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Radio Silence

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August 1, 2000

Yo. So my mom got me this little journal to write down my thoughts and stuff, but I don't really know what's best. I feel kinda childish even writing all of this - I'm going to start college tomorrow, for God's sake!

I'll just describe myself. Maybe someone someday will find this and think I was some slightly interesting guy. Maybe not.

I'm Yoyo. I'm seventeen, turning eighteen in September. I was born in Benten-cho, but I'm moving to Shibuya to attend their college. I'm going to be studying something to do with science. I'm not sure yet. I have bright red hair that reaches my shoulders. It looks a little girly. I'd cut it but I'm pretty cool with wearing it in a bun. My mom says it makes me look handsome. My favorite color is green. My best friend's name is Mew and I'm gonna miss her a lot since she's not even going to college. I'm excited for college but also nervous since I have to share a dorm with a total rando. I'm an only child, so I've never had to share anything in my life. I'm kinda spoiled. I guess I can share my PlayStation with my roommate when I bring it to the dorm. I have two controllers so we can play something two-player. I don't know.

I'm definitely writing my thoughts just as they come, huh? There's a lot on my mind so I might be here awhile. It's my last night in Benten-cho before I head to Shibuya. It feels weird that I'm growing up so quickly. I definitely don't feel almost eighteen. My room is pretty much empty at this point, and it's for sure left a weird feeling in my gut. I don't even have my computer set up anymore, which is sad because if I wasn't writing in here I'd be chatting with Mew or playing some computer game. 

I really don't think I can keep a journal.


August 2, 2000

My mom woke me up bright and early to drive me to the campus. She made me a big breakfast and everything, which was nice but nearly made me feel sick. She works so hard and I want to be grateful and appreciate everything she does, but I also don't wanna throw up on my way to college.

Should I be embarrassed that I can't drive? I'm not. It really doesn't affect me. Everything in Benten-cho is a walking distance away, which is good because I'm trying to maybe lose some weight and get outside more. It's pretty refreshing just to walk from place to place, but getting a ride from your mom isn't nearly as embarrassing as other kids my age think it is. 

Besides, my mom and I like the same music. Isn't that the coolest?

As we got closer to the campus, I found myself fiddling with the radio stations until I stopped on a signal I'd never heard before.

"'Sup?" the voice on the radio asked, as if I could answer him. I turned it up a bit. "It's Beat from Shibuya College! Y'all ready for this ill track?" 

I rolled my eyes at how cheesy this guy sounded. His voice sounded so exaggerated, like an anime character or something. He couldn't be legit.

"This is 'Birthday Cake' by Cibo Matto! Spin the beat, Professor K!"

That actually got a laugh out of me. I felt like I was listening to something from an alternate dimension. And then the music actually began. And it was pretty awful. The song ended as soon as we parked, and as I stepped out of the car, I knew it wouldn't leave my head ever again.