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BTS Boypussy Oneshots

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Hi guys! I decided to write this book because I'm a sucker for bts boypussy and because I can't find enough of them on ao3 or wattpad. If you're more of a wattpad reader, this same book is published there on my account @/prettykookes.


I’m swarmed with requests that I have accepted, they’re around 20 - I haven’t counted the latest few I’ve gotten - and I’ll never get it done if I continue taking requests. Keep an eye on this chapter for updates about the requests. I promise I’ll open them as soon as I finish this batch.

Thank you!

Chapter Text

The practice room was filled with the sound of their recent song, Boy With Luv, and Jimin and Jungkook were the only ones in there. It wasn't like they hadn't gotten the dance down, in fact, they were the firsts to actually get it right without much problem. But Jimin just liked practicing and Jungkook decided to tag along with his favorite hyung. His intentions were anything but pure and innocent though.

Jimin was at the train part when Jungkook pushed back, grinding his ass against Jimin's cock that twitched, threatening to grow hard and stop him from practicing but he just gently pushed Jungkook away, continuing with their practice.

The maknae pouted, he wasn't going to stop though, he tried to graze Jimin's cock with his hands or his ass every time he got the chance and by the end of their 3rd practice, Jimin had had enough and turned to Jungkook. His eyes were narrowed and his lips were pursed showing how displeased he was and it sent a shiver up Jungkook's body.

"Jungkook-ah, I thought I told I came here to practice and that you said you wanted to come along to practice along with me. Not make me hard." Jimin stepped forward with every word until Jungkook was pressed against the wall, Jimin's hands going to grab his waist, keeping him in place.

"B-but hyung—"

"No buts. This behavior isn't tolerated with me. The others might let you hit and tease them and not say a word. I assure you, there are consequences when you not only tease me, but also ruin my practice time." Jimin's face was close to his neck and Jungkook could feel his breath against his skin. He whined when he felt himself getting wetter than he already was just from Jimin being so commanding.

The older noticed, seeing the small wet spot on the younger's jeans and he couldn't help but smirk.

"Aww, Kookie is excited, isn't he? Want hyung to help you, huh?" Jungkook whimpered and tears filled his eyes when Jimin's hand went into his jeans and panties to stroke right over his clit.

"H-hyung—" He cut himself off with a moan when Jimin pinched him, soothingly stroking over it after before taking his hand out.

"Look how wet you made my fingers, Kookie." Jungkook turned a bright red at the sight and Jimin smiled sadistically, taking a step back.

"Strip." The younger's head snapped down to look at Jimin.

"H-here?" Jimin raised and eyebrow and crossed his arms.

"You teased me here. You'll get what you want here. Now strip." Jungkook's fingers trembled as he reached out to take his clothes off until he was left in only his panties and Jimin raised his eyebrow again, pointing at his panties.

"Everything." Jungkook pouted and took his soaked panties off too, throwing them on the ground right next to his pants.

"Good boy." The younger's cheeks bloomed pink at the praise but he was still beyond embarrassed about the fact that he was the only one standing naked. Jimin didn't notice, or if he did notice, he just didn't care at the moment.

"Get on your knees." Jungkook was going to protest but Jimin glared at him and he bit his lips, slowly getting onto his knees.

Jimin cooed at him - which just intensified his embarrassment - and trailed his ringed fingers over his body, starting from his chest, down his torso until he reached his cunt and Jungkook started when Jimin pinched his clit again.


"Look at yourself, Kookie. Such a good boy for hyung..." Jungkook looked up and to his horror, the mirror was right in front of them and he saw the dazed look he had on his face and how he was practically leaking onto the ground just from Jimin playing with him and teasing him and it made his whole body heat up once again.

"I'm going to fuck you—" Jungkook shivered. "And you're going to watch my cock going in and out of your cunt until I tell you different." Jungkook trembled when he heard and saw - from the mirror - Jimin unbuttoning his pants and pulling it down along with his boxers.

He only caught a glimpse of Jimin's thick cock before the older kneeled down behind his as well. He grabbed Jungkook and pulled him down onto his lap, chest to the younger's back.

Jungkook felt Jimin's cock tease his cunt and he closed his eyes, moaning but Jimin grabbed him by the jaw and directed him to look at the mirror.

"Don't close your eyes or I'll stop." Jungkook shook his head quickly and whined, because if Jimin stopped now he would actually faint. He needed release and he needed it soon.

His mouth opened in a silent scream when Jimin pushed in, his cunt stretching around his cock felt so good that he almost looked away.

"H-Hyung—" He choked out a gasp, unable to form coherent words. He could feel and see how Jimin's cock went in and out of his pussy and it made more moans spill from his mouth.

Jimin's hands were keeping him in place as he thrusted up into the maknae's tight cunt, enjoying the way he would get wetter just from looking himself and he'd leak all over his thighs and Jimin.

He reached a hand out to rub and pinch Jungkook's clit and the younger screamed, the stimulation making him go crazy and it was a struggle to just keep his eyes open at that point.

"Look at my cute Kookie, are you going to cum? You're tightening around me so much." Jimin cooed into his ear, staring into his eyes through the mirror and Jungkook let out a sob, tears coming down his cheeks as he nodded his head over and over again.

"Please, please, please, hyung! Wanna cum, please!" Jimin moaned and grinned when Jungkook tightened around him and he stroked his pussy harder, trying to get Jungkook to cum first and it wasn’t long before he did.

Jungkook’s orgasm crashed onto him in waves and he let out one last scream, clenching so tightly around Jimin that the older couldn’t help himself and came as well.

Their panting filled the practice room and Jungkook slumped onto the floor, pussy leaking a mixture of his own cum and Jimin’s.

“You okay, Kookie?” Jungkook nodded and lifted up a finger.

“Need...a...moment.” Jimin smiled and patted his head, kissing him on the cheek before getting up and noticed that his pants were drenched and was thankful that he’d brought an extra pair.

“Ready to go home?” Jimin asked when they were both dressed and had cleaned the place up.

Jungkook fidgeted and Jimin looked at him quizzically.


“Can we do it again tomorrow?”

Chapter Text

"I'm going to win!" Jungkook taunted, his fingers working the controller faster than his brain could even comprehend.

"In your dreams, bitch!" Taehyung bit back and Jin was outraged at his use of such vulgar language.


"Oh please, if anyone's going to win, it's me!" Yoongi smiled as he pushed against the two younger who were trying to make him lose.

Namjoon and Hoseok were childishly wrestling and Jin shook his head at them, shrugging and joining them because he knew he was going to win anyway.

Jimin poked his head instead the room and smiled seeing everyone there, he saw that Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jin were wrestling so he couldn't just go and sit on their laps or do anything, but there were still Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook.

He chose Taehyung, who would always easily give in to anything Jimin wanted. He sauntered over and plopped himself down on the younger's lap, Taehyung looking down at him for a moment before wrapping his arms around Jimin to get a hold of his controller and continuing the game.

Jimin pouted slightly before lifting his head and sucking on Taehyung's neck, leaving a few hickeys in his wake and Taehyung's grip on his controller faltered for a moment. He then tried to ignore Jimin because he didn't want to lose but neither did Jimin.

He wrapped his legs around Taehyung's waist and pushed himself against the younger's crotch. Taehyung grunted and tried to focus on his game but he gave up and let himself lose when Jimin grabbed him through his sweatpants and started stroking him.

"Ha! You lose Tae....hyung..." Jungkook's words got stuck in his throat when he saw Jimin on Taehyung's lap, cock in his hand while his mouth was kissing down the younger's neck to his collarbone. He was so distracted that the controller fell from his hands and his car crashed into a building, causing him to lose.

"You're both losers..." Yoongi also went speechless when he saw the sight and Taehyung grinned.

"Who're the actual losers here, hyung? Me or you two?" Jimin giggled at that and got off Taehyung's lap, getting onto his knees and pulling his sweatpants down just enough to let his cock spring out so Jimin could do whatever he wanted.

At this point, the three who were wrestling noticed how quiet it was and turned to see what was the reason and to say they were surprised would be an overstatement but they knew Jimin was involved but they didn't think he'd be sucking Taehyung's cock like it was one of his lollipops.

"Fuck..." Yoongi groaned and went behind Jimin, bringing the other's pants down along with his lacy white panties. His pussy was swollen and clit a bright red, his hole clenched and unclenched, as if winking at him and he felt a smirk form on his lips.

"Would you look at this, baby's been horny for a while now, hasn't he? Just look at how swollen his pussy is." Jungkook and the others scrambled up to go and see what Yoongi was on about, eyes wide and jaws going slack at the sight of Jimin's naked cunt looking like it was teasing them. Taunting them.

Taehyung, on the other hand, was having the time of his life with Jimin's mouth around his cock. He threaded his fingers through Jimin's hair and pushed him down onto his cock more, making him choke slightly before he composed himself and continued deep throating the other.

But he let go and moaned when he felt a finger enter him, following shortly by a second one and then another hand stroking his folds and clit.

Jin's worked his fingers in one by one, not completely keen on hurting the younger and Hoseok was keeping him pleasured by stroking and sucking on Jimin's clit, it had him going crazy and he moaned.

"'M gonna cum..." Jimin gasped out but then the hands left him and a distressed sound came from his mouth, turning around to see that they were smirking at him evilly.

"Get back to work, Jiminie. You're not allowed to cum, yet." Jungkook went to sit down next to Taehyung, pushing the older way slightly before kicking off his own sweatpants and slapping his cock against Jimin's cheek.

"Make us cum and maybe we'll think about letting you cum as well." So Jimin took Taehyung's cock in his hand, stroking his cock up and down while he took Jungkook's cock into his mouth this time.

Namjoon didn't want to be neglected either, so he grabbed Jimin's other hand, placing it on his cock and the younger understood, moving his hand up and down to give Namjoon the friction he wanted.

Yoongi, Jin and Hoseok still continued torturing his pussy, bringing him close to his orgasm before pulling back and watching as he sobbed around Jungkook's or Taehyung's cock.

Hoseok was the first to push inside of him and Jimin hadn't expected it, didn't even think they would try to penetrate him yet since they were just edging him on. And so the unexpected penetration had him moaning around Namjoon's cock, who shuddered and almost came, barely catching himself at the last moment and Jimin whined.

Hoseok's cock felt so good inside his pussy, big and long and hitting that spot that had him seeing stars. Jin and Yoongi joined Namjoon and the others, seeing as there was nothing to do and they stroked themselves while watching the three get sucked off by Jimin.

Jungkook came in his mouth first, the reason being Jimin constantly moaning around his cock while getting pounded into and he couldn't hold himself back any longer. And the sight of Jimin drinking it all up was worth it.

"My turn."

Yoongi pushed Hoseok away and thrust inside Jimin's cunt, the younger's walls fluttering around him deliciously and he moaned.

"I wanna cum, please, please, please. 'M gonna cum!" Yoongi nodded at the others and picked up his pace, thrusting harder and faster into Jimin to give him the orgasm that he had been denied for almost an hour now.

Jin rubbed his clit in circular motions as fast as he could and that was what sent him over the edge.

He came almost immediately, this orgasm so much more satisfying than any other he'd had and he squirted slightly. He slumped tiredly on the ground, having no energy to help the others but they were fine with that, circling around him and stroking their cocks until they either released on his body or in his mouth and he swallowed.

“We probably shouldn’t stay on the ground.” Jimin groaned and latched onto the closest person - who happened to be Jin - and didn’t let go, forcing the older to have to pick him up and take him to bed while the others followed them.

Chapter Text

"He's so sexy, I want him to fuck me." Jimin snorted at Jin's remarks, shoving his head inside the book further so that if anyone asked, he didn't know Jin.

The only reason he was here with the older was because he was dragged so that Jin could ogle his next victim.

Kim Namjoon.

One of the few - including Jimin - people who hadn't gone running to Jin to lose their virginity before people asked or because they were ashamed they were virgins in college.

But now instead of waiting for Namjoon to come to him, Jin has decided to seduce the man himself and get him in bed.

"What do you expect from a virgin? A nerd at that? No experience at all, he'd probably start spitting out some information about body parts while he's inside you." Jin snorted and hit Jimin with his book.

"Well, wish me luck." Jin pulled up his tight jeans and brought down his t-shirt sleeves over his shoulders and Jimin rolled his eyes at Jin's obvious way of telling someone 'fuck me'.

Jin walked over to Namjoon's table and sat down next to him, he expected the man to immediately to notice him but when he gained no reaction, he cleared his throat and Namjoon snapped out of his thoughts and blushed a deep red when he saw Jin sitting next to him.

Jin smiled and batted his eyelashes at Namjoon, leaning over slightly.

"Hey, I heard you were the best in Chemistry?" Namjoon nodded his head dumbly, his mouth dry at the gorgeous man in front of him.

"That's great! I've asked everyone to tutor me because I'm really going to fail at this rate and they've all told me they can't. You're my last hope, could you come to my house today after we finish?" He used his signature puppy eyes and he heard Jimin snort from where he was sitting and he cursed the little piece of shit in his head.

"Oh—of—of course!" Jin smiled and got up, leaning down to kiss Namjoon on the cheek.

"Thank god, you're a life saver. I'll wait for you outside so we can go together, alright?" Namjoon nodded and Jin smiled one last time before he turned back to sit next to Jimin.

"And that, my friend, was another strike."

"You haven't even fucked him yet."

"Shut up."


Jin met Namjoon in front of the college gates and walked him to his apartment. He quite enjoyed the other's company and was almost sad that he was only going to fuck him and leave him.

"Make yourself at home. I'm just going to change and be back." He winked at Namjoon and went to his room to change, he smirked as he put on his brand new lace panties the lacy top that came with it, he struggled with the straps for a while before he finally got them right. He put on the shortest and most scandalous pair of shorts he had along with a white slightly see-through shirt that would make sure Namjoon saw what he was wearing under.

He went out and Namjoon almost dropped all the books in his hand along with his bag when he saw Jin.

"J-Jin?" The older hummed and bent down to grab the books, doing it as slow as possible and he saw Namjoon gulp from the corner of his eyes.

"So? Shall we start, Namjoon?" The way Jin stared at him confirmed to him that he was talking about everything but studying and god, Namjoon wasn't even opposed to the idea.

But he'd play along for now.

He thought he could restrain himself for longer than only half an hour - half an hour of torture with Jin bending down at every turn and 'accidentally' drenching his shirt so it showed everything under - but he was a man with needs and he could only handle so much.

And that was how Jin found himself slammed against the table, papers and pencils flying around from the force and he groaned slightly from the pain.


"Oh please, stop playing innocent. We both know you're anything but." Jin grinned and gasped when Namjoon ripped the shirt and shorts off of him.

"You know, you look so good in this. Such a shame that I have to take it off." Jin moaned when Namjoon trailed a hand down from his neck until he stopped between his legs and cupped his pussy, making Jin instinctively part his legs so Namjoon could fit between them.

"Who said you had to take them off?" Namjoon on grinned and kneeled down on the ground, placing Jin's legs onto his shoulder, pulling him forward for better access to his cunt.

"You're right." He latched onto his clothes pussy, licking and sucking on the material just to tease the older.

Jin moaned and arched his back, he hadn't expected Namjoon to be so dominant and take control. Was he even a virgin? He didn't have time to dwell on the thought when Namjoon pushed his panties away and pushed his tongue flat against his pussy. He wailed and reached out to grab Namjoon's hair, wanting something to hold onto as the younger ate him out like he was starved.

He even bit his clit slightly, not enough to hurt but even to make Jin yelp and jump, pushing against his mouth.

"Oh god—yes—more—Namjoon!" He cried out and Namjoon obliged, pushing two fingers inside of him along with his tongue. Very much enjoying all the sounds coming from Jin.

He used his thumb to stroke over Jin's clit and pushed his fingers deeper, curling them so that he could hit that spot that had Jin curling his toes and moaning loudly.

"Fuck—Namjoon—!" He didn’t even get to warn the other before he came and to his horror, he squirted all over Namjoon’s face. He had never squirted before. He was mortified.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry—”

“It’s fine.” Namjoon cut him off and got up, cleaning his face up with his shirt before discarding it, kicking his pants and boxers away too so that he was completely naked. Jin’s mouth watered at the sight of Namjoon’s cock and he really started regretting never going for Namjoon the moment he’d seen the other.

Namjoon didn’t wait for him to come down from his high and thrusted inside, a rather loud scream leaving Jin as he immediately started moving while he was still sensitive from his release. And he was surprised that he didn’t mind because if it were anyone else, he would’ve probably kicked them out already.

The younger was rough, his thrusts hard and fast and everywhere his hands touched, left bruises on Jin’s flawless skin and he’d never felt so turned on in his life. Namjoon made him wrap his legs around the other's waist, Namjoon leaning down over him and pounding into him as deep as he could go, he had a strong grip of Jin’s own waist and he was sure he’d have bruises the shape of Namjoon’s hands in the morning.

He came again, losing control of himself and squirting. He let out a sob at how sensitive his pussy was as Namjoon continued thrusting inside until he also came deep inside of him.

The only sound in the room for a while was their panting before he spoke.

“You...are a beast.” Namjoon had a grin on his face as he pulled and Jin hissed, feeling his and Namjoon’s cum leaking out of him.

“Shit, this was the best fuck I’ve had in my whole life. And I’ve had plenty. Marry me, Namjoon-ah.” The younger snorted and chuckled, picking up his discarded clothes from the ground.

“Need anymore tutoring? I could help you around four times a week.” Jin smiled.

“I’ll accept if you tutor me tonight.”


Chapter Text

Jungkook hated waking up to an empty bed and Namjoon knew that but he couldn't do anything when he was called in for an urgent meeting that would've probably decided whether the other company would've signed the contract or not.

And that was why he was on the phone right now with a probably teary eyes Jungkook who wanted to come to visit him.

"Oppa~ Please!" How could Namjoon deny him when he was begging so cutely? And honestly, he needed his daily dose of cuddling with Jungkook because the meeting had exhausted him and he wouldn't be a CEO if he didn't take advantage of his position sometimes.

"Alright, alright. Get your cute little ass over here." He heard a squeal on the other line before Jungkook hung up and he chuckled, going back to the few paperwork he had left.

Jungkook, on the other hand, scrambled to wear something cute - shorts with a soft pink sweater - and ran downstairs to the garage. The Tesla that Namjoon bought for him when he graduated high school stood there gleaming and he felt giddy.

He got into the car and started the engine, driving out of the garage and towards Namjoon's office building. He parked, waving at the receptionist - Jimin - who used to be his friend back when he was a sophomore and Jimin was a senior. He was so surprised when he'd seen Jimin here the first time he visited Namjoon in his office.

He stepped inside the elevator and the doors were closing when a woman stepped in, a bunch of files in one hand and a coffee cup in another. Jungkook smiled at her and she scowled, looking him up and down before going to press the top floor and frowned when she saw it was already pressed.

Jungkook was confused too. He prided himself in knowing almost everyone who worked in this building and this woman was definitely new, so why was she going to the top floor? Where Namjoon's office and the secretary's table was right outside the room, Seokjin was the secretary so either this woman had some work to finish with Namjoon or she was coming up for no reason.

He perked up when the elevator dinged and dashed inside the moment the doors opened enough to fit him. He was going to open the office door when the woman's voice stopped him.

"Hey!" He turned around, alarmed, when she started charging at him and grabbed him by his sweater, pulling him away from the door and almost ripping the fabric with how strong she was pulling.

"Is something wrong?" He pushed her hands away and made sure his sweater didn't have a tear in it.

"Yes, there is something wrong. You—" She pushed her finger in his face. "— don't have an appointment with the CEO. So how dare you try to barge in like that?" Jungkook frowned and glanced at the door before glancing back at the woman.

"I'm his boyfriend. I don't need an appointment when I can just call him and he'd leave all his work for me." She snorted and then full on cackled which made Jungkook pout. Who did she think she was?

"You? His boyfriend? Why would he want a nobody like you? He has me. His girlfriend." This girl must've been more delusional than he thought. He took his phone out of his pocket and sent a quick text to Namjoon telling him to come outside.

"Now you better get out before I call security—"

"What's going on here?" Jungkook smiled brightly at the sight of Namjoon while the woman froze, probably not having expected her boss to come out at this particular moment.


"Mr. Kim." He cut her off and she flushed while Jungkook giggled, skipping over to stand next to his boyfriend, placing a kiss on his cheek. Seeing the girl turn green with envy.

"Hey baby, what's happening?" Namjoon whispered in his ear and Jungkook thought about whether or not to tell him. He probably should because what if she treats everyone like this and goes around spreading lies about his Namjoon.

"Oppa, she was insulting me and lied about being your girlfriend. She also told me to leave and that you would never date a nobody like me." Namjoon's face hardened and he turned to tower over the girl, who looked frightened.

"You are here as a substitute for Seokjin because he recommended you while he was on leave and I trust his judgement. But maybe this time, he was wrong. Focus on your work, Mrs. Park. Come on, baby." The woman was beat red and Jungkook couldn't help but smirk at her before following Namjoon into his office and closing the door behind him before throwing himself into Namjoon's arms.

"Oppa~ That was so hot." Namjoon chuckled and leaned down to kiss Jungkook, who wrapped his arms around the older's neck and allowed Namjoon to push his tongue inside.

"Fuck me here, Oppa, please. Show her you belong to me so she doesn't try anything ever again." Namjoon's cock twitched in his pants and he picked Jungkook up, taking him over to the couch where he placed him down and strips him until he's naked.

Jungkook is already whining and whimpering, louder than he usual would and Namjoon could only smile at how devious his baby was being.

He could already see how wet Jungkook was and he leaned down to kiss him as his hand went to cup his pussy and Jungkook moaned into the kiss, feeling the heat spread over his body.

Namjoon's lips traveled down his body and he gasped at how good it felt, it always felt good. When he felt a finger enter him, his legs spreading involuntarily and the older pushed a second finger inside, moving them gently while putting pressure on Jungkook's clit with his thumb.

Jungkook moaned and his hips bucked up, trying to get more friction against his clit and Namjoon gladly obliged him. He left a kiss on his stomach before moving down and kitten licking his clit. The younger let out a cry and his hand shot out to grab Namjoon's hair.

Namjoon thrust his fingers in and out of Jungkook while at the same time teasing his clit with his tongue.

"Oppa, please, want more..." Jungkook whined, pushing his hips down to grind against Namjoon's mouth and fingers.

The older hummed, sending vibrations all through Jungkook's body and he cried out again. He clenched around Namjoon's fingers and he looked up, seeing Jungkook's glazed eyes, threatening to let the tears fall and he knew without having to be told that he was going to cum.

So he moved his fingers faster, wanting to see his baby cum from the pleasure that he was giving him and Jungkook purposely didn't hold back his scream when he came, drenching Namjoon's chin and fingers.

He was panting harshly and his pussy was throbbing, a bright red color from all the attention it was given. Jungkook whimpered when Namjoon pushed his fingers back in, pinching and stroking his clit until he pulled another orgasm from him and Jungkook sobbed from the overstimulation.

But the older still didn’t stop, he stripped his own clothes off, tweaking and playing with Jungkook’s nipples and kissing him to distract him when he pushed his cock inside. Still, Jungkook felt every second of it thanks to his oversensitive cunt.

“Oppa! Oppa!” Namjoon swallowed and thrust harder into the younger, like he was actually trying to break him. And he wasn’t too far fetched.

Jungkook kept cumming again and again, his self-control broken as he spit out incoherent words with every thrust. It was only after Namjoon made him cum for 5th time that he came himself, filling Jungkook’s overstimulated cunt with his seed.

The younger felt thoroughly fucked, his pussy was burning but he liked it because it would remind him every time it hurt about what he and Namjoon did here.

“Do you think she heard?” Namjoon snorted as he dressed Jungkook back.

“With how loud you were being, it’d be a miracle if she didn’t.”

Chapter Text

Taehyung sighed as he continued staring at their new calculus professor. He was so cute and hot with his pretty smile, cute nose, and bunny teeth. Then came his body, he wasn't exactly muscular but he wasn't thin either. In fact, his biceps bulged just right when he crossed his arms over his chest and his hands, don't even get them started on how he wished they'd leave imprints on his neck. And let's not talk about the bulge in his pants that looked big without even being hard-

"You're drooling." Taehyung was snapped out of his musings by his best friend and not-so-platonic soulmate.

"Jimin~ You can't blame me when he's practically sex on legs." And then an idea enters his mind and Jimin could see from the way he smirked that he was not going to like it at all.

And he didn't.

"No, Taehyung. Why would I do that? If you're so desperate for dick, do it yourself. Besides, we could get caught and expelled. I didn't go through four years of high school only to get kicked out of the only college that I like and my parents barely approve of." Taehyung pouted and grabbed both of Jimin's hands, using his best advantage against the older. His puppy eyes. Jimin grimaced and looked away, internally fighting with himself until he sighed and Taehyung knew he'd won.


"Yes!" Everyone in the room turned to look at them and Jimin blushed, already regretting his decision.

"Settle down, Mr. Park, Mr. Kim. The class is still in session if you haven't noticed." Taehyung and Jimin both blushed this time but once everyone's attention turned away from them, they set their plan in motion.

When Mr. Jeon was moving around checking how they were doing, Taehyung 'accidentally' dropped his pencil right in front of Mr. Jeon. He lifted his head up, timing it just right and brushing his lips against Mr. Jeon's crotch.

Jimin found it hilarious how the professor froze, his mouth hanging open in shock, obviously not having expected one of his students - one of his most gorgeous students - to get this close to his crotch.

He ignored it like they expected he would, but that was why they had three phases to this plan. The next time he went past Jimin, he made sure to show off his very intimate drawing of a body - very obviously Mr. Jeon's - and two others and they were both happy when he saw it.

"Mr. Kim, Mr. Park, see me after class." They hid their smirks behind masks of guilt and shame but once the bell rang and all the students were out, they let the beast residing inside them take control.

Mr. Jeon placed down the drawing he had confiscated, looking up at the two mischievous faces and he raised an eyebrow, eyes going wide when Jimin walked behind him and wrapped his arms around his shoulder, trailing his hands down his torso.

"Mr. Jeon~ We're sorry, you're just so cute, forgive us please?" Taehyung batted his eyelashes at the wide-eyed professor, sitting down on his lap and expecting him to get flustered and stutter.

So imagine his surprise when he picked Taehyung up, hands under his butt and slammed him again the desk, a groan escaping his mouth from the force of the impact but it also sent arousal through him when he saw how easily Mr. Jeon has picked him and oh god, those muscles.

Jimin was pleasantly surprised as well, feeling his panties getting wetter by the second. His giggle caught the attention of the professor, who stared at him from the corner of his eyes as he rounded the desk to stand behind Taehyung - who's eyes were hooded with lust and completely disheveled from the way Mr. Jeon manhandled him - getting on top of the desk on his knees, leaning down to suck on Taehyung's neck as he trailed his hands down the younger's chest, keeping eye contact with their professor.

"Taehyung looks fucked out, doesn't he, Mr. Jeon?" His hand unbuttoned Taehyung's jeans and went under the waistband of his panties, fingers gently touching his pussy lips. Taehyung's mouth fell open, his chest rising and falling as Jimin moved his fingers up and down over his pussy.

Jimin's grin widened when he saw how hard Mr. Jeon was and leaned down to whisper in Taehyung's ear.

"Take off your pants and underwear, Tae. Show him how wet you are." Taehyung's cheeks were dusted pink as he kicked his jeans off first, leaving him in only his black panties that soon came off too.

Taehyung moaned slightly when Jimin spread his legs and pussy lips, they were puffy and fat but his clit was still peeking out between them even before Jimin spread them.

"Don't you want to fuck him, Mr. Jeon? Or should we call you Jungkook? Sounds more appropriate, doesn't it?" The man's eyes were black with lust and it was directed towards Taehyung and Jimin, the former more than the latter but Jimin was okay with that, it was their objective.

"Does sound sexier when you say it." Jungkook grinned and walked forward pushing his clothed erection right between Taehyung's fat cunt, grinding against him until Taehyung was trembling from the stimulation of the rough fabric and the promise of cock.

"Want me to fuck you, Taehyung? You've been eyeing me up all day and I think I do want to wreck you." A sound left Taehyung that seemed to be mixed whine and moan. Jimin watched them, content with only that as he took his own jeans and soaked panties off to stroke his clit in circular motions.

Really, he'd realized long ago that the only person who could please him was himself and he also liked watching instead of joining. Specifically watching Taehyung and his fuck for the night - they didn't do it frequently but the few times they managed, they made it would sustain their thirst for a long time - but they might have hit the jackpot with their professor.

Jungkook manhandled Taehyung so well and Jimin really liked the picture of the two of them together, it made him drip and they haven't even started properly yet.

Taehyung was pinned to the desk, Jungkook's hand moving to his neck and his breath hitched when he felt them tighten there.

"Unbutton my pants, Taehyung." It was a challenge, he wanted to see if Taehyung was desperate enough for cock to take his pants off without even being able to move his upper body completely. And Taehyung was that desperate.

He stretched his hands out as far as they could, his neck straining against Jungkook's hands as he reached down and slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper, trying his best to push them away so he could finally - finally - touch or get a glimpse of the massive cock that he'd been fantasizing about since forever.

But Jungkook's hand wrapped around his neck completely, cutting off his air supply and Taehyung wheezed, tears springing to his eyes as his hands sprung to Jungkook's, not trying to take them away bit just wanting to hang on to something. He gasped when Jungkook let go, gulping down breaths of air.

"I didn't tell you you could touch."

Jimin was stroking his nipples, playing and pinching them. He had four fingers buried deep inside his pussy, fingering his sensitive walls as he watched how Jungkook controlled Taehyung.

Taehyung was still trying to catch his breath when Jungkook pushed down his pants and boxers and they both stopped breathing for a second.

How his boxers and pants held that cock and constricted it, they'll never understand. He was above average considering height but not by too much, now thickness on the other hand...well, Taehyung's pussy wasn't going to ever be able to take normal cock after this.

"Would you look at that, Tae. You wanted to be wrecked, looks like you're going to be more than wrecked after this." Taehyung moaned at that, his hands going to grab one of Jimin's because he needed some support and make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Jungkook was proud of the reaction he had pulled from the both of them, one hand still on Taehyung's neck, who was staring at muscles and pushed two fingers inside of him. He scissored the younger and Jimin crawled forward, pulled Taehyung's legs back so that the man had more space to work with without Taehyung trying to crush him between his thighs. Said boy trembling as two fingers became three and then soon four.

He was sobbing at that point, begging Jimin and Jungkook, though he didn't understand why he was begging Jimin but at that point, it had just become second nature for him to seek the other's comfort as he was being fucked or pleasured.

Jimin cooed at the messy Taehyung, leaning back when Jungkook positioned himself to penetrate the younger. He watched as Jungkook's cock disappeared inside Taehyung and he moaned.

Taehyung, on the other hand, felt like he was being split open and that wasn't too far from the truth. His back arched, but Jungkook just pushed him back down, his hand around Taehyung's neck putting enough pressure to cut off some of his air supply and Taehyung let out a choked gasp.

When Jungkook stopped to let him adjust, he wasn't even halfway through and Taehyung wasn't sure if it was the lack of oxygen that was making him feel faint or the fact that Jungkook wasn't even halfway inside of him. He still thrust inside him, slowly at first, pushing his cock inside Taehyung inch by inch until he sheathed himself completely in his pussy.

Jimin moaned with Taehyung, working his cunt so hard and fast before slowing down so he doesn't cum before them but it was so hard when they both looked like sin fucking each other.

Jungkook took his hand away from Taehyung's face so that it joins his other hand around Taehyung's neck, keeping him in place as he pounded into his wet cunt. The squelching sound was so obscene yet they were all turned on beyond what was normal.

Taehyung arched his back and gasped when Jungkook's thumbs pressed down on his windpipe, at the same time hitting his g-spot and his vision started going blurry. He looked up at Jungkook, whose face was scrunched up in pleasure and it made Taehyung very glad to know that Jungkook enjoyed fucking him as much as Taehyung enjoyed being fucked by him.

Jimin came first, as was expected, and he drenched his fingers. His pussy was swollen and clit completely abused but he liked it. His fingers stayed inside him until he came down from his high and he was given the privilege to view the beautiful image of Jungkook and Taehyung cumming together.

Taehyung's back arched and Jungkook moaned loudly, stilling as he filled Taehyung up to the brim. They stayed panting against each other's necks for a moment before pulling out, watching as his seed flowed out of the younger and so gave him a box of tissues to clean up and Jimin helped him.

"Let's do it again." Jimin blurted and they turned to look at him, Taehyung surprised and Jungkook raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean, Mr. Park?"

"Jimin, just call me that and drop the formalities. Well, we all liked it. I bet you you don't get enough fucks and then there's me and Taehyung, willing and you enjoyed Taehyung's cunt too much to deny it. So? Why don't we make this into a frequent thing?" Taehyung grinned, already up for it and Jungkook smiled, picking his pants and boxers from the ground.

"I'll see you both after school for detention because of the explicit things you have drawn and done in class."

Chapter Text

Taehyung sighed as he stared at the TV, seeing his husband getting ready to compete in the 2019 Summer Olympics for swimming. He should be there in the crowd cheering for him but instead, he's in this stupid building getting ready for another shoot.

They'd been married for a year but even before that, they'd talked about how they would focus on their careers, back when they started dating, they were still rookies and the world didn't take lightly to them dating so they kept it under wraps for almost 2 years before they were finally ready and stable enough to start dating publicly.

It was never easy, Jungkook being a professional swimmer had him going around the world and spending ungodly amounts of time training. Not that Taehyung was any better with his modeling career, having to almost constantly be on a diet and sometimes work out until he almost faints. But that was the life they had chosen and they respected what the other wanted.

In fact, they somehow still found ways to be together despite their hectic schedules at first. Going to work-out together or Taehyung joining Jungkook in the swimming pool because it was still a sport and he wanted to spend some time with his boyfriend.

And it was only after their 3rd year that Jungkook proposed and Taehyung had cried for two days, not believing it was actually happening until they had said their 'I do's and were married. Despite all of that, they still couldn't spend enough time with each other as they would've hoped.

Taehyung was just thankful that they weren't starting until another hour, the cameras panning from Jungkook to the other swimmers and athletes that were there for the Summer Olympics.

He literally had the TV in the room so that if it started and he was still in the shoot, he'd be able to watch while at the same time model. Years of doing this have made him a professional at multi-tasking.

But luckily, he didn't need to do that. He finished just as it had started and he went to the changing room - all the TVs in the building were turned to the same channel that showed the Olympics because of him - his eyes never left the TV even while changing and his heart was beating a mile a minute. He really wanted Jungkook to win, because then he'd be able to take almost two months off to spend with Taehyung.

His eyes were wide and glued to the device as the whistle was blown, watching as Jungkook jumped into the water and started swimming. He blushed seeing his husband's muscles contracting but he shook his head and focused. He was unconsciously biting his nails and one of the stylists slapped his hands to stop him but he was too nervous.

It was the final lap and Jungkook was head to head with another swimmer that Taehyung couldn't care less about. It was just when they were going to the end when Taehyung's phone rang, he heard cheering on the TV but his head had snapped over to the phone to see his brother-in-law, Namjoon, calling and he panicked.

His brother Jin was pregnant and in his last month, ready to pop at any given moment. The only reason Namjoon would be calling is if Jin was in the hospital and ready to give birth. He picked the phone up in record time.


"Ahh, Taehyung-ah, Jin-hyung is in labor and we're at the hospital. You can hear him screaming but he'll be okay, he just wants you here as quick as possible." Taehyung nodded his head and told them that he was going to be there as soon as he could.

He looked at the TV, smile brightening when he saw Jungkook take the gold medal.

This day couldn't get any better.


Jin's labor took almost nine hours, this being his first pregnancy as well as the fact that he was giving birth to twins. Taehyung tapped his feet against the floor, wincing every time he heard his brother scream at the top of his lungs. But he was also feeling giddy because he was meeting his nieces today. He felt warmth bloom in his chest at the thought of the two gorgeous babies that his brother and brother-in-law had probably produced. With their family genes, it was almost certain that both girls would as gorgeous as the moon itself.

And he was right. They were goddamn gorgeous.

They were both identical down to the last freckle. A black mop of hair on their heads, button noses and oh so tiny fingers and toes that Taehyung almost cried when he saw. It just made him want children of their own. A mix of him and Jungkook.

The new parents laughed as they watched him coo over the babies.

"Give them here, Taehyung. I want to hold my daughters." Taehyung contemplated whether it was worth angering the new mother but soon decided against it because he wasn't dumb enough to actually challenge Jin over anything. Especially not his daughters. So he reluctantly gave them back.

"Taehyung? Namjoon-hyung? Seokjin-hyung?" At the sound of that voice, Taehyung's head snapped over to the door so fast he almost caused himself whiplash.

"Jungkook!" He ran and jumped into the arms of his husband, who laughed and hugged him back just as tight.

"Yah! How dare you not call!" He glared at Jungkook, who was still smiling before kissing him. "Congratulations on the win, baby." Jungkook's face split into another bright smile and then they both turned to the other couple, Namjoon clapping and Jin smiling tiredly.

"Congratulation, Jungkook-ah. I knew you could do it." Jungkook turned pink and then proceeded to congratulate Namjoon and Jin on the new additions to their family.

"Taehyung, we should probably leave," Jungkook whispered in his ear when Jin fell asleep and the two baby girls were being held by their father. Taehyung pouted, he wanted to keep looking at the two babies but Jungkook pulled him out.

"Kookie~" He whined and his husband smiled at his childish behavior.

"Come on, you don't wanna spend time with me at home? I am in desperate need of a shower." He wiggles his eyebrows and Taehyung slapped his chest.

"You dirty, dirty slut. Let's go."


It was only a week later when the feelings of wanting a baby resurfaced and it was when they were babysitting his nieces for the day so that Namjoon could take care of Seokjin.

Kim Haeun and Jisook were the cutest things Taehyung has ever seen in his life. But seeing the way Jungkook take care of them, cooing over them and helping them when they cried or wanted food, made the feeling in his stomach intensify until he couldn't ignore it anymore.

He wanted a baby.

And he tried to break it to Jungkook as calmly and as normal as possible.

"I want a baby." Yeah, that was definitely normal.

Jungkook was so shocked and speechless that the chopsticks in his hands fell down into the large bowl of ramen and he cursed.

"Shit, wait-" He rushed to pick it up but then froze and looked up at Taehyung. "I'm sorry. C-can you repeat that?" Taehyung bit his lips and looked up at Jungkook.

"I want a baby, Jungkook-ah. I know we haven't been married for long but-but with how our careers are going, we might never be able to have children if we don't start now and raise them ourselves and not leave them to some nanny. I want a child with you, Kookie." Taehyung reached for Jungkook's hand, playing with his fingers to keep himself from shaking as the silence stretched out.

"Alright." Taehyung looked up in surprise, which just showed how much he had been expecting a rejection and it made Jungkook sad that his husband didn't have enough faith in him.

"Really?!" The older three himself in the younger's arms, Jungkook letting out a huff as he tried to balance them and not fall. "Thank you, thank you, thank you—" Jungkook laughed and hugged him back, shaking his head at how dramatic Taehyung was being.

But once he stopped to think about it, he also wanted to have kids with Taehyung. A little girl or boy with both their genes, maybe Taehyung's beautiful smile or gorgeous eyes and Jungkook's nose or cheeks. And then he understood why Taehyung felt the way he did and couldn't blame him because he was worse.

"When do we start?" Taehyung's eyes widened when he heard that, heart swelling at the fact that Jungkook wanted this just as much as him.

"Well, I'll have to get off of my birth control and get a doctors appointment next week. But once I'm in the clear, we can start." Jungkook kissed him passionately and Taehyung grinned, not opposing at all when the younger carried him to the bedroom.


It was another week before Taehyung runs inside, a package in his hands that made him squeal so loudly that the neighbors probably heard.

"Baby, what's the ruckus? It's still too soon." Jungkook was coming down the stairs, hair messy and eyes puffy from just waking up and he was shirtless, said shirt being on Taehyung at the moment. Overall he looked hella sexy and Taehyung would've taken the time to admire that this man was his but he was too excited because of the papers in his hands.

When Jungkook also saw them, he perked up and ran downstairs to stand next to his husband as he looked through them. He didn't really understand anything from what was written but with the way Taehyung's gave seemed relaxed and there was no worry, he guessed everything was alright.

"So?" Taehyung grinned brightly, his lips moving to change into that box shaped smile that Jungkook absolutely adores.

"I'm all good. Should have no problem getting pregnant." His eyes snap up to Jungkook's, that have a fire burning in them akin to the fire when he's swimming. Which has warmth bubbling in Taehyung's core and he quickly pushed Jungkook's face away.

"Not in the morning. Also, your breath, go brush your teeth."

Taehyung made him wait until the evening, wanting to rile the younger up so this would be one of those nights they would never forget. Jungkook got almost animalistic in his urges when he was denied sex by Taehyung for too long. And it was the best thing when he'd finally stop and let him have his way with him.

"You're such a fucking tease when you want it even more than me, slut." Taehyung whimpered as Jungkook crashed their lips together, opening his mouth to let the other's tongue into his mouth. The younger picking him up to take them to their bedroom and throwing him onto the bed none too gently.

"Hey!" He whined but Jungkook cut him off with a kiss, shifting to place himself between the older's legs to grind his erection against his pussy.

"Come on..." Taehyung whined again as he tugged on Jungkook's sweatpants. "Take them off..."

"So impatient." Jungkook rolled his eyes and took his sweatpants off, grinning at how Taehyung's hands moved up and down his chest, tracing his abs that he'd acquired from training and working out so much.

"Can't wait, huh? Just want my cock in your filthy cunt." The other moaned, pussy gushing just at the words, staining his light pink panties and threatening to leak down his thighs and soak his striped pink thigh highs that was being held up by garter belts.

"Yes—yes, please, want—want your cock, please, Kookie—" Jungkook cooed at his baby, grabbing his hair and pulling him over so that he was level with his cock.

"Pleasure me and I'll think about whether you're worthy of my cock or not."

Taehyung's lips were immediately on his cock, licking a thick strip up the thick appendage. Jungkook moaned and threw his head back, his fingers carding through Taehyung's hair, pushing him into his cock more.

It started with just licks before he took it all into his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down, slicking the cock up. Jungkook's eyes were closed shut, moans leaving his mouth as Taehyung focused on pleasuring him, grazing his teeth against the sensitive skin and Jungkook felt electricity travel through his body.

He almost gagged when Jungkook accidentally thrust inside his mouth but he took a deep breath and calmed himself, feeling the way his cock pulsed in his mouth was so hot that Taehyung started leaking again.

Taehyung sucked on his tip, thoroughly enjoying the way he was making Jungkook feel but the younger stopped him quickly, pushing him back down on the bed and growling in his mouth.

"Fuck, you're such a cock slut, want my cock in your cunt? Want me to fill you up with my cum until you're bloated?" Taehyung whined and whimpered, bucking his hips up to push it against Jungkook's cock. The younger gripped his hips, stopping him from moving and pushing the panties away to reveal his husband's pretty pink pussy.

His swollen clit peeking out from between his pussy lips, already swollen and throbbing.

"Please—please, Kookie—want your cock—want your baby—" Taehyung was babbling at this point, spreading his legs and pushing his pussy against Jungkook's cock head, trying anything just to get him to stop teasing and fuck him.

Jungkook gave in after hearing the last part, because despite everything he was so soft for his husband, and sunk his cock into Taehyung's wet heat. They both groaned, Taehyung's pulling his legs back so that Jungkook could push in until he bottomed out.

"Fuck—you're so wet, you're fucking dripping. Is that how much you want my cock?" Taehyung could only nod and babble incoherent words as Jungkook thrust inside him, setting a hard and fast pace.

The sound of skin slapping skin, moans and whimpers filled the room. Taehyung digging his nails into Jungkook's back while he pounded into his throbbing pussy.

Jungkook's hand reached down between them to stroke and pinch his clit, drawing a wail from the older who was already close to crying.

Taehyung suddenly felt Jungkook switching their places, shifting the other so that he was on top of him and lining himself up with his pussy again before impaling Taehyung onto his cock over and over again until he was a sobbing mess.

"Kookie—Kookie—fill me up—fill me up with your cum and impregnate me—!" Jungkook's cock swelled at the filthy words coming out of his husband's mouth and thrust his hips up faster, chasing his orgasm while at the same time rubbing Taehyung's clit, wanting to cum together.

Taehyung let out a scream, his orgasm crashing into him like a wave and he squirted, drenching Jungkook's cock, torso and his own thighs. The sight was so hot that Jungkook came instantly, filling the older up with so much cum, more than he'd ever done before.

Taehyung stayed on his husband's cock for awhile, trying to catch his breath and also didn't want any of his seed to leak out just yet.

Jungkook reached out into their nightstand drawer where they had bought a plug prior just because Taehyung was obsessed and wanted to make sure that there was no chance he wouldn't get pregnant.

"Come on, baby. I'll do it quick, you'll be okay." Taehyung whimpered and let Jungkook pull out, immediately pushing the plug inside and the older moaned from oversensitivity.

They laid down next to each other, both of their hands on Taehyung's stomach.

"Think a little baby is forming in there already?" Jungkook's voice was just about a whisper, like he was scared that raising his voice might ruin the moment and Taehyung giggled softly.

"We just finished Jungkook-ah, we'll have to wait at least a month before being able to make sure." The younger pulled him closer and huffed.

"Well, I'm going to be a father and this is a father's instinct but, I know there's going to be a baby in your stomach in a months time and it's going to be a pretty girl that I can spoil to death."

It was safe to say that everything he said that day, turned out to be true.

Chapter Text

They needed more models.

They needed them ASAP or the show would be ruined. And Jungkook wasn't a fashion designer, but he was one of those people who you called to organize the whole thing because the designer was incompetent for everything besides the clothes.

And while finding models was usually an easy job for him, this time around though, he was getting frustrated. The dresses needed a certain type of body shape to pull it off. Being too skinny won't work and almost all of them were skin and bones, he needed life, he needed color to their skins and absolutely gorgeous plump bodies.

Not walking skeletons.

"You're overthinking it," Seokjin told him as he sipped his wine, completely calm despite the fact that he was the designer and his reputation would be on the line if this show failed.

It would be their first ever showcase in almost a year and the line was absolutely gorgeous, the theme being silk, satin, and gold.

And Jungkook had done his absolute best because Seokjin was a really famous designer - albeit one of the laziest - and it would be very bad for himself and his company should he fuck this up.

And right now, he seemed very close to fucking up.

"Someone has to since you don't give a fuck obviously. I can't let this line flop." Seokjin hummed, sloshing the wine in the glass, a smirk on his face.

"Have you ever tried bringing in men?" Jungkook frowned at him.

"Men don't wear dresses, hyung. Or has the alcohol finally fucked with your brain?" Seokjin rolled his eyes and slapped him upside the head.

"You dumbass, I meant those feminine ones like my Taehyungie. In fact, I think he can come in and model for us if he's not busy, but in case he can't make it, let's call in for auditions." The younger thought about it, this was a great idea actually. Why hadn't he thought of it sooner?

He grabbed his phone, calling Yoongi so he can round up every single model he knew that fit under the category.

Two days later, he and Seokjin were sitting in front of the stage that was still being worked on for the show, but they were sure a small show wasn't going to ruin anything.

Each one came out wearing the clothes that the other female models couldn't. But none of them impressed Jungkook too much, neither Seokjin it seemed.

The only person who actually caught Seokjin's attention was his husband, Kim Taehyung. He was wearing the white satin dress with gold chains around the waist and white high heels. It was very short and had a cut at the side that rose up to the hips where the chain was.

Well, Jungkook couldn't deny that he was perfect for the job, but he couldn't be the only person to model all the dresses. There were at least seven that Jungkook refused to let the other models wear and Taehyung couldn't possibly handle all seven.

The next person who came in though took Jungkook's breath away.

He had soft blonde hair that was curled slightly, his make up done as if he was actually on the real stage, something Jungkook admired the moment he noticed. He was walking confidently down the catwalk. He was wearing one of Jungkook's favorite of Seokjin's designs.

A red silk off-shoulder dress with flowing sleeves that clamped around the wrists and reached the ground. He had a gold belt wrapped tightly around his waist, showing off his small and curvy he was along with a gold collar around his neck.

His jaw dropped and he quickly looked through the papers to see who this man was or he would actually faint. He found the name after Taehyung's, Park Jimin. He was a rising model and had made a name for himself as a firm supporter of the LGBTQ+, being a part of it - as an intersex - and had made many donations, all of this besides the fact that he was hellishly gorgeous and everyone wanted him for themselves in one way or another.

Jungkook just became one of those people.

Jimin walked down the stage confidently, a hand going to his waist at the end to strike a pose before turning around to walk back inside and for the next model to come out. Jungkook already missed seeing him.

"I didn't know Yoongi-hyung knew someone so beautiful..." Seokjin snorted and then laughed at him.

"Of course he doesn't. Taehyung invited Jimin to audition since they were both platonic soulmates - his words, not mine - and had a lot in common." Jungkook stared at him before getting on his knees and placed his head on Seokjin's legs.

"Hyung~" He whined, trying to act as cute as possible. "Please, please, please introduce us? Pretty please~" Seokjin cringed at the younger's failed attempt at being cute and looked anywhere but at him to avoid how awkward he was being.

"Hey! No one kneels in front of my husband but me!" And there was his savior. Seokjin kicked Jungkook off and went to his husband to hug him and give a kiss for a work well done.

Jungkook gagged at the two who were being all lovey-dovey but he tried not to be too rude because these two are his only connection to Jimin and he was too awkward to approach the beauty himself.

"Baby, you know Jungkook, right? Well, he wants to fuck Jimin." Jungkook choked on his saliva, coughing and slapping his chest and gave Seokjin a 'what the fuck' look. Taehyung turned his calculating eyes to him.

"You wouldn't be the first. What makes you so different from all the other horny dicks that want my Jiminie, huh?" He actually looked like a mother hen and Jungkook raised an eyebrow.

"Cause I wanna date him? Take him out for a night he won't ever forget? And possibly marry and have kids with him? And maybe kiss his face until his blushing scarlet? And all of this when I haven't even met him and just saw him?" He was really embarrassed admitting all of this but he knew it was true, he wasn't a child and he could make decisions on his own now. And he didn't regret a word he said.

"Aww, that's so cute. You hear that, Jiminie? He's just like a lovesick puppy." Jungkook froze when he heard that and then slumped his shoulders, sighing so heavily that it made the married couple laugh.

He heard the sultry laugh behind him and the clicking of heels before he saw Jimin. The other had changed, now wearing tight black pants that hugged his thighs beautifully with a simple black shirt. He still made it look as if he was going down another catwalk or a photoshoot.

"It is cute. Now that I get a good look at you, I wouldn't mind." Jungkook's mouth dropped open and Taehyung and Seokjin laughed, saying their goodbyes to Jimin before leaving to fool around somewhere.

Jimin shifted to look at him then, flicking some of his hair out of his eyes that turned to crescents when he smiled.

"So, about that anything planned?" The smirk on his face made Jungkook flustered but he cleared his throat and nodded.

"If you can change into something you can move in, I could rent the ice skating rink for a few hours and then we can go to this amazing beach cafe that is run by a friend of mine." Jimin's eyes sparkled and Jungkook internally sighed in relief that he didn't fuck up and they haven't done anything yet.

Jimin did go change into a black skirt and white sweater along with white sneakers because they were going to be walking a lot and he didn't want to have blisters because of his heels.

It was safe to say that Jungkook was in love.

The ice rink they went to was almost deserted so it wasn't hard for Jungkook to convince them to kick everyone out with the right amount of money. He did slip and fall on his ass a ton of times - it's been a while and he was rusty - but the way Jimin kept smiling and laughing was all worth it.

"You had fun watching me suffer?" Jimin laughed loudly as Namjoon brought them their cakes and drinks. They were both starving and dug in immediately, conversation flowing smoothly between them.

Soon, they were walking down the beach, one hand holding the other's while another held their shoes so they could feel the sand and sea against their feet.

"I had fun, Jungkookie. It's been a while since I went on a proper date that Taehyung hadn't organized or they just wanted to fuck me. Surprisingly, I wanted to jump you the moment I saw you." Jungkook blushed at how vulgar Jimin was and also because he couldn't deny that he also wanted the older male.

Jimin smiled, knowing he had the same effect the taller male had on him. He moved his hand up to Jungkook's neck, pulling him down to push their lips together. Jungkook immediately melted into the kiss, pulling Jimin closer by the waist to deepen the kiss.

He pushed his tongue between Jimin's plump lips, his nether regions twitching at the moan the older allowed to escape. They parted with a gasp, staring into each other's eyes as they tried to catch their breaths.

"My house?" Jimin looked up to Jungkook and nodded his head eagerly.



They stumbled into the house, sloppily kissing as they took their shoes off and Jungkook picked him up so that he could lead them to his bedroom. Jimin wrapped his legs around Jungkook's waist and cupped his face, wrapping his lips around the younger's, trying to get a little dominance over him that Jungkook found absolutely endearing.

They fell onto the bed, Jungkook first and Jimin got on top of him, a smirk on his face as he stripped Jungkook off of his shirt.

He whistled seeing the younger's body, moving a hand down his upper body and Jungkook shivered in anticipation. Jimin wasn't as shy as Jungkook and took his sweater off without much of a problem, has always liked the attention. Also, the look Jungkook kept giving him, made him want to be more daring.

"Jungkookie..." The younger swallowed and looked down, Jimin gently stroking his jawline and kissing his neck.

"Wanna sit on your face." Jungkook almost choked and he could've sworn he saw his whole life flash before his eyes, but he quickly composed himself before he looked like a wimp.

"Then get to it, baby." Jimin bit his bottom lip, standing up to take off his panties and Jungkook swallowed again at how wet they were.

Jimin left the skirt on - Jungkook swore it was on purpose - and got back on top of Jungkook, his back facing the younger as he shifted to hover over his face.

All the blood rushes to his face at the sight of Jimin's pussy. Intersex people didn't have to shave because they never grew pubic hair so Jimin's pussy looked soft and clean. Jungkook reached out to spread his lips apart, revealing the pink clit hiding behind the hood and his hole that was winking at him.

Jimin wasn't read for when Jungkook wrapped his lips around his pussy, sucking and licking like he was starved his whole life. A broken wail escaped him and he unconsciously pushed down, trying to somehow make Jungkook go harder.

The younger pinched and played with his clit while he pushed his tongue inside his dripping hole, trying to drive Jimin towards overstimulation. The other knew what he was doing and didn't mind, leaning down to unbuckle his pants and pull his cock.

Jungkook hissed when he was exposed to the cold air but Jimin was just salivating ya the sight of his cock. Never had he taken something so thick and long and he couldn't wait to feel it splitting his cunt open. He took into his mouth, sucking and licking on the tip, causing Jungkook to moan into his pussy.

The vibrations caused him to jolt and let out a moan himself, choking slightly around the cock in his mouth. Jungkook bucked his hips up, thrusting into the older's mouth as he tried to concentrate on making him feel good at the same time.

Jimin lifted himself up, turning back around and straddled Jungkook's hips, placing his cock on his pussy and rubbing Jungkook's cock between his folds, wetting his cock with his juices. Jungkook groaned loudly and Jimin laughed breathlessly.

"Fuck, stop teasing Jiminie-" And the older laughed at him again before finally sinking down onto Jungkook's cock. The younger's mouth opened in shock, seeing his cock disappear in Jimin's pussy. He felt dizzy as the heat enveloped him and Jimin leaned down to kiss his cheek because the little minx knew exactly the effect he had on Jungkook.

And really, Jungkook was so close that he was embarrassed. He wasn't some virgin but Jimin seemed to reduce him to one.

Jimin slowly rocked his hips back and forth, stimulating them both and trying to drag this out as long as he could because he knew they weren't going to last long. Not with how good they were making each other feel. But Jungkook just couldn't handle the slow pace Jimin had set and sat up, gripping the other's hips and thrusting up hard and quick.

Jimin's moans were in sync with his thrusts, sometimes loud and sometimes soft and breathless but it was still hotter than anything Jungkook had experienced in his life. The older's arms around his shoulders, hands going to thread through his hair as they kissed. Jimin moaned loudly into his mouth and Jungkook felt him tighten, something warm drenching his cock and he was in awe when he realized Jimin had come.

The other was embarrassed but Jungkook just kissed him, turning them around and laying Jimin on his back on the bed before moving his hips again. Jimin cried out at the overstimulation, especially when Jungkook's hand went between them to thumb at his clit without mercy.

He came again less than a moment later, Jungkook following him and then collapsed on top of him, barely keeping himself from crushing the smaller under him.

"," Jungkook smirked and rolled to the side, pulling and Jimin hissed slightly. They kissed for a few more minutes, too caught up in the moment and then fell asleep in each other's arms not long after.

Chapter Text

Jungkook came home after a long day to see his beautiful pregnant husband walking around the house only in one of his shirts; even when pregnant, the shirt still swallowed the smaller boy up. Jungkook decided to watch Jimin for a second before going up to his lovely husband and wrapping his hands around his husband's rather large belly.

"Mmm hi Jiminie, you look so good walking around in just my shirt baby." Jimin smiled as he felt jungkook start to kiss the small expanse of his neck that he could reach. "I missed you and it smelled like you so i put it on while you were gone." Jungkook walked around to face Jimin and wrap his arms around his neck. "You're really going to be the death of me Park Jimin; come here."

Jungkook leaned in and began to kiss Jimin. He quickly swiped his tongue across Jimin's plump bottom lip asking for permission to enter. The soft kiss was quickly deepened by Jungkook. Jungkook had already started to feel himself get hard as soon as he stepped into the house and saw Jimin is his shirt.

Jimin moaned when Jungkook lightly bit on his bottom lip knowing what it does to the younger. "Kookie, don't tease me please." Jimin said, already breathless and looking fucked out just from kissing his husband. Jungkook looked at Jimin and chuckled lovingly and softly before looking at Jimin with his lust filled eyes. "Alright baby do you wanna go to the bedroom?" Jimin quickly nodded and latched onto Jungkook. The younger male said a quick "jump." before Jimin listened and wrapped his legs around Jungkook's hips while the younger held onto him tightly.

Jungkook attached his lips to Jimin's neck and didn't stop kissing him until he laid Jimin down on the bed and was hovering over him. Jungkook just looked at his beautiful for a moment. Jimin made eye contact with Jungkook and began to blush due to being under the younger's gaze. "Stop staring kook, it's embarassing." Jungkook leaned down and kissed Jimin's lips before pulling away causing a pout to form on Jimin's face.

"How can I not stare at you? You're absolutely gorgeous Jimin. It's hard to control myself around you. Do you know how sexy you look all big and pregnant carrying our beautiful baby? You look so sexy. I just wanna fuck you all day seeing you walk around in my clothes and carrying our baby." Jimin whined at Jungkook's words, feeling his already wet pussy gush more fluid at his husband's filthy words.

"Jungkook please, I need you right now, I need you so bad baby please." Jimin didn't care how desperate he sounded he just wanted Jungkook to make him feel good. Jungkook once again smiled at Jimin before going to passionately kiss Jimin. The younger began to kiss Jimin's neck while one of his hands traveled to the hem of Jimin's shirt. Jungkook pulled away from Jimin and smiled at Jimin. "Can you sit up for me so i can take your shirt off baby?" Jimin nodded and sat up quickly. Jungkook pulled his large white shirt of Jimin and threw it somewhere in the room before removing his as well.

Jimin quietly hissed at the cold air that hit his hard and sensitive nipples. Jungkook smirked before he began to rub Jimin's left nipple while lightly licking his right one. Jimin's back arched off the bed at the immense pleasure of having his nipples played with. Jimin was quickly becoming wetter and wetter. His panties were almost completely soaked due to the juices coming out of him. "K-kookie, fuck i-if you continue i'm gonna start leaking milk baby. Jungkook pulled away and began to suck Jimin's nipples until he felt milk come out. Jimin moaned when Jungkook lightly bit his nipple before pulling away.

"Fuck Jiminie, I love you so much. You're so beautiful. So so beautiful. I don't know how i got so lucky." Jungkook said as he slid his hands up from Jimin's large curvy his to his enlarged chest due to being pregnant and squeezed both of them softly as he watched with lust filled eyes as milk came out of both of the older's nipples.

Jimin was far gone at this point and he could feel his pussy throbbing and begging to be fucked. "Kookie, please, I'm so wet I need you to do something please." Jungkook didn't say anything and just started to kiss Jimin from his chest down to his large stomach until he reached the waistband of Jimin's panties. Jungkook spread Jimin's legs and put his head in between them. Jungkook smirked when he saw Jimin's juices leaking out of his panties. Jungkook grabbed the waistband and began pulling them down. Jimin lifted his up and let Jungkook take the wet panties off of him.

Jimin felt his wet pussy throb once again as the cool air hit his wet folds. Jungkook ran his index finger in between Jimin's folds as he moaned at the much needed contact he finally got. "You're so wet for me baby, I love how wet you always get for me. You're so amazing Jiminie." Jungkook unable to hold back any longer, began to lick and suck at Jimin's swollen clit. Jimin moaned at the unexpected surge of pleasure he suddenly felt. Jimin wrapped his fingers in Jungkook's hair trying to bring him closer to his wet heat as Jungkook licked his clit and in between his glistening folds.

Jungkook slowly added a finger into Jimin's tight pussy and began pumping it in and out of the older. Jimin moaned as he felt himself clench around Jungkook's finger. The combined pleasure of Jungkook eating him out and fingering Jimin almost made him tip over the edge. "J-Jungkook, s-stop, I don't w-wanna cum like like this, i need you inside me."Jimin moaned out as he felt Jungkook stop all his motions instantly.

Jungkook loved it when Jiming got all desperate for him and who was he to deny the love of his life what he wanted. Jungkook reached to unbutton his pants but Jimin stopped him. "No, I wanna do it." Jimin said, already unbuttoning Jungkook's pants. Jungkook just chuckled and smiled at Jimin; he didn't know how he managed to find someone who he loved this much. Jungkook was pulled out of his thoughts as he felt Jimin pull down his pants and boxers.

As Jimin pulled out Jungkook's he stared at it amazed. No matter how many times they fuck Jimin was always amazed at how thick and long was. He was getting wetter thinking about how Jungkook was going to stretch his tight cunt open wit his cock. Jimin whined as Jungkook rubbed the head of his cock along Jimin's wet folds wetting the tip with a mix of his and Jimin's juices. Jungkook quickly stopped teasing Jimin and softly pushed into his tight wet pussy.

Once Jungkook was fully inside of Jimin he began to thrust softly but with enough force to have Jimin feeling amazing. "Fuck baby, you feel so amazing. Always so tight and wet for me. You're the best husband I could've ever asked for." Jungkook loved having soft passionate sex with his husband. He loved to feel Jimin's walls clench around his cock as he whispered how much he loved Jimin in his ears.

"Kookie, you feel so good inside me, I love your cock so much." Jimin babbled out as he started to become closer to his climax. Jimin moaned as Jungkook began to thrust a little bit faster knowing Jimin was close. Jimin whined and Jungkook looked up at Jimin; He had his lips in a soft pout and Jungkook knew exactly what Jimin wanted. Jungkook leaned down as he kissed Jimin softly, their lips barely moving across each other's as Jungkook thrusted a few more times until Jimin came and squirted all over Jungkook's cock.

Jungkook thrust into Jimin's sensitive cunt before he came inside. He softly pulled out and Jimin whined due to the oversensitivity and the feeling of Jungkook's cum leaking out of his now sore pussy. Jungkook laid down next to a sleepy Jimin and caught his breath. After a few minutes, Jungkook turned to see Jimin already asleep. Jungkook got out of their bed and walked into their bathroom to get a warm washcloth and clean up Jimin well before taking a quick shower himself not wanting to be away from Jimin. Jungkook got back into bed naked, and held his husband close him before kissing his shoulder and muttering a soft "I love you." before falling asleep as well.

Chapter Text

Hoseok enjoys the attention that he gets from working at the casino. Sure, most did come for all the money they could potentially win or lose, the rush of it all being thrilling for them. But something he'd learned early on was that no matter what anyone was doing, they'd all stop and stare at him once he got onto that pole.

Then there came this one man, cat-like eyes and features, he'd never lost a bet just yet. In fact, when he looks into your eyes, it's as if he's looking deep into your soul, stripping you one layer after the other until there's nothing left to hide from him. Hoseok had experienced it, he'd looked into the man's mischievous and calculating eyes for as long as he dared before turning red, looking away and continuing to work.

He feels as though his body is owned by the mysterious man. And maybe it was. For a while however, Hoseok just hasn't noticed how no one would get closer than they should, never touching skin anymore like they used to and always placing the money neatly on the stage. He was grateful however, since it saved him the trouble of having to go around trying to gather all the stray pieces of money he was able to find.

But the man - Min Yoongi was his name, according to Jimin, one of the escorts - never tried to book Hoseok for the night or even buy him completely and it irritated him. He did want the other to claim him officially but if he never tried, Hoseok wouldn't go after him. He wasn't the type to chase, and was usually the one being chased after, and he liked it that way.

It was currently a Saturday night, and Hoseok had just finished his last shift for the night and decided to relax by the bar to try to drink away his annoyance. Recently, his sexual frustrations have been getting to him much more than usual. He was used to taking someone home from the casino once in a while, but for some reason, no one seemed to be approaching him anymore. If they did, it would be for no more than a few minutes and then they would just run away again. What was even more frustrating was the fact that Yoongi never seemed to make an effort to approach him.

Hoseok decided that it was probably time for him to give up and move on since Yoongi seemed to have lost interest in him. So after sitting by the bar for a good half an hour, taking a few shots and conversing with the bar tender, Namjoon -who was the husband of the casino's owner, Jin- he decided to take some action and talk to the hot guy that sitting a few seats away from him, because frankly, he was  getting tired of listening to Namjoon babbling on about his husband, and he was pretty sure he'd seen Taehyung and Jeongguk -his two friends and fellow workers- grinding against Jimin, who was in between them both, on the dance floor like horny teenagers. So really, what other choice was he left with?

To his surprise, the guy didn't run away like he'd expected, and he was more than thrilled about the fact. The two sat by the bar and enjoyed their martinis, taking their time to get to know each other and, of course, flirt a bit. Hoseok learned the man's name was Jackson, and he was only older than Hoseok by a little more than a month. Jackson was apparently the co-owner of a well known entertainment company, alongside, guess who, yup you guessed it, Min fucking Yoongi. Of course. 

That was Hoseok's first sign to run, but Jackson was the first person that hadn't run away, so he decided to suck it up and stay. After about another half an hour of conversing, Hoseok couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. He turned around to scan the room for any lingering eyes, and eventually met eyes with the very man he'd been trying to get over. And he was apparently making his way over to the duo. Greeeeaaaaattttt. Note the sarcasm. As he approached the pair, Yoongi sent a glare towards Jackson and for the first time ever, Hoseok heard his voice, which sent chills down his spine. 

"Beat it" he said to Jackson with a snarl. 

Jackson put his hands up in surrender and got up, sending a quick wink towards Hoseok and muttering a quick "Call me". As he left, Hoseok could feel himself getting more nervous after each passing second. Soon after, he could feel Yoongi's warm breath breathing down his neck.

"Get dressed and meet me by the front entrance" was the only thing muttered by the blond man, who soon disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Hoseok immediately got up and darted towards his dressing room, ignoring the shouts of Namjoon complaining about his unpaid drinks. He decided to leave his lingerie on, and struggled to put his shirt on, along with his skinny jeans and his Chelsea boots before touching up his makeup and fixing his messy black hair.

What the fuck am I doing. This man could be a serial killer or something. 

Hoseok was currently having and inner battle with himself as he struggled to get himself together. In the end he decided to follow the mysterious man he had been lusting after for quite a while because, why the fuck not. He had nothing much in his life, so if he ended up dying...... meh. So he gathered his things and made his way to the front entrance, where he saw Yoongi waiting by a shiny black 2019 E-Class Cabriolet.

What the fuck, Jesus christ is he loaded? Of course he is. 

Hoseok internally smacked himself for forgetting. 

He's co-owner of a very well known entertainment company  you dip shit.

Right, so he calmed his nerves and walked out the doors and gave a shy smile as he approached the man, who gave him a sly smirk in return. After putting his bag the back seat, Yoongi kindly opened the passenger door letting Hoseok in, before making his way to the drivers seat. 

The drive was surprisingly very comfortable, and they got to know each other a bit before they arrived at Yoongi's penthouse apartment. As, they walked in Hoesok's jaw dropped. I mean sure, he wasn't poor, his appartment was decently sized and comfortable, and he was able to survive off the money he made at Jin's casino/club, but holy shit, this penthouse was freaking huge. He was led to the living room and sat down on the couch. Once again, Yoongi disappeared, but this time, he returned with two glasses of wine. After conversing for a while, the two got to know each other more and more, and learned that they had some things in common. They both were only children, both were bullied and lost their parents in high school. Personality wise they were both calm, the only difference however, was that when Hoseok was around people he knew and was comfortable around, he would become a hyper little ball of sunshine. Hoseok also learned that Yoongi was older than him by a little more than a year.

The night was going well, and Hoseok soon ended up on top of Yoongi's lap. Now how did this happen? Well it happened in the most cliché way possible. 

They were comfortably watching a movie, when a very detailed sex scene decided to make it's appearance. Seriously how is this even allowed to be in a movie? It's like watching straight up porn. 

Being the horny, sexually frustrated man that he was, Hoseok immediately felt himself get wet and began to bite his lips as he sensed a pair of eyes burning holes into his head. So he decided to be daring and turned his head to meet eyes, with the very hot man who was only a few centimeters away from him. And they both found themselves observing the details on each others faces, eyes glancing down to each other's lips and soon enough Yoongi leant in and crashed their lips together. Hoseok felt something spark inside of him as he lifted himself and placed himself up and placed himself in the older's lap. 

Their kiss seemed to get rougher by the minute. Yoongi bit down on Hoseok's lips and tugged a bit, and soon enough his tongue was in the others mouth, and their teeth clashed together once in a while. Hoseok let out a noise that was something of a mix of a moan and a whine as he began to grind his hips down on Yoongi's growing erection, who placed his hands on Hoseok's hips, seemingly guiding the younger's motions. He then hooked his hands under Hoseok's thighs and hoisted him up as he walked towards his bedroom, making sure not to break their kiss. 

He entered his bedroom and kicked the door closed, then he gently made his way over the his bed and gently laid Hoseok down on his back. He broke the kiss and unbuttoned Hoseok's jeans and tugged them down and then he all but ripped the boy's shirt off his body. He stopped for a second and bit his lips as he raked his eyes up and down the younger's body, taking his time to appreciate his skinny and slightly muscular build. He made sure to pull his own shirt off before positioning his hips in between the boy's legs and leaning down to connect their lips in a heated kiss. He trailed his lips down the boys neck, making sure to leave a few marks. He took the rest of the boy's lingerie and began to trail kisses down his body before licking into the boy's wet pussy. 

"Mmmm look how yet you are for daddy"

"Fuck daddy"

"Tell daddy what you want baby boy"

The boy let out a tiny whine, his face growing red, seemingly embarrassed. Yoongi leant up next to the younger's ear and let out a throaty chuckle which send a deep shiver up Hoseok's spine. "Do you want daddy to eat you out baby boy? Do you want daddy to use his tongue?"

"Yes daddy. I want daddy to eat me out. I want daddy to suck on my wet pussy. I want daddy to make me scream." The elder smirked and leaned down in between Hoseok's legs and licked into his folds causing him to let out a loud moan.

"Mmmm yes daddy~ fuck". Yoongi continued to lick into Hoseok's pussy, sucking on his clit, his tongue breaching his hole. "Fuck daddy!" Hoseok exclaimed as Yoongi decided to enter two fingers alongside his tongue. He felt the younger's pussy tighten and pulled away, causing Hoseok to let out a loud whine. "Why did you pull away? I was about to cum" Hoseok complained as Yoongi let out another chuckle. 

"Your only gonna cum with my dick buried deep in your little pussy" Yoongi responded. Feeling daring, Hoseok pushed himself up, quickly pinning Yoongi down under him. He began sucking on the older's neck causing him to let out deep groans. He slowly made his way down Yoongi's body and took his dick into his mouth. "Fuck baby boy! Your mouth's so good" Yoongi moaned as his hips bucked up surprised by the boy's lack of a gag reflex.

Hoseok leaned up "Fuck my mouth daddy" he said before he once again, engulfed Yoongi's dick in his mouth. While Yoongi fucked into his mouth, he stroked what ever couldn't fit in his mouth. He could feel the older start to harden so he pulled off and made his way up his body to give the other a lusty kiss.

"I got tested last week, and I'm clean. What about you?" Hoseok asked.

"Got tested about a month ago, and I haven't had sex in about a year, so I'm pretty sure I'm clean" Yoongi responded.

"Wow, big company owner and hasn't gotten laid in a year. Now that's one for the books" Hoseok responded as he glided his pussy against Yoongi's dick.

"What can I say? I've had my eyes on a certain black haired man" he smiled as Hoseok 

"I was wondering how long it'd take you to make a move" Hoseok bit his lip as he sunk down on Yoongi's dick. "Fuck you're so big" he moaned

"You're so tight baby boy" Yoongi responded thrusting his hips up to meet Hoseok's as he rode him. Soon enough though, Yoongi flipped them over so that he was on top, and began thrusting into the other.

"Fuck daddy! Fuck my pussy harder, make my cum daddy. Fuck my pussy until it hurts. Fuck me until I can't walk daddy!" Hoseok moans. Yoongi speeds up the pace of his thrusts, fucking into the boy hard and fast.


The room gets hotter as grunts and moans are let out of the mouths of the two men in the room. "Fuck baby boy. Your pussy takes me so well. So tight and wet for me, and only me. You want daddy to fuck you up baby?"

"Yes daddy! Fuck me up daddy!" At Hoseok's words, Yoongi lets out a loud moan, which has Hoseok cumming hard. "Fuck daddy! I'm cumming daddy! Fucckk!"

As he comes down from his high, Yoongi keeps fucking into him into over sensitivity as he chases his own orgasm. "Fuck daddy! You're so big daddy, I'm gonna come again daddy!" 

At this, Yoongi lets out a deep groan as he comes "Fuck Hoseok" he says as he pulls out and leans down to lick into the boy's folds, helping him chase his second orgasm. And as he does this, he gets an idea and enters his index and middle finger into the boy alongside his tongue as well and then begins to rub his cit with his thumb. Yoongi's actions has Hoseok screaming out in pleasure as he squirts all over his face. 

"Fuck fuck fuck, fuck daddy!" Hoseok screams as he grinds his hips against the older's face and thrashes aground from the over sensitivity. As he comes down from his high, Yoongi leans up to capture his lips in a soft kiss. He gets up and soon returns dresses in boxers and a pair of sweats that hangs lowly on his hips as well as with a damp cloth to clean Hoseok off with, and a pair of clean boxers and an oversized t-shirt. After cleaning him off, Yoongi slips the boxers and t-shirt onto Hoseok. He throws the cloth on the floor and turns on the AC then returns to the bed and gets under the covers with the boy, who turns over and snuggles into Yoongi's chest. He smiles and kisses the younger's head before rapping his arms around him and falling into a deep sleep.

The next day, the two stay in bed late, laughing and talking while exchanging lazy kisses. They shower, and end up not being able to keep their hands off each other, so that ends up in shower sex. Yoongi dresses in a pair of jeans and his white FG t-shirt and a flannel, and Hoseok dresses into one of Yoongi's hoodies and a pair of his jeans and the pair go on a brunch date. Over the course of a few weeks, the two become a couple, which has media going crazy. But things seem to be going well, and the two find themselves being the happiest they have been in a very long time. Later on, Yoongi tells Hoseok that he was the reason no one approached the boy, because apparently Yoongi threatened them, which resulted in Hoseok smacking Yoongi's chest and laughing his ass off.

Chapter Text

The start of their marriage was not a happy one.

Once Taehyung was born and they knew he was an Omega, it was the perfect opportunity to arrange a marriage between one of the neighboring kingdoms that were much more powerful than they were.

They lucked out when one of them accepted, they had an Alpha son who was only a year older. And everyone knew that Alpha and Omega pairings made more powerful offspring than any other pairing.

It was needless to say Taehyung was furious when he found out. Especially since it was only two weeks before said marriage. He tried his best to make them regret it and pull the contract but they didn't relent. He had also heard that the Alpha prince wasn't keen on the idea either but it going through it for his people. Well, Taehyung wasn't that selfless.

But he had no say in the matter and before he knew it, he was being married off to an Alpha he didn't know and hadn't met until their wedding day.

He wasn't going to lie, Namjoon was a very good-looking and a gentleman. And he got all of this from just being with him for an hour. Maybe it was then when he started falling in love with the Alpha, or it was later when they were in their chambers and Taehyung had told him to 'just go ahead and finish it' and Namjoon had said 'I'm not forcing you to do anything' and left their chambers to sleep in another.

He just knew it started between these intervals.

And now, he is annoyed. It's been a month. A whole month and Namjoon hasn't tried anything with him, he's come back to sleep in their chambers but he sleeps on the other side of the bed like Taehyung was the plague and he was trying to avoid it.

"Well, have you told his majesty how you feel, your majesty?" Taehyung pouted as his chambermaid, Jimin, asked him that. He was in there to help Taehyung take a bath and dry and brush his hair, which he was doing right now.

" But that's only due to the fact that he wouldn't listen to me and would say that I'm only doing this because my parents are pushing me. Which they aren't because they don't even know we haven't mated! We've been hiding our necks since the first night!" Taehyung crossed his arms and hugged indignantly. Jimin didn't know what to tell him anymore since Namjoon seemed to be a stubborn gentleman and Taehyung a more stubborn Omega in love.

"How did you get Seokjin to fall in love with you?" Jimin froze and then turned bright red.

"Uh—well—you see, I met him while I was shopping at the village during my free day. It had been a while since I'd bought some nice clothes for myself and Seokjin was the tailor. I really liked him so when he was taking my measurements, I got a little daring and seduced him and the rest happened on its own." Jimin sounded so fond talking about it, oblivious to the fact that he had just given Taehyung an idea.

"Jimin, you are a genius."


Taehyung's idea wouldn't have worked if he had even an ounce of shame. Thankfully, he didn't.

He'd ordered a nice gown for himself from Jimin's mate, Seokjin. The only thing holding it up was the straps around his neck. It was sheer baby blue gown with a white belt around his waist to show off how curved he was. He was wearing a white lingerie set - it was absolutely mortifying for Seokjin to make. He didn't bother much with makeup or jewelry since if this all worked, he'd be taking them off quicker than he could say 'alpha'. Besides, he was beautiful without them.

"Your majesty—" Jimin stopped at the door, staring at Taehyung's shameless display of his body and sighed. He would've advised him against it, but he's the Queen and wouldn't listen anyway.

"Dinner is ready and his majesty is waiting for you."

"Thank you, Jimin. Tell all the servants for the night, they won't be needed for the rest of the night." Jimin bowed down and exited, going to tell the rest that they were dismissed.

The guards couldn't be dismissed without direct orders from the King so Taehyung didn't bother with them. They were as stiff as rocks and wouldn't bat an eyelash towards him anyway. Everyone knew Alphas were very jealous of their mates and it just added insult to injury when Taehyung thought about the fact that Namjoon wouldn't even care if he was being flirted with.

He entered the dining room. Namjoon was sitting at the head of the table, staring off into the distance as he played with his food. Taehyung felt bad for him, as a King, he had a lot to do and it didn't matter if he consented to it or not, but the Queen couldn't help him even if he wanted to. In fact, the only time the Queen would take control of the kingdom is if - and that a big if seeing as they would never let it happen - the King passes away or is unable in any shape or form perform his royal duties.

But they were hoping to make some changes soon. Right now though, he needed this Alpha to stop denying him and relax a little.

"Namjoon." Said man looked up and Taehyung felt satisfaction course through him when the other's spoon clattered onto the bowl and he scrambled to make sure he didn't spill any of his soup. Taehyung acted like nothing was wrong, a smile on his face as he walked over to the Alpha.

"T-Taehyung. I'm glad you could make it to dinner, I've heard you were feeling unwell?" That was the lie he had told so he could sneak into the village to order this gown. He hadn't joined Namjoon for any of the meals and was already asleep when the Alpha would come into their room.

"I'm feeling much better, thank you for asking." Namjoon had probably expected Taehyung to sit next to him, but the Omega sat himself down in his lap, which almost made him sputter and freak out. But he couldn't do that, not in front of the guards or anyone.

"Taehyung, what are you doing?"

"Hmm?" Taehyung looked up into Namjoon's eyes as he trailed his hand down his jaw, pressing a kiss to his neck. "I'm just sitting on my seat. You haven't been eating? You know that's not okay, Namjoon. Come on." Namjoon was going to protest but Taehyung pulled his arms and locked them around the Omega's waist before he grabbed the plate of food, picking some of the chicken and rice with the chopsticks, raising them up to Namjoon's mouth, who reluctantly ate.

It was innocent up until Taehyung shifted to make himself more comfortable and Namjoon choked on the rice, coughing violently and Taehyung feigned concern though he quickly grabbed the goblet of water which Namjoon drank greedily from. He was going to talk but froze when Taehyung leaned up to kiss the corner of his mouth. He felt his body respond to the action and he was slightly ashamed.

"Are you okay, Namjoon? Need more water?" Taehyung purposely took one of his hands from his waist onto his exposed thigh, acting as if he needed to turn around to reach for another goblet of water. He could feel the Alpha's slowly hardening cock under him and he had to stop himself from smiling.

"Taehyung." Namjoon's voice was so stern that Taehyung shivered and he turned around slowly, turning his eyes up to meet the older's, as innocent as a fox. He could see the beads of sweat making their way down Namjoon's forehead and he turned to straddle him, letting the gown ride up until almost both his thighs were exposed and a little more would've just shown his white thongs.

"Yes, Alpha?" Namjoon's eyes immediately clouded over and a growl reverberated through the room.

"Go back to our chambers, Omega. I'll be over shortly." Taehyung finally let the smirk show on his face and slowly got up, leaning down to press a kiss to Namjoon's lips and also so the Alpha could see inside his gown. He giggled at the warning growl and walked out of the dining room.

He quickly got to their chambers and proceeded to take off the lingerie but kept the gown on, pretty sure that Namjoon would love to be the one to rip it off of him. He didn't have to wait long before Namjoon slammed the door open, panting and sweating and looking like he wanted to ruin Taehyung. He wasn't complaining.

"Omega." A whimper left him at the way Namjoon growled and his knees felt weak. The Alpha walked over to him and grabbed his hips in a bruising grip, smashing their lips together. Taehyung moaned as they backed up and fell onto the bed.

"Alpha..." Taehyung whined and squirmed but Namjoon's growl stopped him, gasping when Namjoon snapped the straps around his neck and took the gown off of him, leaving him bare on the bed.

Namjoon unbuttoned his shirt and threw it off, causing Taehyung to bite his lips because god, he looked so sexy.

"Alpha please, I need you...need you so bad..." Namjoon's eyes glazed over again and he leaned down to suck and bite on Taehyung's chest and shoulders, close to his mating gland and his breath hitched, parting his legs so that Namjoon fit himself between them.

"You're so pretty, don't know how I even controlled myself." Taehyung's breath caught in his throat as Namjoon looked over his body. He's never been ashamed but the way the Alpha was just eating him up made him want to close his legs and shy away, but he didn't.

His pussy gushed slick and the scent assaulted Namjoon's nose immediately and he licked his lips, leaning down to spread his pussy and watch him as he gushed more and whimpered.

"Fuck..." He flicked his tongue out to have a taste and they both moaned. "You taste so fucking good, so beautiful, my pretty Omega." Taehyung made a noise but moaned loudly again when Namjoon's pushed his tongue inside his hole, lapping up all the slick he was leaking.

"Alpha! Please! Want your cock! Want your knot! Please, please, knot me!" Taehyung sobbed into his pillow that he'd grabbed to hold onto for dear life. Namjoon just hummed and moved his hand to pinch and rub his clit which had Taehyung wailing and kicking his feet.

Namjoon finally pulled off and Taehyung didn't know if he should sigh in relief or whine in loss.

But Namjoon didn't give him the time to think about it as he kissed him roughly again, struggling with his pants and ripping them off in frustration, his boxers came off easier and Taehyung's mouth opened in a silent moan at the sight of the Alpha's cock. It was big and he could already see the swell of his knot, not complete but that was soon going to change.

He hooked his arms under his knees and pulled them back, exposing himself and the Alpha growled in approval, moving forward to rub his cock between Taehyung's fat pussy lips as he whispered in his ear.

"My good, good Omega. Gonna take Alpha's knot, hm? Gonna breed you till you faint." The Omega trembled under him and his arms loosened around his knees.

"Keep them up, Omega. Don't let go." Namjoon growled and he quickly pulled his legs back, watching as Namjoon teased his pussy until it was twitching and swollen before finally pushing in.

Taehyung could barely stop himself from trembling like a leaf, let alone still keeping his legs up. Tears moved down his cheek and he unconsciously clenched around Namjoon. The Alpha had to stop until Taehyung relaxed again before he could push in and the Omega stopped breathing when he felt the older's knot against his pussy, it wasn't even fully formed yet and he was shaking in anticipation.

Namjoon was brutal with his thrusts and didn't give Taehyung any time to collect his bearings before he was being pounded into. He held onto his legs with one hand and brought Namjoon down for a messy kiss that had the Alpha groaning.

"Fuck, so good Omega, so tight—" Namjoon grunted as he spread Taehyung's legs apart as far as they could go. His knot swelled more and more with every thrust and his attention was directed towards Taehyung's neck, where his mating mark should be and his Alpha growled at the fact that he didn't have one.

Taehyung noticed his gaze and mewled, baring his neck so that the Alpha could mark him when he knotted him. Namjoon hummed in approval and leaned down, mouthing at his mating gland and he shivered, feeling himself gush more slick and get closer to his release.

"Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, knot me, mate me, please—" A scream tore from his throat when Namjoon bit down on his gland while pushing his knot in at the same time. He continued sobbing as he came around the knot and felt as Namjoon filled him up with more and more of his cum until he felt bloated. He could also feel the slight blood leaking from his mark but he wasn’t complaining at all. This had been what he’d wanted ever since the wedding day.

Namjoon’s Alpha instincts were still in control and maneuvered him and Taehyung until they were in a comfortable position to wait for him knot to go down.

“You okay?” The Omega hummed, nuzzling his face into Namjoon’s neck.

“Yeah, thank you for taking care of me. The best Alpha I could ask for.” Taehyung giggled silently when he saw Namjoon’s neck turn red and then kissed him gently on the lips.

Chapter Text

Sexually frustrated.

Those were two words to describe how I was currently feeling.

Though, there was a pretty reasonable explanation as to why I was feeling the way I am. So much was going on in our lives. Ranging from producing new songs to learning new dances to attending award shows. It was new for all of us, our schedules jam packed with things to do without a minute to lose. Hours of relentlessly torturing ourselves to perfect one thing only to face another challenge.


But that's idol life. That's what we expected when signing up for this. Sure we weren't prepared for all that was to come, but we held our heads up high and tried our utter best to face it. Even if it meant going through days without having anyone to release your stress on.

And yes, when saying "releasing stress" — I mean sex.

Basic affection is more important than the average person would think. If our bodies get deprived of it for too long, then it not only makes our body sensitive to everyday gestures, but pretty sexually frustrated.

And it didn't make anything better to have to go through seeing someone as adorable and sexy as Jeon Jeongguk.

Every. Single. Day.

I know it was wrong to like him seeing as we were so busy, and messing up because of a small crush would really damage our groups image, especially because of how it's viewed in Korean society. But it wasn't my fault that the said boy was right there in front of me, dancing to his hearts content. Sweat dripping from his chin down to his adams apple all the way to his chest, making me bite my lips as I stared him down. No, it was his fault for looking so goddamn beautiful and innocent without even trying.

Without a doubt, our makenae was surely the most perfect human I had laid my eyes on. In a way, the younger reminded me of a bunny. A cute little nose with adorable sparkling eyes that never failed to make my heart flutter. Oh, and not forgetting the heart melting pouts that form on his luscious pink lips when he's sad.

But there were times when Jeongguk didn't look nor act all that cute. Rather, he'd dress up in clothes that nicely accentuated his beautiful curves. He'd wear skin tight  jeans that showed off his muscular yet thick thighs. There were also times when he'd decide to be a little tease, going to bed in a pair of lacy panties and an over sized sweater. Which of course grinded my gears whenever I'd see him wandering around in such a revealing outfit.

For some reason Jeongguk always thought nothing of it, turning a blind eye and continuing to tease me with no idea of his mischievous actions. Which of course resulted in a thick layer of clear-ish white substance on my hand, breathing heavily in a closed off area where I had most likely jacked off to him.

Just thinking about the brunette's ravishing body made blood rush to my dick, and without realizing, I had grabbed Jeongguk's body and slammed it against the mirrored wall behind us.

"H-Hyung?" He softly muttered out in surprise — snapping me out my thoughts only to see the position we were in. Jeongguk's almond shaped eyes bored into my own, a look of pure worry and concern glazed over them.

"A-are you alright?" I let out an awkward cough as I let go of his hands, slightly backing off while apologizing.

"Yeah, sorry Kook. I was lost in my train of thoughts." Namjoon silently cursed himself out for letting such a thing happen after keeping himself in check for so long.

One again, it wasn't my fault that he had such an affect on me. Even though he was such a submissive little doll, he always managed to control me without the intention of doing it. But it didn't hinder my love for him, instead, it only made me happier that he had the ability to do so.

"Uh, no Hyung, I meant are you alright?" He said, lowering his gaze to what could only be imagined as my crotch area. I followed his gaze down my body only to see the raging boner I had manged to sprout while thinking about the said man in front of me.

Fuck me

"I-I'll let you take c-care of that." The younger hurriedly scrambled out, his cheeks lighting up in what could only be classified as fire, they looked as if they them self were emitting steam.

Ah, there he goes again. Driving me insane with his god forsaken stutters of embarrassment while gripping his shirt.

"I have an idea," Having enough of his teasing, I grabbed him closer to me only to slam his back against the wall. "why don't you help me out?" I questioned risking my entire existence just to satisfy my own needs. But currently, I had no fucks to give. I just wanted his small body withering under me as I pounded into his hot cunt.

"W-What?" His doe eyes sparkled by the light as he looked up at me. Innocence glimmered in his light brown eyes — fueling me only the more to get rid of it. The burning desire in me riled so much more to see him under me, moaning out my name like a broken radio.

"You heard what I said, baby boy." Threading my hands through his soft strands of hair, I finally crashed my lips against his own. Tingles spread through my lips and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. It felt so surreal, yet so euphoric. And I tried my best to soak every bit of it.

The thought of pulling back never crossed my mind, I only pulled him closer and ran my hands over every crevasse of his skin that was reachable.

Our once soft kisses were turning into a full blow make out session. And I wasn't complaining one bit, opting to only go rougher. Pulling away from the kiss, I ran my lips down his sweaty throat — finding pleasure in his soft whines that escaped his mouth.


Though the salty taste of his sweat wasn't all that pleasant, I still enjoyed it. Having the chance to paint his neck with shades ranging from red to purple. But the joy was soon to be interrupted as I was met with his shirt, denying access to further litter his skin with rays of color.


"Hands up." Groaning, I slid off his shirt and let it puddle up on the patch of space beside us. Not paying attention, I went back to my previous tasks. Making sure to tease the utter hell out of him before giving him what he wanted.

"H-hyung, please!" He cried out in annoyance, getting fed up with my continuous teasing.

"Baby, that's not my name. Now is it?" I raised my eyebrow at him, halting my actions and looking straight into his widened eyes. His cheeks heating up and getting colored a shade of crimson.

"Daddy?" His doe eyes looked up at me, lips forming into a slight pout as he uttered the one word that made me loose my self control.

"That's it, love. Now tell me, what does my baby want?" I pressed my knee against his crotch, right above his clit and watched him wither. 

"Don't leave Daddy waiting, my precious baby boy. I don't like it when i'm left hanging." Growling out, I raised my hands to his hardened rosy buds. Pinching and twisting them until the surrounding area was left a light shade of red.

"I-I want Daddy to f-fuck me nice and rough~" He moaned out, his eyes twinkling with mischief, as if knowing what would grind my gears even more than he already does.


I slammed my lips against his once again, my hands travelling down his navel to his sweatpants, pulling them down only to reveal his black laced panties. Looking back up at him with an arched brow, I saw his already red cheeks heat up even more.

"You're such a fucking tease, love." I slid my fingers over his panties, feeling the wet blotch right below his twitching hole.  Letting out a chuckle, I moved my hands so that they rested right above his clit. Using his bodily fluids, I rubbed his clit in a circular formation. Pushing his hips back so that he doesn't lash out.

"You're such a slut for Daddy, aren't you baby?" Finally getting tired of feeling the barrier between my hand and his cunt, I ripped the piece of lace and threw it behind me, hearing the soft gasp leaving his lips only to be cut off with a loud moan as I pushed two fingers into his dripping pussy.

Pushing them in and out, trying to open him up as much as I could before sliding in another finger. I found amusement in watching his eyes role back and saliva drip down his mouth until he started moaning out my name. His cute whiny voice repeating my name as my fingers fucked his tight and wet hole.


"Daddy, please! Please just fuck me!" His hands reached up to grab my shoulders, his eyes bored into my own as if pleading to just fuck him. But I wasn't going to do that until he was a begging wreck, the only thing embedded in his mind being my cock pounding into him.


"Beg." I challenged him, too stubborn to grant his wishes in such a short time. I wanted him to wait at least a portion of the time I waited for him. Wishing to tease him just as much as he did. Lust clouded over his previous flustered expression. "Daddy~ Please slam your cock into my pussy, pound into me until I can't walk. I want you to tease me and fuck me like the little whore I am—" I cut him off by slamming his hips onto my dick, not giving him a chance to even breathe before relentlessly pounding into him.

Pleasure seemed into my system the moment I started thrusting. My mind was in a haze, too busy taking in the fact that i'm fucking the guy I love. His tight little hole taking me in so well, as if it was made for me to slam into repeatedly. "You like that, sweetheart? Your lewd hole taking in my dick like the cock slut you are?" I panted, trying my best to not cum just by the look on his aroused face.

"Y-yes! God yes! I love it w-when your c-cock fucks me up- oh shit!" Biting my lip, I continued to thrust hard on the spot I had hit before, knowing fully well that he was close.

With a gasp Jeongguk spoke up; "D-daddy~ Please t-touch me~" He seductively moaned out while grabbing my hand and guiding it to his mouth.

And of course, who am I to deny him after that?

I grabbed him and turned him around, spreading his legs and lifting up his face so that he could see how much of a wreck my cock made him turn into.

Coating my fingers with saliva, I trailed them down to his cunt. Slowly rubbing the top, not taking long for me to speed up and vigorously work his clit. Making him repeatedly moan out like a mantra, spewing out complete gibberish as I fucked him deep and hard.

"I'm c-close!" He screamed out, encouraging me to keep going even if my thrusts were getting sloppier, I just wanted my baby to cum.

"Baby, could a you wait a bit longer? Daddy's almost there." I responded once I could feel my stomach tightening up, edging closer to cumming myself. "Oh my god! P-Please hurry, I-I can't hold it." Whining he rocked his hips against my dick, hoping to find enough stimulation to make him cum.

"Jeongguk, if you act like a brat then I won't let you cum at all. Got it?" I grabbed his hips and slapped his thighs before holding them tightly, hoping he wouldn't attempt something like that again. "I'm s-sorry, Daddy—" he cut himself off as his body began to shake, his hands finding my neck, pulling me down so he could moan in my ear.

"P-Please, let me cum, Daddy! I r-really can't d-do it anymore!" He screamed out, tears falling from his eyes at a constant speed, too indulged in the immense pleasure he was receiving. "Go ahead, baby boy. Cum for me."

His throat ripped out a deafening scream as he finally orgasmed, ribbons of the clear substance  landing on my dick that was still slowly thrusting in and out.

Loud pants left both of our mouths after riding out our highs. I pushed myself off of Jeongguk and looked down at him, only now realizing how much of a mess we really made. Clothes were scattered behind us, and the awful stench of our sweat mixed the thick musty smell of cum, making its way down from our bodies and dripping on the floor.

"You did so good for me, baby. So so good." I peppered kisses all over his face, hoping to bring out a smile from him after tiring him out so much. "Does my princess want get cleaned now?" Holding his hand I placed him on my lap, not minding the fact that cum was still leaking out from him.

"Yes please~" He giggled out, a cheeky smile sprouted on his face. His dimples full on display, making my heart warm up.

"God, I love you." I sighed out, looking dreamily at the masterpiece in front of me. I stared for a few minutes, trying to soak in his gorgeous features before deciding it was time to get out selves cleaned.

Picking him, I carried him to the washroom and washed him, knowing he was too tired to do it himself. We shared a few kisses here and there, but didn't take too long as we were both tired from our previous activities. Opting to go sleep before it got too late.

And just like that, we dried ourselves and headed to bed. (Not missing the part where Jeongguk kissed me goodnight~)

Chapter Text

"...lives all over Seoul are in danger—"

"This man is no ordinary human, he can't be—"

"Psychologists day this must be the work of a psychotic man or woman who must've escaped from an asylum—"

"Lock your doors and windows. Don't come out, Seoul is not safe until whoever this madman is is captured."

Laughter bubbled from his throat as he swirled the wine in his glass. They were looking all over Seoul and yet they couldn't find a thing. How could they when he basically has a creature of hell helping him.

Said creature was nestled in his lap, laughing like a psycho at everything that was being said on the TV. His tail swishing left to right as he sipped on his own drink, the blood from their latest victim.

"Isn't it amusing? Watching them run around like headless chickens." He licked his lips, a grin forming as he thought about it. "I wouldn't mind making them headless. What do you say Yoongi? Should we rip the head off one of these reporters and deliver them to the station? I want the body though, been a while since I've last feasted."

Yoongi cackled and squeezed the incubus' hips, leaning down to kiss him, tasting the blood on his lips and tongue.

"Anything for you, Jiminie."

He couldn't even remember how he had gotten into this contract with this demon. It all happened so suddenly.

He was in an alley, a knife buried deep in some guy's chest. He had been having a hard time at work and he needed to vent out his frustrations, his ears were ringing so loud that he didn't even hear the police sirens until they were close and he looked up to see who had ratted him out. A stripper from the club. She was an easy kill.

But he was in trouble and he needed to get out of it. Jimin's laughter had echoed in the alley, a mocking sound if anything. He'd told Yoongi that he was a demon, an incubus. He'd help Yoongi out of this in exchange for sex and food. He'd only realized what that meant later on.

He didn't regret a single moment after. He found out that sex with Jimin never got old and was always a fiasco. He loved the life he was living, it was fun and as unholy as it gets.

Jimin practically purred under him, wrapping his arms around Yoongi's neck to bring him closer.

"Tonight? Please, I'm hungry." He whispered against Yoongi's lips, moving his hips against Yoongi's cock. They never bothered with clothes, why the extra restriction when they could just be naked. It made it easier for Yoongi to just bend him over and fuck him into oblivion.

The thing with Jimin was - because he was an incubus - he needed to go through extreme measures to be sated. He might be able to cum around 20 times - believe him, he's tried it - but he needed more than just that to finally calm down. Usually, it ended up with him passing out once they were safe in the confines of Yoongi's apartment.

"Choose one." He pointed at the TV where they were still talking about them and Jimin's eyes skimmed their faces, two women and three men. Jimin usually preferred men but he wanted to make it more fun so he chose the psychologist, the woman.

"Her." Yoongi's mouth twitched in a smirk as he grabbed his phone and sending a text.



Muffled screams echoed in the abandoned apartment. If they hadn't gagged the woman, she would be spewing curses that would make a sailor blush.

Two knives were lodged deep in her thighs and went through the wooden chair she was sitting on. Even if she managed to somehow free her hands, she'd have to tear her thighs completely before she could even think of escaping and by then, she would've bled to death.

"Oh! Yoongi!' Jimin whimpered as Yoongi fingered him roughly. He was bent over another chair, skirt lifted and his legs spread apart so that Yoongi could have easy access to his cunt. The human hadn't slowed for a moment, relentless despite the demon's sharp claws scratching down his arms and shoulders, drawing blood and marking him.

The woman screamed, her face contorted in disgust at the abnormality. Jimin clicked his tongue, he wondered how she still had the power to judge them when he could easily peel her skin off, dip it in her blood and suck on it like it was a treat from the candy store. Actually, that seemed like a great idea.

"Yoongi, wait—stop—" The human stopped, his fingers still buried deep inside of him and Jimin begrudgingly lifted himself up, wobbling over to the woman. She pushed herself as far away as she could considering her position.

"You never thought you'd end up here, did you?" Jimin's laughter rang through the place along with muffled sobs. "Such a shame really. You probably would've become someone important or something. I wouldn't know but getting killed by the same people you claimed to be psychotic and that you could treat should they ever be caught is a little embarrassing, isn't it?" Yoongi's chuckle reaches him from behind and he grinned, leaning down - and enjoying when he heard Yoongi growl at the sight of his leaking pussy - and grabbing the small knives from inside the bag they'd brought.

The woman struggled as best as she could. A scream ripped from her throat as Jimin trailed the blunt side of the knife along her collar bones as another two penetrated her hands and pinning them onto the chair.

Yoongi walked up behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist and bit his shoulder. Jimin moaned and purposely sunk the knife into her collarbone.

"You're so fucking sexy like this." Jimin giggled and then looked down at the woman, his lips forming a pout before pulling out one of their larger knives.

"You bore me. I hope you see my lord. He'll be sure to be waiting for you." Before another sound could come from her, Yoongi pushed Jimin's hand so the knife was plunged into her heart. He watched as the life drained out of her eyes and he felt himself getter hotter and wetter. This really was something they both enjoyed doing.

He didn't bother keeping her head intact, since he would have to leave some evidence of their dates for the police to find. He usually liked the thighs better anyway.

Yoongi watched with that twinkle in his eyes like always as he cut off the meat from the thighs and took a big bite, his hands and clothes drenched in the metallic tasting blood.


Jimin stripped himself of his clothing, he was wearing a red piece of lace lingerie under, special for this occasion. He sat back down on the chair and lifted his legs up, bringing his bloodied fingers down to push his panties aside and stroke his clit.

"Yoongi...come help me please?" The other was in front of him on his knees in a flash. He didn't care about the blood, or the pieces of flesh that had fallen off from Jimin's barbaric way of eating. He just cared about making this devil cum.

Jimin cried out as Yoongi's mouth wrapped around his pussy, sucking on his clit until it was a purplish red before moving his tongue over it, tasting the blood on his pussy and then licking his fingers clean. He pushed four of his fingers inside, curling them and pushing them against Jimin's sensitive walls until the incubus was wailing, big fat tears rolling down his cheeks and screaming his name like a prayer.

"Oh Satan—Yoongi! I'm gonna cum!" The human worked his fingers into him faster and harsher, knowing how much the other liked it when he wasn't soft with him. Jimin's fingers threaded through his hair and rugged him forward without remorse, pushing his pussy further onto the human's mouth.

In all of the centuries he'd lived, no one understood his needs like Yoongi. Maybe it was because back then, not everyone was as kinky or horrible as him but the point still stands. None of them held a candle to Min Yoongi.

When Yoongi curled a finger against his g-spot, his whole body arched and he came with a cry. His body spamming as he squirted and drenched Yoongi's chin and mouth with his fluids.

He wasn't given time to catch his breath - he never was - before Yoongi got up and pushed his cock inside of him. One of the reasons Jimin chose Yoongi was because he knew how well endowed the human was. He'd been blessed by God and Satan alike.

Jimin never bothered stretching himself, always wanting to feel Yoongi's thick and long cock tearing through his pussy without mercy.

He screamed, both from the size of Yoongi's cock and because of his oversensitive cunt.

"Yoongi please! Go harder!" His cunt was throbbing and protesting but he didn't care, it felt so good when Yoongi started pounding into him so hard that he could feel him penetrating his womb.

"You're such a slut, laying under me and just taking it. I'm gonna fill you up. Fuck you so full of cum that you're going to be pregnant by the end of this." Yoongi's face was scrunched up in concentration as he focused on fucking Jimin's brains out.

"Y—Yoongi—" Jimin could barely say a word, the human holding him down as his hips snapped against his ass, turning it a light shade of pink. Yoongi squeezed them and then leaned down to place dark hickeys all over his neck and collarbones.

"Fucking whore, you'd like that, wouldn't you? Me filling you up with my spawn until you forget what it feels like not to be pregnant. Fucking hell, it's such a turn on." Jimin sobbed and the tears rolled down his cheeks like rivers and Yoongi was satisfied that it was him who was causing him this much pleasure.

Jimin came for the second time, feeling like he was in a haze and his brain wasn't functioning properly anymore but Yoongi didn't stop thrusting into him until he came a third time, his pussy throbbing painfully from oversensitivity as he felt himself being filled up by Yoongi. The semen penetrating his womb and he moaned.

They stayed like that for a moment before Yoongi pulled out, watching as his cum over flowed from the incubus' cunt. Jimin whimpered at that, not wanting any of the cum to escape so Yoongi shoved a vibrating plug into him, pulling the controller out and placing it in his pocket so Jimin knew that they weren't done.

They were never done.

"Wanna go to our favorite restaurant?"


Jimin's stomach grumbled and Yoongi grinned, going to pack up some of the meat and shove it in their bag. No one ever suspected them, they always bought a lot of meat to grill and they never noticed how different they looked. Yoongi never ate their victims like Jimin did, but he wasn't opposed to having a bite then and again.

They changed their clothes - they always had extra clothes with them - and set off towards the restaurant, leaving a dead body and a pool of blood behind.

Yoongi didn't turn the vibrator on even once while they went to the restaurant and Jimin was kind of thankful because he needed to regain his bearings and make sure he wasn't going to look suspicious. He tended to let his real self show even when they're in public if he wasn't in the right state of mind.

The restaurant waiters greeted them like old friends and showed them to their usual tables. Jimin smiled that pretty innocent smile of his that managed to fool everyone. Even Yoongi got caught up on it sometimes.

He took at the meat from the bag as discreetly as possible and replaced it with some of the meat laid out in front of them to grill. Jimin looked ecstatic as he dug into the thigh meat, looking as if he were just eating regular meat with not a care in the world.

"Ah—!" He suddenly bent forward, grabbing the table so hard that it looked like he was going to rip a chunk from it. Yoongi watched, amused at the devil as he squirmed and struggled to keep his voice down while he ate.

Yoongi reached his hand down to his lover who was next to him and reached under his shirt, pushing his hand flat against the plug that was snug inside of him and Jimin jumped, a moan accidentally escaping him.

Now he wasn't someone to be embarrassed by anything, but with the way everyone in the rather small restaurant turned to look at him, he could feel that feeling slowly creeping up.

"Do you like being watched, whore? You're so loud even though we're in a public place." Jimin's thighs trembled as Yoongi continued turning up the setting for the vibrator and rubbing his clit harshly, pinching and pressing down as hard as he could.

"Fuck—Yoongi I'm gonna cum—" And thank god his skirt was black or there probably would've been a wet spot under him where he had just came.

"Such a dirty whore." Jimin moaned breathlessly, this time making sure no one but Yoongi heard and the human grinned, seeing the way the devil was tiring out. But not done quite yet.

He grit his teeth and grabbed Yoongi's hand, pulling him up and towards the toilet. He banged the door close and locked it before slamming Yoongi against the wall.

"I swear if you don't fuck me within an inch of my sanity I'm going to break our contract." Yoongi wasn't threatened, he knew Jimin wouldn't do that. But he still would've fucked him even if he hadn't demanded it.

He flipped them over, lifting Jimin up as well as his skirt so that he could push away his underwear and take out the still vibrating plug. Jimin unzipped his pants, his hands going into his boxers and pulling out his cock, stroking him a few times to get him fully hard.

Yoongi aligned himself with Jimin’s hole and pushed in between his folds. Jimin threw his head back and moaned loudly, Yoongi’s tip just jabbing against his g-spot, teasing him as he started thrusting immediately without break.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK— Harder—Harder, please— fill me up, Yoongi—” God, it hurt so much because of how sensitive he was after all his orgasms. And yet he was close to another one.

“My dirty little cumslut. Always begging to be filled—” Yoongi grunted as he snapped his hips forward. Jimin placed his hands on Yoongi’s shoulders for support as his tail and horns came into view, the former wrapping tightly around Yoongi’s hand on his hips, almost cutting off his circulation.

Jimin hissed and came again around Yoongi, falling limp in his arms as the human thrusted lazily into him, stretching his orgasm out for a little longer before emptying inside the devil.

Jimin sighed in relief and Yoongi smiled slightly.

“You alright?”

“I’m fine.” It was silent for a moment.

“I’m hungry again, Yoongi.”

Chapter Text

Taehyung and Jungkook were complete opposites while they were in little space.

While Jungkook would just sit silently on the couch, pacifier in his mouth and plushie held tightly against his chest, Taehyung would be turning the TV to the highest volume possible, run around wreaking havoc and most importantly, forcing Yoongi to punish him.

That was the only reason he would be doing it. So Yoongi would punish him. But he did get annoyed when only he was in a time out or wouldn't get ice cream for dessert or when Yoongi complimented Jungkook about being a good boy.

Yoongi wasn't home now, he was at work so that he can provide his two littles with everything their heart desired, and Taehyung and Jungkook were in their room, the TV turned on to Spongebob because the younger would not miss it when it was showing.

Jungkook hugged his plushie, a pacifier in his mouth as he watched the cartoon, giggling at how silly Patrick and Spongebob were being, always getting Mr. Krabs mad.

Taehyung, on the other hand, was burning holes into the younger's skull. For once, he wanted Jungkook to also be in trouble, not just him. Furthermore, his pussy ached in his panties, wanting to be touched. He knew if he riled Jungkook up just right, he would also join Taehyung.

Jungkook didn't even notice his approaching boyfriend until the older had a hand trailing down his body, over his stomach and down until he cupped him through his panties under his skirt. He squeaked, squirming to get away but the other had a firm hold on him, moving his middle finger up and down where he knew Jungkook's clit was.

"T—Tae Tae, no, d-daddy will be mad-" He gasped when Taehyung pinched his clit. The older Little smiled sweetly, seeing his boyfriend writhing underneath him. He got on top of him, lifting up his own skirt to show his pussy. He hadn't been wearing any panties and another gasp escaped Jungkook.

Taehyung giggled and took Jungkook's panties off as well, the younger protesting because they would surely get punished for breaking one of the rules and he's always been a good boy. He didn't want to get punished.

"What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him, Kookie..." Jungkook's lips trembled as Taehyung took his clothes off, leaving him naked on the bed. He whined in need, feeling his pussy throb and twitch. Taehyung cooed at the younger. He straddled his hips, slowly lowering himself onto Jungkook and they both moaned when their pussies touched.

"T—Tae!" Jungkook sniffed and sobbed, holding his plushie close to him as Taehyung rocked his hips back and forth onto him. The older moaned, pressing his pussy against Jungkook's as hard as he could, wanting more of the stimulation and to also see the younger wail under him.

"T—Tae Tae, so—so good—ah!" Taehyung smiled for a moment before his back arched, Jungkook's hips bucking up to get more friction. Their eyes were both closed so they didn't notice Yoongi entering the room, freezing as he saw his two boyfriends in that position.

He sent a quick text to Seokjin saying that Taehyung was sick and that he needed to take care of him so he won't be coming to work. The answering ding made both Littles stop, turning to look at Yoongi. Jungkook looked horrified while Taehyung was holding back a smirk. Yoongi wasn't dumb, he knew Taehyung was the reason Jungkook would even think about misbehaving, his little bunny was always a good boy, that is until Taehyung decided to join the equation.

"Daddy—" Yoongi cut Jungkook and Taehyung off, leaning against the wall opposite the two.

"Continue." The two Littles looked at each other and with permission, went back to moving their hips. Jungkook relaxed more after this, throwing his head back.

Taehyung was so close, his eyes closed shut and mouth open, breathless moans and pleas leaving his mouth. Yoongi moved forward and pulled them apart, both Littles whining in loss but the older knew what he was doing, they both broke the rules and they needed to be punished.

"On your hands and knees. You've both been bad boys and disappointed me. Especially you, Jungkook." The younger looked like a kicked puppy at that, whining but he complied and listened to Yoongi, getting onto his hands and knees, Taehyung following without a word.

Taehyung got the first hit, as was expected. He knew Yoongi knew that he was the reason this had started and even though Jungkook was going to get the same amount as him, he was still first.

His back arched when Yoongi's hand connected with his asscheek again, a sob almost escaping him but he knew better than make a sound when he was getting punished.

Jungkook finds it harder than Taehyung to stay silent. He almost never gets punished, so when he does, it's always very hard for him to control himself. Tears cascade down his cheeks when Yoongi's hand delivers a too hard hit, his whole body tensing up to try and keep him from outright sobbing.

They were thankful they didn't have to count, Yoongi being silent while giving their punishment hurt more than the punishment itself. A total of 20 spanks were given to each of them and once he was done, Jungkook collapsed on the bed, the tears coming down his cheeks in rivers, regressing deeper into his space. Taehyung wasn't any better, the sight of Jungkook crying and wailing setting him off as well.

Yoongi sighed, seeing his two Littles crying so hard and got onto the bed with them, kissing and soothingly rubbing their sour asses.

"My good babies, so good for daddy..." They latch onto him like koalas, wanting attention. They were also both still wet, having been denied their orgasm.

Taehyung whined, pressing his pussy against Yoongi's clothed erection. The caregiver turned to look at him and he whined again. Jungkook sniffed, seeing what Taehyung was doing and he joined him, wanting attention as well.

Yoongi bit their collarbone, leaving hickeys as he laid them down on top of each other on the bed. Jungkook gasped loudly when he felt Taehyung press their clits together again, both of them pleasuring each other as Yoongi took his clothes off.

He moaned loudly when Yoongi pushed inside of him, his walls stretching to fit his inhuman size. Taehyung leaned down to kiss Jungkook, rocking forward with the way Yoongi thrust into the younger hard and fast.

He pulled out after a little while, pushing into Taehyung this time and the Little groaned loudly.

The older alternated between them, fucking Taehyung for a few minutes before doing the same to Jungkook. The younger clenched around Yoongi, bucking his hips up to meet Taehyung's hips.

"Daddy! Gonna-Gonna cum!"

Taehyung didn't even have to have Yoongi fill him up again before he was squirting, drenching Yoongi's torso and Jungkook's pussy. Yoongi pulled him off, laying him down next Jungkook before he continued fucking the younger. Jungkook reached for Taehyung's hand and screamed as he squirted around Yoongi's cock as well.

Yoongi pulled out, going to stand between them. "Come on, baby." Jungkook and Taehyung pushed themselves up, stretching their tongue out so that Yoongi could place his cock on them and stroke himself.

"Swallow." He came on their tongues and the two did as told, swallowing the white substance. They were holding onto Yoongi's thighs, worn out and sleepy but their caregiver needs to clean them up.

They aren't very light so he had to take them one by one into the tub in their bathroom. He filled the tub with warm water, grabbing a soap bar to start cleaning them up, kissing their faces and giving them attention as they whined.

"Okay babies?"

"Yes, Daddy."

Chapter Text

It was seven minutes past five. The sun close to setting, passing a tangy sheen across the quiet office room. Papers were scattered in the weirdest of ways, yet still managed to look as if they belonged. The clock ticked, it's rather hushed sound accentuating due to the emptiness. But Hoseok was too caught up in his dirty daydreams to be bothered about such a trivial matter.

To be honest, the red-head could really care less about anything logical when it came to his precious baby boy. The value the younger held was greatly astonishing, the tiniest movement he did could set Hoseok off immediately. There was no need for them to be a couple for the elder to care about the brunette. Lovers, enemies, rivals, it didn't matter what label they held for Hoseok to be affected by him.

Their bond was truly one of a kind; pure and innocent when wanted, but quick to take a one eighty degree turn. Their emotions being pretty spontaneous, but they both managed to detect each others' mood without much of a difficulty. Though, it was a rare chance for them to be feeling down when meeting each other, bright smiles always lit up their faces knowing they had the chance to finally hold and be held.

Hoseok did in fact love the younger, but as always, he was too scared to admit it. And like any other, he kept those feelings buried in the back of his mind, waiting for them to get bigger and bigger until they were the only thing consuming his mind.

Humorously enough, that wasn't too far off from taking place as he was already starting to think about the brunette much more than normal. But he didn't seem to mind since he actually quite enjoyed visualizing the younger in his mind. Imagining all the different ways he could torture him until his body gave up, pleasure him until he was about to cum only to stop and see him cry out in agony. The thought of his baby boy withering underneath him, begging for release as he continued to— bzzt!

The vibration coming from his phone interrupted his awfully long train of thoughts, making the elder groan out in frustration — ready to curse the hell out of anyone who dared to disturb him from his pleasureful day dream.

Picking up his phone with a sigh, he opened it only to be met by the one and only. Jeon Jeongguk.

What a coincidence it was, but the part that shocked Hoseok most happened to be the horny text that was written by him.

Gukkie baby💜
Daddyyy~ Come homee 5:15
baby wants you to come back :(        
*image uploaded*        

Shock still present on his face, he opened the image. And dear fucking lord did his shock amplify to a whole new level. There Jeongguk was, softly nestled on the tan sheets, legs spread beautifully showing off his pretty black silk panties, making sure to also incorporate his lewd expression in the erotic picture.

To say that Hoseok was horny would be an understatement, his mind was spiraling and his body was going aflame, blood quickly rushing to his dick and his skinny jeans formed a bulge. With an unsteady exhale, he hurriedly tried thinking of an excuse to get him out of his retched office and into his baby's apartment so he could punish him for his disobedience.

As soon as he thought of a reasonable lie, he picked up his things and rushed to Jeongguk's apartment, not caring if he was driving above the assigned speed limit. His sexual frustration was piling up more and more every second that passed by, and he wasn't particularly fond by the idea of waiting.

Turning off the ignition, he opened the door and stormed inside (making sure to lock the car). He impatiently tapped his fingers as he waited for the elevator. Soon getting fed up and just opting to take the stairs, not caring that his legs were slowly starting to burn. He didn't have time to play around when he could happily be spanking the hell out of the brunette's ass for being such a devious little bitch.

Panting, he reached the fifth floor and pulled out his keys, stumbling to open the door. When he finally managed to unlock it, he threw it open and searched for the younger knowing fully well that he would be in the bedroom. And his theory seemed to be proven correct when he slammed open the door to see his baby boy standing shyly in the middle of the room in a very revealing outfit. Which of course made Hoseok halt and try to take in the beauty of a man standing right in front of him.

His cheeks gone aflame and lips skinned from biting, long coffee brown hair tousled about but still managing to frame his ducked head perfectly. His pretty pale skin perfectly contrasting with his black silky panties connecting to a pair of lace thigh highs by a garter belt.

In Hoseok's eyes, the younger look ravishing, and he couldn't wait to have a taste of him.

He walked towards Jeongguk with a growl, his eyes already darkened with a look of pure salacity and desire. He grabbed the younger by his waist, almost groaning at how deliciously soft the brunette's skin was. "Baby, you really don't know what you do to me." He brought him closer making their foreheads touch, their hot breath fanning against each others' lips. Finally getting fed up with waiting, he slammed his lips against Jeongguk's.

And oh boy did Jeongguk enjoy it, his mind slowly melting due to the difference between his daddy's rough kisses and his soft lips and his hot cavern being explored by his wet muscle and— fuck!

It was already getting so overwhelming for the smaller boy, his body somehow getting more and more sensitive to physical touch as minutes passed by, but he tried not to pay attention to that, instead he opted to bask in the pleasure his daddy was offering. Which turned out to be significantly easy since Hoseok wasn't even trying to hold back. Instead he only went harder, nipping at his lips and biting on his tongue all while caressing the skin reachable to him. It was as if he was begging to get a reaction out of the mewling boy.

And it happened, his thoughts becoming a reality when Jeongguk clasped onto the elder tighter than before, a small whiny moan escaping his lips before he could stop it. Making Hoseok pull away with a sly smirk. A chuckle leaving his lips before pulling his tie off. His expression immediately darkening even more once doing so. "Now tell me, why did my baby break the rules? Hmm?" Hoseok questioned with a raised eyebrow. His strong gaze intimidating the younger so much so that words wouldn't come out. But he knew if he didn't respond to his master, then he would surely get a far more worse punishment. "B-Baby was horny, and he wanted Daddy to come home." Biting his lips once again, he avoided the red-head's burning stare. Wanting nothing more than to dig himself nine feet under the ground.

"But baby knew that Daddy was busy, didn't he?" His voice went down an octave, ultimately getting deeper than it originally was. Resulting in a shiver to run down Jeongguk's back, his inner submissiveness whimpering at the demanding tone. "Y-Yes. I'm sorry, daddy." the younger hung his head in shame, guilt rising up to his throat as he thought about him being the reason why his daddy's work was disrupted.

With a heavy sigh, Hoseok walked towards the bed, sitting down and rolling up his sleeves. (Jeongguk's mouth watering at the sight of the elder's prominent veins.) "Come here. Lay down, ass up." He patted his thighs, urging Jeongguk to come forward. To which he did immediately, not wanting to anger the older and plan his own funeral. Climbing on top of the bed, the younger laid down on his muscular thighs and let out a nervous exhale.

Hoseok took no time moving the silk fabric to the side, exposing the soft pale flesh making him groan from delight. Slowly he started rubbing the younger's ass, groping and prodding it before raising his hand only to bring it back down with a bit of harshness. Receiving a loud chocked out moan to come trickling out of Jeongguk's mouth, who was thoroughly enjoying the feeling of his daddy's soft hands that were contrasting with his rough spankings. Again and again, his hand came down to Jeongguk's ass, continuing until the spot was surely a bright red. It stung, but Jeongguk loved the pain that accompanied the pleasure. And he made sure to vocalize this by moaning every time Hoseok's hands came in contact with his ass, resulting in the thick skin to jiggle by the force being applied.

After god knows how long — Hoseok stopped the spanking, now rubbing the younger's bruised ass as if hoping for it to ease the brunette a little. "Stand up for me, bun." And he did, mustering up all his courage he tried to stand in front of his daddy. Albeit it came to no surprise when he stumbled a bit due to the numbness he was feeling. Once he finally succeeded to stand up on his two feet, he could feel a liquid drip from his pussy and stain his panties, only now realizing how wet he had gotten just by having his ass spanked. He looked down embarrassed, his cheeks flushed once again as he waited for the elder's command.

He knew that Hoseok was still pissed about breaking the rules, but the red-head had been oddly gentle as of so far. And he was a bit worried since he knew that this was eventually going to lead somewhere. However, he didn't have much time to ponder on his thoughts, because in mere seconds his vision had been taken away. Now only being met with darkness.

His breath hitched, afraid of what was going on. His other senses instantly sharpening due to the loss of one. It was a blindfold — a tie to be more specific. And at this point Jeongguk had an idea as to what was going on now.

Soon enough, Hoseok's hands were back on him. Only this time, much more rough. Pinching and twisting his rosy buds, causing a whine to erupt from the back of Jeongguk's throat. To which of course turned Hoseok on even more, growling and diving to the younger's neck. Sucking and biting relentlessly, just wanting Jeongguk to moan his name and tell him who he belongs to.

Slowly — through the midst of his torture — he walked the younger backwards until his back met the edge of the bed before picking him up and throwing him onto the sheets; leaving Jeongguk laying there panting helplessly. Closing his eyes even if he couldn't see anything, he focused on the soft rustling before feeling the presence of Hoseok's dilated eyes on him, making his legs quiver and his pussy leak. He felt so weak under the older's gaze, and he adored it. Liking how Hoseok was able to make him so wet and needy with just the slightest of touches.

His body froze when he felt the bed dip down and something crawl towards him, only easing up once he felt the familiar touch of his daddy's fingers trailing down his pelvis and stopping by his thighs. Harshly squeezing the flesh of his thighs and teasingly edging towards his hot cunt.

Short pants left his mouth as he felt Hoseok run his fingers over his undergarments, pressing down on top of his clit for a mere second before trailing them back up to touch his hardened nipples. Harshly twirling them around and squeezing them, not caring if it was starting to hurt. But Jeongguk didn't get the chance to complain, a gasp leaving his lips before he could do so. He could feel Hoseok's hands wander down his pelvis and onto his thighs. Carelessly twirling the lace thigh highs between his fingers before starting to rub his hands in-between Jeongguk's clenched thighs. Sparsely squeezing the fat around the younger's inner thigh and kissing up towards the side of his clothed vulva, planting wet kisses right around the folds and even going as far as to suck the black silk.

"Daddy, please~" The brown haired male whined out, getting tired from Hoseok's constant teasing and wishing for the elder to just fuck him 'till he can't even sit. "Please what? Use your words properly." He kissed down Jeongguk's smooth skin, occasionally nipping and sucking at his sweet spots, trying to get a reaction out of the other.

"Please, please just do something! Anything! Please Daddy~ I need you." He whimpered out while internally sobbing, he was just so done with this. All he wanted was to be filled to the brim by Hoseok's dick and be fucked to oblivion. But he just wasn't getting what he wanted, and it was slowly but surely driving him insane.

"All fours, now." Hoseok commanded, slapping his enclosed thigh and waiting for the younger to flip around. Jeongguk hastily turned over, purposefully arching his back so his ass would be right in front of Hoseok's face.

"You're so tempting, baby boy. You know that? Oh, how I could just fuck you up and see you unwind beneath me," he dirtily growled, smirking at the moan that rippled out of Jeongguk. "You like that? You like hearing me talk about how much I want to destroy your wet cunt?" Hoseok found amusement in seeing his baby respond to his dirty talk, but he wanted more.

At last, he stopped torturing the poor bun and decided to give him what he wanted. Starting from sliding his fingers atop of the silky soft fabric, tracing around his folds and and touching the soaked patch, gathering the pre-cum and sliding his hand down Jeongguk's underwear.

The brunette shuddered when Hoseok's slightly cold fingers came in contact with his wet heat, his eyes rolling to the back of his head when said fingers roughly rubbed his clit. Moans were pouring out his mouth, almost as if he was a broken radio. "D-Daddy! Yes! Yes! Please, more, baby wants more!" Jeongguk was saying anything and everything that came to his mind, it didn't matter if it was coherent or incoherent. He was too soaked up in his personal pleasure to care about how loud he was being. Truth be told, it's not like anyone cared anyways, especially not Hoseok. In fact, Hoseok was actually enjoying this much more than he should. He loved how broken Jeongguk sounded just by having his pussy stretched.

Hoseok only now realized how badly he wanted to ruin him, fuck him 'till he couldn't breathe and make Jeongguk think of only one thing; himself. A bit selfish to say, but imagining Jeongguk revealing his body and moaning out someone else's name pissed him off. Jeongguk was his, and his only. No one else's.

Thinking that he'd stretched Jeongguk enough, he slipped out his fingers from Jeongguk's pussy and tore his panties apart. Too frustrated to go through the painful process of unclipping his garter belt and slipping them over his thigh highs (which were now all dirtied with cum).

"N-No~" Jeongguk wiggled around, wanting his hole to be filled again by his daddy's fingers. Not liking the unpleasant feeling of being empty, and with the way his hormones were raging, he really needed something to pleasure him. "Stay still or else I'll keep teasing your cunt until you pass out." Hoseok slapped his ass as if warning Jeongguk to not test him.

Jeongguk was about to say something when all of a sudden he got flipped around, now straddling the older's lap. Hoseok's bulge being very prominent as it was poking right at Jeongguk's hole, making him cry out in delectation. Oh, how badly did Jeongguk want bounce on top of his daddy's dick and have himself filled up with the elder's cum. Though, sadly enough, we don't always get what we want.

"Get down on the ground," Hoseok whispered in the brunette's ear, sending shivers down his spine as he obeyed the ginger's command. "good boy." He caressed the younger's brown locks before pulling his hand back and unzipping his jeans to pull out his aching member, beads of pre-cum were dripping down from the slit and onto the base. Hoseok gave his member a few pumps before guiding it to the younger's lips. "Now suck."

A gasp left Jeongguk's lips as he felt the thick head getting pushed into his mouth, moaning at the taste of his Daddy's cum and sending vibrations down the redhead's cock. Resulting in Hoseok throwing his head back and groaning at the wetness and heat surrounding his painfully hard member. "Just like that baby boy, yeah, keep going." He encouraged, his dick hardening even more at the sight of his baby taking him in, sucking and hollowing his cheeks trying to take as much as he could before coming back up and teasing the elder's slit. Such a good boy he was, pleasuring his Daddy the best he could without complaining. It almost made Hoseok want to stop everything and just hold him in his embrace, not letting him go until the end of times. But a punishment was a punishment, and he had to teach his baby to not break the rules or else he'll end up in another situation quite like this.

Low grunts were heard echoing throughout the empty room, the crude sounds of slurping and choking emphasizing due to the hushness, making the overall sinful deed sound much more sensual than actuality.

"Good enough, now be a doll and lay on the bed for me, yeah?" Hoseok gently pushed his coated member out of Jeongguk's mouth, wiping the string of saliva that was left behind on Jeongguk's swelled up pouty lips and laying him down on the bed behind him. Hoseok eventually took off his jeans, throwing them on the ground before going back to Jeongguk. "Two rules — no touching yourself and no cumming before I say so. Got it?" Grabbing Jeongguk's legs, he spread them apart to show his clenching hole, still freshly coated with slick. Biting his lip and running his tongue across his lips, he leaned in to gather up the pre-cum, trying to lubricate his dick so it wouldn't hurt his baby as much.

A small whine like moan squeaked out of Jeongguk, a bit taken aback from being touched down there without any warning. His breathing turned heavy, excited for whatever his Daddy would give him even if he would only get met with more teasing. Something about Hoseok's touches always made Jeongguk feel exhilarated. The erotic way Hoseok's hands would trail down his body leaving a trail of goosebumps behind with his unique touch, rough yet soft at the same time. Almost as if he was claiming the younger just by his hands, no need for markings when he could just hold the younger in his embrace.

"Jeongguk. Listen to me," Hoseok petted Jeongguk's stomach gently, rubbing his sides and and bringing his hands up to cup Jeongguk's cheeks. "are you sure you want this?" There it was. There was the consent and permission the ginger never failed to ask, as always. No matter how bad Hoseok's urge told him to just slam into Jeongguk's prettily petite body, Hoseok always made sure it wasn't just his subconsciousness talking for the younger. A small gesture, but it left a major impact on the bunny's heart, never missing the chance to swell at his daddy's kind words.

With a slight intake of breath, Jeongguk responded. "Yes! Please! I want Daddy to fuck me nice and deep, make me so wet and deprived for you cum. Fuck— Please, please, please! I want you so bad~" He shamelessly begged, completely forgetting about his pride and self dignity. The poor boy just wanted his needs to be satisfied, but it was taking quite a while for that to be granted.

A throaty groan left Hoseok's mouth as he grabbed Jeongguk's hair and yanked him closer to his vein-y cock, inch by inch, Jeongguk's slicked cunt swallowed up his dick. A string of curses leaving Hoseok's mouth as he pulled all the way back until his head was left, and slammed back down. Not giving Jeongguk a chance to even take in the startling action before repeating his previous action. Only this time, going much harder.

It sounded as if Jeongguk was a rag doll, repeatedly getting slammed into without a care in the world. Screams and loud moans were the only things Jeongguk could utter, the rest being completely gibberish. But in this moment, words didn't even matter to Jeongguk. Hoseok Hoseok Hoseok was the only word repeating in his mind. And he loved it. Loved getting pounded into with no mercy, loved getting used and manhandled. Loved the numb sensation spreading in his lower region as the person he loved pounded into him.

Unsurprisingly enough, Jeongguk wasn't the only one relishing the self pleasure, Hoseok was too. Though, he found more contentment in looking down at his baby boy getting his cunt destroyed, screams emitting from his mouth along with much more nonsense.

It didn't matter if Jeongguk's prostate was being hit on or not, the way Hoseok's thick cock was hitting his walls was just too good to be true, and he tried his best to make sure his Daddy knew how much he loved having a dick being slammed into him.

Hoseok could feel his orgasm starting to build up, and he knew that Jeongguk was most likely going through the same. With a load groan he descended his hand to Jeongguk's clitoris, mercilessly rubbing it to fasten up the process. "S-so good—shit! D-Daddyyy!"

Jeongguk's hands were thrown above his head pulling his own brown locks as he felt the pleasure consume his body. He looked so beautifully ethereal in Hoseok's eyes, he felt like cumming every time he saw the younger like this. So nicely fucked up beneath him, barely forming sentences and barely getting to breathe.

Hoseok could feel his orgasm approaching as he angled his thrusts a bit to the right, right away knowing that he had hit Jeongguk's sweet spot when he saw his legs stretch out wider and his toes curl.

The way Jeongguk screamed when he felt a special bundle of nerves getting hit would make anyone clutch their ears in pain. He couldn't contain himself, his hips were numb, legs were shaking, and body was spasming. He felt as if he was falling into heaven as his eyesight darkened, black spots blocking his vision and vigorously shaking his body, almost as if he was having a convulsion.

"Jeongguk? Baby? Hey, talk to me," he could feel Hoseok's gentle hands caressing his cheeks, concern lacing his voice as he spoke. With a small grunt Jeongguk opened his eyes to see the older. Worry very obviously coating his facial expression, "is my precious angel alright?" Hoseok whispered, nuzzling his head into Jeongguk's neck and leaving small pecks.

With a light giggle Jeongguk responded, "I'm alright. Thank you, Hobi". Reaching his hands out he swung his arms around Hoseok's neck and brought him closer for a kiss, melting into the delightful warmth of the ginger's lips as soon as they touched.

Soon Jeongguk broke the kiss, his breathing not yet settled down causing his oxygen to run out quicker. But it didn't matter to Hoseok, instead he chose to stare down adoringly at the little bun beneath him. Watching his naturally flushed cheeks darken as he looked up guilty. "I'm sorry you had to leave work because of me."


"It's no problem, love. I would do anything for my prince."