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Izuku Ate a Tesseract

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Izuku was so excited! UA, the best school he could possibly get into, and he was going there! As a student this time! He had already thanked Nedzu a thousand times for letting him in on recommendation. Not that he wouldn’t have done well on the entrance exam, it was, well, more like he still wanted other people to get in. His kind were really rare, and he was a smart one, so when Nedzu had taken him under his wing (Paw?) he couldn’t have been more grateful. Learning his powers hadn’t been easy, both sets of them. 

But now he was here! Really here! And oh no he was going to be sick. Too many nerves. What if they didn’t like him? Creature discrimination hadn’t been a real danger in years, but it still made him nervous. Especially when his kind were already a rarity. 

He stopped at the door that was much bigger than he was. Probably for creatures that were bigger than the average human. Ok. He could do this. He wasn’t going to be sick. He was going to walk in and meet the people he’d be spending the next three years with. Ok. 

So Izuku took a deep breath, and opened the door. Only to be greeted with two angry mages. The door was promptly slammed shut. Nope. Not dealing with that. He did not want to deal with Kacchan right now. Not when his wild magic was already firing off in his palms. And he recognized the other one, the boy with innate superspeed. He was the younger brother of Ingenium, Iida Tensei. 

See, in their world, nearly everyone has a type of magic or power, usually called a Quirk. There were different variants, all of which were interesting. First were the normal people that had magic. They had a designated type and couldn’t perform it outside of that, but everyone was interesting and exceedingly interesting. They made up the most amount of magic users. Second were the people who had mutations because of their magic, mostly to use it properly. Third, and final, were the creatures. Beings that held a resemblance to humans and were either full or part creature of some sort. Their powers could technically be called a Quirk, but it wasn't especially accurate. 

Izuku was the third type. 

“Oh, hello!” A chipper voice piped up from Izuku’s right. He turned, and saw a girl. “You’re in 1-A too, right?”

“Uh, y-yeah.”

“Sooo why’re you standing out here?”

“I, er, people a-are fighting. I d-didn’t want to try and go pass, passed them.”

“If you’re here to socialize, you can leave.”

Izuku stifled his yelp as something talked from the floor. Looking down, he saw his teacher. He had met Aizawa-sensei before, but him and his sleeping bag (which Izuku mentally dubbed the caterpillar cocoon) still managed to surprise him a lot. He also knew he found it amusing to see students reactions to it on the first day.

“Get to your seats,” Aizawa-sensei told them. Izuku hurried inside, finding himself behind Kacchan. The girl was on the other side of the classroom. 

Aizawa then rolled to the front of the classroom and stood up, somehow still inside his sleeping bag, before unzipping it and stepping out. The rest of the class was silent, though Izuku had a feeling Kacchan wanted to turn around and blast him into tomorrow. 

“I am your teacher.” Aizawa-sensei grabbed a box of uniforms from behind his desk and set them on top. “Put these on and meet me outside, we’re having a test.”

The class murmured amongst themselves when Aizawa-sensei left. Izuku just sighed, and retrieved a gym uniform. Everyone else followed his lead to the lockers. Being taught by Nedzu for the better part of two years definitely helped his ability to navigate UA’s halls. 

Once outside Izuku began to mentally panic when Aizawa announced they were doing what was essentially fitness testing, but using whatever power they had at their disposal. Izuku was panicking because his wasn’t suited for this sort of thing. Well...maybe? It depended on what the guidelines were really. 

He then watched Kacchan launch his ball over 700 meters away, and suddenly really wanted to go home. 

Some of the exercises were alright. Stretching has always been super easy for him. The long jump wasn’t the worst, but it could have been better. For the dash he experimented with his teleportation. As far as his classmates were concerned he disappeared in a flurry of pink and red, and then reappeared at the other end with a time of one second. Izuku avoided Kacchan like the plague after that stunt. 

The ball throw...did not go as he expected. His powers didn’t help with almost any of the tests. He had to do something to get his ranking up, or he would be expelled. Aizawa-sensei wouldn’t hesitate just because Nedzu let him in on recommendation. So he did the only thing he could think of, using the power he had been given. 

His arm lit up with green sparks as he wound it back. With as much force as he could muster, he threw the ball. 

And it landed only a couple dozen meters away. Izuku knew what happened. He knew who his teacher was afterall, and if anything was sort of expecting this to happen. 

“No breaking bones, Problem Child,” Aizawa-sensei scolded, tossing a new ball to him. “You would be useless in the field if that happens. You break your arm and you’re expelled, understand?”

Izuku nodded, catching the new ball. Ok. He could do this. If he wanted to get a good score he still needed to use One for All, but he couldn’t break his whole arm.

Well, Aizawa-sensei never said anything about his finger. 

With another wind up, the ball soared off into the sky. Eventually it landed, showing a score just above Kacchan’s. Said Kacchan almost immediately tried to attack him. 

“HOW DID YOU DO THAT, HUH DEKU?!” He screamed, flying through the air on the power of his explosions. 

Gray scarves wrapped around and restrained Kacchan, holding him in the air where he was. His explosions stopped. Izuku uncurled from his flinch to watch the spectacle. Aizawa-sensei’s magic cancelling really came in handy for being a hero teacher.

“I will not have you attacking your classmates, Bakugou,” he said calmly, setting the seething boy on the ground. 


“I assure you, he did not. If he did then he would be expelled.”

Kacchan yelled incoherent before finally backing off. Izuku let himself relax slightly, and merged with the crowd again. His finger was broken, but it was better than his whole arm. He was told he had high pain tolerance anyway. 

The rest of the tests were relatively simple. Izuku didn’t have anything that could help with them. At least nothing he wanted to show off. 

That was, until he saw one of his classmates sneaking towards the group of girls. Izuku remembered his name was Mineta, and he was suddenly very high on his list of “people to watch out for.” He stared intently as the tiny grape rat edged his way closer to some of the girls, who hadn’t noticed him. 

Izuku snuck up to the purple boy, and stood directly behind him. “What’re you doing, Mineta?”

Mineta jumped, and spun around. He calmed down when he saw it was Izuku, but the idea that he would be tense in the first place was discerning. 

“Oh, Midoriya, it’s just you,” he said. “Hey, you wanna help me?”


Mineta got a disgusting look on his face. One Izuku didn’t like one bit. “Getting a look at the girls.”

Izuku scowled down at the midget, who was grinning up at him. Disgusting, he thought. Izuku opened his mouth. 

In an instant of pink, Mineta was gone. The noise seemed to attract the attention of everyone else, or at least the girls and Aizawa-senei. One look at Izuku’s puffed cheeks and their teacher sighed heavily. 

“Midoriya, spit him out,” he sighed in exasperation. The girls watched in interest. “Nedzu did not teach you that just to eat your classmates.”

“Buf he ‘as ‘eing gross!” Izuku cried, muffled by his cheeks.

“And I can deal with that properly. Now spit him out.”

Izuku grumbled, but spat Mineta out onto the ground. No one got a good look at how he had done it, too focused on the boy on the ground. Mineta was covered in slimy looking spit and small cuts. He was laying on the ground about and complaining about how gross it had been. The whole class stared at Izuku in shock, while said boy refused to look up from the ground. More annoyed with Mineta than embarrassed. 

“Mineta, what were you doing that made Izuku do that,” Aizawa demanded. 

“I was just trying to look at the girls!” He wailed. 

The girls all glanced over at Izuku in surprise, who was glaring daggers at Mineta. The purple boy crawled as far away from Izuku as he could. Aizawa-sensei sighed once again, and picked Mineta up by the back on his uniform. 

“We’re finishing the tests. Mineta, stay away from the girls. Izuku, no more eating people.”

“Yes Sensei,” they all said, some more begrudging than others.

The day went decently smoothly from there. People whispered about Izuku, but that was nothing new. The subject was different this time though. In middle school it had been mostly how useless a simple cat morph power was. Here, in UA, it was apparently going to be how he “ate” his classmate after he acted gross. And how he could teleport when he was a “simple cat morph.” Izuku nearly started laughing. While part of what he was was a cat morph, he was anything but simple. 

The scores were displayed for all to see. Izuku wasn’t last, and he finally let himself fully relax. Mineta, however, was. Aizawa expelled him on the spot, citing his behavior and lack of creativity with his power. Had he acted differently, Izuku would have asked him how his power worked. It had to be a type of magic mutation, since Mineta himself looked like a Dwarf or Gnome. 

They walked back to the classroom. Some of them quiet at the prospect that someone had been expelled so soon, and others in contemplation. The girls were happy Mineta was gone, at the very least. Izuku felt he had done something good by helping get rid of the pervert. Even if Aizawa-sensei didn’t let Izuku send him to another dimension. 

Once everyone had grabbed a syllabus they started chattering. Izuku kept well away from Kacchan. Instead gravitating towards the girl he had met that morning and the younger Iida. 

“Hey, Midoriya, how did you do that this morning?” The girl, Uraraka he learned, asked.

“Yes, I would like to know as well,” Iida said a bit too loudly. It drew the attention of others, and Izuku knew they were paying attention to him now too. 

“Er, my powers a-are very complicated,” he stuttered.

“COMPLICATED MY ASS,” Kacchan yelled, stomping up and grabbing Izuku’s shirt collar. “YOU’RE A WEAK CAT MORPH, DEKU. HOW THE HELL DID SOMEONE LIKE YOU DO THAT!”

“I’m not, not j-just a c-c-”

The door slid open to reveal their teacher. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing. Even Kacchan, reluctantly, let go and sat at his desk. Izuku let out a breath he had been holding and followed their example.

“Mineta has been expelled, as you all saw. I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior in this class. Same goes for attacking classmates. This is your first and final warning to not follow previous examples.” Aizawa-sensei paused, sweeping his gaze over the classroom. “With that said, you may leave.”

The first day was done. One student expelled, and one that held a grudge against Izuku. 

This year was going to be fun