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Deku gets wrecked by 1A ft. Shinsou

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Ever since Bakugo exposed Izuku for the cumslut he is, was, and always will be, to almost the entirety of class 1A, life for Izuku has changed forever. He can’t complain though; He gets his cum fix wherever and whenever he wants really - and no one else can complain either, for that matter.
Everyone has different needs, and uses him differently. For example, Ochako has always preferred soft, intimate sex. She dons a thick strap on, teasing Izuku’s nipples while the other end of the strap on dildo fucks into her with every thrust she takes. Meanwhile Ashido is using Izuku’s face as her own personal seat, barely allowing him to breathe while she grinds down onto his nose, hitting all the right spots. He’s a living sex doll, unable to cum and he loves it.
Ojiro fucks like an animal, guttural grunts and snapping his hips back and forth into Izuku with no mercy. He bruises Izuku’s hips before dumping a massive load into the abused hole, and Izuku loves it.
Bottom line is, no matter who is using him, he always loves it. Bakugo offering Izuku for the class to use had awakened something in him, something that he always knew was there. He always wanted to be fucked hard, fucked raw, creampied like the slut he is. But he never imagined he would ever feel so much pleasure in his life.
When Sinshou Hitoshi transfers to the hero course, Izuku feels something new. Curiosity peaks once again, just like it did those months ago, when he turned to Shouto to fuck him raw, to satisfy what he knew he wanted. But this time he isn’t sure. He tucks the thought away, deep into the back of his mind. The experience during the sports festival was traumatizing. He wouldn’t wish what happened to him upon anyone else – feeling your own body be controlled, its terrifying. But he can’t help but humour the thought, if only a little.
But it isn’t just Izuku.
Shinsou quickly clues into the 1A class dynamic, he realises that Izuku is a shared possession between many of the classmates. Shortly after his transfer, he notices the excited energy among the students on Fridays during class. The glances to Izuku, the constant chatter of being excited for tonight. He intentionally distanced himself when transferring into the class, but he starts to think maybe he wouldn’t mind some friends.
After three consecutive weeks of Friday night absences at dinner, it’s very clear that Shinsou has been left out. But the thing is, he wants in.
With his dinner tray in hand, he walks over to Aoyama before sitting next to him, a smirk on his lips.
“Hey,” Shinsou starts. Getting the blonde’s attention.
“Bonjour!” He replies, clearly unsettled by the sudden interaction. “May I help you moinsiuer?”
“Yeah, you can, actually.” He replies. “I need you to tell me how I can get into these Friday night things. I know what’s going on.”
“Ah, but I cannot tell you.” He says in a flippant tone.
“Yes, you can. Did you forget who you’re talking to?” He smiles, activating his quirk. Aoyama pales.
Shinsou is already waiting in the empty classroom when the majority of 1A makes it there, shortly after the start off dinner, and he’s even so kindly already moved the desks for them.
“Fancy seeing you all here,” He drawls, waiting until they’ve all filtered into the classroom, some students gawking, others ashamed, wondering how this outsider has found out their ‘secret’. “I’m not here to expose you, or shame you,” He continues, eyes gleaming. “No, but I do want a claim on your little class pet over there.”
Bakugo smirks, arms crossed as he stands next to Izuku possessively, the latter of which seems absolutely terrified. It’s understandable, after what happened at the sports festival, the experience of not controlling your own body.
“Took you long enough, fucker.”
“Kacchan-don’t, he’ll-!”
“Deku,” He says in a commanding tone. Izuku immediately stiffens. “Say hello to our guest. Be fucking nice.”
He stills, eyes filled with terror, but his subspace is setting in, being ordered around he feels right at home – enough so to put aside his fear, enough to say “H-Hello, Shinsou…”, as he looks at the ground.
In other circumstances, he would stand tall. He would face Hitoshi head on and stare him down. But this was Izuku’s safe space, its where he came to lose control, where he got absolutely wrecked on a weekly basis.
He felt himself clench around his thick plug, feeling somewhat aroused as he thought about what usually happened here. As he thought about the cum already sloshing around in his stomach, only to be added to tonight.
“Hello, Midoriya. Thank you for being so accommodating, Bakugo.” He smiled wrly. “Something tells me I’m an expected guest.”
“You want a claim?” Bakugo retorts, snarling, a clear giddy look in his eyes. “Show me how much you can break him.”
Izuku turns and looks Bakugo in the eyes, fear clouding what had been building up to lust and arousal. The class looks on, intrigued, invested, and most of all, wanting to see what Shinsou had in store for their little pet.
“Kacchan, I, please-“
“Midoriya, shhhh.” Shino coons, slowly making his way towards the centre of the classroom. “Come here.” He beckons, and before he knows it, his limbs are moving. He stops in front of Shinsou, no longer in control of his body. “Strip.” He does. Slowly he undoes his jacket, shirt, pants, until he’s left in his underwear.
He’s trying desperately to snap out of it, to do anything to stop what’s about to happen. Cool hands run over burning hot skin, following marks of old bondage, slowing over recent hickies, before the hands come up to his face, cupping his cheeks.
“I said strip, Izuku.” The words are calm but clearly a warning. There’s still fight in Izuku’s eyes. He doesn’t want to do this. This feels wrong.
But if that’s true, why does his groin feel so hot? His cheeks are burning and he can’t stop thinking about the cage around his cock, and how much he wishes it were off. Why? He shouldn’t want this. But then he remembers the thought he tucked away. The desperate want to be used, to be a doll, to not have any control.
His lucid mind fights with his hazy, lust filled one, and as the lustful side is slowly winning over.
He feels his resolve crumbling as he leans down, ridding his body of any clothing.
“Good boy, Izuku,” Hands are roaming now. To his chest, abdomen, then rest upon his hips. Shinsou hums at the sight, looking up over Izuku’s shoulder to see the horny students of class 1A’s eyes meet his own. “Izuku, you’re going to call me Master. I am going to call you Izuku, Deku, Midoriya or ‘Puppy’, when I use any of these names, you are to obey me. Understood?”
With a blank expression, he replies, “Yes Master.”
If he didn’t have the class’s full attention before, he sure does now.
“Puppies don’t walk on two legs, do they, Puppy?” He queries, gripping Izuku’s hips. He sees Bakugo smirk, eargerly proud of his decision to hand over his precious toy. “If you’re a puppy how should you walk?”
“On all four’s, Master.”
“Good boy. Come on. Down you go.” He pushes on the freckled shoulders, guiding them down. “Now Puppy,” He looks towards the class, continuing, “What is it that you want right now?”
“I want cum. Lots of it, Master.”
“You’ll have to ask your class for that Izuku. Be very polite, now, beg.”
Izuku turns, blank expression slowly transforming into one of mixed lust, want and pure ecstasy, as he rises to his knees, his hands in a proper ‘begging’ stance.
“Please give me cum, everybody. I want you to cum in me. Please.”
The sound of zippers is immediate, as the students make their way to give their pet what he wants.
Katsuki hangs back, shrugging a tote bag off his shoulder and pulling a medium sized tray out of it. He walks towards Deku, giving Shinsou a pleased look, before easing the now puppy back onto his hands and knees. He places the tray under Izuku’s hips, before grasping the base of the thick plug nestled in Deku’s ass and slowly beginning to fuck it in and out of the hole.
Izuku is letting out muffled, garbled noises that aren’t making it any further than his throat.
“Be as loud as you want, Puppy. We want to hear you scream tonight.” Shinsou says slyly, but the shallow moans still aren’t enough for him. “Hmm, and Izuku, I think it would be more fun if your hole is a little bit, lets say, twice as sensitive as usual. What do you say?”
“Yes Mast-Er oHgH-!” Deku’s expressionless tone is cut short as Hitoshi’s mind control takes effect on his body, and all of a sudden it feels like that one time that Kacchan fingered him open with triple strength aphrodisiac lube. He feels like he’s on fire, like any touch could tip him over the edge. His moans are spilling out of his lips loudly and he simply can’t stop them as he continues to moan deeply and wantonly, needing more, begging for more stimulation…
“Heh, I wonder what’ll happen if…” Bakugo says, before pulling the whole plug out at once, suddenly. Deku screams as his hole starts leaking, globs of day old cum spilling out of his ass and into the tray beneath him.
Shinsou bites his lip, he knew that tonight would be something else, but he doesn’t think he’s ever been this turned on before.
And Deku? Oh Deku. Inside his own head he doesn’t have any clear thoughts. It’s a haze of arousal and pleasure, how had he ever been scared of this? Giving into Shinsou’s will feels like nothing he’s ever felt. He’s facing the class as they crowd around him, now nude and he realises that he’s feeling so good already, feeling flashes of white go through his mind that he didn’t even notice them undress. He had no idea that a mind control quirk could affect his body, his sensitivity, God knows what else. Izuku couldn’t wait to find out.
The class, now surrounding Izuku and his two handlers, are all touching themselves, desperately wanting a part of what’s unfolding in front of them. They look upon Bakugo with only two fingers inside Deku’s ass, yet listen to the latter moan like its two cocks.
“How do you feel, Puppy?” Shinsou asks, hoping to gain information that he can use to abuse Izuku even more. “Tell me what you need.”
“Master, I-ah-I need cocks, and cum, and –nnngh- need to cum, so bad, please-ahH! Please I could cum if I didn’t have my cage on-nnnH!”
Shinsou looks towards Bakugo, eyebrow raised.
“He’s not allowed to cum until we’re all done, that’s the way it fuckin works.” He spanks Izuku’s ass with a single strike harshly. “He knows that. Selfish little bitch.” Another spank as he continues to tease the oversensitive hole.
“Undo the cage. Trust me.” Shinsou says, receiving a hesitant look from Bakugo before he caves and reaches for the key in his pocket. “Puppy, under no circumstance, before I give you permission, are you to cum. Okay?”
“Master I – please, I need-“
“NO.” He bellows. “You are not to come.”
“Y-yes Master, yes, I understand.” Tears are forming in his eyes as Bakugo removed the chastity belt, urethra plug still in place. Without Izuku consciously in charge of his emotions, he’s a lot more honest. More feisty, even.
His dick immediately stands tall, and Bakugo dips his fingers into the tub of cum, before rubbing it a little. Another near scream spills from Izuku’s lips as his hips move forward the slightest big, begging for friction. He can’t move much though, considering he cant control his own limbs, and looks like he’s having muscle spasms trying to get Bakugo to rub his neglected dick faster.
Without warning, he does. Bakugo goes from an innocent, slow, almost cruel pace to a brutal, firm and cum-worthy pace. Deku would have cum, plug be damned, but felt his insides contract as his own body denied itself the greatest pleasure.
He starts whining, his dick and ass both being assaulted, both overstimulated, as he could barely move a muscle to stop or aid it.
“Hey, think we’ve kept you all waiting far too long,” Bakugo says, retracting his hands from Izuku’s writhing body. “Who wants some of our new Puppy, huh?”
The while class draws a sharp intake of breath. Most nights they would be eager to wreck Midoriya. Most nights, with the boy as he usually was – submissive, sensitive, pretty little pet Midoriya. But seeing the effects of Shinsou’s quirk at work on his body lit a fire.
Most nights they all wanted a piece, and wanting to wreck him.
But tonight they wanted to fucking destroy him.
Bakugo nodded at Shinsou, indicating that it was time to share. “We need a few chairs,” He said.
Izuku lay still, his back straight across two desk chairs pushed together. His head hung down, lips and hole perfect height to everybody’s hips. The cum tray from before lay directly underneath his hole, intended to catch any and all cum leakage, while another tray, also provided from Bakugo’s bag, lay under his head.
“Puppy, I’m wondering. Are your nipples more sensitive than they usually are?” Shinsou asks, pinching them both eliciting a gasp from the vulnerable male. “I think they are. No, I know they are.” Izuku feels the now familiar feeling in his head, his brain rewiring his nerves to accommodate for Shinsou’s demand.
“Yes Master. My nipples are a lot more sensitive no- AHH! Ah, Master, pleas-!” He cries, as Shinsou unforgivingly bites his right nipple, licking it and kneading it with his tongue.
It feels good- it feels SO good, Izuku thinks. And its all he can think, pleasure is the only thing on his mind, as he feels the common white flash that usually appears before an orgasm. But yet again, his abdomen tightens, refuses to allow it.
“I wonder,” Shinsou murmurs against Deku’s chest. “I notice you writhing. You would be cumming, but obviously you’re not. So I wonder if when I let you cum,” He continues, hands trailing down the shivering body, to tease Izuku’s cock once more. “Will it all come out at once? Wouldn’t that just be splendid, Puppy?”
“Y-yes Master, it would feel amazing-nn!” He whined, fighting against his locked muscles to try and buck into the teasing hand.
“Hmm. Well I can’t wait to see what we can do when the time comes.” He drawls, not giving any relief to the teased, sensitive cock in his hand, as he languidly stroked it. “Before then though I have to ask – how’s you pretty little mouth? Ready to give your patient friends some pleasure, baby? Hmm? I bet it would be great for you if you got some pleasure too, don’t you think? Your tongue as sensitive as your poor little asshole,” He suggests, trailing his hand down the taught balls, down further to the red, wet, writhing hole, before sticking the tip of his index finger into it. “Just imagine Puppy. Every time someone thrusts into your mouth, against the back of your throat, it’s a new G-spot. You’d love that wouldn’t you?”
Izuku feels his foggy mind already altering to accommodate for the suggestion planted by Shinsou. He feels the back of his throat tingling, just as his prostate it, now both begging for stimulation.
“M-Master I- yes, ah I want that, I want to feel good.” He manages, now even his words making his throat feel good – the vibrations teasing the newly formed G-spot.
“What about the girls though? Mm, don’t want them to miss out on giving you some pleasure, isn’t that right? Your lips – is it just me, or are they feeling just like your pretty little nipples? Nice and sensitive, just perfect to be thrusted against, hmm?” He brings up his free hand to Izuku’s mouth, lightly dragging a finger across the lower lip, as Izuku opens them obediently. “And of course your tongue – wouldn’t want to leave anything out here would we? Pretty little mouth, just another hole to be abused. And you love it, don’t you?”
Izuku nods, feeling his whole mouth now on fire. His lips tingling where Shinsou touched them, his tongue moving to touch the fingers entering his mouth. Just another hole, he thinks, I’m just a hole for my class. He feels himself trying to buck against the fingers ever so lightly teasing his ass, begging for more, needing more stimulation.
“It’s like you’re a living breathing onahole, isn’t it? You can’t move, can’t speak, can’t cum without being made to.” He leans next to Midoriya’s face, looking him in the cloudy, sex-driven green eyes with a bone chilling look. “And you fucking love it, you slut. Don’t you?” He murmurs, just loud enough for everyone to hear. The sounds of classmates touching themselves speeds up. They can’t wait any longer, Shinsou thinks to himself. They can’t wait to absolutely destroy the perfect two holes that he just created.
“I think its about time you got to work, Puppy.” Shinsou says, stepping away from the stiff body, after wiping his wet fingers off on Izuku’s stomach, smearing left over cum from his ass and spit from his mouth. Only a small mark of the mess that’s about to begin.
Bakugo is the first to step forward, he’s Izuku’s proper owner, so it only seems fair. He’s grinning sadistically, estatic with what Hitoshi was able to turn his childhood friend into. He beckons Shouto to come forward too, motioning to the waiting mouth. Katsuki lines up his cock to Izuku’s ass, the tip of his dick touching the tight red hole, before slamming into it. The cum already there spread like lube, effectively making the asshole like more of a slicked vagina than anything. He set a fast pace from the start, feeling the muscles tighten around him almost painfully as he watching the hard dick in front of him dance and writhe as Izuku tries to cum.
Meanwhile Todoroki doesn’t wait up, he presses Izuku’s chin, opening the pliant mouth as a tongue lolls out. He rubs his tip over the warm lips and waiting tongue, before experimentally entering the warm mouth. He presses the chin closed, after realising just how little control the green haired boy had over his body, thrusting slowly and relishing in the shivering mess that ensued. He slowly thrusts deeper and deeper, sometimes aided by Bakugo thrusting so hard that Izuku unwillingly deep throating Shouto’s dick, before pulling out and rubbing his now saliva-coated cock over his cheeks. If Deku hates this, there isn’t a single thing he can do, Shouto can’t even see the desperate expression in his eyes, as they’re currently staring at the balls hanging in front of them. After making a beautiful mess of the freckled cheeks, he decides he now really wants to get off. So he opens Izuku’s mouth again, entering rougher than before, and thrusting faster, with purpose this time.
Every time he thrusts into the back of the throat, Izuku sees stars. Every time, without fail, Izuku feels his body building up to an orgasm, with no release. He can feel Bakugo at his other hole, not relenting as he roughly slams his hips again and again, hitting the sore, oversensitive prostate every time without fail. Deku feels like this is the twentieth round of sex for the night, not the first. How may times his body has tried to cum, he has no idea, but it has to be over ten at this point.
He feels his lips, they feel like they’re being rubbed raw around Shoto’s cock as his tongue tingles with pleasure and his throat unvoluntarily tightens every time the cock slams into the back of it. He feels the soft balls swing into his face with every thrust, momentarily choked as he tried to breath through his nose.
He really is a living onahole, except he can feel every single thing done to abuse his body, but Shinsou was right. Like the slut he is, he fucking loves it.
After Bakugo and Shoto, its Kaminari and Momo. Kaminari is more gentle than many of the 1A boys, he fucks quickly and cums before long, while Momo rides his face, Shinsou having to order Izuku to use his tongue like a good little Puppy. Turns out, under mind control, he moves his tongue in such a way that Momo doesn’t last long either, and it gets all the girls raring to go.
Mina uses his mouth next, and Izuku never quite gets used to her abnormal alien-esque vagina. While he’s eating her out, tentacle-esque, thin phallic objects enter his mouth and it turns into a unique experience for both of them. Mina makes a note to ask Shinsou to do this more often.
On the other side of Izuku’s body, his ass is being abused by Iida, who pistons in and out of Izuku like a machine. He doesn’t relent, and he keeps such a consistent pace it feels like the time Bakugo left him seated on a fucking machine for an entire night, as a punishment for not following orders properly. (Izuku never told anyone he disobeyed Bakugo incidentally, because he was curious how he would get punished. He’s been meaning to disobey again ever since.)
Next up is Tsuyu and Kirishima.
Tsuyu teases the pert nipples with her tongue, while Kirishima grips into supple hips with hardned fingers, leaving marks over the burns left by Bakugo.
Hagakure and Tokoyami don’t do anything out of the ordinary, they’re just here for a good time offered by the class pet. But Izuku still writhes none the less.
Whoever thought it was a good idea to let Shoji and Ojiro take their turns at the same time, Izuku loved them. They were both rough, and animalistic, and both blew massive loads. By the time they both finished, both of the cum trays were half full, and Izuku started feeling his hole loosen.
“Getting tired, Puppy?” He hears. Izuku can only nod, his whole body tired and sore in the best way. “That’s a shame. I think it’d be nice if you tightened up your cunt a little, don’t want to disappoint anyone, would we?” He feels his ass tingle, as his muscles seem to magically repair themselves. “Who’s left?”
Ochako, Jirou and Sero step forward.
“I want to use his dick,” Says Ochako. The outwardly innocent and round cheeked Uraraka that everyone knew before the whole Izuku-becoming-the-class-pet thing was long gone. She revealed her true colours that night, and much to everyones joy, she was fucking wild. “I want to ride him while he can’t cum. Is that okay, Bakugo?”
He grins and nods. “Go ahead pink cheeks. Have your way with him.” He turns to Shinsou. “I want you to fuck his dick up.” He’s met with dark eyes and a smirk.
“Puppy, your dick looks so sore. You want to cum, I know you do.” He’s met with a half conscious nod and bright eyes. “But you can’t. I know how sensitive you must be. It’s like the slightest breeze could tip you over the edge, isn’t it?” He suggests, planting the seed into Izuku’s brain.
“Nuh, Master, pleaze d-dnt….Nnnnnnh!!!”He mumbles, whining as he feels his already oversentitive cock tremble as Shinsou leans forward and blows air onto the tip of his dick. His mind foggy, he already felt the effects.
Ochako smiles before stepping forward and swinging a leg over his stiff body. Jirou makes her way to his mouth while Sero lines his dick up with the newly tightened hole.
They all start assaulting him at the same time, and Izuku feels like he’s losing his fucking mind. He feels wet tightness around his cock, his body now in a constant feeling of orgasm, but it never comes to fruition. He sensitive hole fucked into by Sero at a brutal pace, he clearly has had enough of being patient and waiting his turn. Jirou clenching her hands around his neck, taking away the little amount of oxygen he could get around her cunt on his face.
He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t think. Izuku’s mind was only pleasure. I was ‘oh fuck, feels good, shit, need to cum’. He wasn’t a human being.
Onahole. Use me. Fuck me. Abuse my holes. I’m an object.
He loved it.
It didn’t take long for the trio to finish up, Izuku’s ass leaking cum again, and his face covered in slick. While using his dick as a glorified dildo, Uraraka had sucked hickies into Izuku’s chest, abusing his nipples while she used him.
The word oversensitive didn’t begin to describe what Izuku felt, but as he felt Shinsou’s hands rub his thighs, he speculated that it wasn’t over yet. (Not that he wanted it to be. If he has his way, Friday nights would be every night. Especially this Friday night.)
“How do you feel, Izuku?”
“S-so good, Master.”
“What do you want now?”
“I want more. Master, need more cocks. P-please, don’t stop.”
“Is that so? Well I’m sure your owner wouldn’t mind another go, what do you think?” He looks towards Bakugo, purple eyes meeting eager red, seeing Izuku’s green mop of hair vigourously nodding.
“You know the answers fuck yeah.”
“But first I need to have a little talk with him.” Shinsou says. Izuku looks dejected, but sits patiently, not that he has a choice. “Bakugo, is it just me, or is your dick looking bigger than before? It is, isn’t it?” He says, mocking tone messing with Bakugo’s mind already. His red eyes hold a twinge of confusing, before his dick starts swelling even bigger than its previous hardened state.
“What the fuck- how-“
“Can’t tell you,” Shinsou states. “Don’t know how. Do you want it or not?”
“Of fucking course I do. Make it bigger.” He retorts, picturing Deku’s tiny hole stretching around his newly massive cock.
“Its getting even bigger now. Wow, its going to be twice the size at this rate.” He smiles, seeing the entire class’s surprised looks, all eager to see the same thing Bakugo is itching to do.
The blonde steps towards Izuku, nails of one hand digging into his thigh while the other hand lines himself up to the hole. He’s glad there’s fresh cum around and in the hole, otherwise this would be a lot more painful for Izuku.
“Puppy, you’re allowed to speak freely. Moan all you want. Tell us what you need, alright?”
“Thank you Master. I need Bakugo’s cock. Please I- I need it in me. Give me your cum, Bakugo, please-“
“My fucking pleasure!” Bakugo exclaims, thrusting into the hole, feeling the tight ring of muscles stretch around his shaft. He pauses, realising he’s only half way inside the whole. A thrust of that strength would have usually put him in balls deep, and he smirks as he hears Deku stuttering and moaning, begging for more as he thrusts in once again.
Now he’s balls deep, and Izuku is speechless.
He pulls out the entire way, amazed at the sight of his cum-covered and impressive length, before lining up again and thrusting in all at once this time.
Izuku moans again, and again, and it seems that its all his mouth is capable of at this point.
“Master, Bakugo, please let me-nnnH please I-I, I need t-to cum, please, I’m beggin-G you!!! Ahh, please, please!” He really is begging, and he sounds like a broken record. Bakugo just keeps thrusting, eyebrow furrowed as he decides to let Shinsou deal with Izuku’s pleads for the time being. And Shinsou dealing with the pleads apparently consists of Shinsou shoving his dick into Izuku’s mouth, thrusting, finally able to get himself off after assisting the entirety of 1A.
Bakugo can feel himself getting close to orgasm, the pleasure building up in his abdomen, and he wonders for a moment if his load will be bigger than it was before, and if it will match up to the new size of his dick. What a nice fucking thought, he thinks, imagining Izuku’s belly swelling from one single load. Thinking about how, once he pulls out, it’ll all spill out into the cum tray beautifully.
He’s so close now, he can feel it all building up, when he tunes into what Shinsou is explaining to Izuku.
“Puppy, I can’t let you cum. You’re the one that’s holding back,” Shinsou explains. Izuku’s body starts to convulse a little, his muscles tensing and relaxing. “You know I can only mind control one person at a time.”
Izuku feels himself reeling. That’s true, he has written about Shinsou’s quirk and made a specific note of that detail. So that means that… No, no way…
“From the moment I started to manipulate Bakugo’s mind, I no longer controlled you – I had to release my quirk from controlling you so I could control Bakugo. You were voluntarily sitting still, like the good slut you are. Your brain is conditioned to keep you sensitive, after all the overstimulation you’ve received. And you liked your poor little cock being abused to the point you don’t want to cum, no, you can’t physically cum until you’re allowed to.” Shinsou chuckled a little, reaching to tease Izuku’s nipples, and tighten a hand around his throat. “But now you really are the perfect little onahole, Puppy.”
Izuku writhed beneath the two dicks, his mucsles coming back to life after realising he controlled his body again. But the fog didn’t leave his mind, and he still felt white hot pleasure building under his skin while he couldn’t come. Shinsou was right, his own brain was now hard wired to not give into Izuku’s wishes. He wanted to cum more than anything, but he couldn’t. Not until he had permission.
Shinsou’s grip around his throat tightened, his thrusts became shorter as he came to a climax. He finished inside the clenching throat, balls resting against Izuku’s face, as the latter brought his hands to the back of Shinsou’s thighs, clawing, scratching, begging for air. His hits and grip became softer as Shinsou didn’t relent, he stayed where he was, eyes locked with Bakugo’s as the pet’s blonde owner also felt the rising climax.
Katsuki let the sadistic explanation sink in as his own thrusts become more rushed, more frantic, his mind frantically running through everything that this could mean. No more cock cage. Let the little slut get hard, be sensitive, and still not be able to cum. It meant he was permananently more sensitive, pretty much everywhere that it mattered.
“Bakugo,” Shinsou interrupted the sadistic inner monologue. “You’re gonna cum for me. It’s going to feel amazing, unlike any orgasm you’ve ever felt before. You’re going to cum buckets into your little bitch, just like I know you want to.” Shinsou removes himself from Izuku’s mouth, allowing him air, as he gulps oxygen in like he hasn’t had access to it for a long time. (A minute is a while. He started seeing black spots in his vision, but it only turned him on more.)
Bakugo smirks for a split second, before the commands settle into his brain, and he feels his nerves overload as the pleasure lying in his abdomen unravels, and he bursts into Izuku, immediately creampieing the tight hole.
Deku fucking screams at the new intrustion, at the feeling of his stomach inflating. The amount of cum being pumped into him far bypasses anything he’s ever felt – Ojiro, enemas, being plugged for a week. He feels all of his senses going haywire and can’t stop scream-moaning Bakugo’s name.
His whole body is a twitching, convulsing mess by the time Bakugo has finished cumming, and the entire room looks on as he braces himself to pull out.
It seems to take forever – even flaccid, the dick that Shinsou bestowed upon him is comparable to that of a horse, but even while pulling out, cum is pouring out around his dick. He gets to the tip, and unplugs the hole, and it’s like a white waterfall.
During the pulling-out-procedure, Deku is sure he would have cum at least three times for sure. Shinsou’s words come echoing back to him as he feels the insane load of cum pour out of his ass into the tray below.
I wonder if when I let you cum, will it all come out at once?
He doesn’t know how many times he’s cum, but he knows it’s probably going to be to a similar degree to the load Bakugo just dumped in him. His limp body shivers just thinking about it.
“You’re not fucking done yet Izuku,” Bakugo barks out, wiping his cock clean on Izuku’s stomach, leaving residue of cum on the smooth skin. “Nowhere near done.”
Izuku feels like he passed out, but really he was just zoning out, his mind and body struggling to re sync with each other. He was somewhat aware of the feeling of rope securing him to desk legs, but let the classmates manouver his limbs as he focused on his desperate need to cum.
The next thing he knew, there was a clang, and the desk was put on its side. Bakugo was slapping his cheek, not hard, but not softly either, getting him to pay attention.
“You fucking passed out, Deku? Wake the fuck up.”
Izuku’s eyes found red ones, which held excitement. He notices that he’s seeing them upside-down. Something told him that he was going to enjoy what was coming next, in a brutal way. That usually what happened when Bakugo had that look in his eye.
Izuku realises that his body feels stiff again – was he under Shinsou’s control? No. He felt rope keeping him in place. He couldn’t move, but when he made eye contact with purple eyes, the same look was in them, that was in Bakugo’s.
He tries orienting himself, but when you’re seeing the world from a different angle, it can be a bit hard. His back is starting to feel strained, as its at a sharp curve. His hole is facing the ceiling, with his legs secured to desk legs that are perpendicular to the floor and roof, while his chest, back, and arms are secured to the desk legs that are resting against the floor.
He realises, very belatedly, that he’s been secured with a gag. He feels a tube, about a centremetre wide, that presumably connects to something else. Bakugo notices his confusion, and holds up what seems to be the other end of the tube.
“Wondering what the fuck this is, nerd?” He questions.
Deku nods, fearing the possibilities. When Bakugo presents a funnel, putting it in the end of the tube, he watches as the funnel is held under Bakugo’s now flaccid, normal size cock, before he releases a load of piss. It takes a second to reach the end of the tube connected to the gag, but once it does, Izuku winces, and tries not to swallow. But upon seeing that the level of piss isn’t moving past halfway through the tube, Bakugo removes the funnel, brings the end of the tube to his mouth and blows into it, the air forcing his piss further into the waiting mouth until Izuku has the choice to effectively drown in his owners piss or swallow.
So he does.
And he’s relieved its over until he sees Bakugo pass the tube and funnel to the next person in line.
While he’s forced to swallow load after load of piss, he feels his still stretched hole fingered, and his eyes dart to see Bakugo holding a massive enema syringe. He dips the tip into one of the cum trays, filling it up. He lifts it up to Izuku’s hole, popping the tip in and giving a primal, arousing look before slowly pushing down on the handle, emptying the contents – that being, many, many loads of his classmates cum – into the somewhat empty stomach.
If he wasn’t still being made to swallow his classmates piss, he would have screamed from pleasure. The feeling of being filled up all at once was one the best feelings he’d felt in his life. The boys now finished pissing into the tube – which, with two of three pissing into it at the same time, didn’t take a long time - and passed the tube and funnel onto the girls.
Izuku’s mind was foggy again. His mind was hazed with pleasure. He was being filled up in the best ways he could imagine, and he felt his abdomen convulse time and time again. He wanted to cum – he needed to. But even though he’s so close he just can’t.
He feels the enema stop, as Bakugo fills the syringe up a second time, pushing the contents into Izuku’s bowels once again.
“Don’t spill any of this Deku, or I’ll fucking kill you.” He threatens, but he knows none of the precious cum will go to waste. His little slut loves the feeling too much to let it leak out.
The girls finish with their piss fest by the time Bakugo is on the third load, to which Bakugo grumbles “Fucking finally.”, snatching the tube from them. He shoves the enema syringe into Shinsou’s hands, who chuckles before continuing what Bakugo had started.
Izuku watches Bakugo kneel down, before he starts touching the hard, tortured cock in front of him. He puts his index finger and thumb on each side of the slit at the tip of the penis, spreading it open and exposing the flexible urethra plug that Izuku was to wear at all times, accompanied by his cock cage.
He tenderly gripping the base of the plug, pulling it out slowly, drawing out Izuku’s long awaited release. The end of it pops out, and Izuku is looking at Bakugo, begging him with desperate eyes to let him cum.
“You wanna cum, dontcha nerd?” Vigorous nodding. “Alright. In a second I’ll get mind fucker to give you the magic words. Just a second,” He says, bringing the tube close to Izuku’s urethra. ‘Oh fuck,’ he thinks, realising what’s about to happen. His body shivers in excitement and disgust as Bakugo slides the tube into the already stretched urethra, pushing it in a fair way, as to not lose any of Izuku’s precious release.
“Hey, gimme that.” Bakugo says, snatching the syringe back off of Shinsou, refilling it and placing it at Izuku’s hole. “Tell him he can fucking cum.” He says, as he starts emptying the syringe, faster than before.
“Puppy, cum.”
And he does. Izuku cums so fucking hard he swears he sees god. Black spots, white stars and much more cloud his vision and his body overloads and his dick starts pumping out cum. No one can remember, could keep count of how many denied orgasms Izuku had been holding back. But no one could deny the absolute awe striking amount of cum that was coming out of the boy’s cock.
It lasted at least a minute, Bakugo finished off the syringe but he was still going. So he spanked Izuku’s ass, adding to the pleasure, seeing how much more they could wring out of him.
He refilled the enema again, for a fourth time, emptied it, and only then did Izuku’s cock start to dribble. But his body kept shaking, kept convulsing. It seemed that he was simply out of cum, but his body was still feeling the aftershocks of however many orgasms he was experiencing.
Another full enema emptied into Izuku’s stomach, and he started to calm down, though Shinsou suggests he might just be unconscious. Distracted by the oracle that was Deku’s massive orgasm™, no one had previously noticed just how bloated his stomach was getting. It looked like he was somehow nearly into a second trimester of pregnancy. Some students even came up and rubbed the belly, intrigued by how soft it was, even though logically it was all fluid.
This was by far the most amount of cum Izuku had held before, largely because of the monster load from Bakugo’s massive dick™. They couldn’t wait to see how it would look under clothes, to see if any teachers supervising the dorms noticed how much one of their students stomachs had seemingly magically inflated.
Finally came the last enema, a few after the fourth, and no one can deny how sexy their little pet looks. Drooping eyes, limp body, spent dick, dishevelled hair, cum-filled stomach plugged by a very thick, emerald green glass plug.
They untie Izuku, realise that he did in fact, pass out after his orgasm(s). A few of the girls fetch warm water in buckets created by Momo, and wipe his body down with towels. The boys set the classroom back to normal, after wiping up any mess they made.
Izuku comes to a while later, when they’ve all moved to the dorms into the common room. He’s tucked into a blanket between Bakugo and Shinsou while the class watches shitty hero movies.
He stirs, waking up a little more, and looks up, meeting soft, red eyes. “You did well nerd.”
“Mm..Thnks Kacchan…Y’too..” He mumbles, reaching his arms around the blonde’s torso. He lulls back to sleep before long, aided by a hand soothing his green hair.
And then red eyes meet purple, Bakugo with a light blush as he realises the ‘shitty mind control freak’ saw that interaction. The latter smiles a shit eating grin, shrugging and turning back to the movie. Bakugo does too.
“Better not say a fucking word, asshole.” He threatens.
“I won’t.” He replies. “Kacchan.”