened the past few days, Sam?” you started. Sam let out a sigh and shuffled in his seat for a moment.

“I got kidnapped,” he then said with finality. “By my boss.” You almost jerked your head up towards Sam.

“I’m sorry, what,” you said.

“Turns out, his dad ran the accounting firm for NASA, that the Decepticons made him… make sure it was gonna be too expensive to go back to the moon or whatever, and I guess serving the Decepticons was passed down to my boss. Which is why he got me hired at the job I have now, because he knew I knew I was close to the Autobots. So when the Decepticons were ready to make their big move, he kidnapped me and planted a wire on me basically to get Optimus to tell me whatever he planned to do when they were forced to leave,” Sam said.

“Fuck, dude,” was all you could say. “That was… a hell of a few days then.”

“You fucking think?!” Sam exclaimed, throwing his arms up. “Especially after you almost died from that panther!”

“I’m sorry, you almost died?” (b/f/n) then cut in.

“Yeah, but you know I already died once,” you said, trying to change the topic.

“You died once?” Charlie then cut in this time. “How’s that possible?”

“Uhh...” you thought about how to word this. “Got brought back to life by the Cybertronian equivalent of God and their servants to bring Optimus back to life. Oh shit!” you said sitting up this time. “I think I found a way to fight back against the Decepticons.”

“We’re supposed to relax,” Sam said through gritted teeth.

“Hear me out,” you said. “Sam, you remember the weapons we saw when we went to Egypt? In the Tomb of the Primes?” He didn’t answer. “We can use those weapons against the Decepticons.” There was silence from all three of your friends.

“That’s a little farfetched, (y/n),” Charlie then said. “Even if we were able to get to Egypt, which is… a 17 hour flight, I don’t think any of us would know how to use those weapons you speak of.” You slumped and laid back down on the chair.

“If I can… dig through the information the Allspark has given me throughout the years, maybe I can try to come up with something. It’s given me almost everything to know about Cybertron, it’s gotta give me some info about the weapons,” you said with determination. “Some of them are tools as well, so maybe we can make use of it in that sense.”

“Still… it’s a 17 hour flight, how are we going to get there in time?” (b/f/n) asked.

“That’s the thing, I don’t… know,” you said. Now was the phase where you all get a scalp massage. “If only we had a ground bridge, like what Ratchet was talking about,” you said out loud.

“Ground bridge?” Charlie asked.

“It’s a space bridge but limited to planet travel only, kinda what Jetfire managed to do,” you explained. “Ratchet apparently knows how to make one, but he never did it because he doesn’t trust the government. And he has good reason to,” you muttered the last sentence but everyone heard you nonetheless. An awkward silence settled in the room and Charlie was the one to change the topic, to where you spent the rest of the time learning about each other a little more. When the session ended, all of you left feeling rejuvenated. (b/f/n) went ahead and stayed with Charlie and Sam to get massages before dinner, leaving you all alone. When you entered your room, you put your comm. link back on and heard a familiar ping. You couldn’t help but smile as you realised who it was.


Chapter Text

“Hey Optimus,” you said fondly into the comm. link. You were sitting on the bed as you talked to him. You felt a little ridiculous. It was like being a teenager and calling your significant other in the most cheesy way. “You miss me already huh,” you teased, trying to make light of the situation. Optimus chuckled and spoke quietly.

“I felt it would be appropriate to take advantage of the limited hours we have together to just… speak, if you would let me,” Optimus said.

“Anything on your mind?” you said, glancing at the container that held the Decepticon watch.

“There are many things I am worried about but that is not why I want to speak to you,” Optimus replied. “I... just want to have your company, for the time being.”

“Ok,” you chuckled softly. “Is it crowded in there?”

“You have no idea.”

“Is the Xanthium not meant to hold...” you counted on your fingers as you ran the names through your head. Arcee, Prowl, Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Mirage, Springer, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, another Wrecker you weren’t too familiar with, Wheelie, Brains, Wheeljack and Optimus. Fifteen Autobots. You realised how horribly outnumbered you were against the Decepticons. “Fifteen of you...” you said, quieter this time. Neither of you said anything for a moment and you let out a shaky sigh. “You all better come back, I swear to god...”

“I know.” You looked at your watch and sighed again.

“I have to go to dinner in a couple hours,” you then said. “So… let’s just… talk. About whatever.”

“I’d like that,” you could feel him smiling through the comm. link. So for the next couple of hours, the two of you talked, about anything, but neither of you could ignore the fact that there was something wrong. When your time was up, you reluctantly closed the comm. link with Optimus and trudged out of the room, heading down to what Simmon’s called the wine room earlier when you entered the restaurant in the hotel.

Location: Vandenberg Airforce Base

Time: 6:00pm

Optimus heard the comm. link click as it closed on your side and he exvented quietly under his mask. Never in his life had he felt this nervous. They were warned accordingly by Alpha Trion, but Alpha Trion had not sent any message after that. Soundwave must have kept a close optic on him or Alpha Trion wasn’t given any information on what the Decepticons planned to do. Optimus knew though. It was through global television after all that Megatron made his appearance. He knew how dramatic Megatron would be sometimes, but he wasn’t close to being as dramatic as Starscream was. Optimus is broken out of his thoughts as as servos places itself on top of his shoulder plate. He looked back to see Ratchet with a tired look on his face.

“It’s gonna be a tight fit, Optimus,” Ratchet said. “Are you sure this will work? What if they blow us up right as we lift off?”

“We… can only hope, Ratchet,” Optimus said with honesty. “If the Decepticons do not know of our plans to avoid what they plan for us, then we will survive this.”

“We couldn’t have gone and hid somewhere? Pretend we all got off planet by sending the ship in the sky and I don’t know, being somewhere far away?” Sideswipe said bitterly off to the side.

“I understand your frustration but we must respect the wishes of Earth’s global leaders as well,” Optimus said.

“They don’t have to know!” Sideswipe said. “And why couldn’t we tell our friends about the plan?” he crossed his arms and Ratchet let out an annoyed exvent.

“Trust me, many of us wanted to, but in order to fool the Decepticons entirely, we have to make sure our human allies don’t know of our plan either,” Ratchet said. “But for our safety and theirs, this information had to be withheld.”

“Who would you have told?” Sideswipe huffed.

“(y/n),” both Ratchet and Optimus said simultaneously. Sideswipe blinked for a moment in confusion, mainly towards Ratchet.

“They’re… my friend,” Ratchet said reluctantly. He’s slightly embarrassed after saying it but it is true. “I never thought much about humans beforehand before they started courting Optimus and became my apprentice, and unfortunately I’ve grown fond of them.” Optimus gave a light chuckle.

“Unfortunate? Old friend, I know it’s the opposite for you,” Optimus smiled under his mask, making light of the situation. A smile quirked at Ratchet’s dermas and he suppressed a chuckle himself.

“Besides,” Ratchet said, changing the topic. “Bumblebee has been fairly calm about the situation compared to you and he’s younger than you, as much as I can understand your frustration, we’ll make sure nothing goes wrong.”

“That’s because he’s hiding how worried he is,” Sideswipe said. “He’s worried about his sparkmate after all.”

“I’m sorry, his what,” Ratchet then said. He and Optimus exchanged a look before looking back at Sideswipe. Sideswipe wasn’t sure why Ratchet was acting like this and approached Sideswipe, slightly intimidating him. “Where’s Bumblebee right now?”

“Erm... he’s in the engine room I think,” Sideswipe replied. “Can I ask why?”

“Because he might have just put his own life in danger,” Ratchet said, leaving the bridge, Optimus having already gotten up and gone after hearing Sideswipe. The two left Sideswipe feeling very confused but shrugged it off after they left, looking at Ironhide and Mirage who only were shaking their helms.

“What?” Sideswipe said.

“You’re a little older than Bumblebee, but none of you were taught what happens when you sparkbond with another,” Ironhide started. Sideswipe blinked before looking towards the hall where Optimus and Ratchet had disappeared into, still having some trouble understanding. “There’s a reason why we discourage it ‘specially in this war and why Optimus himself hasn’t done it.”

Optimus and Ratchet traversed down the hall in a quick pace, reaching the engine room. The door hissed open and revealed Bumblebee sitting around the area, playing music by the Smiths to himself quietly. Off to the side was Wheeljack, Springer and Brains conversing with each other in regards to the engine. Bumblebee looked up when he saw Optimus and Ratchet enter, his antennas lifting up in curiosity. He tilted his head and Optimus cleared his intake, gaining the attention of everyone in the room.

“If it is alright with you, Ratchet and I would like to speak to Bumblebee privately,” Optimus said. The group nodded and left the room, casting a look towards Bumblebee in sympathy before leaving the room. When the doors hissed shut, Optimus and Ratchet looked towards Bumblebee this time, sitting down beside him. “Bumblebee,“ he started. “Ratchet and I have some concerns regarding some information we’ve been told by Sideswipe.”

“He didn’t mean any harm from it, but we both grew concerned upon hearing the word sparkmate,” Ratchet added gently. Bee whirred and used his internal comm. link to communicate to them, having paused the Smith’s music. Is something wrong? “Well, we just want to know one thing,” Ratchet said, kneeling down to Bumblebee. “Have you sparkbonded with Charlie?” Bumblebee looked down for a moment in thought and looked back up towards Ratchet and Optimus. Yes. Ratchet let out a tired sigh and placed his servos on Bumblebee’s shoulderplate. “Bumblebee...” he started and then sighed. “I suppose it’s our fault for not educating the younger Autobots of this but what you’ve done… it means that you and Charlie are bonded until you are deactivated.” What?  Bumblebee said in response, his optics widening. She’ll stay alive as long as I’m alive? “Yes, her life is extended. But what this also means is that if Charlie dies, it could potentially deactivate you as well.”

“We’re unsure whether or not that would be true with a human but… it has been known that sparkbonded Cybertronians are deactivated alongside their conjunx enduras,” Optimus said. “Which is why we discouraged sparkbonding among those in the war.” He offlined his optics and let out a heavy sigh. “Bumblebee, we just need you to be careful when we arrive back on Earth,” Optimus said. “To ensure you and Charlie’s safety, there may be a point where you’ll have to separate.” I’ve already done that before… and I regretted every moment of it. Bumblebee replied, a sad whirr coming from him as his antennas flattened against his helm. I don’t want to lose her again, I already missed so much of her life.

“It was her that decided it was good for the two of you to separate all those years ago,” Ratchet reasoned. But even she regretted it after all these years. Ratchet frowned and then sighed. “You can’t undo a sparkbond… And I know the love you have for her is true.”

“I admire that you were willing to be vulnerable. But this means you will have to protect her, no matter what,” Optimus then said. His optics softened towards Bumblebee. “And I know you’ll succeed in doing that.” His voice is softer this time but it’s genuine and sound. Bee’s antenna this time perked up a little at what he said and he smiled. Thanks, Optimus. I really appreciate it. There was a pause in Bumblebee’s comm. link. Are you planning on sparkbonding with (n/n)? After… the war is over, that is. Bee’s looking down now, tapping the two of his pointer digits together and Optimus looked down towards the ground as well. Optimus thought long and hard about it for a while before saying the three words he’d been fearful of saying out loud in front of anyone:

“I don’t know.”


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"It's because of Shockwave, isn't it," Ratchet asked aside softly. Optimus didn't answer for a moment before surrendering with a weak nod. Shockwave? Bumblebee asked. What about them?

"Before you were forged, Optimus was known as Orion Pax, this you already know. But the Shockwave you know now was not the Shockwave in the past," Ratchet said. "They were known as Senator Shockwave and they had values very similar to ours before..." he trailed off.

"Before the disaster," Optimus finished quietly. What happened to them? Bumblebee asked, shifting closer to Optimus. Optimus' frame moved as his arms rested on his legs, leaning down and looking off into space as he recalled the memories. "They did something the Senate didn't like. Proteus, the head Senator, had them arrested and sent to the Institution, to undergo empurata and... shadowplay." His helm is hanging down now as he shut his optics. Both Bumblebee and Ratchet's EM fields reach out to comfort him and Bumblebee is surprised more than anything to feel emotions such as sorrow, regret and sadness emanating so strongly. "I waited for them... for days after the empurata, at our bench," he recalled. "But they never came... I only learned of where they were after another senator, Dai Atlas, had approached me. And when I saw them... they didn't feel anything. My Shockwave..." My. The word my just felt so natural to him as he said it. He laced his digits together and fiddles with his servos, not saying anything for a few moments before breaking the silence. "I was courting them... to be my conjunx endura." There's a moment of silence before Bumblebee speaks. I'm so sorry, Optimus. I had no idea. Bumblebee then looked at him. But what about (y/n)? Aren't they your conjunx now? "They are," Optimus said. "I suppose, even after all these years in the war... that hope that my Shockwave will come back has been holding me back."

"They're not coming back, Optimus," Ratchet said softly.

"You don't know that," he replied. Do you love them more than (n/n) though? Bumblebee then asked. Optimus can tell from his EM field and optics that Bumblebee is frowning. (y/n) was Bee's friend after all. "There was something that (y/n) said that I took to spark dearly. 'We never really stop loving the people most dearest to us.' I love (y/n), just as much as I loved Shockwave." He sighed. "I've spent many years trying to cope with Shockwave disappearing from my life and I'm grateful (y/n) is helping me with that." Bumblebee noticed Optimus' EM field going more towards a calmer, neutral state. He let out a sigh and stood up. "Get some rest, I expect all of us to be ready and recharged before the launch." Optimus left the room after that, leaving Ratchet alone with Bumblebee.

"You felt that in your EM field, didn't you?" Ratchet said quietly to Bee. Bee let out a confused quiet whirr as he looked up at Ratchet. "He let go of them."

You flopped onto the bed with a content sigh, good food full in your stomach from dinner earlier, although Simmons wouldn't shut up about his plans after the Autobots left. Even Charlie was getting annoyed, and from what you saw she seemed pretty patient. What was even more peculiar was that she didn't look 42 anymore. She looked more... like she was in her mid 20s. It must have been the facial. You didn't think much about it during dinner. You fiddled with your comm. link for a moment and huffed, opening the line one last time. First you contacted Ratchet. He was surprised to say the least.

"How's everything holding up in there?" you asked.

"We're preparing and all packed," Ratchet said. He didn't say anything for a few moments and huffed. "Though I am going to miss my assistant," he then admitted. You couldn't help but chuckle.

"Knew you'd miss me, doc."

"Upupup," he chided. "Don't call me that," he scolded, a light laugh coming from him. You laughed too.

"I'll miss you, Ratchet," you finally said.

"Well you already know how I feel," he huffed. You closed the line after that and went to open up a comm. link with Optimus but it seemed he beat you to it.

"Funny, I was just about to call you," you said.

"I just wanted to say a few words to you before I went into recharge," Optimus said. You can tell he's smiling again. "I love you."

"I love you too, Oppy," you replied.

"When I do come back..." Optimus then started. "There's something I want to tell you," he said.

"You're coming back?"

"I told you I promised, didn't I?"

"Yeah," you smiled. "You did." You paused. "Well, I look forward to that. Whatever... you have in plan for me," you giggled.

"Goodnight, (y/n)."

"Goodnight, Optimus." The line closed after that and you laid on your back, staring up at the ceiling in deep thought. "Is he gonna propose to me?"

"What?" You snapped your head aside to see (b/f/n) had just entered the room.

"Uh," you started. "You didn't hear that."

"Uh huh." He went to the bathroom after that and you let out a breath you didn't know you were holding. Neither of you said anything after that and you got up from the bed to look at the Decepticon watch. You picked up the container and the watch hissed at you. There were substantial scratches on the container but it was pretty thick as well as it being strong.

"What should I do with you..." you said quietly to yourself. "Take you apart? Torture you?" you joked. The watch hissed even more and lunged itself towards the wall of the container. You chuckled. "I'm not gonna torture you, little guy. It's not the Autobot way." The watch stopped hissing and stood back. "Listen, I know you can hear me and you probably heard my conversation. From what I saw with you being on Sam, I'm guessing you were acting as a spy." The watch was hesitant for a moment and then nodded. Good. You were getting somewhere. You shuffled for a moment and got closer, resting your arms on the table. "Do you have a name?" The watch thought about it for a moment and then shook its head. "Is your altmode actually a watch? Or is it something else?" You looked at the watch a little bit closer this time and saw it was pretty similar to a scorpion. "How does Androctonus sound?" It tilted its head. "It's Latin, one of the world's deadliest scorpions is named it." The scorpion wriggled a little in happiness at the name. "Andy for short," you suggested. "Were you forged before the war, Andy?" you asked, trying out the nickname. It shook its head. "So you were born into it huh. No experiene of peace at all. Man," you said leaning back. "I can't imagine that. Knowing only war throughout your whole life. Doesn't sound that great, huh," you said looking at Andy. "So can Sam's boss hear us? Is he hearing this conversation between us?" you asked this time, growing curious. Andy nodded this time and you pursed your lips. After a few moments it shook its head. "So you can cut off the feed," you surmised. "Hmm." You rubbed your chin. "Think you can help me out and fool Sam's boss then?" Andy didn't respond this time. "Ok, I'll ask this then. Do you want to be a Decepticon? Albeit from what Optimus told me the original values of this cause are actually sound and morally right. Fighting against what your kind saw as racism? A society that only held up the rich and powerful? It's pretty similar to ours now, if I'm being honest. I honestly would have been a Decepticon if that's what we were fighting for. But what happened?" Andy made a sound that was similar to saying I don't know. "I hope this war is over soon and we aren't enemies anymore. Maybe I can ask Soundwave. They seem to know what's up with everything. Who knows, maybe Ravage is like a house cat when he's not trying to kill you." You checked the clock. "Ugh, I should sleep..." you muttered to yourself. "I need you to hang tight in there, alright Androctonus? You gotta build up that trust with me if you wanna get out of that container." Andy gave a sad chirr, frame slumping a little. "I may be nice but I'm not dumb," you chuckled. "But if you want to become an Autobot just like Wheelie and Brains, we'll be happy to take you in." You patted the top of the container. "Night, little guy." You left the table and got into your side of the bed.

After getting comfortable, you fell asleep, feeling a little bit less nervous and sad about Optimus leaving. At least for now.

The alarm jolts you awake, a grumble coming from you as you check the time. "4:30... fuck," you muttered. You looked over to (b/f/n) who was still asleep, lightly snoring in his sleep. You rolled your eyes and poked his cheek a few times before slapping his shoulder and he jolted up awake.

"OW! Alright, I'm up!" (b/f/n) exclaimed. He rubbed his shoulder. "That hurt," he whined.

"Get your stuff, we're driving out to see the launch," you called out, having already gotten out of bed soon after and tucked the container with Andy under your arm. It chittered awake and you made sure to be extra gentle so as to not toss it around. "You can go back to recharging, Andy, we're just gonna be heading out."

"Are you talking to the watch?" (b/f/n) asked from the bathroom.

"Her name is Androctonus, Andy for short and yes I'm talking to the watch," you replied. Andy gave a tired chirr and went back to recharging. You looked around to see if you'd forgotten anything and waited at the door for (b/f/n). Neither of you brought a change of clothes since getting the hotel room was a last minute decision so you honestly didn't have much to carry. You put the comm. link back into your ear and do one last look around as (b/f/n) gets out of the bathroom. "Alright, let's go." You met up with Charlie and Sam, both who had seemed a little more miserable than usual. The continental breakfast was out early and everyone grabbed coffee as well as a few pastries for the road. The four of you went to Charlie's car as Simmons went and checked everyone out. "Rough night?"

"I couldn't help but feel worried throughout the entire night," Charlie said. "Like it wasn't me but... Bee that was feeling it." You grew curious after she said that. You got in the passenger's seat this time and clicked on the seatbelt.

"What do you mean by Bee was feeling it?" you asked. Charlie's breath hitched for a moment as if she'd been caught and sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"I wasn't supposed to say that, I need coffee," she said, taking a swig of it. She slammed the cup down and huffed. "Bumblebee and I... sparkbonded or at least that's what he told me what it was," she said. "It's kinda like... getting married? But physically, if that makes sense. I can kinda feel his... lifeforce and some of his emotions in me sometimes."

"I think it's made you younger too," you pointed out.

"Huh?" Charlie said. She pulled out of the parking garage and began to follow Simmons.

"You kinda look like you're in your twenties," you said. "Kinda noticed it yesterday, I thought it was the facial," you said, leaning back in the chair.

"Wait," Sam said this time, finally waking up fully. "You married Bumblebee?" he asked.

"We should probably plan an actual wedding then," you commented, resting your hands behind your head.

"No, I mean. What happens if he dies?" Sam asked. "What happens if you die? Do both of you die? If you can feel how he feels, then he can feel how you feel."

"I'm not sure. But, I'm not planning on dying anytime soon, nor does Bee," Charlie replied. The car fell into an awkward silence, that soft snores of (b/f/n) being the only noise in the background. You cleared your throat and coughed. "The wedding's a good idea, (n/n)," Charlie then said. "It sounds like it'd be really cool to have everyone be there."

"Yeah? Where're you thinking?" you said, trying to make conversation.

"There's this forest back in Brighton Falls that we always walked in, nobody would see us and it'd be completely secluded," Charlie said. "It's really pretty during fall, the leaves just turn golden and the sunlight going in through it makes the place almost seem magical," she finished. "Got a little carried away, but it's really pretty. I'm... a little sad Bee wasn't able to see that with me when he first landed. We only really. Spent a couple weeks together honestly before he had to leave."

"You didn't try to go with him?" Sam then asked.

"Actually, I was the one who told him we had to go our separate ways. That I had people who needed me and he did too. I couldn't just abandon my family," she then chuckled. "If he told me to run away with him when we first met, I would have taken that offer immediately."

"Do you regret it?" you then asked. Charlie shook her head.

"Don't regret most of it, that's what you're supposed to do with your youth right? Only part I regretted was when he had to leave. I didn't get the chance to tell him I loved him."

"As a friend?" Sam asked this time. She thought about it for a moment.

"I dunno," she shrugged. "I just loved him because he helped me realise what's important and helped me get through my grief of losing my dad. It was only a few years later into college I kinda realised I was in love with him. Which was ridiculous, you know? I only meet him and spend a couple weeks with him and don't see him for years only to realise I've loved him this whole time." She paused for a moment. "Bee told me that you were the one to convince him to see me, (n/n)." She drummed on the steering wheel for a moment. "And I'm really grateful for that."

"He just told me what he wanted, I guess he needed that push?" you said. "He showed me his memories of you, you know," you said. "Both me and Sam."

"Is that why I was having flashbacks that one day," she mused. "You probably got to see how dorky Memo and I were then," she laughed. "Kinda crazy how we're lifelong friends still, all cus of Bee," she said, a hint of nostalgia in her voice.

"What's the story between you and Memo after Bee left?" Sam asked.

"Hmm, we tried dating for a while, went a few years actually," Charlie said. "And I did like him for a while actually, we just kinda grew apart romantically? I think over time we just realised it was better to stay friends. He has a wife and a daughter, Sari. I've spent so many Thanksgivings and Christmas' over at their house that Sari calls me auntie now," she chuckled fondly.

You all arrived to the site Sam said to go to for the launch. When you all got out, you could see the sun just creeping over the horizon, steadily rising, covering all of you in orange light. Were it not for the sad circumstances, you'd be loving it. But you felt a pang in your heart as you realised you wanted Optimus here to see this with you.

"I'm sure he's thinking the same thing," Charlie said, patting your shoulder. She gave you a sympathetic smile and you smiled back. You took out the container and let Andy out on your palm.

"You're gonna tell Sam's boss there's no plan, ok?" you said to Andy. Andy nodded and scuttled up onto your shoulder, sitting down and resting. You all sat down on the platform and heard a rumble. All of you look to see the ship lifted off. You continued to watch it rise into the sky, watching as it hit a hundred kilometres in altitude, the first few parts of the rocket falling off into the sea. Meanwhile Sam called his boss and argued with him.

"Well, you got what you wanted," Sam said. I always get what I want, Sam. We just needed to be sure. "Sure of what?" Sam said this time. Both you and Charlie snapped your heads towards him in concern. That they would go down without a fight. As the sun continued to rise, you snapped your gaze back to the spaceship as it almost exited the atmosphere until a bright flash appeared and the ship exploded into shards of shrapnel. Sam dropped his phone out of shock as all of you watched the remains of the ship fall into the ocean.

"Wha-" you stopped yourself. "No, nononononono NO!" you then said, voice getting louder as frustration and anguish overtook you. You snatched Sam's phone from the ground, seeing that his boss was still on the line. "Listen, you son of a bitch, I will find you and I will FUCKING murder you, you spineless, pathetic excuse of a human being!" you seethed, Andy flinched at your voice and scuttled onto Charlie. There was only laughter on the other side. I'd like to see you try. He hung up after that and you were left shaking. You set the phone down on Sam's lap and tried to clear your throat. You looked over to Charlie who seemed to be the calmest out of everyone. She absentmindedly pet Andy and she looked up towards you.

"Are they still alive," you asked quietly. Charlie looked off and frowned.

"I don't know," she replied. "All I know is that I felt Bumblebee's fear and then it kinda got a little muffled. Right as the empty fuel tanks had hit the ocean." You immediately tried to open up a comm. link with Optimus, Ratchet, anyone who was willing to answer. If they were still alive that is.

"Come on, come on," you said. "Pick up, Optimus. Please just tell me you're alive, anything." There was an answer but no one spoke through it. At least until you heard him.

"Alpha Trion and the Decepticons are still located in Chicago, we must make haste to get there as quickly as possible to stop the space bridge from being activated again," Optimus' voice came through. He was relaying orders but not speaking directly to you. "Tread quickly in these waters, Autobots, once we surface, we'll have to take on new altmodes for the time being. Wheeljack, are your Energon mufflers ready?" There was apparently a response from Wheeljack. "Good, then Autobots, roll out." The comm. link closed off after that and your shaking died down.

"Oh, thank god," you breathed, covering your face, hot tears of relief streaming down your face. "They're still alive, but we gotta leave now," you then said, whipping towards Charlie, Sam and (b/f/n).

"To where?" Sam asked.

"We're going to Chicago, that's where they're gonna be," you stood up.

"I'm sorry, how exactly are we gonna fight back against them?" Sam said. "How're we gonna help the Autobots?"

"I don't know. But. I'm going. That asshole said he'd like to see me try," you said, walking towards the car. "So I'm doing exactly that."

"You guys go to Chicago, I'll go to NEST and warn them," Simmons called out from behind. You looked back towards (b/f/n) this time.

"You can go with Simmons if you want, I know you're not much for action," you said.

"Get my friend back, (n/n)," (b/f/n) said before walking off with Simmons.

"Sam, Charlie?" you then asked, looking towards the two.

"I'll go with you," Sam said. "Kinda want a go at my boss for kidnapping me and torturing me," he shrugged.

"I'll drive you there, but that's it. I'm a mechanic, not a soldier," Charlie said. "So if any of the Autobots need fixing, I can help."

"You should have Ratchet teach you at some point," you smirked. "That is, if you wanna join Team Prime in the future, I think it'd be good for you and Bee to be together more often," you said, voice softer this time.

"I'll think about it but for now, let's head out, Chicago's a long drive," Charlie said.

"I need to make a phone call so we know where exactly to be," Sam said. Meanwhile, Charlie approached you and placed a hand on your shoulder.

"You sure this will work?" Charlie asked.

"I don't wanna lie," you said. "I'm not sure to be honest. But I have to help, at least in some way. Giving up isn't necessarily something I want to do." Charlie smiled.

"Then let's head out."