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As the fireworks play with the stars

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What had started as cold-nosed kisses and getting to hold gloved hands under a sky awash with New Year’s fireworks was rapidly heating up. The joy of having had an uninterrupted day with Shen Wei was making Yunlan’s blood feel as sparkly and fizzy as the bubbly drink they’d picked up from a street vendor. And for all that he knew there had been very little alcohol in it—well, he could be excused for growing giddy and light-headed at getting to take such a perfectly gorgeous date home.

Their winter coats, gloves and slush-damp boots flew off as soon as the door closed behind them, and Yunlan grabbed Shen Wei by the waist and stared him up and down. "Ah, finally I have you to myself," he said, knowing the color in Shen Wei’s cheeks wasn’t just the cold outside, or the chill of an apartment where the heat had been left off all day.


Yunlan tugged at the fluffy blue scarf he had bought Shen Wei at the market. "And you’re adorable in this, but you need to be wearing fewer clothes now." The scarf joined Yunlan’s coat on the floor. Shen Wei made a disapproving face, and Yunlan could have distracted him with a kiss. Instead he laughed and bent over in the most suggestive way possible to scoop up both coat and scarf, rubbing up against Shen Wei and swaying his hips as he turned to hang the clothes up. It was so nice of Shen Wei to give him another opportunity to tease.

And maybe it was the shameless display, or maybe it was just pent-up frustration from all of those other times that day Yunlan had done something similar, but when he turned around and opened his arms, Shen Wei was there and kissing him in less time than it took him to blink. It was a kiss with teeth and the friction of Yunlan’s beard against Shen Wei’s smooth skin, and Shen Wei’s fingers running through Yunlan’s hair, clutching him closer.

Shen Wei gasped against his mouth, and Yunlan felt it as a tingle in every turned-on nerve. The tip of Yunlan's nose still felt cold from outside, but there was heat sparking everywhere their bodies pressed together. Yunlan kneaded Shen Wei’s firm ass through the fine fabric of his woolen slacks, and felt Shen Wei grinding against him in return.

It took a supreme force of will—and visualizing something even better than needy, clothed Shen Wei under his hands—for Yunlan to take a step back and get on with what he had spent most of the day thinking about. The effort of breaking the kiss made him gulp for air when he managed it. Heart still thundering hornily, Yunlan kept his voice incredibly level. "Remember what I said this morning, when you insisted on breakfast?"

"Hm." Shen Wei recovered quickly, which was a pity. No longer melting into Yunlan’s touch, his attitude was that of a student reciting a lesson. "'I don’t care if breakfast is an important meal'?"

The straight-faced answer startled Yunlan into a delighted laugh, his heart aching with fondness at Shen Wei teasing him like that. Not long ago, he would have been trying so earnestly to give Yunlan just the right answer—would have weighed his words carefully—and now he was choosing to use his perfect memory to be sweetly impossible, knowing very well which parts of the conversation Yunlan was actually referring to. "Not that," he said, collecting himself into mock sternness.

"No. I am very sure that you did disparage the value of a good breakfast," Shen Wei remarked.

Yunlan tsked and waved Shen Wei's comment aside. "I said that if you weren’t coming back to bed you’d have to make up for it tonight." Yunlan hooked a finger into Shen Wei’s shirt collar over the warm woolen vest. They were already close enough that he didn’t really need to tug on it, but Shen Wei leaned into the grip, strong hands on his hips. Yunlan’s lips curled in a smile, because that was Shen Wei as much as goading him on. So he continued, "I said you’d owe me, for leaving me abandoned and unsatisfied."

"A terrible sacrifice, for you to get up early enough to eat and still be on time to our appointed meeting with everyone," Shen Wei said, level and reasonable and just a little breathy.

"You wouldn’t even let me suck you off," Yunlan pouted. "And you said—"

"I believe it was, 'Now please get up, your food is getting cold'." Shen Wei’s slant of a smile and the anticipation glittering in his eyes made Yunlan want to live up to everything Shen Wei might be expecting—and then really blow his mind.

"No. The part where I said promise and you said of course, Zhao Yunlan."

"Ah." Shen Wei was fully smiling now.

"Yeah," Yunlan agreed, and pulled him closer. Shen Wei’s grip tightened around his hips, their bodies fitting just right against each other. "All day thinking about what I could have you do to make it up to me. And now…" Now he was growing flushed and hard, and he wanted that hunger on display for Shen Wei—wanted another hot and messy kiss, and it was as if Shen Wei had read his mind, because he was surging up at the lightest tug at his shirt collar.

They were moving together as they kissed, Yunlan pushing Shen Wei into the room, Shen Wei’s hand drifting down to cup Yunlan’s ass. "Now you’re all mine," Yunlan purred.

"Always." Shen Wei’s eyes had gone deep and dark, and Yunlan needed to draw a steadying breath. He exhaled it in a low hum of satisfaction. What Shen Wei did to him—a word and a look and that eager body in his arms, and here Yunlan was, already half out of his mind.

"Bed," he said, because it was too chilly to be anywhere else, but if Shen Wei kept looking at him like that they might not make it further than the couch.

Shen Wei might have had the same thought, but all the warning Yunlan got was the bend and flex of Shen Wei’s body against his, and then the hands on his ass shifted to hoist him off his feet and into a carry.

"Oh—okay," Yunlan turned his gasp of surprise into a low chuckle, hooking his legs around Shen Wei for balance as Shen Wei nuzzled his neck. It made Yunlan groan, and he would have wound his hands into Shen Wei’s hair but he had plans and his plans included being at least slightly coherent when they made it over to the bed. So he rested his hands lightly on Shen Wei's shoulders instead, touching nothing. He allowed Shen Wei to shove the covers down and deposit him on the bed sheets, and indulged in a luxurious stretch. Yunlan arched in just the right way to make his oversized knitted sweater and t-shirt both ride up, and his jeans pull snugly in all the right places.

When Shen Wei tracked his motions with a predatory intensity that told Yunlan the move had exactly the intended effect, he flicked the tip of his tongue out to wet his lips for extra effect. Shen Wei swallowed, and put a knee on the bed.

Yunlan put a hand up. "Wait."

That was all it took for Shen Wei to pause, holding absolutely steady even though he was so awkwardly balanced. Yunlan’s skin prickled with heat and want, and he knew Shen Wei could hear it in his voice when he said, "Clothes off, first."

Shen Wei eased himself back to standing in a sinuous motion that had Yunlan struggling against an impulse to grab him by the hips and yank him down on the bed. Eyes fixed on Yunlan, there was a smile as faint as the first rays of dawn light on Shen Wei’s lips—a smile that promised all the heat of a sun. It made Yunlan shiver, he wanted it so much. But he also wanted to watch as Shen Wei stripped naked for him, so he made a show of getting comfortable—bending a leg, propping his folded arms behind his head so he could follow Shen Wei’s every movement.

Those movements were neat and efficient, starting with the way he folded his glasses and set them aside. Shen Wei pulling the sweater vest off let Yunlan admire the way his shoulders flexed and strained against the garterless shirt sleeves, and as he unbuttoned his shirt, Yunlan was treated to a hint of collarbone over the undershirt. Yunlan stared in open appreciation and made an impatient noise when Shen Wei picked up the vest to fold it. "No," he said.

"No?" Shen Wei raised an eyebrow in challenge, not confusion.

"You got up early enough to pick clothes that wouldn’t wrinkle," Yunlan said.

"That is not how I choose my wardrobe."

"Well it should have been when you got out of bed and promised to make it up to me."

Shen Wei’s brow creased in exasperation, but he huffed a soft laugh, and walked to the chest at the foot of the bed to place the vest on it, unfolded. He shrugged out of the shirt—it was the closest Yunlan was going to get to Shen Wei flexing his muscles for show, so he enjoyed every moment of it—and let it crumple on top of the vest. Strong, bare arms made Yunlan’s mouth water as Shen Wei pulled his undershirt off, and even though his view was now partially blocked, Yunlan didn’t interrupt Shen Wei again. Interruptions would slow things down, and slowing things down would mean more time before he could get his hands and his mouth and his everything on naked Shen Wei, which he had a truly burning need for.

The side view as Shen Wei bent to pull his pants down—Yunlan’s gaze didn’t know where to land when he had so much to admire. The tempting jut of Shen Wei’s hip bone, the solid pecs—the perfect tautness of his ass—Yunlan was growing so hard he had to roll over to get a bit more room in his jeans. It was that or start touching himself through the denim, and he didn’t want Shen Wei to see how close he was to giving in to his urges.

Shen Wei straightened from pulling his boxers off, and Yunlan nearly reconsidered as the full impact of entirely nude and erect Shen Wei hit him. Maybe being far gone wasn’t so bad, not for that—but he managed to pat the bed next to him instead of grabbing his own cock. "Here," he said, "Come here, let me—" His voice was rough, cracking a bit at the edges, and okay, yeah, he was really going to have to work for his control if Shen Wei made him wait a second too long.

But Shen Wei didn’t. He came to Yunlan, who arched up into a kiss as Shen Wei sank down over him, the mattress dipping under their combined weight. Shen Wei’s smooth skin was cool, but the chilly air of the room had raised no goosebumps. Yunlan savored the texture of it under his palms, digging his fingers into the muscle of Shen Wei’s back. Shen Wei slotted a leg between Yunlan’s, putting pressure just where Yunlan had tried to avoid it. Yunlan gasped, hands sliding down to flex around Shen Wei’s biceps. Yunlan ground up against Shen Wei’s bare leg and bare cock, drawing a groan—then he broke the kiss, kept his grip firm, and braced against the bed to get enough leverage to flip them around.

Not that he could have done it if Shen Wei had refused to move. But reading Yunlan’s intent, Shen Wei allowed himself to be handled as if he wasn’t strong enough to pick up the entire bed and move it wherever he wanted it. Shen Wei’s pupils were blown wide when he ended up on his back, hair slightly mussed, staring up at Yunlan straddling him. Yunlan regretted not taking his jeans off when they rubbed against each other—he worried about the rough fabric against Shen Wei’s naked skin. "You okay?" It came out hoarse.

Shen Wei nodded, fingers digging into Yunlan's thighs, keeping him from shifting away.

"You sure?" Yunlan rolled his hips against Shen Wei, who answered by bucking up against him.


Yunlan hummed with satisfaction, that concern wiped away. He enjoyed having Shen Wei’s naked body against his clothed one—and he knew it would make it feel even more delectable for both of them when he finally undressed. “Good,” he said, and leaned in to inhale Shen Wei's scent.

Shen Wei smelled of winter—of damp wool lingering from the scarf, and of clean skin where snowflakes had just melted, even though it hadn't been snowing outside. A little bit of that very familiar mix of shower and laundry remained, but under that—a hint of pure musk making Yunlan's mouth water. He pressed his lips against it, stringing a line of kisses along Shen Wei’s jaw. The last was more of a gentle bite, and Shen Wei threw his head back, inviting more. When Yunlan did nothing but nuzzle the exposed neck, Shen Wei’s hands went to Yunlan’s shoulders—pulling greedily, wanting more where he lay waiting for Yunlan’s touch.

Chuckling, Yunlan drew back, breaking Shen Wei’s hold and grabbing his wrists.

Shen Wei’s mouth opened on a question, and Yunlan descended on it with a hard kiss, giving Shen Wei a hint of teeth as he pinned his wrists to either side of the pillow.

"No," he said, as he made enough space between them that Shen Wei could see his grin. "No moving."

Shen Wei blinked slowly, as if he was struggling to bring the world into focus. "No moving?"

"Mm," Yunlan agreed. He sank down enough that his beard scraped against Shen Wei’s flushed cheek, and nipped at Shen Wei’s ear before pulling back enough to see the growing confusion in Shen Wei’s expression. "We've been over this, remember? I said I didn’t want you to move this morning, and you did, and then you promised to make it up to me." Yunlan tightened his grip so that Shen Wei would feel himself held fast, and at that the confusion cleared like early morning clouds evaporating under the blazing sun.


Yunlan smiled to stifle a needy whine. That—that sound, that face Shen Wei was making—that was want. "This time you're going to stay right where I put you, okay?"

Shen Wei's naked erection pressed against Yunlan's inner thigh, and he could feel it twitch delightfully at his words. Shen Wei's lips parted, his Adam's apple bobbing before he managed to say, "I will."

"Good," Yunlan loosened his grasp enough to caress the pulse points in both Shen Wei's wrists with his thumbs.

Shen Wei's lovely eyelashes fluttered as his eyes grew hooded in pleasure.

"You will be good for me, won't you?"

Shen Wei nodded, relaxing the last bit of tension in his arms, and Yunlan craved him so badly it made his cock throb painfully under his jeans. But Yunlan was determined he wouldn't give in to the urge to strip and fuck until he'd gotten Shen Wei at least a little incoherent. It wasn't often he got the chance to rile Shen Wei up as much as he had today, and it would be a pity to end that game without proper foreplay. "I didn't hear you," he purred. "Will you?"

Shen Wei nodded again, then repeated, quite clearly, "Of course I will." That was enough to make Yunlan double over around a surge of lust that made his toes curl. If Shen Wei had said much else, Yunlan would have been reduced to giving him everything he asked for. But Shen Wei had gone quiet again, so Yunlan took two deep breaths and kept going.

"Because if we learned anything from this morning…" Yunlan's voice was already coming out raw, so he lowered it to a near-whisper to keep it steady. Shen Wei's went tense with concentration to catch his words, and Yunlan felt a frisson of satisfaction at how he was compelling Shen Wei's entire attention. "What we've learned is that you need to get better at staying in bed and letting me enjoy you."

The gasp Shen Wei made in response was hardly a word, but his body quivering under Zhao Yunlan's told him all he needed. "So I'm going to let you go, and to be good you're going to stay just like this." Yunlan tightened his hands around Shen Wei's wrists, leaning his weight into it. "Because you do want to be good, right?"

Shen Wei nodded, his hands curling into determined fists—Yunlan felt his tendons flexing. "Yes," he said on a shuddering breath. "I do."

"Then—stay." Yunlan slowly opened his hands and sat up. "Stay right there. No moving." He bit his lip at the pretty picture Shen Wei made as he pressed his fists into the mattress, holding himself absolutely still.

"Yes. Just like that." Yunlan gently caressed Shen Wei's cheekbone, the flushed skin warm and smooth. He wanted to keep touching it—wanted to touch all of Shen Wei, and himself, and—He blinked, fighting off a haze of lust.

"Just remember—you can move, if you want to." Yunlan's fingers trailed to Shen Wei's bottom lip, as of their own volition. A shiver went through him at the gorgeously tantalizing sight of Shen Wei opening his mouth in an instinctive reaction to the touch.

"Any time you want, just…" He trailed off to slide two fingertips past Shen Wei's teeth, far enough to feel the wet heat there. The state Yunlan was in, it registered as acutely in his tightly coiled nerves as if Shen Wei's lips had just closed around his cock. Yunlan should pull away, but Shen Wei's tongue was lapping at the pads of his fingers and Yunlan's ability to do anything at all became severely limited for a few dizzying seconds. Then he managed to laugh, and carefully moved his fingers out of that lush mouth and cupped Shen Wei's jaw.

"Just—if you move?" Yunlan was back to whispering, leaning forward until Shen Wei's face filled his vision. "I'll stop what I'm doing."

It was a promise as much as a tease. Yunlan wanted them to have fun—both of them, together. It was far too easy for Shen Wei to decide he had to follow Yunlan's directives in bed to the letter—certainly if Yunlan didn't tell him the choice of moving was his, he would take it as an order more binding than any oath. "Understand?" Yunlan asked.

Shen Wei's body jerked under Yunlan, who was excruciatingly aware of all that naked skin pressing against his jeans, and his arousal straining against the confining denim. "I understand," Shen Wei breathed, nodding into Yunlan's hand.

"Good," Yunlan murmured, and closed his eyes to savor the kiss that had been hanging between them like an unspoken promise. Yunlan pressed against Shen Wei, knees clamped around Shen Wei's waist to immobilize him further, hands winding into Shen Wei's hair to grip him tight as Yunlan delved into his mouth with a shameless moan of satisfaction. Not just from the kiss, which still tasted of a street vendor's candied fruit, but from Shen Wei like this. Stripping completely naked and putting himself in Yunlan's hands with no hesitation or complaint, relaxing willingly into Yunlan's strong grip on him. Straining to keep the kiss going until Yunlan rested two fingers under his chin.

Shen Wei bared his throat in invitation before Yunlan could put any pressure into the gesture. It punched the breath right out of him. "Do you have any idea what you're doing to me?" Yunlan asked, wonder in his voice. "You're already so beautiful—the most beautiful—and then, like this—fuck."

Eyes still closed, Shen Wei made no sound, but he arched his neck back further. Yunlan tightened his grip on Shen Wei's hair, which made Shen Wei's breath stutter. Yunlan couldn't wait, not after that. He closed his teeth over the delicate skin Shen Wei was exposing, hard enough to be felt, hard enough for Shen Wei to groan and shudder when Yunlan ran his tongue over the bitten spot.

With dedicated persistence, Yunlan teased more sounds out of Shen Wei's throat, feeling them vibrating against the heat of his open mouth. He bit and sucked his way from the soft flesh below Shen Wei's jaw all the way to the hard ridge of a clavicle, leaving behind red marks that faded quickly. But the imprints were the only thing dissipating—between them, everything was growing more intense with every swipe of Yunlan's tongue. Shen Wei was still holding back enough that he wasn't quite squirming, but the sounds he made were growing louder and more insistent.

Yunlan sat up, wiping sweat from his hairline and shrugging out of his sweater. Forget chilly air—he was burning up with what Shen Wei made him feel. Shen Wei opened his eyes at the distance between them, and it took him a whole few seconds to go from bereft confusion to satisfaction as he took in the threadbare t-shirt Yunlan was wearing underneath. "Yes. Zhao Yunlan, your clothes—your other clothes—you shouldn't be wearing them."

"That's a very interesting opinion." Yunlan grinned, and splayed his hands over Shen Wei's pecs. "Why is that?"

Shen Wei swallowed. "Because—ah!" Yunlan had swept his thumbs over Shen Wei's nipples, catching them both in a light pinch.

"Yes?" Yunlan asked, as Shen Wei tried to work up a glare, but his eyes were wide and slightly glazed and didn't hold the expression.

"Because—because I can't feel your skin. And I want—" Shen Wei lost his words to another gasp, then rallied. "Want to feel it. So warm—so warm against me, so good—"

When Shen Wei couldn't use his hands or his powers to show Yunlan what he wanted—that's when he resorted to his mouth, and Yunlan loved it. Loved having Shen Wei strung out and babbling, and would do what he could to encourage it.

"What part of me do you want to feel?"

Shen Wei's brows furrowed, as if it was a question with grave consequences, and he couldn't bear to offer the wrong answer. "I…"

It was Shen Wei who trailed off. Yunlan had been holding still, flush with anticipation, but at the hesitation he shifted his hips against Shen Wei's rigid cock. "Yes?"

Shen Wei made a strangled noise, beautifully uncontrolled, and Yunlan stroked his cheek and down his neck. It was perhaps not entirely soothing, but it let Shen Wei recover enough to say, "All of you. Yunlan. I—I want to—I can't—" His fists were tight enough to tremble with the tension in him, fighting to hold still—there were minute twitches, as if in his mind's eye Shen Wei was smoothing his fingers over Yunlan's skin, dragging the t-shirt off of him, and it was making his face grow rigid.

Yunlan drew his fingertips up the inside of Shen Wei's arms in a caress before circling his hands around those taut wrists again. "You're doing so well, baby." At his words, the strain lifted from Shen Wei's expression. "You're being so good for me. It's okay, you're not moving."

Hearing those words, Shen Wei released a shuddering breath. He licked his lips, and looked up at Yunlan. "Your thighs—not fabric against my skin, but you. And hips between my legs, and—and your cock, I want to feel it—feel how engorged it is, how close you are."

"That's—oh. Yeah." The swell of lust that followed in the silence after Shen Wei stopped talking made Yunlan light-headed, as if all the blood in his body had surged in the direction of his groin all at once. It was getting impossible to stay in his jeans without the discomfort growing overwhelming—good thing he owed Shen Wei a reward, and an incentive to keep those words coming. "Okay. Okay, I can do that—you did good, telling me."

Shen Wei nodded, fingers flexing—not struggling against Yunlan's grip, but settling into the position Yunlan wanted him in.

Yunlan pressed a quick kiss to his brow before pushing himself up. He wobbled as he set his feet on the floor and stood—he missed the pressure of Shen Wei's body against his own as much as he would miss air if he had stepped into a vacuum. But this was the quickest way to get naked—definitely the one least likely to land an elbow somewhere unfortunate—and so he managed to catch his balance. Trying very hard not to get tangled, he tugged his t-shirt up over his head and pulled his jeans and underwear down, peeling his socks off and kicking the last bit of pant leg away and then he was naked and giddy with the relief of it.

On the bed, Shen Wei had turned his head so he was looking straight at Yunlan with such hunger in his eyes that it made Yunlan's spine tingle. Being the sole focus of Shen Wei's rapt attention—it always wound him up with lust. But now that he had Shen Wei spread out on the bed before him, flushed pink and hard, hands still in the exact same position where Yunlan had pinned them—that all made him a bit weak at the knees with how terribly he wanted to make it good enough for Shen Wei to have earned that look. He wanted to say something, but his throat was closing up.

Yunlan took a moment to gather all the feelings that were threatening to spill over—turned to the bedside drawer, found the lube, and stood there until the knot in his chest had loosened a bit. When he turned around he was smiling. Lube in hand he slid back onto the bed. "You are astoundingly pretty like this," he said, kneeling between Shen Wei's legs.

There was no way of telling if it made Shen Wei blush, not as pink as he already was all over, but Yunlan thought he saw a rapid intake of breath. "Really, you are the most beautiful, most gorgeous, most perfect—"

"Yunlan." Shen Wei's voice was husky, and cracking with impatience. "You—I can't—" He had lifted his head a little, but wasn't reaching for Yunlan—not with his hands. But the way he spoke—the way he kept Yunlan fixed with his stare drew Yunlan in.

"Mm? You can't...?" Yunlan was already moving, reaching for Shen Wei's face.

"I can't feel you," Shen Wei said, and there was a whine in his throat that made Yunlan's heart tremble with the need to give Shen Wei everything he wanted.

Yunlan ran a caress down Shen Wei's cheek, and pressed a fingertip against Shen Wei's mouth. It opened on a gasp, and Yunlan let him suck two fingers in—deep, this time, to ease Shen Wei's helpless urge to have something to touch and taste. Shen Wei relaxed a little, exploring the sensations, eyes closing as he hollowed his cheeks and pressed his tongue between the fingers, laving each in turn.

If Yunlan didn't watch himself he would get absolutely lost in the skill with which Shen Wei sucked him—with how wanton he looked with his wrists pressed into the bed and his head moving to let him slide his lips further along Yunlan's fingers. So he breathed carefully—shakily, but carefully—and moved his fingers in a rhythm that had Shen Wei's hips lifting from the bed until he felt tingles running from his fingertips up his elbow and shoulder and along his spine straight down through his tight balls. Then he gently pulled his fingers out, watching as Shen Wei's shoulders pressed hard against the mattress to resist snatching Yunlan's wrist back. "That felt—wow. Shen Wei, you—you are so good."

Shen Wei shook his head, projecting raw need as he forced his eyes open to stare up at Yunlan. "Not enough," he said, voice low and gravelly. "Let me—let me taste you, let me have you. Yunlan, please."

Yunlan considered kneeling over Shen Wei, letting him suck more than just fingers, but flat on his back supported with nothing but a pillow—it wouldn't be very comfortable, not when he couldn't use his hands to adjust the angle. "Baby, you've been so good. I'll let you taste something better, okay?"

The confusion in Shen Wei's eyes didn't clear when Yunlan shifted, bumping his hips against Shen Wei's until their cocks were as aligned as he could get them. Then he reached down and wrapped his fist around them both.

Relief and more lust than Yunlan knew what to do with hit at once. He had been struggling against the urge to touch himself for so long that indulging was a blessing—but then he was pressing Shen Wei's arousal against his own, and Shen Wei was so hard, and so wet already—Yunlan's fingers smeared it across both of them as he stroked them together and he was groaning with it, growing hotter and harder and more desperate.

Under him, Shen Wei lifted his hips, pressing into Yunlan's hand, and threw his head back with a hoarse groan.

It wasn't until Yunlan's thumb brushed against his own head and found a dab of pre-come there that he realized how tight his grip had grown, and how hard he was pumping them both. He couldn't stop—but he could slow, and then he stared at Shen Wei and listened to the sounds coming out of his throat and managed to loosen his grip enough that their cocks could spring apart.

"Here, open." Yunlan didn't need to tell Shen Wei what else to do. His eyes were shut, but his lips had already parted, and his tongue darted out to taste what coated Yunlan's skin. "There you go. That's me, and you, together." Yunlan had to whisper, grinning fiercely at how Shen Wei's body quivered with tension and pleasure before Yunlan gave him each sticky digit in turn.

Yunlan let Shen Wei take his time, and breathed. Need was thrumming through his body, pulsing almost painfully at the base of his cock, hot enough to make more sweat bead his hairline and drip down his temples. But he didn't hurry Shen Wei, or interrupt him as he diligently sucked Yunlan completely clean. Shen Wei was the one to release Yunlan, gasping for air, looking up at Yunlan with the same mix of satisfaction and desperation that Yunlan felt. "You still haven't let me feel your cock," Shen Wei rasped, and Yunlan absolutely did whimper at that.

"I could—" Yunlan swallowed. They were both close, and he had brought the lube but not even started any prep. "I could stroke us—"

"Yunlan, please." Shen Wei sounded like he was shattering. His wrists were pressed so deep into the mattress that it dipped and closed over them, every muscle of his arms and torso wound taut with the effort of holding still.

"Okay," Yunlan said. He was already moving—his body knew what it wanted, and there had never been anything in his heart that could resist Shen Wei. "Okay, it's okay. You are being so good."

Maybe the words helped Shen Wei settle, or maybe it was that his glassy gaze tracked Yunlan's motions—reaching for the lube, opening the cap with a pop, squeezing it into his cupped palm—and knew that Yunlan required nothing else of him. Either way, his breaths lengthened a bit, and his muscles unwound. "Good," Yunlan said, knuckles stroking the inside of his thigh. "Keep relaxing for me, okay?"

Shen Wei nodded, hissing out a slow breath. His cock looked painfully hard, the head glistening with new beads of pre-come. Yunlan would have expired with despair if he hadn't been able to bend down and taste it—musk and heat, the smell of clean sweat stronger now than any artificial freshness left behind from the morning's shower. Which was good—was perfect. Yunlan had to be heedful not to get carried away—it helped that he didn't have Shen Wei's fingers winding through his hair. It was always better sucking Shen Wei like that: with those hands on him, whether they were resting gently on his head or tugging demandingly at his hair. Without Shen Wei's touch to urge him on, Yunlan could hold back. Could lick just a bit, could close his lips around the very top and suck while his hand slid down to cup Shen Wei's balls.

They rested hot and heavy in his hand, and Yunlan murmured stupefied praise as he fondled them. The sensitive skin was pulled taut, and when Yunlan rubbed his thumb over its ridges Shen Wei rolled into the touch. Yunlan smiled and went lower, caressing Shen Wei's perineum and darting his tongue out to swipe at his shaft to another sharp motion of Shen Wei's hips.

Then he had to focus—had to get the lukewarm lube coating his fingers, and Shen Wei's twitching entrance. Had to shift away to see, to reach—Shen Wei's legs spread more widely apart, and Yunlan managed a, "Yes, good, that's so good, but try to relax," that coaxed Shen Wei into going pliant enough that his thighs stopped quivering with tension.

After that, there was very little resistance. Shen Wei's body easily accommodated the glistening finger Yunlan pressed inside. He could soon move it freely enough that he added a second, working them both against the twitching pressure ringing them. He tore his gaze away from the entrancing sight of his fingers disappearing into Shen Wei's body, watching instead how Shen Wei had thrown his head back into the pillows, eyes shut, a line of concentration between his brows as he kept his arms down against the bed.

Those eyes flew open when Yunlan plunged deep and bent his fingers at the familiar angle which would get Shen Wei right—there. Shen Wei gasped, and Yunlan did it again. His other hand stroked the heaving planes of Shen Wei's chest, fingers flicking against his nipples, pinching and teasing in time with the strokes he kept up against the bundle of nerves inside Shen Wei. Yunlan worked him relentlessly, until his gasps held the edge of a whine, and Shen Wei's entire body was trembling. All save for his arms, which had gone statue-still in his efforts to hold them in place.

Seeing that, Yunlan's heart—and Yunlan's cock—pounded with an intense swell of emotions. He wanted to take care of Shen Wei, make Shen Wei feel as brilliantly good as he deserved after giving himself like this to Yunlan. Wanted to make Shen Wei know that Yunlan loved him. Loved him so much it made his heart grow too full, leaving no room for lungs in his chest, no room for air, only for this exquisite ache that grew more fierce as he took himself in hand and Shen Wei raised his hips and there were words falling into the space between them—yes, yes, please, good, so good, come on—until Yunlan thrust inside and Shen Wei wrapped around him and they were pressed into each other so tightly it said more than words.

Yunlan circled his fingers around Shen Wei's wrists, steadying them both, focus fragmenting with the relief of being able to chase his own release. He didn't have to hold back—Shen Wei was urging him on, deeper and harder, and Yunlan plunged into his sweet heat with a frenzy that drove all thoughts from his head save one. Shen Wei. Yunlan wanted—Yunlan needed—to make this good for him.

Fumbling, Yunlan released one of Shen Weis wrists, and reached down to wrap his hand around Shen Wei's shaft. It was slick and slid easily through his fist.

Shen Wei keened, low and desperate—a sound that made Yunlan's nerves vibrate like a plucked string. He tightened his grip, and Shen Wei arched under him, cock in Yunlan's hand already pulsing. Yunlan drove into him, giving Shen Wei friction inside and out, stroking him from root to tip again and again. Shen Wei writhed against him, wordlessly appealing for more. Then he tensed, all of him wound tight, and as Yunlan kept pumping him, Shen Wei came apart all at once with a cry, his climax spurting all over his own stomach and chest, a few warm drops spattering on Yunlan, who laughed breathlessly in sheer delight.

Shen Wei this undone was a rare and lovely sight, and Yunlan didn't mind slowing down, straightening to be able to enjoy the beautifully debauched picture Shen Wei made. "Fuck, you're amazing like this. Letting me get you all messy…"

Messy and breathing hard, still run through with tension—not like Yunlan, who went completely boneless after a good orgasm. Shen Wei's eyes were feverishly bright after all that, and they weren't quite focusing on Yunlan, though he tried. Yunlan trailed a finger down the line of Shen Wei's chest, smearing the sticky come there, and licked it off in a display that made Shen Wei convulse around him. "Mm. Let me get you even messier?"

Yunlan was still so hard he felt like his skin was too tight for the rapid beat of his pulse—it wouldn't take long at all to spill all over Shen Wei. Who was now—shaking his head.

"Shen Wei?" Yunlan frowned, trying to clear his head enough to see what was wrong, why Shen Wei wouldn't want him to—

"No," Shen Wei panted. "No, stay, I want—" His legs tightened around Yunlan's back, and Yunlan got it.

"But you've already—"

"Haven't I been good?" Shen Wei whispered, looking up at Yunlan with honest confusion—or maybe he was just saying what he knew would work on Yunlan, but either way it made Yunlan's heart spasm with the instant urge to reassure, to give Shen Wei everything. He murmured softly, touching Shen Wei's hot face, his immobile wrists. "You have, you've done everything—I just—" Yunlan didn't want to abuse Shen Wei's overstimulated body, but Shen Wei shook his head again.

"You said—you'd stop if I moved but I haven't. So don't—don't stop. Yunlan. I want. Want to feel you."

Those words took Yunlan apart, because he knew Shen Wei was going to feel it. Knew that every movement would draw sparks through fried nerves, would singe him with sensations his wrung-out body wouldn't have any outlet for—and still Shen Wei wanted it, wanted all that Yunlan could give.

And—"Yes. Anything you want. I'll stay, I'll make you feel this. Shen Wei, I want—" Yunlan had wanted to draw it out, to tease. Had spent the day thinking about it, and now—now he was getting so much more than he had imagined being allowed, and it wrapped him up so tightly in sensation and emotion that he stopped being able to speak. Shen Wei had fallen silent as well, rocking against him, exhaling in relief as Yunlan grabbed Shen Wei's wrists again.

Slowly at first, having to put himself back together enough to control his body and find a rhythm, Yunlan moved in Shen Wei. Let himself sink all the way in, watching Shen Wei's face twisting with sublime ecstasy. Yunlan was soaking it all up, every one of Shen Wei's interrupted exhalations and every toss of his head—vigilant for any sign that it really was too much, but finding none. Shen Wei's legs stayed locked around Yunlan, urging him on. The only hesitation was his own. The sheer intensity of fucking into Shen Wei's pliant body was bringing him to the edge of too much, and Yunlan knew that he was hitting the point of no return, knew that he wouldn't be able to see or hear or feel anything but pleasure and he tried to slow—

"Don't," Shen Wei whispered. "Let me. Let me have you—you're so good, Yunlan. Please."

Yunlan might have sobbed. He knew he tried to say Shen Wei's name—heard something that might have been those beloved syllables as he lost everything else, his climax searing through him white-hot and wonderful, setting him to trembling as he emptied himself in Shen Wei's welcoming heat.

His senses did fracture a bit, but as Yunlan slid off Shen Wei onto the bed, he managed to gather both of Shen Wei's wrists to himself, prying them loose from where Shen Wei had kept them so carefully still. Yunlan kissed each of them—he knew he had held them tight enough to bruise, but the only trace of that was a faint reddish touch to the smooth skin. He stroked them, catching his breath, and then his words returned all at once, in a ridiculous jumble. "Well, you definitely made it up to me. So good—getting me out of bed this morning, I—Yeah. This made it worth it. Ah."

"Even breakfast?" Shen Wei had followed Yunlan's words back to their earlier conversation.

"Hot and delicious. Thank you," he murmured, and Shen Wei made a questioning noise, as if to enquire whether Yunlan was still talking about breakfast.

"For being so good. For letting me…" Yunlan exhaled deeply, and looked up from Shen Wei's hands to his face. He was smiling, looking a little dazed and a lot sated, as relaxed as Yunlan had ever seen him.

"For letting you tease me all day?" Shen Wei's voice was light, now. Buoyant.

"You noticed?"

"Wasn't noticing the point?"

Yunlan huffed a laugh. "Mm. But it could have gone either way." Sometimes pushing Shen Wei made him push back. Hard. In the best ways, and Yunlan had no complaints whatsoever. But when Yunlan got to keep pushing… He stretched enough for a chaste if sticky kiss, then rolled himself out of bed.

"Yunlan?" Shen Wei's hand shot out, catching Yunlan's wrist.

"Stay," Yunlan said, blinking as blood rushed to his head. His legs felt like noodles, but the bathroom wasn't that far. He stroked some hair from Shen Wei's sweat-damp forehead. "You should encourage this. I'm going to clean up my mess."

It was Shen Wei's turn to laugh. He let Yunlan go. Yunlan could feel the weight of his gaze all the way to the bathroom, and when he returned with a basin full of warm water and a couple of towels, Shen Wei was watching him. He did look a little loopy, all loose limbs and warm smile, but not as sleepy as Yunlan himself felt.

When Yunlan sat on the bed and mopped his brow, Shen Wei did briefly close his eyes, but it was as if he couldn't get enough of staring. He tracked every move Yunlan made with the towel, wiping Shen Wei's chest as carefully as he could when his vision was swimming with exhaustion. When the pink skin was decently clean, he moved to dip the towel between Shen Wei's legs.

Shen Wei pushed his hand away. "No," he said softly. Yunlan looked at him. "I—I'll do the laundry tomorrow," he said, and there were bright spots of color on the cooling skin of his cheeks as he curled up on his side, not-so-subtly covering the wet spot left behind on the sheets.

Oh. So Shen Wei wanted to be left a bit messy still—wanted the physical reminder of Yunlan inside him.

"Okay." If Yunlan hadn't been absolutely wrecked—and also human, and near thirty—that alone would have made him hard enough for a second round. As it was, his heart sped back up, and he took a moment to think about what they could do when they woke up. "Okay," he repeated, a little less shakily.

Yunlan dropped the dirty towel in the basin with a splash, and sank into bed, needing to feel Shen Wei against him again. He pulled the covers over both of them and pressed his chest to Shen Wei's back, wriggling against the pillow until he'd gotten one arm under Shen Wei's shoulder, and slung the other over his side. He kissed the nape of Shen Wei's neck, soft hairs there tickling his nose, and Shen Wei sighed softly.

"Thank you, Yunlan. I felt—good." There was a sweet satisfaction in Shen Wei's tone that had Yunlan kissing him again, the useless mush that was his post-orgasm brain offering the observation that it could be the good of fantastic sex or the good of doing what Yunlan wanted him to—or maybe Shen Wei meant something else entirely.

Yunlan tightened his arms around Shen Wei. "You were. You were good—no. You were perfect. You're always the most perfect thing in my life, and I love you so much baby." The last word disappeared into a yawn, and Yunlan settled happily against Shen Wei's afterglow warmth.

As Yunlan was drifting off, he felt Shen Wei's hands curling around his wrists. Shen Wei gathered Yunlan's arms to his chest, holding on as Yunlan held him. "And you are mine," he murmured.

Yunlan agreed with a sleepy sigh of contentment. "Always."

"My most perfect Ah Lan."

Yunlan smiled, a frisson of delight at Shen Wei's tenderness settling like bubbles from a sparkly drink in his heart. His eyes wouldn't open, but when Shen Wei drew another breath to speak, Yunlan dragged himself from the edge of sleep long enough to hear two more words.

"My beloved."