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To Be A Family

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“Hey, Geek! Are you down here?!” I call out as I enter the “sub-basement of solitude”. “Yeah, I’m over here!” Geek calls from over by a large computer. “You been busy!” I compliment as I look around, Geek has made a lot of progress turning this moist cave into a lab. “Yeah, I just wrapped up getting central air in here, now it’s warm during the winter and cold during the summer.” Geek says as they turn in their chair. “So, how can I help you, Max?” Geek asks. “It’s about Sam…” I start. Geek frowns. “Is everything OK?” They ask in a worried voice. “At the moment, yes. Everything is fine. And probably will be for a long time.” I reassure. Geek crosses their arms and raises a brow. “...But- and this is going to sound crazy…” I continue.

 Geek rolls their eyes. “Please, Max. At this point I have come to realize that with you two, nothing is impossible.” Geek states. “OK, so a while back during one of our many adventures, Sam and I did some time traveling and met our future selves.” I explain. “Yep, that sounds like something that you guys did.” Geek nods as they give me their undivided attention. “And when we tried to talk to future Sam he was… not all there.” I finish. Geek frowns. “So that means that Sam get’s…” Geek starts. “Old timers, all timers? What was the name again?” I try to think of the name of the disease that might take Sam away from me. “Alzheimers. A form of dementia.” Geek fills in. 

“Yeah, that. So I was wondering… is there anything you can do about it?” I ask. Geek puts there finger to their lips in thought. “Well… I’ll look into it. But I’m no doctor... yet.” Geek offers with a shrug. I hug Geek. “Thank you.” Geek pats me on the back. “No problem. I don’t want you or Sam to go through that either.” They say as they continue to pat me on the back. “Is Sam aware that this has been bothering you?” Geek asks. “No, and he was pretty unfazed by the whole thing, actually.” I answer as I think back to his nonchalant reaction to his future selves condition. Geek puts their hand to their mouth in thought. “So this is going to sound strange but did you guys see any pictures of me while there?” Geek questions.

 I think for a moment. “No?” I answer. All I remember seeing are the photos that already existed of Sam and I. No Geek in sight. “Then I think the future has already been changed.” I tilt my head at them. “What did we do? I know what I saw.” I ask, confused at how I could have changed the future. “You saw and experienced A future, Max. A very real possibility. But you didn’t see and experience THE future. “ Geek explains. “So that means…?” I urge them to explain more. Geek rolls their eyes at me. “The universe is a chaotic place full of rules that don’t fully make sense and can change depending on the situation. Or in short, thanks to seeing the future, you changed it by simply knowing about it.” Geek explains. 

“So, Sam will be fine?” I ask, feeling a lot better. “Maybe, but from what data we do have we can guess that, one, in that timeline you guys probably never adopted me.” I frown at the idea of not having Geek in our lives. They have been our kid for like three weeks now and I definitely would die for them… and also kill for them but I would kill for a lot of things. “Two, you two may never got together romantically.” I feel sick to my stomach at the thought of never telling Sam how I really felt. No tight Sam hugs, no sweet Sam kisses, no cuddling with Sam whenever I want. No I love yous. I shiver at the last one. “And finally, three, they didn’t develop a cure for Alzheimers yet.” Geek finishes as they turn around in their chair. “So what does that mean for the future?” I ask, not really understanding the meaning of the list. “That means that things are different, and we can change the future, or die trying! And I’m not in the mood for being dead!” Geek exclaims as they begin to type away on the large computer. Pride swells in my heart as Geek speaks. What a little spitfire!

 “So I’ll leave you to it?” I ask as I plan on bringing something tasty down here for Geek. “You got it, Dad!” Geek exclaims without realizing what they just said. I hold back a happy sob as I back away and watch my kid go to town on the computer. “So, I’ll bring you lunch?” I say as I turn to head back upstairs. “Make sure it’s viable for human consumption this time!” Geek calls. “Don’t count on it, buckeroo!” I call back as I make my way up the steps. Yeah, maybe I should avoid going to Stinky’s if Geek wants edible food. But before I do that I have to see Sam and tell him what Geek just called me, also to give his stupid face a big ol’ kiss for no particular reason. “Oh! Hey, little buddy! I was just looking for you!” Sam says as he comes down the stairs. I climb up Sam’s tie and give him a huge kiss on the lips. “Max? Not that I don’t appreciate the gesture, but what’s got you so…?” Sam asks as I nuzzle into the crook in his neck. “Geek, called me dad.” I half explain. “Ohhh! Gotcha! Did they say it on purpose?” Sam asks. “Nah, they were focused on something else when they said it.” I explain. Sam kisses my cheek. “How does it feel to join the “ Geek has called me dad club”?” Sam asks softly. I smile. “Pretty good.”