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Mint and Coffee

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Izuku Midoriya swallowed thickly from where he stood in the doorway to his teachers bedroom, he had come over to the apartment with questions about the graduation ceremony in 2 months hoping his teacher could answer them before exams would occupy both their minds. When he had peaked into the apartment from the semi open door (Which was weird in itself, Aizawa never left the door half open) a deep feeling of concern had settled into his gut when he didn't spot his teacher until he had heard a whimper coming from the bedroom, in his moment of panic thinking his teacher was getting attacked Izuku didn't register the heated and copious amount of his teachers scent flooding from the closed door until he had already opened it and was attacked with a wave of heat.

He had to quickly hold in his groan of arousal as soon as he laid eyes on his teacher.

Pro hero Eraserhead, 3-A homeroom teacher Aizawa Shouta, was laid back on his bed with his legs spread as far as they can go. A large sized dildo (Izuku couldn't tell how large) was being shoved into his hole repeatably with enough force to slightly push himself further up the bed. Speaking of the bed, Izuku noted it was an absolute mess, slick was pooling down onto the bed sheets that were underneath Aizawa's backside as his body naturally produced lubricant from his entrance constantly. Running down Aizawa's legs were slick and maybe lube itself, his stomach and bed sheets were covered in a white substance that Izuku didn't need to guess what it was.

It looked absolutely sinful and it was making Izuku harder faster then he ever has before.

Aizawa's head was thrown back against the pillows, which Izuku thinks must be the reason why he hadn't noticed him enter the room or it was because his teacher was too into it to hear the door.

It could be either one.

Izuku noticed Aizawa's mouth was opened in a silent scream as his teacher rammed the toy into himself harder, losing himself further into the pleasure and heat. Izuku was about to turn around and leave his teacher to his obvious heat but a whimper from the omega stopped Izuku in his tracks.

The whimper sounded suspiciously like his na-



Izuku's head whipped back around to stare directly at his teachers face as the older male started babbling in obvious pleasure, lost deep in his head "Izuku! Keep going, faster! Harder! it's so good." Aizawa started to pump the toy faster into himself as he continued to babble nonsense.

Izuku couldn't believe what he was hearing, his teacher getting off to the thought of him of all people? He couldn't help but let his inner alpha slip and take control.

He growled and stalked over to his teacher.

Aizawa's head jerked up at the sound, eyes widening as he watched his student walk over and jump on the bed to pin his arms above his head.

He was screwed.

Aizawa didn't intend for anyone to walk into his apartment while his heat was in effect, did he forget to tell everyone to stay away from his room for the weekend? or was Midoriya not present if he did tell people? Whatever the reason, he silently cursed for not paying attention to his surroundings and at himself when his omega side wanted to practically purr at the feeling of being pinned down by his student.

If it was any other student Aizawa wouldn't have hesitated to push them off, so it was just his luck that it was his favorite student/crush that found him.

Aizawa sluggishly struggled, not really wanting to put in the effort when he didn't really want to escape "You aren't supposed to-Ahhh" he moaned at the feeling of his toy being pulled out of him, gasping he tried again "You aren't supposed to be here Midoriya" He felt so empty, he shuffled his bottom half around looking for something, anything to fill him back up. His eyes closed halfway in pleasure as he panted at the feeling of 3 solid digits fingering him, Aizawa started up at his student as he was stretched.

Izuku hummed "You say that, but you're not really trying to push me away are you? in fact you're doing the opposite." the Alpha teased as Aizawa wrapped his arms around Izuku's neck, grip tight so he couldn't pull away. 

The Alpha leaned down to pepper the older male in kisses and nips, licking along Aizawa's collarbones and sucking deep bruises along his chest. The mint and coffee scent coming from Aizawa's scent gland was so tempting but Izuku wouldn't bite down on it unless he was given permission, no matter how much he wanted to claim the male as his.

It won't stop him from marking every other inch of him though.

Aizawa's grip around his neck tightened as Izuku proceeded to suckle around his neck and jaw, biting down hard enough to leave a faint mark before moving on to different area's of his skin. Groaning Aizawa tilted his head back to give Izuku more room "What...What are you even doing here Midoriya?" the omega panted as a fourth finger was added and Izuku began spreading his fingers apart.

Izuku nipped and nibbled at Aizawa's ear, blowing a hot stream of air on it as he replied "Izuku, i'd rather you scream my name instead of my last one" kissing his cheek he made a path towards Aizawa's mouth "And i was coming to ask you some questions about graduation, your door was open so i was worried. Thought you were being attacked when i heard you whimper, imagine my surprise when you were masturbating to me instead" he murmured against the corner of his lips, deciding to nip at his lips instead of kissing him just yet.

Aizawa tensed at the mention of graduation, he didn't want to think about that right now, the thought of Izuku leaving was not a pleasant one to the omega in heat.

Izuku noticed him tensing, but decided to question him after the whole heat. "I want you so badly Sensei, but do you want me just as much? if you say no i'll leave you alone" Izuku nuzzled Aizawa's cheek, feeling the friction his stubble caused against his own flesh.

Aizawa's inner Omega purred in satisfaction as Izuku nuzzled him, he wanted to return it but his question made him pause, Izuku wanted him? was it only his heat affecting the Alpha or did he truly want him? Aizawa moved his face so he stared directly into radioactive green orbs that seemed much brighter then they usually were, "Do you truly want me? are you sure it's not just my heat affecting you?" the omega couldn't stop the hope from invading his voice, the chance his affection is returned too much to hide from it.

Izuku smiled warmly, bumping his nose against Aizawa's "Yes, i've wanted you for so long. Even before i realised what i was feeling i've wanted to be with you" he stared into Aizawa's grey eyes, blown wide with lust, despite popular opinions Aizawa's eyes were a dark grey instead of black, it was just hard to notice unless your staring right into them up close.

Aizawa's breath hitched, he wanted to curse at himself for acting like a lovesick teenager. But could you really fault him for being excited over having his affections returned? no. So Aizawa dove straight for Izuku, connected their lips in a passion filled kiss, moaning upon contact and feeling Izuku invade his mouth.

God it was so much better then he imagined it would be.

Izuku kept kissing Aizawa and stretching him with his fingers for another few minutes before he deemed him prepared enough, pulling his fingers out and breaking the kiss to strip himself of his clothes. The omega couldn't help but appreciate the alpha as he stripped, eyes roaming hungrily across his muscled torso and arms, he wanted to kiss and nip at every scar that was revealed, most of them from Izuku's 1st year when he didn't have a handle on his quirk.

Panting in effort Aizawa wiggled around on the bed to get comfortable, his earlier position not exactly the best for comfort. Izuku pulled the ruined bed sheets out from under the omega and threw them onto the floor to deal with later and grabbed a pillow to place underneath Aizawa's backside for support.

Leaning over Izuku gazed down at his teacher, eyes roaming flushed skin and a rapidly rising and falling chest. Gently kissing a path upwards Izuku asked one last time "You sure you want me Shouta?" kissing up to his neck Izuku nuzzled Aizawa's scent gland as the omega twitched at being called by his first name.

"Dammit Izuku i've waited 3 fucking years, if you don't get inside me right no-" Aizawa cut himself off with a loud surprised moan, Izuku had entered him in one complete thrust, smoothly filling Aizawa to the max. His natural slick his omega body produces along with the preparation made the slide in effortless.

Izuku groaned at the tight heat, nipping at the flesh in front of him to distract both of them. He wanted to give Aizawa time to adjust, he was bigger then that toy and he didn't want to accidentally hurt the omega.

Aizawa panted, he felt so full. Nearly uncomfortably so but also it felt so right, Izuku filled every inch of him and it was like bliss, Aizawa was on cloud nine as he wrapped his legs tightly around Izuku's waist, locking them in place tightly behind him. His arms roamed across the alpha's back, scratching a thing trail as they both remained motionless.

Deeming enough time passed, Izuku groaned as he pulled back as far as he could go without leaving before slamming back in, pulling a surprised yelp from Aizawa.

That one thrust already felt amazing.

Izuku didn't waste any time and quickly built up a rhythm.

Aizawa's moans and whimpers and Izuku's panting were the only sounds in the room besides the slapping sound of two bodies joining together, Izuku was pounding away at Aizawa's heat, grunting in effort as he groped around Aizawa's chest and hips, tweaking sensitive nipples that caused Aizawa to moan higher.

Neither of them were going to last very long, they both knew it. Aizawa was obviously not going to last much longer from the way he was thrashing around his head and clenching Izuku's back, too pent up from earlier to have much stamina left. Izuku wasn't going to last because he was too worked up from watching Aizawa get off.

"Look at you, all flushed and needy" Izuku's strained voice whispered loud enough for Aizawa to hear, "Would you like me to come inside you? fill you up to the brim and more?" Izuku's knot was starting to catch at Aizawa's rim, ready to be pushed inside.

Leaning down so he was flushed against Aizawa's chest, Izuku positioned his mouth to be right beside Aizawa's ear, "Would you? Would you like me to fill you up so much your stomach extends? Knot you so good you'll be plugged up for hours?" nibbling on his lobe Izuku admitted the one thing he thought he would never say to his teacher, "Want me to breed you? Fill you up with my seed and breed you like the omega you are, Shouta?" the lust and need in Izuku's voice was as clear as day, no way for Aizawa to miss it.

The alpha's words broke the omega.

Aizawa's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he babbled loudly,"Yes! Yes Yes Yes! million times yes!" his legs around Izuku tightened further, allowing just enough room to hump into him but not enough to leave "Breed me! Fill me with your pups Izuku! Please!" his hips started pushing back into Izuku, trying to encourage the alpha's knot into him, "Knot me, claim me inside and out. Bite me for all i care!"

To empathise his point, Aizawa bared his scent gland fully for Izuku to bite, mint and coffee assaulted Izuku's senses as he harshly bit down hard enough to draw blood at the same time his knot fully slipped inside the omega, completely locking themselves together.

Aizawa howled in pain and pleasure as his orgasm washed over him, screaming himself hoarse as he released multiple streaks of white onto his stomach and Izuku's too from how flushed together they were.

Izuku continued to hump into Aizawa until his orgasm came over him, growling around the flesh in his mouth as he released into his omega, pumping copious amounts of come inside Aizawa. Who shivered and whined at the feeling.

Panting harshly Aizawa's head fell completely back against the pillows, no longer having the strength to move it all, hair sticking to his sweaty face. Aizawa winced as Izuku let go of his neck and gently lapped at the bite mark to sooth it.

They shifted around to lay on their sides, facing each other and hugging extremely close as the heat in the room died down.

Izuku had a growth spurt during the year, so he was tall enough for Aizawa to comfortably slot his head underneath Izuku's chin, resting his head against his chest.

Smoothing the sticky hair away from Aizawa's face, Izuku pressed gentle kisses all over his face and head, showering the omega in affection as they cooled down.

"I love you Shouta, will you have me as your mate?"

Aizawa didn't realise he had started to doze off in his students arms until Izuku spoke, groggy Aizawa hummed and nuzzled Izuku's own scent gland, stubble scratching the skin in a pleasant way,"I thought it was pretty clear when i asked you to bite me?" the bite mark still stung, but it was a good kind of pain, "I love you too, Izuku. Will you allow me to be yours?"

Aizawa could feel his inner omega purr in delight as Izuku gave him an answer, "Yes, i'll be your alpha and you'll be my omega".

He bit down on the scent gland, Cinnamon and the scent of newly made books invaded his senses.


To say Yamada Hizashi was worried would be an understatement.

Aizawa had been acting a bit off lately, it could be because 3-A had just graduated a few days ago to become pro hero's or sidekicks at an agency. But that couldn't be it, Aizawa had acted fine during the ceremony, only a little emotional but that was to be expected after all the hardships that class went through together.

He couldn't fathom why his best friend was acting weird.

For starters, his scent had changed slightly, going from Mint and Coffee to a little sweeter smelling. It was also more potent, before you could hardly tell what Aizawa's scent was beneath his scarf but now it's like he was covered in it, scent clear for anyone to guess at correctly.

Aizawa had also taken a temporary leave at his agency.

Aizawa has never taken a leave from his agency, not even when he was badly injured. Especially for months at a time, he was told Aizawa had asked for an indefinite leave, not knowing when he'll be back on for hero work.

His best friend was still on for teaching though, which just confused Hizashi more. Why take leave from one job but not for the other?

Also Hizashi swears his friend is slightly pudgier, his black jumpsuit may be baggy but even that can't hide the obvious weight gain.

Just what was going on with his friend?

"Are you feeling okay Hizashi?"

Hizashi looked over to Nemuri, clearly worried for his distracted state. "I'm fine, but do you know what's going on with Shouta?"

Nemuri raised an eyebrow, prompting him to continue "It's just, have you noticed he smells different? and the fact you can actually tell what his scent is? before you could hardly pick it up since it was hidden behind that scarf of his but now you can clearly tell. It's like hes covered in it" scratching his cheek he carried on "Plus he took an indefinite leave from his agency, he has never done that before! even when he was injured from the USJ he didn't take any time off. Why take leave from hero work but not teaching too?"

Hizashi sighed, and rubbed his eyes, completely missing the look of realisation on Nemuri's face and how it changed to amusement, "And did you see? Shouta is gaining weight, his costume may be baggy but you can still tell he's getting pudgier around his mid-"

The voice hero was cut off by Nemuri giggling, then full blown laughter. He just raised an eyebrow not knowing what was so funny about his worries.

Once Nemuri calmed down with only small giggles slipping past her lips, she answered him wildly amused "Oh my god he forgot to tell you!" she wiped a tear away from her left eye,"Nothing's wrong with Shouta, Hizashi. He's just pregnant with pups, 2 months pregnant to be exact." she let more giggles slip "Oh i can't believe he forgot to tell you and your oblivious ass couldn't tell"

Hizashi's mind screeched to a halt, in the background he could vaguely hear All Might spewing blood from his mouth, likely overhearing the conversation.

When his mind caught up to what Nemuri said, he couldn't stop the quirk induced yell.



In the teachers apartments, specifically Aizawa Shouta's apartment. Two individuals were cuddling on the sofa, bundled up in various soft garments of clothes and multiple blankets forming a nest. Izuku was laughing his ass off and Aizawa's grin was so wide he looked like a cheshire cat, the walls, windows, and door were still rattling from Hizashi's quirk induced yell all the way back at the school.

Midoriya Izuku wasn't supposed to have been there after graduating, not really, But Aizawa didn't mind one bit.