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Blue fire... that’s all she saw behind her eyelids
It cracked and blew as it spread higher and higher. It enveloped her body as she was overcome by its power. She parted her lips to scream but nothing came out. Infact the flames did not even burn her. A voice echoes in the distances.


She took a breath smoke and an iron taste fills her lungs. The voice spoke again. Closer

“I need more power...”

The voice was deep, almost nasily yet these words were flowing smoothly with aggression determined to gain what they wanted. She took a breath agin more smoke swarmed her lungs though she could not cough. The blue flames engulfed her feet. Then spread to her hips.

“You will be the one to grant me that power.” The voice said sounding like it was in front of her.

She went to speak but nothing came out. The blue flames worked up her body covering her waist and up her Chest.

“Your power will be mine” the voice said again.

The flames worked up her neck. She raised her head .

“Your body will be mine.” The voice said in a whisper by her ear.

The blue flames engulfed her head and she gasped once more at the contact of this mysterious voice. Touched her ears once more

“You will be mine.”

She opened her eyes as white light engulfed her vision.




Her eyes shot open as she gasped for air. She looked around frantically not knowing where or how she got into this mess. Black figures surrounded her mumbling something she could not quite out.

“Nobis reputemur sacrificium..” the
Group of people Chanted

She was tied to what seemed to be an marble alter. She tried to move her arms and legs but the were bound to the sides of the alter.
She began to panic as she looked
Down at her restraints Her arms were covered in blood. She couldn’t tell if it was her own or not the shock Getting to Her. Her head spun as she smelled smoke as she looked Over to the smell. Fire was spreading around her in an intricate shape. Ropes leading in different directions. She looked up to see the night sky at the full moon. Her eyes widened.

She knew exactly what was going on she was being used as a offering to Summon a demon. She began to struggle against her restraints. She had to get out of here fast. She struggled as hard as she could but to No avail, the ropes digging into her flesh. She let out a yell as she pulled and yanked in her restraints.

“daemonium, te sanguis”
the Black shrouded figures chanted. As one of them Pulled out a dagger.

She begin to pant hard and she thrashed wildly as the figure drew the blade closer to her.

“STOP IT! GET BACK!” She yelled as the figure drew closer to her the tip of the blade shining against the fire.

“dona nobis vestra virtute!” The group said at once. As the dagger was brought down and a long cut was given to her left arm from her elbow to her for arm .

She shut her eyes tightly and began to scream as her blood flowed from the cut And dripped down her arm on to the marble alter. Another cut was given on her other arm in the Same Spot as more blood pooled from Her arms.

She screamed loud as her vision began to get hazy. She thrashed and cursed as the hooded figures laughed surrounding her. The fires they had set began to circle them and the heat began to become unbearable.

She opened her eyes tears started to spill from one of her eyes
“why...” she whispered as she looked to the sky. P
“Please some one..... anyone... I beg me...” She said her voice getting faint.

Suddenly a loud crash Interrupted her praise.
The fire around her had turned to ice and a huge gust of wind blew the black figures back. The wind stung her face witch caused more cuts on her body it had also snapped the ropes clean off. She immediately rolled to the side blocking her face and holding her bleeding arms trying to stop the bleeding.

The wind had stoped blowing and she could here feint screaming comming from in front of her. A large portal had opened by her feet it was black with red edges of flames. There were steps that lead into the portal.
She looked up to see the portal sitting almost directly in front of it she could see a black figure shrouded in blue flames walking towards her. Immediately she crawled back bringing her hands up to her face. The distant screams getting louder with each step the figure took.
She starred into the portal her hands shaking as she watched the black aura escape from its prison.

The black hooded desipless from before stood up from where they had landed and practically ran towards the alter some bowing and rasing there hands above there head chanting more words.

The figure inside the portal was getting closer the dark desiples waited for there summon to arrive. Black aura escaped the portal and the screaming was as loud as it could get. Right before the black figures stepped thru the portal it had gone silent. The air was thick With raw power, hate and blood lust. A shiver ran through her body as she looked directly at the tall figure in the portal.

Black and blue armor decorated its body. Gleaming scales stretched around and up to its neck. It was whereing what seemed to be a helmet with large ram horns atop and It held what looked to be a samurai sword with yellow tassels flowing frantically around it. Blue flames engulfed its form as a long tail flowed from behind the Demonic being. It looked terrifying. She held back a muffled scream as she sat in fear looking up at the demon before her. Her hands were still over her mouth, blood continued to drip down her arms and on to the cold alter beneath her.

The black desiples clasped hands in unison as the demon stepped out of the portal. As soon as the demon was out the portal, the portal had disappeared along with the the deciples. chanting. The demons blue aura shown bright under the night sky as it stood ontop Of the alter The frightened woman at its feet. It’s blue flame clad eyes shown from under the helmet. Her eyes locked with the demons and She froze in place not daring to move.

She took in all of the details that this demon was standing before her. Blue aura suffocating her lungs. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She was panting loudly even with her hands over her mouth. The demon continued to stare at her eyes darting from her eyes down to her blood on her elbows and onto the alter. The desiples chanted loudly as the demon broke eye contact with her. The demon turned it head and raised his arm
With the sword in one hand. With in the blink of an eye a flash of light was seen. The chanting had stoped as the desiples fell to
The ground lying dead where they fell. The Other desiples began to flee but they were no match for this powerful demon. He opened his sword and gave a slash at the air causing the desiples to fall. When the last desiple fell. The demon looked Back to her and raised his blade above its head.

She was in shock she couldn’t move her she tried to speak but was meet with her voice cracking.

“W-wait. P-Please...” She shuddered her hands shaking

The demon stoped moving the sword.

“I-i beg you. P-Please spare me...” She said with urgency and sorrow as she began to lower herself onto the alter to bow at its feet.

The demon lowered its blade and looked down at her. “Hnnnhnnn”the demon chucked darkly

She did not dare move she froze on spot at the
Sound of it’s voice.

“Human-Why should I Spare you....” it growled out resting the blade of the Sword against the nape of her neck drawing a sliver of blood that stained the cold metal

She shuddered as the blade touched her neck blood dripping on to it.

“I-i believe I can be of
Service to you...” She said trying to to studder

“A Meir human be of Service to me. How insulting.” It said raising the blade

She gasped as She felt the blade leave her neck and shut her eyes to brace her self for be heading. It never came. She dared to raise her head after some wile of silence.

The demon had brought his weapon up to his face and looked to the night sky. It took a long and deep breath. The demon smelled her blood as it dropped from the tip of the blade down to the hilt. The demon exhaled and in a flash of light it’s appearance changed completely.

A man was Standing in front of her. He was tall and built. Adorning a long blue coat that had a white snake etching up the left side of his lapel. The coat had 3 coattails that the breeze had swept them up. His jaw was defined and his nose was sharp. But what shocked her the most was his hair. His hair was pure white as it hung into his face. He grazed his long slender fingers over his blade as her blood stained his fingertips. He brought his finger to his mouth to taste her blood and he looked down at her in a possessive way.

His blue eyes baring into hers. Her breath was caught in her throat. He was beautiful. She had never seen a man as handsome as him in her life. Still Frightened she began to sit on her knees in front of him looking up into his eyes.

“I-“ she began to say but he cut her off
“I should cut you down right now human.”He said his voice just above Whisper

“P-please no! I-I’ll Do anything I’m
Not ready to Die yet...please” she said cowerdly and she looked down to the ground her blood staring to clot in her arms now.

The man narrowed his eyes as he pointed his sword at Her neck
“Foolish girl” he said

She let out a shakey breath as he guided her chin witH His blade. His blue eyes bore into hers. Sending shivers up her spine.

He gave a devious smirk “you should know better than to make a deal with a demon. Besides you were supposed to be my sacrifice.” He said his voice was dark dripping with venom

She was panting hard as he bore into her eyes. Her head was spinning due to her blood being spilled. She swallowed hard, His gaze alone was making her lose her mind. She sat silent as he spoke again

“And a excellent sacrifice you would have made indeed. Your blood is pure “ he paused with a small smirk.
“and with pure blood that always makes the best sacrifices.” He said Enjoying the way he was making the girl below him feel. Devouring her hope.

“I suppose i could spare you...but not for free girl” he said as he lifted his blade higher up her neck the sharpest part causing more blood to tricklE down her already blood stained neck. She couldn’t hold it together anymore she began to shake with fear

“W-What do you want...” she said feeling his raw power over take her.

With a slight flick of his wrist his sword cut a small slit in her blouse reveling a small ruby on a gold chain in between her breasts Her eyes widened as he smirked.

“Let’s start with something simple, That pendant. I know it has very powerful magical energy. It calls to me. give it to me and I will spare you.” He said the tip of the sword pressing lightly against her necklace.

She bit her lip hard. This necklace was extremely important to her she couldn’t just give it away. It was trusted to her.
With a shaky breath she shifted her weight.

“I-i cannot grant your request! This- it means so much to me.” She said as she went to grip the pendant on her neck not caring that she cut herself with the sword pointed to her neck.

“ please anything but this ...”she said Firmly actually having a small amount of courage to stand in front of him her head pounded.

“You defy me woman? Pity And here I thought you would do anything for your life.” He said in a smooth tone as his sword rose with
Her stance her blood pored from his blade as it driped onto his hands. It was warm and for
Some reason smelled sweet.

“Please demon....” she said as blood drips onto her hand.

He took a long inhale and moved closer to her his blade still connecting lightly on her neck.
He leaned into her and whispered lightly in her ear
“If you cannot give me what I desire then I could take your body in exchange woman.” He said as he caused her to shiver.

“What!? My Body?” She gasps a small blush crossing her face. As her head began to spin. His eyes baring into hers.

“Did I studier woman? Great power radiates off of your being and I want it.” He said smirking his his eyes glowing with lust in the dark night.

The red glow of his eyes frighten her causing her to step back on the alter below.
“Wait!”She said as he closed the space between them.

“You are trying my patience woman” he said eyes narrowing. His claws itching to rip into her flesh.

“B-But the ritual was complete was it not? Your here now! You killed all those cult members? Why would you need me?-“ she said trying to stall her situation.

“It’s no use to keep stalling time girl. I will get what I want” he said bringing his blade up to his face examining her crimson blood on the metallic blade.

“I-i still don’t understand why you would need me? What if-“ she shuddered wracking her brain for something to try to convince this demon to spare her.

“What if what? You offer something else? There’s nothing more you can offer.” he said as he reached out to grab her shoulder pulling her close to him.

She lets out a loud scream and she struggles against his grasp. Her struggle was no issue to him as she is pushed into his chest. Ash and copper fills her nose as she looks up at the demon. Trying to push herself away from
Him. His grip tight around her shoulders. Testing her flesh under his nails.
“Wait! Please.....”

“Such fight inside you woman...” he growls as he inhales her sent once more her pure blood filling his nose as she continued to struggle in his grasp.

“But...” he suddenly pushed her hard onto her knees before him.

A dark chuckle bubbled from his lips “I like you a lot better on your knees” He said as he looked down at her his eyes flashed to red.

“please let’s discuss this-“ she said as she began to crawl backwards.

He gripped her chin in his hand his thumb tracing her bottom lip. His eyes practcly glaring through her.

“I don’t see there is anything to discuss human. Eather you give me what I desire”
he said as he light pulled down on her lip

“or I end your pathetic life right now.” He said staring down at her eyes clouded in bloodlust.

The darkness had grown thick around them. Her breath was caught in her lungs. He was clearly not going to listen to her. A demon that was going to get what he wanted no matter what. He was so handsome her heart yearned and feared all at once. She shut her eyes and looked down in defeat. his hand then dropped from her face.

“Now girl do we have a deal?” He said as he used the tip of his blade to cut his hand. Small droplets of blood oozed out of his hand as he held it out to her.

She froze. At his voice so smooth and fierce. She dared looking up at him. His gaze was petrifying it was almost-like she was under his spell. Her right hand raised on its own and stoped half way towards his hand. Her mind was running a mile a minute on the deed she was about to sign her life away. There was tension in the air so thick it hurt to breath. A blue aura was seen circulating thru his body. She could not keep her eyes off of him as she exhaled unaware of the blood splattered across her hand about to make contact with his. She closed her eyes in defeat as she whispered softly.


Her hand touched his. Instantly her hand felt like it was on fire. He gripes her small hand in his as she cried out in pain. Images of her dream she had right before she had woken up to the summoning flashed before her eyes.

He smirked and he lifted her hand up and pulled her into him. Her legs shook violently as he gripped her waist with his other hand. He had saw her vision before he was summoned. He knew what power she held and he wanted it badly. Her skin was soft and supple he enjoy the feeling of his claws poking her flesh. Placing his sword by his hip He then guided his other hand lightly against her exposed hip.

Her body felt like it was on fire he had pulled her closer into him and she shook violently. His hands caressed her hip and his other hand clasped both there palms together. Blood mixing together. Blood and ash filled her nose as her head spun.

He then unwound his his fingers gently over her hand and down her arm over her cuts as he made his way towards her chin blood smearing over her lips as he thumbed her plump lip.

She couldn’t speak she couldn’t move all she could do was stair as He attacked her

He grasped her chin lightly and lifted it up as he ghosted words over her mouth.

“You belong to me now slave.” He said as he put his lips over hers.

His lips were cold,undead,making her body shiver even more it was a shock her head spun wildly as her eyes lidded at his gaze still baring into hers as she teetered away on blacking out. Once twice then closed.

He followed her mouth with his until her eyes fell shut and her body went limp. He retreated from his kiss as he held her body against him. He then sighed an annoyed sigh as a feeling of strength entered him. He then picked up the woman and flung her over his broad shoulder as he began to walk away from the stone alter.
“With this power I am sure to conquer all of this world and all in hell shall bow at my feet” He said as he continued into the forest .